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  • Published on Feb 18, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • These drones are a little TOO similar...
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    In this episode we go into the symbol that keeps popping up in this show, also known as AbsoluteSolver. There are quite a bit we can figure out about this, so that's what we're here to do!
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Comments • 705

  • Mr. Kitty
    Mr. Kitty  3 months ago +1129

    At Worker Drones, the AbsoluteSolver is "FALSE", meaning they can't use it normally, but, when Uzi says about killing all humans the first time, her eyes glitchs and an ERROR message appears, and right after the ERROR message, appears "AbsoluteSolver = FALSE" and then it turn to "AbsoluteSolver =TRUE". AbsoluteSolver is enabled by the drone itself, and it also external code and programation be interfered, since Uzi should Auto-Destroy after saying about killing all humans, as shown in her ERROR message, but teh AbsoluteSolver cancel this program, it also makes other drones with AbsoluteSolver unable to mess with your Hardware and Software (Basically an Drone with AbsoluteSolver can't manipulate other Drone with AbsoluteSolver), wich explains why it's functions are disabled at most Worker Drones. It also acts differently between Worker and Dississembly Drones, since Doll have "Script"Shields,Teleportation, Telekinesis and other things that Murder Drones don't have. This basically gives you the ability to change, delete and create scripts, programs and other things, but with real things AND Softwares (And Hardwares).

    • Tad Dad
      Tad Dad 3 months ago +88

      she actually uses absoltue solver accidentally during her fight with j. it briefly flashes and redirects a bullet.

    • Shadow Grim reaper
      Shadow Grim reaper 3 months ago +27

      I would never sit there and type all this

    • Kamawn
      Kamawn 3 months ago +39

      Imagine scripting to snap someone's neck then proceeding to crush them using precise X and Y dimensions within half a second. Doll got them mad skillz.
      Or they just use instinct with what they want to do like telekinesis or something.

    • Mr. Kitty
      Mr. Kitty  3 months ago +14

      @Kamawn Probably it's like telecnesis, but it seems it's like to change the code of reality, like an auto-executed code when an action is made. Understood?

    • Pik3Herz :3
      Pik3Herz :3 3 months ago +3

      😮Oh i get it know!❤

  • Ben Crispe
    Ben Crispe 3 months ago +433

    You missed a super important but very easy to miss clue. In the pilot episode, when N regained his true memory after J slapped him, there was a moment that showed "You're Dead (Idiot)", and then in the upper left corner, we see the Absolute Solver "blocked by administration" in N's heads up display. It flicks by pretty fast, so keep an eye for it.

    • •Danger Noodle•
      •Danger Noodle• 3 months ago +24

      Yes!!! Finally someone notices that!! I thought I was the only one who noticed that!

    • Shadow - The Truth
      Shadow - The Truth 3 months ago +6

      ​@•Danger Noodle• various people noticed it on the first ep

    • Comet.X
      Comet.X 3 months ago +18

      not by any admin, by 'Cyn'
      he also then defaults to repairing from a backup instead (which is why he has bad memory)

    • Artbyte
      Artbyte 2 months ago +8

      Huh, so not only may N, Uzi and V not understand its use and capabilities, as well as anything behind their company and memories, but theres a possiblity that Absolute Solver could be activated in N and J, who seem to be becoming more of allies then enemies. We already saw what a worker drone can do with the Solver and what a destroyed Dissassembly Drone can do with the power, but Imagine if those capabilities become active in an active Murder Drone such as N or V like the Worker Drones have it. Not only will that be possible angst potiential for either N or Uzi, depending on how messed up they are from the Solver, assuming that Dolls "I feel sorry for you" to Uzi was implying that it could destroy a drone if not learned to be harnessed correctly, but imagine how powerful the Drones like N and V could be with such powers. And they are already very powerful 🙃... That could lend to the idea that the Solver is using the general population of Drones, Worker or not, to either destroy ALL humans with its army of Drones as end goal and make them all a hivemind system or to become superior above all drones and humans. This would make the humans (most likely Tessa when we get more on her) and drones have to work together to get rid of it once and for all.
      This could also be another reason why Tessa works with the Dissasembly Drones, and she and them could actually be the heros in this situation. If the Worker Drones are all eventually having the Solver activated in them and are allowed to live their lives and possibly have it activated at any point, whereas Dissasembly Drones need remote access to be able to use the Solver or complete destruction of their vital body parts, imagine the consequences of that 😅😅 Humans would lose 100%. If this is the case, the humans may be trying to get rid of the drones in general because of the danger they pose to humans as a species. Remember it doesnt seem like the Dissasembly Drones were supposed to leave the Planet either 👀 so its a general precaution amongst humans to get rid of them all it seems.
      Another thing that could happen, is that N/V could either have the solver activated in them, causing an eventual internal battle of control (which could happen to Uzi/the rest of the drones as well, ) especially if the solver grows into a hivemind entity or can be turned on by human influence/enough Solver bypassing. If lets just say Uzi does start to lose control due to the Solver, beginning that internal battle inside her, there may be a possiblity like said in this video, that her influence around murder drones and already unstable mental state may cause her to go insane, making the Solver gain control over her old self, which could turn into an angsty battle between N and her eventually if he doesnt have his Solver activated, which could cause the deaths of many beloved characters, all because we "trusted" her. I honestly dont think we should trust anyone in this series yet. Theres still too many mysteries and twists to uncover.
      (The drones could band together on their own to find a way to quarrel it before they all...well...die. Especially if its a dronewide infection that is spreading rapidly as well😅)
      If the theories are right, it would also suck if it DOES turn out N killed Uzi's mom, which would not only make the "working together" to defeat a greater evil and possible crush they have on each other harder but, could cause a rift between sides, especially if its an infected racing aganist the clock vs noninfected (yet) situation. It could also cause Uzi to snap and hurt/kill N if she is losing control of herself to the solver (that could also activate the solver in him too if not careful) 😢
      Basically until we get more info, the possiblities are endless, but its fun to theorize 😊👀

    • P1X3LS
      P1X3LS Month ago +4

      @Comet.X To add to this, we see in episode 4, V calls uzi "Cyn".

  • That One Gnome
    That One Gnome 3 months ago +447

    Has anyone even considered the possibility that every Worker Drone we've seen get "killed" might also be trying to repair themselves with the Absolute Solver, leading to a cycle of the Absolute Solver killing drones only for their Absolute Solvers to activate and they kill drones, so on so forth.

    • That One Gnome
      That One Gnome 3 months ago +15

      Not likely, but possible

    • Otinium
      Otinium 3 months ago +8

      I think it’s whoever drinks the oil blood cause doll did that

    • Ashley000
      Ashley000 3 months ago +12

      Maybe the absolute solver was originally made to terminate drones but an error happened and we ended up with the absolute solver we know of so far

    • Western Wazowski
      Western Wazowski 3 months ago +15

      I do not believe this is possible, as in Episode 3 there is an important clue, that being that when Doll tried to manipulate Uzi with the absolute solver, they failed, the error message saying "like object non-interactive," which means that the absolute solver cannot directly manipulate other drones with the absolute solver, yet we see multiple times throughout said episode that Doll can directly manipulate other worker drones, which means that not every worker drone has it, hence they won't be able to repair themselves after death.

  • Yaboi 2020
    Yaboi 2020 3 months ago +151

    I think one detail you missed to mention in episode three is when Uzi looks at the oil on her finger and has her mouth open, N calls out to her, and she literally turns to him and pulls out her finger with a "POP" sound. So your theory on her need to consume oil now is totally relevant.

    • Fluffy Failure
      Fluffy Failure 3 months ago +16

      I still think you shouldn't overlook that when Uzi licks the oil off her fingers, that might have just been out of genuine curiosity.
      Knowing that Doll may have been ingesting oil like the other murder drones, Uzi may have been tempted to find out what it tastes like.

    • Chiro
      Chiro 2 months ago +10

      ​@Fluffy Failure
      But also just before we get the shot of Uzi's mouth opening, the oil suddenly looks brighter and more vibrant. Bright and vibrant food generally looks more appetizing. So it's easy to figure out that Uzi now thinks oil looks appetizing, delicious, and tempting. Imo, something with the AS is making her crave oil, maybe using the AS could cause them to overheat so they need to consume oil to compensate

    • nicolas radetskiy
      nicolas radetskiy 2 months ago +2

      ya i saw that to

    • Gacha Life Trash
      Gacha Life Trash Month ago +3

      @Fluffy Failure well well well ep 4 spoilers are here

  • ultatack
    ultatack 3 months ago +249

    I feel like JcJenson in spaaaaacee!!!!® ended up making a few specific "Absolute workers" while it was still thriving on Copper 9, each one of them being assigned a designation number. Uzi's mom (who's likely named Nori) was designation 002, meanwhile Yeva (Doll's mother) was designation 048, and Uzi & Doll simply inherited it. One of the reasons JcJenson in spaaaaacee!!!!® wants to wipe out all the workers (aside from making sure there isn't rogue, runaway AI) is to also wipe out any possibly surviving "Absolute workers" that host the program. The reason I don't think that every worker has A.S. built into them is because Doll is seen directly manipulating a lot of them during Ep3, whilst Uzi, who is also a host, seems to be immune. This would suggest that Absolute Solver cannot directly manipulate drones that also have other instances of the program. Another thing that boosts credibility of this theory is that Doll had to set up an elaborate trap to get revenge on V, suggesting she couldn't just explode her like she did to that poor worker. I believe this is because all Disassembly drones have a built-in A.S. that's blocked out. We know N has it because of some corner text when he regenerates his head back in Ep1, J has it for... Obvious reasons and V has it since Doll didn't just dismember her instantly. I do believe that the reason Disassembly drones have the solver installed is not only so they can regenerate in the event an edgy teen has a magnetically amplified photon converger but also so that they stand a chance against the "Absolute workers". So yeah, that's my theory, feel free to point out potential flaws or shortcomings.

    • Michol 323
      Michol 323 3 months ago +27

      I like this theory but one question with it still remains...
      What's the deals with mirrors?

    • Lee Bulger
      Lee Bulger 3 months ago +17

      @Michol 323 This might be a long shot but we that the Murder Drones in particular are very vampire like and vampires don't have reflections so breaking mirrors could be a twist of that.

    • LIL, IC-0N
      LIL, IC-0N 3 months ago +4

      @Lee Bulger n and v didnt break the mirrors (not saying absolute solver changes drones to murder drones just saying)

    • Lee Bulger
      Lee Bulger 3 months ago +8

      @LIL, IC-0N I think the reason they don't break mirrors is because they haven't been using Absolute Solver or even aware of it until recently but if they were to start using it then they would be breaking mirrors.

    • Hack
      Hack 3 months ago +2

      Imagine your phone dies while you’re typing this💀

  • Ilyes Belgaid
    Ilyes Belgaid 3 months ago +304

    I Have Been Watching Murder Drones When The First Episode Came Out, Finally It's Getting The Recognition It Deserves.

    • ThisCat
      ThisCat 3 months ago +3

      me too i following the show even before it came out

    • Jar Cake
      Jar Cake 3 months ago +4

      I followed the creator before the synopsis was conceived. And yes this is a banana measuring contest.

    • ThisCat
      ThisCat 3 months ago +3

      @Jar Cake me too i watched smg4 for years before glitch production even started creating murder drones

    • The Immortal Mushroom
      The Immortal Mushroom 3 months ago

      Same I was a week late on the pilot but I denied my body it's desperately needed sleep (Ye I'm a bit of an insomniac... a little bit... just a teensie bit) just to watch episode 2 the moment it came out same with episode 3 but luckily it wasn't at night so I still got sleep

    • TNT Animations
      TNT Animations 3 months ago


  • PurpleEnder29
    PurpleEnder29 3 months ago +435

    honestly, my theory for absolute solver was just that it was just the vampire virus that turned n, v and j into murder drones

    • Anes
      Anes 3 months ago +20

      Iam not even gonna question why you would think of that

    • Denislav Georgiev
      Denislav Georgiev 3 months ago +35

      I think they were made like that or more like updated by humans

    • Anes
      Anes 3 months ago +1

      @Denislav Georgiev yeah

    • PurpleEnder29
      PurpleEnder29 3 months ago +15

      the murder drones used to be worker drones, and they have the solver in them as shown by j in the second episode, so its kinda likely

    • Anes
      Anes 3 months ago +1

      @PurpleEnder29 i mean you do got a point but olony time well tell i guess

  • Real Waifus?
    Real Waifus? 3 months ago +76

    My theory for absolute solver is that it was an experimental software update the company planned to use to upgrade the worker drones.
    There’s another symbol other than the absolute solver cross that keeps showing up that not a lot of people seem to notice but I think is they key hidden in plain sight. The skull logo of the series shows up clearly in four seperate places related to absolute solver, on J’s armband while she’s reanimating in episode 2, on Doll’s bracelet when Uzi knocks it off during their fight, in the top right corner of Yeva’s (Doll’s mom) badge while Uzi is looking around, and then on Uzi’s chocker after Doll realised she also has absolute solver powers. This to me seems like a form of designation put on the drones when they are built. As we don’t know exactly how new workers are made it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that the workers use whatever manufacturing plants the company had on Copper 9 as that would be the only way they know how to make new drones. This is further supported by the fact that Doll has no issue using her powers on other workers but when she tries to do the same to Uzi we see on her hud that Uzi comes up as a non-interracable object, implying that the only way to counter the abilities of absolute solver is to also posses absolute solver.
    Another detail is the actual functions of absolute solver. Doll is by far the best example as she seems to have the largest scope of her abilities active. For one there’s matter manipulation, as Doll is able to multiply objects and the error message in episode 2 says insufficient matter not parts, on top of the fact that Solver J was made up of mostly organic material from bodies in the cryosleep room. It seems clear that absolute solver allows the drones to convert the matter they absorb into anything they want including parts to repair themselves. Next is manipulation hacking and telekenisis, an example of how these are different is how in episode 2 Doll uses her powers to break the door whereas in episode 3 she’s able to lock it. Another is in the opening, you see her manipulate the function of the camera to make it face backwards evident by the disc that appears around it compared to when she twists another drones head backwards with telekinesis in which case it’s the absolute solver logo that appears.
    So with all the evidence in place let me propose a story:
    The company creates a new software update called Absolute Solver to give out to a limited number of worker drones to turn them into a form of leadership for the workers. The software has multiple functions designed to help the drones be more effective leaders and workers. Self repair functions and a backup of their consciousness should they be damaged or destroyed, telekinesis for lifting large objects by themselves, an ability to control machinery to operate more easily, even the ability to convert matter so they function like a mobile fabricator. The company understands the potential risk in giving such powers to machines, so they test it on an insignificant exo planet and clearly designate and identify all drones that are produced with this software. All seems fine for the time being, until something goes wrong. A drone is caught out without enough material to repair itself and as per its programming, Absolute Solver takes over the body and goes on a rampage to acquire enough material. The company, terrified more than ever of what could happen if their robots went rogue or if people found out what they had created, stage a cataclysm on the planet, hoping it will wipe out the workers and they can pretend like it was an unfortunate accident. But it doesn’t work, the workers survive and begin reproducing and the company now faces the possibility of a planets worth of super powered rogue robots. They devise a solution in the panic however, by design Absolute Solver does not affect drones with the same software, it was intended to limit them to acting independently of one another. So they re purpose other worker drones, upgrade their hardware to make them killing machines and install Absolute Solver. They’re not entirely stupid however, so they take precautions. The drones have their memories wiped and are their hunger is inflated, their version of Absolute Solver is limited to just convert matter for repair or into preprogrammed weapons systems with failsafes for if they are destroyed, and just to be sure, their coolant systems are made to be insufficient, forcing them to hunt the workers for oil and die out once their mission is complete.

    • Michael Meli
      Michael Meli 2 months ago +7

      This seems like the most solid theory I've seen.

    • •Lunar Witch•
      •Lunar Witch• 2 months ago +5

      *N I C E*

    • InfiniXCat
      InfiniXCat Month ago +5

      The best theory i have seen
      It also explains why they sent the murder drones (because the worker drones are corrupted, the corruption being what you said)

  • Neobot-x
    Neobot-x 3 months ago +33

    I feel like Absolute Solver started out in and only in the Murder Drones, but got passed down to worker drones as a virus of sorts. Doll and Uzi have numbers attached to them. Doll having "043" and Uzi having "002" meaning that theres alot of other worker drones that were deceased or still alive with the Absolute Solver virus. Uzi's mom could be "001" which means that the virus can pass on to offspring. Id assume the same thing happened to Doll as well, just unlucky enough to be born with the virus.

    • ultatack
      ultatack 3 months ago +7

      Doll's collar says "048", and that's also the number given to Yeva, who is her mother. My theory is that JcJenson built a specific group of workers that has Absolute Solver to be some sort of super miners (not all workers though, only these specific ones). I think that Doll's and Uzi's absolute solvers are inherited from Yeva (048) and Uzi's mom (002 and likely named Nori). Lastly the numbers aren't attached to Uzi & Doll, with Doll's possession of Yeva's collar suggesting that they instead inherited these collars as keepsakes from their dead family members.

  • Necro
    Necro 3 months ago +39

    One thing though, not every Drone has the Absolute Solver, in episode 3 you could clearly see while Doll was rampanging through the crowd of Drones she was interacting directly with them, even snapping the neck of one and downright exploding one directly, however she never attempted to interact with N or V directly, which a minute later we realize why as she tried using it on Uzi (Who didnt still understand what she had) and it simply didnt work, the programs protects those with it from others

  • HiThisIsQ
    HiThisIsQ 3 months ago +16

    10:27 it's very hard to catch, but in the next scene of episode 3 you can see in the background that she takes her finger out of her mouth, only a few scenes after this it's shown that she can manipulate the movement of objects, even if just for a second, so either this is a coincidence, or maybe the drones need oil in order to manipulate movement of objects, and maybe that's why Doll was eating so much oil before attacking V at the prom.

  • Serial Designation FS
    Serial Designation FS 3 months ago +28

    Imagine Matpat making theories about MD's, Meta runner and just whole SMG4 crew

  • Dangamer Top
    Dangamer Top 3 months ago +89

    I think that the Absolute Solver was a program made specifically for co-existence with disassembly drone AI, but somehow got into the worker drones which it isn't compatible with, thus the side effects. It's like launching a program made for Windows on Android.

  • AJtheDragon
    AJtheDragon 3 months ago +44

    Im pritty sure its implided that Uzi eats/licks the oil, because when N looks back to her theres a distinct 'pop' nose and she hand her hand up to her mouth. I also really want to know whats going on with Dolls and Uzi 'chips' because Uzi's says '002.' while Dolls is '048.'

    • ultatack
      ultatack 3 months ago +13

      I think that during the mining stage, JcJenson built a series of workers with Absolute Solver installed within them, and gave each a designation number. Doll's collar was inherited from her mother, Yeva, who has the designation number 048, meanwhile Uzi's collar reads out 002 and was probably inherited from her mother. Oh yeah they also inherited to absolute solver itself.

  • Andrew Konop
    Andrew Konop 3 months ago +46

    Some more mentions and repeat mentions for an extra _think_ :
    - Absolute Solver cannot directly robo-telekinesis other Absolute Solver hosts. ( As seen with Doll failing to do so to Uzi and not doing such to the Disassembly Drones )
    - N had a few background code liney mentions of Absolute Solver during the first episode, when he was regenerating his head. It was more or less about considering to activate it ( but refusing to, for reasons )
    - Yeva and Nori, (most likely Doll's and Uzi's mothers.) exist. With 048 and 0-something-something (0CA/002 some people say) being their and, by extension, their children's numeration of sorts. Weird stuff.
    - Disassembly Drones cannot robo-telekinesis stuff, the ability is suppressed, for reasons.
    - Tessa's ship *actually* landed safe and sound, with her parking it. Looks like a way out to me, that is, if you get past the scary sword-wielding ninjaneer woman holding the key to it.

    • ultatack
      ultatack 3 months ago +5

      I think that JcJenson built a series of workers with Absolute Solver within them, giving each one a desgination number (Yeva's being 048, Nori's being 002). I don't think that every worker has it, and instead Uzi & Doll inherited it from their parents, which coincides with the first point you made. The disassembly drones probably have it for this same reason, so they can hunt down absolute solver workers + their descendents without being instantly exploded, though the company was cautious by limiting its access. Lastly I think that Uzi & Doll just inherited the collars as keepsakes for their dead family members. Also, Tessa's kind of an idiot. One bullet to the helmet and she's dead, even if she survives the shot all her air will leak out and all the toxins gonna leak in, so unless she's some crazy Metal Gear Rising cyborg I don't think she stands much of a chance.

    • Caesar_Salad
      Caesar_Salad 3 months ago +5

      @ultatack Besides you pointing out that one bullet to the helmet and Tessa's dead, i think it's also worth pointing out how she has a sword while her enemies have guns (and telekinesis), like for real, literally bringing a knife to a gun fight, J's probably going to do most of the fighting, and also, no medical attention if she's injured. The only thing that can make her stand a chance is dodging attacks.

    • Joel
      Joel 3 months ago +2

      @Caesar_Salad Unless J is upgraded J is not gonna win the fight since uzi obliterated J with that railgun

    • Caesar_Salad
      Caesar_Salad 3 months ago +1

      @Joel Uzi's railgun got destroyed, remember? Unless she builds another railgun, then yeah.

    • Joel
      Joel 3 months ago +2

      @Caesar_Salad Im pretty sure she can build another

  • theali999diamond
    theali999diamond 3 months ago +45

    Now that you say it, when in the pilot they say that the paralel company didnt like the idea of a run-away AI, they were not refering to the worker drones but to the absolute solver itself. It is an AI to some point and, if i were in their (humans) shoes, i would not like to see a robot with the ability to change reality or an eldrich horror like J from ep 2. What do you think?

    • Caesar_Salad
      Caesar_Salad 3 months ago +11

      Exactly what i was thinking, they sent the Murder Drones to get rid of the Workers infected with the AbsoluteSolver, they weren't only sent to kill the normal Worker Drones, why would they have such firepower if the Workers are mostly completely defenseless? They were built like that in order to stand a change against the AbsoluteSolver.

  • Digi Mini
    Digi Mini 3 months ago +44

    I wonder if the symbol on both Uzi’s necklace and Doll’s bracelet (which share the same skull symbol as the Murder Drones logo) is important…

  • Risko Palfi
    Risko Palfi 3 months ago +86

    Hopefully Matpat will cover it soon! Awesome theory as always.

  • Raging Monkey Critic
    Raging Monkey Critic 3 months ago +10

    This made me realise how little I know about the show. I’ll enjoy watching the pretty colours and having people explain what it meant

  • Noobmaster Ruben
    Noobmaster Ruben 3 months ago +8

    From what I’ve seen so far, Disassembly drones are more like vampires while Doll does not need oil to survive only to consuming it to use her genjutsu like powers

  • Darkendwisp
    Darkendwisp 3 months ago +5

    Also, I can't believe how many people missed it but in episode 1 during the scene where N is being rebooted after it says "you died, idiot" at the top left it shows a bunch of commands and one of them says "Absolute Solver Blocked by administration CYN"

  • GigaChav
    GigaChav 3 months ago +138

    I think theres something u should probaly read this below that i found out about
    1) look at the symbols doll uses in episode 3, they have different purposes. The absolute solver symbol is movment as the arrows mean the directions (where she pulls the girls arm off at the start u see what i mean)
    The 2nd one is a rotation type thing (proof at where the camera turns to the wall at the start of ep3) the little ridges i think are angles that make up a circle? (360 degrees)
    The last one isn’t as well built but where doll transforms the fan to be more impactful she has a different symbol which i suppose would let the user transform or resize objects in certain ways or maybe duplicate as she duplicated a knife in another scene
    Also i think having the absolute solver function causes the drones to overheat as in ep2 uzi points out shes sweating which she didnt know was programmed into her but it could of been the cause of having absolute solver

    • WyvernPlays
      WyvernPlays 3 months ago +19

      that whole stuff reminds me of 3d modeling programs as well as the whole thing of absolute solver being code as every time its used there are holographic computer windows appearing with code on them

    • Banaman
      Banaman 3 months ago +14

      I actually have a bit of a theory myself ... idk if the video says this (haven't finished watching yet) but I already suspected that the murder drones and regular drones are all the same... they all have the ability built in to use absolute solver, or rather it is something inherent in what makes them "alive", the difference is the murder drones, doll and uzi haver been able to "use" the absolute solver to perform their various things... the cost of using said ability? the oil. or maybe something in said oil? not sure... but if anyone has ever seen machines try to run without oil, they grind and burst into flames super fast (overheating?) which means this both explains their need to consume oil and their weakness to overheating if they don't.
      in short: this is really a show about robot vampires.
      and I'm all for it. especially with the level of graphics they are pulling off... so good.

    • TheMagneticDude
      TheMagneticDude 3 months ago +6

      @WyvernPlays Those were my thoughts exactly, but what I don't understand is how absolute solver is able to manipulate what seems to be objects in real life in a way a game engine or 3d modeling software is capable of...

    • Shadow - The Truth
      Shadow - The Truth 3 months ago +6

      Absolute Solver is basicaly a computer which affects reality

    • GigaChav
      GigaChav 3 months ago +2

      @WyvernPlays yeeeepppp

  • aboda243
    aboda243 3 months ago +82

    and also, I think the desire for oil is because the absolute solver uses a lot of the hardware powers and needs to be cooled down by oil probably

    • Olixx12
      Olixx12 3 months ago +10

      Most likely its what strenghten it , especially in worker drones
      Uzi only used it after she ate some oil and it was much weaker then Doll's, the bullet and the symbol around it were shaking

    • aboda243
      aboda243 3 months ago +4

      there a lot of theories that work, but I think we should wait for some more episodes to get a full idea about the absolute solver.

    • aboda243
      aboda243 3 months ago +4

      @Olixx12 well after a quick recap for episode 2, Uzi after she I guess used the absolute solver on that mirror, she said that she is sweaty, and after that immediately she said "who programed that" which I think she is referring to the absolute solver.

    • aboda243
      aboda243 3 months ago +1

      I'm not sure what that means but it means something..

    • Olixx12
      Olixx12 3 months ago +4

      @aboda243 theres definitly something between absolute solver and mirrors
      Doll had a ton of broken mirrors

  • Draw , Music And Animate
    Draw , Music And Animate 3 months ago +7

    I always thought "you are our cute puppets" as like some of the humanity that's left on earth from the company says it

  • Bruh .mp4
    Bruh .mp4 3 months ago +8

    When doll reappeared to shoot uzi, she also first appeared as a black hole before turning into her normal self, which means that the absolute solver in at least doll's case DOESNT have complete control while in repair mode
    Another small detail that I noticed is the focus on the skull tag/bracelets that uzi, doll, and one of doll's dead parents have. Each of them have a skull symbol with an ID number below them which I believe correspond to either their manufacturing location, or the drones "family tree", since doll and one of her parents have the same ID number

  • Egg Status
    Egg Status 2 months ago +2

    Murder Drones is really disturbing, despite the fact that the characters aren't even humanoid. It's not really the violence that disturbs me personally. More so the idea that alot of these characters have suffered incredibly traumatic experiences, and are questioning their very existence. It makes the characters so much more relatable

  • Reich Maiel Cao
    Reich Maiel Cao 3 months ago +3

    It's all fun and games until Uzi and Doll's eyes permanently turn yellow

  • Ninja Cat1012
    Ninja Cat1012 3 months ago +7

    As seen in the flashback, N, J, and V (Probably most if not all murder drones) were worker drones at one point. What if AS turns worker drones in to murder drones? N, J, and V might have gotten turned into murder drones by AS. I mean, Doll and Uzi both started wanting to consume oil like the murder drones, they both showed signs of wanting to murder, (Doll did end up murdering a lot) and in the pilot at the end Uzi's eyes are seen flashing yellow for a second, like the murder drones.
    Idk what the hell is going on so we should wait for new episodes to release to answer our questions, or maybe just make more of them...
    Anyways, I am really exited for more episodes to release!

  • JenkoRun
    JenkoRun 3 months ago +14

    "The more you learn about who sent the Disassembly Drones, the more disgusted you will be with them."
    -Developer commentary.

  • StarWolf20
    StarWolf20 3 months ago +4

    one thing you missed. when they say "our puppets" a few seconds after that they show a hologram of uzis mom and you can see
    that shes holding uzi and where there eyes are you can see that it is the symbol on uzi.showing that uzi has had that symbol since she was born or built.

  • Johan Stenfelt
    Johan Stenfelt 3 months ago +49

    I appreciate that you’re getting into this Series, this Show can always need more coverage, I will look forward to see what else you come up with this Series.

  • Oversized Tusk
    Oversized Tusk 3 months ago +3

    Fun fact. Doll was foreshadowed in one of Liam Vickers old shows, In episode 3 of intercession cube. One of the characters says something about a reprogrammed Soviet Robot(doll)

  • Coolcreeperguy05
    Coolcreeperguy05 3 months ago +7

    I have a feeling that what actually makes them able to use the absolute solver is by eating another drone for the first time. Or atleast eat the oil of one. We see doll using it for the first time while she eats one of the weird bugs. And uzi uses it to stop a bullet after secretly tasting a little oil on her finger.

  • Rainkdstation
    Rainkdstation 3 months ago +3

    Something interesting I noticed in episode 3 that connects to what you said is the “black hole”, when Doll teleports to the dining table at the end of the episode, for a split second, you can see the “black hole” right before she appears showing that worker drones also have “black holes”, just something I wanted to point out.

  • SillyNerdUnknown_001
    SillyNerdUnknown_001 3 months ago +3

    Rewatching the 3rd episode and this theory, it's not the only similarity that Doll and Uzi have, their 'jewelry' was identical, Doll's bracelet and Uzi's choker necklace, both having identical designs and were worn by two worker drones with current access to using 'Absolute Solver', the two that we currently know of, I think it goes a little bit deeper into things for future episodes and lore. Like these pieces of jewelry possibly being retainers or subtle distinctions between worker drones having the possibility of using 'Absolute Solver' if that's possible to look for in newly made or 'maturing' drones coding if they happen to be different, not connecting to personalities but digital 'DNA' of sorts, whether it's possible to use it compared to the murder drones' current use of the program. I'd love to look into it more when additional episodes air if it'll be brought up or mentioned.

  • Jarvis Mort
    Jarvis Mort 3 months ago +7

    Great video! Though you likely know, i wanted to point something out in case you didn't. "N" is having his Absolute Solver blocked.
    Back in episode one, after Uzi has run away from the ship, and J smacks N in order to fix his glitched system, we see him review the last few minutes, concluding with his head getting shot off. When it says he's rebooting, strings of code pop up on top, where it says "> STRING "ABSOLUTE SOLVER" BLOCKED BY ADMINSTRATION "CYN" " then in the bottom of the screen, it says "ENTERING SAFE MODE" followed by "PLEASE SEE A CERTIFIED TECHNICIAN"
    Perhaps Tessea has come to get "N" alone, so she can make our good friend "N" our good friend, no more?

  • Lord of the Cubes
    Lord of the Cubes Month ago +2

    Episode 4 is so lore packed

  • Peperland
    Peperland 3 months ago +6

    Finally this show is getting some love, im glad you discussed it! Personally I think that absolute solver is probably going to be used as a tool to make the murder drones less monstrous in comparison to Uzi since she will also need oil

  • Ben Stevens
    Ben Stevens 3 months ago +4

    Some other theory i saw was that when they consume some oil then they can use AbsoluteSolver which is why Doll killed all those Worker Drones. She was building up the control for AS so she could kill V and that is why Uzi couldn’t use it until she tried the oil on her fingers in Episode 3

  • I am Tenurial
    I am Tenurial 3 months ago +3

    The absolute solver could just be an extremely advanced version of windows 10.

  • Nate1008
    Nate1008 3 months ago +4

    My theory is that humanity either made or found the Absolute Solver program, and used it to give their robots sentience to make them more productive, but the program could do much more than make them sentient; rather than wiping the program, they suppressed or disabled parts of the program to make it "safe" to use... When the planet lost human control, it wouldn't normally be a problem, but because all the drones use the program, and without humans to oversee things, the drones could accumulate glitches, like Uzi and Doll, and the Absolute Solver program would become unlocked and possibly pose a threat to all of humanity, so they sent the Disassembly drones to solve the problem before it gets bad

  • Csancsan22
    Csancsan22 3 months ago +11

    Just a theory, but maybe the disassembly drones are rebuil/modified worker drones who get their memory wiped. This whoud be a satisfying answer to why there is a flashback at the beggining of ep2, and why we see N, V, and J as worker drones, and why N says that they "maybe" grew up in a haunted mansion.

    • Davedor
      Davedor 3 months ago +6

      humans aren't that bad, they at least recycle drones lol

    • Bowser junior Studios
      Bowser junior Studios 3 months ago +6

      I was thinking that too makes sense jc Jenson would rebuild existing drones since it's cheaper and makes the shareholders happy cause hey profits and stocks and shit

  • Gaming Time
    Gaming Time Month ago +2

    You need to do a follow up on AbsoluteSolver, particularly about the healing part because after uzi gets hit with the blade in the ep3 fight it heals itself, and again in ep4 Uzi seems to be able to control this program and also after J scratches her screen it smokes and the absolutesolver logo appears and the scratch heals

  • SilverTheCommenter
    SilverTheCommenter Month ago

    I know I'm a little late but I would like to add onto the theory that Uzi will soon need to consume oil and say there is a part where you can actually see Uzi actually eating the oil
    I don't know if this has already been said but I just wanted to point it out :)
    It's after N and V find Doll's parents, V says "Literally didn't even taste that good," and N says "V, you kinda suck," to which V responds with "Yeah, I'm not doing okay." It then pans over to Uzi, who has one of her oil-covered fingers in her mouth, and you can just hear the little pop as she pulls her finger out of her mouth as N gives her a little thumbs up

  • Liana
    Liana 3 months ago +3

    To make one more point for Mr. Kitty worker drones can also regenerate as you can see at the end of episode 3 but they have to do it them self as doll uses her hand to heal and take out the bullet that V shot. This means that Uzi can possibly heal if she is injured, but will have to learn how to do so.

  • Little AL
    Little AL Month ago +1

    Episode three just released and I think we got some answers. Basically the only important thing that i can think of is the fact that (spoiler warning):
    Uzi turns Ito a goddamm murder drone!!!
    I’ve come to a conclusion:
    JC Jenson put absolute solver into their drones and they turned into murder drones. So they sent V, J and N to the exoplanet in order to get rid of them. Problem is that some of the said murder drones got corrupted by Uzi. Somehow the absolute solver “infected” Uzi as well as doll. Doll has probably been infected a long time ago since she has control over her powers. And uzi slowly turns into a disassembly drone and looks badass. The problem is that V, N and J don’t have these powers. Perhaps they don’t know about them or are just hiding them. Though it’s unlikely that they’re hiding it as V is very aggressive against Uzi when she sees uzi manipulating the arrow.

  • Chortle
    Chortle 3 months ago +3

    I am so glad that one of my fav theory channels is finally covering this masterpiece of a show!

  • Caino The Creator
    Caino The Creator 3 months ago +4

    I love this theory, it's very well put together.
    One slight issue being the error message that Doll gets when trying to manipulate Uzi.
    [Like object not interactive]
    Why is that important? Well because Doll physically moved multiple other drones before that point.
    You may say: "Well their Absolute Solvers weren't active, but Uzi's was."
    This is something I considered for a while, but I came to the conclusion that it would be very unusual to have a program that can manipulate matter, throw out a check on every object it tries to move to see if the code is active or dormant.
    Instead I imagine it just tries to move something and if Absolute Solver exists at all it gets denied.
    This isn't 100% factual, just a theory of mine.
    Also considering the importance of the skull symbol (on Uzi's choker and Doll's bracelet) seeming to be linked to the Absolute Solver, I can only imagine it's unique to a select few. They've had those clothing items before the story happened, but no one else has one.
    Here's my personal theories: (I have two because they both work, but conflict with each other).
    The Worker Drones that can use Absolute Solver are the product of humans testing an extremely complex program that could only be handled by an advanced AI before the humans were wiped out. The reason they were so desperate to kill off the worker drones is to get rid of these god-like entities they had created.
    This also explains the presence of A.S. in the Murder Drones. It prevents the A.S. Workers from directly manipulating them, and gives them more of a fighting chance.
    Now obviously Uzi and Doll aren't old enough to have been test subjects at the time of Human's rule, but that's where the breeding system comes in.
    "Breeding system???" I hear you saying. Yes, that is another of my theories.
    All the Drones are biomechanical and are closer to cyborgs than robots.
    My evidence for this is as follows:
    Uzi has hormones. EP1 "Just generally hormonal!"
    Uzi can spit. EP1 *Spits on J's corpse.
    Worker Drones can vomit. EP2 "Nearly threw up."
    Worker Drones have bathrooms. "The bathroom is down the hall to the left." EP3 and yes, I checked, there is a toilet.
    Worker Drones can eat. "Was she eating them?" EP3
    Okay so what does that all have to do with a breeding system?
    Well I believe that in order to have kids, two drones must give samples of their bio-material and programming to one of those baby pods. It will then grow into a functioning Worker Drone. Far fetched, but it answers a lot of questions.
    In this regard, I believe that Doll and Uzi inherited their A.S. from Nori and Yeva.
    Okay, Second:
    Based on the symbols used for A.S. powers, I believe they may be in some kind of simulation.
    The movement power is accompanied by a symbol of a square and three arrows, the same as in a 3D software.
    The rotation power is shown with a square and three circles, same as in a 3D software.
    And in EP2 you see Doll not just bend the door, but enlarge it. The symbol she used on it was a box with three smaller boxes; the resizing tool.
    On top of this Doll doesn't just teleport, but glitch around, and the commands she uses are visible in world space, not just in her vision.
    I know this is a lot to read and I'd be surprised if anyone ever reads it, but that's my theories. Also I'm not going to claim I'm the first one to ever come up with these ideas, I'm sure plenty of people thought of them before me.
    Also the theory going around that Absolute Solver is transmitted by Murder Drones is unfortunately invalid as Doll was never once in physical contact with any of them. She hid from V as a child, hence why she survived.

    • Noc
      Noc 2 months ago +1


    • Caino The Creator
      Caino The Creator 2 months ago +1

      I want to correct something in my first theory: It's still somewhat viable, just not in the same way.
      Liam Vickers has actually stated that new drones are made by sharing some code with a baby drone.
      There is still evidence that the drones are biomechanical, but not that they use biomatter for new drones.

    • Noc
      Noc 2 months ago +1

      @Caino The Creator That is also interesting.

  • Dylan Dud
    Dylan Dud 3 months ago

    Did anyone realize that doll spawned out of a blackhole after V shot her in the prom room. She just like, spawned out of the blackhole when N, V, and Uzi were in her room?

  • syweb2
    syweb2 3 months ago +1

    Very cool video, love how methodical you are about it. Have a sub.
    Some thoughts as I watched:
    0:49 Prologue. Epilogue happens after the story.
    1:40 They actually only built the doors. The bunker is a pre-existing facility, as shown with the cryo-stasis section.
    8:00 Absolute Solver has a tendency to refer to itself in the plural: "We're busy then, anyway" "It hurts our feelings you don't remember us" "Now we will have to do something drastic"
    11:38 When exactly did they mention failsafes?

  • Fluffy Failure
    Fluffy Failure 3 months ago

    There is a strong possibility that when Uzi licks the oil off her fingers that it is out of genuine curiosity, as not only does she know that murder drones ingest oil to survive but now she knows that a worker drone has also been ingesting oil in secret for some unknown reason.
    When one starts theorizing about some of these shows, it is relatively easy to forget to question the character's motives. :3

  • Daniel Marq ♛₵Ɽ
    Daniel Marq ♛₵Ɽ 3 months ago +8

    The absolute solvers powers are quite similar to something Liam (head writer of the show) made in his prior works. A cube with the ability to use to matter around it to transform or create things. The series is only 3 episodes long as well and is called "internection cube" might have something to do with it

    • Fluffy Whompus
      Fluffy Whompus 3 months ago +1

      I think Internconection cube was an inspiration for some aspects of the show

    • Shadow - The Truth
      Shadow - The Truth 3 months ago

      Some comments also mentioned a left hand, i guess liam taked inspiration from his serie Design?

  • Magic Calls
    Magic Calls Month ago

    I feel like in episode 1 when N changed sides and Uzi had a fight with J the absolute solver tried to put up a forcefield for Uzi to get protected from the bullets J was shooting because Doll also had a forcefield thanks to the absolute solver in episode 3 to protect her from the bullets V was shooting

  • MilesSmiles
    MilesSmiles 3 months ago +4

    now this has really nothing to do about this video, but i think i have figured out uzis family. my theory is that khan was actually a good dad before nori (uzis mom) died. after she died, it was probably hard for him to take care of uzi all by himself. her death also might have had a effect on uzi, turning her into a emo teen. I also am pretty sure nori is the reason why uzi has the absolute solver too, because baby worker drones are made from their parents putting each of their programming into the baby worker drone. when nori and khan created uzi, the absolute solver probably got into uzi since nori inserted her programming into her. how did nori get the absolute solver? my guess is that it has been carried around the doorman family since the worker drones were made. i think possibly noris mother or father had the absolute solver, and when they inserted their programming into nori, she got it too.

  • Max Flame
    Max Flame 3 months ago +8

    N does not have Absolute solver. it was blocked by the admin CYN. i have a picture of it. But it is inside of N but its blocked

  • Crypto command
    Crypto command Month ago +2

    "if Uzi is taken over by the absolute solver program, then it might be the end of many of out beloved characters in this show, even Uzi herself." oh boy did episode 4 confirm that. Uzi literally got taken over by AS and went on a rampage, killing a lot of drones, and even starting to take on the look of a murder drone. Episode 4 was literally a: "oh you made a theory? here is all the evidence to prove it."

    • RemGames
      RemGames  Month ago +1

      Me and a few team members watched the episode together, and all looked at each other with a grin on our face when this happened 😂
      While a theory can always be wrong and will most likely never be exact, or sometimes never be proven at all, it’s very fun to be on the right track with something

  • TheKnight427
    TheKnight427 3 months ago +1

    I recommend you check through Glitch's youtube community posts. You can find concept art with lore details there.
    For example, the concept art for V states that those 5 lights along the top of the murder drones' heads are their "eyes." One is for normal light, one is infrared, one is UV, and the other two are labeled as "whatever the plot requires lol." It makes sense for them to need to see UV light since that is the kind of light the sun makes, and is presumably what kills them. It also makes sense for them to need infrared since that is what night vision cameras use, and the murder drones hunt at night. After N gets his head shot off by Uzi, one of the "whatever the plot requires" lights is off when his head gets rebuilt. I am guessing that light was related to his targeting systems, hence why it being off would make him not see Uzi as a worker drone. After J reboots him, that light comes back on and he realizes Uzi was a worker drone. So in this case, the concept art actually explains a lot.

  • OddTomato
    OddTomato 3 months ago +1

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who noticed Uzi's akward mouth shot.

  • Springfreddy 29
    Springfreddy 29 3 months ago +1

    Even N has it because in episode 2 uzi tells N
    Uzi:Did you know that this is a pilot hack?
    Which means N also has it because he gave it to Uzi in episode 1 when they go into the landing pod.

  • Njohn0
    Njohn0 Month ago

    I love watching all these theory videos after episode 4

  • Electrosa
    Electrosa 3 months ago +1

    I would argue that AbsoluteSolver actually can regenerate any kind of drone - when Doll warps back into her room and pulls the bullet out of her visor, you can actually see the cracks completely recede and vanish. I think the critical factor is that AbsoluteSolver only regenerates drones who are sufficiently "infected" with it. Doll was obviously much further along in the process than Uzi is, so she has regenerative powers now, either voluntary or automatic.
    So far, the signs seem to be pointing towards AbsoluteSolver being the Murder Drones equivalent of how vampires propagate, which some other folks in the comments have mentioned has some pretty scary implications for all the workers that have been "killed".

  • VoidDragon
    VoidDragon 3 months ago +4

    maybe the microchip on doll's wrist and uzi's necklace acts as an amplifier or something similar rather than oil

  • Fay_wolf:3
    Fay_wolf:3 3 months ago +1

    Can you plz talk about why Doll and Uzi have those "things" like Doll had one on her wrist (Uzi and N made it fall off in the one sene of episode 3) and the one on Uzi's neck (btw is on her neck in ALL 3 EPISODES)... i think that they were experiments with the apsilute solver... if you find the number for Doll's it looks like 043 - 048 and Uzi's says 002 on it so i was thinking her mom was 001... and i think they were like a way to protect the humans or they were testing what else they could do with the apsilot solver...i need help im so confused and my mind cant stop thinking about it T^T.... thx for your time reading this. :D (btw sorry if I spelled stuff wrong) have a good day/night

  • Kamen Rider Sailor
    Kamen Rider Sailor 2 months ago +1

    Absolute Solver seems to work like a synthetic form a Vampirism.
    The Disassembly Drones themselves are the tech version of True Vampires in that they have many similarities.
    The Worker Drones whom have been infected by or activated Absolute Solver function similarly to Turned Vampires. Going through a form of metamorphosis and gaining unique abilities that don't even show up among the "True Vampires" of the series.

  • Mask _Vids
    Mask _Vids 3 months ago +2

    I think absolute solver is the name of the worker drones code specifically the program that solves problems like for example an ai going rogue or fighting a virus or performing maintenance or updating the user on the robot's statis or swapping one between modes or providing updates. etc etc. the logo could just appear similar to how when a computer is updating the logo of the specific type of computer appears on screen. given the very unique design it could also double as a loading screen. appearing a different color when a different system is compromised or when the program is corrupted by something like a virus or during a manual override or setting up manual control over a single drone. replicating objects and such could be from a dormant repair function which could have at some point been disabled in worker drones but returned as a result of a malfunction. speaking of code though why did the father have a parenting manual? it didn't look like something a robot would write but rather a manual people would have needed for the drones to understand their current personality programs/algorithms which means that aspect of the drones could have been completely intentional.
    Also if we think of this stuff in vampire lore; Vampires are the spawn of the devil. Vampires reproduce by infecting normal humans via a bite or ritual. And Murder drones being manmade mean that this program causing robots to become murderous is actually not Absolute Solver but a Man Made Anti-Drone Virus intended to produce more Murder drones and thus make them Obsolete. but obviously since this is supernatural they aren’t falling prey to the sentience of a single murder drone or ai but rather to a designed program intended to make them function a certain way. And I believe what’s happening with the main character isn’t the virus but instead an error in Her own Program but could still be a result of being infected with this virus.

  • SantiWanti - Project : 6570

    Here's a theory: Maybe AS is mainly made for Murder Drones but in a scene in episode three where Doll gets revenge a quick flashback appears and V murders Dolls parents and was it was happening the AS logo appears on her eye and since Uzi also has AS it is likely that the only way for Worker Drones to get AS is for them to have a close relative die

  • The Lonely Kirby
    The Lonely Kirby 3 months ago

    Just wanted to mention that the reason for Uzi being able to use the Absolute Solver might be because she got stabbed by N in their first fight in episode 1, leading to her hand regenerating and the program activating in a yellow glow at the end of the episode rather than Uzi's signature purple we see at the end of episode 3. Also vampires being able to transmit their vampirism do be lore accurate i think.

  • Captain Saltwater2
    Captain Saltwater2 3 months ago +2

    What if a plot line is how N is the Murder Drone who killed Uzi's mom

  • TheNikola2018
    TheNikola2018 3 months ago +2

    Also one thing about the new character at the end of episode 3 if you look closely j calls her Tessa and guess who is called Tessa that is rigth the person introdusing the 4th drone at the memory also the simbol of the program is actually kinda of a simbol in some programs like unity or blender for moving objects or remaking their size and rotation so ig the simbol is kinda like developer tool

  • HelloMyFriend ImPorsche
    HelloMyFriend ImPorsche 3 months ago +1

    on episode 2 when J Absolute solver form (i think) when J spawns out another purple hair worker and said “your just like our cute puppet”, Actually that was Uzi’s mom holding her baby self.

  • Dr. Steelworth
    Dr. Steelworth 3 months ago

    I feel like this would be a huge turning point in the show when Uzi (inevitably) is beaten back by both J and Tessa and then has the choice to refuse or accept the Absolute Silver program if it means wicked powers with a price and/or becoming a Murder Drone

  • Lipopcorne
    Lipopcorne 3 months ago +2

    No way a murder drones theory ?! Can't wait to see !
    Edit : It was really cool I really enjoy the efforts you put in your videos :D

  • •CaptainColor•
    •CaptainColor• 3 months ago +2

    Hmm, what I mainly got from this, is that MurderDrones are WorkerDrones, but with more resources and abilities to use said resources. 🤔

  • PotableJack
    PotableJack Month ago

    In episode three when it cuts to N looking over to Uzi who was in the kitchen, you see her pull her fingers out of her mouth for a split second before giving a thumbs up, Indicating that she fully consumed the oil and wasn't just tempted.

  • MecuryGamer
    MecuryGamer 3 months ago +1

    As he said, the ABSOLUTESOLVER. Was seen in the fight (PILOT (EP 1) Was first shown. Showing the ending of episode one where Uzi is seen to have
    •Sharp Theeth
    •Yellow eyes
    The ABSOLUTESOLVER might be a program in Murder Drones that help them of course only regenerate. But like Uzi and Doll, I would call them Halfway drones. Since the Murder Drones and Halfway Drones both have this ABSOLUTESOLVER. Moving on to the halfway drones, they are meant to be Murder Drones. The ABSOLUTESOLVER is in their program to protect them without their claws and wings. Meanwhile while the Murder Drones only need ABSOLUTESOLVER Just for regeneration, since they have wings, and claws and more differences.
    Also, in the fight in EP 3, it is shown that Other Halfway Drones can't use their powers on each other. Only some is limited.

  • Playername
    Playername 3 months ago +1

    Something I have to say is that in the show there are two version of the absolute solver symbol, the first one being the Hexagon with three lines ending in triangles. The other one is the exact same but with the triangles replaced with hexagons. This probably is not important but just to put it out there

  • 𓆩Colorless Bonnie𓆪

    I just watched all 3 series and am incredibly happy I found this notification that I forgot about because I was wondering if anyone had any theories on Murder Drones I can't wait for the rest of the episodes if this theory series

  • Freddie_06
    Freddie_06 3 months ago +2

    I think the AbsoluteSolver references to it as a plural as a reference to GLaDOS. She often speaks of "us" as in "the enrichment centre." I bet the AbsoluteSolver's voice is somewhat based off GLaDOS.

    • MusheDups
      MusheDups 3 months ago +1

      Oh yeah that's what I thought, and since the show is about evil robots and stuff, I think it's fitting.

  • MalganisLefay
    MalganisLefay 3 months ago +1

    my theory is that it has to do with nanite acid, mainly because Uzis Dad over dramaticly mentioned that Uzis mother died from it, which from what we know now also went down the rabid hole and uzi got infected by it in the pilot

  • Avram Fox
    Avram Fox 2 months ago

    3 episodes is all we need to go into a "What the [Funk], what is this?" spiral.

  • Kenmei
    Kenmei 3 months ago +1

    The railgun is actually a magnetically amplified photon converger and yes I've had that random fact stuck in my head since I first heard it.

  • Liam hagie
    Liam hagie Month ago +1

    from ep 4, it appears that yes, people with absolute solver have a problem with overheating, which most (doll, uzi, and the murder drones) solve by eating workers's oil. and it might be that uzi could regenerate in the reverse cyborg murder drone form that she took on. also, we see that even after uzi went back to her regular form, she was hurt by the sun just like the murder drones, meaning uzi could slowly be transforming into a one. also also, uzi transforming the arrow into a flesh creature and uzi transforming into the robo-demon look very similar to some of the forms absolutesolverstring program took, with a flesh like appearance. this could mean that the absolute solver has a habit of making flesh. also also also, murder uzi used absolute solver string, meaning the murder drones might be able to use absolute solver string's telekinesis.

  • Prism Crystahla
    Prism Crystahla 3 months ago +2

    I havent seen anyone talk about this,
    Uzi and the Doll are the only worker drones we know of that has AS in them.
    and Notice how both Doll's Bracelet and Uzi's collar have the Murder Drone symbol on them? the same Skull like symbol on the M-Drones uniforms? (example is the yellow band on N)
    Doll being Number 048 and Uzi being 002.
    I think only select few worker drones actually have it, so Uzi and Doll had the AS Planted in their code like a virus when they were built.
    the Murder Drones seem to have AS in them, but its only used to repair themselves if they dont take too much damage.
    Doll is the first drone we see that has unlocked the full force of the AS and is still searching into AS it seems.
    What ever the Skull symbol means on Uzi, Doll, and the Murder drones, is a VERY big connection.

  • (insert name)
    (insert name) 3 months ago +2

    Neat theory! I don’t really care much for the show apart from the style of the drones which I really like! I find the lore in it rather interesting.

  • Dreamer Frost
    Dreamer Frost 3 months ago +1

    What if uzi was the one responsible for her mom's death and Khan had her reset because she unlocked absolute solver at a young age when injured and attacked her which is why Khan is so skittish.

  • Soda
    Soda 3 months ago +1

    Something I wanted to add about the way I think Absolute Solver works, is that it works by "overclocking" the drone, all instances of drones using absolute solver have shown ATLEAST a desire to consume oil, which N says in needed to prevent "overheating" for disassembly drones. This makes sense why Doll immediately seems to feel sorry for Uzi, since now that Uzi has "Overclocked" she now needs external power (via oil) in order to power her body up enough to cool itself, and prevent overheating. I think the thing that Doll is looking for that will "help you too", is a way to turn off absolute solver, and therefore turn off "Overclocking". This also explains why J needed SO MANY BODIES to repair herself with Absolute solver, because the program itself was constantly consuming a massive amount of power by being in that state to gather materials, so only a percentage of the bodies were actually being used to repair J while the rest were simply keeping the program repairing her running. I think this is why Doll ended up consuming so many robots in her room, she was stocking up on fuel so she could use absolute solver freely, while Uzi whom was only using a small amount of oil, is seen barely able to hold the bullet, which the symbol glitching as it holds the bullet, tho seeing as she hasn't overheated despite not consuming any oil until now, makes me think that absolute solver continues to overclock based on the max amount of fuel it has previously had, meaning if Uzi drinks more oil, she will grow stronger but also overclock much more, and thus become dependent on oil.

    • youmu
      youmu 3 months ago

      makes sense imo

  • ysabelle sito
    ysabelle sito 2 months ago +1

    Sum side theory: Remeber ep. 3 in the scene where doll teleports to Uzi, N and V? Well if you look close in the effect when doll appears, you can see the same black hole mentioned in the vid!

  • manuelaalicemocanu
    manuelaalicemocanu 3 months ago +7

    Theory:I think the eye-virus in murder drones is created from a interaction with the dissasembly drones because for uzi fighting the dissasembly drones and for doll with V killing her parents

  • SlayaZes
    SlayaZes 3 months ago

    My biggest question is: If these are drones, who assumedly don't need to breath, why did Uzi's father build air ducts that bypassed the 2nd and 3rd doors?

  • Hedwig7s
    Hedwig7s 3 months ago +1

    12:12 N also has it
    During the "You Died, Idiot" screen after V slapped him in the pilot, you can see AbsoluteSolver in the bottom left corner

  • mark
    mark Month ago

    the best part is that when this theory came out i watched it and believed that this would be the outcome
    and surely enough, came episode 4

  • HatMeister
    HatMeister 3 months ago +1

    So as cool as this video is, there's something I want to point out.
    You talked a lot about what Solver is and what it does as a program, but not so much about how characters USE it in the real world outside of their programming, or what the symbol itself could be. I'm more or less referring to the telekenisis aspect of it that we see Uzi and Doll use. They use it to rotate object, move object up and down and side to side, and even DUPLICATE things like knives or fire things at high velocities like Doll did with the bullet at the end of the episode, and even LOCKING objects like the door. I'd be happy to simply say that it really is just telekenisis, but the duplication of objects and the locking of the lockless door convinced me otherwise. I wasn't entirely sure what to think of it at the time, but the reality of what the symbol for the Solver is hit me when I opened my computer the next morning and saw the Blender program on my desktop. For those who don't know, Blender is a 3D modeling program, and a compliacted one at that. But the program itself isn't what's important here. If you have EVER touched a 3D modeling program, you are more than likely familiar with what is usually given to you when you start a new project. A cube. A cube with 3 arrows much like the Solvent symbol. These arrows are used to move the model around. These arrows are known as the X, Y, and Z axis'. I don't think what Uzi and Doll are using is telekenisis, but rather some variation of how 3D modelers move their models with the axis arrows on their models. They can move it around. Up and down. Rotate objects. Squish objects(like that one drone who got her neck snapped and then got crushed). They can even dupliclate the objects. And I don't think Doll locked the door, I think she made it uninteractable. The Solvent ability treats the world like a program, even opening up computer windows in the real world and showing code fly by in them. It makes me think that the world itself might be some kind of program or that the program can bend the real world.
    There's one more thing. It seems that there are some things that the Solver can't interact with, and I think some people missed it when they were watching.
    Uzi is an uninteractable object. It's the reason the majority of the fight was the way it was, and why Doll looked unsettled for part of it. Doll raises her hand and activates the Solver. We are given a quick 1st person perspective shot from Doll, where we see Uzi outlined in red because shes what Doll is trying to interact with. The program pops up very quickly and tells Doll that Uzi is not an interactable object.
    We know that worker drones are interactable objects because we see Doll use the Solver to tear off another drone's arm and she even causes another drone to explode right infront of her. It may be that drones who unlocked the Absolute Solver are not interactable BECAUSE they too have the ability to use it.
    Now, for my joke conclusion.
    The world takes place in Blender.
    Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

  • Obsidian Prime
    Obsidian Prime 3 months ago +1

    After the second episode I made a similar conclusion that all drones have absolute solver (AS).
    The reason why I figure was because the program could be used in the event of rogue AI. Though that begs the question: Uzi turning into a Disassembly Drone. Doll appears to have known about it for quite some time now, and yet there's no apparent change. It seems impractical that humans would have this program installed, yet when they need to activate it it's a slowburn, gathering materials needed for the transformation.
    Now it could be there are specialized sites for activating AS and rapidly turning a Worker Drone into a Murder Drone, until we got more info this will have to be on the back burner.
    Alternatively, like @ultatack6020 has mentioned, there's but a handful of Workers that have AS, and that list is but 6 characters. Past N, V, and J, Doll, and of course Uzi and her mom. There's still the question of how fast a Worker can turn Disassembly, but again, backburner.
    Also, I believe the Murder Drones _do_ use AS, they just don't realize it. As comical it would be for their arms to be swiss army knives of pain, I think that AS is being used to shift the matter within to form the weapon. We saw how fast Doll could turn 1 cleaver into 3, so there might be a solid lead here.

  • Slushy
    Slushy 3 months ago

    The AbsoluteSolver is just the force that gives workers vampire traits.

  • Duff
    Duff 3 months ago

    If you notice the choker on Uzis neck it's the same as the one Doll had as a bracelate. If you pause were Uzi stops the bullet at the end of episode 3 is zooms in into Uzis choker, and comparing it to when Dolls bracelet gets shot off they look identical, so I think Uzi may have had the absolute solver in her program before she even met N, the worker drones may all have the same program but that's just speculation

  • RKHannahstudios
    RKHannahstudios 3 months ago +2

    So when Uzi's eyes turn yellow in the pilot ep the words might say "WARNING:// 'source ai core' [tampering detected]" with extrapolation on the part in single 'this'

    • Ben Stevens
      Ben Stevens 3 months ago +2

      And under the warning sign it says string.absolutesolver=false and then it flickers to string.absolutesolver=true

  • Cru3her
    Cru3her 3 months ago +2

    the same thing that you said about the regeneration applies to AS taking over when theres insufficient materials. Worker drones cant repair themselves cuz they dont have the repairing liquid inside them. in the same way the AS wont take over to try to repair a worker drone like it did with J cuz they dont have the physical hardware to do so.

  • Ren Cen
    Ren Cen Month ago

    Eyeah, thanks to the recent episode 4, I think this confirmed it? Uzi basically became a vampire or rather just like the murder drones?!

  • Davedor
    Davedor 3 months ago +9

    how can you manipulate your enviroment like jedi? maybe the absolute solver has something to do with nanobots that could manipulate and rebuild drones and stuff like we see Doll doing

    • Nickname_58
      Nickname_58 3 months ago +2

      Could be gravity field type of tech, they are shown to have black whole type of core

    • Marceau Berthe
      Marceau Berthe 3 months ago +1

      ​@Nickname_58 that make me think of internection cube somehow

  • TARINunit9
    TARINunit9 3 months ago

    The thumbnail is just very well put together, well done