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MLB Pitchers Are Cheating Again But It's Ok Now

  • Published on Aug 1, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Sweetrocks610
    Sweetrocks610 Year ago +5947

    Gerrit Cole literally couldn’t sound more guilty if he tried to

    • John Wray
      John Wray Year ago +674

      Would sound less guilty if he just said, "Yes I have. "

    • claude122
      claude122 Year ago +100

      he cant really says no - his rpm was way way higher and everyone knew he was cheating(most pitchers was)

    • D_Da_Tree
      D_Da_Tree Year ago +40

      It was a lose lose situation and the interviewer knew it. The fact players are forced to do these post game interviews after every game is wild to me. Seems like a waste of time to ask the same 5 questions and get the same 5 answers.

    • D_Da_Tree
      D_Da_Tree Year ago +29

      @Matthew H almost everyone used some kind of substance. Stop hating on just the yankees its embarrassing lol

  • brAndOn
    brAndOn Year ago +579

    I am amazed at how Gerrit Cole found a more incriminating way to answer a question than by just saying “Yes”.

  • Red Hood inc.
    Red Hood inc. Year ago +1380

    I like the idea that they can use traditional pine tar resin. Have all the teams vote on which brand they want to be the official MLB pine tar resin.

    • litar
      litar Year ago +258

      Exactly. If they want stuff to be stickied, make it official. Don't let a situation fester where athletes with integrity are at a disadvantage and whoever dares to cheat the most without getting caught is at an advantage.

    • Nathaniel Garza
      Nathaniel Garza Year ago +51

      @litar you just explained the basis of game theory without knowing it

    • Artofficial
      Artofficial Year ago +6

      and then they'll use an unapproved type

    • Nathaniel Garza
      Nathaniel Garza Year ago

      @Artofficial only if it benefits them

    • Janson Shrock
      Janson Shrock Year ago +9

      there is already a bag of rosin on every MLB mound

  • sc6ut
    sc6ut Year ago +387

    the sport is evolving in the wrong ways.

    • iwillpost
      iwillpost Year ago

      Wow ur a great editor I did not expect for u to comment on Sports I’m ur 5th Like

    • cat
      cat Year ago +16

      nobody cares bc the sport is boring

    • gaberino
      gaberino Year ago +8

      @cat wrong channel

  • SweatyBigPapi34
    SweatyBigPapi34 Year ago +115

    What you're doing for baseball with these videos is nothing short of amazing. Speaking as a lapsed fan I can say you helped reignite my love for the game with your videos. You're becoming one of my all time favorite YT channels. Keep up the good work!! ❤️💪

    • John Lo
      John Lo Year ago +4

      No, it's really not. You're falling for the smoke and mirrors routine. Once again, Baseball doesn't exist is using mountains of speculation, fast clips and fast speak to make a video with no real substance or provable allegations outside of an increased spin rate for a short period of time. In one clip in particular, they show a pitcher continuously rubbing his pant leg insinuating that he had an illegal substance there only to then show that the player was ejected because he had an illegal substance in his glove, not his pant leg. They've done this in a variety of their videos. You need watch them a bit closer and you'll see what I mean. Once again, Baseball doesn't exist is the one actually cheating..

    • Asayso
      Asayso Year ago +7

      @John Lo He is insinuating that the pitcher is rubbing excess sticky stuff off of his fingers onto his pants, which is giving it the brown color. Maybe YOU need to watch them a bit closer, or at least work on your critical thinking skills.

    • Hoswoo
      Hoswoo Year ago +2

      @John Lo you are not very bright

    • Gamer Jams On
      Gamer Jams On Year ago +2

      @John Lo Ever heard of sarcasm?

    • SweatyBigPapi34
      SweatyBigPapi34 11 months ago

      @John Lo doesn't matter. The videos are entertaining and they got me back into baseball

  • OceanBagel
    OceanBagel Year ago +309

    If they want pitchers to keep using sticky stuff, they should lift the rule rather than ineffectively enforce it. Inconsistent enforcement leads to a playing field that isn't level.

  • mrmacross
    mrmacross Year ago +2062

    Thanks for pointing out that sticky substances don't translate to fewer HBPs. I always felt it was a lame argument by pitchers, and now we have evidence that it doesn't appear to help prevent batters from getting beaned.

    • Throgerino
      Throgerino Year ago +43

      Wrong. It brought the rates down, but pitchers using spider tack and other substances to glue their fingers to the ball to achieve higher levels of spin rate brought it back up. The balls are terrible, they have no grip and are a joke compared to my rec leagues baseballs.

    • SheaSheaWanton
      SheaSheaWanton Year ago +18

      @Throgerino Why are they so bad? I would think if anyone in the world could get good baseballs, it would be MLB...

    • Aunty Pho
      Aunty Pho Year ago +6

      right? as if an MLB pitcher can't throw strikes consistently without it? literally the 0.000001% of people to ever throw a baseball - needs sticky stuff.

    • soup soup
      soup soup Year ago +23

      It's such a stupid notion. How the hell did pitchers in all of MLB history manage to avoid hitting batters until now?

  • Sean O'Reilly
    Sean O'Reilly Year ago +571

    I laughed my butt off when the "I can't grip the ball" excuse came out 😂😂😂

    • Jayson DeMers
      Jayson DeMers Year ago +11

      Yeah, while hitters might be happy they'll get hit in the head less often, that really is a convenient excuse for the pitchers to use as an argument for foreign substance use. They don't care about hitter safety, they care about improving their own personal performances so they can win / get paid a lot of money. Cheating is cheating and a tale as old as time in baseball, but with the deadened ball, this is just utterly unfair to hitters now. I don't know where the video authors are getting their info, but in the 17 year sample they give as 2022 being the best since for walks, hits, and strikeouts.... no, only walks are down, strikeouts are 4th highest since 2005, BABIP is the lowest, wOBA is tied for worst, slugging percentage is 2nd worst, hits per plate appearance are 21.8% which is pathetic. Only walks are down, the rest of that is wrong, and there's still a whole month of pitcher cheating left to affect the hitting environment. Nice job MLB, you have made offenses the worst they've been since 2014.

    • Silky LewJr
      Silky LewJr Year ago +17

      That's like getting shoes that make you bounce an extra 20 inches, because you have trouble reaching the rim of a basketball goal.

    • Micah bell
      Micah bell 11 months ago

      Very funny kid

    • Lucas Phillips
      Lucas Phillips 11 months ago +6

      They cant grip the ball because They aren't used to playing without the sticky cheater stuff

  • Logjam
    Logjam Year ago +580

    "Getting a grip on a ball is almost impossible without a foreign substance" as someone who has thrown a baseball before this is not true

    • Ya Boi Rogers
      Ya Boi Rogers Year ago +62

      Maybe it's different when you're a MLB pitcher throwing baseballs at Mach Jesus? I'm not being hostile, just offering a counterpoint.

    • ジェィディー
      ジェィディー Year ago +141

      @Ya Boi Rogers Then maybe being good at pitching at Mach Jesus without the substance since you're an athlete being paid millions should be the norm? Idk just my take

    • Ya Boi Rogers
      Ya Boi Rogers Year ago +13

      @ジェィディー i get your point but as the average player evolves and gets better, they often need some assistive tools. The average park soccer player doesn't need cleats but professionals do.
      Within moderation, of course. Pine tar seems reasonable I think. The other thing was ridiculous

    • Jake
      Jake Year ago +13

      You will never throw a baseball at 100+mph so you have no idea what it takes to do that.
      A pro pitcher could throw better than you with butter on their hands, but that doesn’t mean it would work in a professional environment.

    • Tricky Trey Perfected
      Tricky Trey Perfected Year ago +23

      @Jake if that's true, why not implement a regulation "sticky substance". Someone else suggested that the MLB try and find a good pine tar that most people will agree on and have everyone use that if they so choose.
      Even still, "I need sticky stuff because I throw balls fast" seems shaky at best. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm not, but it legitimately sounds like "I've gotten too used to using this stuff that I can't throw well (relatively speaking) without it"
      I'm out of my league here considering I'm not the biggest baseball fan, so maybe when you throw at Mach Jesus, it is a good idea to have a sticky substance.

  • Sam Hundt
    Sam Hundt Year ago +18

    This is such a terrible argument, "we've gotten so used to cheating, that trying to pitch normal is just too hard now"

  • BigG LilWayne
    BigG LilWayne Year ago +302

    So let me get this right, after seeing how MLB is handling this issue, we're still supposed to be upset with Bonds, McGuire, and Roger Clemems....

    • TXBaca
      TXBaca Year ago +22

      ...and the Stros or Cards (computer hacking Stros). MLB and it's fandom at large are annoyingly hypocritical.

    • Jon Irwin
      Jon Irwin Year ago +5

      Not the same thing.

    • macsloan58
      macsloan58 Year ago +2

      Yep. It’s ridiculous.

    • brendan jordan
      brendan jordan Year ago +9

      @TXBaca well yeah, the fans are mostly 60+ whyte people. Boomers gonna boomer

  • XCodes
    XCodes Year ago +2

    The dumbest thing is that this really doesn't need to be an on-the-field check. It is entirely within the MLB's power to allow one or a few standardized, mildly-sticky substance(s) to offset things like sweating and fatigue over the course of a long day of pitching, and to hand down a much more severe penalty for someone who uses anything like spider tack.
    All these rules that are selectively enforced and condoned cheating is, IMO, one of the big reasons MLB is losing viewership. Nobody is just playing the game, they're pushing the envelope of gamesmanship and allowed behavior and all that. Soccer is unpopular in the States for the same reason because of all the flopping and baiting that goes on at the pro level in that game.

  • David Loudon
    David Loudon Year ago +2575

    Imagine being a professional pitcher, throwing a baseball since you were most likely a child without foreign substance, and then claiming that now, at the peak of your career, you can’t throw a baseball without the substance. That has got to be the weakest excuse I’ve ever heard. Quite a shame to think of all the pitchers who never used a substance, fail to make the MLB to guys who really look at us with a straight face and say they can’t throw a baseball reliably without literal glue on their hands. I love baseball.

    • Jasper Fisch
      Jasper Fisch Year ago +13

      So what such a dumb concern if they’re all doing its fair

    • David Loudon
      David Loudon Year ago +219

      @Jasper Fisch how is it fair to the hitters?

    • Brandon Laureys
      Brandon Laureys Year ago +168

      Same dudes that sucker punch batters for hitting a home run while they over celebrate every strikeout? No way.

    • David Loudon
      David Loudon Year ago +22

      @Brandon Laureys that was a very helpful response. Thank you

    • DrIVnGame
      DrIVnGame Year ago +9

      @David Loudon every pitcher has done it, and will continue to do it, you gonna cry about it? This whole argument is an utter waste of time this Clip-Sharer started just for views 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Kyle Evers
    Kyle Evers Year ago +78

    Loving the videos as always, your channel has gotten me interested in baseball for the first time in a long time. Thank you! However I will say that a lot of your videos lately seem like an extended intro through the whole video, almost as if there isn't a structure. I don't know if it's just me but the hype in the beginning just gets carried all the way through and I feel like I'm always on high alert because there is always some important piece of information coming up next. It's not even bad, nor am I saying I don't like it, it's just a bit strange and off-putting.

    • A
      A Year ago

      Don't supendi a pitcher for. Cheating ban him from sport forever

    • Kyle Evers
      Kyle Evers Year ago +1

      @A what

    • A
      A Year ago

      Yes they can they just won't

    • Kyle Evers
      Kyle Evers Year ago +2

      @A you might need to lay off the drugs

  • jimlapbap
    jimlapbap Year ago +11

    Kind of related: I’ve always been fascinated at the “Frame Rate” stat because it is literally a measure of how well the catcher deceives the umpire, which is basically a form of cheating. It’s like if basketball and soccer has a stat for how many phantom fouls the player drew.

  • hatchmaster _
    hatchmaster _ Year ago +28

    I never thought baseball could be interesting. I still dont, but you're doing a really good job

    • David Reeding
      David Reeding Year ago +7

      I feel the same way lmao, these videos are the only thing interesting about the sport.

    • Savvy
      Savvy Year ago +2

      @David Reeding listen, it’s interesting when your playing but boring when your just watching, I know from experience

    • hatchmaster _
      hatchmaster _ Year ago

      @Savvy i can totally believe that

    • eyflfla
      eyflfla 4 days ago

      I see all these posts about this channel making people love the sport again, and I'm like How?

  • I Just Can’t Believe This

    It's stunning that the league doesn't get it. Less than 10% of the people are in to a pitcher's dual. If the league is going to be saved they need HUGE HITTING!!! Making pitching harder to hit is killing the game.

  • Tieria Erde
    Tieria Erde Year ago +46

    The credibility of the entire league has been on a dumpster for years. It seems at this point they are willing to let anything go to try to revive interest in the sport. But it's only hurt them more

    • Zack Newton
      Zack Newton 7 months ago

      Its their fault no one is interested lmao

    • The Censored Muscle
      The Censored Muscle 7 months ago +1

      Idk, the roids era helped mlb ratings tremendously.

  • Ya boi Shrek
    Ya boi Shrek Year ago +1727

    I think the argument that pitchers used that it was “too hard” to grip a ball after the substance ban was such a cop out. It isn’t supposed to be easy. That’s why you get paid millions of dollars to work on and perfect your game

    • senyah
      senyah Year ago +48

      Players in the MLB should be tested every week for PED usage and they are not. Last time I checked they get tested twice a year. For 162 games, that's not shit. And iirc, they dont even test in offseason, the time a person would use gear in the first place. So pitchers definitely are getting the short end of the stick here. So if you want the most exciting "baseball" there is, which is what the MLB is claiming they want, allow PEDs and allow sticky stuff. Simple solution.

    • Gus Z
      Gus Z Year ago +36

      Dumb stance. As a fan I’d rather watch better pitches and batters. Idc what they use. It’s still an incredibly hard game even when they use sticky stuff or juice. Barry Bonds deserves to be in the hall of fame.

    • Karunamon
      Karunamon Year ago +64

      @senyah sticky stuff made the game less exciting, since it reduced hits.

    • The Flipper
      The Flipper Year ago +10

      @Karunamon Yeah but the league wide electronic sign stealing made up for it.
      I honestly think PED use, juiced balls, electronic/technologic sign stealing, and sticky stuff should be allowed.
      Game would be a lot more exciting lol.

    • Marc Knight
      Marc Knight Year ago +76

      Yes, imagine being so used to cheating that you can't even pitch straight anymore. As if they used that stuff all the way to the MLB. Never heard such bs in my life.

  • Gavin Duffy
    Gavin Duffy 4 months ago

    i personally think it makes the game more interesting and i think the should be able to use maybe a little bit of foreign substance instead of spider tack maybe make them use pine tar and then make the hitters be able to wear the nike max sights again

  • Jacob Sowles
    Jacob Sowles 2 months ago

    Dude, I don't care about baseball at all, but I've watched and enjoyed like 5 of your videos in the past couple days. This stuff's pretty interesting. Keep it up!

  • Easyeye
    Easyeye Year ago +2

    As a catcher I would have pine tar on the inside of my belt. Helped tremendously especially in cold weather games or humid games

  • CGR
    CGR Year ago +240

    “If we can’t cheat so it’s too hard to control the ball” is such BS.

    • Sebastian Ferre
      Sebastian Ferre Year ago +5

      they should just raise the seams on the ball. Pitchers would have better grip. instead of this happening lol

    • Kyle_116
      Kyle_116 Year ago +6

      @Sebastian Ferre Actually there was another video I watched recently that showed that when the MLB accidentally made the seams bigger without realizing it (a change in manufacturing that they thought nothing of) a few years ago that it increased the travel distance of the balls and hurt the pitcher's fingers.

    • Dave Bergeron
      Dave Bergeron 11 months ago

      To be fair MLB constantly changing the balls so it is possible from year to the next, that the grip becomes shit.

  • Maddox Rose
    Maddox Rose Year ago +2

    I love your videos. It would be cool if you did a video call why Billy Martin was such a mean coach.

  • MauldotheLastCrafter
    MauldotheLastCrafter Year ago +706

    "It's too hard for the cheaters to play without cheating, so we should let them cheat" is a really, really bad argument.

    • Elliot Daly
      Elliot Daly Year ago +14

      This has been the argument in baseball for somewhere between 20 and 50 years lol so is it really? In the NHL theres regulated stick curve and goalie pad size but in baseball the strike zone and field dont change and both teams get the same chance at offence and defense before the game is over and unlike the NFL one team cant take the opportunities away from the other so the argument kind of applies to baseball. If everyone is cheating is it really cheating? The video actually provides some structure to the argument for regulated cheating of some sort.

    • MaoMao
      MaoMao Year ago +32

      @Elliot Daly then just make it part of the rules

    • Aiden Rae
      Aiden Rae Year ago +1

      @MaoMao That's what I'm saying lol, there were guys using pine tar on my hs teams, everyone has been doing it for decades, at this point we know it doesn't effect the ball flight or spin, so just let them use it.

    • massContinuity
      massContinuity Year ago +85

      @Elliot Daly "If everyone is cheating, is it really cheating?"
      Lol my guy you really just said that. The answer is yes, yes it is.

  • Just Jessee
    Just Jessee Year ago +60

    If you can't NOT hit a batter without cheating, you aren't good enough to be playing that position. Period. That's some infantile whining from these "professional" athletes.
    Just assign some approved materials for everyone to use if that's what the players, league, and fans want. Any deviation from that substance should then result in immediate and severe punishment.

    • StiebFan37
      StiebFan37 8 months ago +2

      Don't they have the rosin bag, or is that for something else

  • peyj
    peyj 5 months ago

    i wonder if they could come out with a regulated grip substance thats allowed and handed out to pitchersvby umps at the start of the game. Or maybe a updated baseball design that has better grip to make the substances redundant.
    i feel like this would be the cleanest and most transparent way to solve this issue

  • Hackneysack321
    Hackneysack321 Year ago +4

    Also, there;s a player's union, and pitchers talk to one another. Wouldn't be surprised if little pockets of pitchers throughout the league chose to through at hitters in order to convince the league to bring back foreign substances.

  • Luca Bennert
    Luca Bennert Year ago +3

    I have literally no connection to baseball, I never watch it but for sone reason I just love your videos. There is just something about the way you present all of this that makes it very interesting.

  • Gerard Perry
    Gerard Perry Year ago +2573

    "He also had a brown spot on his pants that got bigger the more he pitched "
    Come on, a man can't have explosive IBS in the middle of a game anymore?

    • D rB
      D rB Year ago +67

      IKR? Usually you don't point those things out, because of respect that we've ALL been there at one time or another.

    • ShrekHas Covid19
      ShrekHas Covid19 Year ago +6


    • John E. L. Smith
      John E. L. Smith Year ago +14

      when youre sliding into home and your pants are full of ...?

    • Rudy_Dstroys
      Rudy_Dstroys Year ago +3


    • iwillpost
      iwillpost Year ago +3


  • james mooney
    james mooney Year ago +7

    In the 70's, wide receiver were using a "stickum" subsistence to grab and hold on to passes.
    Fred Biletnokoff had so much stickum on him the football stuck to his shirt.
    When he was tackle, the tacklers hands would stick to his shirt.

  • My Dyson Sphere Is Broken

    Don't know what is more shameful. The actions of those professional pitchers and umpires regarding the checks, or the whining that they need the tack to throw the ball with control.

  • Jake Flanagan
    Jake Flanagan 4 months ago +1

    The really weird culture around cheating in baseball is one of the reasons I have a hard time respecting it or taking it seriously as a sport. As a relative outsider it’s very off putting and makes me jaded and doubtful about the competitiveness and seriousness of the game as a competitive sport.

  • Illumination petition

    So what happened to the "standardized mud application procedure" applied to all game balls, that all teams were supposed to adopt? Has that happened yet? I don't know what goes into the mud formula they use but where I live the more moisture you add to mud that has any clay content in it the slicker it gets, unless it has some sand grain in it, so maybe after whatever the pitchers are putting on top of the mud plus sweat could either be helping or hurting with grip? Some pitchers could still be experimenting or still getting a feel for what works and what don't, Now that all teams have to mud balls the same way; when used to every team did it a little different. Idk just asking if that could be the situation?

  • Leggo My Ego
    Leggo My Ego Year ago +100

    Now that they got rid of the whistleblower (Trevor Bauer), they're back to normal and routine cheating. The nonsensical argument that cheating makings the game better has been disproven by the fact that players get hit MORE with foreign substances.

    • Brett Prince
      Brett Prince Year ago

      How is that not more entertaining

    • knd775
      knd775 Year ago +3

      They didn’t get rid of him, he got rid of himself.

    • Leggo My Ego
      Leggo My Ego Year ago +11

      @knd775 How exactly did he get rid of himself? By having consensual kinky relationships with girlfriends?

    • joe phillips
      joe phillips 11 months ago

      @Leggo My Ego yes

  • Carter...
    Carter... Year ago +4357

    all of this is allowed but tony la russa isn’t allowed to sleep in the dugout 😤

  • Kuz
    Kuz Year ago

    If you include the fact that the balls are different, I think it's a good combination to have official tar for pitching to make up for the inconsistencies in the ball.

    • Zack Newton
      Zack Newton 7 months ago

      Or just change the baseball bc a normal baseball isnt hard to grip whatsoever. Idk wtf these dudes r throwing if it’s hard to grip 💀

  • Account that I'll use to comment

    Seeing how much baseballers can get away with being against the ruless is much more interesting than the game itself.

    AHPURO 7 months ago

    Wow as a bball fan this is facinating. Last time we heard anything like this was Dwight getting caught by making the ball sticky

  • Jubuli
    Jubuli Year ago +1

    "If you can't throw a ball like the pros, don't pretend to with substances, if the pros do it that way, they ain't pros." - Gandi

  • Christoph Schnapp
    Christoph Schnapp Year ago +3

    Cole's ERA was going up like crazy, after the MLB hunted down cheating pitchers.

  • The Black Market
    The Black Market Year ago +631

    I grew up playing baseball but fell in love with other things after high school. After several years i'm rediscovering my love for the game and your videos are a big reason why. Stumbled upon them one day a few weeks ago, so I immediately subscribed, and have watched almost all of them. Just wanted to say thanks and your videos are super well done. Keep up the awesome work!

    • ConceptosErroneos
      ConceptosErroneos Year ago +6

      Im in the same exact position as you! This channel is more in depth and interesting than every “professional” baseball show on tv

    • Jake Hedeby
      Jake Hedeby Year ago +4

      Literally me bro, mlb is a such a weird phenomenon. These baseball story tellers have kept me in the loop as I still struggle watching full games on tv

    • D
      D Year ago +3

      Lol same as you, been playing baseball since t-ball and last played in high school in 2016. Moved on to football and fell back in love with it this year

    • Mark Zuckergecko
      Mark Zuckergecko Year ago +1

      Ah, women and liquor. At least that's what I fell in love with after my baseball playing days.

    • Kenneth Bailey
      Kenneth Bailey Year ago +1

      The MLB admins don't go under any type of order. They just do what they want and whatever it takes to get that money. Thus gas been going on for over a 100 years. There is nobody that is going to stop them They may not be as popular as the NFl or NBA. But they don't have to be. There game is baked into American little boy life. The little league baseball criteria is life time. You can never hate a game that makes mom the center of attention in the hood. Thus sport us a subliminal master piece. I still remember my little league team name and that was 50 yrs ago. Those 2 yrs were super fun. And if you want to add more to it. I was the only black guy on the team. And nobody on the team ever called me one racial name. I never had one fight with anybody on any other team. It's obvious that we have taken some steps back. But it's still all good. You think them little boys don't know about Judge & Soto's contract. Tina Turner>what's love got to do with it.

  • Benson Russell
    Benson Russell Year ago

    MLB just needs to set the rules and enforcement properly to solve the problem, not just rely on looking away at it to sort its self out as that's how we got to spider tack in the first place! They should be monitoring spin rates consistently across and during each game, and they should just give an approved substance on the mound next to the rosin bag! Approve whatever they need to, just put it there in plain daylight so we can see pitchers applying and using it, and then track spin rates to catch excess!

  • Broken Arrow
    Broken Arrow Year ago +1

    Watched white Sox pitcher playing the Orioles the other day and he regularly ran his fingers through his hair under his hat or back of his hair. It happened so much I couldn't understand why nobody noticed it. I can't say he was cheating but it happened so often I noticed it.

  • Mason Cuomo
    Mason Cuomo Year ago +3

    I think pine tar for more grip should be allowed. Reminds me on football gloves, allows for more grip when holding/catching the ball. Definitely have an advantage over someone without gloves. But idk. I’m more of a football/basketball guy so idk if it’s different.

  • Chad
    Chad Year ago +1

    Love that pitchers are angry at the MLB for enforcing the game rules. Classic entitlement

  • TBDF12
    TBDF12 8 months ago +1

    "if I can't cheat I suck at my job and am a danger to those around me." Maybe they should just not be allowed to pitch

  • Commanderraf
    Commanderraf Year ago +699

    The fact that the batters hit by balls increased when tackling the usage of sticky substances only means that this is something systemic: pitchers are relying on foreing substances since their high school or college years and, when those are taken away, they can't get used to having less grip on the baseballs.
    Imagine it this way: batters start complaining and silently start using wider bats to increase their hit percentage. Would that be according to the rules? Would that be fair?

    • D rB
      D rB Year ago +144

      And then, when the league cracks down on those batters for using fatty bats... the batters complain that you can't hit a baseball with these "legal" toothpicks you give us..
      Oh it's hilarious! You are absolutely right, that a lot of these pitchers have gotten so used to having the extra rotation thanks to cheating, that they aren't able to pitch normally and struggle. Not a defense, cheaters. Learn to play within the rules or go home.

    • Logan Thomas
      Logan Thomas Year ago +14

      @ブブ nah plenty of pitchers can do it, that's why they pay you the big bucks, to do the "impossible"

    • TheRedRooster
      TheRedRooster Year ago +17

      It’s so hard to grip the ball. Bunch of babies.

    • ray kings
      ray kings Year ago +11

      @ブブ They are paid millions to compete. That is part of being an athlete. If you can't handle throwing at top speed pitch less or slower. I know doesn't sound good but then it becomes more strategy and having multiple good pitchers rather than one or two pop off the whole game. If steroids made it less likely you got hurt in a boxing ring I wouldn't allow it still since cheating is cheating. And having to take care of yourself should not be what makes it okay to cheat.

    • ray kings
      ray kings Year ago +16

      @ブブ Cheating is not subjective. It is binary. You are either doing it or not. If it says in the rulebook that you can't do something, breaking the rule is cheating. You can't headbutt in boxing. If you don't you aren't cheating, if you do you are. And it so happens in the MLB rulebook it is against the rules to use pine tar. It being natural is irrelevant since it is banned in the rulebook. So they are definitively 100% cheating.

  • Betox
    Betox Year ago +6

    🇧🇷⚾️ Mais um motivo porque o baseball é tão diferente dos outros esportes, tão especial, tão apaixonante! LFG Braves!😍⚾️🇧🇷

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy 11 months ago +2

      Why does youtube translate the Brazilian flag to the US flag

    • PolkaNietzsche
      PolkaNietzsche 8 months ago

      @Some Guy Nationalism, that's why 🤣

  • veritas ante omnia
    veritas ante omnia Year ago +1

    Now I know why Alek Manoah was so disgusted at Cole for being pissed when Judge got an accidental hit by pitch.

  • Ryan Kipfer
    Ryan Kipfer 6 months ago

    Way late, but I think that it's more about the balls. The harder balls were too easy to spin, but when they were hit, they were hit for home runs. It was killing baseball. I'm a middle-age lifelong fan, but I was getting bored watching games in 2020 and 2021 because there were so many pitches thrown that led to no hits or even batted balls that moved runners or did anything to impact the game. Too many pitches taken, too many players hitting into the shift, and (imo, way) too many foul balls.

  • swagikuro
    swagikuro 3 months ago

    As a 35 year old who has never watched more than 10 minutes of baseball in my life... neat. I had no idea a little sticky substance can give you such a boost and that this kind of cheating is so rampant.

  • NovaDawg
    NovaDawg Year ago

    I remember watching the Scherzer v Phillies fight live and it’s still one of the funniest things ever. I’m not even a Nats fan and I miss him in Washington.

  • Tiger guy
    Tiger guy Year ago +896

    “Have you ever used spider tack?”
    -player ones controller has disconnected-

    • kyol
      kyol Year ago +8


    • Len
      Len Year ago +30

      it's crazy to me that he wasn't given prior coaching to deal with this one question lol

    • Mitchell Lion
      Mitchell Lion Year ago +15

      Boobeeebeeep* we’re sorry, but the person you are trying to call does not have a voicemail box set up yet

    • James Martin
      James Martin Year ago


    • TCG
      TCG 2 months ago

      He was definitely thinking about how barry bonds got sentenced for lying about cheating

  • Roland Blandon
    Roland Blandon Year ago

    Great video! Slim chance you'll see this but maybe you should do a video on what happened to Billy Hamilton. Poor dude suffering on the Marlins rn

  • degen
    degen 11 months ago

    I feel bad for the dirt guy. I'd do that as a kid with the diamond sand when my hands started getting sweaty. I'm no MLB pitcher but I can see that one as legit

  • Rinderurulade
    Rinderurulade 11 months ago +1

    Im not even a baseball fan but I love the content this channel made

  • clint, clinton for short bonser

    In Australia our cricketers got caught putting stick tape on a ball and "tampering", therefore cheating. Cheating in sport is disgusting and ubiquitous.

  • Palozon
    Palozon Year ago

    Arguing that your job is too difficult if you can't cheat feels like a self report.

  • BacchusGames
    BacchusGames Year ago +534

    I don't know why the MLB didn't just allow or standardize foreign substances, and punish people using nonstandard stuff heavily. It would have led to the same results as doing what they did, but would be much more clear and less annoying to pitchers.

    • Mark Pearson
      Mark Pearson Year ago +47

      Or, just not cheat?

    • C
      C Year ago +84

      @Mark Pearson do you not know what standardize means?

    • Kyle Reeping
      Kyle Reeping Year ago +50

      The point of the crackdown was because the sticky substances made the games boring. More strikeouts, fewer hits = boring game. The entire crackdown was implemented to make games more interesting.
      Standardizing substances wouldn't solve any of those problems. Pitchers are just being babies.

    • Mark Pearson
      Mark Pearson Year ago +23

      @C these substances seem to have a direct and measurable affect on spin rate and therefore outcomes. Allowing any, even “standardized”, would be the equivalent of a new piece of equipment that should be a fundamental part of The Game (I.e., required). If that’s what you’re implying by “ standardizing”, I suppose I could agree. Otherwise, if some players are using it and some players aren’t because it’s not a standard piece of equipment, I stand by my cheating comment. It just seems like such an unfair advantage otherwise.

  • Infvmous Ty
    Infvmous Ty 11 months ago +2

    “I don’t quite know how to answer that”
    It was a yes or no question Gerrit😂

  • J.P. Wick
    J.P. Wick Year ago +1

    Was into baseball hen I was 9. Still, this is fascinating.

  • ADHD&D
    ADHD&D Year ago +2

    The St. Louis fight was uncalled for. Aranado even said after the fact that he expected retaliation but you shouldn't aim at someone's head to do so. *That's* why he was so pissed.

    • supersasukemaniac
      supersasukemaniac 6 months ago

      I mean how did he not expect the head high throw? The cards pitchers clocked most of the Mets batters on the head.

  • NotUnderMyWatch
    NotUnderMyWatch 9 months ago

    Love baseball terminology: forcing the bench to clear = starting a mass brawl

  • Kyle Rice
    Kyle Rice Year ago

    As someone that doesn't watch a lot of baseball: why doesn't the MLB just come out and openly allow pitchers to use a list of approved substances?

  • John Gill
    John Gill Year ago +45

    I don't even watch baseball, but I always watch your videos to keep up to date on the insanity of the sport. Great stuff as always!

  • Greg Gillings
    Greg Gillings Year ago

    I'll always be grateful for Sergio Romo and him being a big part of the Giants winning in 2012,2014.

  • recurrenTopology
    recurrenTopology Year ago +1

    I don't have the patience or drinking habit to actually watch baseball outside of October, but baseball culture (the traditions, the cheating, the superstition, the honor systems, the combative managers) is the most entertaining of all American sports.

  • fishy 1340
    fishy 1340 Year ago

    There has to be some kind of a middle ground. No substances can be dangerous, obviously by all the players getting struck. But going too far with it is also dangerous. Hopefully they figure this out.

  • Mike Wilhelmson
    Mike Wilhelmson Year ago

    Besides the unwritten rules, cheating is how baseball remains interesting.

  • Kevin Sierra
    Kevin Sierra Year ago +1

    I don't know much about baseball so this is a serious question. Is there new technology implemented in bats, gloves and is it also implemented on the baseballs ?

  • PixelStacker
    PixelStacker Year ago +25

    I grew up playing baseball but fell in love with other things after high school. After several years i'm rediscovering my love for the game and your videos are a big reason why. Stumbled upon them one day a few weeks ago, so I immediately subscribed, and have watched almost all of them. Just wanted to say thanks and your videos are super well done. Keep up the awesome work! right

  • Jenny Vega
    Jenny Vega Year ago

    ok i see the connection between getting hit by a pitch and using a sustain to have a better grasp of the ball. interesting point about getting more hits from a higher spin rate and higher spin rate being driven by sticky stuff

  • Rock of Sisyphus
    Rock of Sisyphus Year ago +3

    I love how indignant cheaters get when caught

  • Shane_ Harris
    Shane_ Harris Year ago

    I’m a little late but as a player for a while I noticed that most of these actions with there hands are usually just a simple habit to pick up. Yes it is common to hide substances underneath the belt or on there pants but a lot of times it’s just a habit that you pick up especially when your sweating or are uncomfortable when it comes to the weather and it’s very common to see this happen

  • yoav ben eliyahu
    yoav ben eliyahu 6 months ago

    I live in israel, and i play football. A lot of people say football fit lisraelis because of the aggressiveness. But after learning about baseball, i think it'll fit israelis way more, because of all of the little tricks and schemes in baseball are a lot like the " dont be a sucker" culture in israel. And a lot of the messy behaviours in baseball fits us well.😢

  • Ma Pi
    Ma Pi Year ago

    Imagine living in a world where there is no cheating in professional sports.. LoL.

  • FatDragonQuest
    FatDragonQuest Year ago +72

    I might not be the biggest sports fan, but watching these videos are really fascinating, if not sad at times. Keep up the good work!

  • Taylor Libby
    Taylor Libby Year ago

    "Nice game. It would be a shame if you stopped letting us cheat at it and things somehow got dangerous."

  • Hild Æthelflæd
    Hild Æthelflæd Year ago +6

    Crazy, so everyone is ok with cheating in baseball... sounds similar to the messed up world we live in. You follow rules, you get walked all over, and mistreated. You bend them a little it's ok, just don't get busted.
    What beautiful lessons we are teaching future generations. Smh.

    • RaptorJesus
      RaptorJesus Year ago

      That's the way it has always been, though. There's a reason "If you aren't cheating, you aren't trying" is a saying. If you can cheat so well that you never get caught, you kind of deserved to win, because you're clearly more willing to do *whatever it takes.*

    • Oier Montero
      Oier Montero 11 months ago +1

      @RaptorJesus thats the worst saying i have seen in my entire life. What kind of SPORT has to resort to cheating to make it nore entertaining? Wtf

    • RaptorJesus
      RaptorJesus 11 months ago

      @Oier Montero Where did I use the word "entertaining"?

    • Oier Montero
      Oier Montero 11 months ago

      @RaptorJesus it wasnt because you said it. But because i have seen many comments saying that. Srry

  • Virgo Blue
    Virgo Blue Year ago

    How do you think that you can get away with cheating surrounded by so many people, cameras and photographers?

  • Swamp Fox
    Swamp Fox Year ago

    Here is the issue. Fans don’t go to games to watch strike outs. They are not just cheating other players.

  • Roman Ebrahim
    Roman Ebrahim Year ago +10

    Absolutely love the videos, thank you for keeping us updated and making it extremely entertaining as well!

  • Benny Wolfe
    Benny Wolfe Year ago

    It’s funny how everyone takes for granted that people are blatantly cheating in this sport

  • Jonathan Stein
    Jonathan Stein Year ago

    I feel like for the lance Lynn ejection he didn't throw his belt at the umpire in anger, he just forgot to take off his belt, and tried to toss it on the dugout fence and accidentally hit the umpire.

  • Zenopsy 01
    Zenopsy 01 Year ago +1

    The most irritating part of this video is the pitchers are deliberately hitting batters because they got their toys taken away

  • Carlos Valenzuela
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    This guy makes the best videos.

  • since1876
    since1876 Year ago

    Imagine taking a 90 mph baseball to the face 😳

  • alexdotdash
    alexdotdash Year ago +54

    Well done video as always, I love your energy. While I think some grip/substance could be allowed like sweat+rosin or good old licking your fingers, crazy synthetic substances just give pitchers an unfair advantage leading to league-low batting averages.

  • John Durrer
    John Durrer Year ago

    Let them use it and move the mound back 8 inches. That will increase hits while also allowing pitchers to grip the ball how they like

  • FahimP1989
    FahimP1989 Year ago

    There's literally a MLB network video of Pedro showing how rubbing rosin between your fingers can give you an insane amount of friction when gripping the baseball lol. He didnt even use sweat to make the rosin even stickier and his fingers sounded like he had sandpaper attached to them. So im trying to figure out how today's pitchers cant replicate that. Its literally just burning rosin on your fingers and using your own sweat to make it stickier.

  • TheKal
    TheKal Year ago

    Player: Gets paid 100 mil to throw a baseball
    Also player: "baseball hard to grip"

  • Luna
    Luna 18 days ago

    It’s ok because it’s not giving pitchers an advantage, it’s just allowing them to be more accurate with pitchea

  • Paladinlife
    Paladinlife 6 months ago

    I'm not really a baseball fan but I do enjoy watching September and October baseball. Why is the pitcher having better control of the ball through the use of external sources considered cheating? In football, receivers are allowed to use gloves which are stickier than a lot of adhesives and in basketball you can use shoes that absorb more shock than converse, which was thr standard shoe back in the day. Why is baseball against better equipment/pine tar being used?

  • DuvalDH
    DuvalDH Year ago +766

    It’s just easier to say “yes” Cole. 😂😂😂

    • tag
      tag Year ago +69

      It's easier to say, 'I haven't used spider tack in a game'. Every team has their own formula, wouldn't've been a lie since it wasn't spider tack.

    • Ruy Polez
      Ruy Polez Year ago +14

      @tag easy. Change the name to lizard tack. There you go, problem solved

    • Bryan
      Bryan Year ago +12

      Bro that was so awkward lmaoo

    • Corvid Confidential
      Corvid Confidential Year ago +11

      it probably would've been easier and funnier to be witty about it, but from what I've seen, I don't think wit is a common trait amongst professional sports players.

    • j.p.
      j.p. Year ago +5

      brutal. still can't believe he answered it that way😂like bruh we can see literally all of you doing it lmao

  • SOMF Music
    SOMF Music Year ago

    I don't understand why the league hasn't just approved a few brands of pine tar for use in games and provided them for pitchers. I guess it might be hard to police that, but it doesn't seem like they're policing it anyways.

  • Isaac Shuster S
    Isaac Shuster S Year ago

    And people still argue that athletes don't use absolutely every advantage they can get

  • No Fun League
    No Fun League 8 months ago

    Spider tech (don’t how it’s spelled) is what handball players use to get grip in the ball more if u guys don’t know what it is and also pitchers have been accused a lot for cheating and honestly about every pitcher in the mlb has been cheating and i honestly understand why its hard to get strikeouts in the mlb so i honestly understand why

  • Cole Pletka
    Cole Pletka Year ago

    This is a total hot take man. As a pitcher I used rosin, dirt and sweat would get onto my fingers and I would rub the exact spot same spot. They are using rosin and getting a better feel with it over time.

  • Freddie Foodie King
    Freddie Foodie King Year ago +1

    i used to pitch for my high school team. i used to use ball sweat and nose snots. worked wonders😆