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Restoration of Rusty 1914 National Cash Register - With Original Lit Top Sign, St. Paul Saloonkeeper

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This all-original 1914 National Cash Register has its original owner's glass sign - Frank Matschinger, who operated Astoria Cafe in St. Paul, Minnesota and sold Yoerg's Beer. The restoration tackles a jammed machine, restoring power to the motor, rust and crud, a surprise inside, tear down, and lots and lots of sanding and polishing bronze surfaces.
    A subsequent owner of this machine was Como Park Pharmacy, as evidenced by a hand-painted glass sign on the other side. Because this cash register was used at a bar, it has unique keys like "Cigar," "Lunch", and "Pint", and was designed to face the back wall behind the bar, so no number indications are shown on the back side. The tag indicates a serial number and the model number 442-E-L (series 400 with four rows of keys with printer, Electric, Lighted).
    The label underneath the case drawer shows the original purchase date of April 17, 1914 by Frank Matschinger, a German immigrant to St. Paul.
    If you have any questions about restoring antique cash registers, drop a comment below. Another excellent resource is the Cash Register Collectors Club (crcci.org).
    00:00 Rusty antique cash register
    01:18 Disassembly - taking apart old cash register
    02:20 Antique cash register wiring diagram
    02:32 How to open an old cash register
    03:32 Original NCR cash register top lit sign
    05:45 Stuck keys on an antique cash register
    06:50 Broken springs on an old cash register
    07:30 Receipt printer disassembly National Cash Register
    08:15 Yoerg's Beer, St. Paul, Minnesota
    09:58 Astoria Buffet, St. Paul, Minnesota (Astoria Hotel, Astoria Cafe, Wabasha St)
    11:05 Key removal, buffing, polishing, antique NCR cash register
    14:45 Crank handle refinishing NCR register
    15:24 Electric motor on NCR cash register 452-E-L
    15:38 Dash pot, NCR
    18:10 Lit top sign, antique National Cash Register
    19:49 Como Park Pharmacy, St. Paul, Minnesota
    22:45 Refinishing the wood base on an old cash register
    23:36 Frank Matschinger, St. Paul, Minnesota saloonkeeper Astoria Cafe, Wabasha St
    30:10 Receipt printer reassembly
    35:10 Reassembly of an antique brass cash register
    36:31 Before and after of a restored NCR cash register with lit top sign
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  • DwightMS1
    DwightMS1 Year ago +371

    I love the way things looked back then. Everything was ornamented. Everything was beautiful: cash registers, park benches, lamp posts. Beautiful job.


      Everything was infested with bugs and rodents.

    • DwightMS1
      DwightMS1 Year ago +70

      @THE PINK FLAMINGO STRIKES AGAIN!! And nowadays we're infested with trolls who just want to shoot down anything you say.

    • ทัย ใครไม่ต้องการ
      ทัย ใครไม่ต้องการ 11 months ago +6


    • JayPixx77
      JayPixx77 11 months ago +33

      I was thinking about the same thing. Nowadays everything is purely pragmatic and cheap. If a things' purpose isn't too look good, it doesn't. This is really sad to me. We are surrounded by plastic, worthless, one -use stuff :(

    • DwightMS1
      DwightMS1 11 months ago +23

      @JayPixx77 Buildings look like boxes, and cars look like toasters.

  • Andrea OBrien
    Andrea OBrien Year ago +17

    What an incredible restoration. I absolutely loved watching. I also appreciated the history as well. Great job!

  • Berkley Pearl
    Berkley Pearl Year ago +26

    God when they wiped off the Como Park Pharmacy sign I nearly fell over in shock. I can’t imagine how terrible it must have felt for them.

    • betp
      betp Year ago +5

      same! i'm glad i saw your comment before i got to that part because i was prepared lol

    • Chuck Diesel Kicks & disks
      Chuck Diesel Kicks & disks Year ago +1

      @betp it was great how he remade it - made me emotional. the only Como I know is from pittsburgh pa (where im from ) is Perry Como . Will have to check out Minnesota and the area someday.

  • Natasha S
    Natasha S 11 months ago +17

    Mind boggling how complex and ingenuous mechanical things were back then. We certainly have the digital marvels today and the circuit boards or whatever they are called, but the mechanics and the artistry of the esthetic of the yesteryear are mesmerizing.
    And the restoration - the discovery, the puzzle, the eureka…. the mysterious (to me) processes 🙊🙉🙈 - Tremendous enjoyment 🙏⚙️❤️

  • Dee Bee
    Dee Bee Year ago +22

    Taking it apart is one thing… but putting it back together? Genius

  • jonathan formhals
    jonathan formhals Year ago +7

    An incredible restoration. I can't imagine how many hours it took you to complete this epic project!

  • Bill Bradley
    Bill Bradley Year ago +34

    I was a cash register technician in my youth and I worked in the 80's with one of the last NCR trained technicians on the old "Brassies". Thank you for keeping one more alive.

  • Lorraine Rose
    Lorraine Rose Year ago +4

    Beautiful work! You're doing a fantastic job by keeping history alive for our young people to see! 🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Ivan Bahovschi
    Ivan Bahovschi 8 months ago +6

    É incrível o como as coisas fabricadas no passado, tinham todo charme e glamour e para durar muitos anos. Por isso, não troco minha geladeira com 64 anos de idade por nenhuma outra moderna!

  • Katie Patrick
    Katie Patrick 11 months ago +13

    I've watched a lot of these restorative videos and this is the coolest one I've seen. I love that you gave the history about where it came from, it's use back then, that's always something I wonder about (I studied history in college) so it was so awesome to get those answers. Amazing work!

  • Лэйвьер
    Лэйвьер Year ago +8

    Какая невероятно сложная, но красивая и надёжная конструкция! Поразительно.

  • Grisly Gretel
    Grisly Gretel Year ago +9

    No idea why Clip-Share recommended you but so glad they did. Your videos are relaxing and intriguing. I appreciate no music and just being able to hear the sounds of you and the machines working. This is. BEAUTIFUL cash register

  • RC Toys For Big Boys
    RC Toys For Big Boys Year ago +23

    Nothing is made nice like this anymore. That is a piece of art.

  • K V
    K V 3 months ago +3

    Big shout out to the engineers that made that masterpiece over 100 years ago. It is cool to see what is inside! Beautiful work on the restoration!!!

  • Cynthia
    Cynthia Year ago +4

    This is mind-boggling. I am in awe of your attention to detail and your mechanical ability.
    Watching this is a refreshing change to all the negative drama and nonsense out there. Thank you ❤

  • some1funny
    some1funny Year ago +11

    It's a beauty! You have elite skills. Amazing to go into the mechanisms of it all and have springs, keys and crank all working again. It just needed your craftsmanship and talent. What an outstanding machine glow!

  • Vicky Burton
    Vicky Burton 10 months ago +8

    So classy. Everything was so beautiful back in the day; tons of character and craftsmanship! Beautiful work. How heavy is the cash register?

  • Angellove
    Angellove Year ago +4

    This restoration before and after made it all worth it. The details in this piece is phenomenal.

  • Ginger Umali - Art That Plays and Prays

    I found a National cash register in salvage condition which I wanted to restore. But after watching this video, I was appalled at the level of intricacy, precision, engineering, and not to mention patience and elbow grease needed to take on such a humongous task. I wouldn't know how to put together all the parts once they're disassembled. That alone would make me abandon the project. Thanks for doing this restoration. You brought back a piece of history to full glory and it's amazingly, jaw-dropping beautiful!

    • Tamlynn
      Tamlynn Year ago +4

      Write down each step and take lots of pictures/videos so you know what piece goes where. C’mon you can do it!

    • Ginger Umali - Art That Plays and Prays
      Ginger Umali - Art That Plays and Prays Year ago +3

      @Tamlynn Good idea! Thanks for the encouragement :)

      CHARWOL Year ago

      Hey you can shoot a video of your disassemble and just rewatch it when its time to assemble them

    • Rebecca Chapman
      Rebecca Chapman Year ago

      You took the words right out of my mouth. I was thinking the same about all the parts but if you recorded yourself taking it apart, I think you could do it. 😉👍

    • Muzammal Baig
      Muzammal Baig Year ago

      The perks of restoring old things are, they are much simpler to put back together than they look. So go ahead. It won't be that difficult. Just be ready to put a lot of man hours into the project.

  • Dennis Andrews
    Dennis Andrews Year ago +16

    I cant believe you can remember where everything goes after you've taken it apart. You must really be satisfied at the end of the day. Good job

    • Bernard Kam
      Bernard Kam Year ago +2

      To me, that's the most impressive part. He probably has some sort of system to keep track of it all. I guess that's a trade secret....lol.

    • Diesel the White-Tailed Buck
      Diesel the White-Tailed Buck 2 months ago

      Every time I see restorations, I think that they just play the disassembly phase in reverse

  • carlos silva
    carlos silva 7 months ago +5

    Equipamento mecânico bem complexo.achei uma das melhores restaurações das muitas que assisti. Definitivamente isso não é para amadores, parabéns 👏👏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Raik Barczynski
    Raik Barczynski 5 months ago +12

    just looking at the unrestored register makes you think how easy our electronical stuff is compared to this. the engineering on the inner mechanics is just mind blowing.

    • Thomas Gephard
      Thomas Gephard 5 months ago +1

      But this modern electronic devices perform much better... You cant watch youtube on the mechanical computer :) Inside of your phone processor you can find more more times complex engineering with billions small parts, the only difference is that you cant touch it with your hands and see without a microscope...

    • medea27
      medea27 3 months ago

      @Thomas Gephard Modern electronic devices perform better for as long as they still work... you won't be able to restore your smartphone to working order in 100 years like this, because all the digital data & software engineering will be long gone. That's the difference - mechanical devices can always be repaired & restored to working order... electronic & digital devices, not so much.

  • Francis Eric
    Francis Eric 11 months ago +9

    The way they made things before were well-crafted, made with utmost care and sincerity. The quality is just perfect!

  • Marshanna Johnson
    Marshanna Johnson 6 months ago +7

    This register is one beautiful piece of equipment. You done an amazing job at restoring it back to it's glory! The color is just beautiful! I bet it weighs a ton!

  • Татьяна Ставрова

    У меня нет слов для восхищения! Обожаю смотреть такие ролики по восстановлению старых антикварных вещей! Супер!!! 👋👋👋💯💯💯

  • K Lovey
    K Lovey Year ago +3

    I hope you’ll talk with the pharmacy and see if they’d like to buy that back from you. I’m sure they would absolutely love the historical background that this amazing machinery provides. You have an awesome talent for preservation and not taking it too far into the new.

  • DanThePropMan
    DanThePropMan 2 months ago +4

    I can't believe how pretty this machine is under all those years of rust and neglect. Fantastic job.

  • Brian E
    Brian E Year ago +4

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous at the start of a restoration. I hadn’t seen your channel before and this was such a beautiful machine - I so wanted the craftsmanship of the restorer to match that of the machine. Fantastic job - really lovely work.

  • Nona Miałczyńska
    Nona Miałczyńska Year ago +4

    Maszyna z duszą, dzięki.Uwielbiam gdy stare maszyny wracają.

  • Facepalm Migraine
    Facepalm Migraine Year ago +2

    I love how much attention to detail was given in its construction.
    It wasn't just functional, it was beautiful.

  • David Tatum
    David Tatum Year ago +9

    Beautiful. Both the craftsmanship of the item itself as well as your expertise bringing it back to life. I wish things were made this well today.

  • Emily Evette
    Emily Evette Year ago +5

    That’s a beautiful piece of true craftsmanship. You always do wonderful restorations, thank you for sharing your art.

  • Jason M
    Jason M 9 months ago +7

    I've seen quite a few antique National brass cash registers, yours is an excellent example of a very ornate "optioned out" cash register. It was high tech for 1914 keeping track of users and inventory. Additionally it was a secure way to keep cash, checks and other paperwork, as it was difficult to get into without being unlocked and when it was opened a loud bell sounded. Also, it wasn't easily carried off due to it's weight.
    As a former Ohioan, the register was manufactured in Dayton, northern Ohio was a hot bed of manufacturing. In Toledo there was Toledo Scale, major scale manufacturer. Dayton, NCR. Cincinnati, Proctor and Gamble. Columbus, there were several major safe manufacturers plus many other manufacturing concerns. Akron/Canton, Goodyear Tires, Hoover vac., Timkin roller bearings. Youngstown/Warren, GM, Packard electric. Lots of steel, Youngstown Sheet and Tube, Wean United and others. Also General Fire Proofing. Then Cleveland, Standard Oil and etc...... The list goes on and on.
    Exceptional restoration! Thanks for sharing!

  • OneBoneMalone
    OneBoneMalone 5 months ago +5

    Absolutely stunning. Amazing to see how beautiful they were when new.

  • Lee Frankel
    Lee Frankel Month ago +5

    A machine, gorgeous in every way. Of course it works and is also beautiful: that’s the way they made things in the old days. So well worth restoring. Thank you.

  • Murgoh
    Murgoh 4 months ago +5

    The build quality of these old mechanical things is just incredible. Must have cost a fortune back then.


    Trabajé para NCR 40 años en el departamento de servicio técnico, es un orgullo ver la restauración de tan hermoso modelo de caja registradora, gracias

  • Sharon Cates
    Sharon Cates Month ago +1

    Just beautiful. I love seeing the inner workings of things and it is nice to see someone who can do this kind of work without ending up with a dozen leftover pieces!

  • Edwic Elrard
    Edwic Elrard Year ago +18

    Had me dying how you ate the pretzel sticks with dirty gloves on, then proceed to work without the gloves with your clean hands in the next shot 😂

  • Pseudonayme 77
    Pseudonayme 77 Year ago +6

    From the days when everyday items like cash registers were made like works of fine art. The perfect blend of engineering, art and functionality👌
    Great video! More please 👍

  • Walter Lewis
    Walter Lewis Year ago +5

    If Mr Matschinger saw it today.He would be so happy.Thank you to all that helped on this restoration.I loved that you saved a Beautiful piece of History.I get so teary eyed when a Beautiful piece like this is restored back to it's Former Glory.

  • pinksamanthapink Townsend

    Such a beautiful piece of history, you did an amazing job. How do you remember where each bit goes back in? There were so many pieces. 10/10 .

  • Robin Young
    Robin Young Year ago +7

    Beautiful machine. The intricate details are amazing. The fact you could take it apart and put it back together with repairs is insane! Sand blasting is so satisfying. Looks great!

  • Tanya Ligovo
    Tanya Ligovo Year ago +5

    Потрясающий старинный кассовый аппарат! У вас золотые руки!!! 💖💖💖

  • RaggedyAtom
    RaggedyAtom Year ago +3

    I'm surprised the wiring circuit schematic is still there after ever 100 years! I loved back then when they gave clear instructions to anyone on how to use it easily, including where to pinpoint a certain area. Love this restoration! :D

  • Tony Dompier
    Tony Dompier Year ago +2

    Amazing restore! This was built to last a long time, unlike many things today.

  • Стёпа Сигалов

    Это не касса, а просто произведение искусства! За столько лет там, в принципе, ничего особо и не сломалось. Делали на совесть! Реставратору респект!

  • Ирина Скубани

    Превосходная работа! Заслуживает высшей оценки реставрации !
    Сам кассовый аппарат по своей механизации и красоте даже не сравниться ни с одним современным компьютером !

  • Michael Goble
    Michael Goble 3 months ago +2

    Wow! What an incredibly complex restoration. Amazing skill. Amazing patience. I really would like to know how long the total restoration took. I’m very impressed.

  • Paulo Henrique de Freitas

    Muito lindo, parabéns pelo trabalho tão minisioso e os cuidados ao restaurar essa linda caixa registradora.

  • Thomas Kraus
    Thomas Kraus Year ago +4

    I used to repair typewriters (as a hobby) so I have a good feeling what you went through to get that beautiful register gleaming again. A job, respectfully well done. Thanks for the video. Too bad I can only hit the like button once!

  • Debtoralive
    Debtoralive 8 months ago +6

    I've refurbished a few things myself. Things that were basically worthless in their current state so I had nothing to lose, but never would I dare to go so deep into a cash register like this one. So complicated. Hats off to you for making it new again. But I was hoping to see the printing mechanism working and an actual printout of the receipt. I bet you can't find the right paper for it. Ever think of cutting a larger size down? We used to do it a printshop I worked at for our web presses. They're similar to what you always see newspapers being printed on in the movies. Only problem then would be the inside diameter of the spool. But I think it could be possible, don't you think?

  • David Collins
    David Collins Year ago +2

    When I worked for NCR in 2003 we still had a contractor on payroll that worked this type of machine for large customers with specific support contracts, thanks for sharing this amazing work. Really took me back to my first job out of trade school.

  • Sheevlord
    Sheevlord Year ago +34

    I did not expect a seemingly mundane object like a cash register to be so ornate and complicated. It must've costa fortune back in the day. And it's built like a tank too. Even has special washers that prevent nuts from coming loose from vibrations. Nice to see this unusual piece of history back in working order, looking like new again.

    • f t
      f t Year ago +5

      That was the day when things were made to last and products Made In the USA lasted. It was Made in the USA in the late 60's to early 70's. In 1973 was when the President gave to China a lot of manufacturing and afterward manufacturing was being shipped off to other countries as well and the Made in the USA died. We have been running around 'servicing each other' since then which is why we have realized poor quality products and having to buy them more often. Even today, we can buy "Made in the USA" products such as stoves/ranges, but the parts are made in China or elsewhere. It was sad to see the industry in my area become a ghost town with all of those empty buildings rotting.

  • DwightMS1
    DwightMS1 2 months ago +2

    I don't think anything is built that well nowadays. Incredible job.

  • Gadgetonomy
    Gadgetonomy Year ago +5

    I can't imagine how much this machine would've cost to buy back then. But obviously built to last!

  • TubeHeiress
    TubeHeiress 5 months ago +2

    Absolutely amazing! I can’t say enough about the quality of your work. A Excellent job once again.

  • Jim Ringenberger
    Jim Ringenberger Year ago +5

    You are amazing!I’m 70+ and I have NEVER taken anything apart that all the pieces went back together. I always have “extra pieces.” And I couldn’t record my work for public viewing, because the censors would have to bleep my dialogue.

  • Gaynor Jackson
    Gaynor Jackson Year ago +4

    Beautiful restoration you've saved our history for future generations ❤ love the technology and the way you showed its workings beautiful and a great talking topic love it must be a keeper

  • Людмилп Гівргізова

    Не кассовый аппарат а произведение искусств. Какую красоту делали раньше да и жизнь была интересной. Реставрация заслуживает особой похвалы. Прекрасная работа 👍👍👍👏👏👏

  • kinskifilms
    kinskifilms 8 months ago +3

    This is such an incredible piece of engineering. And so beautiful. Man, I wish we had more beautiful everyday items in our lives like this.

  • Paul Clarke
    Paul Clarke 9 days ago +2

    It comes down to individual taste.....But I prefer the original patina of the outer casing to the polished end result. Fantastic work! Thank you for taking the time to document this amazing restoration.

  • W.D. von Zar
    W.D. von Zar Year ago +2

    Wspaniala praca - pozdrowienia z Warszawy 😀

  • Kapulot
    Kapulot 6 months ago +3

    What a piece of engineering and serious craftsmanship here with this restoration! I wonder what this must cost to purchase originally!

  • Julian Smith
    Julian Smith Year ago +2

    A simply wonderful restoration, and I admire the patience and the skill necessary to bring this earlier work of art back to life. I only wish that the light on top would’ve been lit for the final photos.

  • KT Kilntime
    KT Kilntime Year ago +4

    I am absolutely blown away by your attention to detail. You make it look so easy, but this video shows that you really know so much about machinery, electronics and restoration. Absolutely beautiful. I am a new subscriber!

  • Nancy Rutherford
    Nancy Rutherford 3 months ago +2

    Amazing! How could you possibly remember how to put it back together. What a job! Beautiful.

  • Владимир Семенякин

    Само по себе поражает воображение, как можно было придумать такой невероятно сложный механизм, плюс к этому тысячи деталей и каждая деталь, это произведение искусства.

  • Jukka70
    Jukka70 Year ago +2

    that's just insane, what a work of art, and the fact that you put all those pieces back together again, and it works like it did back then.

  • Sergio2023
    Sergio2023 9 months ago +9

    Amazing that he can remember how to put it all back together again!

  • Vic Ferrari
    Vic Ferrari Year ago +4

    Beautiful job. When you opened it up and I saw all the parts inside I was like what a nightmare! That you were going to take all of that apart .

  • the lorax
    the lorax Year ago +6

    Amazing job, mate. Machines deserve love too. Greetings from Australia.

  • laserbeam 002
    laserbeam 002 Year ago +1

    This was a fantastic restoration. You should be proud. I hope either you or whomever you might sell it to takes extra good care of it. I am 62 and I can remember a local hardware store owner using an old cash register similar to this one. Also, my cousin had a store in North Carolina and she used one similar as well. This would have been in the mid and late 60's. Take care and thank you.

  • Teri Soto
    Teri Soto 10 months ago +5

    The work you do is phenomenal.

  • Jerry Laberge
    Jerry Laberge 10 months ago +6

    You men and women who restore all these antiques are amazing

  • Shirley Drury
    Shirley Drury Year ago +3

    I’ve been to Como park! I used to love these old cash registers. Nice work!

  • Jadeblues357
    Jadeblues357 Year ago +1

    You did a magnificent job! I am not surprised the The handmade sign on the cash register didn’t break it just shows the quality of work and that you were able to restore it to its original form also shows its original craftsmanship when it was built.👍🏻🇺🇸💯❤️🍺

  • Jacqueline Layne
    Jacqueline Layne Year ago +5

    Somewhere Mr.Frank
    is thanking you for restoring his legacy
    Beautiful craftsmanship
    Thank you for your dedication

  • Людмила Репина

    Шедевр!!!!! Наши внуки должны увидеть историю нашей цивилизации в музее своими глазами
    Да ещё и действующую. Для них это будет просто ШОК!!!!! А ГДЕ ВЫ все это находите??

  • Terry Stover
    Terry Stover 5 months ago +9

    This machine is an example of the design, engineering and machining capabilities of those who came before us. You did a wonderful job of restoration too.

  • Debra Brooks
    Debra Brooks Year ago +4

    Wow so many parts to clean! You have done a wonderous job! What a Thing of beauty you tuned it back into! 😍

  • Mark W
    Mark W Year ago +3

    Your channel was an odd Clip-Share algorithm recommend. Glad it did, I subscribed.
    Watching you restore puts a massive respect bomb for those who made these machines. Yes, we could build them now... but with advanced machines and robots. We shouldn't take for granted the effort and skill these crafsmen had.

  • DarkFoxDragon
    DarkFoxDragon 2 months ago +2

    Wow!! Was this sealed away in an air-tight glass case or something, because even without the restoration, it was already in absolutely beautiful condition!! The final result was incredibly beautiful. Gosh, they really just don't make things with such care anymore.

  • Tamlynn
    Tamlynn Year ago +67

    I did a little research and I found this:
    “Cost of Class 400 new in 1909 ranged from $75 to $400, possibly higher depending on the options added.”
    This is a 452 model and had all the bells and whistles so I’m sure it was in the higher range of $400+ which equates to $10, 920 in today’s dollars! Pretty fascinating!

    • The Nose Knows
      The Nose Knows Year ago +3

      Oh WOW 😂🤣👍🏼👍🏼✌🏼✌🏼💙💙

  • Robert Weldon
    Robert Weldon Year ago +1

    I have always been fascinated by these "cash registers". the mechanics, the integrate and beautiful case work, and the history attached to each and every one.
    You did a great job making a dirty, stuck old thing look like and work like new. ;-)

  • Sonny Cobb
    Sonny Cobb Month ago +2

    Thank you for taking us on this journey with you. Amazing job.

  • Charlene Jaszewski
    Charlene Jaszewski Year ago +2

    What a stunning piece! What a shame they don’t make ordinary things so beautiful like this anymore.

  • The Uluxian
    The Uluxian Year ago +5

    Amazing how complex that thing is considering it's 1914.

  • Acid
    Acid Year ago +7

    Amazing that such an intricate and old piece of machinery, still works so well after so long.

  • Jim Klugman
    Jim Klugman Year ago +51

    I thought this piece was in fantastic condition, as seen in the beginning of the video, with all of the patina and aging from it's 100+yr life span. I wasn't really convinced that it needed this level of restoration. After watching the video and seeing the care, skill and reverence put into this project, I'm am astounded by the effort and the result. This item could be considered a treasure BEFORE the restoration, but even more so now. You're equal parts historian, engineer, craftsman, guru and artist. Simply OUTSTANDING work! Please keep posting these projects!

  • Kelvin W.
    Kelvin W. Year ago +4

    My grandfather had one in his small grocery store. That thing lasted as long as he did. More then 80 years. I have no idea what happened to it but now looking to get one for nostalgia. Thank you for the flashback

  • ender_slayer3
    ender_slayer3 9 days ago +1

    I LOVE mechanical computers like this! Something about the brass gears and how everything works together in such beautiful clockwork just makes me so unexplainably happy!

  • Eleanor Robertson
    Eleanor Robertson Year ago +1

    Absolutely fascinating, my compliments to the person, or the people who did this amazing work.

  • Mithmegil
    Mithmegil Year ago +3

    Thank you! I really loved this video. I loved your dedication, your humour (oops 😂) and the project itself.
    Before it was like the nice old cat-lady, a bit crooked, but kind at heart. After your restauration it got the lady of the town 😎

  • Dean Grein
    Dean Grein Year ago +2

    What a great restoration! Thanks for saving this piece of Americana from the brass scrap heap!! I looked up the proprietor and he was an interesting man. Keep the videos coming, sir! Are you able to say how many manhours it took and the cost of restoration?

  • James Roberts
    James Roberts 2 months ago +2

    I know that in 1914 it was merely a machine to tally up sales, but in 2023 it's a mechanical work of art. Great job restoring it.

  • R. Berg.
    R. Berg. Year ago +9

    This was an amazing restoration. Loved the history lesson as well. What amazes me is that someone long ago sat down at a drafting table and designed this beautiful machine by hand. That person then took it to a machine shop where every single piece of this intricate system was made……no computers, no CAD, no lasers etc. …..just craftsmen with knowledge that has, for the most part been forgotten until someone with a unique talent and desire brings it back to life. My hats off to you sir. Amazing job.

    TOY CAR Year ago +2

    Watched this video start to finish with absolute amazement! The level of skill and craftsmanship this dude possesses is off the friggin scale!

  • Gigi King
    Gigi King Year ago +2

    you should win an Oscar for the depth of detail restoration you've done here I so enjoyed it thank you for doing it🥰

  • Silver Manson
    Silver Manson Year ago +8

    I live in Minnesota and my great great grandfather was from Bavaria Germany also. He immigrated to Wisconsin and opened the Regenfuss Brewery, they closed in 1933. It’s sad cause our family has no physical items from the brewery because it was all taken by collectors. I hope to one day get a beer crate or something with our name on it.