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Amazing Queen Checkmate Trick!!

  • Published on Mar 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Amazing Queen Checkmate Trick!!
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  • Chessscape
    Chessscape  2 months ago +242

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    • willisapotato
      willisapotato 2 months ago +1

      I found this very fast. This is the only time I can say I’m decent

    • Arthur Mendes Dutra
      Arthur Mendes Dutra 2 months ago +3

      Hold up, the pawn can simply take the queen on d5, right??

    • Epic Gamer
      Epic Gamer 2 months ago +1

      @Arthur Mendes Dutra the pawn is facing the other way, it’s dumb there is no way to tell

    • Memer Boi
      Memer Boi 2 months ago +2

      King here check, King here check,check,check,check
      We need some one to add beat I to this😅

    • Sr. Cuck
      Sr. Cuck Month ago

      E4 pawn can kill the queen and end your entire strat 💀💀

  • x-days
    x-days 2 months ago +6062

    Hikaru repeating check is stuck in my mind 💀

    • i am stupid
      i am stupid 2 months ago +404

      "and now its a staircase" "check check check check check"

    • thefastmeow
      thefastmeow 2 months ago +131

      ​@i am stupid "and knight takes yep"

    • Dielucool
      Dielucool 2 months ago +59

      I can clearly see his head movement

    • jordencjoy
      jordencjoy 2 months ago +11

      Same lol 8 saw that video

    • Shyper17
      Shyper17 2 months ago +53

      "Is it a staircase? Yeah. It's staircase. Check check check check check check check check"

  • PackOfSkittles 123
    PackOfSkittles 123 2 months ago +1743

    “Is this a staircase”
    *faint echo of check check check plays in the background*
    *Hikaru has joined the chat*

  • flamgofan1522
    flamgofan1522 2 months ago +395

    that one pawn 💀

    • Tang Ina
      Tang Ina Month ago +45

      yah. its stunned, like wt* WHY DIDN'T HE TAKE😭😭😭

    • Pacifist
      Pacifist Month ago +35

      It was pawn's back. It couldn't take the queen.

    • Kurt999
      Kurt999  Month ago +3

      ​@Pacifist OHHH

    • Fy(i)LD
      Fy(i)LD Month ago +10

      ​@Pacifist No, he could

    • Gabriel_AS
      Gabriel_AS Month ago +1

      I mean... It was white to move. If it came back to black? Surely

  • marco maneja
    marco maneja 2 months ago +3228

    damn, imagine playing and then your opponent says "it's now mate in 12."

  • Unniregular Guy
    Unniregular Guy 2 months ago +142

    Him says staircase
    Hikaru:Allow me to introduce myself

  • The stranger
    The stranger Month ago +54

    Is anyone gonna talk about how the pawn could've killed the Queen when he was doing the staircase strategy?

    • Beyondfate132
      Beyondfate132 Month ago +11

      No because black starts on the other side. That pawn is going down, not up.

    • The stranger
      The stranger Month ago +5

      @Beyondfate132 oh thanks

    • Alejandro_04
      Alejandro_04 Month ago +2

      ​@The stranger i was thinking the same bro jajaja

    • Temm1e
      Temm1e 25 days ago +1

      ​@Beyondfate132but why in start of video he says "white in trouble" and show us queen and rook ?

  • Даня Бурлов
    Даня Бурлов 2 months ago +887

    "Is this a staircase?"
    "Yes, check check check....check, and Knight f8"

  • Rashie UwU
    Rashie UwU Month ago +7

    It's all fun and games till you use premove and the opponent uses his Bishop to block💀

    ANKUR SADHUKHAN 2 months ago +255

    Levy : always look for checks.
    Chesscape : Always look for sacrifice 😂😂😂😂
    Edit: thanks for 181 likes 😁😁

    • Black Sun
      Black Sun 2 months ago

      Sacrifices are always a gigachad move

    • Efrena Malig-on
      Efrena Malig-on Month ago

      @Black Sun also the rooks are considered as the "real chads" in chess 😎

    • Black Sun
      Black Sun Month ago +1

      @Efrena Malig-on couldn't agree more

  • Sound Man
    Sound Man 2 months ago +272

    "Is this a staircase"?
    "Check check check check check check check check check check check check check check check".....
    1 generation later....
    "and then knite f8"

    • vjvccs
      vjvccs 2 months ago +1

      Hikaru doing hikaru things

    • [deleted]
      [deleted] Month ago


  • TomVsucc 69
    TomVsucc 69 Month ago +11

    Why did I imagine Hikaru closing his eyes and saying
    "Check check check check check check check? Yeah its a staircase"

  • Relix
    Relix 2 months ago +9

    He's sacrifices THE ROOK!

  • Mat The Bee
    Mat The Bee 2 months ago +4

    ChessScape : A Walking 1000 Page Endgame Book

  • Skill issue
    Skill issue 2 months ago +10

    I instantly had flashbacks of Hikaru saying "Check check check check check check check check check check check and mate" 💀

  • Teeny Skeeter
    Teeny Skeeter 2 months ago +5

    What’s stopping the pawn from taking queen on d5?

    • fine
      fine Month ago

      Because the white king is out of place here and has travelled 7 steps forward .

  • Kanav Chadha
    Kanav Chadha Month ago +3

    I just like convenient pawn blocking black queen diagonal 😂

  • kazd
    kazd 2 months ago +13

    Hikaru moment

  • Emmett Jaakkola
    Emmett Jaakkola Month ago +2

    finally, a puzzle I can actually spot before he reveals the answer

  • vjvccs
    vjvccs 2 months ago +21

    As a 900 rated player who saw all of this, I see it as an absolute win

    • robotdude_bg
      robotdude_bg Month ago

      Same i also saw it but im only a rated 800

  • StarinShibe
    StarinShibe Month ago +1

    I already figured it out from Hikaru’s voice saying “check check check check check”

  • awesomeleozejia
    awesomeleozejia 2 hours ago +1

    I actually saw the rook sacrifice and roughly the continuation wow

    POTATUWU 2 months ago +9

    "Queen b2 mate, wait crap"- my 700 elo brain

  • mxowsruby
    mxowsruby 22 days ago

    "And it starts with...
    ✨A Rook Sacrifice✨"

  • MysticBlue56
    MysticBlue56 Month ago +2

    Hikaru approves this

  • Comingback00
    Comingback00 2 months ago +37

    You can take whites queen at d5 with pawn e4

  • Cj
    Cj Month ago +2

    No one
    Hikaru: Bro this dude thinks he is me

  • Garfield2150-Minecraft

    next move.. queen just don’t take my rook… uhmmm
    never tell anyone the trick on youtube now everyone knows it and nobody fell into the trap again

  • Ahmed hi
    Ahmed hi 2 months ago +4

    Ye I will just forget bishop to B2 to block the check from queen

    • Ball
      Ball 2 months ago +3

      Queen takes bishop checkmate

    • Ahmed hi
      Ahmed hi 2 months ago +2

      Ye im dum

  • BerserkYT
    BerserkYT Month ago

    Imagine keeping the queen at last on the B2 pawn after a long staircase ☠️

  • MisterBrick42
    MisterBrick42 Month ago

    “Uhh, I don’t- a rook sacrifice- oh, yes? Sweet.”

  • The Scratch Savy
    The Scratch Savy 2 months ago +26

    "Is that a staircase"
    "check check check check check check-"
    "oh yeah it is"
    U know who did this

  • Anish Das
    Anish Das 2 months ago +1

    then he sacrificed "THE ROOOOOOOOK"

  • JELLYGuides
    JELLYGuides 18 days ago

    Imagine the pawn was actually smart and eliminated the queen

  • RcM1010
    RcM1010 2 months ago +3

    Levi the rocc and hikaru check are echoing in my brain lol

    • Henri
      Henri Month ago

      And he sacrifices... THE ROOOOK

  • IcYyee
    IcYyee Month ago +1

    "you know why you call this a staircase"
    shows an escalator

  • sugurnaut
    sugurnaut Month ago

    “You know now why we call this a staircase”
    *shows escalator *

  • Maneki-Neko
    Maneki-Neko 2 months ago +4

    Amazing tips and tricks and puzzle for us to solve as always, thank you!

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  2 months ago

      anytime my friend!

    • Shadow Cloak
      Shadow Cloak 2 months ago

      @Chessscape can,t the black bishop block the white queen?

    • Jiji
      Jiji 2 months ago

      ​@Shadow Cloak it cant if bishop blocks queen just takes and is protected by the white king and it results in a checkmate

  • Screaming cat
    Screaming cat 20 days ago

    "is this a staircase? Check check check check check... It's a staircase"
    Hikaru Nakamura

  • Yi Zhang
    Yi Zhang Month ago

    My two boys age 7&9 won’t let me develop until end game for this staircase check😂

  • gogoboyz
    gogoboyz 2 months ago +3

    please pin this comment for all the 200 elo players here:
    1. black pawns cant take the queen because they are going down, not up
    2. black can't block with the bishop, because queen takes bishop is checkmate
    3. it isn't a draw by repetition, because for that you need both black AND white to repeat moves and since white queen changes her position every time it's not a draw
    edit: also it is technically a mate in 13, instead of accepting the sacrifice black can play Bc5, defending the queen and after rook takes queen, bishop takes rook the staircase starts

    • Camilo B
      Camilo B 2 months ago

      The first point does not have anything to do with your knowledge, the video doesn't explain which direction are black pawn's facing

    • Ali Ziyad Ahmed
      Ali Ziyad Ahmed 2 months ago

      ​@Camilo B look at the coordinates

    • gogoboyz
      gogoboyz 2 months ago +1

      @Camilo B black pawns promote on 1st rank, white pawns promote on 8th rank, you should know that and there are coordinates on the chess board

    • Adventurer7789
      Adventurer7789 2 months ago

      @Camilo B It is a knowledge problem, because chess players know that black pawns go from 8->1 rank

  • AwesomeJeffX
    AwesomeJeffX Month ago

    "Check, check, check, check, check, check, check, and checkmate. "

  • Jotaro sans
    Jotaro sans 5 days ago +1

    Before I watched the full video, I checked out the position on a real board.
    I predict: rook sacrifice by pinning the queen to the king. They can't protect the queen because if they bring it next to the king, it's mate in one after rook takes the queen because the king is protecting. After they take the rook, I take the pawn with the queen and I staircase check until I take the bishop, which is mate.
    Edit: I was right

  • LilBro54
    LilBro54 Month ago +3

    I have a question, couldn’t the black pawn take the white queen?

    • dzn kyle
      dzn kyle Month ago +1

      it can't, the black pawns are going down

    • LilBro54
      LilBro54 Month ago

      Ok thanks

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 21 day ago +1

    Pawn : I doesn’t exisist

  • Me
    Me Month ago

    The pawn forgot he was in this universe

  • Evan Glass
    Evan Glass 2 months ago +3

    For those of you thinking to move the bishop at any time, moving the queen to the A file is checkmate

  • Xyases
    Xyases 15 days ago +1

    A wise man once said:
    "Check, check check check check and Nf8"

  • Awesome memer YT
    Awesome memer YT 2 months ago +1

    Imagine you mouse-slipped and did Qb1+ 💀

    Mr_No0BTHEREAL 2 months ago +28


  • Sentinel
    Sentinel 26 days ago

    I'm surprised I actually saw that rook sacrifice at 750 elo

  • user wkjsbqkq
    user wkjsbqkq 20 days ago

    Legends say that pawn at e4 is still waiting to attack the queen at d5😀

  • Modunwar Charanga Roll no 18

    Hikaru: chech check check check

  • Jash Moorjani
    Jash Moorjani 10 days ago +1

    Hikarus one is in my mind forever

  • Shena
    Shena 2 months ago +2

    if bishop covers the check, it's mate in 1

  • Goldramine Cannonlamp

    I have done this before knowing what a staircase was... It was actually a very nice way to annoy your opponent

  • A Simple Name
    A Simple Name 2 months ago

    Hikaru: cha cha cha cha cha cha check

  • MS Channel
    MS Channel Month ago

    Hikaru: This is a stair case, check check check check

  • HugoRoblox
    HugoRoblox Month ago

    This is what we called the ROOK SACRIFICE AND STAIRCASE MOVE

  • Tshyld
    Tshyld 2 months ago

    It felt like my elo rose over 1k when I managed to solve the puzzle

  • Nero
    Nero Month ago +1

    And he sacrifices... THE ROOOOOOOK!

  • BlacTDS
    BlacTDS 2 months ago

    Thanks for the amazing puzzles!
    I started finding a bunch of brilliant moves thanks to your vids

  • Envixitee
    Envixitee 2 months ago

    Bro I saw that and I was like, there’s no way that’s the solution… and it was!😂 I’m so proud of myself 😊

  • William Luong
    William Luong 2 months ago

    Hikaru: Let me introduce myself and my Queen.

  • Beans
    Beans 2 months ago +1

    Tell me if I'm wrong, but I'd attack the bishop with the rook, attack the king with the queen (forcing bishop to go back to it's position) then I'd take with the queen ending in checkmate

  • Moka69
    Moka69 27 days ago

    Pawn protecting the King ❌
    Pawn being responsible for Kings death ☑️

  • ZillAnimeEditz
    ZillAnimeEditz 2 months ago

    when he started the video i alr knew the move was the rook sac 💀

  • Hayat 8 Ball Pool
    Hayat 8 Ball Pool 4 days ago

    I am thinking about Hikaru's staircase 😂

  • germitaly
    germitaly Month ago

    Also known as the ladder mate

  • Yaseen abdeen
    Yaseen abdeen Month ago

    Bro the queen is sooo safe bro😊

  • Shawn Clifford Murillo

    Rook sac and staircase mate (Thanks Hikaru)

  • Venti
    Venti 25 days ago

    Hikaru:Check check check and knight mate

  • Baran Ünal
    Baran Ünal 29 days ago

    When queen lands on d5, pawn takes d5

  • bobapeacht
    bobapeacht 2 months ago

    i smiled when i realised this was hikarus "checkcheckcheckhcekchekchekchekcheck queen h3 mate

  • Padz gaming
    Padz gaming 23 days ago

    Honestly I was proud of myself when I found the rook sacrifice

  • Gabriel Ariel Dola
    Gabriel Ariel Dola 28 days ago

    *proceeds to blunder queen at the last staircase*

  • BrandoNNN
    BrandoNNN 2 months ago

    I called that shit like gotham chess. "Sacrifice.... THE ROOOOOK!"

  • abod9xd
    abod9xd Month ago +1

    Queen gets killed when it reaches 5d because of the pawn

    FORTUNA, JOHN ELGO Y. 2 months ago

    I only solved this because of that Hikaru meme lol

  • Dercane
    Dercane 2 months ago

    this the actual first one I got right since hikaru did it one time

  • Kittiez
    Kittiez Month ago +1


  • AbyssArray
    AbyssArray Month ago

    I figured this one out from remembering Hikaru lol
    Only way to get the first check was to sac the rook

  • Ostrich
    Ostrich Month ago

    When the Queen go to G7 can't the bishop just block it?

  • Angel
    Angel 17 hours ago

    i would blunder this by putting the queen on b2 and then crying

  • Xen Kai
    Xen Kai 2 months ago

    Bro I swear I keep guessing the first moves but never know what to do after the first move

  • Sora
    Sora 2 months ago

    now he sacrifice "THE ROOK"

  • DMC RX-7
    DMC RX-7 21 day ago +1

    Where are the coments of sacrificing THE ROOOOOOOOOK? THE SATAAAIRCAAAASE dominated everything

  • Zylver martinez
    Zylver martinez Month ago

    Bro combined "check x12" and sacrificing the rook

    ROHAN VERMA Month ago

    And at the end i sacrificed my queen as well😂😂

  • SubmarineMagnet
    SubmarineMagnet 2 months ago +1

    Amazing tactic! Solving puzzles like these make it easier to spot them in real games (legit). Alternatively, Black could have counter attacked by promoting his other pass pawn so when rook pins black queen, black promotes into another queen, attacking white queen and try to win that way

  • Goatwaite 🐐
    Goatwaite 🐐 Month ago

    Hikaru: check check check check check check check check check night takes Queen yep”

  • Abdulkareem Shwikani

    if they block with the bishop at any time, moving ur queen to the a file is mate

  • Marc Lacroix
    Marc Lacroix Month ago

    Immediately knew it was a rook sacrifice!

  • Turnuphat
    Turnuphat 2 months ago

    I actually saw that lmao wish I got a puzzle like this in puzzle rush

  • okguy167
    okguy167 10 days ago

    Of course, the pawn could be pushed to block instead, but... that'd just speed up the whole thing.

  • azouitine saad
    azouitine saad 2 months ago

    I spotted the rook sacrifice because it allows the queen to check but i had no idea to do after that.

  • Efrena Malig-on
    Efrena Malig-on Month ago

    It looks like the rook and the queen are having a lovey dovey in the corner before the rook sacrificed himself 😏

  • Sobechi Udensi
    Sobechi Udensi 2 months ago

    All these Hikaru staircase comments😂

    • Chessscape
      Chessscape  2 months ago

      i actually never saw Hikaru video. Gonna watch it 😅

  • Insertor
    Insertor 24 days ago

    I actually found the whole sequence, I started counting the checks and when I saw it’s 12 move then I realized I was correct and resumed the video 😊

  • akatsuki
    akatsuki Month ago

    Hikaru:oh it's a staircase
    Check check check check check check check check