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I Tried Butler Academy

  • Published on Jun 6, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  3 months ago +1877

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  • abdrahman
    abdrahman 3 months ago +7484

    "we cannot be considered human anymore...what we are...are butlers" would be a great line for a butler movie

    • Oru Eluttukaran
      Oru Eluttukaran Month ago +339

      Sebastian Michaelis' origin story

    • Kumori pluto
      Kumori pluto Month ago +46

      @Oru Eluttukaran exactly what i thought

    • MattIGuess
      MattIGuess Month ago +32

      sounds unhumane

    • Raccoon Punk
      Raccoon Punk Month ago +36

      Alfred Pennyworth!!! The only thing Batman can't win over .... his Butler😂

  • Nargon46
    Nargon46 2 months ago +3612

    The headmaster actually has a weird charm about him. There is nothing wrong with expecting excellence, it gives people the chance to improve themselves and rise to the challenge. Guy seems like the fan favorite character in any period drama.

    • Matasa
      Matasa Month ago +99

      He has a looong history and reputation to uphold. No student of this school can be less than excellent.

    • Moldveien
      Moldveien Month ago +48

      He reminds me of my manager when i was a hotel waiter. He is strict but that is beacuse he believes in you, that you can be better.

    • aSwiftie
      aSwiftie 29 days ago +17

      He reminds me of my musical theater teacher! Really high expectations, but also kind and with a sense of humour :)

    • Big T
      Big T 23 days ago +7

      They're babysitters for rich people, nothing to be proud of. I've seen prostitutes treated more humanely than this.

    • Tuan Anh Nguyen
      Tuan Anh Nguyen 20 days ago +17

      @Big T To you, " we cannot be considered human anymore...what we are...are butlers" sounds like being dehumanized and degrading, but to these people, it means they have to be beyond human, everything they do needs to be perfect, beyond human capabilities. Just cause you can't handle it don't mean they cant be proud of their job lmao

  • Villain Satoru
    Villain Satoru 2 months ago +1214

    The students told Ms.Khare that the HeadMaster is strict but while watching this film, He’s a type of Headmaster generally gives students many chances to ace thier skills. Heartwarming I should say.

    • Matt
      Matt Month ago +79

      It hurts more to disappoint a person you respect than a person who "needs" to be respected

    • crisleiry gomez
      crisleiry gomez Month ago +15

      ​@MattExactly, it encourages you to work harder but damn is it stressful

    • Mitchell Plantier
      Mitchell Plantier 24 days ago +23

      You can tell he's passionate about what he teaches. He doesn't just tell the students what to do, when Michelle asked what practical reason there was to set the table exactly like that, he didn't just tell her why, or ignore the question, he had her sit down as a guest and gave a practical demonstration

    • crazeguy26
      crazeguy26 24 days ago +2

      for me the strict teachers where the one's i learn the most from. some of my favorites drill into us what they was teach us only moving on when we understand what they was talking about.

    • la8ball
      la8ball 22 days ago +3

      One of two things. Either it's all for camera (which I doubt). The other is butlers are strict. I'm assuming he's a butler or was one and acting like one. Like he kept saying, you got to smile and not make people uncomfortable no matter who they are. From the video, he was very strict. Measured everything and watched your every move for flaws.

  • NMP Abyss
    NMP Abyss 2 months ago +311

    Every time you dropped a glass I thought the headmaster would get so mad but then after 5 glasses he goes “Ms. Khare you are costing a lot of money in glasses”

    • crazeguy26
      crazeguy26 24 days ago +32

      i bet the first day everyone drop at least one.

  • Grimypepper
    Grimypepper 3 months ago +694

    Honestly the headmaster makes all that hard work seem legit fun. Like, he doesn't get angry at them, he gives them detailed instructions and he's got a good attitude.

  • brightpage1020
    brightpage1020 Month ago +582

    He's teaching them confidence through self control. Beautiful. Grace.

  • MacDoesIt
    MacDoesIt 3 months ago +16660

    Every time you dropped a glass I got chills in my body

  • S.
    S. 3 months ago +1265

    The scenes from 10:36-10:57 is just so nice!!?? it feels just like the movie, maybe it’s the rain, or the all black fit with the matching umbrellas and the building, but also the speech itself ?!? That’s a cinematic piece

    • SimplyNia
      SimplyNia 2 months ago +3


    • SimplyNia
      SimplyNia 2 months ago +4

      100% agree!

    • An Unusual Ace of Spades
      An Unusual Ace of Spades 2 months ago +50

      They *are* trained to give speeches, after all. And the cinematic atmosphere, I'll have to blame it on good a good cameraman that *knows* how to set atmosphere and have *good shots*, along with an editor that knows how to do their work. Which is quite amazing, yes.

    • Aldra
      Aldra Month ago +6

      That part felt comforting and like a hug idk

    • Midori Vicky ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
      Midori Vicky ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Month ago

      For real

  • Insydian
    Insydian 3 months ago +723

    I love how the butler school probably liked the change of pace for their students to throw a wrench in their week. Congrats on a job well done Ms. Khare

    • Seraphina985
      Seraphina985 2 months ago +66

      Well it seems like adaptability is definitely a prized trait here so the chance to introduce something unexpected may well have had it's appeal.

  • Camille Pepin
    Camille Pepin 2 months ago +306

    I can totally see the interest for being a butler. Being the reliable person in someone's life, striving for perfection, etc. I thought I was the only crazy one but I didn't knew butler school was a thing. And hearing the students reasons really resonates with me.

    • caramel coffee
      caramel coffee 8 days ago +2

      you should go for it! or some kind of hospitality management role

  • Lovelytoca🌸
    Lovelytoca🌸 3 months ago +166

    The fact that the headmaster didn’t just scream at them for being wrong and actually gave them tips for improvement is just *chefs kiss*

  • Lilian Fernandez
    Lilian Fernandez 2 months ago +248

    I love how the guy explained it at 26:00 , this job humbles you in a way, and at the same time it teaches you discipline. im sure they don't make small paychecks doing this ! this is amazing , such challenging job that helps you be a better person. at first it was annoying when the trainer kept saying "smile" while all the craziness is happening but I see that it helps you better your outlook on the issue, it helps you say "I CAN do this " "it will ve okay"

    • Erik Hendrickson
      Erik Hendrickson 27 days ago +12

      "im sure they don't make small paychecks doing this"
      Actually they start at just $40,000 per year and can *_MAYBE_* reach six-figures after several decades in the business. This is while working 12-hour days, mind you!

    • coveringfish
      coveringfish 20 days ago +4

      @Erik Hendricksonnot from this academy. Maybe butlers everywhere but if you’re taken from here to work for like a bezos

    • dltbgyd6776
      dltbgyd6776 20 days ago

      I think they get room & board, though. In a plush place...holidays with the family, maybe. I dont know. I couldn't do it, but I applaud those who can.

  • That'll Work
    That'll Work 3 months ago +18951

    This Academy looks like a real pain in the Butler

  • Elfxsie
    Elfxsie 3 months ago +333

    I love how the boys were so caring and nice to her

  • Jaden Bryann
    Jaden Bryann 3 months ago +1022

    I think Michelle should try training to be a K-pop idol for a month. It's very strict and competitive and a lot of hard work to become an idol. I think it would be very challenging for Michelle!

    • Floral Fancy
      Floral Fancy 2 months ago +20

      I've seen what its like I wonder want to see Michelle do that!

    • Floral Fancy
      Floral Fancy 2 months ago +25

      I mean I wouldn't. The hours are long, the work is vigorous and tiring and the diets are harsh.

    • chilliam00
      chilliam00 2 months ago +5

      ​@Floral FancyI saw an interview (might be Carpool Karaoke) where they said they only get one Sunday off every fortnight! 😵‍💫

    • Disliked
      Disliked 2 months ago +16

      The kpop empires wont let her do that. they abuse these women. thats why i dont listen to that music. So much suffering behind the "fun" music.

    • Anna's Addiction
      Anna's Addiction 2 months ago +1

      I supposse dance schools who could teach you Kpop choreographies maybe even bootcamps, exist the real question is what kinda school could she go to physically next to it as an adult to have lessons like Geography, Japanese, Korean etc and all this ish?
      I suppose it would be easier to find that in the US of A than in Europe to this day...
      and there are example TRAINEE time tables online so that could be give a SUPERFICIALLY inlook.
      I tried one day with a time table like this I found online and I didn't even have to move my lil body of mine to school and I was failing hard at level 1. I suppose she could find organizations where that could be done...as close as possibillity to realitiy

  • person
    person 2 months ago +184

    I have never seen a 19 year old more formal and well spoken 😮

  • Gabz87
    Gabz87 3 months ago +401

    The headmaster is amazing, he’s like Alfred and Christopher Waltz. He’s who I expect to raise a young orphan and teach him to be a better man.

  • Rose Pearson
    Rose Pearson 24 days ago +44

    “If you can humble yourself to do work like this, you’re very much in the position to be a leader.” I completely agree!

  • Zach King
    Zach King 3 months ago +5797

    I'm 44 seconds in and this is one of the best YT intros I've ever seen Michelle + team!

  • Meat
    Meat Month ago +75

    The first lesson with the circle walking was honestly awesome, that’s such a great way to teach them, it’s a game and a lesson at the same time and he teaches so happily and has a lot of passion in the lesson, that would be an incredibly fun class to attend, he doesn’t bully the students for mistakes he just makes small jokes and gives genuine instructions and advice. No wonder he’s the headmaster! lol

  • Radio Atmosphere
    Radio Atmosphere 3 months ago +116

    I’m blown away by the effort that butlers need to put in. Such an incredibly respectable and selfless job.

  • Evan Hopper
    Evan Hopper 2 months ago +66

    I loved this episode, butler school seems so humbling and everyone there had such a good outlook on life and how to carry ones self

  • Floral Fancy
    Floral Fancy 2 months ago +79

    This was so entertaining to watch! Like I could imagine this being a Netflix series.

  • Vixikie
    Vixikie 2 months ago +40

    I actually liked the headmaster which is very unexpected haha. He must be very likeable and funny in real life outside the Academy! Also, it is a genius move of the 19 year old guy to go to Butler Academy at that age. He is going to be well prepared for the future doing this!

  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory 3 months ago +3229

    Freaking loved this one Michelle!

    • Manjil
      Manjil 3 months ago +5

      L+ Ratio

    • Melioii
      Melioii 3 months ago +8

      Yes theory! Ahhh!!!

    • Crysthal
      Crysthal 3 months ago +5


    • Yellow_P
      Yellow_P 3 months ago +4

      Here before this blows up I hope this reply doesn’t get lost

    • Bruno
      Bruno 3 months ago +3

      Here before this blows up

  • Sgt.Blaze
    Sgt.Blaze 3 months ago +99

    "Who said anything from taking the book away."
    I absolutely adore this man, now.
    I can imagine that Butlers who undergo this sort of training, must have some level of pride in being one. Yes, humbleness is the very nature of the profession, however to rigorously train in anything to the point of proficiency or excellency like this, I can imagine these people having some level of pride in that.
    Also; I would totally follow a leader who has butler training. That is cool.

  • Cindy Bakow
    Cindy Bakow 3 months ago +70

    Michelle, this has to be one of the hardest missions you have taken on. It doesn't matter that you did not receive a diploma, I think that you received something much more valuable. My guess is that you received lessons in grace, in the importance of detail, in the ability to harness any feelings of inner chaos or doubt, and in the ability to reflect nothing but confidence and fluidity in every movement you make. I think this was a wonderful challenge and I would love to have had this experience if for no other reason than to learn how to serve tea properly. Keep up the excellent work!

  • Kpopmulitstan
    Kpopmulitstan Month ago +18

    I love the programmer and how he talked to her and gave her motivation

  • James Tero
    James Tero 3 months ago +38

    The Service Industry of people who care for the needs of others truly is an amazing one.

  • TheJoHoe™
    TheJoHoe™ 18 days ago +7

    They're learning to be one HELL of a butler. Sebastian would be proud. ❤

  • Rose Yang
    Rose Yang 3 months ago +6779

    The way the 19 year old is so composed and well spoken. 😮

    • dvrk
      dvrk 3 months ago +222

      the difference some good parents can make..

    • Cv
      Cv 3 months ago +2


    • Shannon Lezama
      Shannon Lezama 3 months ago +2


    • KLAY
      KLAY 3 months ago +53

      I live in Zürich. People are only well composed here if you compare them to other countries.

    • Lemur2
      Lemur2 3 months ago +18

      @dvrk welp I know some one whos parents are totally the oposite of well spoken while he actually is.

  • Steven Fox
    Steven Fox 2 months ago +59

    This was fun to see and I think you arrived at a reasonable interpretation behind the reasoning behind "why is this rule THE rule" question. In life it's often not so important what the rule is, the silverware being 2cm from the plate and from adjacent silverware for example, but rather that we have something achievable to strive for. In Butlering, it seems perfection is attainable, but in many things it isn't. But that isn't a good reason not to strive to improve ourselves, either to benefit ourselves or others.

    • Seraphina985
      Seraphina985 2 months ago +6

      I suspect the 2cm gap might be based on ergonomics that is a little less than the size of a large thumb from the side giving enough room to grab any of the items without touching the others.

  • Christel Bremer
    Christel Bremer 2 months ago +12

    This is amazing! I realize now how selfless the work of a butler is. Wonderfully educational!

  • TheAnimeQueenVendy
    TheAnimeQueenVendy 2 months ago +11

    I am officially convinced she's not human. I'm gonna quote the ballet video: "We're going to see a woman that can literally do everything, do more things."

    • Jonathan Asdell
      Jonathan Asdell 9 days ago

      It has more to do with the bravery to everything, and sacrifice months of time doing so to become proficient

  • Design & Decor
    Design & Decor 2 months ago +67

    Oh my, having her put the dirty tray on the seat rather than the table really got me. As someone who appreciates and cares for my antique furniture very much, I would be horrified to have someone do this. The last place one wants to be dirty is a seat. Not only does that risk possibly dirtying the nice upholstery, but also risks potentially getting the rear of someone's formal attire dirty. Which as you can imagine could not only proove to be costly, but also embarrassing.
    I am quite surprised they do not bring a tray stand to place them on, as they fold up and are lightweight and easy to carry on the arm whilst carrying trays.

    • time tell no lies
      time tell no lies Month ago


    • time tell no lies
      time tell no lies Month ago +3

      But I presume they clean the seat up after

    • OhKayGo
      OhKayGo 29 days ago +1

      Maybe they have carts that are used around the more delicate furniture. But, I feel ya. The first thing I thought was, "Yeah, if you're not putting it on the table, the customer's going to get their butt dirty." I suppose a dirty butt is more acceptable than a dirty table cloth. Also, how dirty do those trays have to be for dirt to be feared?

    • Jana Provoost
      Jana Provoost 24 days ago +7

      It's also because the tray would leave 'marks' (as in dents and lines from the weight if that makes sense) on the tablecloth, not necessarily dirty marks. To avoid these 'dents' you put the tray on a chair or a service table nearby. Most likely the tray will not be dirty, as nothing in the household should be left dirty.

    • Theghostoflazlo
      Theghostoflazlo 15 days ago

      It's easier to clean the chair than shifting a whole ass table cloth. Seriously calm down

  • RedheaD
    RedheaD 7 days ago +1

    This was an absolute GEM. I just happened to find your channel, and I can’t believe it! This was like a TV show!! Perfect!!!

  • Aaron Cummings
    Aaron Cummings 3 months ago +25874

    The CEO actually just found a way to live in a giant mansion and get paid to have butlers serve him.... smart guy

    • WellBattle6
      WellBattle6 3 months ago +842

      @YBVB "get paid to have butlers serve him"

    • Aventuras em série
      Aventuras em série 3 months ago +322

      i thought the same thing! he's a genius!

    • The Devil
      The Devil 3 months ago +552

      And he gets to be a baddass weird smart mysterious boss guy

    • Jordan Leigh Wheatley
      Jordan Leigh Wheatley 3 months ago +400

      I refuse to believe he doesn't have secret rooms and confidential files somewhere

    • OK9 gamer
      OK9 gamer 3 months ago +278

      then you are missing the smartness of the Indian lady who somehow ended up becoming his wife.

  • Star🦋
    Star🦋 2 months ago +20

    Oh my gosh, the detail in everyday things !!! I think Michelle should train like an artistic rollerskater it's strict and very demanding, I've been training for 5 years it's a great challenge !!

  • Jay Mata
    Jay Mata 3 months ago +14

    Also, you have such a great attitude about this and it's awesome you're showing how much work they put into it.

    PERSONA Month ago +9

    I would do this- I used to do this training when I was super young where we had to learn how to be the "perfect woman"/wife so I was taught mostly all the table setup and how to dress myself and my future husband properly- I would do this to test how much I actually remember.
    Also for the part where she had to talk about Venus, I would've only talked about the Greek/Roman history because that's all I know off the top of my head. ;w;

  • Johanna & Brianna
    Johanna & Brianna 3 months ago +12

    This is honestly everything i expected of a butler school and i love it

  • P V
    P V 20 days ago +3

    "The way down is the way up. If you really can humble yourself to do work like this, you very much in a position to be a leader." - Mr. Basuni. Very wise words, very wise indeed. That general philosophy can be applied to basically anything and all forms of self improvement.

  • Igiem
    Igiem 3 months ago +3542

    The guy who runs the academy is now one of my favourite people because he is simultaneously really intimidating and very personable (also has a good sense of humour).

    • Magnapinna
      Magnapinna 3 months ago +32

      gus fring without the bad

    • Ghost Gaming
      Ghost Gaming  2 months ago +41

      "even if my family dies when i am at work, I have to put a smile on my face"

    • Brenda Cardenas
      Brenda Cardenas 2 months ago +3

      It was kind of a movie this reminds me The movie titanic

    • Andii Bullivant
      Andii Bullivant 2 months ago +1

      ​@Magnapinnadefinitely 😂

    • Ali Azimi
      Ali Azimi Month ago


  • realelyssamber on ig
    realelyssamber on ig Month ago +12

    Michelle! 😂😂😂 I knew when you heard the “Venus” topic that you were going to bomb it but I admire you SO MUCH for how much grace you handled the criticism with. Moments like that are so “I want to fall off the face of the planet (Earth)”. Excellent job at the academy and quite honestly that’s exactly how my speech would have ended up as well. I think it’s so amazing that you were able to attend butler academy. Congratulations on your recent wedding!!! 🎉

  • 0IoT_ToI
    0IoT_ToI Month ago +11

    Heyyyy Michelle I really love your channel and whatever you do I want to do when I’m older. You really satisfied and made me more confident with all these wonderful things you tried. You worked really hard on each and every one of your videos and especially this one. You definitely know you work hard yourself and your try your best and have fun. That’s all that matters. You’re a very confident, and very special in many ways. Coming to the topic with you working hard and helping out yourself and other, you definitely turn out amazing! I’m very inspired with you and your gut that will never ever give up! Love you and all your videos!!!❤

  • Eniola Olu
    Eniola Olu 2 months ago +6

    i would love to see a full blown series about this

  • short travel vlogs
    short travel vlogs Month ago +2

    Michelle your content is so powerful. You are introducing us to the hardships of every job/profession that makes us respect people even more

  • CD Williams
    CD Williams 20 days ago +4

    My toxic trait is thinking I would ace this. My upbringing was so devoid of grace and courtesy. I’ve always been fascinated to learn etiquette as a way to severe ties with my past.

  • Veerani Tailor
    Veerani Tailor 3 months ago +6251

    The idea of a butler academy needs to be turned into an anime omg

    • Deris Trome
      Deris Trome 3 months ago +127


    • nvanhelwillm
      nvanhelwillm 3 months ago +224

      Anime: Black Butler
      J-drama: Mei-chan no Shitsuji

    • Hanging Dead Grunt
      Hanging Dead Grunt 3 months ago +366

      ​@nvanhelwillmBlack Butler is more like revenge though, not something like some butler academy

    • nvanhelwillm
      nvanhelwillm 3 months ago +67

      @Hanging Dead Grunt yes. It more like revenge story rather than about butler academy.
      Mei san no shitsuji close enough with "butler theme". But its not an anime.

    • Veerani Tailor
      Veerani Tailor 3 months ago +117

      @nvanhelwillm I’ve seen black butler which is similar but I need some unknowing kid being sent to butler school and going through some harrowing program and coming out a better person on the other side. Almost like a fools journey. And maybe with a ghost or two sprinkled in

  • Londyn Harris-Elzein
    Londyn Harris-Elzein 14 days ago +5

    What homie was saying at 26:17 is so profound and true. The way up is the way down and vice versa, learning to act with utmost humility and dedication to service is among the highest expressions of maturity.

  • ndbass09
    ndbass09 2 months ago +5

    Who would have guessed that learning how to butler (buttle?) would be such a humbling and eye-opening experience? Thanks for showcasing what it really takes!

  • strawberrym1lk
    strawberrym1lk 2 months ago +4

    I love michelle. Shes bubbly and smiling while doing risky. Strict. etc. things. What an amazing person

  • Jean Fernandes
    Jean Fernandes 3 months ago +11

    Hey Michelle, that's awesome. I know that you are a big Clip-Sharer, but it's my first time seeing your channel. Honestly it's the first time I see a female content creator do something like this. Congrats and keep it up, amazing content!

  • Lindsay M
    Lindsay M 2 months ago +3

    Honestly wish I had the money to go to this school to help in my leadership at church. People myself included don’t realize how much hospitality, manners, and etiquette are part of leading and hosting events.

  • YouTube
    YouTube 3 months ago +3483

    gotta give you probs for committing to this!

  • Christopher Polgar
    Christopher Polgar 2 months ago +14

    Michelle, was this a secret challenge to see which butler you will be hiring for yourself? 😅

  • C G
    C G 2 months ago +7

    Awww I love that episode with Wednesday and Lurch. The way he patted her face was so gentle

  • Ryan Chatterton
    Ryan Chatterton 23 days ago +8

    Can we turn this into an animated series where an ophan girl who's always dreamed of being a butler attends butler school as the odd one out, and in the end learns what she really wanted in life all along was a family? 10 Episodes, netflix.

  • Lal M
    Lal M Month ago +5

    I would say this is one of the best training ever you went to , it's entertaining and educating too.

  • Minimo.12
    Minimo.12 2 months ago +4

    Now this video is by far one of my favorite videos Michelle has posted on her channel. I find it interesting how butlers get trained. Kinda reminds me of Martin from The Parent Trap.

  • MoonshineTora
    MoonshineTora 3 months ago +4856

    The headmaster might be strict, but I have a feeling he gives everyone a chance to improve themselves and actually pays respect. He's taking his time to explain and while his expectations are high, I feel like his disciples are in good hands.
    Being a Butler is an awe-inspiring job. This is actually very inspiring.

    • cat
      cat 3 months ago +45

      I have practiced being a butler and it is difficult

    • Capitán Salazar
      Capitán Salazar 3 months ago +37

      Yes, very inspiring: learning how to kowtow to “authority”, label it a change to improve yourself. Let’s start with some self-respect…

    • MoonshineTora
      MoonshineTora 3 months ago +109

      ​@Capitán Salazar sure. Let's abolish any profession in which you are subordinate to someone else. I'm very certain there wouldn't be many jobs left.
      Let people have fun in whatever job they choose!

    • Capitán Salazar
      Capitán Salazar 3 months ago +19

      @MoonshineTora Well, I get your point, however: for the profession of a “butler”, there is certainly a lot of emphasis on “subordinate”.

    • MoonshineTora
      MoonshineTora 3 months ago +32

      @Capitán Salazar Any thoughts on how a less subordinate Butler should work? Just curious, since you seem to have some kind of expectations or ideals on that matter.

  • Ezra B
    Ezra B 2 months ago +4

    It's a dream for me to go and do something like this. How cool!

  • Killerpanda
    Killerpanda 29 days ago +2

    I love everything about the headmaster. You can’t help but to like him and respect him. This was another really eye opening video😊

  • Azra Maryam
    Azra Maryam Month ago +6

    I love how she included some of the lessons she learned at the butler academy into the advertisement at 32:37

  • Zurl Hammerdoom
    Zurl Hammerdoom 18 days ago +1

    I need to go to a school like this. Learning how to manage the basics of life is something I am in dire need of.

  • Sunraider
    Sunraider 2 months ago +6

    I used to find curious how Alfred, from Batman, went from working as a secret service agent to being a butler. Now I see a connection there. 🤔

  • priscilla ann st preux
    priscilla ann st preux 3 months ago +1421

    Why does it feel like an anime plot🤣 by the end of this she'll become the best butler in the world and a butler tournament will come up😂

    • ToucansWith Hats
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    • StillTrying
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