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ITZY Reveals The Cutest Secrets About Their Friendships | Besties On Besties | Seventeen

  • Published on Jul 14, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • It's obvious the girls of #ITZY are best friends, and today, we get to learn even more about them on #BestiesOnBesties with #Seventeen. Talking about things they have never done but want to, describing their friendship in only three words, and nominating the girl who takes the BEST selfies- you'll want to be a part of this girl group by the end of ITZY's episode. 💞 LOVE Watching Besties On Besties? Catch your fav celebs playing HERE: • Seventeen's Mingyu And...
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  • ITZY
    ITZY Year ago +5525

    Yes we are Besties👑

  • ryumyworld
    ryumyworld Year ago +1926

    they look more and moreeeeeeeeeeeeee comfortable for talking about each other in front camera every comeback

  • kian cayetano
    kian cayetano Year ago +4368

    Who texts the most?
    Chaeryoung: Our manager.
    Girlie is such a mood. She’s so funny.

    • Blazingpan
      Blazingpan Year ago +171

      She did not hesitate

    • Annalize botha
      Annalize botha Year ago +87

      I live her so much. They can't even begin to tell me, that she is not the funniest in the group

    • Prasith Oudomvilay
      Prasith Oudomvilay Year ago +52

      So sad! Savageness from chaeryeong in English 🤣

      SHAZA BEEFATHIMA tms Year ago +21

      Yupp she is a such a mood

    • Brianne Castillo
      Brianne Castillo Year ago +22


  • MinKook DaeHan
    MinKook DaeHan Year ago +3380

    Wow!!! All of them can speak English perfectly and elegantly. If you are not afraid of speaking a language, which is not your mother tongue, you mastered the language. 💖💖💖💖💖

  • cosmos
    cosmos Year ago +1735

    I think they're a very natural, friendly, respectful and charming group. ITZY is the best members! I love them soo much.

  • Hobishine
    Hobishine Year ago +1721

    Fun fact: chaeryeong is my new role model. She’s so perfect, she looks perfect, she has the best voice. She’s my bias. She’s funny. She’s caring.

    • Seventeen
      Seventeen  Year ago +353

      omg good choice of role model! we want a friendship like they have with each other

    • Hobishine
      Hobishine Year ago +17

      @Seventeen oh yeahhhhhhhh. 🦋🦋🦋🦋

    • eclipsse
      eclipsse Year ago +6

      @Seventeen for real I really like her too

    • 𝙕𝙖𝙘𝙝ツ
      𝙕𝙖𝙘𝙝ツ Year ago +6

      @Seventeen yeah for real

    • Annalize botha
      Annalize botha Year ago +22

      The more you look at her the more beautiful she becomes. This is a very pure soul

  • Tyrone Jay
    Tyrone Jay Year ago +737

    Yeji: I love conversations
    Ryujin: Aww, that’s so cute
    Chaeryoung: So sad
    Miss Chaeryoung is just a savage

  • nayeone
    nayeone Year ago +1590

    Popular opinion: Everyone agrees that Yeji's smile made our day.

  • Leo
    Leo Year ago +1056

    Ryujin is so talkative 😂 I think she was in a really good mood when they filmed this

    • Egas Krad
      Egas Krad Year ago +33

      𝖖𝖚𝖆𝖙𝖗𝖔 𝖑𝖊𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖘 yeah, her english is definitely the best among the four... and it makes english interview so much better to watch. Lia's speaks perfect english but without someone talking with her the interview would be very monotone.

    • Egas Krad
      Egas Krad Year ago +20

      l Ryujin not only makes interview more interesting. she also lift the burden from the other members too. those three would feel like, "hey if I mess up, ryujin and Lia can always take over." with that burden goes, it makes speaking english more an achievement than a life and death issue. motivation is very important. I think Ryujin plays a more important role than many of us already believe... um, Lia too but that goes without saying.

  • ids
    ids Year ago +675

    i love ryujin’s way with words. she’s basically fluent now

    • Egas Krad
      Egas Krad Year ago +23

      she was quite fluent right at the very beginning. she did have a few grammar issues here and there but you can tell that she was really good at it.

    • AngelicRosee
      AngelicRosee Year ago +19

      I know I almost got teary eyed when she used paradox . I’m like “LOOK AT RYUJIN GO”

    • kenna !! ◡̈ - kpop stan 🤍
      kenna !! ◡̈ - kpop stan 🤍 Month ago

      yeah 😭💖

  • mocca
    mocca Year ago +364

    actually Lia is the official ITZY's english speaker, but like.. she let the members talk too for improving their english and i'm so proud they improved a lot in speaking english especially ryujin

    • Egas Krad
      Egas Krad Year ago +27

      She did it since the first day. In older interviews she didn't speak a lot probably not want to make the others look bad. it is probably the decision of their manager. Now with the other members getting better in English, she can finally let out a little bit more of her own charm during the English interviews. I am so glad Ryujin is in the group. She is kind of the connection between the non-native English talks (CY, Yuna and Yeji) with the native English talks (Lia).

    • mocca
      mocca Year ago +3

      @Egas Krad yass

    • Incheon Guy
      Incheon Guy Year ago +1

      @Egas Krad You are not a native English speaker, clearly but you made another comment earlier about ITZY's abilities judging them when you are lacking quite a bit in your own abilities as well.. Your English needs work.. At this point ITZY is far better at it than you are...

    • Egas Krad
      Egas Krad Year ago +4

      @Incheon Guy dude. grow up.

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Year ago +540

    Ryujin's English has gotten so good she's graduated to teasing yeji in another language lmaooo

  • Leo
    Leo Year ago +222

    "Sisters for life" they really have such a great friendship.

  • Charles Tran
    Charles Tran Year ago +563

    Ryujin’s correctly using the word “paradox”. Amazing, we have native English speakers that don’t use that word correctly.

    • Prasith Oudomvilay
      Prasith Oudomvilay Year ago +11

      She said it correctly 👏

    • Snitha Suresh
      Snitha Suresh Year ago +22

      im an English speaker but don't know what it means 🥲

    • BreakfastBacon
      BreakfastBacon Year ago +24

      I would even say most native speakers don’t know what paradox means.

    • Snitha Suresh
      Snitha Suresh Year ago +1

      @BreakfastBacon yuppp agreed

    • Wedge
      Wedge Year ago +12

      @Snitha Suresh it’s like a contradiction that also may be true. For example, in Macbeth there is quote stating “fair is foul and foul is fair”

  • Tyrone Jay
    Tyrone Jay Year ago +237

    Chaeryoung is so funny in korean and in english, global comedian. So happy they all can speak english with more confidence and comfort this time around, they really work so hard.

    • pupusa
      pupusa Year ago +4

      Chaeryeong literally learned English from watching friends like that’s already impressive enough 😭

    • Prasith Oudomvilay
      Prasith Oudomvilay 11 months ago +2

      "So sad!" hahaha

  • mojo_11
    mojo_11 Year ago +316

    Who text the most?
    Chaeryeong: Our manager
    😂 She's effortlessly funny

  • FM
    FM Year ago +827

    Their English has improved in leaps and bounds. I hope they start speaking English more during their interviews, VLives, vlogs. They have a huge international fanbase, which would grow twice as fast if they spoke English more often. 💜ITZY💜

    • Klueless
      Klueless Year ago +8


    • Prasith Oudomvilay
      Prasith Oudomvilay Year ago +12

      "Lia will never be first" hahaha so funny

    • E N
      E N Year ago +4

      Eh, I'm totally fine with reading subtitles. Prefer that over forcing them to speak another language.

    • Lexie Liu
      Lexie Liu Year ago +3

      Ryujin speak English the most in her Vlives already.

    • diNG dOng
      diNG dOng Year ago +9

      @E N I don’t think they are forcing themselves, they probably wanna improve on their English since they are popular world wide, but at the end of the day it is their decision and in my opinion their English is already really good and they aren’t far from perfecting it !

  • Redy Pajero
    Redy Pajero Year ago +173

    ITZY speaks English fluently and in confidence, so proud of them.

  • mris
    mris Year ago +107

    everyone's agreed that Yeji is a " Selfie Queen " and "Photogenic." ✨✨✨✨

  • rala
    rala Year ago +439

    "Ryujin is good at listening, she is always there when I'm talking"
    I love how ryujin and lia complement each other. All the little details ryujin said about lia, like how she is such a perfectionist but she has so much to do 😭

    • Annalize botha
      Annalize botha Year ago

      Ryujin should have picked chaeryeong, Lia looked like she smelled something bad during the interview

    • jayla *ೃ༄˚
      jayla *ೃ༄˚ Year ago +4

      @Annalize botha this is such a weird thing to say…

    • chaé
      chaé Year ago +4

      @Annalize botha lol what

    • Lethal But not really
      Lethal But not really Year ago +6

      @Annalize botha did your parents ever teach you that you don’t have to say every little thing that’s on your mind? Especially when it’s useless crap? Because if they did, you probably wouldn’t have said that.

    • Egas Krad
      Egas Krad Year ago

      Korean, or most people, would try to say nice things about each other. CY, Yeji and Yuna all have an English barrier that they are working on so Lia and Ryujin stood out.

  • Alex_Kills
    Alex_Kills Year ago +140

    Their English is improving so much 🥲Happy that we’re being fed with so many interviews today. They deserve these opportunities!

  • no one in particular
    no one in particular Year ago +191

    Ryujin is showering yeji with compliments, they are so cute!!!

  • J B
    J B Year ago +349

    Wow this interview was very fun to watch! The girls are so comfortable with each other you can really feel their sincerity and it's great to see :) Midzys love you too 🦋👑Itzy 💜🌟❤️

    • Seventeen
      Seventeen  Year ago +82

      you can tell how much they love each other 🥹

    • Happy🌈
      Happy🌈 11 months ago

      @Seventeen can we have another itzy video please

  • choijisu is my sunshine

    Their English skill is no joke that they are always trying for the international fans ^^ Itzy, the perfectionists !!!!!

  • wonyxz
    wonyxz Year ago +89

    chaeryeong is so funny like please how could you not love her shes perfect in every way🦋💗

  • Ram Dam
    Ram Dam Year ago +42

    I love how Chaeryong is so talkative in this English interview. They've improved A LOT. ITZY hardworking girls

  • Trang Nguyen
    Trang Nguyen Year ago +42

    Am I the only one who notices that Ryujin is really really smart? She notices everything, can express very well what she wanna say, also can do well everything.

  • AHT
    AHT Year ago +40

    The way Ryujin said so cute at 1:48 is cute and there we have Chaeryeong making the members laugh. Love them

  • Millie Anne Volante
    Millie Anne Volante Year ago +61

    I laughed so hard when Ryujin keeps on complimenting the girls and asked for one 🤣

  • Angela Martin
    Angela Martin Year ago +41

    Ryujin compliments Yeji so well like Ryeji is sailing

  • HeartIz
    HeartIz Year ago +322

    when yeji suddenly spoke korean cuz she didn't know what dimple is in english ❤️😂🤧 so cutee

    • Prasith Oudomvilay
      Prasith Oudomvilay Year ago +17

      Yeji word "addractive" hehe all good if she doesn't know how to say that word "dimple"

    • Brianne Castillo
      Brianne Castillo Year ago +12

      and ryujin called it wrinkle

    • Riko
      Riko Year ago +3

      @Brianne Castillo PFFT- CUTE 😂

    • HeartIz
      HeartIz Year ago +4

      @Brianne Castillo lmaoo

  • Arizona Robbins
    Arizona Robbins Year ago +214

    Chaeryong savage even in English 😂

    ITEEZ Year ago +268

    Chaeryeong: chaeryeong loves ITZYYYY!!!
    Also chaeryeong: throwing shade at the members and becoming a total savage through the entire interview

    • Prasith Oudomvilay
      Prasith Oudomvilay Year ago +9

      She's so cool coz she watched friends 😍 and funnily say so sad in English

  • Carolina Ng
    Carolina Ng Year ago +69

    they're so down to earth

  • marley
    marley Year ago +39

    ryujin is so confident speaking english i’m so proud of her

  • mxxdy1212
    mxxdy1212 Year ago +69

    Yeji has improved her english and I am loving her confidence
    No lie she does look the best with selfies I subscribed to her bubble and it is just so worth it

  • Dynasty DIY
    Dynasty DIY Year ago +40

    I love their new album" CHECKMATE". Amazing as always!!! I'm so happy for Chaeryeong! She really fits this era! Itzy are really the queens for 4th Generation 👸👸👸👸👸

  • Lisa Rowe's gf
    Lisa Rowe's gf Year ago +52

    yeji & ryujin were working HARD to ignore that relationship advice question 😭😭

  • ania
    ania Year ago +143

    yuna saying besties gives me so much seratonin

  • Stephanie H
    Stephanie H Year ago +32

    All these English contents from them are so refreshing. it’s amazing to see how far they’ve come with the language that they’re able to have these extended conversations and make jokes and it still feels very much them and their true personalities. So proud of them!

    • pupusa
      pupusa Year ago

      Especially Chaeryeong she improved so much 😋

  • quaint relle
    quaint relle 8 months ago +3

    Did you guys notice at the question "lia will never" lia said "be the first" and it was so touching to see how yeji quickly said "no no no just never be the first to wake up" maybe lia means something else and yeji noticed what it means and quickly comforting her and find funny facts so the members laugh 🥺 i love them a lot. They're really caring and protecting each others

  • captain piper
    captain piper Year ago +48

    Itzy so unbothered omg, haters can say all they want but Itzy is thriving!! they are just so natural to watch, all their answers are from real friends, they’re all very humorous, also their English is very good!!

  • N∀ʎ
    N∀ʎ Year ago +35

    Simply one of the best K-pop friendships it's easy to see how close they are 💓 I love my Girls

  • nuab0
    nuab0 Year ago +49

    1:56 hahaha I agree with Lia, Yeji is sooooo cute! 🥰

  • France Jilcy Durante

    Sobrang perfect talaga ng Itzy, my definition of Perfection. 🤜🏻🤛🏻👑

  • ~KpopCAKEPOP~
    ~KpopCAKEPOP~ 10 months ago +4

    Chaeryoung has such a cute voice at the end *my heart melted* 🤗

  • S Mixes
    S Mixes Year ago +64

    Ryujin is a big mood 🤣💜💜

  • France Jilcy Durante
    France Jilcy Durante Year ago +43

    I love these girls so much, I want friendship like theirs. Chaeryeong will and will always be my favorite

  • Cole Powell
    Cole Powell Year ago +58

    their English has improved exponentially 💗 you can tell they care about their international fans so much❤🥺🥺🥺

  • StayC Girls
    StayC Girls Year ago +63

    Their English is getting better and better every comeback! I understand why Yuna is quiet most of the time and I hope she gets the confidence to speak more in English in the future. Thank you Seventeen for having this wonderful interview!

    • Butterfly
      Butterfly Year ago +1

      I don’t think she’s quiet because of the English but because she was bullied.

  • strawberry princess
    strawberry princess Year ago +28

    chaeryeong is so effortlessly funny

  • Nix
    Nix Year ago +18

    Super proud of them! They’re English has improved a lot. Aside from their music, I’ve always appreciated ITZY’s desire to learn English so that they can communicate with their international fans better. Love them for that! ♥️

  • Hobishine
    Hobishine Year ago +83

    Fun fact: we all love ITZY for what they are, not for what jyp tries to make out of them.

  • BloodofaFool
    BloodofaFool Year ago +10

    I love to see their progress in English. When they first debuted Lia was the only one who would speak but now they all do but especially Ryujin has become so confident. Also Yeji has made a big improvement because she used to never speak when the other girls would.

  • Ash 스테이티니 Webb

    Yeji's eyes are so captivating. She's adorable when she smiles and speaks English. I am just getting into these girls and they seem really fun! ❤️

  • tarahlets go
    tarahlets go Year ago +71

    This is the funniest video of this comeback lol its so comfortable with them speaking English

  • Agata Highstein
    Agata Highstein Year ago +11

    Nothing makes me more happy than ITZY in english interviews. They impress me every time and they are just so CUTEEEE

  • Rowena Cruz
    Rowena Cruz Year ago +16

    Binge-watching Itzy's new interviews, promotions and stages for their comeback. It's a gift on a Saturday free from work 😭♥️♥️

  • j
    j Year ago +14

    “so cute!”
    “so sad!” lmao Chaeryeong really didn’t have to but she did as always 😂 I really gotta say though, their English has improved so much. Ryujin has developed her vocab to the point where she can recognize her own mistakes and instantly correct them herself. All of them have boosted confidence so they can keep the conversation going without Lia having to control the flow. With all the practice they put into performances it’s amazing and extremely commendable how much effort they’ve put into learning English. They started off better than many groups but the difference really is night and day at this point. Great work, Itzy!

  • Emily Vo
    Emily Vo Year ago +66

    is ryujin fluent? omg she sounds so good even better than before

    • Prasith Oudomvilay
      Prasith Oudomvilay Year ago +5

      I believe they are all fluent! They improved since they started doing English interview since 2020

    • Izza
      Izza Year ago +5

      Even Bangchan also said Ryujin english improved 😅

    • seokmin my singer
      seokmin my singer Year ago +1

      not really that fluent but her english keeps improving, she's getting more comfortable with speaking the language and i bet sooner or later, she'll be fluent.

    KIMAERIE 8 months ago +4

    i like how Lia is so smooth when she talks.her flow her creativity is just out blowing.

  • Michele Rich
    Michele Rich Year ago +6

    I love when idols wind up saying very wholesome and simple things with English not being their first language. It's so sweet.

  • Kpop eonni
    Kpop eonni Year ago +99

    Itzy et paris was so fun to watch and touching so I’m not surprised that they choose this trip for their best memory. A lot of midzy didn’t like this show but this was THIS show who really makes me fall in love with itzy (even tho I knew them since their pre debut)

    • highland
      highland Year ago

      why didnt ppl like it?

    • Kpop eonni
      Kpop eonni Year ago

      @highland i saw comments like it was boring, that itzy didn’t do anything fun in Paris

    • TheDavinci888
      TheDavinci888 Year ago

      Itzy in Paris & itzy cozy house ;)

    ONEUS OT6 FOREVER Year ago +6

    Yeji : i love conversations
    Yuna : so cute
    Chearyeong : So sad ✨ ICONIC ✨

  • Julian Isaak
    Julian Isaak Year ago +23

    Wait why is Chaeryeong killing me right now lmao
    Our comedy QUEEN

    BENASSI 8 months ago

    Eu amo Itzy💙💙💙

  • Martha Tj
    Martha Tj 8 months ago +2

    Ryujin is my role model I mean shes kinda the full package. She's addractive, shes kind, shes pretty, shes funny and she has a good mood and personality. I would like to meet her but it would be impossible

  • Gatcha girl101 lol
    Gatcha girl101 lol Year ago +8

    Chaeryeong being a mood is amazing. This is why she’s my bias

  • rana
    rana Year ago +7

    Chaeryeong looks so comfortable with talking in this video.. i love seeing her like this always ❤️❤️❤️

    • Seventeen
      Seventeen  Year ago +4

      we LOVE the confidence 😍

    • Happy🌈
      Happy🌈 11 months ago

      @Seventeen can we have another itzy video please❤

  • Merri Ame
    Merri Ame Year ago +8

    I really adore their friendship 😭🥰
    Omg round Yeji and angel queen Ryeongchae 💗

  • madi
    madi Year ago +50

    1:11 ‘cause we are stars’ damn right 🤩

  • cabbit!
    cabbit! Year ago +14

    Chaeryeong is sooooo funny
    They clowned Lia so much fck the gossip!!!!
    Anyway they're all so cute and precious and I adore them

  • yejiseul KH
    yejiseul KH Year ago +10

    Nobody's perfect but ITZY is a perfect combination!

  • jannaz
    jannaz 10 months ago +2

    I don't really know why people hate Chaeryeong, she's so adorable and cute!

    ARCIE 9 months ago +2

    ITZY seems so comfortable with each other ❤

  • ritika raghuwanshi
    ritika raghuwanshi Year ago +23

    Chaeryeong looks soo pretyyyyyy🤩she just stole the spotlight

  • OH_WOW.
    OH_WOW. Year ago +21

    I love how casual chaeryeong said:
    "Our manager"

  • mei mei
    mei mei Year ago +7

    This is the reason why everyone loves ITZY! They are real family! No fake at all! They are such beautiful and lovely people!

  • Gayathri N
    Gayathri N Year ago +3

    Their English speaking skills are such a charming point about them!! ITZY are definitely all-rounder princesses 👑 I love their confidence and it really shows in their ability to speak so fluently!

  • angel ♡
    angel ♡ Year ago +1

    Chaeryeong is so effortlessly funny lmao

  • Shivi med
    Shivi med Year ago

    Their English is everything we can clearly see how they worked hard on every aspect like from singing and dancing to speaking such a perfectionists 💚

  • Aki blnk
    Aki blnk Year ago

    They can all converse in english with confidence. Keep shining Itzy ✨

  • Victoria Wise
    Victoria Wise Year ago +4

    aww you can tell they are truly family. the connection and love they have for each other is infectious

  • 源于清
    源于清 Year ago +4

    They seem really close and keen on chatting! It’s so sweet

  • mangata
    mangata Year ago +16

    4:49 is so funny when chae goes like “yesss!” to swimming with bikini’s 😭

  • Azura
    Azura Year ago +8


    • AR1GAT0
      AR1GAT0 Year ago +2

      Their Tour should be fun, the interactions

  • I'm Dani I'm Ok
    I'm Dani I'm Ok Year ago +3

    Chaeryeong is such a savage these days and I am HERE FOR IT!!

  • Nutella
    Nutella Year ago +4

    This is my first time watching a kpop group interview w/out subtitles. As an international midzy who does not understand korean language, I'm sooooo proud how they've improved a loooot 💖💖

  • jenxo
    jenxo Year ago +10

    Itzy are such a likeable group, they seem like the sweetest people. 💗

  • theerominzy stan
    theerominzy stan Year ago +4

    Chaeryeong is naturally funny 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • Dani13
    Dani13 Year ago +4

    I really love ITZY and their personalities ❤️ they really have that family bond ❤️

  • Naomi
    Naomi Year ago +2

    Chaeryoung has all my heart 🥺

  • H M
    H M Year ago +14

    Oh i have so much to say about the interview.
    First of all Chae was hilarious, “Thats so sad” “our manager” “lia would never stop talking”.
    Ryujin’s “there’s a real paradox in here” caught me off guard, like excuse me Miss im fluent in english, Woah!!
    Their english skills which ill never shut up about.
    The whole vibe was amazing.
    Also i really wanna have a conversation with chae about friends and know which character is her favorite because she seems so into the show.

  • emilys
    emilys Year ago +1

    chaeryeong is so effortlessly funny 💀

  • Egha Artama
    Egha Artama Year ago +24

    it'z really great to see all member improve their speaking, especially ryuddaeng is just like fluent english speaker now... more comfortable with her choice of words..

  • Sahda Ihza
    Sahda Ihza Year ago +4

    Yuna so beautiful, elegant, and talented

  • Bueno
    Bueno Year ago +12

    LMAO “if u dont pay me i will sue u” RYUJIN IS SO FUNNY EFFORTLESSLY

  • L4iS4H
    L4iS4H Year ago +4

    Their friendship is everything. They're easily my comfort group!

  • -drao27dramatic
    -drao27dramatic 9 months ago +1

    I love them, they are so cute, you can tell that they get along really well, they take care of each other, they encourage each other, they form the perfect friendship T_T they are adorable, we all want a friendship like theirs

  • Joyce Carla Silva