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24K Gold Tomahawk Steaks - Salt Bae Steakhouse

  • Published on Jun 5, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • #saltbae #saltlife #nusret

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  • immortal
    immortal Year ago +335

    This steak is just perfect for those who want to appetize their vanity

    • David
      David Year ago +2


    • Gear 5
      Gear 5 Year ago +2


    • Tony Chapman
      Tony Chapman 11 months ago +23

      Trust me, this place is just a tourist trap, the food is under par and overpriced!

    • entalpiavilla
      entalpiavilla 7 months ago +1

      He is simply a genius making lot of money!

    • Dean Landrum
      Dean Landrum 7 months ago +2

      Excellent response!! The first time I saw this " fad," I was quite
      Perplexed as to why you would consume gold leaf?? Your response put it in the perfect
      Perspective, good ol vanity.

  • JD123
    JD123 Month ago +4

    😂😂😂 the slow motion salt seasoning of the steak was incredible

  • Habitt5253
    Habitt5253 9 months ago +145

    *Paying $1000 for a $50 steak*
    Not even once.

    • AmorAgape
      AmorAgape 7 months ago +2

      Some of those cuts might actually cost you a good $100+dollars… those are expensive cuts.

    • MattC
      MattC 6 months ago +3

      It’s $2,500 which is way too much

    • Prince of Esseling
      Prince of Esseling 4 months ago

      @MattC yeah... U can live with ur local butcher's local class steak

    • Ashar Ahmad
      Ashar Ahmad 2 months ago +2

      ​@AmorAgapestill a 1000 is way too much

  • ralph
    ralph 9 months ago +203

    This guy is a legend. ..in his own mind🤣😅🤣

    • Cleff cv.recordz
      Cleff cv.recordz 9 months ago +7


    • C Coleman
      C Coleman 9 months ago +2


      BIGDOGJ 7 months ago


      BIGDOGJ 7 months ago +1

      Funny but 💯 true

    • Greo
      Greo 4 months ago

      Someone's salty 🧂

  • Rawkudo
    Rawkudo 11 months ago +53

    this guy always gets me...at least he has humor

  • daniel Lozada
    daniel Lozada 26 days ago +1

    Excelente se ve super rica

  • Sam Serpas
    Sam Serpas Year ago +59

    Man the guy with the salt always on time.😁

  • Ludmila Vainer
    Ludmila Vainer 7 months ago +2

    Такая красота и вкуснота ,так захотелось кусочек.Художник!!!!!

  • wickywills
    wickywills 7 months ago +13

    Funny thing is that the gold used on these steaks is super cheap

  • Wilfried Vomáčka
    Wilfried Vomáčka 7 months ago +13

    My mom was always: Careful! The salt is all over the place! I can't imagine what would she said to this guy

    • Browner
      Browner 2 months ago +2

      Moms are the best 😂

  • Kingslayer1080
    Kingslayer1080 4 months ago +1

    I honestly can't stand how he puts the salt on the steak but he can cook and has pretty decent knife skills

  • Eihab Shadow's Design
    Eihab Shadow's Design 8 months ago +11

    Salt Bae : I can make a golden steak.
    Gordon Ramsay : It's RAW!! IT'S FUCKIN RAW!!!

  • Crosser Tv
    Crosser Tv 5 days ago

    Best steak ever in the world😍

  • dj jess
    dj jess 11 months ago +49

    Robert Downey Jr best role as the eccentric chef.. 😂

    • Hunter Green
      Hunter Green 9 months ago

      Almost looks like a young Johnny Depp

  • Andrey BTW
    Andrey BTW 8 months ago +16

    Steak= 50$
    Gold foil= maybe around 30$( i actually have no clue)
    Salt seasoned with sweaty hairy hand=1-2$
    Show= 5k $

    • Emilio David Torres Vergara
      Emilio David Torres Vergara 4 months ago +5

      Pack 100 Gold foil= 12 EUR

    • Pitemaf
      Pitemaf 21 day ago +1

      Facts. But "golden food" isn't expensive because of it has edible gold on it. Its expensive because golden foil is not material easy to work with, it easly breaks, sticks to itself etc. so the price is huge because chefs have to fuck around applying thin, fragile layer of foil which doesn't at all change the flavour of the dish xd

    • Zenith
      Zenith Day ago

      Just extremely expensive... Imagine how a man gives a whistle to sculpt people's money. He started doing this in Turkey at first 😁😁

  • Placebo
    Placebo Year ago +52

    I once ate an hamburger at saltbeas restraunt it was served with fresh fries and a dessert and in my opinion it was so delicious for it's price def gonna eat again

    • AbySmaL
      AbySmaL 11 months ago +7

      "an hamburger?"

    • Adrian Pate
      Adrian Pate 9 months ago +8

      @AbySmaL 😂 he went to 5 star restaurant for a Hamburger lol 😂

    • Kadoom
      Kadoom 9 months ago +7

      @Adrian Pate it’s probably all he could afford. Those steaks run 5k and up. I can only imagine what the burger cost.

    • A random masochist
      A random masochist 8 months ago +2

      @Kadoom 30 bucks

  • Vasil Vasilev
    Vasil Vasilev 11 months ago +54

    Ah yes, nothing compares to getting salt all over your customer's phone and wallet

  • TECNIS DAIMOND M.G    Diamantino moreira garcia

    Me gustaría un día comerlo

  • Ramon Sanchez
    Ramon Sanchez 5 months ago +2

    Damn who in the world of Karen's eats steak well done

  • Ankhara
    Ankhara 7 months ago +3

    You're paying for fun & the novelty. The steak looks nicely cooked also.

  • Thatguyfromthatplace
    Thatguyfromthatplace 6 months ago +5

    I make a tomahawk steak at my restaurant for 50. No gold but it is amazing flavor. For 1200 I will add the gold and sprinkle the salt down my arm for ya.

    • Browner
      Browner 2 months ago +1

      $50 i$ fair +
      Eating a rib eye.
      Shout out from Toronto Canada

  • not me
    not me 2 months ago

    I feel like he should have been a magician

  • batal sahin
    batal sahin 9 months ago +2

    Kıralsın sen nusret usta
    Helal olsun süper et yapıyorsun sovunda çok güzel

  • Rabuan Mantine
    Rabuan Mantine 10 months ago +9

    This is like seeing Jackie Chan doing kungfu at the kitchen

  • Chris Stephens
    Chris Stephens 2 months ago +12

    He's convinced people to pay extortionate amounts for this shit show. Mans a genius

  • CRCamp86
    CRCamp86 9 months ago +7

    I'm just curious, what happens if you don't like something about your food and decide to send the shit back? 😄

    • Noe Toledo
      Noe Toledo 8 months ago +2

      @CRCamp86 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Simon Tapia Glausser
    Simon Tapia Glausser Year ago +271

    Most of that steak is still in time to go to the vet and survive

    • Kakak Kepin
      Kakak Kepin Year ago +2


    • Fenrir
      Fenrir Year ago +7


    • Player Player
      Player Player Year ago +27

      Bruh thats medium rare not raw why do people not get this 😐

    • Strayed
      Strayed Year ago +11

      it's medium rare, it's normal

    • Alabull
      Alabull Year ago +2

      I don't think that's how cows work bruh

  • Truth Reigns Forever
    Truth Reigns Forever 7 months ago +1

    Salt Bae and his schtick. He’s a hustler

  • J M
    J M Year ago +19

    Honestly I don't think I would eat any food with salt running down someone's arm onto it that's just me though 😅

    • Diyanow
      Diyanow Year ago +2

      Stop get some help

    • immortal
      immortal Year ago +4

      With a little bit of his arm hair on it 😂

    • iamdalibor
      iamdalibor 11 months ago +1

      He probably shaves off that part though.
      Eh... Why not.
      Because if you find hair you can complain about it and get free food right?
      He could also wrap his forearm with plastic wrap if someone is that concerned.

    • Eric Bussman
      Eric Bussman Month ago

      Agreed.. How much arm hair and sweat comes with that fkn salt running down your arm. No thanks

  • Frozus
    Frozus Year ago +15

    When people say medium rare is normal but if this meat went to vet it would've come alive XD

    • Iman Button
      Iman Button 11 months ago +1

      Medium rare is normal this is rare

    • A
      A 8 months ago

      Medium rare and rare are the best. Anything more and it gets too chewy and loses its juiciness.

    • Graham Hill
      Graham Hill 8 months ago


  • Ivan Smith
    Ivan Smith 18 days ago

    Who doesn't love some off the back of the forearm salt/seasoning. 🤔🧐🤝

  • Mustafa Ali
    Mustafa Ali 4 months ago

    Sometimes his steak looks undercooked. Other times it looks overcooked.

  • Cerise Jones
    Cerise Jones Year ago +15

    34 bucks in gold leaf, charges 3,500 for a tomahawk steak.

  • GoatGamer1
    GoatGamer1 2 months ago +1

    This should have 24K graphics now

  • Arena Emery
    Arena Emery 16 days ago

    The gold gives it the best flavour and aroma. Delicious

  • Steve Rodriguez
    Steve Rodriguez 5 months ago +3

    I’ll be damned if I let another man squeeze my cheeseburger

  • FantastiX PvZ
    FantastiX PvZ 7 months ago +2

    Legendary!...only in his mind. What a ef-ing hack.

  • Felipe Herrera Villegas

    the Restaurant is pure show. Your food is almost alive

  • Kung-fu Kenny
    Kung-fu Kenny 9 months ago +9

    Ahhh yes nothing like the taste of his forearm and salt on your food 😋

  • 凶暴な猫ニャーオ
    凶暴な猫ニャーオ 11 months ago +1


  • The Great Mahcus
    The Great Mahcus 28 days ago +1

    I wonder what he looks like putting clothes in the washer and finally adding the detergent sprinkle

    • FiveNightsAtYoutube
      FiveNightsAtYoutube 27 days ago +1

      he probly does a smirk because it reminds him of preping steak

  • Chavi Chavi
    Chavi Chavi 2 months ago

    En el Asador Etxeberri ven esto y se descojonan de la risa 😂😂😂

  • Cynthia Mazhar
    Cynthia Mazhar 4 months ago +3

    He looks funny....I don't understand why the hell many people are so crazy about him....

  • Inzaghi Gaming
    Inzaghi Gaming 2 months ago +1

    Watching this video while eating noodles 🥲🥲

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis Year ago +6

    It's worth as much as you pay for it if you enjoy it and can afford it! But I do wonder if at $12,000 USD if a bottle of Petrus wine is worth the cost.

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones Year ago +1

    Hell yeah it was worth it !

  • Gabriel Tobing
    Gabriel Tobing 2 months ago +2

    Now with extra sweat!

  • Abhijit Ghosh 🌚
    Abhijit Ghosh 🌚 10 months ago +2

    Now those are some high quality meat.

  • Ryk Son
    Ryk Son Month ago

    I felt bad 6 people sharing 1 burger ! SB walked away in disgust !

  • Patrick
    Patrick 2 years ago +64

    Who wants to eat metal with their food, even if it is a precious metal?

    • FBadge
      FBadge Year ago +27

      Not even that precious. Gold leaf is not expensive at all

    • Carlos B
      Carlos B Year ago


    • Matt Lyons
      Matt Lyons Year ago +31

      @FBadge No doubt. You can buy a pack of 30 sheets of edible gold leaf from Amazon for $14. As always, a fool and his money...

    • Martin Denicourt
      Martin Denicourt Year ago +4

      To sell your golden poop.


      It's still taste the same like regular steak

  • Augustine Rodriguez
    Augustine Rodriguez 9 months ago +1

    Wow looks delicious

  • WorldShart
    WorldShart 8 months ago +5

    I would pay that much just to watch his cut steak. It’s like a magic show

    • DivinePlaya710
      DivinePlaya710 7 months ago +3

      Damn you have to be easily impressed

    • Eric Bussman
      Eric Bussman Month ago

      @DivinePlaya710 I know right.. This guy seems like he'd be impressed by a carney or a mime

  • Noxten
    Noxten 4 months ago +1

    *IT'S DAMN RAW!!!*

  • The 49ers Guru
    The 49ers Guru 19 days ago

    That steak is so raw.

  • RWHaulbrook
    RWHaulbrook 9 months ago +5

    "This steak would be great if it didn't have all the foil pieces in it."

  • Tony Chandley
    Tony Chandley 9 months ago +1

    Have to give it to him if he can get people to pay that kind of money wow. If I could achieve that I would act like a fool myself.

  • Sis Julia Ruth Seth
    Sis Julia Ruth Seth 10 months ago


  • guamflyer
    guamflyer 9 months ago +1

    Cracks me up But the steaks look Delicious

  • Dans Imperium Sine Fine

    I bet most people there is new money or wannabes. It ain't anything wrong with that. Guy found a niche, that the sheep find amazingly amusing.. This fucking guy is a genius in my book.

    • Sayoun
      Sayoun Year ago +11

      Agreed. You could buy the same stuff at a supermarket and make it just as good, but only for 30$. 200 at most.

    • Jsis
      Jsis Year ago +15

      @Sayoun you can’t buy £1000 arm tossed salt at the supermarket, so you’d be unable to finish the dish

    • Alex Fromnic
      Alex Fromnic Year ago +8

      New money is the stupidest term ever. New money just means its the generation in a family of actual talent and genius that created great wealth rather than the often times talentless following generations of hangers on

    • MirageKSA
      MirageKSA 10 months ago +1

      @Sayoun that’s for poor people. Old money people will find a better value restaurant not this hype bs

  • Iggy Fritz
    Iggy Fritz 7 months ago

    He'll chicken is more expensive than steak now 😂

  • ChrisCom
    ChrisCom 11 months ago +12

    I shit gold flakes for 3 days. It was amazing

  • soisun
    soisun 11 months ago +1

    I must admit he is unique. And he's not idiot as some say.

  • Francisco Vasquez
    Francisco Vasquez 11 months ago

    I want to try a salt bae golden carne asada taco

  • Dominic Tudor
    Dominic Tudor Year ago +6

    Sorry to disappoint anyone but I know people who cooks cheaper steak and is better, don't make the mistake of just trying it, it'll put a hole in your pocket

  • PineappleBay
    PineappleBay 2 months ago +2

    Everyone gets so salty over the prices I love it

  • Margarita Chavez
    Margarita Chavez 9 months ago +3

    Necesito ver a Gordon Ramsey regañando a este tipo.

  • ashleigh peterson
    ashleigh peterson 11 months ago +3

    Hank Hill would openly weep, and I with him. Sloppy cuts wasting meat galore. Really just countless things. To me this is how not to serve a steak.

  • Kevin Colt
    Kevin Colt 8 months ago

    Salt Bae world cup champion!!

  • IB math for beginners
    IB math for beginners 7 months ago

    Still raw bro

  • viktor winterfeld
    viktor winterfeld 2 months ago +1

    Интересно соль вместе с волосами на мясо падает

  • Joy
    Joy 26 days ago

    Few good patches and these steaks will start moo-ing again

  • Illusion
    Illusion 10 months ago

    Man do be grinding those slices tho

  • Rene Serpas
    Rene Serpas Year ago

    😑yea anybody can cut a steak and pour salt just like that….if I’m gonna pay for a 1000 steak It better be a damn good steak followed by a damn good show,
    with our waiter blindfolded and knives juggling and backflips with tigers serving us the steak.
    See THAT’S a show

  • mildred ashford
    mildred ashford 8 months ago

    Gold sheets are cheap and I like my stakes some what cooked.

  • big matt
    big matt 7 months ago +1

    This chef is pure class 👏 He makes jamie Oliver and Gordon ramsay look like the hamburglar and Ronald mcdonald

  • Los chenes
    Los chenes 3 days ago

    that steak is still moving

  • Zombie Dad
    Zombie Dad Year ago +1

    After stepping up my steak game i will never order from a restaurant again unless I wanna pay a ridiculous amount for a show

  • Dante Viper Brandolini

    Awesome & Outstanding Video of Salt Bae (He seems so nice), Thx 4 Posting....😝👻👽👽

  • Noe Toledo
    Noe Toledo 8 months ago

    I would never pay $1,100 for a piece of meat wrapped in cheap gold paper making you think it's 24k and watch a show of him cutting your meat and then feed it to you. With $1,100 you can feed at least 10 people.

  • Alex Fromnic
    Alex Fromnic Year ago +5

    I'm confused. How do you eat this? Is that like a foil that you remove?

    • StyxFighter
      StyxFighter Year ago +8

      no, it's called gold leaf. it's an edible food wrap that makes whatever you wrap it in look like a golden version of whatever it is

    • Mexican rocky🇲🇽
      Mexican rocky🇲🇽 9 months ago

      @StyxFighter but does it taste plain

    • StyxFighter
      StyxFighter 9 months ago

      @Mexican rocky🇲🇽 never had it before but considering it's just a cosmetic thing to put on food I would say yes

    • Mexican rocky🇲🇽
      Mexican rocky🇲🇽 9 months ago

      @StyxFighter lol than what’s the point of putting gold strips on it

  • M
    M 8 months ago

    I would never eat at SB even if I had 1T in my bank account

  • Robert Young
    Robert Young 9 months ago +1

    I like mine medium and without chunks of metal

  • VendeHilo
    VendeHilo 10 days ago

    Fun fact: the real price of that gold is 8 bucks, enjoy

  • Andrew
    Andrew Year ago +8

    Why does he destroy it when he’s cutting it for the customers? Let me cut my own damn $1,000 dollar steak!

    • Theguypenguin
      Theguypenguin Year ago +8

      Yeah and for me it just disgusts me when he does the salt thing it touches his arm hair and salt gets all over the table 🤦 🤮

    • exal exal
      exal exal Year ago +2

      25$ steak, 975$ for performance of a internet meme

  • xEliteCody
    xEliteCody 9 months ago

    imagine paying 1500 for a 30 dollar steak with gold paper

  • ꧁𓆩It's ༒ iGx𓆪꧂

    The betadine bay was something else entirely

  • Серега Ктотам

    Как можно сырое мясо есть

    • Greo
      Greo 4 months ago

      Just by eating it.

  • J Z
    J Z 5 months ago

    That’s a sin to cut into a steak when it’s still sizzling hot

  • Crowns
    Crowns 11 months ago +6

    Hope y’all know y’all are eating salt that bounces off his hairy forearms

  • Jawndog1
    Jawndog1 4 months ago +3

    Why do i even need to pay $2,500 for a fricking steak that can be bought $50 on the market. The only difference that its covered on pointless gold that doesn't differ the taste of the steak.

  • Timothy Burnett
    Timothy Burnett 9 months ago

    I've got so much money I'm gonna eat gold. WHY??

  • Biyun Lin
    Biyun Lin Year ago

    This golden paper is edible.

  • YFZ350TWIN
    YFZ350TWIN 9 months ago

    What is the gold stuff he puts on it?

  • SuperRodrigo PT
    SuperRodrigo PT Year ago

    Wow sal com bife :D

  • Manuel Luna
    Manuel Luna 10 months ago

    Makes me want to snort the salt when he drops it down like that .

  • Imjustmir
    Imjustmir 8 months ago

    Now that’s 1000 them little steaks they be selling

  • james ly
    james ly 6 months ago

    These gold 😅 leaves are not even pure gold I bet

  • Floriano Cardoso
    Floriano Cardoso 7 months ago +1

    Super good muito caro

  • David Fischer
    David Fischer 19 days ago

    Can I get mine without elbow salt?