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what is going on here? 😂

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht

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    DALLA PRANKS  3 months ago +27

    dear viewers who write negative comments! it's just a prank by the guys and I was really tying my friend's shoelaces who was squinting from the bright sun and you thought completely wrong. we do not promote debauchery and filth. be kinder to others and perceive life with humor. I want to hug everyone who watches my videos and supports me! I love you❤️

    • Char-editz
      Char-editz 3 months ago +2

      Ok sorry for the bad comments but at least you got a lot of comments in general😂

    • FNaFStuffYT
      FNaFStuffYT 3 months ago +3

      Uhm yeah sure

    • Yasal Aziz
      Yasal Aziz 3 months ago +1

      C Vvvv y5

    • Gugu
      Gugu 3 months ago +1

      I get it and I’m sorry but it was very inappropriate and never post anything like that again in my opinion

    • Arman219🇧🇦
      Arman219🇧🇦 3 months ago +1

      Sorry for BAD coments sorry

  • Char-editz
    Char-editz 4 months ago +1648

    Welcome back to the 4th episode of:
    ✨Wtf did I just watch✨

  • natalie crompton
    natalie crompton 3 months ago +238

    Clip-Share deleted
    Therapist needed
    Phone yeeted💀

  • ZaneWhite
    ZaneWhite 3 months ago +68

    Life in ohio be like 💀

  • Kris' World
    Kris' World 4 months ago +30

    What if kids see this? You are setting a bad example for them. Do not do that. Does anyone else agree with me?

  • Mary_stephanie
    Mary_stephanie 3 months ago +29

    Girl I'm paying for everyone's therapy even the therapist needs a therapy 😭

    • Tinsley Berry
      Tinsley Berry 3 months ago +2

      7 likes and 0 comments let’s change that and Ty for my therapy

  • Adam
    Adam 3 months ago +25

    Life in Ohio be like 😂

  • Akosiyuri2
    Akosiyuri2 4 months ago +38

    Who wants bleach? Edit: OR CRUCIFIX
    100 likes for bleach and 200 likes for crucifix!!!

  • Grimace
    Grimace 3 months ago +18

    Cringe refers to a feeling of embarrassment, discomfort, or secondhand embarrassment caused by witnessing someone else's awkward or inappropriate behavior or speech, or by experiencing one's own embarrassing or awkward situation.

  • Olga Grant
    Olga Grant 3 months ago +19

    That lady needs an reward for weirdest video

  • DXMON was here
    DXMON was here 3 months ago +181

    They don’t need no Oscar, they need a therapist

  • Val🥍
    Val🥍 3 months ago +5

    Ima pay everyone’s therapy 💀😭

    RORONOA TOBI 3 months ago +2

    Clip-Share deleted
    Therapist needed
    Phone heated
    Edit -maybe 1 like? 😅

    GL4MXMARYPLAYZ 4 months ago +236

    The therapist will need another therapist -


    i pay for everyone's therapy and you know what no more shorts for today

  • Care_Bears_Editzzz
    Care_Bears_Editzzz 3 months ago +10

    Omg at this point all of our therapist need a therapist

  • LOVE ME!
    LOVE ME! 3 months ago +222

    Bro i showed THIS to my therapist now we Need a new therapist💀

  • Freeze Dragon
    Freeze Dragon 3 months ago +11

    I will tell God with everything
    Edit: Wtf I have ruined my eyes

  • FNaFStuffYT
    FNaFStuffYT 3 months ago +25

    Paying for everyone's therapy infinite spots left

  • Kevin Almada
    Kevin Almada 3 months ago +16

    the expression on the girl's face says something else, don't stop, I was tying her shoelaces hahaha

  • Xd ICE
    Xd ICE 3 months ago +33

    bruh how did i just get back from watching a dude drink coffee out of a jar to this?

  • Barbieq
    Barbieq 4 months ago +175

    "911 what's ur emergency?"
    "Can you tell me what's going on?"
    "WATCH THIS" 💀

  • sleepy
    sleepy 3 months ago +1


  • orhuaz
    orhuaz 3 months ago +9

    Welcome back to another episode of what the hell did I just watch💀

  • monkemason
    monkemason 3 months ago +13

    Day 2 of, What The Hell Did I Just Watch!!!
    Edit:Thanks for the likes

  • Denroy Jean
    Denroy Jean 3 months ago +1

    People who thought these people need a therapist

  • jsemdejvolelol
    jsemdejvolelol 3 months ago +11

    They needs an oscar for that

  • Cringe Club
    Cringe Club 3 months ago +13

    The report button be looking shiny today💀

  • joseph lawrence
    joseph lawrence 3 months ago +12

    i need therapy after that "crying"

  • Mimosa🌸
    Mimosa🌸 3 months ago +3

    someone pay for my therapy please

  • Jusna Miah
    Jusna Miah 3 months ago +59

    Phone yeeted
    Clip-Share deleted
    Holy water needed

  • kaden marsh
    kaden marsh 3 months ago +1

    Clip-Share deleted
    Phone yeeted
    Therapist greeted
    Holy water needed

  • Zahra dablan
    Zahra dablan 3 months ago +7

    Welcome back to episode 5
    ✨What is she doing to the poor girl✨

  • Nala
    Nala 3 months ago +30


  • Hang Nguyen
    Hang Nguyen 3 months ago

    Everyone needs an oscar

  • Gowen Girls
    Gowen Girls 3 months ago +1

    Those shoes didn’t need to be tied 💀

    YHACKOBB 3 months ago +49

    i will personally pay for everybody’s therapy

  • I have a crush on Shrek
    I have a crush on Shrek 3 months ago +1

    Clip-Share deleted
    Phone yeeted
    Holy water needed
    Therapist greeted

  • Maida Arago
    Maida Arago 3 months ago +1

    Guns shop
    10 likes pistol
    20 likes AK-12
    Who needs guns when you can get holy water

  • HellSpawn
    HellSpawn 3 months ago +140

    She knew what she was doing💀

  • Phoebe
    Phoebe 3 months ago +1

    Clip-Share deleted
    Phone yeeted
    Therapist needed

  • Diana Rodriguez
    Diana Rodriguez 3 months ago +38

    Welcome back to episode 100

  • TheFlopper_
    TheFlopper_ 3 months ago +4

    The classic ✨✨✨ *girl kick* ✨✨✨

  • WhatTheBleep
    WhatTheBleep 3 months ago

    Man if she was tying her shoe she wouldn’t be moaning like wtf 💀💀💀

  • Urmom
    Urmom 3 months ago +111

    And we’re back to the show called “WHY PEOPLE NEED HELP!”

  • Deadlydog34
    Deadlydog34 3 months ago

    Clip-Share: deleted
    Holy water:wanted

  • 𝓐•.☆
    𝓐•.☆ 3 months ago +1

    Her:I'm tying her shoes
    always her who fastens them in a strange way 💀

  • Jxcky12
    Jxcky12 3 months ago +18

    I’m gonna need a therapist after this shit ☠️

  • Nature-fairy223
    Nature-fairy223 3 months ago +1

    I will pay for everyone’s therapy

  • jeri_san San
    jeri_san San 3 months ago +93

    Enough internet for today❤

  • GH0UL
    GH0UL 3 months ago

    Girl went like

  • GabyPlaysz
    GabyPlaysz 3 months ago +1

    Welcome for The 10000th episode of:
    *WtH i JuSt WaTcH*

  • xShinvixityxEDX
    xShinvixityxEDX 3 months ago +62

    My therapist needed a therapist that needed therapy from another therapist.

    • Mariana Arango
      Mariana Arango 3 months ago

      Yo. Pensé. Qué. Se. Estaban. En. Pelotando

  • aronas
    aronas 3 months ago

    phone: yeeted
    youtube: deleted
    therapy: needed
    therapist: greeted.

  • fresh
    fresh 3 months ago +1

    Who wants beech

  • Natalie Natario
    Natalie Natario 3 months ago +36

    I’ll pay for everyone’s therapy😟

  • WolfGirlLayla12
    WolfGirlLayla12 3 months ago +1

    Phone yetted
    Clip-Share deleted
    Holy water needed
    Therapist greeted

  • Saniyah Brown
    Saniyah Brown 3 months ago +4

    Welcome to another episode of
    ✨another day in Ohio✨

    • Jhope
      Jhope 3 months ago

      My fav show💀

  • 🐴eqsavvy🐴
    🐴eqsavvy🐴 4 months ago +39

    Hell nah💀

  • Audio Elitist
    Audio Elitist 3 months ago

    And you wonder why men are opting out of dating.

  • Pokemon_Collecter
    Pokemon_Collecter 3 months ago +1

    The boys: let's go for a walk *turns around the corner*
    The girls:don't sto- I was just tying her shoe

  • Bayio
    Bayio 4 months ago +9

    I’ll get the bleach-

    • Merialiies
      Merialiies 4 months ago

      pass me some

    • Bayio
      Bayio 3 months ago +1

      Ok I will

    • All Things Arya
      All Things Arya 3 months ago +1

      Give me a pool full😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Bayio
      Bayio 3 months ago +1

      Definitely 👍

  • ST_Editor
    ST_Editor 3 months ago +1

    Gay Button

  • TheRealPr1
    TheRealPr1 3 months ago +1

    welcome to a 7th episode of what the fuck did I just watch

  • Darian Turner
    Darian Turner 3 months ago +4

    shii now I need therapy💀💀

  • Ashley Chambers
    Ashley Chambers 3 months ago +1

    Mom I need a therapy ☠️☠️

  • Shane Widener
    Shane Widener 3 months ago +24

    Nah they knew what them was doing
    The dam girl was literally making the most sussy faces and don’t worry I’ll pay for y’all’s therapy😭😭

    • Lex Luther
      Lex Luther 3 months ago +2

      Ty lord jesus

    • GGpro
      GGpro 3 months ago

      Yo tengo 14 años me quede traumado

  • Tristan Jonathan
    Tristan Jonathan 3 months ago

    "I solely agree to erase my existence on Earth..."

  • Best0fBailey
    Best0fBailey 3 months ago

    iPhone: yetted

  • Drama world
    Drama world 4 months ago +52

    Welcome to an episode! I’m your host and this is episode 2 season 5! Welcome to. “I wish I could unsee that”

  • ~purple_planet~
    ~purple_planet~ 3 months ago

    I'll pay everyones therapy 💀💀

  • Marlee.slayz⚡️
    Marlee.slayz⚡️ 2 months ago

    Clip-Share deleted
    Phone yeeted
    Therapist greated
    Holy water NEEDED

  • Rajiv Pancho
    Rajiv Pancho 3 months ago +34

    I showed this to my therapist now I'm her therapist 😭😭😭😭

  • Maddox Higgins
    Maddox Higgins 3 months ago

    I’m paying for everyone’s therapy

  • malik_gaming
    malik_gaming 3 months ago

    I'm paying for everybody's therapy she know what she was doing

  • Swing Gamerz
    Swing Gamerz 3 months ago +6

    Phone yeeted
    Holy water needed
    Clip-Share deleted
    Therapist needed

  • Lindsay Urff
    Lindsay Urff 3 months ago

    Eyes: bleeded
    Clip-Share: deleted
    Phone: yeeted
    Holy water: needed
    Therapist: greeted

  • Iolanda Tozato
    Iolanda Tozato 3 months ago +1

    gosto clica a qui

  • Laila Foster🫶🏾
    Laila Foster🫶🏾 4 months ago +94

    That’s enough Internet for today now I’m gonna go to therapy😢

  • Egg
    Egg 3 months ago +1

    Bro was walking with iron man 😂

  • AddiePlayz
    AddiePlayz 3 months ago +2

    This is the 5th episode today of
    “✨wtf did I just watch✨” also who the hell ties a shoe like that-

  • Anna banana
    Anna banana 3 months ago

    :Clip-Share deleted
    :Phone yeeted
    : Therapist needed
    :And then I'm going to pour a whole bucket of holy water on me

  • YaBoyEdits
    YaBoyEdits 3 months ago +28

    My therapist is now richer than Elon and Jeffrey combined.

  • Alone
    Alone 3 months ago +1

    They knew what they was doing bro

  • Cesziee
    Cesziee 3 months ago

    Innocent people watching this be like: 👁️👄👁️

  • BlueRose and CalmFox
    BlueRose and CalmFox 4 months ago +10

    Wtf💀💀 Scrolling on Clip-Share is illegal now...😢

  • ILY
    ILY 3 months ago +1

    Bro how are they not banned 😢

  • ·Kitsu_.
    ·Kitsu_. 3 months ago

    There is no way im not swearing to this💀 wt-

  • Motion_Memes
    Motion_Memes 3 months ago +22

    Naw they knew what they was doing 💀

  • Craig Campbell
    Craig Campbell 3 months ago

    Clip-Share deleted
    Therapist needed
    Phone yeeted 💀💀

  • Claudio Matias Silva
    Claudio Matias Silva 3 months ago

    That 's enough Internet for today 💀

  • Lisa Evans
    Lisa Evans 3 months ago +23

    I’m paying for everyone’s therapy hands down

    • Biswajit Doley
      Biswajit Doley 3 months ago


    • IAlya
      IAlya 3 months ago

      Thank you! 😢

    • Lisa Evans
      Lisa Evans 3 months ago

      @Biswajit Doley not yours if that doesn’t change

  • Adopt The Adventure
    Adopt The Adventure 3 months ago +1

    #prank? That looked a little bit more than a prank 💀💀💀💀💀

  • Savannah23
    Savannah23 3 months ago +10

    They knew what they were doing💀💀

  • Play with Chit
    Play with Chit 3 months ago

    Welp when Clip-Share sees this she’s going to wake up in the back rooms

  • Dumb Ass
    Dumb Ass 3 months ago

    Phone yeeted
    Clip-Share deleted
    Therapy greeted
    God needed

  • Super Maguigi Productions!
    Super Maguigi Productions! 3 months ago +21

    Thats enough of internet for today- 💀💀

  • mi_amor_es_ridiculo
    mi_amor_es_ridiculo 3 months ago

    Clip-Share deleted
    Phone yeeted
    Therapist greeted

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith 3 months ago

    Hi there welcome to my sus stoper shop
    Holy water - 10 likes
    Crosses -30 likes
    Backrooms - 10 likes
    Anti-sus pill - 40 likes
    Angels to pick u up to. Heaven - 60 likes
    Jesus and God - 1000 likes

  • Sara ann
    Sara ann 4 months ago +36

    Welcome back to episode 4 of what the hell did I just watch