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I Built the World's First Invisible PC Setup

  • Published on Oct 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • A setup so clean, you literally can't see it. Not even lying.
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    US: bit.ly/3pSIIuk
    CA: bit.ly/3Mk5aFj
    00:00 Teaser intro because Clip-Share
    00:11 weeping with tears in a rainstorm
    00:25 Before & After
    00:40 Linus glad you're stepping down good for you man, get some rest haha (pls don't roast my painting technique if you ever see this haha)
    01:00 IT HAD TO BE DONE
    01:56 Step 1 - Invisible PC
    03:31 Woodworking (satisfying)
    04:41 Step 2 - Invisible Keyboard
    05:30 Step 3 - 0g Invisible Mouse
    06:50 Stupidity
    08:33 Painting (satisfying)
    08:47 Step 4 - Invisible Hologram Monitor
    09:30 Final Assembly
    10:22 The World's First Invisible PC Setup
    11:35 You didn't see this coming
    Thank you all for watching and clicking and everything else. It's insane to get to do this full time. I'll continue to try and upload faster without making watered down content. Sorry this took three months! You uploaf nerd
    To summarize, this vid is me building a PC setup with every aspect of it appearing invisible.
    - The mouse is a 0g hyper lightweight (max gigafart insane) invisible gaming mouse that uses a depth sensing intel realsense 435i to translate my hand and finger movements into cursor actions in windows.
    - The keyboard is flush mounted with the desk surface and has a plastic mold that perfectly fills the space between the keys, and then is painted
    - The monitor uses a nano particle film to appear as though it's a floating hologram
    - The whole assembly is wireless, no seriously see 10:22
    - There's a lot of small details I had to leave out, like how exactly the PC fits and various connectivity things. If you comment your questions I may see it and respond!
    business: nick@zbtsol.com
    If you would like to support the channel www.patreon.com/basicallyhome...
    Big dumb link to all of my socials - www.zbtsol.com
    How I got the name "Basically Homeless" - • My Faith - Where I Got...
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    God bless you
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  • FlexiSpot
    FlexiSpot 4 months ago +31443

    We were blown away when we saw what you did with our E7! We're so proud that our products have been able to support this kind of cutting-edge creativity for 5 years and counting😆

    • Mr. Noble Muffin
      Mr. Noble Muffin  4 months ago +1751

      Great comment FlexiSot, want some hemorrhoid cream?

    • Gigachad
      Gigachad 4 months ago +237

      I’m so glad that Basically Homeless finally uploafed a video

    • Jui999
      Jui999 4 months ago +115

      Thank you for sponsoring this amazing video!!

    • AlgerianEdits™
      AlgerianEdits™ 4 months ago +23

      hi flexispot

    • Koku in VR
      Koku in VR 4 months ago +24

      OK but my man made a dankpods reference though

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 4 months ago +22650

    This man actually made what people in the 60’s thought we’d have by now.

    • Jupiter
      Jupiter 4 months ago +289

      for real

    • Aslamstudio
      Aslamstudio 4 months ago +514

      Well we do
      Just not for everyone i guess
      And also robots, we dont have as many robots

    • Leon
      Leon 4 months ago +207

      ​@Aslamstudio the only robots people even have in their houses are vacuum robots - probably not what was expected...

    • Rakshan M
      Rakshan M 4 months ago +14

      i am in my 15s but i beliaved the thumbnail

  • Brains techKnowlogy
    Brains techKnowlogy 3 months ago +1050

    Nice set up! =)

  • BillyRunsShow
    BillyRunsShow 3 months ago +1065

    You better patent this technology ASAP!So many people would love this sci-go setup at home. It’s only missing a dual monitor setup.

    • Aerosklice
      Aerosklice 2 months ago +178

      It looks really cool but if we're being realistic, the mouse and keyboard must feel terrible and there's basically no black on his transparent screen, which must be terrible looking.
      After some years though, if some engineers team up it could actually be ultra cool.

    • witha
      witha 2 months ago +45

      ​@Aerosklicethe only thing bad is the mouse, if he found a better way to do that it'd be perfect

    • Ieuan Hunt
      Ieuan Hunt 2 months ago +77

      ​@withanah that keyboard probably feels terrible to use and the screen looks like shit.
      Fun engineering challenge and a cool video but completely impractical

    • witha
      witha 2 months ago +8

      @Ieuan Hunt ye now that i think about it might require a bit too much effort to press, but i don't see any problems with the screen

    • Nick Steffen
      Nick Steffen 2 months ago +27

      @witha The screen is also tilted at a weird angle to get a good projection from the reflector and the image is terrible. If you had to read a spreadsheet on that screen you would be blind in 5 minutes. But I think there is a real market for something scaled back a bit. Its these types of projects that really push the margins of peoples imaginations and what manufacturers are willing to build.

  • Wisdom Bright
    Wisdom Bright 2 months ago +435

    This is by far the most futuristic setup ever made, the final product is mind blowing. Who would have thought this was actually possible.

  • Cam Bryan
    Cam Bryan 21 day ago +126

    You officially have the cleanest PC setup on the Internet. Congratulations man!

  • Jerick Studios
    Jerick Studios 2 months ago +133

    That’s very impressive! The latency of the “mouse” sucks, though, I wonder how much you can decrease it.

    • Origon
      Origon Month ago +2

      yeah, with a faster hardware for the AI i think

    • Elvin Rivera
      Elvin Rivera 22 days ago +5

      I mean it’s possible that improved coding may help it, but how much depends on how good his coding is… So maybe a ton or maybe not much at all. Future hardware improvements might also be key

    • Brent Hiles
      Brent Hiles 19 days ago

      I could not work with this. It is useless if it is not functional and fast. I would be so frustrated.

    • LambdaMisc λ
      LambdaMisc λ 15 days ago +9

      @Brent Hiles It's almost like it's a fun proof of concept! :o

    • Xyma Ryai
      Xyma Ryai 8 days ago +2

      i don't understand why he didn't use a huge multipoint trackpad and "write" software to recognise his palm from his fingers to accurately track his hand when its touching the desk, it would be basically identical

  • KataMattyon
    KataMattyon 3 months ago +6238

    This should go viral. A cleaner setup is impossible

    • Jesse Juliano
      Jesse Juliano 3 months ago +115

      It is possible. I think a folding monitor that has transparent mounting would be more 'invisible' because in day time this has a clear screen you would obviously see, not to mention the nylon fishing line holding it. With something that folds away, its just a clean desk until you use it, and when you use it, in theory the only thing you could see would be the monitor and desk, day or night - that and the visual experience would be far superior to this setup which looks like it would burn your retinas in a few minutes.

    • just another guy on the internet
      just another guy on the internet 3 months ago +312

      I think the moniter is fine. The desk could still be removed from the equation though.

    • Ahmed Himmi
      Ahmed Himmi 3 months ago +58

      Ar glasses instead of a screen or monitor

    • Glitz Coder
      Glitz Coder 3 months ago +85

      Cleaner setup: invisible table and invisible chairs

    • Pixel Blaze
      Pixel Blaze 3 months ago +94

      ​@Ahmed Himmi you can go cleaner 😳. AR contacts. AR eye implants. Keyboard built into your fingers. VR nuerostimulator with you sitting in an empty room 😶

  • IcedFission
    IcedFission 3 months ago +294

    This is a masterpiece and milestone in the technological industry

    • JordanTheWhoredan
      JordanTheWhoredan Month ago +1

      @francowellington6478 bruh you said quantic computer... your opinion should never be of value

  • Ming Tang
    Ming Tang 3 months ago +93

    Potential improvements to the mouse: Support the fist grip (instead of “air mouse grip”) and allow fine movements when the index finger is raised moving, also there can be 5+ customizable “mouse buttons” for each finger

    • Liyana
      Liyana 26 days ago +3

      so if i accidentally tap my fingers out of habit, the code will detect that i click on something?

    • ItsAbrahamSamuel
      ItsAbrahamSamuel 12 days ago

      Or maybe use wearable controllers. I believe there are some cool things available, like a ring and a glove thing. Although these won't be invisible per se. The ring would be still small enough to be counted off😅

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez 2 months ago +60

    Ive been watching you for a while. I remember you made that video where you said you wanted to make better content, you wanted to do more.
    This, this is it. Out of everything youve done since then, this is one of the most amazing things ive seen someone do. You pushed limits people weren't event thinking of. congratulations man

  • Binna Robiness
    Binna Robiness 3 months ago +49

    So cool. I mean this is more like art installation than actual usable set up but damn this is the future sci-fi makers dreamed of lol

  • pdxripjaw
    pdxripjaw Month ago +24

    This is the first video of yours I’ve seen and I have to admit. This is incredible. The amount of work and dedication you put into your work is simply astounding! Subbed!

  • Bilbo_Gamers
    Bilbo_Gamers 3 months ago +47

    This is such a great video about the trials and hardships that go into making a successful project. Of course it's not gonna work on first try lol. Nothing ever does. It's amazing that you made this and that it looks so damn good. Like holy crap dude, that physical keyboard mounted in the desk is brilliant.

  • Dancing Zen-Gamer
    Dancing Zen-Gamer 3 months ago +16

    I am literally... speechless....
    No words can express this level of daring creativity.... #massive_respect

  • ClipVue
    ClipVue 2 months ago +8

    Simple elegant and clean. Never thought I would ever see a setup like this. Making me rethink my setup

  • Jaihindh Reddy
    Jaihindh Reddy 3 months ago +16

    you could put a trackball in the desk that sticks out just enough to be used, as an alternative to the 0g omegalight mouse, to get the tactile feedback much like the keyboard

  • R!ch G!mer
    R!ch G!mer 14 days ago +2

    This is the best most unique and fun tech video I've watched in years man I love this it reminded me of why we love tech and building stuff ❤

  • Brendan Geormer
    Brendan Geormer 4 months ago +1800

    I really hope LTT and other tech youtubers give this the credit and signal boost it deserves for being absolutely insane

    • caleb mallek
      caleb mallek 4 months ago +96

      this is legitimately the single most impressive thing ive witnessed in the pc community

    • ELBoomer
      ELBoomer 4 months ago +28

      He doesn't need the likes of LTT. He is a star already, in a galaxy of his own, that's why we watch his magic show.

    • da best
      da best 4 months ago +17

      homeless has already gotten a few shoutouts from LTT so im sure theyll give him another ne for this one

    • Matt
      Matt 4 months ago +4

      Got a shoutout from the recent WAN Show so yeah it's getting boosted.

    • GreatDay
      GreatDay 4 months ago +3

      Here because of said WAN Show shout-out :D

  • tuw
    tuw 3 months ago +6

    man you shouldve make this into a series. this project is BIG!

  • Junior KZ
    Junior KZ 3 months ago +1

    I remember seeing this, and man you did a crazy amazing job. This was really cool and what a lot of Sci-fi/futuristic fans hope PC's reach one day. Great Setup.

  • Carlos A. Soares
    Carlos A. Soares Month ago +1

    Muito bom 👍👍
    Very good 👍👍

  • James Chancé
    James Chancé 2 months ago +3

    so cool dude !
    What an amazing feeling you must have felt when everything worked and you actually did it !
    Well done !!

  • Sleipnir
    Sleipnir Month ago

    This is my first time seeing anything from you as a creator and I am at a loss for words. Idk wether to be extremely impressed or concerned for your well-being. Thank you for putting yourself through this. The result was worth it.

  • Captain Soggybeard
    Captain Soggybeard 4 months ago +3247

    I want to see the look on Linus' face when someone tells him, again, someone made a cleaner build than him.

    • Wes Man
      Wes Man 4 months ago +120

      He retired 😅

    • Webac
      Webac 4 months ago +9

      @Wes Man 😭

    • JustSkyler
      JustSkyler 4 months ago +115

      @Wes Man he did not he just stepped down as ceo he still does videos and stuff

    • Captain Soggybeard
      Captain Soggybeard 4 months ago +28

      @Wes Man Just from an admin position. He's still going to do vids and such.

    • Sciura Squirrel
      Sciura Squirrel 4 months ago +14

      @Captain Soggybeard PHEW, I can still enjoy his funny content! (and education but let's be honest, we love it when he drops something and then screams for no reason)

  • Taylan Maxwell
    Taylan Maxwell 3 months ago +2

    This video is the whole package. Funny, inspirational, and just down right chaotic. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Johann Iguana Bach
    Johann Iguana Bach 2 months ago +1

    So awesome! Fantastic! Congrats man on THE cleanest setup. I was wondering. Do you think having a large mouse track pad embedded in the table could work? I would like to try this one day.

  • Ascertivus
    Ascertivus 2 months ago +1

    Absolutely incredible! Surreal, too. Nice work.

  • Vinx
    Vinx 3 months ago +3

    I'm so shocked, i didn't knew that this was possible! Great video and content, this is so amazing!

  • Dragnar
    Dragnar Month ago +1

    I'm really impressed about how u used nano particles sheet. And also taking hand motion for mouse input was also genius. Indeed, it's the cleanest setup I have ever seen on internet. 👍👍👍

  • Frostycrypton
    Frostycrypton 4 months ago +2105

    This isn’t just a Clip-Share video about an invisible pc setup, this is art. Pure art.

    • Radioactive9280
      Radioactive9280 4 months ago +8

      'i mean this is art, mister White, this is pure glass'

    • Genie-us
      Genie-us 4 months ago +1

      He could code that with a satellite 📡 then do it anywhere with gps trackers he would be flying and operating his vehicle while moving around in his bedroom. Park. Drive. Lol

    • VibinSam
      VibinSam 4 months ago

      DIY perks made this first BH is just copying it and saying that he made the first which is a lie

    • deb holder
      deb holder 4 months ago +1

      yes art, I hope no one in his family destroys it.
      if you found this well you waisted time lol
      now you are wasting time.

      SHEEEEEP 4 months ago +1

      its science and dedication too.

  • Kaoru Dark
    Kaoru Dark 3 months ago +2

    Cool idea, maybe sometimes you get the mouse delay gone. And also maybe you can hide the Projector.

  • Never Perfect
    Never Perfect 12 days ago

    first video of yours I watched... had me smiling and laughing the whole time! wrapped up with a heartfelt message. great job man, you inspired me!

  • Jake Jackson
    Jake Jackson 25 days ago +1

    Randomly found this video and this channel, this was actually an incredible video. Im very impressed with this video! Great job!

  • BatManuk
    BatManuk 3 months ago +10

    There's so much tech creator references I LOVE IT. I'm so glad I stumbled across your channel!

  • ButterFlingers
    ButterFlingers 22 days ago +1

    You used the remaining time on the warranty for your desk as a mic-drop moment, and it somehow worked really well. Your charisma is an enigma.

  • BingBong
    BingBong 4 months ago +2271

    I'm saying this with 100% honesty
    I have watched countless build videos or various projects on Clip-Share. And this blows them all out of the water.
    This is singlehandedly the best project video on Clip-Share

    • Sourpenguin360
      Sourpenguin360 4 months ago +18

      now we just need Linus to put rtx 4090 in it lol

    • Alex, turn back the army!
      Alex, turn back the army! 4 months ago +6

      @Sourpenguin360 And water cooling! Dont forget that.

    • luistrim
      luistrim 4 months ago

      ​@Alex, turn back the army! and a mouse and a keyboard or just mouse atleast my hand will be sore that much tension hanging up

    • Collin Woolsey
      Collin Woolsey 4 months ago +3

      idk the worlds first ps5 slim was pretty dang cool, not as cool as this but not blown out of the water either :p

    • Furioustester40
      Furioustester40 4 months ago

      @Collin Woolsey yeah it was tiny but also fucking huge at the same time with that power supply and cooling unit

  • LeoSOX
    LeoSOX 2 months ago +2

    I actually thought you were going to use one of the parts of a LCD monitor and change your lenses into image converters BUT this looks WAY cooler.

  • Matthew Robare
    Matthew Robare 3 months ago

    This is amazing work, although I'm not sure having the keyboard impressed into the desk like that would be all the comfortable.

  • Elvin Rivera
    Elvin Rivera 22 days ago

    Your invisible mouse is great!!! But I wonder… To improve mouse latency, would it be possible to make a touch pad that covers the area the camera covers while keeping it invisible?

  • Booty Clap Official
    Booty Clap Official 3 months ago +1

    You’ve been inspirational, innovative AND funny. That’s as good as it gets 🎉 I’m fkn subscribing! Haha keep it up my dude 🙌🏼

  • T. H.
    T. H. 14 days ago +1

    This is so neat! Perhaps not the most practical, but so cool! I wonder how much you'd be able to sell it for XD

  • DIY Perks
    DIY Perks 4 months ago +16503

    Damn, that's gotta be the cleanest setup now, like really tho :D that projector is freaking genius
    Btw, I don't know where mine has gone! Invisible PCs are way too easy to lose.

  • Nyx Night
    Nyx Night 3 months ago +10

    i can just imagine the finger and hand strain with that invisible mouse 😂

    • Gloria Bedgood
      Gloria Bedgood 10 days ago

      It compares your hands and fingers you would not need to strain your hand any it isn't height judgment

  • Lirios 🌿🌸
    Lirios 🌿🌸 Month ago

    Sem dúvidas, a sua ideia é o momento alpha de um novo mundo tecnológico que se inicia. Estávamos à espera, e você alcançou o alvo que ninguém viu. Parabéns e obrigada!

  • CelticGuardian1020
    CelticGuardian1020 Month ago

    A very impressive feat. I would never use this because I can't tell where keys are by memory alone and I like the aesthetic of computers.

  • DHilly
    DHilly 3 months ago +1

    This one earned a sub from me. That mouse bit is damn incredible

  • Qian Xu
    Qian Xu 13 days ago

    This is futuristic!! You’re so creative ❤

  • Jack
    Jack 4 months ago +1676

    people don’t give this man enough credit for what he does. the creativity, effort and just pure genius is insane. all while making a funny haha video for us to enjoy

    • Jeremy Plamondon
      Jeremy Plamondon 4 months ago +14

      the first 3 times i read it as "please dont give this man enough credit for what he does" lmao

    • LaterNerd
      LaterNerd 4 months ago +6

      Yeah he makes a lot of jokes and puts on this persona like he's a simpleton and it's all simple. But in reality, the guy is incredibly good at this stuff. All wrapped in such an entertaining package. Some people are fantastic at engineering or building cool stuff. But it turns out to be a boring and overly sanitary feeling video. Not many people can tackle these impressive projects and make it so interesting to watch.
      The man could make anything worth watching lol.

    • Nicholas Sutphin
      Nicholas Sutphin 4 months ago +1

      ​​@repentandbelieveinJesusChrist9rong comment section, also that looks and sounds like a copypasta.

    • 1337r33t
      1337r33t 4 months ago

      Give em the beans

    • Jack
      Jack 4 months ago

      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ bro thinks god is real ‼️💀☠️🔥💯😭

    KOD INTERNATIONAL 3 months ago

    Proud of you and helping show many minds. You can do anything you put your mind to📈

  • jama211
    jama211 3 months ago +1

    So good! I realise how hard it would be to get the delay down on the mouse, so nice work regardless.

  • Darrius Taylor
    Darrius Taylor 23 days ago

    Incredible storytelling! Epic setup!

  • James Bryan
    James Bryan 3 months ago

    When you think about it, this brings us a little closer to what you'd expect from, say, using the quest 2 with hand tracking, the original pitches for windows mixed reality, and Apple's recently unveiled Vision Pro. Crazy , right?

  • TheNoviceAnimator_
    TheNoviceAnimator_ 2 months ago

    Hey Mr.hummus, great vid! I saw the mouse seemed a bit wonky though, maybe you could use a track pad, like apple Magic Trackpad, and just have it built into the desk, but your way of doing things were super amazing! I’m so impressed- you have tech from like 30 years from now

  • A S
    A S 4 months ago +6243

    That screen is absolutely insane.

    • Gritted
      Gritted 4 months ago +321

      it doesn’t look real. Imagine walking in a room and just seeing a floating screen 😂 literally just a hologram

    • Nick Russell
      Nick Russell 4 months ago +52

      How is it supported? I don't see anything keeping it up

    • AssBear
      AssBear 4 months ago +170

      @Nick Russell 10:35 you see the strings, very clever very smooth

    • Nick Russell
      Nick Russell 4 months ago +2

      ​@AssBear thanks!

    • HuntingKing
      HuntingKing 4 months ago +17

      Nano-partically insane

  • swagger
    swagger 3 months ago

    This is so insane and I can't imagine how hard it was to build, it's really dope and impressive!
    Also pls anyone PLS tell me the music around 9:29 to 10:23 I'm begging 😫

  • kat
    kat 2 months ago

    That was insane man good job, your set the bar high

  • willywallyb
    willywallyb 2 months ago

    This is so sick! I love the invisible monitor

  • Treva Who
    Treva Who 3 months ago +2

    Wow glad I stumble across your video... Currently working on a similar motion detection set up. Seeing the little snippets here lit up some ideas.

  • Maniac Edits
    Maniac Edits Month ago

    im totally blown away by this ,was about to sleep then suddenly yt suggested me this (masterpiece) ...gotta say man u worked hard and the output efficiency was totally 100%

  • Kris Apeletey
    Kris Apeletey 4 months ago +1746

    This is wild. You are creating the futuristic tech we have seen in movies and games for decades, and it's the coolest thing I've ever seen

    • 3mar_705 ً
      3mar_705 ً 4 months ago +33

      Well... It's no longer futuristic because he created this in present and we are at 2023.

    • 42shotta
      42shotta 4 months ago +93

      @3mar_705 ً fu·tur·is·tic
      1. having or involving very modern technology or design.
      Just because it can be made in the present doesn't mean it can't be futuristic

    • Bloox
      Bloox 4 months ago +76

      @42shottabro hit him with the dictionary definition ☠️

    • Sup2Water
      Sup2Water 4 months ago +13

      @42shotta Bro be reading the dictionary in his pass time.

    • SoRu
      SoRu 4 months ago +8

      @42shotta bro is the dictionary

  • Joseph Bornman
    Joseph Bornman 3 months ago

    It's easily watchable as a funny interesting video. But you have all the information here for people who want to learn. That's awesome

    LOL MAN 3 months ago

    Beautiful, it's a literal masterpiece of a PC, looks literally exactly like something that will be used regularly in 2050 or any PC used in futuristic movies, when you say you are building something crazy, you are definitely not kidding here, you worked both hard and smart on this, good job... 🙏💖

  • Emad ud din Butt
    Emad ud din Butt Month ago

    This is without doubt number 1 cleanest/invisiblest setup so far.
    Can you please share depth sensor mouse code or tutorial as how can we use depth sensor as mouse (no coding expert here)

  • GSS
    GSS 3 months ago

    I feel like it woulda been cool to have the mouse in the table. Those mice with the balls mounted in the table and having two buttons above the ball for left and right maybe? Would be interesting to see!

  • Rezgate
    Rezgate 2 months ago +1

    End result is nuts, totally worth the watch

  • DT
    DT 4 months ago +1608

    I think it's insane how one guy at his house with a router and patience was capable of just dunking on all the clean set ups and single-handedly wrote software for mouse hand tracking. You take something that seems inconceivable and just create it for our entertainment. Bravo man you never fail to be outstanding.

    • samik_456
      samik_456 4 months ago +12

      you know that he used chatgpt right?

    • Mark Firman
      Mark Firman 4 months ago +265

      @samik_456 if you think chatgpt writes working code right away, it means you've never tried building something with it. It takes a lot of iterations, and your own understanding of what's going on, to make it work in the end. But yes, it definitely makes it faster and helps you learn.

    • Jor Tor
      Jor Tor 4 months ago +191

      Of course he used ChatGPT lmfao. Have you ever talked with a software dev? Guess what we used before ChatGPT? Google. And before that? Books. We always use resources available to us, that’s what makes us engineers. No one is doing this shit offline in their head.

    • DrizzyDog
      DrizzyDog 4 months ago +19

      ​@samik_456 It doesn't do it all for you, even if you try and make something as simple as a tic tac toe game in python with it, it breaks. It might be better now knowing it learns but I wanted to see how well it codes and let's just say, it doesn't do that well. It'll get most of the annoying stuff done fine but the simple stuff it somehow messes up.

    • Executioner
      Executioner 4 months ago +7

      @samik_456 maybe not single handedly but still very impressive. I think an engineer would be dumber to not use chatgpt right now

  • JSiuDev
    JSiuDev Month ago

    Its not perfect, but the determination to deliver is unbelievable!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Big Man Tomblin
    Big Man Tomblin 3 months ago

    Somehow you manage to do what seems impossible. You are truly a genius. You always entertain and amaze, keep it up Mr. Homeless!

  • Corsaire 1985
    Corsaire 1985 2 months ago

    Bravo. Remarkably well done and extraordinarily watchable.
    Someone give this man a 9 season HGTV show.

  • Puspam Adak
    Puspam Adak 2 months ago

    Your dedication to this project won my heart. I also wished to make something ike this, but due to my laziness and financial condition, I couldn't complete it.

  • Arnau Garrote
    Arnau Garrote Month ago

    Solo comento para que esté video lo pueda ver más gente y les inspiré a hacer más cosas como estás

  • Basically Homeless
    Basically Homeless  3 months ago +5913

    this hit two mil so I ordered a burger cooked medium with extra cheese and fried crawfish on it smothered in some sort of sauce idk what it was, huge side of sweet potato fries and some grilled broccoli it was INSANE

    • Dick Bicycle
      Dick Bicycle 3 months ago +88

      Now you don’t have to worry about spilling stuff on your keyboard.

    • Ari
      Ari 3 months ago +60


    • Joel’s ice cream
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