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15 reasons why I STILL BUY CDs

  • Published on Mar 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Darko Audio
    Darko Audio  7 months ago +217

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  • TheMultiGunMan
    TheMultiGunMan 6 months ago +176

    I still buy CD's. You can't beat having a physical copy of an album.

    • papercut
      papercut 3 months ago

      @codname125 people buy cds mostly for aesthetic reasons. Just like vinyls or cassettes. They fill up the space and give a glance at your musiuc preferences.
      Its more satisfying to search through your CDs and pick up what you want to listen. Also CDs feature exclusive art and papers from the artist. Sometimes even special menus when you open them up on your pc (like i found out with my LP - Meteora cd).
      CDs can hold their data for decades under good care so you shouldnt be worried of losing your music. I know a lot of songs that cant be found on the web with a good audio quality..
      I even burn my own CD-rs and print the art work, I have bought lightscribe cds and drive and burn the artwork directly on the surface. Its just pleasing. I guess it sucks that cds are expensive depending on where you're from... But you can always get blank ones for super cheap

    • Broadside
      Broadside 3 months ago

      @MIB 63 That's a good point tbf

    • Bikemike 1
      Bikemike 1 4 months ago +2

      Keep on buying, guys! Like me. Let’s push back vinyl in a small niche …where it belongs.

    • Hajilee
      Hajilee 4 months ago +3

      @Vitor Fernandes They each have their pros and cons. I think they work best in collaboration. CD's are really special, like tiny Vinyl. The case with the artwork, the lyrics in the booklet, the disc with all the tracks in order. That's not even mentioning the quality (which is typically better than streaming services). It's really nice, but it sure stinks for portability. I personally listen to CDs at home, then rip them to FLACs for listening on the go. But it mainly depends on how you listen to music. People that like to listen to albums in their entirety will probably enjoy CD's, but if you like to shuffle tracks from multiple artists than digital is probably best.

    • Psyche
      Psyche  4 months ago +6

      @Vitor Fernandes I still stream music, but it’s a great feeling to physically own something from an artist you love.

  • Ryan Gunwitch-Black
    Ryan Gunwitch-Black 4 months ago +17

    Reason #11 really needs to be reason no. 1
    I make sure to have a physical copy of anything I love. Albums, movies, books. The digital version can go away at any time. Chapters considered "problematic" cannot be excised from my book shelf. A copyright dispute won't cause a song to disappear from a CD. Nobody can ruin my CD collection with their awful remaster.

    • Sir SpookyBones
      Sir SpookyBones 4 months ago +2

      I guess it didn't occur to me that a streaming service could just leave up a shit remaster (Megadeth Rust in peace for example) instead of providing the original. On CD I can get the original at any time, but some might cost a bit extra.

  • YoStabbaStabba
    YoStabbaStabba Month ago +10

    I'm switching back to CD's after a 3 year affair with vinyl. I just can't deal with these ridiculous vinyl prices. Great video....

    • Nathan Wells
      Nathan Wells Month ago

      Ya the prices of the records, the expensive equipment, & the hiss, pops, & crackles drive me nuts. CD’s are cheap, equipment can be affordable or expensive depending on your budget, & they sound the best quality wise as well, not to mention the ability to rip them to your PC to put on a portable music player.

    • njp100
      njp100 Month ago

      Good point. I mix it up myself.

  • Red Diamond's Music
    Red Diamond's Music 4 months ago +15

    Two more reasons: when you go to a live show, the performers will have a table set up where they sell CDs and merch. If you buy a CD, you can support the artist directly and get their autograph on the CD. That's a lot of fun and you can't do that with streaming. Plus, CDs make great gifts that you can give your musically enlightened friends.

  • Ross Tudisco
    Ross Tudisco 3 months ago +14

    One of my favorite pass times is going to a store and looking at cd’s.

    • erilaz7
      erilaz7 3 months ago

      I love doing that, too. Being a big fan of Japanese pop music, I especially love rummaging around in second-hand CD shops in and around Tokyo. Each of the six times I've gone to Japan, I've brought about 100 CDs (a mix of albums and singles) home with me. And since I was buying the vast majority of them second-hand, I only paid between ¥30,000 and ¥45,000 for each of those loads. That's an average of less than USD $4 per CD - much cheaper than buying them new, and much, MUCH cheaper than buying them new and paying for shipping from Japan!

    • Jay Horvath
      Jay Horvath 3 months ago +2

      Hell yeah. Every payday, I’d go to buy music. I’d also hit music stores on campus and buy Japanese import singles that would have non-US released songs on them.

  • FM4ever
    FM4ever 4 months ago +10

    I buy CDs. I rip them to flac files, to play back. It is so great to have a tangible thing. And it is great to support artists at gigs, by buying albums from the merch stand

  • Sparkyzilla85
    Sparkyzilla85 5 months ago +324

    One of the reasons why I still buy CDs is because an artist can remove their music from Spotify, but they can't come into my house and remove my CDs.

    • Lostmediakaraoke
      Lostmediakaraoke Month ago

      @username some used CDs are cheaper than that lol.

    • hsnkrnt
      hsnkrnt Month ago

      Exactly, thats the best reason. Not only do artists pull their music off from streaming services, they sometimes change it due to shifting rights.

    • Cookie
      Cookie Month ago

      Very good point 👍😆

    • ShreadTheWeapon
      ShreadTheWeapon Month ago

      It’s better to listen to MP3s that you have made from Music you purchased them to listen to them on Spotify anyway.

    • Gwyn Griffiths
      Gwyn Griffiths Month ago

      It's the exact same with streaming services, as they always remove films and music from them which 2 be is pretty stupid, as I've found some good cd's and dvd's/Blu-ray films in my local charity shop again last week and again this week, as there's some 4 my personal cd collection, and the rest I re sell online, as I don't understand which people have decided to part with their collection, and if you download an album via digital download, then it's more likely that 2 be deleted by mistake, and what's the point in buying a cd etc, and only listening to it once, as I would play the hell out of it myself, as I always try and take care of My Collection.

  • Johnny Turner
    Johnny Turner 3 months ago +13

    Heres the first and only reason. You actually OWN the music.

  • Si T
    Si T 4 months ago +7

    I still love buying CD’s and always will! It’s more than just the music… it’s the lyrics, the artwork the entire concept of an album as a complete package. It’s all about the art of it all. ✌️🖤🤘

  • Nicole Marie
    Nicole Marie 15 days ago +8

    I will always buy cds. I love having physical copies of my favorite artist's music.

  • dimitris_kour
    dimitris_kour 4 months ago +2

    Nothing's like buying a CD and jumping from excitement to hear it at home. You feel it as your own, as well as a closer connection to the artist, and it genuinely sounds better, cause it was mastered with CD players in mind, so you hear everything the producer wanted you to hear clearly!

  • Chance White
    Chance White 3 months ago +8

    I buy cds for the same primary reason I buy physical copies of movies and games - I want something tangible for my money, and not having my entertainment intruded upon by the online gatekeepers is invaluable to me. Here in the states, pawn shops are lousy with cds, with my local one selling them for $1 apiece. Good luck getting an entire album for that price anywhere else.

    • Steve Clark
      Steve Clark 3 months ago +1

      Same reason for me. Owning something I can touch makes it “real”. Plus as technology changes I can use my CD to make a new digital copy. I remember in the early 2000s when people copied their CDs to mp3 and then sold all their CDs. I was happy to buy or take them for free from them. Then after higher quality digital (FLAC etc.) they asked to borrow them back to re-download them. So as far as I’m concerned, until streaming/iTunes type of services are of higher quality than available on CD, I’m “future proofed”.

  • JJ22
    JJ22 6 months ago +20

    There is 1 main reason I love CDs: you can stay disconnected from internet / PCs, no FANs noise or shitty adverts in the browser or streaming services. Only you and music... brilliant experience.

    • Hajilee
      Hajilee 4 months ago +2

      @Uğur Completely useless is quite harsh. Just say it's not for you.

    • Uğur
      Uğur 4 months ago

      You can play your offline audio files (FLAC, Opus, M4A...) without internet on your PC and even on your phone. If you don't want fan noises you can buy fanless PC's which their performance is highly enough for playing audio files. Nowadays CDs are completely useless.

    • PROG ROCK 1979
      PROG ROCK 1979 6 months ago

      So true.

  • Peter McCarthy
    Peter McCarthy 4 months ago +7

    Thanks. I agree. I love the privacy. As Orwell might say, listening to CDs is almost a political act.
    Great video

    • Igor B
      Igor B 4 months ago +1

      yes! and strengthening Democracy as quit buying vinyl should destroy despotism (based of Robert Henke's theory LOL)

  • Sebastián Lapidus
    Sebastián Lapidus Month ago +3

    One thing you forgot to mention is that there's no geo-restriction with CD'S... for example; back when I was a kid Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness wasn't released in Colombia for a year or so, but it was already played on MTV. I wanted that album badly, went to a store, the owner told me to come back a week later and voila!!! It was imported and I was the coolest dude of my class owning that before anybody else. Spotify is VERY strict with geo-restrictions and a bunch of the albums that I love are not available in Latin America. Point for CD!

  • Nathan Wells
    Nathan Wells Month ago +8

    CD's are my favorite music format next to streaming, was never a big fan of Vinyl or Cassettes. CD's sound the best, are usually the least expensive format to use, & easy to store as well.

  • kapno
    kapno 2 months ago +10

    The reason why I still buy and prefer CDs is that the CDs that I bought 25 years ago still sound exactly the same after countless plays. Talk me about that when it comes to vinyl or tapes

  • Fred Mccarroll
    Fred Mccarroll 4 months ago +6

    I collect and listen to both CDs and vinyl records! I presently have around 1600 CDs and around 1100 vinyl records. I also collect movies on DVD and Blu-ray. I have around 1300 movies and out to those 121 are Rock concerts and documentaries. I also started collecting reel to reel tape.

  • thebestoffools
    thebestoffools 7 months ago +264

    The industry is killing vinyl with their ridiculous asking prices. People who prefer a physical format and were into vinyl for the last few years are simply shifting back to CD. 💿

    • Garys Vinyl Dungeon
      Garys Vinyl Dungeon Month ago

      Personally I’ve been buying a lot of CD’s lately, can’t justify the price of new Double albums

    • Tibor Ősz
      Tibor Ősz 4 months ago +1

      @Daud Rorschach and the quality is shit. 4 out of 5 I order is dishwarped beyond tolerance.

    • Daud Rorschach
      Daud Rorschach 4 months ago

      Yup that’s why I left vinyl for cds. Vinyl got too expensive.

    • mikalovfydorzebrowski
      mikalovfydorzebrowski 4 months ago

      I only ever brought used vinyl in charity shops... When the vinyl resurgence came, it kind of killed cheap vinyl as everyone hit the charity shops. The industry always got greedy, I remember buying 'first rays of the rising sun' by Hendrix on CD 20 odd years ago for £20.... Hence the fall of CDs, now the same thing happening with Vinyl. I'm just thankful I has the amazing experience of picking up 60s and 70s vinyl for pennies before everyone cottoned on.

    • MxSelfDestruct
      MxSelfDestruct 5 months ago +2

      By nearly every practical metric, vinyl records are terrible. They sound objectively worse than CD-quality digital audio, they are incredibly finicky to play back, they are easily damaged, they are a pain to store, and they're extremely expensive.
      But on the other hand, they look cool and they've got big artwork so I guess that evens it out. I've got over a hundred of the damned things and I'm not showing any sign of stopping.

  • Brandon Byung-Ho
    Brandon Byung-Ho 4 months ago +3

    My mom had loads of CDs and I definitely took after her. I have 6 or 7 full show boxes of CDs. All deluxe editions if it's available, for the extra content and exclusive tracks. Every reason mentioned in this video is why I still buy CDs. I only buy CDs if I like over half of an album, so it has more replay value. I mostly listen to Spotify these days but I still play CDs in my car when I'm in the mood.

  • Ramonit Belascuain
    Ramonit Belascuain Month ago +3

    Fantastic content! As a music lover, I still collect CDs because they are dirt cheap. I have just bought 10 CDs online, Japan-pressed for about $4 and that already includes shipping! Some people's garbage is simply another man's treasure.

  • Pool Floaty Summer
    Pool Floaty Summer 4 months ago +3

    Speaking generally here - As a member of "gen z" records and CDs really fascinate me and many others my age. Being a part of a generation where we have every avenue of music streaming available to us I think it speaks volume (no pun intended) that we still come back to records/CDs.

  • M.McK
    M.McK 3 months ago +8

    I bought CDs from the day they were introduced. I still buy them. There's a lot of snobbery value in vinyl - it isn't neccessarily the better sounding format. I have a few guys who won't buy anything but vinyl and I've played the same trick on half a dozen of them where they've all remarked 'that sounds great' when I've shown them a vinyl copy, moved to appear to play it and played the CD instead - they had no idea.

  • Extol 4000
    Extol 4000 4 months ago +5

    One reason he didn’t mention is the shortening of songs due to streaming services cutting down songs with a fade out. I have noticed this with Purple Rain Soundtrack by Prince & the Revolution & various songs by The Smiths (on their original albums). I’ve found that remastered versions criminally kill long outros or guitar solos towards the end of songs.

  • Butterfly13
    Butterfly13 6 months ago +17

    If I'm going off my own reasoning, I just find owning physical copies of music to be a lot more satisfying than just having a bunch of digital downloads on my devices. And I just find CDs to be a lot more convenient than more vintage formats like vinyls and cassettes because they're often a lot cheaper, I don't have to rewind them after every use, and I can skip to whatever track I want without ruining them

    • papercut
      papercut 3 months ago

      they are a lot cheaper and easy to find. You can just get dozens of blank CDs and record whatever you want. Vinyls are too expensive and you need good equipment and cassettes are expensive too but also hard to find and break easily..
      CDs are the best format if you want to own a physical copy of music.

    • Jeff King
      Jeff King 6 months ago +1

      I agree.

  • Mr Norris
    Mr Norris 4 months ago +4

    This was a BIG improvement over your previous CD glowup. Loved! Big CD guy. Thanks, TJ

  • Nader Zekrya
    Nader Zekrya 4 months ago +2

    I download thousands of high resolution albums, then convert to WAV and burn all the tunes I want in the order I want. I print out the album cover and store everything in transparent plastic sleeves. Just Beautiful!

    • papercut
      papercut 3 months ago +1

      @Andy C you can download high quality music from streaming services... Also if the music is available for free, theres no reason you should feel bad for downloading a digital file unless that file has something illegal on it

    • Andy C
      Andy C 4 months ago +1

      If you're illegally converting music, shame on you.

  • Jerry BOESE
    Jerry BOESE 4 months ago +5

    CD’s have and always will be the best format for music . I still listen to mine in my car

  • Jeffrey P
    Jeffrey P 4 months ago +5

    CDs sound better than Bluetooth streaming in the car or anywhere else, frankly. Plus, I don’t have to worry about connectivity. CDs are a physical, tangible thing that I carry with me through life.

  • Leslie Stager
    Leslie Stager 4 months ago +4

    Yep, I like to have a physical copy which I can look at and read while listening to the Disc. Also a big believer in supporting the artist, it is criminal what the streaming services pay the artist.

  • Paul Flower
    Paul Flower 6 months ago +12

    I have been collecting, buying records since 1978.
    I started, and switched to collecting CD's in 1987.
    I love owning physical copies.
    This will never change.
    I use streaming services reference new artists, bands to see if I like , then buy later when I can afford.

  • Sarah Maes
    Sarah Maes 2 months ago +5

    I'd like to add a possible reason why CD sales are back on the rise: K-pop. This music genre has been becoming more popular all around the world for the last couple of years, and with it comes a huge market for CD's. For a lot of K-pop fans the CD isn't simply a source of music, it's also a collectable, and not simply in the same way that CD's are in the rest of the world. K-pop albums don't necessarily come in jewel cases, most of them actually don't, but more likely they'll come in the format of a photobook, that has a slot for the CD in the back. Alongside it, most of them come with photocards (little pictures of the artists), postcards, posters and more. These types of albums don't just target K-pop fans who love CD's, but also those who want to collect these other inclusions, and of course also those who want to support their favourite groups and soloists. A lot of my friends and l, we have had no interest in buying CD's at all (accept for during our childhood, when there weren't any streaming services yet), but that changed when we got into K-pop.

  • Rutger Steenbergen
    Rutger Steenbergen 2 months ago +5

    Here a CD-buyer as well. Hunting for cheap, second hand albums is great fun. And I really like a physical collection. Flipping through my albums and surprising myself. From pop to jazz and from soul to dance. A digital experience is completely different. One more reason: I listen much more thoughtfully. When the CD is on, I listen to it all the way through.

  • starman1994
    starman1994 4 months ago +6

    Agree with most of the 15 reasons, now I shall add one more to the list which I find important enough that we CD buyers and supporters should not discount it.
    16. Creation of digital catalogs that is easily transferable from your personal laptop/computer to your non-iphone mobile devices.
    Because you own the actual physical CDs, you are free to choose any songs or albums to transfer to your personal devices which can allow you to listen to them on the go with a pair of good headphones + portable DAC.
    Also, there are so many advances in technology in the past 10 years that you can literally copy the songs from a CD with higher bitrate than ever before (and the explosion of terabyte storages helps in this regard as the file sizes increases with higher bitrate copies).
    I am a big supporter of CDs because mainly the physical ownership as well as the privacy which it provides the listener. Thank you for your video.

  • PresterJohn
    PresterJohn 4 months ago +4

    I buy a metric tonne of CDs, but I never listen to them. I just download them. I buy them to feel entitled to listen to them. I like the feeling of owning the music I buy, and if it isn't worth buying it isn't worth listening to.

  • Diane Strauss
    Diane Strauss 4 months ago +7

    I buy CDs because it supports the artists. And if I have a CD in my hand, I own it. I can move the music to any device and still have the original file if my devices go down.

    • Andrew Brazier
      Andrew Brazier 4 months ago +2

      Exactly - & no monthly streaming fee that keeps creeping up in price

  • Gábor Tolnai
    Gábor Tolnai 6 months ago +14

    One point in addition: you can gift CD’s. You can’t do that with streaming. Music can be a gift to somebody who you like :)

    • Hajilee
      Hajilee 4 months ago +1

      @Elwyn Chow But it certainly isn't as special. Getting an actual item is more special than receiving a digital code for it.

    • Elwyn Chow
      Elwyn Chow 4 months ago +1

      Bandcamp has streaming of purchases and you can gift a release to somebody else.

    • Jan Pierzchala
      Jan Pierzchala 6 months ago


  • mike o grady
    mike o grady 3 months ago +5

    Two more reasons.....1. Shopping for them....the thousands and thousands of great hours spent shopping for CDs......The hunt, the random finds, finding old gems you have been looking for for years.....a reason to go into town on a Saturday afternoon....for many there is now no reason at all to leave the house and go downtown..

    • Hic Rhodus
      Hic Rhodus 3 months ago

      👆 This 👆 Definitely this.

  • DJ Knox
    DJ Knox Month ago +4

    Another 2 reasons I like CDs is that 1) I don't get stuck with listening to MP3 and 2) I don't get the frustration of a slow internet connection causing delays...

  • Brian Fediuk
    Brian Fediuk 5 months ago +6

    I'm a huge Classical music fan. CD is the only way to listen to this beautiful music. Great video.

  • CVArts
    CVArts 2 months ago +4

    Interesting historical fact - when Sony was developing the new compact disc format in the 1980's, they asked conductor Herbert von Karajan how long the CD playback should be. He told them 74 minutes because that's the length of Beethoven's Ninth.

    • rob Malkin
      rob Malkin Month ago +1

      And why so many pop and rock CD'S were way too long. One bonus of the return to viynl is most acts now have that format in mind so in whatever format you listen to it'll come in ten or eleven tracks. ✌

  • samm s
    samm s 4 months ago +8

    i still sure buy album and cds because it feels more authentic..like u actually 'own' it

    • Hajilee
      Hajilee 4 months ago

      @hulkhatepunybanner What are you saying exactly?

    • hulkhatepunybanner
      hulkhatepunybanner 4 months ago

      *vinyl records
      "Albums" also come on CD and cassette.

  • Steve Lawlor
    Steve Lawlor 6 months ago +12

    One idea that I don't think anyone has mentioned is, when we are no longer alive, our cd's can be given to our friends and family, you can't really do that with streaming music. Even those cd's that none of our friends or family like can either be sold online or given to one of the many charity shops in the UK. Love the updated video you've made @Darkoaudio and have just subscribed.

  • Lawrence STALBOW-BEST
    Lawrence STALBOW-BEST Month ago +6

    I adore this video. This is everything I feel about physical media. I wish I could help my friends understand this...

  • BeardODoom
    BeardODoom 4 months ago +2

    Proud owner of about 2,500 CDs. I shall never stop buying them all the while they're still being made.

  • StsFiveOneLima
    StsFiveOneLima 4 months ago +5

    Yep. If I want to own music, I immediately buy the CD.

  • Widescreen Radio
    Widescreen Radio 4 months ago +3

    The only time I listen to an album start to finish is when I have a physical version! Glad CD’s are getting some love. I adore my collection, and have trying to think of a cool way to display them! Looks like it’s cool again! 👌🏻

  • Infectious Groove Music

    I love CDs. I really have nothing against any audio format in particular. CDs have become such a bargain for many reasons and it's so easy to pick up some great special editions for dirt cheap these days.

  • Dangerous Devil Official
    Dangerous Devil Official 6 months ago +12

    Not only do I still listen to CDs, I still sell my own new music on CDs! I will never give up CDs until we can no longer get them. 💿💯

  • Hindu Scriptures & More w/ Premanand Das Bhagat

    Folks who don't buy CD's, such as the young, are missing soooo much. I once knew a girl who went and saw Roger Water's The Wall. She knew the songs via streaming, but had NO CLUE they all were from the same album and told a story!

  • cameron humphries
    cameron humphries 4 months ago +2

    I listen to them because of feeling of ownership, giving support to the band, album art, album playthrough and appreciation of all the songs on it, and slightly better sound quality. Still use spotify premium daily but cds hit different

  • Ben Ward
    Ben Ward 3 months ago +5

    I love the CD format. My only resentment is that very often, current music is released on very poor-quality packaging. I will order a CD online, and my heart sinks when a thin cardboard envelope with a CD in arrives.

  • Gŋz Koronado
    Gŋz Koronado 4 months ago +6

    Same thing happens here, I still buy CDs as well as games because personally I like collecting them and of course, I also listen to music via streaming services and when not possible I buy digital games but again, I will always love having the physical media. Like they say, "Nothing beats the original".

  • Erwin 55
    Erwin 55 4 months ago +3

    I'm almost 60 years old and still buy cd's and have all my vinyl albums from the past.
    No streaming for me...and with this video it gives me another 15 reasons to follow Darko Audio.
    Greetzzzz from The Netherlands.

  • Stephen Scoggins
    Stephen Scoggins 6 months ago +9

    I absolutely love the CD. I have close to 10,000 in my collection and continue to purchase them on a weekly basis. There is nothing like physical media!

  • Speedrunner 0218
    Speedrunner 0218 Month ago +5

    I like having a CD play in the car so I don't have to have my phone out, plus at home, I can rip the CD to loseless audio, and then listen to the digital ripped versions most of the time, and then CDs either in the car, or sometimes, in my personal CD player since it sounds so clear
    plus yeah, the idea of physical items you can touch amuses me.

  • Tomek Del
    Tomek Del 2 months ago +4

    As regards reason 9, it is not so simple. You are right that in streaming services artist gets tiny bit of money while in case of buying CD this "percentage" is higher. But you have also take into account that in streaming services artist gets his bit of money every time you listen his album while in case of CD you buy it just once. So, in case of your the most loved artists, if you listen their albums over and over, streaming service might in the end pay them more money then just they got from selling single CD ;)

    • Maximilian Mustermann
      Maximilian Mustermann Month ago

      Streaming services only work for mainstream artists. I know a folk-pop duo with a very dedicated fanbase. They can easily fill halls with 2000 people when they do a tour through Germany. They are professionals and they live from their CD sales and concerts. They tried Spotify and their earnings were like 5 bucks a month.
      I read from another artist, she's like a classical music star with an international fanbase. She said she earns like 50 bucks per month from streaming and she'd have to quit being a professional if streaming was her only way to sell music.
      It only works for the mainstream acts that get pushed hard and that get like millions of plays per day.

  • Al berto
    Al berto 3 months ago +5

    I love CDs as well as records. But for me a big drowback of modern CDs is that many of them come in cardboard boxes instead of plastic, and they deteriorate quickly and aren't as aesthethic as the plastic boxes or the vinyls.

  • Flyboy
    Flyboy 3 months ago +3

    Not many artists have done this as far as I'm aware but I have CDs with hidden content that, when played, makes the time counter go in reverse. These portions cannot be skipped to and cannot be ripped. You literally have to listen to the whole track before it comes on. So CDs have the ability to deliver some really interesting hidden or exclusive content. And as an extension of that, you can get the mixed content CDs that have content only accessible from a PC.

  • Cohen Peart
    Cohen Peart Month ago +5

    I pretty much agree with John on all counts. Regarding CDs not requiring an internet connection, I'd add that it's not just about those times when your internet goes out and you can't stream - it's also about the fact that with physical media, your "device" never goes "Ding!" because you got a notification, nor does it ring because you got a phone call. Like John, I use streaming, CDs and vinyl - they all have their advantages and situations - but there are definitely times when I want to shut out the world while I listen to my tunes.

  • Paul Ducote
    Paul Ducote 7 months ago +18

    Cds are still big in Japan. We still have several Tower Records and HMVs in Tokyo. Both are always busy and most of the customers are young.

    • good night moon
      good night moon 6 months ago

      i mostly buy in mercari! would love to visit japan soon for more CDs

  • dwaniscool
    dwaniscool 4 months ago +5

    The fullness and sound quality on a CD is unmatched by a compressed Mp3. In my car and in my home, MUST HAVE CDs!

    • theinitiate110
      theinitiate110 4 months ago

      Totally agree. I just bought a pro Sony cd recorder, love it. Usually, I make a copy of a new cd and archive the original.
      Cars however... bleh. I bought a newer Honda and the head unit is so integrated into the car you can't swap it for an aftermarket unit. Guess I'll have to get a portable unit with a Bluetooth transceiver.

  • fruitchewx1
    fruitchewx1 Month ago +2

    The number 1 reason I buy CDs is the sleeve notes. I just love reading through the lyrics as I'm listening, skimming through the credits and special thanks sections for Easter eggs. My favourite band Blind Guardian have the most beautiful sleeve note artwork imaginable - on At The Edge of Time for example, every song has a piece of artwork to go with it. They also almost always a 'thank you to you the listener' at the end of the sleeve notes of each album.

  • Phillip Blades
    Phillip Blades 3 months ago +4

    Hello, I too am never giving up my CD or DVD/Blu-Ray collection. I don’t like and have no need for streaming services. You hit the nail on the head with every reason! I started listening to music at about 6 years old with 8-track tapes, then migrated to the cassette, and then the CD. That’s where I’m staying. I do have a lot of playlists on Clip-Share and Applemusic/iTunes on my iPad, but I still have the CDs of that music also. Great video! Thanks for your analysis of why we shouldn’t give up our physical media music collections. I sincerely believe the same reasons should apply to DVDs and Blu-Rays. I even still have some VHS tapes left in my movie collection. Thanks again and I subbed while watching this!

  • Klaus Vans
    Klaus Vans 3 months ago +4

    when you pick up a cd from your shelf and you put it in your cd-player, you turn on your amplifier and you lay down on your couch then you are setting your mind to listening to music !

  • DKSspec
    DKSspec 5 months ago +4

    I stopped streaming 3 months ago and went back to my CD collection. I miss the instant access to unlimited library of music but knowing I own the music I’m listening to and will never lose it makes me happy

    • Rock And Roll
      Rock And Roll 5 months ago

      You don't own anything. It is licensed for home use only. Someday your CD will fail, and you will need to buy a replacement for that.

  • Felipe Lovecraft
    Felipe Lovecraft 6 months ago +7

    I have never stopped buying CDs. I never got into the vinyl craze, plus you can't play a vinyl on a vehicle. Long live CDs.

    • LibertyZone777
      LibertyZone777 6 months ago

      I will never understand why some people want to go back to the noisy vinyl.

    • Monsieur Marques
      Monsieur Marques 6 months ago

      Digitize & transfer the Vinyl to MP3 or CD.

    • Helawolf
      Helawolf 6 months ago

      There was a time in the seventies when car makers released a vinyl player in a car.

  • Simple Networks
    Simple Networks 4 months ago +3

    I really like your point about the dedicated listening. I often find my self skipping around on Apple Music while different songs pop into my head but when listening to CDs, I have no problem sitting back and enjoying the music. I also appreciate that CDs don't send me a text or email notification that interrupts the song:)

  • CM
    CM 4 months ago +3

    I think you forgot one good (in my opinion) reason as to why CDs are still relevant-they’re the perfect medium between digital and physical. I like them because like you said I get that physical feel, but I also like to rip my CDs to my mac and have them in my iTunes library. From there it gets synced to my phone and my iPod in the car, so even when I’m not at home with my CDs I can still enjoy the album, while supporting the artist more and also getting that physical aspect when I’m at home. However you covered many other great points and I really enjoyed this video !

  • Peter Sharp
    Peter Sharp 5 months ago +7

    Give me the CD any day of the week over downloads. You cannot beat having a physical, tangible object to hold in your hands. Vinyl is , for me, prohibitively expensive so is not an option.And what can be better than visiting a record store and having a good ferret through the CD racks? My last 3 selections were Carpe Diem by Saxon, Moonmadness by Camel and Deep Black by Black Sabbath. All hail CDs!

  • Twelve Ounce Trance
    Twelve Ounce Trance Month ago +3

    The only thing I miss about vinyl is the full size sleeve artwork and lyrics you can read without a magnifying glass.

  • Bud Surtees
    Bud Surtees 5 months ago +5

    Being the proud and happy owner of a 12,000+ CD collection that is a 30+ year labor of collecting love, I agree with everything you've said. An LP is worn out a bit and degraded every single time you play it (simple laws of physics). That's not the case with CDs, so investing money and time in a medium with a higher degree of permanence makes sense.

  • Patrick Coston
    Patrick Coston 6 months ago +8

    This reminds of why I like DVDs. DVDs have extra content like commentary, bloopers, the making of, behind the scenes, interviews, and so on.

  • Toad King
    Toad King 4 months ago +3

    I have one extra reason I like CDs: Because of their digital nature they're perfect for archival. When you rip a CD (to a lossless format) you are making a bit-for-bit perfect replication of the audio on the disc. With vinyl, making digital backups will always include some variance because of their analog nature. Different turntables spin slightly differently, needles aren't all identical, even the act of putting the needle on the record alters the physical properties of it. Maybe not by a lot or even in a way that's humanly perceivable right away but those small changes add up over time.
    On top of that, even if your CD is damaged there are online projects that can detect and even fix corrupted CD rips. AccurateRip and the CUETools Database (CTDB) contains millions of CDs fingerprints to compare against, and CUETools can fix some bad rips if the corruption is small enough.

    • Jos Schakenraad
      Jos Schakenraad 3 months ago

      Why not just buy a lossless file in the first place instead of a CD?

  • Fallacy As Praxis
    Fallacy As Praxis 4 months ago +2

    I'm never giving up my CDs. Downloading and streaming are just not my thing.

  • StCreed
    StCreed 4 months ago +7

    I've ripped all my CDs to FLAC, put them on USB and a NAS. Now they're portable and available wherever I want them.
    I only download nowadays, and only FLAC.

    • Colani Tower
      Colani Tower 4 months ago

      Same here. Another advantage: it's not album based. It's fun to build sequences of the best tracks by artist. I did it for 2 decades on reel-to-reel tapes, now it's in playlists of flac files. For me, on average only 20% of tracks in albums really work. No need to have the rest taking up space and never be listened to.

  • Brian Low
    Brian Low 2 months ago +4

    Another thing I missed about CDs was that sometimes you buy a deluxe version of an album, A DVD was included that contains all the music videos.

  • VictorPM
    VictorPM 4 months ago +3

    Thanks for pointing out the remastering vs. dynamic range issue. I wholeheartedly agree on that 🙂

  • Bill Petersen, Jr.
    Bill Petersen, Jr. 7 months ago +15

    I bought a Cambridge Audio CD player a few years ago because I wanted to start listening to my archived CD collection (I had ripped them about 15+yrs ago to a portable HD so I could listen to music at work thru winamp!) When I started purposely listening to my CDs and LPs again, I realized how much I had been missing from just sitting down and only listening to music. As you mention, it's about holding the physical element, reading the liner notes, the cover art, the portability, and the price point. Not to mention that the sound quality of CDs are still phenomenal.
    There are CDs I have that aren't on streaming platforms and never will be. My love of collecting CDs and LPs came from my parents who ran a record store back in the early 80s. I'm passing that love of the physical element of music on to my kids, especially my oldest daughter who loves the physicality of CDs herself. They represent some kind of musical magic for her.

    • glennaa11
      glennaa11 7 months ago

      That's a good point about things not being available for streaming

    • Michael S-R
      Michael S-R 7 months ago +1

      I couldn’t get my eldest to bite. Where did I go wrong? Kids just like the plug and play option.

  • Kirt Fitzpatrick
    Kirt Fitzpatrick Month ago +7

    I only buy CDs now because it's still the best way to get lossless audio. And then I rip it into my library losslessly which makes it far easier to play. It's the only way to truly own lossless music anymore.

  • Rodrigo Pedro
    Rodrigo Pedro 2 months ago +3

    Sensational video! it simply portrayed my exact situation, I buy CDs, I don't use streaming, I still have a car with a CD player, etc. I thought I was the only one, but I see that someone else has the same happiness of having a physical collection of CDs and being able to be proud of listening to what they want and when they want without "getting into the bandwagon" of appealing to non-physical music. having a collection of CDs and listening only to streaming is the difference between going to McDonald's and going to a good restaurant. In both you will quench your hunger, but the difference...

  • youbee
    youbee 4 months ago +5

    I still buy CDs. The sound quality is just incomparable. Vinyl sounds wonderful but still doesn't come close to CDs and it deteriorates faster. Streaming services are generally far worse quality than both. I use Tidal for streaming and although it sounds pretty close to CD, it's still not as crisp and sharp. I love music and I want to hear my favourite music in the best quality sound possible, so it's still CDs for me!

  • skywriter 777
    skywriter 777 Month ago +2

    I can't believe I stumbled upon this. I own several thousand CDs. I purchase several a week on eBay or discogs. I'm surrounded by them. One of the best inventions ever.

  • Canadian Cult Classics
    Canadian Cult Classics 4 months ago +2

    Great video!
    I’m a Canadian music historian, most of the music I deal with is vinyl only, cassette only, or for the later stuff CD only. Most Canadian stuff doesn’t receive reissues so when it’s gone, the price gougers swoop in or overseas bootleggers.
    My work is in digitizing the above mediums. CD’s are free to digitize if you have a computer with a disc drive (plus no surface noise means no post-editing), vinyl and cassette both require equipment, and a knowledge of editing software to remove imperfections. These latter methods are expensive to get into and take time to learn. The alternative is outsourcing, which typically costs around 10-15$ an album.
    In summation, CD’s are the preferential format for all things archival related (cost, convenience, space, etc.). You also get the best of both worlds; with a sizeable collection and a smartphone with decent space, you can become your own streaming platform; uploading CD’s to your computer then to your phone.

    ROOKTABULA 6 months ago +10

    As long as they make them, I'll buy cds. That said, I remember polling students back in 1999 and asking them:
    "If cds were $9.99, would you use Napster and Limewire to steal music?" 95% of them said No.
    Had the labels not be so _GREEDY,_ CDs would have had far more popularity to this day.

  • olive4naito
    olive4naito 4 months ago +2

    The thought of losing access to files that get lost or deleted by a streaming service is definitely not a plus. Streaming is good if there's only one song you like on an album or for music you don't care to have physically in your home when the internet goes out. You'll always be a CD person if most of the streaming services don't even carry the music you like.

    • Django Fett
      Django Fett 4 months ago

      Amazon music took down my favorite remix album from killing joke.... there is nowhere else to listen to it and the CD is extremely rare. I wish I had bought the CD years ago when it was cheaper

  • Frankmusik
    Frankmusik 4 months ago +1

    As an independent musician I still manufacture CDs and they earn me more than my streaming. A huge asset for sure.

  • Mike M
    Mike M 4 months ago +5

    Physical media is the only way I purchase music, video games and movies. Just the artwork and liner notes of a music CD is worth the price.

  • C M
    C M Month ago +3

    Another reason for CDs is that in streaming services the streaming platform/artist can replace a song with another version of it. Manic Focus did an album that I liked. A few years later the songs in my library had all been replaced with "better" versions that I really disliked. Nothing beats physical media.

  • Garrus
    Garrus 5 months ago +2

    I grew up in the 2000s, I love CDs for that reason. The 2000s gave me a lot of awesome childhood memories. CDs were more popular back then than they are nowadays. I was honestly pleased CDs had gone up in 2021! (1:53) Just incredible!

  • Maciej Kowalski
    Maciej Kowalski 6 months ago +9

    Reason #8 for me is the most important one. I'm a prog guy and the majority of my favorite albums have tracks seguing into one another. I cannot even imagine listening to "Abbey Road" or "The Wall" or "Scenes from a Memory" through a streaming service.

  • mexshadowhope
    mexshadowhope 4 months ago +1

    In practice, I use streaming services to listen to music; but I'm still buying CDs for several reasons:
    - There are excellent albums that I want to collect.
    - I like to support new bands when they sell CDs in concerts.
    - Due to legal issues, some albums aren't available for my country on streaming services.
    - It's a nice item to be autographed.
    - If I have issues with internet connection, I am still able to enjoy music.
    - I love booklets.

  • Andy C
    Andy C 4 months ago +3

    One thing that I HATE about the digital age of music - Charts are irrelevant.
    Going to sound old now, but in the mid to late 90s here in the UK, our weekly music charts were incredibly diverse. It wouldn't be odd to see Britpop, boy/girl bands, hip hop, indie, and dance acts all in the top 20.
    Top of The Pops on a Friday night used to be THE way to get the weekend started, and was such a great show.
    Nowadays, due to the rules on what classes as a sale, you get acts like Ed Sheeran with 7 songs in the top 10 when he releases a new album. The variety of music is non-existent too...

    • dlarge6502
      dlarge6502 3 months ago

      I hear you. Even though I was never much into music, especially what was new, I used to listen to the top 40 hosted by Dr Fox during the 90's and used to make bets with my sister as to what had moved in the top 10. I'm really surprised anything like the charts still exist!

  • Andy C
    Andy C 4 months ago +3

    I still buy CDs, as i'm a hoarder - I don't even listen to my music via CD, instead ripping the audio to iTunes and then subscribing to iTunes Match to listen to my library on the go wherever I am.
    I've never been a fan of buying digital products, and wouldn't steal music, so CDs is always the way to go for me.
    Not to mention, I love the tangible aspect - having old albums from the 90s and compilations and seeing the artwork (front, back and booklet) and the CD art acts as a time portal for me and can take me back to simpler, happier times..

  • Cristobal Hernandez
    Cristobal Hernandez 4 months ago +7

    the experience of buy a brand new sealed cd, open it, play the cd, and check the booklet, has no price

  • Marvin Martian
    Marvin Martian 5 months ago +5

    A big reason I prefer physical media of any kind is gifting. All my life, either my wife and I or extended family and us will exchange gifts for Christmas and birthdays. Or just for no reason at all. Sending a gift card for the music takes all the fun out of it. Sending a specific gift on physical media shows the other person that you are in tune with their interests and/or have something you enjoy that you hope they will enjoy too. Sending a generic gift card or code doesn't grant that satisfaction.

  • C. L.
    C. L. 6 months ago +12

    The single biggest reason that's missing here is economic value. When you buy a CD you own it as opposed to just having a right to listen to it for a definite period of time. Streaming is great on the go or to discover new artists but realistically you generally end up listening over and over to the same songs or artists that you like most.
    If you pay £10pm for a streaming service that's as much £2500 after 20 years and the minute you terminate your subscription you lose every right to listen to any of your tracks while you could have bought 300 CDs or more in the meantime that you actually like and own.
    It's a bit like renting your home vs owning it. You may think you're better off spending less cash on a monthly basis but at the end of the day, if you've paid for your house then you have an asset while if you rent you have nothing.

  • Strangemagic
    Strangemagic 8 days ago +2

    I love my CD collection. I usually buy them 2nd hand and transfer music from my PC onto my phone to use in the car. That saves a lot of cash paying for streaming services and it's also nice to read the covers for the lyrics etc. Buying 2nd hand is also fairly environmentally friendly too. Nice video

  • Starkatt
    Starkatt 2 months ago +3

    Only people with a really mainstream taste in music can be sure of finding their favorite bands and songs on streaming services in the future. As time goes on, the more obscure recordings are going to be even harder to find. I will continue to buy CDs to ensure my access to the music that is important to me.