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Here's how I stayed motivated for 5 YEARS while making a stupid game...

  • Published on May 1, 2019 veröffentlicht
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  • Thomas Brush
    Thomas Brush  Year ago +3

    ► Learn Game Dev (Get 25% off with code LETSGAMEDEV): www.fulltimegamedev.com/
    ► Learn 2D Art (Get 25% off with code LETSGO): full-time-game-dev.teachable.com/p/2d-art-pro
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  • Creadoc '
    Creadoc ' 3 years ago +49

    "Most Human Beings Don't Know How To Dream." That is an amazing quote. Props man. Well done.

    • LEM
      LEM 10 months ago

      Read this as soon as he said that

  • Just Lurking
    Just Lurking 3 years ago +114

    Thomas Brush : "Discipline is your number one asset and if you don't have it... Good luck"
    Me : * Start crying after realizing this is true and that I've been wasting my time this whole year *
    Thomas Brush : "All right guys this was really fun !"

    • Morgan Kasper
      Morgan Kasper 6 months ago +1

      @Doran Martell but how can you develop discipline if you need discipline but to get disaplin you need disaplin but you cant cause you dont got disaplin"???????

    • Curtis Jensen Games
      Curtis Jensen Games 3 years ago +5

      Hey, but we live and we learn, right?

    • thinthle
      thinthle 3 years ago +4

      too relatable

    • Doran Martell
      Doran Martell 3 years ago +11

      Discipline and cleverness are on equal levels the top 2 assets in life.
      Everyone knows why beeing clever is important. But do you wanna know why discipline is so fucking VALUABLE? Because:
      1) lazy clever people are very unhappy
      2) you need discipline to develop discipline

  • Ciceroo
    Ciceroo 3 years ago +212

    Hey Thomas, I'm the icero guy(loved the way you pronounced it). Thank you for the advice, I am actually appointed as the "leader" of the team and I'll schedule a meeting with my team to establish the things you mentioned(revenue share and target revenue are a must at the moment). I'll also make a roadmap for the future development and I'll see if we will be able to go to anything like GDC since our team is mostly located far from where it takes place but I'll definitely look into it.

    • Decager Games
      Decager Games 10 months ago

      @Ciceroo hope its going well

    • jeil
      jeil 11 months ago

      @Ciceroo Keep going! You will reach that point where you will realize it was all worth it!!! Good Luckk!!

    • Ciceroo
      Ciceroo Year ago

      @Conner H Thanks for reminding me of this, this quite the motivation boost to be honest

    • Ciceroo
      Ciceroo Year ago

      ​@Conner H Hey. I had long forgotten about the original comment honestly. It's still going, although way slower than when we started. I'm now working for a game dev company(actually got hired mostly due to my experience from this game) and it's taking a significant amount of my time and everyone else on the project is busy with their own work as well. However, I still want to release a game with this team. We've been through so many iterations and refactors of the code and game design itself that we already know exactly how the end product is going to be. We all experienced burnout throughout the project's development so we're taking it slow and are taking what we've learned through this process and applying it to this final version we're creating. I hope we're gonna get something out this year, even if it's just the demo.

    • Conner H
      Conner H Year ago +1

      @Ciceroo hey just want to check how the project went/is going?

  • Antique Gear Games
    Antique Gear Games 3 years ago +75

    Hey Thomas. Just wanted to say that your channel has really helped me out a lot! I got Pinstripe on the Switch and played until the boss. (the hitboxes on the lightning was annoying)
    My first game was a large project. Way too large for me. I didn't work on it consistently, and decided to take a long break. Anyone who can work on a game for 5 years and #FINISHIT has my respect.

  • Neil Googe
    Neil Googe 3 years ago +16

    Sadly, the telling everyone you’re doing something actually is detrimental to progress, for most people. Off the top of my head I believe the numbers were up in the 80-90% range of people who tell so don’t do... This isn’t just the opinions of a few article writers, this is some pretty solid research across many fields that self motivation effects. The reason being that telling people activates the exact same places in the brain as doing something...and so... the brain feels you have done the thing, and so you don’t actually do it.
    The weird contradiction is visualizing doing something does actually help in achieving a goal,this has also been proved in many areas, oddly enough one of the main areas being sport (given he later hammer thrower). And so visualizing the end result,the achievement, the benefits, without constantly telling people... this would help get a project done. Since I stopped telling people I was doing my personal project I’ve done a whole lot more than I ever did while I was telling people.
    But...but... there is a caveat... I would say, tell people you are doing something every time you reach a milestone, or have something to show, no matter how small. Do a single piece of art, post it, remind people the projects coming. When you have something you can show people, show them, then tell them... the feedback you get on the thing you’ve shown will help motivate achieve the next milestone...
    Now,I am exceptionally well known for constantly promising the return of my personal project... and then never delivering. But this is why I know some of the research behind these focus, motivation, achievement details.since I stopped constantly saying it, and only mentioning it when I have something to show, I have achieved so much more. I made a deal with myself, only mention its return when I have a new piece of art to show... My want to talk about it when I’ve written a sizeable new part of the project is overwhelming,but that wasn’t the deal,as there’s nothing I can show there as I can’t show the scripts, or the history...so I stick to my own deal...when that bit is finished being written I can do more art,when I’ve done more art I can show people and tell them how much I’ve written, and so he ball moves forward.
    That’s not to say any advice you’ve given here is wrong, different strokes for different folks, it was more to highlight the research behind that one “don’t announce it” discussion. Your youtube channel is a wealth of incredible advice for any endeavour,not just computer games, it’s why I keep coming back. I personally don’t make computer games, though I’ve always wanted to...I make comics and table top games... though have struggled to release anything of my own for one reason (excuse) or another... but the channel has been a huge help in keeping me on track in recent times and so I thank you for that...
    Keep up the amazing work, and maybe, when I have something new to show on my project, I’ll send it your way... or finally get my own Clip-Share channel up and running and let you know that way...
    Thanks again...

  • Steeks
    Steeks 3 years ago +46

    me: well thomas, whats the main reason for u getting married
    Thomas: well its great to have those limitations

  • a light bulb
    a light bulb 3 years ago +31

    love you Thomas, great job on all your games and great vids!

  • CodeGaff
    CodeGaff 3 years ago +6

    Motivation is something I've struggled with in pretty much every single one my life endeavours.
    I've just started doing devlogs about a game I'm about to start creating and I honestly think you're idea of telling everyone about it to add a sense of pressure is great.
    Fantastic video Thomas, thanks man!

  • MrcybeShorts
    MrcybeShorts Year ago +1

    I love all the videos event though I use a different game engine, it still inspires me that anybody can make an amazing game with an idea that is stuck in their head and just create it in a virtual environment love the vids ;)

  • Dekiru
    Dekiru Year ago +1

    Thank you for this video. I find myself jumping around between projects as I get ideas and later abandon the projects. I'm honest I lack some discipline since there would be times when I know I should be working on my project or learning how to do something like save or load data in Unity but would end up playing games or watching Clip-Share.

  • Barbalian
    Barbalian 3 years ago +9

    One more high quality content... Keep doing it Thomas !

  • Paul VV
    Paul VV 3 years ago +1

    Hello Thomas!, thank you for this awesome channel and "actually" good advice and insights. I am a mostly solo dev myself since 30 years, studying gamedesign and making games/prototypes etc.
    Been working on a game Project since 5 years now (myself and a Coder).We're entering the last year until finished around Fall 2020.
    My question to you that could also be intresting to other solo devs and small teams (around 2-3 people) is:
    How do you handle and manage pr/marketing and just website/blog communications, while usually being really busy making the game yourself and communicating with team members to actually get the game done and good ?
    To me personally, this is a HUGE problem... While I'd love to communicate way more to the some people/fans watching us, or who would like to see more than one or two updates/posts every 3 months.. Which makes it hard to impossible to spread attention, make ppl know and see what we're making..
    Probably got to find someone only for public communication work I guess..
    Thanks again and keep up the great work... I really like your games.

  • Adru
    Adru 3 years ago +1

    Thanks a lot for making this video :) I’ve been feeling kinda lost in my projects lately but I think your words have opened my eyes a bit more. Keep doing what you love!

  • Bitwise DEVS
    Bitwise DEVS 2 years ago +1

    Glad to hear story like this, I always thinking before that I am wasting my time on a single personal project but after graduating and went to work all those lesson that I've learn from development is worth it since I am applying those things on every project I am working on a company.

  • J19 Games
    J19 Games 3 years ago +2

    Awesome video! Watching this was helpful for me as well, I think ima upload a video every day for 365 days straight, I don't even care if the channel grows, what I really NEED to grow the most is confidence and discipline by getting sh*t done and actually sticking to a schedule. My mind is my greatest asset and my worst enemy at the same time xD

  • Nocte
    Nocte 3 years ago +47

    So my question is; How the hell you can find time to go to the gym?

    • Curtis Jensen Games
      Curtis Jensen Games 3 years ago +2

      How can you make games and not exercise? Exercise
      strengthens your soul against the inevitable distractions and heartaches of game development and ultimately gives the creator more time.

    • Johannes Nilsson
      Johannes Nilsson 3 years ago +3

      try making it fun and you will get drawn to the gym and you can always go for a run or walk in the morning or before you go to sleep. anything is better than nothing.

    • Deplorable Moorean
      Deplorable Moorean 3 years ago +4

      24 hours in a day man there is plenty of time you just have to be conscious of it. Manage your time is a good start. And or make a graph of what you put your time into and what you can eliminate and cut down.

    • Tony I
      Tony I 3 years ago +12

      Going in the morning is good. If you're working on your game throughout the day, head to the gym in the morning to get your body woken up and energised. Plus the gym may be quieter at that time and you can get more done.

  • BAH! Gaming
    BAH! Gaming 3 years ago +3

    I love how proud of that 'Throwing hammers at the wall' joke you were.
    Wonderful video as always, keep up the good work!

  • Boundfox Studios
    Boundfox Studios 3 years ago

    Hey Thomas, thank you very much for this video. A few months ago I quit a big game project with a lot of followers, my problem was that I made videos too early for it. I burned out with this game, because I spend so much time for it. Sorry for my bad English, greetings from a German Game Dev.
    Keep continue your channel!

  • CreatieveSteve619
    CreatieveSteve619 3 years ago

    I love your dedication to help us future indie Thomas. I like this video a lot. Hopefully you can turn it into a series in the future? :) also I just sent ya my very first e-mail, hope it reaches out to ya safely.

  • Pedro Belluzzo
    Pedro Belluzzo Year ago

    I really have a hard time to finish things, and that's because i'm always looking for new projects. What i've learned so far is: if you're struggling to decide if you should choose A or B project, don't choose, stick to what you are already doing, which is basically what you said. Thank you, again, Thomas!

  • Angela Engle
    Angela Engle 3 years ago +3

    Gosh, the money part is what kills my motivation the most, because I have no idea if the game would make any money at all. The thought of all that work just tanking and making zero income is just soul crushing. =/

  • Jeremy Anderson
    Jeremy Anderson 3 years ago

    Thanks for the Video Thomas , It's really inspired me to start on my game idea and to see it through until the end.

  • Filipe F. Thomaz
    Filipe F. Thomaz 3 years ago

    Hi Thomas. Just wanted to let you know, in case you read this, that your work with Pinstripe was fundamental for me to start delving into solo indie game development (as a first project). Thank you so much for your work and how its art and your motivation came through to inspire people on their own paths. Keep up the good work, and can't wait for Once Upon a Coma. Best regards.

  • Ryan Bright
    Ryan Bright 2 years ago

    Thanks Thomas! Your openness and ability to communicate your experience is so valuable, like some kind of natural born game-dev shaman! Johannes question really stuck out to me because I can relate a lot and I think you hit the nail on the head (with the aforementioned hammer) that he is one of two personality types. As someone who struggled with "finishing" things (and still does to an extent) I would say that, from my *American* perspective, school is not necessarily the best option right away, especially if you aren't wealthy enough to afford it without debt. What I would recommend is seeking a job in an industry that involves being a part of a team with a singular shared goal. For me, that came when I was 25 and became a sailor. As a member of a crew, with a lifestyle that took me away from the distractions of home (like University) and provided clear goals, roles and paths to achieving the team objective, I was able to develop some very good habits in regards to work ethic and follow through (with financial compensation as opposed to obligation).

  • Mary Neko-chan
    Mary Neko-chan 3 years ago

    All your videos are so useful. Thanks a lot! Keep up with this! 😄

  • Jmonkley
    Jmonkley 3 years ago

    Great video. To be completely honest, I only subscribed to your Clip-Share channel because of the Pewdiepie game you made. I haven't really seen any of your content, but after watching this video I can gladly say I love your channel and I find you, as well as your ideas surrounding game development, self employment, entrepreneurship, and life in general, really interesting and useful.

  • Eugene van den Berg
    Eugene van den Berg 3 years ago

    Pragmatic and to the point. Enjoyed it and was helpful!

  • Rob Vespa
    Rob Vespa 3 years ago +2

    Aside: Notoriety involves being known for something negative. As a game designer, you don't want this. This may be something that, say, an 1800s gunslinger might have desired.

  • Golden Wind
    Golden Wind 3 years ago

    Video quality is just awesome, thank you for inspiration, and good luck!

  • kooow
    kooow Year ago

    Thank you for the advice, I know how hard is it.

  • CGSky
    CGSky 3 years ago

    Great video and a lot of the things you mentioned definitely sound familiar.
    From one year of studying game design so far, i can definitely say, that being disciplined and staying with a project makes a big difference.
    I've been working on a game on and off for more than a year now, and it has certainly burned me out, so I'm hoping to find a way to get back to it when the time is right.
    Any tips on kicking off an old project again?
    Thank you so much for your videos and have a nice day

  • G. R.
    G. R. 3 years ago

    Really helpful mate! someday i hope i use my time to fullfill a little post success dream i have, which is essentially, create a video course to develope self capacity to become a creative person and finish your stuff. Thanks again!

  • Base Reality
    Base Reality 3 years ago

    Fantastic advice. I have been trying to learn game dev for a few years. I spend all my free time doing it around a Demanding job and supporting my wife and kids.
    And I'm still here , I refuse to give up EVER. Because I am always thinking about a better life in the end.
    My only issue is my visulation and dreams are currently bigger than my ability. And I have many projects

  • vihaga yohan94
    vihaga yohan94 2 years ago

    Hi Thomas. I recently got to know u r channel and love u r contents. I very recently started to learn games using unity and so far it's great. But I'm having trouble making 2d level design and most of tutorials cover coding area not designing. The tutorial I follow instructor uses tile map but I have seen creating levels using photoshop assets. Please help me I'm struggling with this.
    Thank u

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 2 years ago

    That last point is spot on. Turning 25 this year. Have a decent job but I've always been interested in entrepreneurship, making a game, making an app, being my own boss etc. Kind of hate my job. Problem is, i have an insanely hard time finishing anything. I've tried so many things, and can almost never finish it without feeling demotivated and giving up. A lot of it has to do with setting unrealistic goals or rather too high expectations of my first projects, which then seem like this massive mountain to climb. It all started at school level, where i showed a lot of disinterest and laziness. Never studied hard or tried to achieve anything other than just passing. Going to start setting smaller goals to hopefully learn some discipline in finishing projects. Thanks for the advice man.

  • Thomas Mayhugh
    Thomas Mayhugh 2 years ago

    It looks like I have learned a skill and gained mastery. It looks like being able to have time with my family. It looks like a platform where I can empower others. It looks like seeing my wife more than a distracted hour or 2 a day. It looks like intimacy.

  • Pixality Dev
    Pixality Dev 3 years ago +1

    One reason why I think I'm really lucky is that I'm in college and still have time before I'm a full fledged adult. I can stay with my parents or my girlfriend's parents. My girlfriend and other friends are usually busy working on their classwork so I get a lot of time to work on my own projects. My girlfriend is an artist so we spend time often by creating content together which gives us both production time. And I don't play a lot of games and absolutely love programming so coding for 10 hours a day every day is fun for me.
    Discipline is definitely the most useful asset to learn.

  • PigsInSpace 99
    PigsInSpace 99 2 years ago

    For me the biggest thing was realizing it wasn't too late for me to start because the future does need game devs

  • Zed Amadeus
    Zed Amadeus 3 years ago +1

    Super helpful, especially that last bit of advice. :)

    THE GREAT AWAKENING 3 years ago

    I made a decision that, I will not add any team mates to making my game .. it will take 5 yrs yes, but that journey alone is worth it. .. and I started from scratch a few months ago. No prior programming skills, no drawing skills but I do make music. So music is what keeps me going. Music is so important for the type of games that I play and eventually will like to make.

  • Simon
    Simon 3 years ago

    for the last question, last person I would say. Just choose a thing and approach that one thing like you approach your training. Just focus and conquer, and at the end of the day think if you did enough. If you sweat enough today for the future end result. If a person can train two times a day, fives days a week. Then that person definitely can focus and stay motivated.

  • Darksquirrel
    Darksquirrel 3 years ago

    well i have been developing a 3d open world game for over a year with 0 budget and wen i feel demotivated all it takes me to find some motivation is to watch what others in my position have done, their final work and how much money they made

  • MyGameDev
    MyGameDev 3 years ago

    Your videos mean to me a lot

  • Andy Lockhart
    Andy Lockhart 3 years ago

    Nice. Wise words from someone only 28. Much respect.

  • Nick Teacher
    Nick Teacher 3 years ago +1

    I'm starting doing smaller games first~ Entered my first game jam :) When will you do another game dev live stream~?

  • Luana Santos
    Luana Santos Year ago

    he is right, I am married and the pressure to support my husband and future child makes wonders to my motivation.

  • David Tang
    David Tang 3 years ago

    So legit! "Don't be that person: Who looks for opportunities every second, even when the opportunities that are right in front of you that already invested time in!".

  • David McDonald
    David McDonald 3 years ago

    This is quickly becoming my favourite yt channel

  • Quite Place
    Quite Place 3 years ago +2

    If we have already made a game. .. how can we sell it to the market!? ..if you can please answer this question. .. in a video or here in the comments ..😊

  • nana rhm
    nana rhm 3 years ago +1

    You know, I was listening this with ethereal music on and goddamn the speech amplified somehow I feel inspired-

  • Pablo Ramirez
    Pablo Ramirez 3 years ago +6

    First 18 seconds = GOLD. Period.

  • Marek Šajner
    Marek Šajner 3 years ago

    There is a big difference between 'I want to make a game' and 'My game A will be out by Q3 2020

  • Joshtapus
    Joshtapus 3 years ago

    The problem is it’s a sunk costs so it’s tough to determine if all that time you’ve put in is eventually going to be worth it, but realize that since you already put in that work you didn’t do it for nothing and keep working, you don’t have to finish the entire project, you can release it in chapters or parts but finish something so you at least have a product you can be happy with eventually .

  • Clint Hobson
    Clint Hobson 2 years ago

    Haven't watched the vid yet, but just looking at the thumbnail, I like to think you summoned a giant scary monster that stands behind you and threatens to eat you if you ever lose focus.

  • Hidden Lotus Games

    I basically wasted 2 years of programming because
    1) I didn't start small enough
    2) I did not want to do marketing, so I just quit when the game was 85% ready (three times)
    3) I have a problem with finishing things I create which results from a lack of focus because of too many life-options.
    If you are a new indie dev reading this, do yourself a favor: start small, finish that small game no matter what including the marketing stuff. Be mentally prepared that marketing and building a community can take one year for an unknown indie. Good luck!
    Oh and btw: be aware of the market situation, ie currently it is overflowing with devs and everyone has the same goal. Be mentally prepared for this

  • Edward Brosens
    Edward Brosens 3 years ago +2

    Listening to Thomas talking is actually kind of relaxing.

    • Just Lurking
      Just Lurking 3 years ago +1

      I hope he'll start an Asmr channel after the release of his second video game

  • Efai
    Efai Year ago

    I don't think the money is the right motivator, especially in revenue when the game is not even close to be done.. is the undeniable true the game project needs one person who's in charge of the project, who make calls and write tasks.. who ask questions about what everybody needs to do their job and also who sympatize with everybody daily problems and keep everybody in psychic shape.. posting deadlines makes a lot of stress, it might work for someone, but in general I think it leads to mistakes and sloppy work.. the main motivator should be, that you know what you making, how you want to make it, and most important, why you wanna make it.. if someone is in the project just because of the money or have time and nothing else to do, than it might be a problem later in a game development.. if you want to stay on this project, on this game, and keep them motivated, just tell everybody why you want to continue and you never lose your motivation, you may actually get more motivation, because you know, why you do this..

  • RMA
    RMA 3 years ago

    how long will it take to learn to and make a simple game using unity as a complete beginner? I have decent programming knowledge

  • Burnished Breeze
    Burnished Breeze Year ago

    I struggle with game development a lot. I suffer of adhd and I Make a project that lasts a few hours before I drop it. I can dream big and I'm creative, but I cant earn money or get married cause I'm only 13. I am getting good grades though, anyway idk if its adhd or motivation or laziness, but its tearing me apart. I really wanna be a game developer though I think it fits me and my personality.

  • spock
    spock 3 years ago +16

    With all due respect, getting married is a terrible idea, its like making game in hard mode

    • MR YUP
      MR YUP 3 years ago

      @Caffeine Stew How is it marrying a coder?

    • Caffeine Stew
      Caffeine Stew 3 years ago

      Just marry a coder.

  • Tingtong Ketz
    Tingtong Ketz 3 years ago

    Thanks so much for your advice, you have a nice soothing voice 😁

  • Chaos dev
    Chaos dev 6 months ago

    thanks rally motiveted me and my game is almost done becuz of this thanks!

  • Graham Reid
    Graham Reid 3 years ago +3

    "Discipline is your number 1 asset."

  • NewLine Media Arts
    NewLine Media Arts Month ago

    Whats up Thomas my name is Jerry and have a major crisis I just wanted to understand. For 5 years i have been working on game ideas from board games to potentially making 3d games. I dont know how to go about it because all i think about is having a team to help but no money to pay them. Every day i work my butt off but it only gets me so far. I believe my ideas are worth the effort just doing them as a single dev is hard and not having the proper software makes things even worse. I only have a laptop so learning Unity and Unreal is out of the question right now and I dont want to give up my game ideas because of it. I have at least 20 games jotted down maybe more I just wish i had some help.

  • Chaos dev
    Chaos dev 6 months ago

    "close your eyes for 2 hours"
    me thinking what the heck! am i doing with my life!

  • Jayo Caine
    Jayo Caine Year ago

    well when you work for a year without getting paid I would look at you funny if you kept working that particular job

  • sunn bun
    sunn bun 2 years ago

    Very helpful man thanks

  • Andrei Madalin
    Andrei Madalin 3 years ago +1

    Also 21 and can relate 99% with Yojanes (not shure how to write the name) (not with creating a bussines i suck at being a lider i can be a lider but on people that are 100% diffrent from my skills and that i can get a long very well or else i just quit and leave under a bridge)

  • Luke
    Luke 3 years ago +16

    Thanks for answering my question :D

    • Freya
      Freya 2 years ago +1

      @Zylsa thanks 😁. Best of luck to you too.

    • Freya
      Freya 3 years ago

      Good luck on your game. I want to make games, but as of right now it doesn't look like something I'll be able to do for the next few years.

  • Enea Dosti
    Enea Dosti 3 years ago +1

    I just started to play with programs now. Taking non sens pictures making them alive 😂😅🤣

  • Jimmy Slaughter
    Jimmy Slaughter 11 months ago

    How do you pay people during creation of a game, and afterwards?

  • Torto Racoon
    Torto Racoon 3 years ago

    It's not that great to have your limmitations when it's your first project :c

  • Allotic
    Allotic 2 years ago +1

    i probably shouldn’t have started with a 3d parkour game

  • • AK
    • AK 3 years ago +3

    can you please make a tutorial on how to make a beautiful game art in photoshop like the one in once upon coma pretty

  • TorQueMoD
    TorQueMoD 3 years ago

    Better than giving people X percentage of revenue is to actually set a royalty cap that is fair. X% of the net revenue until $X is reached. This way your percentage can be evenly split among the team members so everyone has the potential of hitting their cap early but you're also not over paying members if you have a break out hit. I also recommend that you split off a certain % for the Company so that you have funds to work on future projects with.

  • Nizar Fadilah
    Nizar Fadilah 3 years ago

    Thankyou so much, i've soooo many project And none of that Has done

  • Geofclavz Official
    Geofclavz Official 3 years ago +1

    I like how you set up your mic, I'm using the same by the way hehe just sharing

  • VJ Bauer
    VJ Bauer 2 years ago

    Where the Head goes, so goes the body.

  • Isch bin de Kalle
    Isch bin de Kalle 3 years ago

    Hey just found you. Yes you are right. Stupid game that i never would play. Please dont make another video until you work for rockstar games and stop making boring shit mobile games.
    Dislike left.

  • Sirio Sperandio
    Sirio Sperandio 3 years ago

    agree about the part of shouting goals!!!

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez 3 years ago

    Looks like I’m gonna have to finish my game now 😳

  • Erik Dózsa
    Erik Dózsa 3 years ago

    Thomas + Resident Evil 2 photo = must watch

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    The JAGIELSKI Channel 3 years ago +3

    No game an indie dev makes can be called "stupid". Every such game is amazing, because the dev put love in it. It matters not how bad or good such game is, because it's the love they put into it that matters.

  • IanTheThird
    IanTheThird Year ago

    how to finish your game: Get married

  • twiddles
    twiddles 3 years ago

    Thanks for the inspiration and the motivation. :D
    But please, for all what's holy... Please do not advice to get married. In todays western society, it's just a really bad deal for men... Or would you jump out of a plane knowing that your parachute will open with a 50% chance? ;) Keep up the good work, all the best...

  • i o
    i o 3 years ago

    wtf man, great speak! so same situacion here about familiy and cg love things(game creatiing or whatever...) and way that u say go marry u ll be fine D thats so funny but really thats truth. even i can say that i did that, and im fine now :D well guys u should listen this guy...

  • MadBunnyRabbit
    MadBunnyRabbit 3 years ago

    Thomas is very idealistic. Don't be like Thomas if you want to actually run a buisness.
    1. Don't work on equal grounds. Even if you have 80% and someone else has 20%, they are still technically your partners in buisness and can be a huge pain in your ass. Especially if they bring in hard to replace expertise. Just hire people. They don't do the work, they don't get payed, simple. Don't forget to have them sing off any rights to their work.
    2. NEVER work with friends. Just don't.
    3. If you must work with people on partner level, force them to sign off any rights to the project. This can be potentially devastating if someone quits the team, because they don't think anything will come from the project, only to see two or three years later that it sells amazingly and comes knocking on your door. YES! They may have a right to the game even if they quit that long ago. You don't want to go through courts.
    4. Don't be afraid to fire anyone at any time for any reason. Doesn't matter how great they are, if you are constantly butting heads, just sack them. They are not doing their best work if you are constantly arguing over whatever, be it direction, colors, whatever. It's your game in the end. Look for advice but your's is the last word. Fire anyone trying to undermine it.
    5. Basically channel your inner EA - don't be a scumbag, but don't try to be friends with people. You can be friendly, but need to always be profesional.

  • Erik M
    Erik M 10 months ago

    I enjoyed this video but answering the hammer guys life questions was quite a tangent from the topic?

  • Dan Braithwaite
    Dan Braithwaite 3 years ago +1

    "Heed on over"? That's we say here in Scotland!

  • gammav 97
    gammav 97 3 years ago

    If the game works, its not stupid

  • Magenta Lizard
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    Game suggestion.
    Hollow Knight.

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  • Bloodthirst
    Bloodthirst 3 years ago

    tbh the "just get married" is straight up just HORRIBLE advice , both on mental and financial level , other than that , good stuff.

  • TheCivildecay
    TheCivildecay 3 years ago

    Watch the moving bushes!

  • cameng adisaputra
    cameng adisaputra 3 years ago

    well peoples say "don't make game for money"

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    0:04 *gets distracted*

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