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  • Published on Jan 23, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Crunchyroll Dubs
    Crunchyroll Dubs  Month ago +165

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    • Francesco Cappelli
      Francesco Cappelli 17 days ago

      Why Salem angry

    • Command String
      Command String Month ago +2

      @Chris Joy ?

    • Chris Joy
      Chris Joy Month ago +1

      Rwby is Hetrophobic as hell

    • snow fox
      snow fox Month ago

      wild that on the ad for season 9 you put a link to the remake of course its pretty wild that there is a remake while the original is still playing out lol

  • ThyWeeb Hub
    ThyWeeb Hub Month ago +1050

    They knew what they were doing with that “talking raccoon stealing a body part” bit 😂

    • Icegold Cool
      Icegold Cool 28 days ago

      @Metal_Fusion But wait for a minute, that’s why I just realized this new world that happened to the talking animal from the RWBY world’s old fairytale story about the Judgment Day of their hidden history.

    • Eren
      Eren 29 days ago +1

      Trash panda

    • MyThinThighs
      MyThinThighs Month ago

      They Shure did 😂

  • Gabriel Cooper
    Gabriel Cooper Month ago +1452

    Rocket the Raccoon:"How much for the gauntlet?"
    Yang:"She's not for sale."
    Rocket:"Okay how much for the arm?"
    Yang walks away
    Rocket:"Ohoho I'm getting that arm."

    • Matoi Chan
      Matoi Chan 21 day ago

      @Minimal BS Toleranceyeah especially now that we have a justice league Rwby coming so maybe we’ll get a guardians of the galaxy x RWby

    • xXgoturpistolaXx
      xXgoturpistolaXx 29 days ago +1

      Trash panda

    • MittenVonScrufflears
      MittenVonScrufflears Month ago


    • CaptainTaurusVA
      CaptainTaurusVA Month ago +3

      Christmas Special
      Nebula: *hands Rocket his present*
      Rocket: Yang's arm? but how?
      Nebula: Merry Christmas Rocket...

    • Thomas Raines
      Thomas Raines Month ago

      @Minimal BS Tolerance they would yes.

  • Grey World
    Grey World Month ago +785

    Ruby talking with herself is the most interesting part of this trailer for me.

    • mendozazone
      mendozazone 11 days ago +1

      I'm sure Ruby talking to herself is a hallucination caused by the smoke that caterpillar had in a hookah, in the opening you can see it blowing the smoke at the screen. That actually makes a lot of sense, I'm gonna post it on the opening video too.

    • Who knows
      Who knows Month ago

      @Richard Thang maybe they ARE the animals in this fairyland

    • spritemon 98
      spritemon 98 Month ago +3

      They should have done this with yang in volume 4!!!!

    • The Gaming Robin 2000
      The Gaming Robin 2000 Month ago +2

      @Supermario545 g
      Neo can't talk

    • Richard Thang
      Richard Thang Month ago +1

      @Adamsmasher93 ​ Yeah is cool, but I just wonder what if the Mantle and Altas innocent civilians are in the new world that they are transported to the Ever After by Cinder and Neo’s attacked plan? And then I hope that they will meet the talking animals in the wonderlands.

  • NaviNeku24
    NaviNeku24 Month ago +195

    I can’t help but realize that throughout the entire trailer, Ruby doesn’t have her scythe! I wonder if her not having it is a symbolization of her wondering what she is and her getting it back would be symbolizing her newfound resolve? Much like how Blake’s weapon was broken by Adam and fixed with gold symbolizes her relationships with Adam and Yang? Or how Yang’s arm symbolizes her general theme of asymmetricality and strength? And then there’s Jaune’s weapon symbolizing his wanting to be a hero and his memory of Pyrrha. And Weiss’s weapon maybe representing her breaking off from her family?
    The more I realize it, the character’s weapons really are an extension of themselves, like Ruby said. ^_^

    • Snipingcobra
      Snipingcobra 22 days ago

      I can’t help but to realize the creator of this show died almost 9 years ago, it should of with RVB

    • Colt
      Colt Month ago

      @veggiesnake That's just the thing, though. They ultimately brought her back just to kill her again. They didn't do anything with her they couldn't have done with other characters, besides kill her off. That's arguably more disrespectful to the character than what you mentioned.
      Truthfully, I wouldn't have a problem with her being brought back, but only if every time I looked at her the second time around didn't feel like I was just looking at a blatantly obvious ticking trauma bomb. At least if they brought her back at the end of the story, and I do mean like... The literal end, as in an epilogue where the main story has already been finished, they could have done a sequel with her as the MC. That has some potential.
      Instead, they brought her back just because they(and the audience) wanted to, and to kill her again. Permanently this time, it would seem. At best, her coming back was poorly handled, and at worst it was just a bad decision made to pander to the things the audience wants. I like to believe it's something in the middle, because then I can just keep the blame vague, push it onto everyone, and be done with it. Leave the people that care about that kind of thing to figure out who deserves it more. Let em stay in their little fantasy where only one side is responsible for the show's decline.
      Will say though, there is one "good" thing. The only "good" thing about bringing her back just to kill her again is that, seemingly, RT is finally giving Ruby, THE MAIN CHARACTER, the respect she fucking deserves by way of some real character development. Something that should have happened volumes ago. But no. We've had to wait like... 6 volumes. I love Weiss to death. She does not deserve to have more Character songs than Ruby, for crying out loud. At the very least, Ruby deserves an equal number. She's the damn MC, for Christ sake. The most disrespected MC I've ever seen, and that's saying a lot, cuz I grew up watching Pokemon. Ya gotta have it pretty fucking bad to give my boy Ash Ketchum a run for his money.
      Lastly, there's plenty of good stories that are written to fulfill the wishes of the fans. They're called fanfiction, and you'd be surprised how many of them are better than the actual show. Y'know why? Cuz there's passion there, and it's a level of passion that modern RWBY, regrettably, lacks. Not for lack of trying or desire, I'm sure. I genuinely believe plenty of people working on the show love it, and they put that passion into the show as best they can. But, with a company like RT... I just don't think that passion can make it flourish the way it should. That's another reason why the fanfics are better. No corporate stranglehold bullshit, and no sexism, racism, underpaying, unpaid overtime, or a billion other things to just... Hurt the life behind the story. Just a fan with an idea, and the passion to make it work. That's how RWBY started in the first place. One man with the passion to make something work. Seems like a winning formula when it comes to this show, so why knock it by saying stories like that can't be good? Fact is, they can be.
      Anyway, that's all from me. Have a good day.

    • veggiesnake
      veggiesnake Month ago

      @Colt WHAT. I genuinely cannot comprehend some people. Stories aren't written to fulfil your wishes (at least, GOOD ones aren't), they're written to convey ideas, messages, CHARACTER ARCS. You can't execute a character arc at the end of a show. Bringing someone back just to never see them or any of the characters again would stupid AND cheap. It would completely undermine the deaths of any other character because there would no nuance or explanation. The writers would be saying "oh, and we brought Penny back just because we wanted to. The End."

    • Colt
      Colt Month ago

      @veggiesnake Let's be honest, she shouldn't have come back the first time either. I love the poor girl, but if she was gonna be brought back, do it at the end of the show. Don't be a bitch and bring her back just to kill her again. That's just stupid. Stupid, and cruel.

    • HarbingerOfBattle
      HarbingerOfBattle Month ago

      @veggiesnake Probably. I wouldn’t be surprised if the tin man copied the guy’s research.

  • Vicente Nicolas Salamanca Vidal

    Remember the girl who fell through the world: "She was sad because she wasn't the same girl anymore", I believe that is the destiny of Ruby Rose, that's the reason we see a young version of herself talking with the actual self, she finally see that she is not the same girl anymore.

    • RedRocket4000
      RedRocket4000 19 days ago

      @The Flying Welshman No the Gods came to an old planet for their experiment and created the life at that point the past of the old planet not mentioned. But that does not meant life before the Gods arrived are not in existence.

    • Colt
      Colt 28 days ago

      @Vicente Nicolas Salamanca Vidal Ignoring how unreliable wiki can be, like I said, as a flaw for the character, it's perfect for someone in a leadership position.
      But my issue isn't with the mentality. It's that it's lasted for so long when she's surrounded by people and it arguably should have been either dealt with, or at least ADDRESSED within the show already.
      Instead, she's been keeping with this unhealthy coping mechanism and mentality for... 2 years? Over 2 years? Technically you can argue we saw the seeds of it even in volume 1 during the jaundice stuff. Seeds she also planted in Jaune, and his issues were addressed and resolved already. His. Jaune's. The guy that's NOT the Main Character got the Main Character's development before she herself did. And he does nothing to help her even though he should probably have an inkling she's going through something similar since she's the one that imparted the idea of how a leader should be onto him.
      Again. Great idea for a character flaw, but so far it just feels like RT's poor execution at work again. It's kinda like Yang's PTSD all over again. That shit isn't supposed to just VANISH, but that's what it felt like. At least to me. A great idea with lackluster execution.

    • Vicente Nicolas Salamanca Vidal
      Vicente Nicolas Salamanca Vidal 28 days ago +1

      @Colt Her mentality is described as "I don't have time for my emotions. I've gotta make sure that everybody else is okay." It's from Ruby Rose page of wiki fandom

    • Colt
      Colt 28 days ago

      @Vicente Nicolas Salamanca Vidal See, I have a bit of an issue with that. My issue with that is that Yang exists around her almost always since the end of volume 5. No one can convince me she wouldn't notice Ruby is having her own issues that she's unhealthily coping with and not confront her about it, especially after what happened during the Volume 7 Salem confrontation.
      Actually, I take that back, someone can convince me, but only by arguing Yang is a bad sister. Which is arguably a fair enough argument to make, I suppose. Still, probably the most defining moment for Yang's character is the Volume 2 Blake conversation where when she noticed something was wrong with a teammate, she set out to fix the issue and didn't really take no for an answer until she was sure she got through to Blake.
      Yet, her Sister collapses, crying, and then stands up relatively fine like she didn't just have her will shattered with a single sentence not 5 minutes ago, and is back to acting like it's business as usual... And... Yang does nothing to confront her alone about whether something is wrong, and instead gets upset at her for... Well, all her important choices regarding Ironwood in volume 7. Again... Fair, but still. There's issues there, and Yang clearly saw the proof and did nothing. In fact, she arguably made them WORSE.
      So, the options are either there's no real issues, or Yang is a terrible sister.
      Do you see why I have an issue with that explanation, as the story is currently?
      Don't get me wrong, I want Ruby to develop. If she does, maybe we can FINALLY get that damn Red Like Roses Part 3 that we really should have gotten by now. Why? Because this issue, arguably, should not have lasted this long.
      She traveled with Jaune, Nora, and Ren for MONTHS. Yet, I'm meant to believe not once did any of them pick up on something being wrong with her. Jaune, who's probably dealing with the same kind of issues she is. Ren and Nora, both of whom are probably no stranger to picking up on emotional trauma and turmoil given they lost everything and everyone they ever loved in a single night, or at least Ren did. Qrow, who was with them for a while, is Ruby's uncle, and probably still deals with the same grief and issues, and he didn't notice anything. Oz, someone who has lived for aeons, is no stranger to a similar kind of coping, and probably had some accidental hand in influencing Ruby to think that coping mechanism is what she needs as a leader. He didn't notice anything.
      I have no issue with believing that unhealthy coping mechanism is a part of her character. I have a problem believing she's been able to keep it up so far with no one noticing something is wrong and not calling her out on it.
      No matter how you scratch it, the issue should not have persisted for this long.
      It raises the question of whether or not this explanation is a genuine aspect of Ruby's character, or if it's just something that is thrown into her character to excuse RT's bad writing decisions of leaving the MC underdeveloped and traumatized for over half of the damn show with no excuse. Hell, I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt and say they didn't throw it in as an excuse, and it's a genuine part of her character.
      But there's still no excuse for the issue to have persisted for so damn long if that is the case.
      I really want Ruby to get some real development for once in this show, but if it comes from a reason that feels shoehorned in... Well, I'd still appreciate it, cuz it's about damn time RT gave her some respect, but still. Kinda bittersweet.
      On the plus side, this is one more aspect of her character for fanfics to make better use of than the show(I say as if fanfics haven't been doing that with her trauma for years already), and I can't wait to see what the fanbase can do with it.
      Anyways, that's all from me. Have a wonderful day.

    • Vicente Nicolas Salamanca Vidal
      Vicente Nicolas Salamanca Vidal 28 days ago +3

      Lindsay Jones claims Ruby's mentality is "selfless, but that means she's not dealing with her own issues. Compartmentalizing and internalizing her grief is what might eventually destroy her."

  • RedSchnee
    RedSchnee Month ago +438

    I hope this volume gives Ruby some development. She deserved it few volumes ago but RT.

    • The Northie
      The Northie 25 days ago

      Idk what you are saying but her development has been there. People just want it out in the open and right in there face. But it seems this volume will show that to people

    • Nick Young
      Nick Young 28 days ago

      Ruby matured when she was chosen by Ozpin in season 1 to lead and when everyone goes to her and listens to her for answers in every season. Ruby’s good. What you mean is you want to see more of her power come forth and with that I agree.

    • PhantomSlay5612
      PhantomSlay5612 28 days ago

      For me, it's too little too late.

    • Colt
      Colt Month ago

      @Neidhardt You're right. She was better in Volume 1. At least back then I could believe RT cared about her. But they do not.
      I will hold fast to that belief until I get my Red Like Roses Part 3, damn it! Practically a DECADE, and no part 3. Ruby has got to be one of the most disrespected MCs I've ever seen.

    • RedSchnee
      RedSchnee Month ago +1

      @Neidhardt how so? Because l see nothing. :/

  • Nick Williamson
    Nick Williamson Month ago +2989

    This may not be as sunshine and rainbows as we think. That line of “leave Ruby Rose behind” gave me chills. And we still haven’t seen Jaune yet.

    • Amit Kenan
      Amit Kenan 2 hours ago

      @Matthew Costello So to save her world, she will become a kind of dark messiah?

    • Raximus3000
      Raximus3000 Month ago

      Why exactly she has been pretty hollow as a character.

    • Beef Supreme 30
      Beef Supreme 30 Month ago

      I bet Jaune is bald this time, maybe he became the one Punch man

    • Kyle goalby
      Kyle goalby Month ago

      @Party _Unicorn69 ah right thanks for sharing btw what will happen to jaun and neo

  • Neo Fang
    Neo Fang Month ago +411

    The "You never were the Hero" line hit harder than most would think.

    • Yunfarron78
      Yunfarron78 12 days ago

      @Scryer To be fair, Ironwood's plan was awful. Like, set aside the Vale people, right? Let's have his plan work as he intended.
      Okay, yay, Atlas is in lower atmosphere.
      He has no supply lines, every resource and speck of dust seems to be going towards getting the rock up into space. At the same time, he is stealing resources meant for Mantle to do so. His excuse is that it's top secret military work and that he is lawfully requisitioning them, but that's only because Mantle has no recourse. By the type the Vale crew shows up, Mantle's under martial law to "pacify" the people living there. But I digress.
      He has no supply lines. We've been told that the tech and fuel isn't there to lift more than Atlas. Likewise, Mantle is being left behind. We were told that there are FAR more people living in Mantle than Atlas, but Ironwood is more focused on saving the upper crust.
      Problem: We also know that there are no farmlands, husbandry industry, potable water sources and a shortage of laborers. Mantle sends up *everything* and seems to sustain Atlas in exchange for goods/jerks. So not only would they have no way to ensure ferrying of needed supplies to and from Atlas, they have no way to create food for themselves in the long run.
      On that not: lack of suitable clothing and materials for continued space living. Atlas is open air. Even with Remnant not being like Earth, there's no reason to believe that air won't work the same way. That's going to be a massive problem.
      Also, most of Atlas' wealth comes from trade. No trade, no wealth. Mistral is in a tizzy, Vale is struggling to rebuild, Vacuo is doing Vacuo things. With no known method of communication, no travel between Mantle and Atlas and the towers still down, the wealthy will have no way of coordinating their networks. And that's assuming the Lien doesn't degenerate like crazy with no Dust being mined and released to sell.
      At best, Ironwood creates a massive power vacuum in Mantle and the wealthy eat other in space as they vy to get back to their empires. At worst, Mantle gets overrun and wiped out by Salem, leaving Atlas to die slowly with no way to really save themselves.
      Ironwood's plan is pragmatic, but it is shockingly short-sighted, lacking on details and risks far too much for far too little gain. If any. But that was the point: Ozoin was far too hesitant and Ironwood was far too hasty. Both developed obsessions and both cost their homes and Kingdoms due to focusing on said obsessions. Both eschewed much needed and mostly well measured advice for their plans, to the detriment of all.
      Remember too, the Happy Huntresses didn't randomly start taking resources. Those resources had already been earmarked *for* Mantle and Ironwood was the one commandeering them. Notw how the military makes a big deal about them taking *military* supplies while Robin constantly corrects and says they were *civilian* supplies, first. And according to Ironwood himself, he'd been avoiding Robin to discuss it since neither were willing to compromise. Nor did he want to explain himself, which is a massive red flag, no matter who you are or what your position is in a government. Besides that, it's a driving force for Robin to get those supplies to the people they were meant for, first and foremost, which is why she runs for office: pressure Ironwood to return the resources legally or get an explanation as to why these life saving supplies have to going into the bottomless military hole.
      Had the writers have the Vale team point out these issues, rather than grandstand on a nonexistent, and unearned IMO, moral high ground, it would've been a far better season.

    • Scryer
      Scryer 29 days ago +2

      @Fallacy The character who offered Weiss help, gave Yang an arm, gave the teams official Hunters licences, special training, resources, everything he had and was rewarded with suspicion from the moment they arrived, slander, vital information withheld from him and betrayal.
      James Ironwood was the hero, not Ozpin and his pawns.

    • Fallacy
      Fallacy 29 days ago

      @Scryer who's the real hero you're talking about?

    • Eric
      Eric Month ago +1

      "You're no savior. Your talents lie elsewhere."

    • Gancyr
      Gancyr Month ago +1

      @Leaton Jenkins Roman was eaten by a gryphon (griffen, why does this thing have 2 spellings), but yeah the effect is the same since it's still a grimm.

  • Badicalz
    Badicalz Month ago +248

    The fact that we don’t see Jaune makes me real worried for our boi.

    • Hussain AlMahfoodh
      Hussain AlMahfoodh Month ago

      @marc thomas rage awakened intensified

    • Jonn Jones
      Jonn Jones Month ago

      We already saw him in the teaser.

    • marc thomas
      marc thomas Month ago +3

      @SashGirl34 you all ready for lingering will jaune

    • SashGirl34
      SashGirl34 Month ago +6

      @Winter Darkstorm Ruby knows she's there. There's an earlier clip of Neo using her semblance to take the form of Penny, Oscar and Yang and attempting to attack Ruby.

    • Winter Darkstorm
      Winter Darkstorm Month ago +6

      We also dont know how neo will react when ruby and the rest find out shes there

  • Francois Burnette
    Francois Burnette Month ago +102

    I really hope Neo will somehow learn the truth about what happened to Torchwick.
    Maybe then she’ll stop chasing Ruby and find peace on her own.

    • Amit Kenan
      Amit Kenan 2 hours ago

      Maybe she'll decide to stay behind while the others return to defeat Cinder and Salem once and for all

    • Zwordsman
      Zwordsman Month ago

      Roman still was the target of assassination by Cinder or Salem. fact is... torchwick wasn't a believer, he was working for them because not doing so meant death. so he accepted the payment and did the work.. but barely enough to not get tossed out.
      Looking at him and Neo the whole time they absolutely could do better at the various jobs. They always somehow managed to coincidentally be found... and always ran fast, often leaving many allies to be taken or with less than a full load of target stuff.
      They were playing the long con, working to survive but actively slowing down the proccess while dropping crumbs at those who had connections to bigger fish who could potentially find a solution.
      When they got threatened and had to do a good job? The entire school fell in a single night and they did it easily.
      but they got rid of him for it.
      I am hoping that Neo's been playing a partly long game, still obviously wanted to hurt Ruby and them. But frankly how she went about it did not make sense. She could easily have snuck in and stabbed ruby many times, as many differnet people. Instead she actually did prioritze Cinder's plans, and such... partriclarly with stealing the artifacts.
      I think she wantd to hurt everone and take the relic herself to cause them pain when she can't kill the immortal who caused her pain. I bet she switched things out with a fake relic. Neither cinder nor salem checked but salem made aface.
      also fair chance inside of grimm can lead to the portal in the poles. Which leads to ht eever after.

    • Phantoms
      Phantoms Month ago

      He literally COULD STILL HE ALIVE but CRWBY just hasn’t used it yes

    • Dat random dude
      Dat random dude Month ago +4

      @Lohan actually if you looked closely,the nevermore pivoted within the ship, and is seen flying away in the background in the next scene. Ruby kicked it and it went within the control center/cockpit of the ship. Due to the quality of the animation and particle effects at the time, it was hard to distinguish that. Plus its been proven that you can survive being swallowed whole by a Grimm.

    • zegin17
      zegin17 Month ago +4

      @Sianthalis Salem only does that to people with silver eyes so I don't think that is how he will return if he returns

  • Dax Dex
    Dax Dex Month ago +35

    I believe Ruby already changed so much from the girl that wanted to be a hero like in the novels, in season 3 she saw a friend (Pyrrha) die, in the end of season 4 she admitted through her letter that, she was also hurting, in season 6 she learned of the truth of Salem which nearly made her give in, in season 7 she lied out of mistrust which was heavily against her own nature as an honest simple soul due to the betrayals of Ozpin and Lionheart, and in season 8 she lost the relics and the battle.
    Most say that in this new season, Ruby will change and become different, but I think that she already started changing since the end of season 3 and all of it compounded in the chaos that became season 8.
    I think that this new season will be about her regaining that purity, as it was stated in season 1: “… But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you’ve long forgotten. Things that require a more honest soul.”
    Perhaps that clarity of mind is what she needs to use her silver eyes at will.

  • Logan Meiklejohn
    Logan Meiklejohn Month ago +89

    It's been 2 years for this volume to come out and thank God it's here

    • Danny Lin
      Danny Lin Month ago

      @vsGoliath oh! i meant for season 9 lol.... i tried to look everywhere for the episodes. Found nothin :(

    • vsGoliath
      vsGoliath Month ago +3

      @Danny Lin It's been on Crunchyroll for a few years now, but I've heard that they're going to be putting this season behind the Premium paywall, and you know what that means...
      Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me!

    • Danny Lin
      Danny Lin Month ago

      @vsGoliath is it on crunchy roll.?

    • vsGoliath
      vsGoliath Month ago

      And Crunchyroll exclusive!

    • LouLou
      LouLou Month ago +3

      well lucky you if you can watch it. Some of us now have to wait another year Until it’s out on RT site.

  • Chloe Smith
    Chloe Smith Month ago +2277

    When Ruby finds out what happened to Penny it'll be an actual game changer

    • K
      K Month ago

      oh cmon shes already used to seeing her die how badly is she going to take it this time?

    • Dragginmeout
      Dragginmeout Month ago

      I thought she already knows?

    • TMX1138
      TMX1138 Month ago

      @Jeremy Baker How about bringing her back AGAIN?

    • Jeremy Baker
      Jeremy Baker Month ago

      @TMX1138 she was already bought back to live already and murderofbirds doesn't want penny back to life he said it himself

    • Sebastian Burke
      Sebastian Burke Month ago

      It was a gamechanger in Volume 3 and should have stayed that way.

  • Alisabel0426
    Alisabel0426 Month ago +41

    bruhhh I remember discovering rwby when it aired like 8 years ago was just a bunch of kids at beacon with cool soundtracks… literally shaped my whole childhood and got me into drawing 😭😭😭 I can’t thank rwby enough, time to rewatch it for the 5th time!!!

    • vsGoliath
      vsGoliath Month ago +1

      Red trailer was 10 years ago, my dude.
      And it was all downhill from there, if I'm being cynical. 🤣

  • Tanner K
    Tanner K Month ago +51

    I really hope they do something cool with neo this season I feel like she could have so much character growth

    • Андрей
      Андрей Month ago +1

      I'm afraid Neo get ten minutes screen time and die like typical villain. The spark for this is that she does not have remorse for her actions like Emerald and Hazel does. Do you remember what RT does with character like her?

  • SwordHeartStudios
    SwordHeartStudios Month ago +52

    I can't wait to see what is going to happen in this volume as I feel as though Rooster Teeth is going to be putting their hearts into this volume for how long it's taken to make over the course of 1 1/2 years. :)

    • HarbingerOfBattle
      HarbingerOfBattle Month ago +1

      $5 says it's just another can kick.

    • Warcrown
      Warcrown Month ago

      Put their hearts into it then proceeded to completely shit on their fans

    • Third Temple
      Third Temple Month ago

      Closer to 2 years now. Still, better late than never.

    • vsGoliath
      vsGoliath Month ago +9

      Pretty sure it took so long because the majority of the staff quit due to the terrible work environment. I'm expecting a lot of standing around with expository dialogue and some underwhelming fights.
      Just like the last six volumes.

    • Simoun O'Brien
      Simoun O'Brien Month ago +4

      It took a long time but maybe it's because they lacked the passion for it? I am not even gonna have high hopes for this.

  • TimelessBlizzard
    TimelessBlizzard Month ago +8

    I cannot believe they still had the staff to make this but I am all for it

  • Rebekah Stockwell
    Rebekah Stockwell Month ago +23

    I was already super looking forward to this volume but when I found out (about 2 minutes ago) that Robbie Daymond was voicing the Cheshire cat character... AAHH! Now I'm just so excited to hear more! I recognized the voice but couldn't quite tell who until I saw his Twitter. Who else is excited to hear Robbie Daymond?!

    • Baerutt Gaming
      Baerutt Gaming 16 days ago


    • Eren
      Eren 29 days ago

      Me, kinda

    • Rebekah Stockwell
      Rebekah Stockwell Month ago +1

      @Jaune Arc
      Robbie Daymond... The dub voice for Chrollo Lucilfer from Hunter x Hunter, Megumi Fushiguro from Jujutsu Kaisen, Shoya from A Silent Voice... So on and so forth.

    • Jaune Arc
      Jaune Arc Month ago +1


  • Michael Tsang
    Michael Tsang Month ago +961

    The way past Ruby looks at present Ruby hits real hard for me.

    • Prince Of Pokemon
      Prince Of Pokemon Month ago +1

      Even the most strong-willed of people can't carry a burden like this forever. Eventually, Ruby is going to have to face her demons. The question is, who or what will she become?

    • Aiden Snow
      Aiden Snow Month ago +2

      Bruh it's literally been almost 3 years since volume 8 dropped... How is any of this hitting hard for you?

    • Elongated man Forever
      Elongated man Forever Month ago

      Me too they are exactly the same lol.

    • SashGirl34
      SashGirl34 Month ago +5

      @Tsunzucchini TzatzikiSan LOL RWBY and Jaune are all going to be 'reborn' in a sense. As they have to find themselves again in Ever After. Ruby and Jaune in particular.

    • Tsunzucchini TzatzikiSan
      Tsunzucchini TzatzikiSan Month ago +2

      _" _*_KILL the girl, Ruby Snow_*_ ... ... _*_and let the "Woman" be born_*_ ... ... "_
      _" _*_The World of Remnant is no place for childish dreams of adventure and prosperity ... ... ... It is a realm meant for the true freedom of the Hunter Life !_*_ "_
      _" _*_Flesh, is weak_*_ ... ... _*_and Aura, is strong_*_ ... ... _*_now rise - and be, reb~OOORN !!_*_ "_
      ( Okay i added Silliness and Epicness into it ) 😛😝😁

  • Areo31
    Areo31 Month ago +17

    I feel like this season is going to be more character focused than plot focused and im sooo here for that

  • Tanner Dodge
    Tanner Dodge Month ago +18

    I've been avoiding thinking about the show to avoid getting excited, since I had no idea when it was coming out, but now I get to be hyped, and count the days

    • Warcrown
      Warcrown Month ago

      Counting the days until 2024 for me, after RT decided to very very suddenly make it a timed exclusive here rather than releasing it on their own site like they have done literally since the shows birth

  • RF Ataraxia
    RF Ataraxia Month ago +4

    Just finished rewatching the series this week, this is gonna be great!

  • Alexandria
    Alexandria Month ago +9

    I've been with RWBY since Volume 2. This show was a huge part of some of the most formative years of my life. I don't care what happens, I'm seeing this thing through to the end. I can't give up. I REFUSE to give up.

    • Scryer
      Scryer Month ago +1

      Maybe it's better if you do. The whole thing's been one long GoT Season 8, I don't see how it could possibly end well. And RT's been dying for years.
      Coeur Al'Aran does a better job with the setting (generally speaking. He's written a few absolutely terrible stories), it'll probably hurt less. Did for me.

    • vsGoliath
      vsGoliath Month ago +1

      Been watching since the Red trailer dropped on the old RT website. I'll watch to the end, but god damn it hurts sometimes. So consistently close to something great, and missing the mark every single time.

  • camilla coelho netto ziliotto

    i love how the animation changed through the years, it makes the jokes stronger now

  • PedantiCat
    PedantiCat Month ago +1016

    "You seem to be carrying a rather large burden with you. What if you could leave Ruby Rose Behind. Shed like an old coat."
    Okay, so theory time. Based on the mysterious woman line, it seems like she offers those who are going through turmoil a chance to shed themselves of that burden with that burden possibly being made into its own entity. Given the mysterious knight that resembles Jaune, it's likely that she made that offer to Jaune due to the burden he's no doubt carrying over killing Penny. So the knight could perhaps be the physical manifestation of Jaune's sorrow and anger over having to kill Penny.

    • Who knows
      Who knows Month ago

      Oooo I like that theory for Jaune. That would make a lot of sense and would make for a drastically different character development for him

    • Ange Hilario
      Ange Hilario Month ago

      @Young Multiverser LMAO

    • Tsunzucchini TzatzikiSan
      Tsunzucchini TzatzikiSan Month ago +3

      _" _*_KILL the girl, Ruby Snow_*_ ... ... _*_and let the "Woman" be born_*_ ... ... "_
      _" _*_The World of Remnant is no place for childish dreams of adventure and prosperity ... ... ... It is a realm meant for the true freedom of the Hunter Life !_*_ "_
      _" _*_Flesh, is weak_*_ ... ... _*_and Aura, is strong_*_ ... ... _*_now rise - and be, reb~OOORN !!_*_ "_
      ( Okay i added Silliness and Epicness into it ) 😛😝😁

    • kokayi Newsome
      kokayi Newsome Month ago +7

      I hope this doesn't boil down to them fighting dark copies of themselves. That just trite and over done in anime.

  • Jennah Roland
    Jennah Roland Month ago +19

    Yesss finally! Rwby season 9 and i been waiting for this years. I am so happy it’s coming February 18th just like hogwarts legacy coming in February 10th💚

    • Alyssa Rasmussen
      Alyssa Rasmussen Month ago +2

      @GamerRiderG3 this aged well.. hogwarts legacy is currently being played by over 600k+ people on steam rn with overwhelmingly positive reviews

    • GamerRiderG3
      GamerRiderG3 Month ago +3

      Hahaha two properties that are created by toxic companies.

    BURNI Month ago +9

    I laughed so much in the first half of this trailer. I feel like the comedy has actually gotten better in the shows most recent volumes which is weird considering how the overall story is probably getting darker. But I ain't complainin'.

  • Brittany Barrell
    Brittany Barrell Month ago +11

    Things I noticed and theorized about while watching this on slow speed
    1. This place resembles a specific fairytale from remnant. (They recognize it as being from a fairytale unlike their own references). So we might hear more about the girl who fell through the world or even meet them.
    2. The mice are either celebrating or inciting some kind if revolution whole Blake and Weiss are tied up. Just look at that pose.
    3. Yang is going to be without her arm for at least some of it. Odds are they need to steal it back.
    4. Ruby follows the checkered cat down the chessboard spiral. I bet the cats a reoccurring character and tentative ally.
    5. Yang, Blake and Weiss are all players in Ruby’s chess game, where she is asked why they want to go to the tree. Also there are five lines of pieces instead of two, and all (save WBY) are the same suit.
    6. That is not snow it’s frosting and candy, which while not very nutritious is at least some type of food.
    7. Some interesting locations. (The beach, lily pad palace, checkerboard style rooms, high up ropes, shadowy planes, etc.)
    8. Current Ruby is facing her past self (season 1) and she seems to be continuing the question if your not the hero, who are you? Also they are in some kind of Smokey other place.
    9. Neo might be disguising herself as Ruby or telling someone about Ruby who she still wants to kill.
    10. At some point Ruby finds out about Penny so hello trauma (see Pennys reflection)
    11. We finally get a very brief glimpse of whatever’s under the leaves (some kind of moth?) note the three eyes and that he’s holding one of them.
    12. Is it just me or did the breaking king doll remind you of Jaune. Probably not but maybe.
    13. We don’t see any clear sign of Jaune, or our friends left in vacuo. Except for Salem we still see her.

  • Emiliano Kazama
    Emiliano Kazama Month ago +13

    Yes! RWBY is finally coming back! I’m so hyped! Can’t wait to see Volume 9

  • Ale FB
    Ale FB Month ago +9

    Oh, my gosh! Yes! Finally! Just what I was waiting for! An official trailer for volume 9 and a release date! This certainly looks too intriguing and cool! I wonder if all the RWBY girls are going to change somehow…before the final confrontation with Salem comes up…I can’t wait to see what will happen to them. And of course what will become of Jaune and Neo…

    • Life
      Life Month ago

      Considering that Jaune is currently assumed to be the Knave (Jack) of hearts, he's in for a wild time.

  • Jeezes718
    Jeezes718 Month ago +540

    I'm calling it now, the last part where Weiss was talking is her telling ruby that Penny is dead, and ruby's brain can't take it. She already had to deal with Penny dying once, second time is gonna break her.

    • ASMR Junkie
      ASMR Junkie 11 days ago +2

      Well, you certainly called that one.

    • WolfLake 73
      WolfLake 73 Month ago

      I may be agreeing with you.

    • The Flying Welshman
      The Flying Welshman Month ago

      @Kid Prime that’s not how it works. The rules of the Maidens are the rules of the Maidens. Trying to control where the powers go is like trying to control nature itself. Ozma can’t choose who he reincarnates into, and neither can the Maidens. And responsibility isn’t something anyone can just avoid or run away from, because they WILL catch up to you.

    • Kid Prime
      Kid Prime Month ago

      @The Flying Welshman Then what if the Maiden uses the power for personal gain or to cause chaos like Cinder for instance?
      You would think they'd have had a way to revoke the power from them and be given to someone else gives a damn, should that ever happen.

    • The Flying Welshman
      The Flying Welshman Month ago +1

      @Kid Prime The Maidens have to die to transfer their power because Ozma has to die in order to reincarnate. The transfer of the Maidens powers is a form of reincarnation, just like the Avatar has to die for another Avatar to be born.

  • Ivan Juarez
    Ivan Juarez Month ago +4

    I do want this Volume to show our girls learning inner peace as they struggle with their past demons. In truth, good and bad are supposed be in all forms of life, it is human nature just as this delicate balance all the time. But soon they'll realize this is why Salem has not died since she ignores the importance of life and death, deeming it worthless and unfair. What happened to both her and Ozpin all those eons can now be resolved by Team RWBY. Because once they learn to accept the true nature of their identities by gaining inner peace or some form of influence, they alone can use this knowledge to make Salem finally understand and end her suffering once and all, only then can they summon the Gods to live among and restore the nature order of balance to all of Remnant.

  • Colby normILL Clipston

    Woah. This iridescent color palette looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see this season :D

  • jettmanas
    jettmanas Month ago +3

    I've been looking forward to this. Just learned it was coming out.
    Great art & animation. 🙂

  • arie735
    arie735 29 days ago +2

    I love the fact there’s gonna be a ton of comedy mixed in with the drama

  • Sydney Graham
    Sydney Graham Month ago +7

    I’m beyond excited for this I had no idea this would be coming anytime soon 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

  • Jaimee King
    Jaimee King Month ago +872


    • trainman 4014
      trainman 4014 Month ago

      Indeed it this thr funniest thing I have heard in a hot minute

    • reaper gaming central
      reaper gaming central Month ago +1

      0:46 I think someone asked yang if she was amused.

    • Lel Lo
      Lel Lo Month ago +1

      must be fun to be so easily amused

    • Ouijaloveletters
      Ouijaloveletters Month ago +3

      RWBY on crack. I'm in. Need to watch Volume 8 first.

    • Pers Chan
      Pers Chan Month ago +1

      Did anyone else laugh when the cat said “I sense a but” and it’s butt showed up. It took em a while to understand what it meant like dialogue wise.

  • Snake's Life - Uroboro Djinn

    Amazing art direction. This looks leaps and bounds better than everything we've seen presented in the show so far with the sole exception being the original color trailers.

  • Jodi Joya-Clark
    Jodi Joya-Clark Month ago +3

    It's gonna be a hard-knock life for Team RWBY in this volume.
    Somewhat feels similar to Sonic Prime: Up until now, we saw the heroes overcome whatever obstacle is thrown at them, no sweat. This time, they're on new lands. Not only will they struggle (a lot) while traversing these unfamiliar environments, but they are also given the opportunity to self-reflect on what they have done to get thus far, and who they've become in the process.

  • OmegaDXG
    OmegaDXG Month ago +4

    I've been waiting so long for this. It's gonna be a blast when it comes out

  • Sean Meehan
    Sean Meehan Month ago +6


  • Squirrel
    Squirrel Month ago +6

    If something is offering to shed burdens maybe it will shed Neo's need for revenge. Neo still hasn't explained (in her own way) why she's after Ruby which i think needs to happen so that Ruby can explain what happened to Roman. As it stands Ruby has no idea what the motive for Neo attacking her is.
    I'm just worried they're going to dig into this Neo is crazy with revenge stuff to the point where she's killed off or written out of the show by leaving her stuck in this wonderland world when Team RWBY & Jaune find their way home. I feel like it would be such wasted potential when her semblance could be used very creatively to foil Cinder/Tyrion/Salem.

    • vsGoliath
      vsGoliath Month ago +1

      Neo doesn't have a motivation 😂 She's in the show because of how popular she was among fans. The writers have no idea what to do with her.

    • Squirrel
      Squirrel Month ago

      @Flauschige Spinne Neo doesn't know what happened so she couldn't have formed an opinion about it.
      Neo is going after Ruby because Cinder blamed Ruby for Romans death. Cinder also betrayed Neo and also wasn't there when Roman died so not a great source.
      Watching an interesting character like Neo chase down someone for revenge when they haven't even bothered to find out the truth gets old very quickly. She had the lamp and could have asked "What happened to Roman Torchwick?" I would like to think if Neo knew the truth she wouldn't blame Ruby anymore because she's not an idiot.
      But it's Ruby who doesn't know why Neo is after her so badly. She even said in the finale "What ever you wanted, I hope it was worth it"

    • Flauschige Spinne
      Flauschige Spinne Month ago

      Ruby killed Roman in her opinion

  • Shadow Bolt
    Shadow Bolt Month ago +778

    Very cool they’re going with a Alice in Wonderland style for this season

    • reaper gaming central
      reaper gaming central Month ago +4

      @Wii4a11 i'm curious to see if ruby grew or yang and Blake shrunk 0:46. Either way it's definitely giving alice in wonderland vibes.

    • Envious Gaming
      Envious Gaming Month ago +2

      @Nathan Hooker i thought of alice in wonderland too

    • Wii4a11
      Wii4a11 Month ago +2

      Complete with a Cheshire Cat

    • Brendan Vaughan
      Brendan Vaughan Month ago +3

      I mean they're litterally in wonderland

    • Alex Phoenix
      Alex Phoenix Month ago +6

      Well yeh they mentioned Alice's story as "the girl who fell through the world" in the previous volume.

  • Sorelle Christensen
    Sorelle Christensen Month ago +5

    i love rwby, i’ve been watching it ever since middle school and i’m now graduated. i cant wait to see this season

  • Blake Martin
    Blake Martin Day ago


  • CDG224
    CDG224 Month ago +5

    Oh thank God they're alive. Last season was so full of pain in so many ways

  • Caleb Ligorria
    Caleb Ligorria Month ago +3


  • Pro Wolf
    Pro Wolf Month ago +5

    Looks like it’s Team RWBY’s biggest trial of their companionship yet!

  • Hawkknight97
    Hawkknight97 Month ago +711

    Whoever is doing Rwby now thank you for continuing it. I have some worries that it won't reach to the grand finale or atleast give a heroes journey to the end. I can't wait to see what Volume 9 has in store.

    • vsGoliath
      vsGoliath Month ago +2

      I have no idea who is doing the show anymore, considering the majority of the staff quit due to the hostile work environment at RT. That's why this volume took so long.

    • Shadamy And Sonamy Lover
      Shadamy And Sonamy Lover Month ago +1

      @023 Studios yeah. It’s a great “what could have been” example.

    • 023 Studios
      023 Studios Month ago +2

      @Shadamy And Sonamy Lover I get that. I mean, you get to see it the day of release instead of waiting a few days later.
      I remember back watching the series when it was still on Clip-Share. Ever since they made the move over to their own website (and now to CR because they rightfully got called out and everybody’s cancelling their subscriptions) the show’s now just a case study for me as for what not to do in my own endeavours in writing when it comes to character development, plot progression, world building….basically everything. Lol

    • Shadamy And Sonamy Lover
      Shadamy And Sonamy Lover Month ago +1

      @023 Studios fair. I mean I pirate everything anyways. I can’t afford premium of anything lol

  • JoSkiSki
    JoSkiSki Month ago +8

    I can already tell vol 9 is gonna blow our minds.... I CAN'T WAIT!

  • Kierston
    Kierston Month ago +2

    Since it seems like they are in a 'dream-like' world. I wonder if they will run into that Professor from Ice Queendom.
    Trailers tend to cover events from the 1st 3 episodes or so. So I'm sure we will also be checking in with some of the characters that made it through the portal as well as our lovely original villains.
    That scene with Yang on the bridge makes me think that those are events that happened while she was the only one there at the time perhaps who knows I am totally looking forward to this season and hopefully the next one will follow shortly afterwards.
    Ps. If any assistance is needed in working on this project I am willing to help in any way possible. Even though I am inexperienced I am looking for a cool job.😉
    I never have a shortage of ideas

  • Karter Jelly
    Karter Jelly Month ago +9

    I knew it was gonna be like a wonderland themed season and I’m excited. I can’t wait to watch, RWBY to me is just a nice easy watch. Similar feelings to how I like watching Webtoons adapted into anime like Lookism, Noblesse, Tower of God etc. They are far from perfect but it is, what it is. Just full of charms in areas that intrigue me for some reason

  • Raiden Weiss
    Raiden Weiss Month ago +1

    Oh Deus há quanto tempo eu espero por isso

  • Sam Dobberpuhl
    Sam Dobberpuhl 11 days ago

    I just now appreciate the curious cat saying "I sense a but approaching" and then having his rear end connect with the rest of him from the brush.

  • Ben OhMan
    Ben OhMan Month ago +432

    just looking at this trailer i allready know the whole season is gonna feel like a giant fever dream

    • Vanni Alcive
      Vanni Alcive 28 days ago

      Emphasis on Giant, look at 0:47, there’s no way that’s a perspective shot

    • Ben OhMan
      Ben OhMan Month ago +2

      @Huey thats true 😂

    • Huey
      Huey Month ago +2

      Ironically thats what alice in wonderland is

    • Praetorian Rex
      Praetorian Rex Month ago +2

      @Mr Hamburgler thanks dude. 🥰

    • Mr Hamburgler
      Mr Hamburgler Month ago +2

      @Praetorian Rex nahh unfortunately not. if i did bro, id done hollered at em on your behalf or set you up with the info lol👍 this stuff is awesome and incredibly well thought out. and "lore logical" as far as im concerned

  • Thomas Hackbarth
    Thomas Hackbarth Month ago +2

    I’m glad we’re getting more. Was a little worried when a new storyline came out

  • Kyle Rush
    Kyle Rush Month ago +4

    This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for.

  • Punk Autumn
    Punk Autumn Month ago +2

    I genuinly didn't think Volume 9 was possible but I'm so happy it is.

  • Midnight Dagger
    Midnight Dagger Month ago

    I kinda have hope for this season. It actually looks interesting plus I like how they're going back to their roots in a sense with how every character is based on a fairy tale/book character.

  • BmaDoubleOG
    BmaDoubleOG Month ago

    i watched all the volumes and they are so good so its been 2 years since they worked on this but its sad some of the actors left RT cause they really had changed over the years

  • Albert TheDemonNeku rodriguez

    You know no matter how hype we all are for this amazing volume to come out next month some people are forgetting one important thing.....WHERE IN THE BLODDY HELL OF REMNANT IS JAUNE?! We haven't heard nor seen one single scene or voice of jaune at all through out the teaser and official trailer BUT one thing does come to mind and it's the freaking knight we saw before. That's the only clue we have that it could be him and I'm getting worried about him😭😭

    • Albert TheDemonNeku rodriguez
      Albert TheDemonNeku rodriguez Month ago

      @Oldtaku_DD yes thanks I forgot about my sweet and adorable little ice cream girl🩷🤎🩶🍨 tho of course we only about her in that split moment and that's it. Of course tho we'll know more about our little troublemaker soon enough when we see the volume but as of now jaune and NEO are our mystery duo we know little about as of now but we'll find out soon enough in a couple of days😎👍

    • vsGoliath
      vsGoliath Month ago

      Jaune being out for a volume would be best case scenario, honestly.

    • Suksas
      Suksas Month ago

      @SashGirl34 Perhaps it will be the tried and true tested method of his helmet breaking a piece or even fully?

    • SashGirl34
      SashGirl34 Month ago

      @randombytes That's an interesting theory. I mean I just think about what I know of the Alice In Wonderland characters.
      Ruby maybe alluring to Alice for the story. The Chesire cat was a friend guide to Alice. Helping her by explaining wonderland. As an example.
      Jaune I feel maybe the knight. And that alludes to the Knave of Hearts. The right hand of the Red Queen/Queen of Hearts. Original book and some of adaptations have the Knave as the Queen's lover. Whether he's faking it or not depends. He more like had his identity taken from him by the woman.
      As the woman to be maybe referring to the Red Queen/Queen of Hearts. She was known to take people's heads. But taken their identities maybe alluding to that. Or whatever she is doing. Appearing to manipulate Ruby. As their vulnerable. She also was connected to pawns. As in she wanted to use people for her own gain.

  • Uttermost Axe
    Uttermost Axe Month ago +4

    As fun as this season seems, i hope they don’t stay for longer than a season

  • David hochban
    David hochban Month ago +3

    I'm so pumped for this it's been too long

  • chaosXpert
    chaosXpert Month ago +2

    This is not the route I expected RWBY to go, but this looks so good! I'm so hyped!

  • Slawischstreiter
    Slawischstreiter Month ago +3

    I just hope we finally get to see Vlevet this volume.

  • Blue Jacket
    Blue Jacket Month ago +1

    I'm reaaally hopjng that this Volume steps up in a big way! RWBY has ever so slowly been recovering its quality (of animation choreography) since 3, so I'm hoping this long break has given it enough time to make a good plan and execute it well. I'm so beyond excited!

    • vsGoliath
      vsGoliath Month ago +1

      But the end of Volume 8 was just as bad as 5

  • vazak11
    vazak11 Month ago +260

    I am really liking the music and general fucked up weirdness vibe to the whole proceedings, I get the sense this place seems mostly 'frustrating and silly' to the cast on the surface but it going to become more and more of a mindfuck as time goes on. Also I love that cats voice and the music and the animation and set design and so much!

    • Praetorian Rex
      Praetorian Rex Month ago +1

      @Calvin Fujii
      Here they are, the Verandertiers:
      [Verandertier Description]:
      The Verandertier(s) (from tier verander, German for "changed beast"), are creatures (types of animal life to be exact) native to the world of Remnant, being direct and indirect descendants of the planet's original inhabitants (who occupied the planet before the Gods remade it as they please, thinking it was a blank slate). Like the Grimm (but having no relation to), they often pose a threat to to humanity. But UNLIKE the Grimm, which do so for the sake of it and live to do so, Verandertiers attack out of a sense of self preservation, defending territory and young, or otherwise "misbehaving", being neither good nor evil. their unique status as lifeforms not made by the Gods and the unstable, chaotic, and always changing ecosystem the planet used to have, the Verandertiers are capable of "improvised ontogeny", a mutation like metamorphosis that allows an individual animal or other lifeforms to adapt to a variety of situations and to enable rapid evolution. An animal or person becomes one if they have a "V base" in their genetic makeup that then activates by various causes, usually life threatening ones like allergies, toxins, extreme injuries, etc. (More specifically, the improvised ontogeny is how a normal animal actually becomes a Verandertier, and that Verandertiers are "descendants " of Remnants original inhabitants in the sense that the V-base came from a certain lineage of the latter that survived just long enough for the V-base to cross paths with and somehow inherited by precursors to a select few, if any, of each modern species, which is how almost any animal could have a V-base yet Verandertiers are rarely seen). The resulting form is usually superior to its original counterpart in at least a few ways.

    • Calvin Fujii
      Calvin Fujii Month ago +1

      @Praetorian Rex Sure.

    • Praetorian Rex
      Praetorian Rex Month ago

      @Calvin Fujii could I ask you for some input on a creature or two I'm working on for RWBY, please?

    • EditDeath
      EditDeath Month ago

      If there's one thing this show has always had going for it, it's the music. So glad to see that's staying on track

    • Francesco Cappelli
      Francesco Cappelli Month ago +5

      Salem and ozma conversation pacific

  • Itz SavageGeniusPro here

    love this series so much been so long since i watched it-

  • Lee 24
    Lee 24 Month ago +5

    A Journey like this maybe exactly what they need. In body they are strong, but mentally/emotionally they are still toow weak. Rather than getting stronger and sharping their skill, perhaps a change of perspective is in order.

  • HoweyStar123
    HoweyStar123 Month ago +5

    I am definitely getting some Alice in Wonderland vibes here. Especially with the Cheshire Cat character.

  • Jacob Tucker
    Jacob Tucker Month ago

    I'm looking forward to all the voice actor revelations in this show. We've already got Robbie Daymond (Persona 5, Fire Emblem Three Houses) as the Cat and Brendan Blaber (creator of So This is Basically and Epithet Erased) as the Raccoon (both confirmed on Twitter), and there are three voices throughout the trailer I've got pretty good guesses for, but we'll know for sure when we get credits.

  • Khaleel Barker El-Amin

    I reallllllly want to believe this season is going to be good but got a gut feeling it’s just gonna be ok

  • Justus Rivera
    Justus Rivera Month ago +580

    This Will Be The Day We're Waiting For!!!

    • Praetorian Rex
      Praetorian Rex Month ago +4

      @Daquan Harrison awesome!!!
      Here they are, the Verandertiers:
      [Verandertier Description]:
      The Verandertier(s) (from tier verander, German for "changed beast"), are creatures (types of animal life to be exact) native to the world of Remnant, being direct and indirect descendants of the planet's original inhabitants (who occupied the planet before the Gods remade it as they please, thinking it was a blank slate). Like the Grimm (but having no relation to), they often pose a threat to to humanity. But UNLIKE the Grimm, which do so for the sake of it and live to do so, Verandertiers attack out of a sense of self preservation, defending territory and young, or otherwise "misbehaving", being neither good nor evil. their unique status as lifeforms not made by the Gods and the unstable, chaotic, and always changing ecosystem the planet used to have, the Verandertiers are capable of "improvised ontogeny", a mutation like metamorphosis that allows an individual animal or other lifeforms to adapt to a variety of situations and to enable rapid evolution. An animal or person becomes one if they have a "V base" in their genetic makeup that then activates by various causes, usually life threatening ones like allergies, toxins, extreme injuries, etc. (More specifically, the improvised ontogeny is how a normal animal actually becomes a Verandertier, and that Verandertiers are "descendants " of Remnants original inhabitants in the sense that the V-base came from a certain lineage of the latter that survived just long enough for the V-base to cross paths with and somehow inherited by precursors to a select few, if any, of each modern species, which is how almost any animal could have a V-base yet Verandertiers are rarely seen). The resulting form is usually superior to its original counterpart in at least a few ways.

    • Daquan Harrison
      Daquan Harrison Month ago +3


    • Praetorian Rex
      Praetorian Rex Month ago +2

      @Cat Kun 1234 could I ask you for some input on a creature or two I'm working on for RWBY, please?

    • The Alberta Channel
      The Alberta Channel Month ago +4

      And victory is in a simple soul!

    • Kazuma Yugami
      Kazuma Yugami Month ago +7

      Everyone commenting parts of the song is just greatness incarnate. I'm excited too XD

  • قهقاع !!
    قهقاع !! Month ago +1

    This will probably be one of the best volume, so far🤩🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍.

  • Jess Lauren
    Jess Lauren Month ago +5

    Let’s go to WONDERLAND! Been sooooo excited for this season since I found out they were basically in wonderland! I really wanna see what will happen with Neo and what that last part meant by “shedding Ruby Rose”.

  • Galakkun
    Galakkun Month ago +2

    So they're in Wonderland but super dark. I wonder what happened to Jaune and all the people that fell. Seeing how dark it is, I'm expecting a sad end. Not my Jaune 🥺

  • Gabriel Cooper
    Gabriel Cooper Month ago +3

    Epsilon:" Hey guys... if you're hearing this then it means you did it. You won. You kicked the shit out of Hargrove's forces. I knew you could. But this is my last stop. See, when I came into this world, I was really just a collection of somebody else's memories. But with your help, these memories... they-they took form! They became my voice, my personality. And, after a while, I... I began to make brand new memories of my own. All of these things are what make me who I am... but they're also holding me back. (Looks at the Meta's armor) I can't run this suit as Epsilon, but if I erase my memories, if I... deconstruct myself, the fragments I'll leave behind will have the strength to get you through this. I believe that. I wish that there was another way. But I'm leaving this message, as well as others, in the hopes that you'll understand why I have to go this time...hehe, it was actually Doyle who made me realize something that I've never thought of before. There are so many stories where some brave hero decides to give their life to save the day, and because of their sacrifice, the good guys win, the survivors all cheer, and everybody lives happily ever after. But the hero... never gets to see that ending. They'll never know if their sacrifice actually made a difference. They'll never know if the day was really saved. In the end, they just have to have faith."
    "Ain't that a bitch."
    Church's words are true. Team RWBY and Jaune risk their live to save people and Penny died to give her powers to Winter to save the people of atlas and mantle

  • Amber Stell
    Amber Stell Month ago +3

    Damn, I want to keep watching this show and put faith in it, but all I can think about is season 1,2 and 3.

  • Deamin
    Deamin Month ago +138

    The fact that Jaune isnt in this trailer at all is either very bad (that they forgot about him and he wont show up for all of volume 9) or very good (that he is gonna have an important secret role that they cant spoil here). There is no middle ground, its one or the other and i hope we see the other.

    • SashGirl34
      SashGirl34 Month ago

      @Deamin Just letting you know. There's going to be no breaks. There's 10 episodes. From Feb 18 to April 22.

    • Deamin
      Deamin Month ago +2

      @vsGoliath Yup kinda agree, i dont dislike him as much as ive seen others, but i definitly think he is a "character with potential" that just never really gets to fulfill that potential. Would be sick if he really is the knight from the other trailer and he goes full on plate armour so we will see.

    • vsGoliath
      vsGoliath Month ago +1

      @Deamin All very good points! I think I'm just personally kind of sick of Jaune as a character. He was never very interesting to begin with and often acts as more of a main character than Team RWBY themselves. Of course, this point has been talked about to absolute death so I won't waste anyone's time with them.

    • Deamin
      Deamin Month ago

      @vsGoliath I mean yeah, currently the whole story is fixed on the Salem plotline, this detour in Vol. 9 could give us a nice litte breathing room to catch up with the main fours character development and all that, but we cant stay here too long, an entire Volume dedicated to something outside the plot could very easily drag on way too long and then, if Jaune isnt in the volume, well then we know that we need to stay here, probably halfway into volume 10 to deal with his storyline as well and at that point... well i dont see the show continueing much... Already to around 2 years for this volume, it will most likely have a 3 week hiatus midway, possible two seperate hiatuses like vol 8 and then we would have to maybe wait 2 more years befoe vol 10 starts for us to... still not be in the main plot yet? I dunno bout that one chief.

    • vsGoliath
      vsGoliath Month ago

      You consider Jaune not being in this volume as the very bad option?

  • Video Card Gamer
    Video Card Gamer Month ago +4

    I can’t wait to watch it! It’s been two years since Volume 8 ended. I’m so excited to see what happens next. Also I knew that this is going to be a self discovery journey in this volume different from volume 4.

    • megaburritozero
      megaburritozero Month ago

      Here's what happens, they get to the tree, get out, and pick up where they left off in S8. Any animosity and issues leftover will be resolved and forgotten by the time they get out.
      Saved you time, you're welcome.

  • random guy
    random guy Month ago +2

    I can tell this volume is going to give me Infinity Train vibes.

  • Andrew Vergara
    Andrew Vergara Month ago +8

    Finally after the struggle, pain, and the wait time we finally get the release date of RWBY Volume 9 it's going to be amazing and also emotional.

  • Jovani
    Jovani Month ago +2

    It's been so long... Let's go volume 9!!!!!

  • Sara Cos.Art.Gaming
    Sara Cos.Art.Gaming Month ago +4

    I haven’t watched RWBY in so long. It looks so interesting

  • MuRIOK
    MuRIOK Month ago +405

    Finally! I'm missed this show so much! I don't care it's not perfect I Enjoy it regardless of its flaws

    • vsGoliath
      vsGoliath Month ago +2

      It's the most frustrating show on the planet because it's always just one step away from being legitimately good. It always feels like the writers are Matrix bullet dodging out of the way of every smart decision.

    • Mau Jr
      Mau Jr Month ago

      @Love Circles ppl like bad and average things, fame doesn’t equal quality, but I do agree despite being average at best rwby is interesting for its potential (not used) to be good

    • shadowwriter329
      shadowwriter329 Month ago

      @L-W 2004 what? I’m talking about the toxic FANS of the show. I’m not dumb enough to think someone that doesn’t like the show is toxic.

    • L-W 2004
      L-W 2004 Month ago +2

      @shadowwriter329 just because someone dosnt love the show with the MANY flaws dosnt mean they are toxic

    • Praetorian Rex
      Praetorian Rex Month ago

      @Love Circles could I ask you for some input on a creature or two I'm working on for RWBY, please?

  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris Month ago +3

    0:17-0:24-It's moments like this that make me miss their fun-sized counterparts. 🤣

  • K W
    K W Month ago +3

    Looks like an Alice in wonderland arc. Finally caught up last year and hyped for more!

  • Israel Gutierrez
    Israel Gutierrez Month ago +1

    I hope this new season can shift the overall tone I've been wanting since volume 4.

  • Ryuuken
    Ryuuken Month ago

    Hopefully Ruby gets some character development in this volume. I felt that in the previous volumes she was well erased. And hell, give Weiss a real fight, after she learned how to summon ice creatures, that's all she does now. Missing the scene inside the train where Weiss fought a big guy with a Jason mask in volume 2, a fight full of good choreography.

  • Spongichu
    Spongichu Month ago

    This is certainly gonna the most visually interesting volume.

  • Evee
    Evee Month ago +152

    WOOO I CANT WAIT FOR VOLUME 9 TO COME OUT!!! Also I’m worried about jaune, we haven’t seen him at all and I’m getting worried! The song is amazing and the part that gave me chills is ruby seeing her younger self!

    • vsGoliath
      vsGoliath Month ago

      I'm going to say something controversial. I hope Jaune isn't in this volume.

    • Dragonrune
      Dragonrune Month ago +2

      He is riding a rabbit thing around 1:16 , 1:17 . You see his foot.

    • Siegius Empire
      Siegius Empire Month ago +2

      He may do a sudden heel turn

    • Evee
      Evee Month ago +4

      @MysteryAnime CosplayerEditorTheFourth true. We did see a knight in the first trailer, maybe that’s him.

    • MysteryAnime CosplayerEditorTheFourth
      MysteryAnime CosplayerEditorTheFourth Month ago +12

      I think what makes it is even worse for Jaune is that since none of team RWBY knows he's there and imagine how much trauma he's probably going through since he had to kill Penny he's most likely losing his sanity

  • JakeTheSurgen
    JakeTheSurgen Month ago +8

    I wonder what those dozen or so innocent people that fell into the void last season will have to say to the group. I say this with 95% certainty that they will be forgotten

    • Husk
      Husk Month ago +2

      And the entire Volume 9 we won't get a single glimps of Vacuo or Winter, the Rest of the kids and the Happy Huntresses working together.

    • Sianthalis
      Sianthalis Month ago +2

      😂 Shhh those ppl dont exist anymore. Only Main Cast survived. They got Plot Armor after all.

  • Matthew Sharp
    Matthew Sharp 28 days ago +2

    @Rooster Teeth & Crunchyroll
    Here are some events that should happen during this volume:
    1.) Have Team RWBY and Jaune both return to Atlas in either the penultimate episode or an episode before it.
    2.) Reveal that the Ever After is actually a region of Remnant, but with close connections to the Astral Plane (thus explaining the "Fairy Tale" creatures).
    3.) Have this volume conclude with a two-part (or possibly four-part) finale entitled "Rise of the Huntsmen", where Team RWBY unites all of the rival teams (with aid from the military of Atlas, mythical creatures, elemental spirits, inhabitants of the Ever After, native wildlife, and a barbarian horde) for a full-scale assault against Salem in her own domain.
    4.) Have Ruby Rose battle against Salem in a climatic battle against Salem, and ultimately win against the Grimm Queen thanks to certain powers she gained in the Ever After.
    5.) Please have Pyrrha Nikos return from the dead (as mentioned in one of my past comments), while mounted atop a phoenix and incinerating the Grimm with elemental magic.
    6. ) During a post-credit scene, introduce the new character, Prince Azazel (who I've originally mentioned with the name Nergal), being ordered by his family to travel into Remnant and kill Grimmoth (one of the Shadow Kings, who are the real main antagonists behind the scenes) as a rite of passage. Also, have Bryce Papenbrook be the voice for Prince Azazel.

  • Felix
    Felix Month ago +1

    It's been so long since we've seen our babies we've waited so long I can't wait and it comes out 10 days before my birthday

  • Lord Van Oskuro
    Lord Van Oskuro Month ago +3

    Wonder what the story behind the Cheshire Cat will be. Also, looks like there will be some none Lewis Carrol stuff, since I'm pretty sure he didn't write anything about raccoons or whatever that bug thing is.

  • Reaping Joker
    Reaping Joker Month ago +1

    I love the Alice in Wonderland vibes. Been waiting too long for this. Can't wait.

  • TiredWriter 160
    TiredWriter 160 Month ago +102

    This looks like it going to be a really different volume from all the others, I got chills at the end

  • Bryan Perez Vaquero
    Bryan Perez Vaquero Month ago +2

    Oh yes, I'm dying waiting for more Rwby. Rwby is my favorite

  • Alex Toonz
    Alex Toonz Month ago +1

    For the love of god please have better fighting scenes, bring back all the good that Monty Oum once did, Rip Monty Oum you will forever be one of my favorite story writer along with Eiichiro Oda.