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Ford vs Tesla

  • Published on Jan 20, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • MrAPCProductions
    MrAPCProductions Month ago +2744

    The biggest factor for the Model T in 1923 was the cost. Brand new a T could be bought for $280, roughly $4,500 for today. Making it cheaper than the 1920s tractor options. It mobilized all but the poorest communities in the states and lead to our complete and total production dominance that led the population and wealth explosions of the 30s-40s-50s.

    • Olav Alexander Mjelde
      Olav Alexander Mjelde 7 days ago

      @Mladen Milić I think creating small and very cheap cars now will be hard, due to crash safety regulations etc.
      So you cant skip out on airbags, you cant skip out on assistant systems.. And then you either have to make your own stuff like Tesla does with Autopilot - or you have to pay to Intel, Nvidia etc, buy the hardware, buy the lisences etc. then adding this to a car also means you need very good engineers.
      So it is much harder to create a cheap car now.
      However, it is possible to make and buy cheap 4 wheel motorcycles with a roof.
      Those will most likely be better than the Model T and you can then drive it on your drivers lisence, they wont be safe to drive - but neither is the Model T.

    • Undergrad 334
      Undergrad 334 12 days ago

      I have a model t but it's black and doesn't run yet

    • Fedyx 1
      Fedyx 1 Month ago

      @Paul Stubbs there are crash tests you can look up online. It is bad, admittedly, but way better than most other similar cars, Chinese or otherwise, and the biggest thing is that its low cost means you should compare it with motorbikes which are way worse in a crash.

    • Paul Stubbs
      Paul Stubbs Month ago

      @Fedyx 1 And it's safety features match the model T

  • James Pink
    James Pink Month ago +422

    The model T was a complete breakthrough. Ford got the gearboxes delivered in specifically designed wooden boxes which, when disassembled, became the cars floor boards. Brilliant!

    • James Pink
      James Pink 29 days ago

      @Snoww ?

    • Snoww
      Snoww 29 days ago +1

      @James Pink 1023 was a little more than 100 years ago

    • James Pink
      James Pink Month ago

      @Flaminporky Henry Ford was making 2 million model Ts a year in 1023 (a hundred years ago) that's more than they made in 2022 including heavy trucks...

    • Flaminporky
      Flaminporky Month ago

      They should bring back an updated version of the t

  • Derek Bell-Morris
    Derek Bell-Morris Month ago +345

    The Model T finished the 1/4 mile one hundred years ago, giving it a time credit that only a DeLorean could catch. I still love your work

    • Dylan C
      Dylan C Month ago

      @3nd3rman04 The Blue-Fire Enderman Based. Walkable cities are the way to go. No more traffic then.

    • Bappaditya Nath
      Bappaditya Nath Month ago +1

      @3nd3rman04 The Blue-Fire Enderman so basically a human

    • 3nd3rman04 The Blue-Fire Enderman
      3nd3rman04 The Blue-Fire Enderman Month ago +2

      By this logic, a horse... no, walking is the best vehicle!

    • GasMaster
      GasMaster Month ago


    • Frits Molenaar
      Frits Molenaar Month ago +10

      By this measuring a Pontiac Aztek would be faster than an sf90 😂

  • Colton McRae
    Colton McRae Month ago +257

    I love that while Matt has a fondness for a lot of Tesla's advancements and technology, he's not afraid to take the piss out of them when appropriate.

    • JPC Designs
      JPC Designs 7 days ago +1

      @MrBwSBwS Brother don't tell me, a dude who HAS a tesla, that I'm wrong about a Tesla screen. Every other car we've had that had a screen were faster (in terms of screen response time). The only thing in terms of the screen that Tesla has on other car manufacturers is that it's bigger. Even then buttons are simply more reliable, and they don't force you to wait for the screen to load different menus in order to switch from AC controls to seat adjustment. You can confidently say all you want but as someone who actually has the car yeah the screen's slow, though I will admit this is a 5 year old car at this point. Still, gives tesla no excuse when our nearly TEN year old leaf has a better responding screen.

    • MrBwSBwS
      MrBwSBwS 7 days ago

      @JPC Designs That's an embarrassing amount of misinformation. Unless you're comparing a Hummer EV to a Prius the EV is always going to be more efficient so long as both are street legal. As this is a discussion about Tesla it's a certainty. Base Model 3 has an eMPG of 132. I can confidently say the screen is more responsive than any other vehicle on the road. There is no one else with better onboard computer hardware/software or even close. All Teslas are some level of fast. The Model 3 Performance is 0-60 in 3.1 seconds. If that isn't fast to you, your criteria is bonkers.

    • Sebastian Orye
      Sebastian Orye Month ago +1

      @Jinppa Ok, now we got to the point. The short answer is yes, experts agree that we have enough rare earth metals to power our change to sustainable energy. (Just look it up). The issue isn't whether we have enough, its if we can refine enough in a sustainable way. Thats why Tesla have started construction on their own refinery. Plus, you have to remember that batteries don't all have the same composition, with some including and excluding other rare earth metals. Teslas 4680's don't include cobalt as an example.

  • ody vinty*
    ody vinty* Month ago +65

    the differential mechanism is a stroke of engineering genius. the fact that it basically hasn't changed at all is so insane

    • Sep G
      Sep G Month ago

      The wheel is an engineering genius. There was no need to reinvent it so it stayed the same.

    • S_K
      S_K Month ago +8

      @ody vinty* Makes it all the more impressive that the AC electric motor still uses same basics

    • ody vinty*
      ody vinty* Month ago +5

      @S_K electric machinery evolves all the time

    • S_K
      S_K Month ago +7

      Same for the basics for the electric motor actually

  • Scott Page USMC
    Scott Page USMC Month ago +82

    My grandparents were farmers in South Dakota, and had a Model A rusting away behind their farmhouse in Ridgeview. My grandfather had it rebuilt in the 80's, and I'll never forget riding in the back during the Mobridge, SD 4th of July parade. We'd drive it from my grandparents house, down the parade route throwing candy from the back seat, and then head to The Wheel dinner for lunch. That car is now in San Bernadino now, with my Aunt and Uncle.
    This video brought back many good memories, even though this one is a Model T.

  • Jaron Lindow
    Jaron Lindow Month ago +1300

    The Model T transmission is essentially a manually operated automatic transmission.

    • Michael Benardo
      Michael Benardo 8 days ago

      That's what I thought.

    • jama211
      jama211 14 days ago +1

      In what way? I don't see the comparison to be honest

    • csu_crospotter
      csu_crospotter Month ago


    • Guadalupe
      Guadalupe Month ago +1

      @Hondaguy91 Automatic shifted manual transmission is what commercial truck automatic transmissions are. The manual transmissions in commercial trucks are so reliable, they don't want or need to give them up entirely

    • Guadalupe
      Guadalupe Month ago

      @Mr Spandel Ive been semi truck driving for a while. When I was new, the instructor told us in a ten speed transmission, you're basically the torque converter

  • drew wollin
    drew wollin Month ago +118

    I am a retired R&D engineer not doing well. Your videos bring joy to my life.

    • harry cop
      harry cop Month ago

      @drew wollin you said you see not well,hope you're better :)

    • S_K
      S_K Month ago

      @drew wollin Those are amazing achievements, I have a test in control systems soon. It's quite hard! Thanks for elaborating

    • drew wollin
      drew wollin Month ago +5

      @S_K Agricultural engineering. Nothing special. Came up with a new way of storing fruit early in my career. Now being adopted globally and a new chapter in texts for postharvest horticulture. A bit of engineering control theory goes a long way in horticulture. Other notables were a harvester and processing system for coffee in Australia, and early work, 1990, on using long-range weather forecasting for planting and harvesting grain crops. Morphed into a huge climate research facility over the decades.

    • huawei phone
      huawei phone Month ago +2

      Stay strong buddy, life is not easy sometimes.

  • d00dEEE
    d00dEEE Month ago +51

    I like that Ford was so in tune with safety issues that when they designed the Model A they consolidated the fire with the firewall by making the front cowl the fuel tank.

    • Mr Spandel
      Mr Spandel Month ago +8

      I believe that the Model A was also the first car to use bonded Safety glass, so there is that.

    • Ryan Hebron
      Ryan Hebron Month ago +5

      They actually went to integrated cowl tanks in the last two years of the model T (1926 and 1927).

  • Johnathan Doe
    Johnathan Doe Month ago +27

    That Model T window mechanism is amazing!

  • Chris Wiley
    Chris Wiley Month ago +18

    It's always a good day when SuperfastMatt drops a video 🙂

  • Jay Corman
    Jay Corman Month ago +9

    Safety comparison is my favorite part.
    I’ve watched this video 3 times in a row.
    I also own 3 Model T’s and they are so much fun to drive
    Thank you for this video
    Jarod’s series on this build is awesome, watched every episode as they came out 🤠🇺🇸👍

  • Piccalilli Pit
    Piccalilli Pit Month ago +1261

    *DEEPLY APPRECIATED* the "self driving is only a year away" joke

    • Bear Man
      Bear Man Month ago

      AI was the plan, AGI is the solution. Iydkydk.

    • Luke Badurski
      Luke Badurski Month ago

      Lol I’m the 999th like

    • The Monster Under Your Bed
      The Monster Under Your Bed Month ago

      @AquaSeafoamCrayon When did he say that quote? Was it before or after the two years of "2 weeks to flatten the curve"? from your tyrannical government?

  • Chiaroscuro1991
    Chiaroscuro1991 Month ago +14

    I really enjoyed this video. Sold my Toyota years ago in lieu of a 1923 model T Ford runabout as a daily driver, putting around 100 miles a week on it. Two points: your friends model T is not maintained well if it can only muster 35 mph and the poor acceleration is also a function of it not adjusted correctly. From the factory they could top out at 45 mph though few ever had the opportunity to prove that on unpaved roads. I regularly drive mine in the 40-45 mph range and have had it up to 55, though must to see where the top end would be. Also you didn’t bring up parts a availability or potential for consumer to maintain or fix the two cars. Parts for the model T are plentiful, both in new, new old stock and good used parts. The owners manual for a model T is designed for the owner to do their own adjustments and many T owners did their own major repairs.

    • MrZipper
      MrZipper 29 days ago +2

      lmao forget about trying to repair a Tesla any more than you can repair Apple products

    • GloomGaiGar
      GloomGaiGar Month ago +2

      As a daily? jesus some people are just built different.

  • L Christian
    L Christian Month ago +13

    Brilliant comparison, Matt!! I often wondered what would have happened if GM continued to develop the EV1 long enough to incorporate the LiON battery??

    • Dan Harold
      Dan Harold Month ago +1

      GM's trouble has little to do with electric cars. They are in the same state as they were in when Japan ate their lunch. Too fat at the top. R&D is too fossilized as in not light on their feet. GM's problems are not because of EVs. They are too deep in for EVs to save them.

  • backmarker44
    backmarker44 Month ago +25

    That was even more entertaining and educational than I'd expected. I wound up here largely for the projects, but that was super rad; well done! (And holy crap that Model T window mechanism... I haven't experienced that feeling about gears since visiting the watch collection at the Science Museum in London...)

    • Art Deco city Architecture
      Art Deco city Architecture Month ago

      @Pop Laurentiu its even better when the vehicle isn't completely jacked up like this sad excuse for a model T they used...

    • Pop Laurentiu
      Pop Laurentiu Month ago +2

      He He.. even today i would still choose that model-T over the Tesla because it is better overall.. it can go even thru fields where the Tesla would obviously get easy stuck and not even mention the fact that when are sold for the model-T price at any auction one could get at least 2 Tesla.. Ohh and BTW i'm European..

  • Styx's Hackshop
    Styx's Hackshop Month ago +16

    Awesome video.
    I have a Model T - no restoration, but one I built completely from junkyard piles across my state in Australia - and every one of your sentiments ring so very true. Love it.

    • DanTDMJace
      DanTDMJace Month ago

      you built one from literal junk. that's hella recycling

  • GOLD117on
    GOLD117on Month ago +5

    That was actually pretty interesting. Never would’ve thought of the two in the same comparison.

  • Hopingforthebest expectingtheworst

    I would definitely be interested in another video in 100 years comparing the 2 again 😁

    • Lord Bungle
      Lord Bungle Month ago +1

      @TIMEtoRIDE900 Given the state of the plastics in some of my collection of 20 and 30 year old cars I wouldn't even give them that long. (now off to find a replacement interior light for a 1990 Ford Escort as the one in it disintegrated while I was trying to replace a blown bulb 🙄 )

    • Lord Bungle
      Lord Bungle Month ago

      @William Hilbert That wouldn't shock me. How many Teslas will be on the road after 20 years let alone 100 plus.

    • William Hilbert
      William Hilbert Month ago +1

      @Lord Bungle they say there are still a million T's on the road

    • Jason Rodgers
      Jason Rodgers Month ago

      @Turbocharged Dude I don't see EVs EVER dropping to $3K on the used market, just because of the lithium battery price. If the newly (being researched) SODIUM batteries are ever practically developed, THAT's what will make EVs a true breakthrough!

  • Jas On
    Jas On Month ago +11

    I own a Tesla Model 3 and a 1926 Studebaker Country Club Coupe. The Studebaker has a straight 6. I wanted to make a video comparing the 2, but Matt does such a great job

  • VintageAmmoTim
    VintageAmmoTim 4 days ago

    This is the first video I watched from you somewhere around a week ago. And sadly I must say that I have worked my way through the majority of your videos already…and all because you are fu*#ing hilarious. Seriously, you’re humor on here is refreshing; please continue with the never ending sarcasm and dead pan humor. And never forget that your best friend is Mr. Schadenfreude(yes I had to look up how to spell that more than once).

  • Steve 1961P.
    Steve 1961P. Month ago +4

    I had a very rough day, working on redecking my utility trailer and then working on my tractor, all required a lot of bending and my fused back doesn't do that anymore. So once I was done and washed up, I sat down to my computer and watched this extremely fun and funny video and actually laughed my pain away!!! So thank you very much for that, Matt!! I alllllways look forward to your videos. You never fail to amuse me.... Signed: Stoved up in Floriduh.....

  • whochecksthis
    whochecksthis Month ago +7

    I had a 36 model A and I always thought the 24” wheels were neat compared to the 14 and 15” wheels of the time… nowadays, 24” wheels aren’t far from standard anymore.
    Also, liked the push button starting of the early Ford… something that started reappearing in modern cars.

    • Art Deco city Architecture
      Art Deco city Architecture Month ago

      Yes, larger tire walls back then except for the ford exception. That Novel-T was all sorts of cracked up. Every vehicle at the time had something going for them, the model T was just overproduced. That was its charm...or the black paint during 1913-1924.

  • Evan Phillips
    Evan Phillips Month ago +445

    "if someone pulls out in front of you, you are going to die" got me so good

    • Trininja11
      Trininja11 Month ago


    • TIMEtoRIDE900
      TIMEtoRIDE900 Month ago +1

      @Mike Albrecht They had laminated safety glass - it fogs yellow. Mandatory by 1910 or so.

    • hackman669
      hackman669 Month ago +3

      Seat belts children!🦌

    • Mike Albrecht
      Mike Albrecht Month ago +16

      Even top speed of 35 won't help when you are jettisoned through the plate glass.

  • Robin Rhyne
    Robin Rhyne Month ago +1

    Matt, your engineering mindset and dry humor are a delight and precious commodity

  • Manuel David
    Manuel David Month ago +3

    Great stuff - humorous yet professional. Thank you Matt!

  • Carl Street
    Carl Street Month ago +2

    Outstanding production: Lighting, audio, scripting, pacing, and, above all, the creative concept are all off the charts. WELL DONE, Sir!

  • Dr Don
    Dr Don Month ago +3

    Thanks Matt, this is your best fun and interesting in one package video yet.

  • Aaron B
    Aaron B Day ago

    I recently found your channel with the Viper Build video and am glad I did.
    I found myself laughing out loud multiple times during this video. My engineering brain is thoroughly entertained!

  • michael thomas
    michael thomas Month ago +476

    The price point of both vehicles would have been interesting, I believe the model T was the only vehicle that got cheaper as it went along.

    • TIMEtoRIDE900
      TIMEtoRIDE900 Month ago

      @Glam Stachee's 1980s nostalgia lounge There were cheaper cars from Sears and Briggs & Stratton, $99.00 for a street-legal "buck board"

    • Green&Blue Productions
      Green&Blue Productions Month ago

      @Zorktx Andnand Still it helps compare and contrast the two.

    • Seth Jansson
      Seth Jansson Month ago

      Teslas will also get cheaper as more factories, better batteries, and more streamlined manufacturing gets implemented. That's how it is for almost all cars.

  • The other "No" dude
    The other "No" dude Month ago +1

    Oh man, thank you for this comparison! I was a little hesitant on which car to decide, but I think I’m ultimately going to go with the Model Y.
    Thank you!

  • Craig Hair
    Craig Hair Month ago +24

    Still procrastinating finishing the Jag eh? 😉
    Great video Matt. Fair and balanced as always. Loved that you took one away from Ford 😂

  • Brandt Magolon
    Brandt Magolon Month ago +1

    My grandfather has a 1926 t and it's a blast to drive I really enjoy these comparison videos of old and new cars thanks for this!

  • Alex Willis
    Alex Willis Month ago

    I have seen other videos explaining the controls of the Model T, and I love how you made it sound as complicated as possible, to point out how absurd it seems compared to modern cars.

  • thatn1ssan
    thatn1ssan Month ago

    Love you're videos Matt.
    Your content is some of my favorite on Clip-Share, your style is something entirely of its own.

  • JNH Classics
    JNH Classics Month ago +260

    This is such an amazing video! It was also a lot of fun to race my Model T against the Model Y. Good stuff!

    • JNH Classics
      JNH Classics Month ago +11

      @based max there’s a very good chance that a mobility scooter would beat the Model T.

    • based max
      based max Month ago +13

      I bet if there were to be a third racer, it would be a mobility scooter.
      It might win.

  • Joe Leahy
    Joe Leahy Month ago +18

    the more things change the more they stay the same. The dive into simplicity was amazing. Did not realize that the engine operates more like a power glide where your feet are the valve body.

    • Joe Leahy
      Joe Leahy Day ago

      @Michael Benardo dang, look at that typo. thanks! i brain farted.

    • Michael Benardo
      Michael Benardo 8 days ago

      Transmission, not engine.

  • Altema22
    Altema22 Month ago +1

    Absolutely brilliant video, and I appreciate the detailed info on some of the Model T features. Sketchiest car for safety? Probably, with the exception of some of the "converted horse carriage" forerunners. I would be uncomfortable driving the Model T, mostly for the lack of brakes and the key pointed at my kneecap, and this is coming from a guy who has gone 120mph plus in a rusted out 1960's Plymouth and done 51mph on a pedal bike 🤣.

  • Mariano Luna
    Mariano Luna Month ago

    Matt been watching your videos for a while. Is great content so keep them coming. I have to say I love your humor it always makes me laugh literally out loud.

  • Phil Williams
    Phil Williams Month ago

    Very entertaining! I had hoped you and Jared would get together for another video. Thanks for sharing.

  • pugmanick
    pugmanick Month ago

    Hilarious and informative as always - all hail the algorithm!

  • Kinetic Research
    Kinetic Research Month ago +205

    Fascinating engineering insight into the Model T. So many advances in 100 years but amazing how some old ideas are better for the driver.

    • panda4247
      panda4247 Month ago

      yeah, and the steering wheel simply tilting up for driver getting in and out... that is much easier and the system will last longer.

    • Roger Mouton
      Roger Mouton Month ago

      @Ken Rickman But isn't the fact that the T doesn't actually have climate control or a radio something to be considered here?

    • hhjhj
      hhjhj Month ago +1

      @DrewLSsix The model T is literally 100 years old lol. The Tesla wont last 10 years....................
      Obviously the model T is inadequate for todays safety, but I think we can all agree that cars basically PEAKED in the 90s. The 90s Honda Civic was pretty much all you need comfort wise in a car, while still being simple enough to work on, and with parts that were cheap enough to replace.
      This video TO ME shows that the Tesla is a LOT of complexity and cost for not THAT MUCH gains. Give my a 90s Civic or Corolla any day over that POS Tesla.

    • Kinetic Research
      Kinetic Research Month ago +3

      @uli wehner agreed, who wants to be distracted from their mobile phone while driving these days!

    • uli wehner
      uli wehner Month ago +1

      @Kinetic Research so "engaging" that most people wouldn't be able to drive one if they had to. I am all about analog cars and such, but i have no expectation that the vast majority of new car buyers would have any interest in a manual car for example. i am also confident that no-one finds driving 20-20 miles in Atlanta rush-hour traffic "engaging" regardless of the vehicle used.

  • Nobody
    Nobody Month ago +4

    "...you barely have to slow down for a cliff..." OMG that was PERFECT! I do appreciate your comparison!

  • JTK Studios
    JTK Studios Month ago +1

    A fascinating comparison of these two vehicles. It is interesting to see how manual the operation of the Model T was. I've often compared Elon Musk to Henry Ford mainly for their innovative contributions and how many of Ford's original ideas have become relevant again. (Think Vertical Integration)
    One thing, though...
    You took a dig at Tesla's quality. That's something that is trending in the right direction all the time, while Ford has some of the largest and most expensive recalls in history .
    Overall, I learned a lot about the Model T, and this was a fun comparison to watch

  • mike o
    mike o Month ago

    Wow, that was an interesting and entertaining installment. Thank you!

  • Turtles
    Turtles Month ago +1

    I like how casually he said “If somebody pulls out in front of you, you are going to die.”

  • Noah Ballinger
    Noah Ballinger Month ago

    Fantastic video! Really appreciate the effort you put in.

  • hav3n
    hav3n Month ago +279

    Am i imagining it or is the frequency of the videos increasing

    • R W
      R W Month ago +4

      Three videos in less than 2 weeks, glorious times indeed.

  • Tom's Tinkering and Adventures

    I have recently become enamored about Model T's, I really want to get one that has been sitting, fix it up and learn how to drive it. I think it would be fun for a little while, but not something that I want for a long time. Cool video here showing how a lot of it operates.

  • John Gifford
    John Gifford Month ago

    This is just about the smartest thing I've seen in a very long while.
    Thank you for sharing this. Great info, fantastic presentation, and outstanding production quality. Very well done.

  • Seán O'Nilbud
    Seán O'Nilbud Month ago +3

    That changing the T to a Y is probably one of the top five clever things you've ever done.

  • Scoopta
    Scoopta Month ago

    Maybe I'm just weird but it would be really interesting to see a video like this comparing a modern EV to a period EV like a baker electric or something...I know those are a bit older than the Model T in this video but it's the only period EV I've heard of, I'm sure there's a newer period EV that would actually be 100 years apart.

  • LES Reyneke
    LES Reyneke Month ago

    Excellent video. Extremely interesting comparison, and good sense of humor.

  • Sierra Specialty Auto
    Sierra Specialty Auto Month ago +115

    That was great fun. BTW, that steering wheel is a period-correct aftermarket product often referred to as a "Fat Man" wheel. I have one of a slightly different design on my '22 T Speedster. The original wheel was bolted on in the usual manner.

    • Justin Noker
      Justin Noker Month ago +3

      @Joe Way to think it was nearly as old back then as my car is now, regardless that's awesome!

    • Joe Way
      Joe Way Month ago +3

      @Justin Noker Heh...you're right. My speedster is a 1922, built by my dad in the early '60s (1960s😁) as the car he wanted when he was 16.

    • Justin Noker
      Justin Noker Month ago +1

      1922 original or a 2022 replica? gotta love how 100 years makes dates a problem.

    • Jon Holland
      Jon Holland Month ago +1

      Thanks for that info, I was wondering. Have seen a few model T videos and thought the wheel looked different than what I remembered seeing in other cars.

  • Weeklongwind 647
    Weeklongwind 647 Month ago +1

    Lol I love how your comparing the model y to this. It feels great to see how we have changed so much and how simple it is to operate my car each morning. Idc what people think of the model y, but as long as I enjoy it. I enjoy it! Although the aspects said about the model y do be true and I have to agree with it. It shakes like crazy off road 💀 Yet my fams minivan does waaay better. Keep in mind the model y uses recycled plastic, which you missed that detail. Model y uses some recycled parts for the car.

  • Ramblings with Ryan
    Ramblings with Ryan Month ago +2

    Incredible comparison that rivals the comparison reviews seen on topgear back in the day. Bravo.

  • Superb Media Content Creator

    What a wonderful premise for a video and your writing was crisp refreshing and easy listening.

  • Mondavou
    Mondavou Month ago

    Very entertaining delivery of the information. Great job!

  • That Guy Brody
    That Guy Brody Month ago

    on the safety bit, don't forget that if you do crash, the steering wheel is a giant rod that thrusts into you instead of dropping away. it's literally a spear facing towards your chest you use to turn the car.

  • iFerg
    iFerg Month ago +18

    In love with your videos since the Porsche one

  • salle rc
    salle rc Month ago

    Thanks for the video. The safety part was hilarious! :D

  • MrLargePig
    MrLargePig Month ago +1

    Bravo! Best episode yet, and that's saying something.

  • Joaquín Saquilmer
    Joaquín Saquilmer Month ago

    the comparison we never knew we needed, but a one we are glad to have received nevertheless... thank you knowledge daddy!

  • Jason Aaron
    Jason Aaron Month ago

    Great video thanks! I learned a lot !! I want a model y so bad, hopefully another price drop soon:) I have a single motor cybertruck reservation which I’ll probably never see or b able to afford, I’m definitely gonna save for a model y! Thanks again awesome video!!

  • Jonathan Gehman
    Jonathan Gehman Month ago

    I was actually thinking about Ts and Ys recenly because I realized my time in Tesla's and Ford Ts was about the same, as a passenger and behind the wheel. They're both a really different experience than a traditional late 20th, early 21st century automobile, take a little getting used to but both ultimately become pretty easy to settle into and allow for a useful degree of practicality. The Tesla is fast but you have to accept the limitations of range/charge time, the Ford is SUHLOW but if there's gas to be found you can drive as long as your piles allow. The big difference for me is I want a T Ford SO EFFING BAD but don't even walk across parkinglots to look at Tesla's anymore

  • jcork
    jcork Month ago +56

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    Dan Pickett 29 days ago

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    • Zaydan Alfariz
      Zaydan Alfariz Month ago

      @Abby Normal Spares are still common in Indonesian-made cars

    • Abby Normal
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    His second car was a Model A and she said it was a Huge Improvement.
    His Brother had a Stutz Bearcat that he claimed would to 90MPH .. Also it had an exhaust cut out for when you got out of Town and you could hear it coming from a Mile Away .

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    Tesla seems to have inspired a lot of imitators, and many from the company have created their own cars, like Lucid. Even some companies who were in indirect competition with Tesla at the start of Model S sedan production (Fisker) have been reinvigorated by their success.

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