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Yanis Varoufakis blows the lid on Europe's hidden agenda

  • Published on Feb 5, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • Conor Dorrian
    Conor Dorrian Year ago +432

    As an ordinary person, this man is someone I will always hold in esteem mainly because of two points: He shows no signs of self interest and more importantly he admits that he made mistakes. To me that's the real sign of a person who can be held in trust, a very dangerous thing in the modern world. There's not enough of people like him in power.

    • ThePSaco
      ThePSaco 4 days ago

      @Knight Heaven He believes in Marxism? but he constantly talks about tax reductions which doesn't really go in line with it

    • David Van De Beers
      David Van De Beers Month ago

      So you’re used to being manipulated

    • damnyourpasswords
      damnyourpasswords Month ago

      @VicariousReality7 EXACTLY

    • VicariousReality7
      VicariousReality7 Month ago +1

      Why should there be people in power?

    • Sean O'Callaghan
      Sean O'Callaghan Month ago

      I just read 2 books of his. Could you please tell me what mistakes he admitted?

  • RobWhittlestone
    RobWhittlestone 3 years ago +91

    Professor Yanis Varoufakis is a towering talent and one of my favourite people on the world stage. Lucid, intelligent, truthful, realistic how I wish more were like him.
    Katrine Marçal carries out an excellent interview. She really did her homework and it shows. Excellent video.

    • Jamie Hume
      Jamie Hume 2 months ago

      ..with really, really poor judgment and a lack of empathy.

    • stephen girling
      stephen girling 2 months ago +1

      You are correct when you say "the world stage". Actors, all of them.

  • retro pirate truth seeker
    retro pirate truth seeker 3 years ago +179

    Yanis Varoufakis is a lovely human being, I wish him well and hope he gets the luck he needs to succeed. Great show thanks!

  • Abuse of mainstream media can harm your mind!

    “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ― George Orwell

    • david hutton
      david hutton 4 months ago

      @John Maxwell - Humanities overpopulation had caused the majority of the various crisis we see in today's world.
      Covid and the vaccines will see to that problem...

    • Abuse of mainstream media can harm your mind!
      Abuse of mainstream media can harm your mind! Year ago

      @Emilios Powerballer Put "Goldman Sachs" in place of "The Greeks" for Goldman Sachs had way more control over this policies of abuse than 99% of the Greek population ever had. AND the govt working together with Goldman Sachs interestingly never had a voted mandate to bring Goldman Sachs in to falsify the books....

    • Emilios Powerballer
      Emilios Powerballer Year ago

      Truth is, the Greek state for long understated its figures to enter the EU and make the Greek economy look competitive, but once the bankers of Europe were called, Varoufakis said 'No don't do this, this isn't sustainable, do something else' which at the time was to practically extend the loans or a chance of default. Well, you can't just call the EU and ask for money, and tell them how they are going to finance you. That's not how it works. Greece had a lot of debt to begin with prior to entering EU, and kept lying for its figures. So what truth is Varoufakis stating? He's only stating that TROIKA's funding forced Greece into a hole which the GREEKS created in first place.

    • Red F
      Red F Year ago

      @John Maxwell Marx set out his ideas as a starting point for discussion. Those countries are doing well because they are Democratic Socialists. As I keep saying they have regulation, and tax. This is a workable starting point for change. That is the idea. A truly Socialist society could take hundreds of years.
      You can take things to their extremes all you want. Citing authoritarian regimes. Ignoring the fact that Capitalism can be taken to these extremes too and has been. Capitalism has given us a huge death toll also, a trail of mismanagement, inequality, greed, and war. Plus as Marx predicted a dying planet. I don’t think Finland is in danger of becoming North Korea. Try and calm down.

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell Year ago

      @Red F - You, a self-proclaimed "democratic socialist" DO NOT UNDERSTAND what true socialism is or what it involves. In socialism as defined by Marx and Engels there is no privately owned property because the state owns and totally controls the means of production. Private enterprise is not allowed and there are no privately-owned and profit-seeking companies that operate in open markets. Today many self-proclaimed "democratic socialists" like you claim that socialism has been successful. Falsely cited examples of "democratic socialist" success stories are countries like Portugal, Sweden, and Finland in which rulers are democratically elected by citizens at large. But in each and every such country the government does not exercise total ownership and control of the means of production -- There is privately owned property; there are profit-seeking individuals; and there are profit seeking companies which operate in many open markets. Fools often falsely misrepresent countries which heavily redistribute privately-generated wealth by imposed taxation as successful examples of socialism. This is NOT EVEN CLOSE to true socialism. Much closer to a true example of socialism was Pol Pot's genocidal Cambodia. Go to North Korea if you want to understand what true socialism actually is today and what realities it imposes upon a totally subjugated and enslaved citizenry. You, like YV, are a dangeous dilettante who doesn't know what he is talking about. You, like YV, are leading other deluded idiots down a destructive path. End of conversation.

  • 394pjo
    394pjo 3 years ago +128

    Amazing. Varoufakis is hypnotic in his explanations and breakdowns so that even someone who has no understanding of economics can grasp. Thats the first time I have watched a youtube video all the way to the end since 2005.

    • Wewillrise
      Wewillrise Month ago

      "Hipnotic" lol nice to know that you are easy to deceive

    • damnyourpasswords
      damnyourpasswords Year ago

      He is trained, this is the MARXIST power, hypnotism by fast wording low voice and and condensation, for a long period of time.

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell Year ago

      @robert ely - No, a centrally planned economy with government ownership of all property doesn't have multiple banks and private investment institutions. That is socialism. Don't blame Greek or German banks for the Greek economic disaster. Blame leftist socialists like Varoufakis who for years advocated spending far more than was justified by collected revenues. Varoufakis was a finance minister and made the situation worse.

    • robert ely
      robert ely Year ago

      @John Maxwellin this situation it's the banks and financial institutions that are socialists - they're dependant on other people's money and get rewarded for failure.
      You're right in that it doesn't work as an economic system

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell Year ago

      Varoufakis is not wise or insightful. He is a committed socialist. Socialism simply doesn't work as an economic system. Past socialist governments have gotten Greece into trouble. His advice would lead Greece into much deeper trouble.

  • rick4electric
    rick4electric Year ago +69

    Genius at work! Its wonderful to watch a clear thinking, intelligent AND good man explain how governments really "work"!

  • Thomas Simmons
    Thomas Simmons 3 years ago +80

    What a guy. God bless him and the Greek people. (You don't need game theory when you know Sophoclean and Shakespearean Tragedy). BRILLIANT!

  • Escape The Matrix
    Escape The Matrix Year ago +30

    What an absolute credit to his role as an elected politician and representative of the Greek people. I take my hat of to him for his honesty, integrity and most of all, bravery as a human being. It's a shame most other people in his position have become as corrupt as the establishment in which they serve. May god bless the Greek people, now and in the future.

  • Jason Nolan
    Jason Nolan 5 years ago +2329

    "I believe banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies" . - Thomas Jefferson.

    • Roger Bennett
      Roger Bennett 2 months ago

      @kwakkers68 I don't disagree, what you say is historically correct. Being English means I could be biased but I don't think I am, as I see it, it is in the interests of the others to bury the hatchet and come to terms with today. I cannot see a position supported by logic or rational thinking that says England is not and always has been on the whole superior and victorious but if there are countries in the UK that disagree then I'm all for discussion to see how we resolve the issues to everyones satisfaction if possible. This would mean any agreements would have to be subject to referenda's passed by majorities in all countries, if unable to achieve such an outcome then it will be time for antagonists to gird their loins to fight for what they prefer. I don't envy the chances of the Scots and Welsh in trying to lever excess benefits out of independence from England out of the grasp of the 30m late arrivals to England though.

    • kwakkers68
      kwakkers68 2 months ago

      @Roger Bennett 'Britain' is an abstract, it doesn't exist. As is the case with many 'states'; but an amalgam abstract, made up of a number, where 1 has been the enemy of 2 others is particularly ridiculous. London has been the historical enemy of people across the provinces of England, to say nothing of what it has inflicted on Wales, Scotland.

    • Roger Bennett
      Roger Bennett 2 months ago

      @kwakkers68 London needs a British government.

    • kwakkers68
      kwakkers68 2 months ago

      @dingojerk Direct Democracy is the best solution. Regional parliaments run by the people, for the people.
      With infrastructure shared across a federal structure - for Health for instance. The hard part isn't deciding 'what to do', it's in A. defeating entrenched power, and B. raising the consciousness of a sufficient number of people that a tipping point is realised < the failure of successive attempts to do this -> why the status quo continues.

    • kwakkers68
      kwakkers68 2 months ago

      @Roger Bennett Leaving a fundamentally Neo-liberal project - there is wisdom in that. Alas, we still need to leave Neo-liberal London

  • zerowski
    zerowski 3 years ago +263

    Every European needs to listen to this man.

    • kwakkers68
      kwakkers68 2 months ago

      @T.R.L. None of us are. Never have been.
      + Beware the Private Sector running our elections.

    • Patrick Sweeney
      Patrick Sweeney 4 months ago

      This man is part of the problem describing anyone to his right politically as xenophobes and bigots.
      Successive Greek governments have been horribly corrupt and irresponsible and he's also part of that.

    • T.R.L.
      T.R.L. 4 months ago +5

      We in germoney are not in control of our politics and our politicans!

    • I hate frogs
      I hate frogs Year ago +13

      hi, not just european, canadians and americans , should listen to this man..

  • brikfiend
    brikfiend 4 years ago +761

    This Gent is a truth speaker, a rare commodity in politics.

    • Markku Ryhanen
      Markku Ryhanen Year ago

      @bluegalacticmonkey I think the best solution would have been Geece to leave the EU. Just as UK did now.

    • brikfiend
      brikfiend 2 years ago

      @bluegalacticmonkey ok ,I didn't know that.

    • brikfiend
      brikfiend 2 years ago

      @GreekForTruth1 Perhaps I'm mistaken then as I have only seen a few of his interviews .

    • John Romanos
      John Romanos 2 years ago +2

      He's a joke here in Greece.
      He works for Soros.

    • chris papa
      chris papa 2 years ago

      GreekForTruth1 that’s what I used to think. But since he is supporting Julian Assange, I don’t think so. Maybe he was and he is no longer. perhaps he was navigating trying to find his way but now he is supporting Julian he is in my good books.

  • Eis Vogel
    Eis Vogel 2 years ago +22

    This man is worth his weight in gold. A true patriot as well. This is how politicians should be. Thanks for sharing

  • eakherenow
    eakherenow 3 years ago +12

    A profoundly brilliant, ethical economist.

  • SGS
    SGS Year ago +33

    Yanis, that was an eye opener, the democratic world needs more people like you.
    Can't wait to read your book.

    • funkyfiss
      funkyfiss Year ago +2

      Yes I just stumbled upon this video now. I am very impressed. I Should go buy the book.

  • Deplorable D
    Deplorable D 3 years ago +171

    This bloke's IQ, communication, general grasp of the actual and ability to talk sensibly with feeling without rancour or emotion is mind-blowing. He just trots out a metaphor about Macbeth as if he was discussing the weather.

    • Olivia Monteque
      Olivia Monteque 3 months ago

      @Aeonized What you don't say!

    • bina nocht
      bina nocht 4 months ago

      I wouldn't say hes without emotion

    • GenovaYork24
      GenovaYork24 Year ago

      @Aeonized Being an intellectual is more important than having a high IQ. Having a high IQ facilitates education, but the ultimate goal is being an intellectual. It's common sense a very well read 90 IQ person is better than a lazy, potentially burnt out 150 IQ one who read 10 books in his life.

    • Aeonized
      Aeonized Year ago +1

      Knowing macbeth etc doesn't imply your IQ is especially high, it means you're a studied person, an intellectual and that you don't possess low IQ at least.

    • Cynthia Stogden
      Cynthia Stogden Year ago +4

      Truly brilliant. Yet we still have idiots in charge and not guys like this.

  • Vic Stein
    Vic Stein 3 years ago +58

    I am so glad I discovered this video. I am one of many who believed the propaganda that the Greeks were simply "Lazy" and that is why they were bankrupted. Then I heard Nigel Farage at EU parliament mention the plight of Greece and his accusation of EU ruining that nation. So I got interested. Now Yanis explaining and enlightening us. I owe my Geek friends an apology.

    • Dara O 'Rourke
      Dara O 'Rourke 2 months ago

      They lent us a paltry 7bn . All paid back with interest. Far less than the EU lent . And, as Yanis says , it all went to pay off the gambling debts of UK , French and German banks. Courtesy of the Irish taxpayer mugs

    • D Doherty
      D Doherty 3 months ago

      Ireland would be in the same state if the UK didn't bail them out, brexit showed how grateful they were.

    • David Brown
      David Brown 8 months ago +5

      The EU is mirroring Germany before 1914.

    • Vic Stein
      Vic Stein Year ago +1

      @gazepskotzs Of course! It was. 😊

    • gazepskotzs
      gazepskotzs Year ago +2

      Ok i am going there. I hope that the last sentence you wrote was not a "Freudian" mistake.
      Lol, just joking, it was obviously a honest mistake.

  • Skill Builder
    Skill Builder 3 years ago +301

    No minutes? That is enough of a smoking gun to have them all sacked. How they continue to get away with these back-room deals amazes me. The press are falling down on the job or they are being bought off. The should be asking awkward questions.

    • noIMspartacus
      noIMspartacus Year ago

      @John Rutty Aaaah poor didddums.... LOL... sounds like another deluded oven ready brexiteer in denial...

    • John Rutty
      John Rutty Year ago

      @noIMspartacus leave the man alone. ...he's one man against the dam currupt satanic EU

    • noIMspartacus
      noIMspartacus Year ago

      FFS...... does anyone still take this lying hypocrite that constantly contradicts himself seriously?!?!?! He just goes round regurgitating often contradictory "theories" and rehashing the obvious and his conflicting waffle depending on the audience and who's paying... Just look at the results of his "policies" and "predictions" - why do you think he was dropped kicked out of government by his "communist" comrades who were initially selling him as a "rock star" politician?!!!!
      Don't fall for his duplicitous waffle and delusions of adequacy... he is little more than a narcissistic, treacherous little "populist" stooge and - to quote the pathetic clown himself - "a comedy of errors wrapped up in harmless waffle" - which sums this champagne socialist perfectly...
      Lets face it, he just regurgitates and adapts his conflicting waffle according to his audience and who's paying... just ask his former "communist" comrades who also betrayed Greece - or those holding his off shore accounts...
      Time to wake the fracking hell up! It's actually slimy treasonous "populist" stooges like this and little niggle fartmirage that are undermining Europe!

    • ernest rogen
      ernest rogen Year ago

      BBC paid multi millions by the EU that is why they have destroyed Brexit.

    • John Rutty
      John Rutty Year ago +1

      The press is controlled by them whatever we know is what they tell us BOB MARLEY

  • Lobogris
    Lobogris 3 years ago +361

    Wow! A breath of fresh air, hard to believe he was really in government, he is so genuine.

    • Padda
      Padda Year ago

      Es ist jeden Tag das gleiche ich sitz' da und mache gar nichts weil mir alles scheißegal ist so wie Yanis Varoufakis

    • Knight Heaven
      Knight Heaven Year ago +1

      @Panayiotis Yannopoulos Yep and his solution for the bank problems is nationalize them most likely as is what the political family his part of defends, at least in narrative. He is quite the character for sure, but there is a difference between making a diagnostic of problems and finding viable solutions for them. Also on a side note, he is one of those people who thinks Star Trek depicts Communism. lol

    • funkyfiss
      funkyfiss Year ago +2

      They went after him like harpies as soon as they realised he was a threat to their plan. Hit piece after hit piece of lies to vilify him until he quit.

    • John Romanos
      John Romanos 2 years ago +1

      You mean a breath of a stale fart.

    • Panayiotis Yannopoulos
      Panayiotis Yannopoulos 2 years ago +1

      Bubba Ole alas... he elevated himself as a “prophet after the happenings”.
      He is an outdated leftish, only recently he was saying we have no right to stop the immigrants and wanted to open the borders for them to pass to Europe.

  • Vanessa Brooks
    Vanessa Brooks 3 years ago +53

    Brilliant honest interview Yanis, more of this please.

  • funkyfiss
    funkyfiss Year ago +19

    The very best explanation of the Greek crisis I have ever heard!
    They should of absolutely done his plan for recovery. It was by far the best choice. Greece has suffered so much since the crisis and now the pandemic.

  • simon lloyd
    simon lloyd Year ago +43

    Apropos of nothing, I just wanted to say how impressed I am as an Englishman, that sheer quality of non native English speaking in this interview. Both speak to a native level, and the Swedish interviewer almost sounds English.

  • Ari Akritidis
    Ari Akritidis 3 years ago +651

    Very interesting. He is a brilliant thinker and makes alot of sense. I think the EU is destroying Europe

    • Devon Seamoor
      Devon Seamoor 3 months ago

      Yanis Varoufakis reads his own books "And the weak will suffer as they must?" and "Adults in the room" at Audible. He's as talented as a writer as much as a speaker, as I perceive him, clear and true to truth, in this great conversation.

    • Duggy Dugg
      Duggy Dugg Year ago +1

      @Classesanytime classesanytime
      the reason why is rockefeller and roth schild print Euros and LEND these criminal scrip certificates to the EU gvts as DEBT...
      debt to the CBD
      central bank dynasty own all mints..
      rocky and rottie have the world's ppl by the throat......
      masking and ruining restaurants ...malls... theaters is the plan of the Uber elite
      Uber elite : criminal central banksters.. CBD... central bank dynasty.. rule by DEBT...
      b b b b
      bribery... Obvious
      blackmail... think Epstein.. Honey traps. Thumb drives
      bullying.. Withhold campaign funds
      bullets.. JFK.. Lincoln.. McKinley... Garfield.. possibly Reagan.. Possibly FDR... Wilson possibly poison...
      Jackson survived would-be assassin Richard Lawrence who bragged he worked for Rothschild
      die falsher LENDS
      government spends
      makes i r s extract
      to pay the loanshark back
      ☑️ if you can't comprehend the above

    • Classesanytime classesanytime
      Classesanytime classesanytime Year ago +1

      @Pierre N Fact 👍

    • Pierre N
      Pierre N Year ago +1

      @Classesanytime classesanytime good analysis. Also the politcal use and goals of the institutions is despicable and deeply anti-european

    • Classesanytime classesanytime
      Classesanytime classesanytime Year ago +3

      The EU destroyed Europe the moment it came from the drawing table in 1999.
      The EU could have been functional IF they had left local currencies in place and use the Euro as a European internal trading currency as the US Dollar is doing globally!
      The Euro was and is and always will be the greatest flaw in the EU design plan and will inevitably become the downfall of the EU!

  • Suradj. C Doekharan
    Suradj. C Doekharan Year ago +9

    One of the very few politicians of these days with a sense of duty. Very eloquently spoken and a very wise man.

  • Fernando Espinosa
    Fernando Espinosa 4 years ago +17

    Great interview. It’s so refreshing to see a politician talk straight. Thanks for posting this video.

  • Defence Man
    Defence Man 3 years ago +68

    I have always believed that Greece made a huge error in not leaving the EU when they found it impossible to make loan payments. Greece should have walked away from both the EU and the dept, reissued the Greek currency obviously at a deflated rate. They could have built a huge tourist industry overnight !

    • Tenzin Nordron
      Tenzin Nordron 8 months ago

      @Samsara the EU can destroy or regulate non-EU nations’ tourist businesses! See, Turkey.

    • David Brown
      David Brown 8 months ago +1

      Would they have let Greece leave ? Look at the UK which is a bigger country economic wise , and the negative way they have responded , then they say the UK can rejoin?

    • Tralfamadorian
      Tralfamadorian Year ago

      If you have a bank account full euro`s you really think you are going keep your money in the country if you know it`s about to be turned into worthless drachmas?

    • My e Mail Account
      My e Mail Account Year ago

      And with the EU they cannot have a tourist industry? Is that the reason Greece has no hotels or tourism industry and its non existent in their budget?

    • chris papa
      chris papa 2 years ago

      Defence Man definitely.

  • Paul O'Connor
    Paul O'Connor 5 years ago +1467

    His command of English is incredible. I don't mean just for a non-English native speaker, I mean for anyone. His ability with the language is far better than most well educated native English speakers.

    • zarni000
      zarni000 3 months ago

      @hexxan007 lol. Genius huh? Genius self promoter maybe...He was involved in the governments that lead to the Greek disaster. He is just an opportunist self promoter

    • hexxan007
      hexxan007 3 months ago

      @zarni000 I don't agree. Varoufakis is not "just a politician". He is first and foremost an economic genius. But - he has what ALL politicians SHOULD have but most of them lack: simple innate human traits like intelligence, honesty, responsibility, empathy, a sound conscience and sense of humor.
      Oh, how i wish you were right in him being "just another politician"!

    • hexxan007
      hexxan007 3 months ago

      @zarni000 I don't agree. Varoufakis is not "just a politician", he is first and foremost an economic genius. More important - he's got what ALL politicians SHOULD have, namely simple innate human traits like intelligence, honesty, responsibility, empathy and sense of humor.

    • comet315
      comet315 4 months ago

      Indeed he has an innate ability to talk plenty of bullshit while obfuscating and dressing it with fancy academic terminology, which, sounds impressive even to his peers. In reality, not even himself is really understanding what the f he is actually talking about.

    • zarni000
      zarni000 8 months ago

      @joel west he is a political opportunist. He is part of those that create the problem and then styles himself as a solution

  • Anne-Marie Willingham
    Anne-Marie Willingham Year ago +17

    I remember feeling so sorry for the Greek Government it destroyed the ordinary working people , I remember the elderly citizen’s suffered, even though I have never been to Greek, this interview explained what it was about, the banks have a lot to answer , thank you ,

  • Rajan N
    Rajan N 3 years ago +25

    A very insightful and intelligent explanation of the shenanigans behind the Euro crisis. Excellent prose.

  • shakti veda
    shakti veda 3 years ago +58

    Great interview, thank you for this share. Greeks are not "lazy," neither the Italians, Spain or French, average european are genuinely industrious, truly hard working people, very sharp, and honest to their core.

    • shakti veda
      shakti veda Year ago

      @Konstantina Papaioannou Completely get your message here, I myself have experienced the same not only by others, but even by my own's in my own country and outside of it. I won't even bother to mention my nationality since I realized that I was the one who was generating my own problem...how? you might ask...simple, by defining myself as belonging to a nationality, it doesn't matter what nationality we pick or choose, (I used to be very proud of my roots and still am), however, by defining myself as belonging to a nationality group I fell into the trap of self-confinement, while on the other hand, I usually like to keep myself "outside of the box" any "box" no matter how big that box might be, it still a box. Anything we identify ourselves into is meant to show us where we make ourselves small and where we accept confinements and loose our true freedom. We need to overcome all definitions and confinements to discover our true selves, nature, and why not even the talents that come from overcoming these conditionings and false constructs.
      Blessings to all 💓

    • Konstantina Papaioannou
      Konstantina Papaioannou Year ago +2

      As a greek, the amount of racism I have encountered from Germans is insane. I clearly remember many cases of introducing myself as a greek to german people and the insults about being poor and lazy and not paying taxes started immediately. And no, they were not meant as jokes, these were people I'd just met and the first thing they though of saying to me after I mentioned my name and ethnicity was insults and racism. It was completely insane. I know not everyone is like that in Germany, as i have german friends who are cool, but the anti-greek propaganda in german politics and media between 2008 and now, has done a lot of damage and has caused hate and racism in germany.

    • shakti veda
      shakti veda 3 years ago +5

      @Xenia Stefanescu Xenia, yours is a good question, I like it, and, please don't get me wrong, but I don't have all the time in the world to adequately answer to it and I may not even be prepared enough to answer, but I can give you a great advice that will not only answer this question, but it will also bring a lot of light to the entire situation, indeed...I hope you don't mind me if I send you a link: clip-share.net/video/57UBuxnicOA/video.html
      You probably already know Mark Passio, but if you don't, then you will when you check this video I sent you in the link above.
      To be honest, I moved away from politics long time ago, it's all theater at the people's expenses, no matter what race, what color the skin, the eyes, or the hair...

    • Xenia Stefanescu
      Xenia Stefanescu 3 years ago +5

      shakti veda.......I would ask a question .Why Greece, Spain ,Portugal , had a very good economic situation before entering the EU .??Why?Because they were sovereign countries . and they took the best decisions for their own countries.

  • John J T
    John J T 4 years ago +43

    One of the Smartest men alive. Just not politically plugged in to the elite global community. That's a good thing!!

    • Waridi Nyakfie
      Waridi Nyakfie 3 years ago

      He needs to plug into something ,somewhere ,for someone's good soon !!! Otherwise what good is he to anyone ????!?! Why did he not run for any Eu position !!? The Europe for starters would be charting a different course , by now and steering the rest of the world towards an acceptable direction !!!!! Every corner turned on earth was on the shoulders of the momentum of a mere mortals belief in his strength , Yannis can be a true Spartan, Aristotle .....a herculean Greek God !! Let him take a shield n Trident , n step to the lions den ... The world in turn will shut their mouthes n make sure he is never harmed !!! We are the generation that owe ourselves this revolution within our lifetime !!!! Wake up worldwide !! Revolt everywhere !!!!!?

  • Gary V
    Gary V 4 years ago +283

    This should be seen by all Europeans!

    • Adrian Åslund
      Adrian Åslund 2 years ago +2

      America(the roman empire to our greece) should too.

  • margery harper
    margery harper 4 years ago +3

    Absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much. We can all learn from and use this even in small ways. It shows the bravado of banks and companies unable to cope with fluctuations and the tiny details of democracy that can combat this in the right hands-or minds.

  • 43pence
    43pence 2 years ago +7

    A very smart, articulate economist. It was such a pity that the interviewer had an agenda to discredit him. She failed.

  • Carolyn Bane-Bolinger
    Carolyn Bane-Bolinger 4 years ago +138

    This is one smart and ethical dude, virtually a lone voice in the wilderness.

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell Year ago +1

      @BornToDoIt -Yes, you Dolt, I believe in capitalism because it works. In a free market each person is able to bargain with different people to determine the pecuniary value of his/her own labor, rather than to be forcibly remunerated according to a decision made by some government official per socialism. A free market system is just and proper because it enables each person to achieve the highest possible pecuniary return for his/her labor by bargaining with multiple people and by freely entering into contracts that will most advantageously remunerate remunerate him/her. This willing seller-willing buyer situation also benefits society because it incentivizes people to develop and provide new and improved products and services for the public. Products and services developed competitively through free enterprise are on the whole far superior to the products and services that are available in a government-controlled socialist economies. Whenever and wherever true socialist economies have been instituted, they have ALWAYS failed to compete with free market systems. Furthermore, socialism can not survive unless it is forcibly imposed by government on citizens. True socialism benifits only the elite ruling class and always deprives other citizens of basic rights.

    • BornToDoIt
      BornToDoIt Year ago +2

      @John Maxwell and you believe in capitalism ? (an even bigger failing ideology).
      Socialism is better than capitalism.

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell Year ago +3

      Socialism leads to economic disaster and to impoverishment. Varoufakis is a socialist. He is neither smart nor ethical.

    • John Romanos
      John Romanos 2 years ago +1

      He's a Soros employee, telling you want you want to hear.

    • Razvan Sfirlogea
      Razvan Sfirlogea 2 years ago +3

      You are calling a far-left extermist 'smart and ethical'? Are you well in the head, fren?

  • J B
    J B Year ago +4

    That man has morals and guts. He calls it as it is. The EU has tried to tarnish the Greeks as lazy and work shy when the crisis was all of the EU’s doing. He could single handedly run a better economy than all the bureaucrats in Europe put together

  • Joost Klaver
    Joost Klaver 3 years ago +425

    A very smart and eloquent man. The Greek bailout was not a bailout of the Greeks but a way to prop up failed banks in Germany and France. Paid for by all the taxpayers in Europe... Banks should be able to fail and go bankrupt. The Greeks have been shafted that much is certain.

    • M A
      M A Year ago +3

      @comet315The state mismanaged the public funds. Banks gambled with folks deposits. Yeah, da*n right they should go down. If you bail out criminals so they can still maintain their promises, you just encourage their irresponsibility. Now the Greeks have lost all of their independence and sovereignty.Their long term prospect is pitiful. They chose that for immediate gratification. You always do. You pay with your future wellbeing for some nice moments now. People all over the world should stop trust ing bank s and governments. Don't save up for your child education in a f..ing bank. Fractional deposit scheme means the money you deposit in a bank are not there the moment you hand over them your hard earned cash.

    • F Bordewijk
      F Bordewijk Year ago +5

      Like most EU members the Greeks have ended up using a foreign currency, the Euro. When you use a currency you don't have the power to issue/redeem, you lose monetary sovereignty (like dollarization in Peru, Venezuela..). This currency comes with monetarist/neoliberal conditions: keep a tiny deficit (or preferably negative public spending), privatise all your public institutions. Many latter members have been in no position to adopt this currency and not cognisant of the fact those privatised institutions means services are shredded and taken over by (largely) foreign multinationals extracting public spending into private coffers with little to show for it. Exactly what has occurred in the rest of Europe and the reason Britain has crumbled and sent the victims running to vote Brexit. These deranged monetarists running the EU restrict public spending, yet pour money into multinational pockets. Each time the infrastructure collapses they take it out of the hides of the population.
      As Varoufakis says the ECB contradicts its own rules, basically because they know that when it comes to the crunch and the economies fail, their Friedmanite permanent austerity nonsense can't solve it. Their issuing of debt and purchasing of "debt" (bonds), from a source that doesn't 'go bankrupt', makes it clear the possibility to spare Greece that pain was always possible. Right now the ECB gave member states the power to spend money they previously claimed didn't and couldn't exist. They are economically incoherent.

    • comet315
      comet315 Year ago

      Would you say the same if your life savings or your child's education fund that you built over 20 years were deposited in that failing bank and you lost them if the bank was allowed to go bankrupt?
      Would you say the same if it meant that nobody would ever lend Greece anymore and now the country has to run with billions of euros in deficit each year, which would mean your state pension cannot be paid anymore? Or teachers salaries? Or healthcare?
      Thought not.

    • M A
      M A Year ago +1

      @Chrissie Lefranc if the debtor can't pay and the creditor can't survive this, the creditor should be allowed to go down along with the debtor. With the creditor dead, the debt disapears, the debtor can move forward. What the banks did, is make Greece pay with their body like in a case of a prostitution or with their body organs. The banks crossed the ethical boundaries between money and dignity. That's criminal.

    • Lord Charfield
      Lord Charfield Year ago +1

      @Patricia Crowell That was my driver to vote “Leave”.

  • Man on Waterloo Bridge

    A very astute and clever man -- and an honest one .

  • ISIS McCain
    ISIS McCain 3 years ago +115

    Professor Yanis is a patriot of the first magnitude.
    Make NO mistake about that.
    Just look at what is going on in Europe as we speak.....2 years after this interview!!

    • Eno Ki.
      Eno Ki. Year ago

      "Professor Yanis is a patriot of the first magnitude. "
      What the hell is first magnitude? Haha, is that like a close encounter of the 1st kind?

    • Panayiotis Yannopoulos
      Panayiotis Yannopoulos 2 years ago

      Crazy Ep your effort to insult to a Greek is more annoying.
      All I see through is no argument , just that an insult.
      No logic lover would be proud of you
      I guess been you is simple enough to know what happens without knowledge of actual facts or in simple delusions

    • Panayiotis Yannopoulos
      Panayiotis Yannopoulos 2 years ago +2

      He is the same person in Greece he was saying and wanted to open the borders to let immigrants pass to advanced European countries.
      Make no mistake, he is an outdated leftish.

  • Channel Wanderer
    Channel Wanderer Year ago +17

    I remember this guy being slated by MSM and I knew then he was no fool. Very calculating guy. The greeks are lucky to have a straight forward guy like this

    • Konstantina Papaioannou
      Konstantina Papaioannou Year ago +1

      We are unlucky to have all the rest of them though. He is outnumbered unfortunately by all the other dishonest politicians. The vast majority of greeks do not like him unfortunately and consider him responsible for what happened.

  • Claude Dietrich
    Claude Dietrich 4 years ago +123

    Varoufakis is a unique voice, exceptionally clear, brilliant and with what feels like a very kind , concerned heart. The interviewer here is also really good.

  • Tom C.
    Tom C. 2 years ago +5

    So glad I found this channel. This is quality, quality economic interviews

  • S. S.
    S. S. 3 years ago +13

    Simply put; We are in deep problems, cause of a lot of corrupt creatures running the show, for their own benefactor.
    If only more were like Yanis.

  • fogbullit1000
    fogbullit1000 Year ago +4

    We need lots more as honest as him

  • MrTomcat124
    MrTomcat124 3 years ago +49

    I never bought a book in my life but I'll make my first purchase for Yani's book. I feel good just liseting to how he explain his field so clearly. Wow!

    • C B Sam
      C B Sam 3 years ago

      Never bought a book in your life? How old are you?

    • Curtis Kretzer
      Curtis Kretzer 3 years ago

      Righteous Indignation by Andrew Breitbart

    • blackrabbit212
      blackrabbit212 3 years ago +1

      @Damp Wally You read it! That's the important thing. As important as returning the book so other people could ste..., sorry, read it.

    • Damp Wally
      Damp Wally 3 years ago

      Yes, it was a library book and when I saw the error of my ways I took it back and quietly placed it on the shelf. It was free to join the library but stealing the book was more of a challenge.

    • Damp Wally
      Damp Wally 3 years ago

      @blackrabbit212 does stealing a book count?

  • Fiona Westbury
    Fiona Westbury 4 months ago +2

    Thanks for telling us the truth, Yanis. It was high time we all knew this. This information makes it much easier to understand exactly the crimes that have been committed since the "virus" appeared.

  • boxie001
    boxie001 3 years ago +28

    it is always nice to hear someone confirm what I could see with my own dutch eyes.
    yes it was a bank bailout and not a rescue plan for the Greeks.

  • Gert Tjildsen
    Gert Tjildsen 3 years ago +169

    I`ve always liked this bloke, very smart indeed. His command of English and his vocabulary is better than many that are English born. He would make a great James Bond villain!

    • Guido
      Guido Month ago +1

      @Chris Dion Perfect !! Does this story line mean that 007 who is working for the "system", finally gets melted in a vat of lava ?? Would be awesome to see him (007) FAIL. lol

    • Marco P.
      Marco P. Year ago

      The Banksters villain

    • Chris Dion
      Chris Dion Year ago

      He could go by the name "soundmoney" and could plot to secretly stabilize the global economy by backing it with precious metals again, but grinding to a halt the infinite secret taxation scheme of inflation that renders fiat currency worthless over time and steals from the public. In the modern era the governments of the world count on James Bond to stop this villain from freeing people from their clutches

    • Chris Dion
      Chris Dion Year ago

      He sounds identical to Ricardo montalban who played an epic villain in star trek

    • Gert Tjildsen
      Gert Tjildsen Year ago +2

      @johnny llooddte I`m not a moron, just saying that a he is Greek and smart, where he lives is neither here nor there.

  • woodspirit98
    woodspirit98 3 years ago +9

    It took me 60 seconds to respect this guy and admire him. I need to read this book.

  • Robert Peace
    Robert Peace 4 years ago +23

    Everything he says is all well known, and has been for years! When are the people going to do something about it? We slumber at our peril!,!!!!

  • boeingdriver29
    boeingdriver29 3 years ago +24

    Intelligent, passionate, charismatic, much respect for Yanis.

  • person X
    person X 5 years ago +130

    Varoufakis is the person who has best articulated what has really been going on during the Euro crisis. Politicians throughout Europe have simply been totally dishonest with their electorates because they know that prioritising the interests of the self destructing financial elite over everyone else would be a non starter if voters knew what was happening.

    • OldManWinter
      OldManWinter 3 months ago

      @marshallbs And that is why the voters are getting exactly what they deserve.

    • Las Lasman
      Las Lasman 4 years ago

      Bringing real insight into euro financial setup....and Greek financial tragedy..

    • BirdArvid
      BirdArvid 4 years ago

      Indeed; same as everywhere else..

    • John Romanos
      John Romanos 4 years ago +1

      yaNis has unrealistic economic aspirations and utter shit social ones.

    • marshallbs
      marshallbs 5 years ago +2

      The problem is voters don't understand HOW they are being screwed. They prefer a simple narrative that doesn't require any deep thinking on their part. The reactionary agenda is so much easier to swallow. Just pretend entire economies can be compared to individual households.

  • The Modern Templar
    The Modern Templar 3 years ago +1136

    I have yet to meet a "lazy Greek", not only are they industrious despite the mess their government's got them into with the corrupt EU but amongst the friendliest and most welcoming people you can find.

    • Andy Irons
      Andy Irons 7 months ago

      @Peter Mcintosh no....govt socialism and spending policiies over decades fcked them up

    • Mel Mchugh
      Mel Mchugh 9 months ago

      Most ur bawbags tbf, especially the wans fae Embra 😂😂😂

    • Jim Lyon
      Jim Lyon 9 months ago +1

      @ The Modern Templar - I take it you've never met any Scots then :) - SAOR ALBA GU BRATH !

    • Steve Woodland
      Steve Woodland Year ago

      @Laurie Wood - Maybe not..but the EU f#cked them over & extorted them in numerous other ways..& continue to do the same thing with every other nation that was stupid enough to buy into such bull#hit..sooo glad we left..Shane we didn’t leave a decade earlier..& you can bet your backside that others will follow. I’d really like to see Brussels change their ways..if not, then I will be just as happy to watch it all fall apart ! 😁

    • Steve Woodland
      Steve Woodland Year ago

      @Eva Wilhelm - I own 2 businesses & pay a ridiculous amount of tax..I simply stated that most people do not like paying tax..but the fact remains that we are one of the most heavily taxed nations on this planet & investment in infrastructure is only a tiny percentage of the vast amount received annually by our greedy government..is like to see them stop wasting this cash by refusing to pay for over 60,000 ILLEGAL immigrants to be fed & accommodated in 4 star hotels & stop sending obscene amounts of foreign aid to nations that quite frankly don’t deserve it..charity begins at home !

  • Maria Orsic
    Maria Orsic 4 years ago +3

    This guy is a blessing!! The depth of his understanding is rare. Interviewer is solid.

  • Francisco
    Francisco Year ago +11

    What an exceptional and noble man with the brilliant mind!!! Thank you!

  • Carole kohl-duggan
    Carole kohl-duggan Year ago +2

    Yes, to be thankful for what we have missed, and infinitely grateful for what we have had. I agree! 👍🙏

  • Die baltische Meeresgöttin

    A courageous man. it' s dangerous to talk about these arguments in public. I admire his courage.

  • Cere
    Cere 4 years ago +3

    She's a fantastic interviewer. Knows her stuff and knows how to ask the right questions.

  • Dared1001
    Dared1001 3 years ago +34

    The book is excellent reading and highly recommended.

    • Gian
      Gian 2 years ago

      Davidos conti is it rich in histroy or sociology?

  • ibrahim
    ibrahim 2 years ago +14

    his articulation and use of idioms and english vocab and grammar is beyond fluent. im a university educated english native and i would learn english from him without hesitation

  • Cumbrian Homestead
    Cumbrian Homestead Year ago +3

    I like this guy, he speaks with intellect, honesty and integrity.

  • Sameoldfitup 💙💚
    Sameoldfitup 💙💚 2 years ago +8

    "I have found it easier to identify with the characters who verge upon hysteria, who were frightened of life, who were desperate to reach out to another person. But these seemingly fragile people are the strong people really."
    Tennessee Williams.

  • Gina Mitembe
    Gina Mitembe Year ago +25

    VERY few people who speak the truth in today's world 💯👏👏 Yanis your are ONE of the few!!!👍🌍

    • Leira1997
      Leira1997 3 months ago


    • Leira1997
      Leira1997 3 months ago

      Maybe now its time to do it, speak the truth.

  • David Allen
    David Allen 3 months ago

    This was a great interview. His book was a revelation. Thank you.

  • Lancelot Xavier
    Lancelot Xavier 5 years ago +131

    When the economy fails one only needs to notice who has gotten richer to find the cause of the failure.

    • Okay Okay
      Okay Okay 3 years ago +2

      Soros gets billions influencing politics to affect economies and by shorting the stock market on the influenced economy he gets his billions- then soros uses that money to affect politics in another counties economy.

      CAPT KIRK 3 years ago


    • Cayenne' Nature Trails
      Cayenne' Nature Trails 3 years ago

      Good Point

  • EelingStudios
    EelingStudios 3 years ago +123

    Yanis oozes intelligence, education, common sense, and openness, - something missing from all too many politicians. And as for the interviewer..... phwoarrrr.....

    • Dh Sumana
      Dh Sumana Year ago +1

      @Razvan Sfirlogea Well you may be right Razvasn in more ways than one . Surely taking this interview on face value to what degree are the experiences and expressions true regardless of ideology ? I’m more concerned about that than matters of left right bifurcation . As a Leonard Cohen line in his song ‘Democracy ‘ goes ‘ I’m neither Left nor Right , I’m just staying home tonight , getting lost in that Hopeless little screen ‘.

    • Bluehawk2008
      Bluehawk2008 Year ago +1

      @counterstriving A rude gesture made by English men to express sexual attraction.

    • Razvan Sfirlogea
      Razvan Sfirlogea 2 years ago +1

      He's a far-left extremist and a duginist.

    • counterstriving
      counterstriving 2 years ago +1

      What is "phwoarrrr?"

  • Carlo B
    Carlo B Year ago +5

    "Cartels can not handle the distribution of burdens" well said Yanis

  • Popeye
    Popeye 3 years ago +135

    Can you believe "no minutes in a meeting" .no wonder we need more democracy in Europe.

    • Carlo B
      Carlo B Year ago

      @Midnite Ryder America sold its future wealth to a Cartel of Bankers via the Fed reserve Act Dec 23rd 1913 with very few senators present

    • Barry last
      Barry last 3 years ago

      @Brian Smith Who's rich?!

    • Barry last
      Barry last 3 years ago

      @Midnite Ryder they started to turn from GOD!
      *.. and continued on a path of deception towards destruction!

    • TVVultch
      TVVultch 3 years ago

      So he says.

    • Brian Smith
      Brian Smith 3 years ago +2

      jayravis there is a big difference with the United Kingdom and greed is we are by far the richest and the most powerful country within the E.U AFTER GERMANY AND POSSIBLY FRENCH????the E.U as bean trying to bankrupt the United Kingdom for over 40 years but we are still the 5th richest country in the world as we are led to believe????

  • Peter Keats
    Peter Keats 3 years ago +5

    This highly intelligent individual is grossly under-rated by so many people. That is their problem, and I hope we can get this current trash-time sorted out very soon.

  • Robin Wells
    Robin Wells 3 years ago +7

    Fabulous interview. Deeply insightful.

  • Gothic pagan
    Gothic pagan 3 years ago +8

    Technology put to good use. Recording a meeting so the facts may not be lost or misinterpreted at a later date.
    Wise man

  • Peter Brodie
    Peter Brodie 3 years ago +16

    A brilliant exposé!

  • Stefan B.
    Stefan B. Year ago +2

    It feels like I have to have a bachelor's in economy to understand all of this. How many people in the comments here exalting Varoufakis would change their minds if another economist would criticize him in the same fashion - including having a recently published book on the topic? Maybe economy should be taught in high school. But I have no idea if this guy is right, to what degree, and how that should influence my voting here in Sweden. I think it's difficult to hold a finance minister accountable because even for economists the tried and true patterns sometimes prove to be invalid.

  • Alan Harrison
    Alan Harrison Year ago +10

    The EU needs to go. Its a monster.

    • Pierre N
      Pierre N Year ago

      Yes. We gotta act now

  • Fiona
    Fiona 3 years ago +13

    One of the few honest and really intelligent men

  • monuseons
    monuseons 3 years ago +31

    He has a tremendous analytical mind

  • Kiat
    Kiat Year ago +8

    Very smart, eloquent guy and sounds like he has a lot of integrity too.

  • Angela K Parkinson
    Angela K Parkinson 4 years ago +2

    Yanis is an extremely smart guy, and why he recorded that meeting was smart due to his exhaustion. (Can you believe they didn't even have the minutes for that meeting.) Not only that, was also able to provide proof from that recording to show the lies being told about him. Incredible. He really cares about the Greek people. Wonderful, and very clever man.

  • Rob de Villiers
    Rob de Villiers 3 years ago +5

    If anyone doubts that the EU is yet another exercise in pan-Continental empire building I would love to hear their response to this.

  • Craig Brown
    Craig Brown 4 years ago +48

    I've just finished the book - bloody interesting. Not as worried about Brexit anymore.

    • Spritual Elitist
      Spritual Elitist  Year ago

      @Piotr Miszczak you’ll be wanting out soon enough 👍

    • Piotr Miszczak
      Piotr Miszczak 3 years ago +1

      They're leaving EU and that's the story more about the Eurozone, it's a difference. I'm happy that Poland is in EU, but I'm happy we have the złoty too..

    • Jamie R Mathlin
      Jamie R Mathlin 3 years ago +6

      The British clearly are the most intelligent Europeans, the EU & the Euro is only a one-way path to financial destruction.

    • Little Traveller
      Little Traveller 3 years ago +8

      I’ve never been worried about brexit, Uk will be better off, it might take a while but it will be much better off

  • caspar
    caspar 3 years ago +22

    Exactly the same problem in the UK. Traitors in parliament, doing deals with the EU.

  • Stuart Clarke
    Stuart Clarke 3 years ago +1

    Hugely intelligent man with a message that needs to be clearly understood by all UK voters.

  • Paul Cowell
    Paul Cowell 2 years ago +3

    This man always talks a lot of sense...he should be listened too very carefully..

  • inquisitor
    inquisitor 11 months ago +2

    In the year 2000, I was listening to an obscure internet personality about the financial sector and he was already talking about the eventual crash that was to come eight years later. Highly leveraged derivative gambling and accrued losses were what he was focusing on. Know one knew exactly when it would happen because so much slight of hand could occur to delay it at least until it could be hidden no longer. This person also stated that the US housing market would start to collapse in 2005 and this he was assessing by corruption and bad financial numbers going on within the United States HUD organization. He also spoke of Greece joining the EU. The EU had certain rules and qualifications for a nation to join and Greece did not meet that criteria to qualify. But Greece was going to be let in anyway. He said this was a sucker's move because it was being done by EU powers, particularly Germany, knowing that Greece would fail and certain European powers would then buy up Greek assets for pennies on the dollar as a result and this was the plan and intentional.

  • Begitte Olsen
    Begitte Olsen Year ago +1

    This is very new for me..And I may sound extremely naive when I say that I am so saddened that the amazing people of Greece starved in order for some individuals and institutions to uphold their power.
    What a henious act!

  • Graham Bird
    Graham Bird 5 years ago +305

    The Man is a Gladiator ... he knows his stuff like no one else does ... Bravo !

    • John Romanos
      John Romanos 2 years ago

      He's a traitor.

    • Zen
      Zen 2 years ago +1

      @CJ Johns you do realise fakis is a leftist communist right? How are paid leftist bots a known fact? I've never even heard of any on the other hand I've interacted with many right wing bots.

    • Lee Fowler
      Lee Fowler 3 years ago +4

      He is a scholar of the highest order.

    • CJ Johns
      CJ Johns 3 years ago +6

      @John Romanosare you one of many PAID DIS-INFORMATION TROLLS? (yes folks.Its also fact the leftists employ media & internet trolls to discredit all who shine a light on their many agendas) Also, these "trolls" always use multiple accounts/screen names to appear as tho they have more support when discrediting others.

    • margaret cundall
      margaret cundall 3 years ago +4

      @John Romanos PROVE IT!

  • Kellnaved
    Kellnaved Year ago +2

    The Bailout money had 3 purposes: 1/3 (may be a bit less) was given to the population to stop Golden Dawn etc. from taking over by stopping the financial collapse of the greek state. 1/3 went directly back to the owners of other european banks to deal with cross-country exposure and 1/3 of the money went to the greek oligarchy so they could transfer their captial out of greece.
    So it is not as simple as claimed here.
    Of course it is always nice to see people that held positions of power talk about the financial oligarchy that controls our society, helping more and more people overcome the illusion that we life in democracies here in Europe.

  • Mike Preece
    Mike Preece 3 years ago +2

    Excellent interview. Kudos Katrine!

    CAPT KIRK 3 years ago +36


  • John Foster
    John Foster Year ago

    This man is scary well informed. I wish l could speak as well as he. A living lesson in world economics, or at least European economics.

  • Mrs Cairns
    Mrs Cairns 2 months ago

    "They stuffed their boots with toxic derivatives from the other side of the Atlantic"
    Mr. Varoufakis has been my favourite European politician since I became aware of him in 2008. He has a poetic turn of phrase. I could listen to Yanis all day long.
    I wish Mr. Varoufakis a very long, healthy life and maximum amplification whenever he chooses to speak.
    Solidarity with Greece and all those nations being bullied by wealthier nations, hand-in-hand with the IMF and, all those other internecine financial institutions run by bastards who do not possess a shred of humanity.

  • Geopublic
    Geopublic 4 years ago

    Yanis is great! I believe his effectiveness as a speaker, besides his clear explanations, is his character. He's likeable, he's reasonable, and gently persuasive. Thank-you Yanis.

  • Titus Crow
    Titus Crow 3 years ago +1

    Thank god there are men like this around to lay bare the facts behind the facts. I’m proud to be an economist, albeit a lesser one than this great man.👍🏻

  • Carolina May Hale
    Carolina May Hale 10 months ago +1

    I honestly enjoyed listening to you, you are a very intelligent man who tells a story in a very interesting an unique way.
    I will definitely be listening to you more often. Thank you for this clear and enlightening conversation.

  • D.B.
    D.B. Year ago +2

    Yanis is very smart… often I don’t think the interviewers know quite how well he knows his subject!
    We can all learn from him (whether or not you agree with him).

  • john connolly
    john connolly 3 years ago +167

    Yanis you are telling the truth and its a shame your prime minister bottled it

    • John Romanos
      John Romanos 2 years ago

      It's Yannnis. Three 'n'.

    • Βαδιλης Αμανατιδης
      Βαδιλης Αμανατιδης 2 years ago

      We don't know the possible consequences of Greece leaving the EU, the prime minister of that time maybe knew something more than us. Greece has no power, the UK leaving has a massive problem for them, Greece doesn't have the foundations to fight back like UK

    • Pedro Costa e Silva
      Pedro Costa e Silva 2 years ago +1

      @Phase put them burning alive online on strem

    • David Bradley
      David Bradley 3 years ago +2

      @Phase ,then you can pay for them to be " looked after "in prison.
      hang traitors and the people behind them....
      they were once hung for good reason,.. now they are ruling over you.

    • myfindhorn2
      myfindhorn2 3 years ago +1

      and here I thought David cameron bottled it

  • Sharon Watson
    Sharon Watson 4 years ago +1

    This man is a hero and I believe every word he says

  • Waxman
    Waxman 3 years ago +440

    "Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank...give a man a bank and he can rob the world"

    • Tralfamadorian
      Tralfamadorian Year ago

      «What is robbing a bank compared to founding one.» - Bertel Brecht

    • Jade Dragon玉龍
      Jade Dragon玉龍 Year ago +1

      Love that quote!

    • bar 18
      bar 18 Year ago +1

      @Wasssup Dawwwg there is no clear line between them. They chose to otherwise system would collapse. But it deepens the crisis. Pumping money is a temporary solution. It gives time but doesn't solve the problem. About homeless people I can't say more. I don't know American society structure. I'm not American.

    • bar 18
      bar 18 Year ago

      @Wasssup Dawwwg lol you're right actually. I didn't read aloud. What I want to say is you can't compare homeless-common man with common man-bankers. The difference is bankers control the government. They make bad choices for profit. When they make money it is ok but when they fucked they bail out themselves with printed money. It happened in 2008 crisis. Government bail them out not the common man. Homeless people can find jobs unless they are mentally or physically challenged. Anybody can earn money to rent. It isn't rocket science.

    • bar 18
      bar 18 Year ago +1

      @Wasssup Dawwwg we don't force government and central bank to print money and pay our debts. But banker do. Debts that they create because they find a loophole in the system and create a bubble. Now lots of people might lose their job and homes but it isn't important because they already knew what will happen. They woıld force governent to pump dollar and buy their toxic assets.

  • maxyakov
    maxyakov 5 years ago +246

    He comes across to me as one very intelligent man, based on his knowledge of English alone and his skillful delivery of his thoughts.

  • Defence Man
    Defence Man 3 years ago +3

    Five, six years ago I was imploring Greece to walk away from the E.U. and the world bank and tell them Greece was bankrupt and that was that. You would then issue your own discounted currency, go after tourist trade year round and exporting what ever Greece makes ! Greece would have survived with their heads held high !

    • CoolJL
      CoolJL 3 years ago +1

      EU knew Greece will never be able to service the debts, but lent them anyway, then they did massive asset take over. German friend of mine told me Germany made a lot of money through Greek crisis, of course they did, but you never hear that part. This is classic lender's tactics
      Anyway, you put fear into people and they'll agree to anything. They have painted such a catastrophic picture of what will happen if they leave EU, Greeks caved in. Luckily for UK, Brits don't like being told what to do.

  • Gringo Fett
    Gringo Fett 3 years ago +4

    I once had a meeting with the CFO of my company and he began talking about business that we were trying to get in Greece. This meeting was after the Greek collapse and he was explaining why our efforts had been put on hold. He casually mentioned that he had been at a meeting with capital investors in our company and some of those guys were involved with the IMF. They advised him at that time that they were "going to crash the Greek economy", they were telling him this to advise him about getting in to early and to be patient because we might get a better deal. As he mentioned this I was flabbergasted. He was doing it to demonstrate to us that he had a good hand on the financial matters of our company but in the small group that was meeting I think I was the only one who recognized what he had just said. You just said the IMF deliberately crashed the Greek economy.......WTF?