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Figuring Out Who Punched a Hole in the Wall || ViralHog

  • Published on Jan 18, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Occurred on January 17, 2022 / Chicago, Illinois, USA
    My friends and I went out to the bars and got home late, next day we found the hole in the wall so we took turns lining up our fists to see who’s fit in the hole. We found the culprit.
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Comments • 10 804

  • Brad
    Brad 3 months ago +6688

    I just love how they can all laugh about it together. In my family there would’ve been a lot of yelling and crying, everyone depressed the whole day.

    • AKSHAY
      AKSHAY 16 days ago +1

      Poor family vs rich family 😂

    • Dustydude
      Dustydude Month ago

      @Bored Of Life I’m sorry you had that type of family

    • Auden Kulter
      Auden Kulter 3 months ago

      @melancholyflow Oh well that’s fair, but I still think there has to be more expenses, because Jesus Christ it’s so cheap lol.

    • Applezauze
      Applezauze 3 months ago

      my family can fix it ourselves but the oldest gets blamed for making the culprit mad enough to punch the hole

    • Anonymous Potato🎃
      Anonymous Potato🎃 3 months ago +1

      @Auden Kulter a drywall patch is like 20 bucks bro

  • Spy
    Spy Month ago +7542

    “We found the culprit 😂” My mom said she would roundhouse kick that same hole into my jaw 💀

    • Cod Experience
      Cod Experience 12 days ago

      @BadBabyBish lol

    • Matt
      Matt 21 day ago

      @BadBabyBish what would've happened if you put a "hole" in the wall tho? 🧐

    • Zimerah Howard
      Zimerah Howard 23 days ago +1

      @BadBabyBish exactly

  • klmpore
    klmpore 2 months ago +1

    It amazes me how certain families can find this kind of aggression funny... it's kinda weird.

  • p3yton_frfr
    p3yton_frfr Month ago

    this is so smart. my younger siblings sometimes have tantrums and it can get so bad that they’ll literally punch walls. so whenever they do, I will be sure to do this.

  • Meerab Asim
    Meerab Asim 21 day ago +3

    Cannot imagine this at my house . The walls are made of concrete blocks , bricks , cement , . I would break myself

    • Eman DeMoan
      Eman DeMoan 8 days ago

      Same here. No one makes wooden houses here 😂

  • Seetal Gurung
    Seetal Gurung 4 months ago +6751

    I love how they’re just having fun and not blaming her for punching the wall and making a hole in it

    • Jordicl
      Jordicl Month ago +1

      @TH9 maybe stronger than cardboard, but still weak af, glorified cardboard basically 😂😂

    • TH9
      TH9 Month ago +1

      @Jordicl You mean drywall? There’s not a single house in America that uses cardboard for its interior walls. Drywall is significantly stronger than cardboard as well.

    • Darvin Charles
      Darvin Charles 4 months ago +2

      To the person reading this: Even though I don’t know you, I wish you the best of what life has to offer 🧡

    • bread
      bread 4 months ago +1

      @Ryan it's plaster on the inner walls I think

  • Zeroshiki
    Zeroshiki Month ago +185

    Imagine her sweating as she _knows_ she's about to get found out lol. 💀

    • Lunatic Leone
      Lunatic Leone 16 days ago

      She isn't sweating, if she did it she already privileged enough to do it lmfao

  • Ape BlaziN Does Stuff

    I'll never forget watching my friend try to stop his older brother and father from fighting. The father pushed the older son against the wall, a family portrait fell off the wall and the glass from the frame shattered as it hit the ground. As the father and brother were fighting, now on the ground, the brother grabs a shard of glass and begins trying to stab the father with it. My friend screaming at the top of his lungs and trying to seperate them physically wasn't working so he went to punch the wall out of frustration/desperation and he (of course) managed to pick the perfect spot right in front of a stud 🙈 ... Well his hand was for sure broken but at least it stopped a potentially life altering decision on his older brother's part.

    • Kai Jan
      Kai Jan Month ago

      I find it baffling how insane it is trying to murder your father while I also once tried when I was 17 to my stepdad. Unbelievable

  • 🧀AdxrbsMae🧀
    🧀AdxrbsMae🧀 Month ago

    I love how you are laughing, my mom would have kicked me out on the spot💀👌

  • Lauren Pearce
    Lauren Pearce Month ago +2

    Don’t punch it, just slam the door handle into it. 😂

  • xBMPR
    xBMPR 4 months ago +26590

    Tried this at my house when I was like 8. Didn’t know our house was built out of concrete blocks.

    • sus
      sus 3 days ago

      @SLAB. this is india lmao litterally every house in india is concrete and brick lol

    • Kanav Lyder
      Kanav Lyder 4 days ago

      @SLAB. Lol are you kidding me? In India, all houses made of Cement bro. Super solid foundations, and houses. Cyclones and Tornadoes really can't do much damage. As a matter of fact, I'm surprised why USA doesn't have cement houses considering the Natural damage every year

    • Darsh Nomad
      Darsh Nomad 6 days ago

      @SLAB. That show's that you are living in a bubble, in Aisan countries almost all house are made of stone bricks and concrete, we don't live in fragile houses made of woods and cardboards, we dont see our ceilings stretching down like rubber due to water leakage.

    • Red Ǥ fred
      Red Ǥ fred 6 days ago


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  • Mia
    Mia 18 days ago

    These shorts are very entertaining! They make my day so much better❤

  • Handsome Inosuke
    Handsome Inosuke 24 days ago

    When I was little, I was always so amazed how Americans can punch their walls so easily til I realised it's not concrete

  • Olivia Wilson
    Olivia Wilson 20 days ago

    I’ve seen this so many times and I will never get over it😂😂

  • Filip Mazic
    Filip Mazic 3 months ago +12292

    This family: laughing about the situation
    My family: would punch a hole that same size into my face

  • JDE’ster
    JDE’ster 18 days ago +2

    👩🏼: “Emma give me your phone your grounded”
    👩🏿‍🦱: “ who tf punched a hole in my mf wall“

  • Airraca Lee
    Airraca Lee Month ago

    Damn this reminds me when my mom used to make us write on a piece of paper to figure out who wrote on the wall 😂😂😂

  • Blake S
    Blake S 17 days ago

    I’ve done this so many times (about 7 cuz I got issues lmao) and every time managed to not hit a stud. I no longer act like that but better than assaulting someone I guess 😂 to me it’s just a wall. It’s replaceable. You assault someone? Good luck figuring that one out lol

  • FBI
    FBI Month ago

    Good job I’m proud of you

  • Spyder
    Spyder 4 months ago +26784

    Imagine you didn't do it, but you have the same sized hands 💀

    • 拉吉啵啦啦
      拉吉啵啦啦 5 days ago


    • Violet
      Violet 8 days ago

      @Reinier Hamelink dude...happened to me all the time. Especially as the oldest..

    • am sad 101
      am sad 101 18 days ago

      Lol yes

    • Ethan Benton
      Ethan Benton 20 days ago

      @TylerWilmetYT oooo i have to like and reply

    • Coddi Coydragon
      Coddi Coydragon 22 days ago

      I don't have to imagine, it's happened so many times in different scenarios.

  • Zenith
    Zenith Month ago

    I would be disowned by my parents if I ever punched a hole like that.

  • atrudokht
    atrudokht Month ago +1

    In my country, you can’t punch wall since most of them are brick and concrete. Including the interior walls.

  • AxolotlCraft
    AxolotlCraft Month ago

    I love how she’s not even mad

  • Johnny Garcia
    Johnny Garcia Month ago

    Note to self : don’t do this type of videos if there’s more than one culprit

  • Filipa Tavares
    Filipa Tavares 4 months ago +11437

    As an European, the concept of punching a wall and actually making a hole is mind boggling to me. Try and punch a wall here I double dare you

    • sources veriFied__
      sources veriFied__ 24 days ago

      Why does it matter?

    • 【ノワール】
      【ノワール】 Month ago

      @Crystal Austin ehh i have american friends, we did talked about these kind of stuff.. but yeah I've never been there, it's just a personal opinion not like a total judgement kind of opinion, more like open ended personal opinions..? I'm more like wondering and questioning things.. i like seeing different people with different opinions but that doesn't mean I believed their opinions, nor do mine to be true

    • Crystal Austin
      Crystal Austin Month ago

      @Big Tone It's not common knowledge because everyone making fun of the wall has never built a house before lol

    • Crystal Austin
      Crystal Austin Month ago

      @【ノワール】 You're also basing your information from non-Americans who haven't built a house before and also likely never been to America, either. Not a very intelligent thing to do, basing your opinion off others' unfounded, uneducated opinions...

  • A H
    A H Month ago

    Our family practiced punching through extra dry wall for fun and our dad tore a ligament doing it once; we teased him so bad!

  • ♡Weird Matcha♡
    ♡Weird Matcha♡ 28 days ago

    I can't imagine being the one who punched the wall 😬

  • _mat
    _mat 7 days ago

    It's scary to see a house so fragile that a woman punch can break a wall

  • RoseAustinCooks
    RoseAustinCooks 20 days ago +1

    I'm laughing my head off😂

  • Wîld Fìrë
    Wîld Fìrë 4 months ago +3591

    That one guy’s hand fit and he was probably like “oh shit”

    • 𝓨2𝓚6
      𝓨2𝓚6 Month ago

      @Crystal Austin I'm replying to them saying "women hands" like men can't have small or clear smooth hands

    • Crystal Austin
      Crystal Austin Month ago

      @𝓨2𝓚6 but you can see she is clearly a woman in the video...

    • CoronaYou'reALoner
      CoronaYou'reALoner 4 months ago

      @Wîld Fìrë 😂😂

    • Hayden perez
      Hayden perez 4 months ago

      So true 😂😂😂😂😂

    • shu
      shu 4 months ago +8

      @Raine Rommann they were talking about the little dude before the women

  • Trigga Trey
    Trigga Trey Month ago +1

    Huge Respect

  • Chris Live!
    Chris Live! 18 days ago

    All of our detective skills working as one!

  • JWB78games
    JWB78games 25 days ago

    They where so chill when they found out🙌

  • TheSocialTwiins
    TheSocialTwiins 28 days ago

    She was caught right handed she must of been real angry😂

  • Kevin
    Kevin 3 months ago +2566

    To everyone asking: yes, _interior_ wall in modern American homes are this fragile. They are made of stuff called "drywall" and they are basically sheets of a chalk-like plaster backed by paper. They are supported by 2x4 inch wooden posts every 16 to 24 inches. Most interior walls only have this drywall and then Space behind them for running things like electrical wires, plumbing, central heating vents, Ethernet/ coaxial/ telephone cables, and other utilities. Some nicer homes will also have insulation behind this drywall to help keep sound from bothering people in other rooms, but by and large in most American homes you can hear a lot of what people in other rooms are doing.
    Exterior walls are another matter. Depending on the building requirements of where you live, what floor you're on, how much the house cost to make, aesthetic decisions, etc... The exterior walls are usually built basically the same, but with the exterior flat side made out of a composite wood material that is basically chips of wood pressed together and fixed with a resin to make boards that are relatively strong in all directions (I have also seen plywood on older houses, but I have no idea if this is up to code and has basically always been old and rotten away when I've come across it). This chip board is then usually covered on the outside with sheets of plastic for wind and water proofing, then again with sheets of plastic or molded concrete siding that's usually pressed into shapes that resemble overlapping wood boards. Sometimes real wood boards are used, but this requires more maintenance and doesn't last as long and, again, is mostly an older house thing. The space between the drywall and the exterior chip board is also filled with some form of insulation (usually fiberglass, but rock wool, sprayed foam, paper, etc... Can also be used.) It is not completely unheard of for exterior walls to be made of brick, concrete, or even stone up to a certain height, either, though it it is rarer for new houses to have the _entire_ exterior structure built out of such materials.
    But interior American walls are flimsy as fuck. So are the doors. Exterior doors can either be solid wood or solid wood composite (like chip board, but usually with the wood ground up into a much finer consistency, about what you would see in sawdust from a rough hand saw) covered with veneer, steel, or plastic for weatherproofing. Interior doors can often be made of reinforced cardboard or very thin sheets of composites or wood backed by cardboard or foam.
    You will often hear Americans talk about "load-bearing walls" and this is because a lot of interior walls are not actually holding up the roof or the floor above it, and are only there to be room dividers. This is why on American renovation shows you will sometimes see people knocking down walls left and right and completely reorganizing the whole layout of a house. Some houses are only really held up by the exterior walls and maybe a central wall or even just a couple of bigger posts inside that interior wall. It all depends on the design of the house. I think _most_ have inner support, but I know that some do not. My grandpa's old house, for example, which was unusually well-built for a house in the states, had the second floor supported by these chunky 4 x 12 beams that ran from one side of the house to the other. This made the upper floor rock solid, and also meant that the interior walls could basically be knocked down willy-nilly.
    Some people will make houses completely out of concrete, cobb, adobe, brick, etc... But this is only in areas with loose or zero building codes that allow people to build their own homes without much or any permitting by hippies making "Earth ship" style homes or hermits who run off to live in the wild to be preppers or to escape modernity, _OR_ is done fully permitted and built by professionals but is basically limited to rich people building an estate or commercial buildings. Most Americans can't afford to make houses like that due to scummy zoning and building permit laws designed to make it nearly impossible for regular people to build their own homes so that established home building companies can throw together shit structures made out of papier-mâché and charge whatever the fuck they want for them and keep home prices artificially high by creating a false scarcity.

    • Elle Rose
      Elle Rose 3 months ago

      i dont normally read lengthy comments but this one is good. really goes to show that american gov really love homeless people.

    • Estefany Almodovar
      Estefany Almodovar 3 months ago

      @Bloody Mortifying pause on that

    • Bailey Angus
      Bailey Angus 3 months ago

      Shouldn't have said all that, now every visitor to America will knock all are walls down by huffing & puffing. :')

    • Bruh
      Bruh 3 months ago

      No way u wrote an essay for no reason In a comment section

    • Zach
      Zach 3 months ago

      Wikiyoutubipedia! Thumbs up for deets

  • Seandor
    Seandor 18 days ago

    I punched a hole in my bedroom door when I was a teenager and printed a sign to cover it. My parents didn't notice until about 15 years later when we sold the house

  • Isabel Aguilar
    Isabel Aguilar 2 months ago +1

    That’s so funny my mom would do the same

  • Caroline_Queen
    Caroline_Queen Month ago

    All the money would of been taken out of my bank account if I did that 😂

  • elaiza
    elaiza 18 days ago

    a friend of mine punched a hole on a cement wall that was also plated by tiles when he was having a breakdown........
    p.s he's fine after a week

  • smil3s
    smil3s 3 months ago +4038

    my older brother always took the fall for punching walls, he's the one that always plastered them after anyway lol

    • Miss simp
      Miss simp 3 months ago

      @smil3s you have a nice brotha-

    • smil3s
      smil3s 3 months ago +2

      @Jay ASL i live in the uk too^^ the houses in my area must've just been built differently lol

    • smil3s
      smil3s 3 months ago +4

      @Ayahuasca Gaming your point is? we stopped punching walls like 2 years ago cuz we found new ways to cope with anger and besides he's moved out now-

    • Jay ASL
      Jay ASL 3 months ago +2

      Ah I see well in my house no one knew how to plaster so no one punched walls, also I’m from the UK so brick walls

  • Hayden Morehouse
    Hayden Morehouse Month ago

    Y'all lucky to have a mother that's cool with you breaking up her walls. If I ever did that to my mothers walls she'd punch a hole that size in my face.

  • Angel Polanco
    Angel Polanco 19 days ago

    Back in my teenage year I would hear mice inside the wall, I punch a hole on the wall and till this day I can’t figure out what shocked me 🤔😂😂😂

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro Month ago +18

    Actually punching a hole in a wall just means you managed to miss two beams of wood and not break your hand.

    • Crystal Austin
      Crystal Austin Month ago

      @Volcarfi You base structural integrity off of walls and not foundation? You might need a new house soon, bro...

    • Volcarfi
      Volcarfi Month ago

      it also means your house is built like shit if it doesn’t have one bit of concrete, rock or any sort of structural integrity.

  • Rez
    Rez 16 days ago +1

    I did this.
    I lived in an old Edwardian house.
    Didn't end well for me.

  • T -Lexin
    T -Lexin 4 months ago +10770

    Yall's walls as strong as paper, if i punch my wall i'd break my hand without leaving a single scratch on the wall

    • Morgan R
      Morgan R 7 days ago

      Just gotta know the spacing of the beams

    • Melon Head
      Melon Head 7 days ago

      Sorry this is gonna be rude but maybe your just weak. It could be your walls tho.

    • Federal Activity
      Federal Activity 8 days ago

      Dry wall

    • AllHail KingRose
      AllHail KingRose 15 days ago

      @gravity A huge percentage of people get free food free housing and free healthcare in America. You don’t really have people willing to sell their souls trying to live in these other countries like they want to live in America.

  • Toncho bg
    Toncho bg Month ago

    I couldn't do that if I wanted to . My house has solid brick walls 😂

  • Taylor Spicher
    Taylor Spicher 2 months ago +1

    “Nope that’s not gonna work” “nope” “nope that’s not it” yeah we found the “culprit hahaha, I’m a dumbass 🤪 “

  • Rashmi Deshmukh
    Rashmi Deshmukh Month ago +1

    People saying that it feels like hulk
    Meanwhile me : how do yall be punching holes in a damm wall 🤨

  • Fave LoL
    Fave LoL 6 days ago

    Imagine having paper walls LOL

  • TheGuyInHD
    TheGuyInHD 4 months ago +4707

    One of the most annoying things about these houses aside from the structure I find is the absolutely abismal soundproofing

    • Crystal Austin
      Crystal Austin Month ago

      Soundproofing is terrible in all modern regions of the world apparently. Even in Japan apparently you can hear people in the next room whispering in hotels and whatnot, and it's considered extremely rude to have even a moderate level of noise (because other people don't want to hear anything you're doing).
      Even in Australia houses are paper thin. I haven't seen too many newer places anywhere that they give a shit about noise lol

    • Conrad Leffman
      Conrad Leffman 3 months ago

      @Israel Country Cube Yh admittedly it sounds kinda sus, but I did it to see if people would react differently to a 'Teen male's' comments compared to just my named account. It turns out a lot of people are actually at predisposition to be condescending to any of my opinions and it is sad but very expected really. Also, kinda hypocritical coming from you.

    • Paul
      Paul 3 months ago

      I live in Germany, I have concrete walls but I hear my neighboors cough, talk (but I can't understand the words) and at night I can hear when they flush their toilet

    • Conrad Leffman
      Conrad Leffman 3 months ago

      @Cody Guzman Well, when I go to punch my wall the only thing I would break is my hand. In a lot of American TV the exterior of the houses looks like it is just wood and vinyl. Obviously my original comment was exaggerated, but still.

  • Char AKA your secret anime dealer

    She still had the anger in her fist

  • Ola Degteva
    Ola Degteva 28 days ago +1

    How are the walls so weak in America- are your houses made of cardboard?

  • Dj Black Eagle
    Dj Black Eagle Month ago

    Moral of the story, never punch the wall just once.

  • Sarah Batchelor
    Sarah Batchelor 26 days ago


  • Cjya
    Cjya 3 months ago +10261

    No wonder, all zombies in the movies will always get inside the “house”.

    • Alpine Star
      Alpine Star Day ago

      American houses have outside very solid plywood, which is not breakable by random zombie

    • Bamsleindistress
      Bamsleindistress Month ago

      @Ugandan not if you hit a stud

    • Lotus leaf
      Lotus leaf Month ago

      @Ugandan we that's you, but zombies fleshed deteriorates over time, they're bones deteriorate, less slower granted but they still slowly disappear, and they of course lose there strength as they lose more and more of what made their body function when they were alive. So it's gonna be a lot harder for a zombie to break that lol

    • kareem Fate
      kareem Fate Month ago

      @Darth _Italy you know you need us though lol ahh Russia

    • Darth _Italy
      Darth _Italy Month ago

      @Jesse Still tho, You would rarely see a wall break instead of the fist in most of Europe, hence why our houses don't fall apart from tornadoes

  • Dynaheart
    Dynaheart 2 months ago

    She has problems- I hope she's doing okay :(

  • OperationFoxley19441
    OperationFoxley19441 28 days ago

    If the glove fits, you must convict.

  • Saegemh 1
    Saegemh 1 Month ago +1

    What are these walls made of? If i would try to punch a hole into my wall i would break my hand.

  • Gabi
    Gabi 28 days ago

    The culprit: 👀
    The woman filming: YOURE DONE YOURE DONE!

  • Caesar
    Caesar 4 months ago +4691

    Europeans with brick walls: “How strong are Americans?”

    • KewwyDa Pot
      KewwyDa Pot 19 days ago

      @rave same

    • Yugio_Masters
      Yugio_Masters 25 days ago

      @DyingSunflowers Cuz that’s just a one as type layered wall with less airflow. They are trash mate.

    • Crystal Austin
      Crystal Austin Month ago

      @That Beaatcch It wasn't even high heat. It was only like, 90F lmaooooooo

    • 6PathsA.E
      6PathsA.E 2 months ago

      Nigga you actin like we building the houses 💀

  • RM 5000
    RM 5000 Month ago +67

    Lmao imagine teching your kids breaking your own home is a funny thing, cool way to teach them effort and hard work.

    • Crystal Austin
      Crystal Austin Month ago +1

      @RM 5000 False. They likely can buy something, break it, get a new one. I.E. crashing a car and getting a new one.
      Some people don't care about money.

    • RM 5000
      RM 5000 Month ago

      @Dylan Webster Guess what, you don't break stuff when YOU PAY for it.

    • RM 5000
      RM 5000 Month ago

      @Dan F yeah because then they step outside and think it's funny to destroy stuff everyone pays for, so yeah, basicly they need to get educated.

    • Bossman
      Bossman Month ago +1

      @Jewish merchant look at yo goofy ahh

  • Ingram Empire
    Ingram Empire 28 days ago

    Easy punching holes in walls. Great stress reliever 👊🏾

  • Jadence Stanley
    Jadence Stanley 27 days ago

    My dad says "if you break it you fix it" and since I have so many holes in the wall I just buy posters to cover them up. Also my mom once told me she's make the same hole I made in the wall in my ribs and I've never punched a wall at her house

  • Proud Conservative
    Proud Conservative Month ago

    I remember when my mom tried this when My siblings and I were younger so I went and punched a little more out so it wouldn’t fit anyones hand lol

  • Julia SS
    Julia SS 4 months ago +494

    As a Brazilian, I ask myself, HOW DID YOU MAKE A HOLE IN THE WALL WITH A PUNCH? It's unimaginable to me!

    • Darvin Charles
      Darvin Charles 4 months ago

      To the person reading this: Even though I don’t know you, I wish you the best of what life has to offer 🧡

    • Jacob Fletcher
      Jacob Fletcher 4 months ago

      It goes drywall or plaster, drywall is big weak compared to plaster and I can still punch through it so if u cant u simply wernt mad enough lmao

    • random guy online
      random guy online 4 months ago

      That's just how walls are in the US. My bed is against 2 walls and I once jerked awake and kneed a hole in the wall

    • azthar z
      azthar z 4 months ago +2

      @K M Its not cardboard, its dry wall, its made from gypsum and it is very fire resistant. They also use more fire rated versions of it "fireboard" we called it when I used to dry wall when I was young. We used double layers of 5/8 fireboad for apartment complexes. Behind the drywall is insulation which is made from fiberglass, which is also extremely fire resistant. After drywalling, I went into welding 16 years ago, and we use fiberglass blankets to protect items when we weld. Molten weld can fall on those blankets without burning through them. Also, our emergency services are incredibly responsive, when fires do break out, firemen are there fast enough to keep the fires contained. These building materials are chosen for a reason -50°c here in Canada, without those materials we would freeze, or the amount of energy needed to keep heat in a concrete home would be astronomical. Wood is also extremely abundant here, so its an economical choice as well.

    • Pior ouvinte do Valdir
      Pior ouvinte do Valdir 4 months ago

      As paredes são ocas

  • ・Niayah OFFICIAL •

    That was so me trying to find out who punch a whole in my parents bedroom door

  • Ash's
    Ash's 29 days ago

    Imagina fazer isso no Brasil, a pessoa sai com o braço quebrado mano, aqui as casa é tijolo, cimento, reboco e tinta

  • Sourav Shandilya
    Sourav Shandilya 3 days ago +1

    We have concrete walls n I have punched enough on the walls n I have bruises on all my knuckles n nothing happened to the walls but I used to do it on the single bricks n break them

  • Mojaffor Ahammed
    Mojaffor Ahammed 2 months ago

    I have many question and one of them are what's the wall made of?
    Solid brick or something british or americans will use

  • The S/Word
    The S/Word 4 months ago +4600

    You young folk, don't ever punch a wall in an old house, they don't break like paper mache but your hand will.

    • Aaron cousins
      Aaron cousins Month ago

      @Crystal Austin 2months old but whatever. Most of your houses dont use steel beams because they dont need them. And steel beams wont stop your walls collapsing when some wind comes your way

    • Crystal Austin
      Crystal Austin Month ago

      @Aaron cousins also use steel beams for reinforcement, so what's your point?

    • Crystal Austin
      Crystal Austin Month ago

      @Autumn my family's house from the 70s sounds a lot more stable than that, lol. Probably just got scammed or unlucky with the building if they didn't build it themselves.

    • The whole country is laughing at u
      The whole country is laughing at u Month ago

      @The S/Word just knock on the wall if it sounds hollow you’re good in that spot. You can hear a stud when u knock it

    • The S/Word
      The S/Word Month ago

      @GYOUBO MASATAKA ONIWA "according to my ex" "The Past .. begins 2 weeks ago" I wasn't listening whe she was describing "old". I chose "selective deafness".

  • Preston K.
    Preston K. Month ago

    I learned punching a wall the hard way. Broke every bone in my hand.. NOT WORTH IT!

  • Sam Sabino
    Sam Sabino 2 months ago

    That fist who punched the wall
    could put Anthony Davis into the hospital for years 😭

  • Asmiii
    Asmiii Month ago

    To the person reading this, I genuinely wish you a great rest of your week and weekend! I truly hope if something's bothering you in life changes for the better, may your life be filled with pure happiness and I wish things will go your way! Never give up! You are beautiful, wonderful, amazing, talented, priceless, unstoppable, invincible, priceless and no words can define you.

  • Alban Musa
    Alban Musa Month ago

    I once scratched the coffee table when I was a teenager. There was no laughing involved afterwards

  • GrandmaJudy
    GrandmaJudy 4 months ago +745

    I'm genuinely curious, is America's walls built different? Because in Africa where I live, if you tried to break the walls, the walls break you. It seriously will not crack. If you do hear a crack, it's probably your bones.

    • Santi Meek
      Santi Meek 3 months ago

      @GrandmaJudy umm i think i know a little bit more about African housing than you buster! But nice try your not fooling anyone 🤣

    • GrandmaJudy
      GrandmaJudy 3 months ago

      @Danni G Ok, I get that. It's fine.

    • GrandmaJudy
      GrandmaJudy 3 months ago

      @Santi Meek We do not have "mud huts" whatever that is. We have actual houses. Educate yourself before making such claims.

    • Danni G
      Danni G 3 months ago

      @GrandmaJudy what’s normal for us isn’t normal to other countries and that’s ok. When I go overseas I’m taken aback by how other countries do things. It’s different that what I’m use to but again that’s ok.

  • Spyder
    Spyder 2 months ago +1

    Her filming: I think it was one of the guys. Few seconds later, it was a woman.

  • F30_0z
    F30_0z 26 days ago +1

    We sell cardboard home for 1mil and up over here in the U.S 😂

  • Chi Biscuit
    Chi Biscuit 29 days ago +417

    LMAOO I tried this when I was like 12 and I didn’t realize studs existed

  • Nicole Y
    Nicole Y 21 day ago

    My brother did this one time with his ass when we recreated WWF videos back in the 90s. I still remember how silent the room was when he made the hole 😂

  • n
    n 4 months ago +9769

    Punching a hole in the wall of any house built after 1980 is like punching paper. You can also hear everyones voice through the paper thin walls in new houses.

    • Crystal Austin
      Crystal Austin Month ago

      @Niloo T. You must not be from the US. Houses are definitely made of concrete because the foundation is made of concrete, including basements (in houses that have them).
      Not to mention it's the suppo4t beams that matter, not the empty space between them. It's reinforced with steel making it even stronger. It's not like American houses are just tree bark super glued together lol

    • Crystal Austin
      Crystal Austin Month ago

      @Christian Grim That's because most of your houses are pre-1980. You're just reiterating what OP said.

    • Helen
      Helen 3 months ago

      the house i live in was built some time in the 1970s and it has walls that are pretty easy to put holes in, then again these were built as super cheap townhouses

    • Julian D
      Julian D 4 months ago

      @Brooke what red tape do you junp through? Following a code book like every other contractor to make sure your building to code? Having an inspector check it as required by law? Im curious as to what red tape you mean. Of course working on something like this requires knowledge of the materials and methods used.
      What is it a post and beam home? (Thats a type of framing) i assume considering it was “200” years ago.... thats not red tape but certainly not an easy task and i commend you for all this btw its not easy work im just trying to explain that modern construction has its benefits whether you see fit or not. Sorry for my negative tone.

    • Julian D
      Julian D 4 months ago

      @Brooke my dude you don’t even understand basic construction terms so it’s very hard to follow along what your saying. Truthfully i’m very confused because you can’t even tell me how the home is framed... the house is insulated because you made the accommodations for it... and if it uses batt insulation than the walls are framed using studs and the only difference would be plaster you used instead of sheetrock. You would have also lost room size doing that possibly making things no longer up to code....

  • Kinley Mason
    Kinley Mason 20 days ago

    She walked away in shame 💀

  • _Lemon Curse_
    _Lemon Curse_ Month ago

    I live in the house that I and my parents grew up in and every couple pears there is like 5 new holes in the wall(s) 🤣🤣🤣
    I just 6 holes in my room, 4 of which were patched but still can be seen.

  • Some Irish Fella
    Some Irish Fella Month ago +1

    Next time, whoever did it should put on gloves so their hands so the shape of their hand is different

  • MiyuMiyu
    MiyuMiyu 26 days ago

    Bruh if that happened in my house I'd be punched so hard that I'd be in the hospital for both physical and mental trauma, and both of my parents would have a life sentence

  • Brandon _490
    Brandon _490 4 months ago +5237

    I remember one time me and my 3 brothers lived in the same cramped room while my eldest in his 17 at the time lived in his separate room next door. He wanted to go out with his friends, they had a long discussion, didn’t let him, so he threw a fit. He slammed the door and us 8-10 years old kids were curious on why he was angry. So we decided to get close to the wall to hear him. So I nudged my head and ears towards the wall, and BAANG! His whole fist went through the wall literally 5cm away from my face and nose. It looked like something out of the movies. It was a loud cartoony/movie scene that jumped all of us at once. One of the most memorable moments.

    • Brandon _490
      Brandon _490 3 months ago

      @Samara Morgan That’s the exact situation I was put in. Just try not to dwell on it, okay. I still live in a room with brothers after all these years. It is what it is.

    • Samara Morgan
      Samara Morgan 4 months ago

      @lc 4life My parents hated each other and always had fights. I had no privacy at all with my brother and mother in the same room. If at least I could have my own room it would save me so much mental problems, I would have my safe space. What a great childhood.

    • Samara Morgan
      Samara Morgan 4 months ago +1

      @Platinum Hustle I never had my own room, I always shared it with brother and mother, later with dog too, but I live in an European city where there are mostly flats, if you live in house it's a bit weird to keep so many children in one room :(

    • Kyle Del Rosario
      Kyle Del Rosario 4 months ago +1

      How did he react?

    • Claudine Alfred
      Claudine Alfred 4 months ago

      Holy shi

  • logan.grace😋
    logan.grace😋 24 days ago

    “we found the culprit”😂😂😂

  • Potato Rats
    Potato Rats 28 days ago +18

    To not get caught breaking a wall, simply tilt ur fist a bit lol 🤣

    • Hannah Jones
      Hannah Jones 21 day ago +1

      And then get a "Boxers fracture". My own damn fault, but it was against someone's face 🤣 so worth it though. They really deserved it

  • Autumn_The_Wonderful
    Autumn_The_Wonderful Month ago +4

    “We found the culprit” *everyone dies laughing*

  • MeowPlaysRoblox
    MeowPlaysRoblox 19 days ago +1

    Gotta be careful around her 💀

  • MTB Wolf
    MTB Wolf 4 months ago +2849

    I never understood as a kid how people in the US got avsolutely devastated by tornadoes. Then I moved there and realized the houses are practically cardboard.
    Edit: thanks for 1k likes in 16 hours. Hope yall are safe.
    I moved from Puerto Rico where we got hit by hurricanes a lot. Our concrete apartment was a penthouse and we sustained a 5.1 earthquake while I was living there. I saw the walls warp and move but it was safer than my wooden bunk bed which was falling apart. We were all safe but was scary for our neighborhood. Concrete is definitely safer. Just more expensive.

    • Alventura De la Cruz
      Alventura De la Cruz 3 months ago

      @Patrick its the story of the wolf and the 3 pigs

    • Retro
      Retro 4 months ago

      @Patrick see a house that big at current market prices would run you a couple million if you want it to be sturdy. Even out in the boonies where 300 acres is $300k. Goes to show how poorly our capital is running the economy 😭

    • Patrick
      Patrick 4 months ago

      @Retro EWxactly my point you may not realize that, but 300k for a house is A LOOOOT of money, unless it has like 8 or 9 bedrooms and 3-4 bathrooms. I can built a little castle for that money in Europe (also outside of the big cities of course). we found 12 acres of land with a 4 bedroom house for a bit under 100k (USD)

    • Julian D
      Julian D 4 months ago

      @TheGuyInHD Also another thing to add is that modern us brick homes typically are platform framed like a majority of other homes and just use brick as the siding instead of vinyl (which is horrible i agree). The bricks don't support the building frame the building frame supports the bricks. Even if you think your home is made of brick i assure you if its newer and you live in the us its not a "true" brick home.

    • Julian D
      Julian D 4 months ago

      @TheGuyInHD What you can build in one spot you may not be able to build in another I can't take prints from cali and build them in mass. they don't have frost line codes in LA and have unnecessary codes for earthquakes that we don't worry about here. same thing vice versa they would have a foundation thats to deep for no reason and wouldn't have roofs properly built for snow loads. There are so many things they account for the code books are hundreds of pages long. Even wind is a huge factor while building in an area. we always build homes in a certain direction now for solar. we need to test the soil and groundwater. SOOO MANY THINGS bro... I promise you its safe and efficient and I AM IN THE INDUSTRY!!!

  • 月
     6 days ago

    Well they got weak walls but the walls in my house are unbreakable I can't break them even with a hammer

  • brandonmatosich1
    brandonmatosich1 27 days ago

    This is literally what my mom would do

  • Mojii Lay
    Mojii Lay 20 days ago

    I read “finding the culprit hogwarts style”
    Like I think the wall is the housing hat 😂

  • nine
    nine 6 days ago

    Well, in Europe you look at who has a broken hand, because the wall won't even have a scratch.

  • Nima Master
    Nima Master 4 months ago +9258

    Here, our walls are made from bricks and concrete covered with a thick layer of rough plaster so it makes a base for a thin layer of smooth and white plaster. The only place you're going to find a hole if you punch a wall is your hand. Maybe a slight dent in the plaster

    • Crystal Austin
      Crystal Austin Month ago

      @Wabs Playing a contact sport with less protection doesn't make you look tough or intelligent, just so you know.
      Also yes, we're very weak. That's why we have the most Olympic Gold Medals. Truly the weakest...

    • Crystal Austin
      Crystal Austin Month ago

      @Mel Robinson Yes. You are asking people to have logic on the internet and that does not convey.

    • Crystal Austin
      Crystal Austin Month ago

      @Axial Not true, but ok. Clearly you've lived in every house in every country outside of the US to have the authority to know and verify this information.

    • Bill Hyman
      Bill Hyman 3 months ago

      @Weaver Games Their wankers are still upset over losing to a bunch of farmers in the revolutionary war. Gotta have pride in something I guess? 😂

    • Bill Hyman
      Bill Hyman 3 months ago

      America literally has homes built with brick walls. I totally forgot how video is all of America.

  • Charisma The Rapper
    Charisma The Rapper 14 days ago

    I never understood why punching a wall was so cool. Destroying parts of your house is better then going for a sprint run or a workout ? Okay.

  • Catwich
    Catwich 15 days ago

    Punching on other countries' walls will make you feel like your dying in hell...

  • jelley Regalado
    jelley Regalado 20 days ago +1

    It's like the step sisters trying on Cinderella's shoes

  • Zara
    Zara 25 days ago +1

    Looks like someone needs anger management