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Battleship | The Final Battle in 4K HDR

  • Published on Aug 28, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • "We're all gonna die. Just not today."
    Watch Battleship's epic final face-off between Earth and the aliens in 4K HDR!
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    The battle for Earth begins at sea in this epic action-adventure starring Taylor Kitsch, Rihanna, Alexander Skarsgård, Brooklyn Decker and Liam Neeson. An international naval coalition becomes the world’s last hope for survival as they engage a hostile alien force of unimaginable strength. Ripping across sea, sky and land, Battleship is “a big bold blast” (MSN Movies), packed with spectacular visual effects and explosive action.
    © 2012 Universal Pictures. All Rights Reserved.
    Cast: Alexander Skarsgård, Brooklyn Decker, Hamish Linklater, Jerry Ferrara, Liam Neeson, Peter MacNicol, Rihanna, Tadanobu Asano, Taylor Kitsch
    Produced by: Bennett Schneir, Brian Goldner, Duncan Henderson, Sarah Aubrey, Scott Stuber
    Directed by: Peter Berg
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  • ZNA Productions
    ZNA Productions 2 years ago +22399

    I love how the alien's bombs are made to look like the pegs from the board game 😂

    • Irish Viking
      Irish Viking 24 days ago

      Damn I didn't spot that

    • Danil Smith
      Danil Smith 25 days ago +1

      oh crap, i didnt notice that until you pointed it out.

    • Toy  กานติมา แซ่อึ้ง
      Toy กานติมา แซ่อึ้ง Month ago

      Up and get a new one and only a few minutes late to work with the kids and the rest is just so I can toy for the day off today but I have a nice day for me too baby girl I love you too babe and I don't know what to do it again and again and again and again and toy K Michelle is ur dad was in a few weeks ago and it is S you and your family is in a few weeks ago I got to be in

    • Jio Net
      Jio Net Month ago

      @kcblea rell mlop0e

    • A guy with a clogged toilet
      A guy with a clogged toilet 2 months ago

      More like Molotov cocktails

  • Fishy Stix
    Fishy Stix 4 months ago +2595

    The fact that all the older Sailors are the Missouri’s real crew from when she sailed in WW2 makes this even more awesome.

    • Genesiscoupe3000
      Genesiscoupe3000 3 days ago +1

      This movie was so bad, and beyond cringe trying to make all the old vets look useful. Lol!

    • Brian Birtcher
      Brian Birtcher 27 days ago +1

      I don't care how much you like digital. analog can still mess your day up.

    • Azizan Sahrin (Prss)
      Azizan Sahrin (Prss) Month ago

      brooo i didn't know that! LIke u said it makes it even more awesome

      CHUCKLES Month ago

      Wonder how many times that badass old timer had said those words "lets drop some lead on this motherfucker" damn straight old timer, show those motherfuckers what good old american steel and determination can do

    • Grasshopper K
      Grasshopper K Month ago +4

      You mean the Korean war... the guys on Missouri in 1945 were in their 80's and 90's during filming of this, and few of them were walking.

  • siliconwolverine
    siliconwolverine Day ago +3

    In a pre release copy of this I saw years ago, when he dropped the anchor, one of the old guys grabbed a stanchion and yelled “it’s the okacroak slide boys, and blackbeards at the helm!” Most dont know cpt Blackbeard perfected clubhauling during the pirate heyday.

  • Johnrell Perez
    Johnrell Perez Day ago +4

    2:13 kudos to that guy tryna shoot that shell down with a 50 cal like he was a CRAM.

  • C H
    C H 3 months ago +628

    Historically speaking, ww2 era battle ships and especially the carriers of today are INCREDIBLY hard to sink. Its truly amazing what even a 100 year old war ship can withstand. "Fight today, float back tomorrow" was what my navy vet grandpa always said. "You can light it up but they can still limp". Amazing.

    • C H
      C H 10 days ago

      @Um Soviético Qualquer yes and no. The Bismark was in a bad location and HEAVY. The yamato was under manned and under gunned. Relied too much on the kamikaze fleet. Both were very formidable. But it's a marathon not a sprint.

    • reaper gaming central
      reaper gaming central 13 days ago

      @Someguy6571 they were called dreadnoughts in WWI. They were renamed to battleships in the 1930s.

    • Ieat10kittens
      Ieat10kittens 17 days ago

      @Anzac-A1 are you having a laugh? Those things wpuld be annhilated fast as fuck

    • ThatOneAthiestGuy
      ThatOneAthiestGuy 18 days ago

      @Zachery Schmidt depends on the class, Iowa class were mid to long range fighters

    • RATT
      RATT 24 days ago

      @Zachery Schmidt Long range... ish? nothing a few planes couldn't do though. That is why they don't build BB's anymore, a carrier is just so much better.

  • Gravemind
    Gravemind Year ago +10791

    Imagine explaining to your alien boss how you loss to a 70 year old ship

    • La Ray
      La Ray 16 hours ago

      Simple; the 70 year old ship had touchscreen controlled turrets

    • Liam Jackson
      Liam Jackson 2 days ago


    • xxkingMTxx
      xxkingMTxx 5 days ago

      They couldn’t explain anything since they were dead

    • lolidkwhy
      lolidkwhy 6 days ago

      “Sir, we thought we got all of them but they pulled out another ship and 1v4 us”

    • Aaron Norman Bigalbal
      Aaron Norman Bigalbal 8 days ago

      Ohhhh thats rough my man

  • 09crf250dreamz
    09crf250dreamz 2 months ago +178

    "They ain't gonna sink this battleship, no way."
    That sailor knows the Missouri is damn near a force of nature, she won't sink until she damn well wants to. He's seen, felt, heard, and lived what she can do. That gives me a hell of a little shiver everytime I hear it.

    • Levan's Kidney
      Levan's Kidney 3 days ago +1


    • FlyingAce505
      FlyingAce505 23 days ago +4

      He knows that even E.T's parents couldn't sink that american steel if they dropped a nuke in it. Funny story, they dropped a nuke on the U.S.S Nevada. Twice. And it didn't sink. So they bombarded it for 5 days with a number of ships including the Iowa. It still didn't sink. So they finally had to torpedo it and it eventually sank.

      ASDAN-VME TMJ-CC 2 months ago +2

      Finally it's here the clip you all wanted.

  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet 4 months ago +248

    As a Navy veteran, I always get the chills when I watch this battle scene. Don't car what civilian landlubbers say, this is a great movie.

    • tyson the ripper
      tyson the ripper 18 days ago


    • John Harris
      John Harris Month ago +1

      Except the guy with a criminal record not only becoming an officer but getting Promoted twice in a very short period of time.

    • Mike Winchester
      Mike Winchester 2 months ago +1

      Amen, Shipmate. Amen.

      MISO SOUP 3 months ago +4

      @Marcin Same.....

    • Marcin
      Marcin 4 months ago +12

      As a Seaman (Non Military) in a Cargo Ship,
      This movie was cool. Makes me wanna join the USNavy. Even though im not from Amerika

  • MoltenUprising MK4000
    MoltenUprising MK4000 3 months ago +283

    "We're gonna die...you're gonna die, I'm gonna die...we're all gonna die...just not today."
    Never in my life had I heard a line so epic be spoken so calmly.

    • Lady Waffle
      Lady Waffle 13 days ago

      @steveloafe That's what makes it fun!

    • steveloafe
      steveloafe 13 days ago +1

      I literally said the punchline before it was delivered it was so predictable.

    • Lady Waffle
      Lady Waffle 14 days ago +1

      In an irrational situation, the rational human mind reacts irrationally--and what could be less rational than total, absolute calm, in the face of near-certain death?

    • Alexander Menzies
      Alexander Menzies 29 days ago

      What tripe, Molten. This is the climax of you life, no doubt. A third rate actor reciting a few words.

    • Zachery Schmidt
      Zachery Schmidt Month ago +9

      This movie is bad and incredibly stupid.

  • Charlie Holm
    Charlie Holm 4 months ago +181

    The fact that they "drifted" a Battleship is just AWESOME!

    • steveloafe
      steveloafe 13 days ago

      There isn't an anchor chain ever built that would allow that to happen and the physics isn't even close. I have been on the ocean for over 40 years on ships and while it was fun to watch there's no way in hell it would work.

    • reaper gaming central
      reaper gaming central 16 days ago +1

      @Carl Terver I dub it the slingshot effect. The momentum of the ship going forward is shifted to the stern and it swings in the opposite direction of the dropped anchor. In real life it's called a bootleg turn. Unfortunately doing a bootleg turn with a ship of that size and the material used to build it. The ship would tear in two before even beginning to make the turn.

    • ScientistCat
      ScientistCat 20 days ago

      Kansei dorifto!

    • Carl Terver
      Carl Terver 2 months ago +10

      A whole frigging battleship!

  • Angelo moussignac
    Angelo moussignac 20 hours ago

    Great movie really like . Can't understand how they lost 170 million at box office . It makes no sens for me

  • Johnny Jericho
    Johnny Jericho 53 minutes ago

    @3:11 is the only part of the movie that made me groan. Why are all the planes on deck in parade formation in the first place?

  • Shirley Mental
    Shirley Mental 22 hours ago

    wow i never seen this before. Is it based on real story?

  • John Robson
    John Robson 3 months ago +81

    Always loved the line “they ain’t gonna sink this battleship no way”

  • Akira Masashi
    Akira Masashi Year ago +6754

    Mad respect for the cameramen who filmed this pivotal moment in our history.

    • Eric
      Eric 21 day ago

      @Tiernan Housman (Aardvarkianlord) LMAO this comment. Goddamn it made me laugh so hard now I'm farting right now and it Fucking smells like death. GOD DAMN DID I JUST FUCKING RELEASE THE 3 HORSE MEN. that Popeyes popcorn shrimp was good but iono if it was that good. Normally I just blow out the Fucking toilet. but this feels different...I think the doomsday clock just moved forward.

    • Tiernan Housman (Aardvarkianlord)
      Tiernan Housman (Aardvarkianlord) 21 day ago

      @Eric I'm sure it is.

    • Tiernan Housman (Aardvarkianlord)
      Tiernan Housman (Aardvarkianlord) 21 day ago

      @Next you'll say is r/wooosh! Right?! jokes on you I'm not gonna woosh you imma call you a spaghetti noodle!

    • Tiernan Housman (Aardvarkianlord)
      Tiernan Housman (Aardvarkianlord) 21 day ago

      @Victor Milani he made a joke himself you fried wonton

    • Skyla Jones
      Skyla Jones 2 months ago

      @Akira Masashi Ha ha ha good one!

  • unknown
    unknown Day ago

    just imagine... think about this scene.... prehistoric animals gain victory over USA army of 22 century

  • Dawn Brazzell
    Dawn Brazzell 2 months ago +7

    This movie is one of those I can get engrossed in, not watch it for a year or more, spot it on one of my streaming services and pick it back up and it STILL draws me in like it did that very first time. I loved everything about it from the cast- both the pros, the amazing vets who deserve way more recognition than they got for this, to our wounded warriors that had their parts (Mick was flipping inspiring). The fact they got to bring in the Mighty Mo to take out what our modern day ships couldn't, never ceases to hype me up. Especially when they're getting her sea ready and played freaking Thunderstruck. They couldn't have picked a better song for that scene. And then when she drifted and opened fire? I saw this in the theaters, and I kid you not that entire room shook. Legit one of my favorite movies.

  • Shaggyone789
    Shaggyone789 2 months ago +24

    Battleship: A movie we all thought would fail miserably but turned out not to be to bad

  • Isaiah Fernandez
    Isaiah Fernandez 2 months ago +5

    I like the sound of both ships. The alien ship sounds advanced and in a odd way sleek even though the last ship is bigger you can tell it’s meant to be lighter. The USS Missouri is sounds older but with every shot gives off this sense of power.

  • GR
    GR Year ago +2539

    "We're all gonna die...just not today" gives me the same vibes as "call an ambulance, but not for me"

  • chasing dragons
    chasing dragons 2 months ago +21

    The part where those F18's saved the battleship honest to God made me tear up. They got backup right when it was almost over.

  • An Inquisitive Mind
    An Inquisitive Mind 12 hours ago

    "Uhh... B-7?"

    DARMA P.A 10 hours ago

    Jadi kalau dari awal kapal induk di dalam, mungkin smua menang dengan mudah🗿

  • Michael De Kock
    Michael De Kock 23 days ago +1

    This may not be the best action movie out there, but it is definitely one of the most enjoyable. I remember when it came out, CinemaSins had a long video about everything wrong with it, but then ignored all of it and named it their movie of the year. I still watch it every now and then just for the fun of it. Plus, 'handbrake drifting' a WWII destroyer is pretty bloody cool.

  • Love To Travel
    Love To Travel 10 months ago +5624

    “A destroyer is designed to dish out punishment, but a Battleship is designed to take punishment” - always loved that line.

    • z1az
      z1az 24 days ago

      @MrcabooseVG You do? I don't think so hotshot. Is that why she sank the hood by penetrating her magazine through her side Armor and also scored 4 hits on the prince of Wales AFTER sinking the hood? For all her flaws, the Bismarck class was absolutely dreaded by the Royal Navy and prompted a response from Churchill no less. Sorry, you are delusional. But that's ok. Your empire has disintegrated just like the Nazis and your navy...like a fart in the wind

    • Azur
      Azur 2 months ago

      @Miguel rosas Guided missiles made battleships obsolete. Anti-ship missiles could defeat battleship armor. Modern warships have little armor because anti-ship missiles are just too powerful to practically defend against with armor. You are better off using speed, low radar visibility, countermeasures, and anti-missile defenses like CIWS. It's also why modern warships don't have giant cannons anymore, because guided missiles are better in almost every way.

    • Plutoid Federal Navy
      Plutoid Federal Navy 2 months ago

      @bruh wonder if yamato would do better here in this scene

    • Plutoid Federal Navy
      Plutoid Federal Navy 2 months ago

      where is that line

    • Rachel Jennings
      Rachel Jennings 3 months ago

      Battleships can look like hell but unleash it

  • Daffier Python7
    Daffier Python7 2 months ago +2

    The "we won't die today" quote send a shiver down my spine especially with the sound effects and the whip of the anchors chain it's amazing

  • Arthur Madsen
    Arthur Madsen 2 months ago +14

    I loved this movie when it came out, the only problem it had was the fact it came out when something more popular was out like a marvel movie so it didnt do well in the theater. This movie is awsome and one of my all time favorites wish they actually made a part 2 and 3

    • alwayswong247
      alwayswong247 Month ago +1

      The movie did have some stuff going against it. Mainly that it was the height of the Fuck Michael Bay era, it was a movie based on a boardgame, and it got horrible reviews. I like this movie more than most, but lets not pretend like this movie isn't messy af. The plot is actually nonsense. (Like the aliens have a ship that can fly them to another planet, but needs to borrow our communications to call for back up?) The side plot with Hopper's girlfriend is also dumb and the tech guy is annoying.

    • Arthur Madsen
      Arthur Madsen Month ago

      @John MacFarlane i completely agree with this statement WWII made men and women stronger and the country came together because of it. I was pissed when they decommissioned the old battleships. Now we have wimpy people crying cause of hurt feelings

    • John MacFarlane
      John MacFarlane Month ago

      It might have come out when a Marvel movie did, but with one huge difference. This one had real super heros fighting aliens in the form of the original men who actually fought on her and Marvel has wimpy fake heros that do not exist.

  • nathan c
    nathan c Month ago +3

    Such a timeless film. Never gets old.

  • Leo Lizardo
    Leo Lizardo 3 months ago +8

    I've watched this twice and until now I still get chills

  • Whitworth Lime
    Whitworth Lime 10 months ago +5497

    This movie was the definition of fun. No overcomplicated story, no political message, no remake, no sequel. Just a good old fashioned imaginative movie with badass scenes and lots of action. COOL!!

    • SonicDashie759
      SonicDashie759 2 months ago

      Well the ending kinda leaves room for a potential sequel but since they haven't announced one yet, probably means they're leaving it up for the imagination to fill in the blanks.

    • CanadaCommunity Org
      CanadaCommunity Org 4 months ago

      We clip-share.net/video/6mb7gw9npGk/video.html can make our world a wonderful place for clip-share.net/video/_EkMjTnWk14/video.html everyone to live🧡'

    • Istrawitschi
      Istrawitschi 4 months ago

      And there should be more of that again.

    • The Illegal Mexican
      The Illegal Mexican 4 months ago

      @Thomas Rodgers 9:45 Pilot is Australian accent, and australian flag on its helmet

    • James
      James 4 months ago

      When the old timers got back on thier battleship .... How could you not love that

  • JPFilmsFX
    JPFilmsFX 4 months ago +6

    Love this shot starting at 9:36 and nice little detail of the camera bouncing a little after the explosions.

  • Suruj Kalita
    Suruj Kalita 2 hours ago

    The moment he say not Today 😅😅 , hell yeahh

  • Michael Waring
    Michael Waring 3 days ago

    I love how humans think and they portray in these movies what would happen if we were invaded by aliens. We always seem to win. Alert. We would not stand a chance

  • I Object
    I Object 3 days ago

    This movie is great, sure it suffers from alot of cinematic issues, but just plan fun, it has that in spades. The mighty mo drifting is maybe the highlight of my life.

  • Nicholas Ford
    Nicholas Ford 8 months ago +5101

    I don't care how "terrible" this movie was I loved it. And when the old sailor yells "LETS DROP SOME LEAD ON THIS MOTHER" I get the chills.

    • O’Shack Hennessy
      O’Shack Hennessy 7 days ago

      @David Keefe best statement ever

    • O’Shack Hennessy
      O’Shack Hennessy 7 days ago

      @Rebound Rides boooooo!

    • Khoa Nguyen Aviation Blog
      Khoa Nguyen Aviation Blog Month ago

      Sam Jackson with this line...can't imagine e

    • Bloo Eagle
      Bloo Eagle 2 months ago

      The BEST part is that you KNOW he's said that before and he said it with anger. Fuckin love old vets.

    • Mlpfanboy
      Mlpfanboy 2 months ago +1

      No matter how bad the movie was this scene is gold.

  • Proto Rhinocerator
    Proto Rhinocerator 2 months ago +28

    It's just really hard to defend against a 16 inch battleship round.
    Anti-missile defense doesn't work. It's coming too fast to react to it. Those battleships were beasts, which is why everyone wanted the best ones for their navies.

    • Flying Cactus
      Flying Cactus 25 days ago

      @Lancebait I was reply to the other guy who said cannon round are too fast to be intercepted

    • Lancebait
      Lancebait 27 days ago

      @Flying Cactus Well for a literal 70 year old ship I don't know what you expected

    • Flying Cactus
      Flying Cactus 2 months ago +2

      actually 16 inches round are quite slow compared to supersonic antiship missile

  • Johnny Jericho
    Johnny Jericho Day ago +2

    This needs a sequel.

  • SMK
    SMK 4 months ago +13

    movie or not, when you decide that something is worth more than your own life, you are a real warrior and deserve respect.

  • Proud GayBoy Dragon
    Proud GayBoy Dragon 4 months ago +2

    Great finale, overall. This film is so underrated, IMO. But I think it did suffer from too much CGI. Especially with regard to the alien bombs being put together, launched, landing and then wreaking havoc. Too many things, but too many things happening at the same time and happening TOO FAST. Defying the laws of physics all over the place.
    Nonetheless, I still remember seeing this in the theater, and enjoying the hell out of it.

  • Reece
    Reece  Year ago +2381

    I can't believe they had the balls to make the alien ammo look like the board game pieces

    • Kent Lang
      Kent Lang 4 months ago

      Damn! I didn’t realize this until just now! Love the film. Entertaining as hell! 🎥👍😎🇺🇸

    • Courtland Heieck
      Courtland Heieck 4 months ago +1

      @LemonsDaBest Funny huh :) Kinda like in StarGate when the aliens with their high tech systems talking about our guns were like " Propelling metals with explosions.. we would never have thought of that" lol

    • david lewis
      david lewis 6 months ago +1

      @Bảo Phùng penetrating explosives near the turret didn't blow the ship sky high, how strange.

      KΞLLYΛ FIЯΣFᄂY 6 months ago

      Guys, those aliens was only engineers and mining company like, not warriors, they ended on earth randomly so they needed time and signals to call the real alien army

    • benn454
      benn454 6 months ago +1

      @Michael C. The outer shell (ballistic cap) is thin sheet steel and is just there to make the shell more aerodynamic. Underneath that is an armor piercing cap made of hardened steel for defeating the armor. Underneath that is a charge of "Shellite" explosive which is encased in aluminum.

  • Pato Gomez
    Pato Gomez 24 days ago +7

    2:29 "You all right" instead of cry like a baby "They aint gonna sink this battleship no way" that quote always give me chills

  • Rob CHANNELヅ
    Rob CHANNELヅ 18 days ago

    siempre estara en nuetros corazones el cine de antes un minuto de silencio por esas peliculas que si valian la pena pagar tu entrada al cine

  • q妹說給你聽


  • La Ray
    La Ray 16 hours ago

    I really wish I was American. Aliens only visit the USA because why not? If even a 70 year old battleship has touchscreen controlled turrets 😢

  • eating JR
    eating JR Year ago +2545

    imagine flying thousands of light years just to lose to some apes on a metal boat

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy Month ago


    • creative express
      creative express 3 months ago


    • Luis Gabriel Delmo
      Luis Gabriel Delmo 3 months ago +1

      @Patrick Kenyon
      Humans: ah yes a new playmate

    • Vitandus EBK
      Vitandus EBK 4 months ago

      @Patrick Kenyon Lol even with the world’s military might combined I still wouldn’t wanna fw any aliens. There’s a good possibility they would clean us off this planet without a scratch.

    • Anthony
      Anthony 4 months ago

      Well.. these apes have experienced war since the dawn of mankind.
      War’s pretty much in their blood.

  • Joey Gawl
    Joey Gawl 4 months ago +42

    I love everything that this actor plays in. Battleship and John Carter were both amazing films. I need to see what else he plays in!

    • Hakan Sohret
      Hakan Sohret 3 months ago

      The Normal Heart

    • Mandingo party
      Mandingo party 3 months ago +1

      Lone survivor is awesome

    • anonymator
      anonymator 3 months ago +3

      Recently he played a supporting role in the tv series The Terminal List together with Chris Pratt as the protagonist. Awesome series.

  • Rifqi Taqiuddin
    Rifqi Taqiuddin 2 months ago +1

    Imagine what the pilots comms were like when the shield went down. The entire ship squadron was set to full loadout at maximum readiness. When shield went down, first to launch is the E 2.
    CIC: "Bansaw, Airborne, victory 1,2,3,4 airborne, reaper 1,2,3,4 airborne"
    E 2: "CIC Bansaw, spotted 2 surface contact Bullseye 230 for 60. One unknown, one Battleship class vessel"... yo dude, you see this?.... yeah that might be missouri. Is it shooting broadside?.. tf is it doing there. Why only 6 shells? "CIC Bansaw, recommend expidite strike package, possible missouri fighting with unknown target. Might have lost a turret."
    CIC: HOLY SHIT they had to bring missouri out. To hell with fleet defence. Send them all there. "all Calsign on this net immediate search and destroy, bullseye 230 for 60. BUSTER BUSTER BUSTER" rearm dagger to surface loadout, send them all. Minimum air cover over fleet. TF rimpac form diamond. Steady coarse 190 all ahead flank.
    Reaper flight: holy f*** they resurect missouri to fight ET. Baddas.... Thats them "reaper Bansaw, picked up 2 radar contact 190 for 80, No iff on both. Stacked"
    E2: "one of them is your target, report on visual".... wait, where is she shooting? OAHU? Oh shit "victory, reaper 1,2 retask too OAHU, find out what missouri is engaging. ASSIST."
    Victory flight:" 3,4 you go to that contact, escourt reaper 3,4. Reaper 1,2 follow us to OAHU." "3,4" "reaper".
    E2 : "VAMPIRE 3X. cruise missile to missouri victory 3,4 engage."
    Victory 3,4: "victory, Fox 3 times 3"
    Reaper 3,4: " reaper 3,4 reporting initial"
    E2: "reaper Go HOT."
    Reaper 3,4: "pickle"
    Reaper 3,4 : "Bansaw reaper. good splash on target. Reporting visual on a wreck of unknown mechanical ship. Missouri lost turret 3 and took substantial hit. And is on fire. Continuing As CAP" Man.. those guys fight hard. I guess gun still beats the aliens.
    E 2: " all callsign, picture is clean, do remain Vigilant in case of unknown technology of the enemy."

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 3 months ago +5

    I gotta say seeing war veterans firing on an alien ship with machine guns has got to be one of the coolest things I've seen in a movie

  • Chi Ly
    Chi Ly 4 days ago

    Battleships, or as I liked to call them "Protectors of the Fleet" and as far as I know, were mainly used to protect Allied Carrier task forces in WW2 from enemy ships and I believe at that time, Battleships were a show of strength of a Nations Navy at that time, like Germany had the Bismarck, and Tirpitz, Britain had HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales, the US had the USS Iowa and USS Missouri, and Japan had the IJN Musashi and IJN Yamato.

  • Grayson McCreary
    Grayson McCreary 5 months ago +2035

    Is this the best movie ever created? No. But it’s damn good fun. I think it’s a masterpiece in its own right. The activation of the battleship and this scene is just awesome.
    And they used real vets, you know those guys enjoyed the hell out of it irl. All around just an awesome experience. Wish we had more movies like this.

    • StopIt
      StopIt 16 hours ago

      @Genesiscoupe3000 and then when u become an old man u will be useless af as well lmao, these vets went through a lot more in life than u will ever go through and I like that bs jobs of urs lmao

    • Genesiscoupe3000
      Genesiscoupe3000 Day ago +1

      I'm a policeman, and when I have the time, a volunteer firefighter when I'm not off rescuing kittens.
      Definitely more useful then an old cripple that can barely move and has to crap in a bag.

    • Genesiscoupe3000
      Genesiscoupe3000 Day ago +1

      Umm, whatever you say kid.

    • StopIt
      StopIt 3 days ago

      @Genesiscoupe3000 I'm just speaking facts🤷‍♂️

    • Genesiscoupe3000
      Genesiscoupe3000 3 days ago +1


  • vxer1000
    vxer1000 29 days ago +1

    So unrealistic, but so cool. Watched this with my kids at Great Lakes Naval Training Center when it first came out. The whole theater went wild during this scene. Most fun I ever had at a movie.😁

  • jeff vaughn
    jeff vaughn 3 months ago +3

    Man say what you want about this movie, they got me with club hauling a Battleship..

  • ender_slayer3
    ender_slayer3 2 months ago +1

    As impractical as they are, I would still LOVE to see a modern battleship

  • PhantomZO9
    PhantomZO9 4 months ago +2

    This is everything a action blockbuster should be. Love this movie.

  • AA-VFX
    AA-VFX Year ago +4736

    *They should have made 'Battleship-2', imho. I really loved it!* 👍

    • Charity Smith
      Charity Smith 11 months ago

      I no right there should been a part 2

    • Apex Blue
      Apex Blue 11 months ago

      Like Independence Day?

    • VenoMark788
      VenoMark788 11 months ago +1

      @Pizza *Bismarck rising up from the depths intensifies*

    • SpicyButthole
      SpicyButthole Year ago

      Better ideas have it set in the Gulf of Mexico and use the USS Alabama. South Dakota class was the best class, idc what anyone says.

    • Venkat M
      Venkat M Year ago

      Full video m.clip-share.net/video/T9IKTrH0EaY/video.html

  • Agnite
    Agnite 21 day ago +2

    Those shells weigh twice the weight of a person and have massive explosive power considering the Mindset of the 30s was basically more boom and doom.
    Sending them at Mach 5 is like shooting Meteorites at it

  • Jamil Roberts
    Jamil Roberts 4 months ago +2

    When I was a kid I love ships I've always dreamed of joining a group of soldiers one day

  • sky master
    sky master Month ago

    I was a grunt stationed in Panama in the early 80's when the Battleship New Jersey came though Miraflores locks in the canal. Truly a magnificent and beautiful War ship it absolutely took your breath away and you could see those sailors worked their butts off keeping her looking the way she did. It came though during the day the next morning still dark we were up for pt and it had turned around and was going back though turns out it was headed to Libya to test her 16" guns.

  • Shreeshanth Kadam
    Shreeshanth Kadam 2 months ago +3

    If it had been released today, it would have been showered with a lot of love because of how fun this is.

  • no0bgaming
    no0bgaming Year ago +3797

    imagine being max rank and getting rekted by some guys with a starter ship

  • George McCartney
    George McCartney Month ago +1

    I love that the carrier's planes landed the final blow

  • venkata seshasai Kanuru

    One of All time iconic scenes. Memorable well done

  • Captain 2-FT 🎖Roman Æli 🙏

    I have join Indian Navy🇮🇳 ( INVC ) " last 1 year a go ! & I’m very proud to save our mother land 🇮🇳"It was an honor serving with you captain"' might Bethe most fearless qoute ever

  • Kenny Rivera
    Kenny Rivera Month ago

    Quick questions for anyone that would know. Would the anchor chain on that ship be able to handle that ship going full speed to a dead stop?

  • BrandwithAllyn
    BrandwithAllyn Year ago +2223

    As a vet, this movie still makes me smile to see one of these ships let loose, VFX or not. Watching the USS Missouri jack-knife into position from an anchor drop is just top notch baddassery. Also, anyone notice the alien mortars were shaped JUST like the red pegs from the board game!? Gotta love easter eggs like that.

    • lamwen03
      lamwen03 8 months ago

      @Noir Lock We get the aliens. The Japanese get monsters.

    • Noir Lock
      Noir Lock 8 months ago

      @Tim G you must mean 'murica yeah? cuz these damn alien only focus on one country all the time lol.

    • Extreme Original
      Extreme Original 9 months ago

      ... .

    • Scam Hunter
      Scam Hunter 9 months ago

      Mortar Mike. Thank you for the service -salutes-

    • James Stewart
      James Stewart 9 months ago

      @SuperAniketos Battleship New Jersey has a fantastic youtube account where they upload regularly. Just in case you don't know, it's fantastic.

  • O’Shack Hennessy
    O’Shack Hennessy 7 days ago

    This movie was corny as hell and completely awesome. I loved every second of it.

  • Dragon Gamer
    Dragon Gamer 12 days ago

    Can we just appreciate the scene where they pretty much handbrake turned a Battleship 😮

  • Insertcoins
    Insertcoins 20 days ago

    The Absolute Accuracy of this scene for the water being blown away from the Firing of the guns, AMAZING how they tried to make eveything realistic while having the sc-fi feel

  • Isaiah Belter
    Isaiah Belter 3 months ago +1

    Something I love about Aliens vs Humans movies is when Humanity actually has a fighting chance. Like sure you took a P-51 and took it up against a Mig-29 it will probably struggle. But doesn't mean it's defenseless

  • Alan Muñoz
    Alan Muñoz Year ago +2999

    I want every plane our CGI team can afford in the air right now!

    • Smokeylovesfire
      Smokeylovesfire 6 months ago

      Brilliant! 😂😂🥰🥰

    • xadam2dudex
      xadam2dudex 7 months ago

      @Alain-0504 that's what tankers are for

    • Alain-0504
      Alain-0504 7 months ago

      @xadam2dudex they have to refuel

    • MS-13
      MS-13 8 months ago

      @Alex Mason thats why they sent in the aussies first

    • Billy O67
      Billy O67 8 months ago


  • Leonardo M J
    Leonardo M J Month ago

    muito bom ja assisti poderia ter o 2

  • easyLuki
    easyLuki 3 months ago +2

    The battleships of yesteryear are far more brutal than those of today
    I agree

  • 유부남 29년차 낭만히키 김찬호

    Of course, the graphics in this movie are crazy. And I was moved by the scene where they joined forces to move the bomb.

  • Sharmaine Clif
    Sharmaine Clif 2 months ago +1

    I freaking love this movie. 😀

  • Daan Vreugdenhil
    Daan Vreugdenhil 4 months ago

    Man… what a awesome scene. Got goosebumps allover. 😆

  • Andrew Bassett
    Andrew Bassett Month ago

    This is one of my all time favourite movies, it’s just good!

  • Lance Bryant
    Lance Bryant Month ago

    One of my favorite movies. It's not a popular one but.. I feel pretty good watching it!

  • Blue Steel
    Blue Steel 3 months ago +2

    Aliens: We have the greatest tech and have destroyed worlds!
    Also Aliens: Can make a gun that cant swivel more than 15 degreess.

  • Robert Thaiya
    Robert Thaiya Year ago +2235

    I just love this movie cause they used real life war veterans in their casting.

    • American Lore
      American Lore Year ago

      @rockzs74r I've not seen the movie but it also depends on what time that is

    • Saf
      Saf Year ago

      They did?

    • Atomic Red
      Atomic Red Year ago

      They needed a russian kashtan cwis to win

    • Beau Davis
      Beau Davis Year ago

      @The Foxy Gamer 90's. She was used on Underseige (along with the Alabama) and it was produced during the 90's. Also, she fought in the Gulf War and it occurred in 91 and 92.

    • Ross Taylor
      Ross Taylor Year ago

      Me too pal

  • sampath kanaparthi
    sampath kanaparthi 7 days ago +1

    Ever great movie . Defence people were the all time real heroes. Thanks to the movie unit

  • Vegan Conservative
    Vegan Conservative 2 months ago +3

    I have a faint memory that this movie bombed at the box office, but it came up on a 'recommend' and I had a few minutes (plus my uncle died in the Battle of Samar on the U.S.S. Johnston so I kind of lean towards naval stuff.)
    This was a surprisingly good action scene. Now that I know that was actual navy vets I'm going to have to watch it again. 😍

  • McGuy281
    McGuy281 3 months ago +3

    Doesn't matter if you liked this movie or not - this scene goes hard

  • MicroDotTV
    MicroDotTV 4 months ago +3

    loved the movie and especially this scene- awesome job!!!

  • King80
    King80 Year ago +4310

    “Hard left”
    “Yes sir”
    News: a battleship has blocked Suez cannel

  • Darkspire
    Darkspire Month ago

    The following 40 seconds alone make the entire movie worth watching.

  • Your Average Bin Chicken

    "Moving swiftly through the waters, cannons blazing as she came, brought a mighty metal warlord, crashing down in sheets of flames, sensing victory was nearing, thinking fortune must have smiled, people started cheering: COME ON USS MISSOURI!!!!!!!!"

  • Ashten B.
    Ashten B. Month ago +2

    I visit frequently for these 2 lines:
    "They ain't gonna sink this battleship, NO WAY"
    Tears of joy every time!

  • Eryk Liszewski
    Eryk Liszewski 3 months ago +2

    Aliens: Give us your resources
    Literally every single human: *hefts minigun "Didn't say please."

  • Adolf Drippler
    Adolf Drippler 9 months ago +1558

    The fact they performed a hand break turn with a battleship is insane

    • Workhourse13
      Workhourse13 3 months ago

      @Christopher Pitt now thats some solid information. Well done sir.

    • UberFubarius
      UberFubarius 3 months ago

      @Kristóf Eðvárðsson Missouri would be fine. The chain would not be thou.

    • BoOm SpOoN
      BoOm SpOoN 3 months ago

      imagine irl thath would like rip the ancor of or break the front of the ship in 2

    • Kristóf Eðvárðsson
      Kristóf Eðvárðsson 3 months ago

      @Harv Begal It's a real tactic, but no way would the Missouri be able to withstand it.

      HIEU LE NGO TRAN 3 months ago

      NO. không ráp TRỤC SERIES số nhỏ. NO. MONEY

  • Jacob Kleinsasser
    Jacob Kleinsasser 4 months ago +1

    They really understated the sheer power of those 16 inch guns.

  • Faticadiz Hundehütte
    Faticadiz Hundehütte 2 months ago

    Epic, epic 🤗👌🏻
    A bad movie?
    no, Sir
    A good one
    I love it...

  • duckbilldaniel
    duckbilldaniel 4 months ago

    You know it's a good movie when basically all the movie is contained in a 10 minute video from the studio on Clip-Share.

  • Marvellous Nwachukwu

    As a stellaris player, I'd say most times I like to have fun with primitives by sending one army to invade while a fleet capable of devastating the entire planet stands by with no orders. If this shit happens in real life there's no way we're surviving.

  • iHateCommies
    iHateCommies Year ago +2788

    Is this movie good?
    Does it make any sense?
    Do I love it?

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy 10 months ago

      I know, it's so bad, but it's so good

    • Ellis Jones
      Ellis Jones Year ago +1

      The anchor drop would have broken the keel

    • Warrior
      Warrior Year ago


    • Everest Yeti
      Everest Yeti Year ago +1

      It's one of those films that when it starts, you know you got to watch it, just to see the an outdated but huge battle ship, turn on a sixpence.

    • 10TP
      10TP Year ago

      But its good XD. But could be better...

  • Clinton Leonard
    Clinton Leonard 4 months ago +2

    Wait, how did this movie go under the radar? This is rad as hell.

  • Micah Reex gaming
    Micah Reex gaming 2 months ago

    I don't get how slot of people didn't like this movie, its amazing

  • Filippo
    Filippo 3 months ago +1

    I love when he says, "she is armed"

  • paolo alano
    paolo alano 4 months ago

    my favourite thing about the movie is when they critically hit the aircraft so cinematic!!

  • Noshal Hussain
    Noshal Hussain 11 months ago +2573

    Doesn't matter how unreal it is, this is one of the most epic scenes in history of cinema.

    • Musang20
      Musang20 5 months ago


    • Mason Thunkwell
      Mason Thunkwell 5 months ago

      They just didn't want any young impressionable kids getting bored during this hour and a half recruitment ad.

    • Trevor Miles
      Trevor Miles 5 months ago

      @Rogoznica FC lol getting ahead of myself. haha ww2. WW11 will be fought with spit wads and sticks.

    • Rogoznica FC
      Rogoznica FC 5 months ago

      @Trevor Miles "world war 11" lmaoooo

    • Hashterak's Gage
      Hashterak's Gage 5 months ago

      "Well acshually they shoud have fired from far way"-🤓

  • Rafael Oliveira
    Rafael Oliveira 9 days ago

    one of the best scenes on cinema, in my opinion...its soooo good...