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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 12 - MY BASE ROCKS!

  • Published on May 26, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Hermitcraft 9: Episode 12 - MY BASE ROCKS! Grian is back on hermitcraft and is making his mega base. Also shows a little behind the minecraft scenes a little!
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  • Will717
    Will717 6 months ago +14761

    Prediction: The Diamond towers will mysteriously “lag” into mumbo’s vault, never to be seen again…..

    • Incognito
      Incognito 2 months ago


    • A Channel
      A Channel 2 months ago

      @Hello World who is he?

    • IamDreadshroom
      IamDreadshroom 3 months ago

      No the entire universe and humanity “lags” into mumbo jumbos vault

    • Kyle Abernathy
      Kyle Abernathy 4 months ago

      What about if all of the diamonds and everything “lagged” it into the void one block above it

    • babyodagghh
      babyodagghh 4 months ago

      @cascade no no it laged

  • Capable Captain
    Capable Captain 6 months ago +4376

    At the end of the season, all the hermits should combine their diamonds in one singular diamond building. It would look like the ugliest 2012 diamond build.

    • Incognito
      Incognito 2 months ago


    • RollingBanana
      RollingBanana 3 months ago +1

      Id love to see what they could build with diamond ore and diamond blocks!

    • Lluv1a
      Lluv1a 4 months ago +2

      That would be horrible, lets goo!!

    • Leah Nuzzi
      Leah Nuzzi 4 months ago +2

      Bring back the man in the chicken costume!!!🐓

    • Aclio
      Aclio 4 months ago +1

      Imagine it says good bye hermits of season 9

  • Raymond Benjamins
    Raymond Benjamins 6 months ago +1008

    Scar is definitely going to be someone to be reckoned with in the next Last Life series. It's impressive how much he has improved with a bow. If he manages to get a good bow on Last Life that's definitely going to be bad news for the other players.

  • Nolan Phillips
    Nolan Phillips 6 months ago +1223

    Grian’s worst nightmare is having a proportionately sized build with a back

    • Fenyx 04
      Fenyx 04 Month ago +2

      @Luna Weiß how could you say something that offensive!Oh my god…

    • The_demon_dog
      The_demon_dog Month ago +7


    • Luna Weiß
      Luna Weiß 2 months ago +10

      with interior

  • CupidStar
    CupidStar 6 months ago +456

    The diamond stuff feels like a "the real treasure is the friends we made" situation until the diamonds 'lag' into mumbos vault

    • AncientCheese
      AncientCheese 13 days ago

      Oh I really hope that happens for some reason 🤣

  • That One Lad
    That One Lad 5 months ago +191

    You know I must say, I really appreciated the whole "pulling back the curtain" part of the vid. As a fairly decent builder it can be hard to watch MC building content as it seems so flawlessly designed on the fly. Taking the time to show the iterations and figuring out of a build really makes reaching higher levels of building more possible. So thank you

    • Forever Lightly
      Forever Lightly 5 months ago +8

      I'll second this. I was taught in art school to always, iterate, iterate, ITERATE, rather than just try and create something in one go. And if a design isn't working, don't force it, just move on.

  • Alphabet
    Alphabet 6 months ago +774

    I feel like all of the rocks are on the same 2d plane, adding some variation in all three dimensions instead of plainly stacking them in 2 would be a very nice visual, especially from head on, varying depth would look marvelous from head on and from other angles without much effort

    • Lexist Cipher
      Lexist Cipher 2 months ago +1

      Idk if it's because I'm dumb or because I just finished 4 hours of homework but I can't make heads nor tails from this

    • Alphabet
      Alphabet 5 months ago +25

      @Austin Scheiner I know, i just think adding 3d variation would help with the 'looks best from one angle', because even from head on you can tell its a very flat build.

    • Austin Scheiner
      Austin Scheiner 5 months ago +9

      they _are_ on the same 2d plane. he talks about it in the video

    • Yeet Nugget
      Yeet Nugget 5 months ago +2


  • Muts Garfield
    Muts Garfield 6 months ago +191

    i loved how happy grian was seeing scars 3 stacks of diamond ores, while doc just has shulkers of diamonds he hadnt placed yet to keep the fun going

  • Criziky
    Criziky 6 months ago +81

    The portal kinda looks like a moon, so if you add smaller rocks floating around like stars I think it would be pretty cool!

  • Buddybhe
    Buddybhe 6 months ago +7937

    Instead of having a bridge to the rock, maybe have a bunch of different sized floating rocks that you jump on to get across. and also have faded glass for a fog effect under the build

    • Buddybhe
      Buddybhe 4 months ago +1

      @N8Gamin' sadly not what I was thinking

    • N8Gamin'
      N8Gamin' 4 months ago +1

      Update: it happened

    • crmsn
      crmsn 6 months ago

      Absolutely love the floating rock bridge idea. Glass might add server lag but the rocks would be dope as heckkk

    • •Abadon•
      •Abadon• 6 months ago


    • Tristen Dodd
      Tristen Dodd 6 months ago

      We the people. Want this

  • wee
    wee 6 months ago +102

    I really loved seeing the creative world! Sometimes I feel like I forget that you guys are human too and can't whip up such gorgeous gorgeous builds without going through trial and error. The world also felt like an artist's sketchbook and like so much creativity vibes came from it

  • ar1fabiola
    ar1fabiola 3 days ago

    double life is the thing that got me into hermitcraft actually! i saw some grian and scar fanart, watched g’s pov of double life, and started watching hermitcraft!

  • Wonderterror
    Wonderterror 5 months ago +36

    A base that's meant to look good from all angles sounds like something that could be an interesting challenge for another season

  • ¿?-Dave_Miller-?¿
    ¿?-Dave_Miller-?¿ 4 days ago

    it was actually really sweet how yall replaced docs blown up redstone box

  • GalaxyWolf
    GalaxyWolf 6 months ago +3324

    If you’re planning on making Last Life a regular, recurring series (if season 3 isn’t the finale), I think it’d be cool to do a season at some point where everyone is assigned into random teams of 2 who share lives. It’d provide a lot of fun interaction between creators, which is what I think made Last Life so enjoyable in the first place. Just a thought. Anyway, I’m so glad there’s gonna be a 3rd season! I can’t wait!

    • namikkou
      namikkou Month ago

      This comment aged like the finest of wines

    • Alyssa Farnes
      Alyssa Farnes 4 months ago +3

      Aged like fine wine, this comment did

    • LeecheeDew
      LeecheeDew 4 months ago

      @Jason Reed oml that's a fantastic idea

    • _Tags
      _Tags 4 months ago


    • Opossum142
      Opossum142 4 months ago


  • h3llspawn404
    h3llspawn404 Day ago

    Grian: a victory for the diamond ore guys
    What my two braincells hear: and claim a victory for the southerners, in other words,
    Hamilton has rotted my brain help

  • Izzy
    Izzy 6 months ago +68

    Grian: Ok, if we do this right we shouldn’t see a single Mob! Me: *Hysterically dying of laughter inside at watching Scar throw ender pearls constantly*

  • SophieRo
    SophieRo 6 months ago +21

    "I want lots of *koodoos!* "
    Oh, Scar. You never fail to make me laugh... usually when you're not trying.

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement 5 months ago +11

    Impulse and Doc creating a tnt flying machine and tnt launcher in a last ditch attempt to destroy Grian, Scar and Pearl's combined tower is the type of over-the-top evil genius setup you'll only find in Hermitcraft.

  • Wall Markberg
    Wall Markberg 6 months ago +1626

    I remember when the diamond throne was considered a lot of diamonds. In this season of HC, the diamond throne could get you some pocket lint.

    • ꧁ Amber ꧂ 🎗
      ꧁ Amber ꧂ 🎗 2 months ago

      and a grain of salt

    • Bastian
      Bastian 6 months ago +3

      inflation at its finest

    • Mystic Memer
      Mystic Memer 6 months ago +7

      A piece of rotten flesh costed two stacks of diamonds, so im not that suprised

    • Super Spider
      Super Spider 6 months ago

      Hell yeah

    • f@d
      f@d 6 months ago +4

      @Raydodgers it's inflation.

  • Leustra Gaming
    Leustra Gaming 6 months ago +18

    Honestly, the floating rocks could've been a little off set, like one a little too far forward, or too far backward. Just to add that mystery and magical prowess of the whole thing. Other than that. I. Freaking. Love. It.

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement 5 months ago +11

    9:42 Grian's sound effects hear are the most ridiculous thing I've heard all day. xD Well done.
    11:50 Love how Grian starts chiding Scar like a disappointed parent, without even considering the fact that he could be next.

  • Wendy Robinson
    Wendy Robinson 6 months ago +18

    I love the behind the scenes and how you come up with these ideas! I really was wondering about that. So much goes into the building process and we (the viewers) are little spoiled because we get to see the finished (and sped up) build.

  • Med Down
    Med Down 5 months ago +20

    I almost never have subtitles turned on, really cool how good yours are! They're like color coordinated and everything, and they seem really accurate. It's so cool of you!

  • Its Path
    Its Path 6 months ago +1139

    Honestly for all the diamonds, make them “disappear” mysteriously and at the end of the season it’s revealed mumbo totally was the richest hermit of all time bc he won’t spend them

  • Wahoo
    Wahoo 4 months ago +5

    Grian should add pink glass to show that the rift is affecting the rock “magically”

  • juanmendez123
    juanmendez123 3 days ago

    Scar builds diamond pile to show off..... Grian:...... All the viewers: war is on the horizon

  • bluestarbomb
    bluestarbomb 6 months ago +10

    I've got a cool idea for the chronological buildings: what if after cyberpunk, instead of futuristic it'd transition into solarpunk?
    I feel like it would fit really well with all the vegetation and still be very futuristic! :D

  • TokaMika
    TokaMika 13 hours ago

    All this time I thought they where saying Hawkeye XD. Like the superhero that uses a bow but they where saying hot guy, I'm dying of laughter!

  • zopus_maximus
    zopus_maximus 6 months ago +9

    "Welcome to my mind, it's full of spider legs and rocks." -Grian, 2022

  • axxer
    axxer 6 months ago +3

    Bruh Hermitcraft is such a comfort for me its actually unreal how much nostalgia it gives me; messing about making the most random builds with my friends at 2am. I think I first watched Grian when I was about 14(?) and now i'm going on 20! Hermitcraft is a great escape from the real world to come back to and I hope the Hermits' child-like banter never changes.

  • pancho pepito
    pancho pepito 6 months ago +3

    I love the floating rocks... but it seems a little jank being just vertical... maybe if there was more depth like some more forward some more back would've been amazinggg

  • Markus Ottinger
    Markus Ottinger 6 months ago +14

    I don’t like that it looks 2D it should have just a little depth to increase the view and scenery of the build- Just my opinion :)

  • Gonzalo Latorre
    Gonzalo Latorre 6 months ago +5

    As a kid I learnt to love the concept of floating isles in the middle of the sky, and now that you're doing it, it's amazing!!!! Also, such a beatiful mind you've got, a perfect combination of both the order and geometry you use in your builds and the chaos in random things that mirror your job as a chaos agent

  • Carmen Navarrete
    Carmen Navarrete 6 months ago +2

    I love how it looks now, I could never build like that! But one recommendation is you should try to put a bunch of tiny rocks around the big one!

  • Xuesheng Ma
    Xuesheng Ma 6 months ago +3

    Mumbo: I'm going to be the richest hermit
    Grian, Scar, Pearl, Doc: very funny choice of words
    Proceeds to build to the height limit via diamonds

  • RabbitMaster321
    RabbitMaster321 6 months ago +2

    Y'all hermits should do a "diamond tower war" monument from bedrock to build height (combine all of the ores & blocks from all the existing towers). Could look nice if done properly (which you will of course) and keep all those diamonds out of the economy to avoid a krach :-)

  • BosonTheClown
    BosonTheClown 6 months ago +1341

    My suggestion for the diamonds at spawn: Throw a big welcome back party for Etho when he rejoins, and throw them all in lava

  • Leo Bonner
    Leo Bonner 6 months ago +1

    Just seeing the test world reminded me of a thought I had. I personally think that the entity would look more organic/monster-like if it had an odd number of legs. Just a thought

  • Viking Garage
    Viking Garage 6 months ago +4

    Grian just a suggestion but i think the base would look nice with more of floating rocks around the base not just above

  • Ranch :]
    Ranch :] 3 months ago

    The behind the scenes was actually really cool to learn about, I had legitimately no idea how much thought went into each build, each rock, everything,

  • Anshuk A.
    Anshuk A. 5 months ago +1

    I think the vines loosely connecting the Base Rocks really helps it feel like magical floating rocks.

  • Total Blobfish
    Total Blobfish 6 months ago +1517

    I love to imagine grians test server is like a dream, everything has a creepy surreal vibe to it, and everything that looks real is just empty on the inside. Very spooky and cool.

    • Josh Paulson
      Josh Paulson 6 months ago

      @UndersScore Makes sense

    • oceanique
      oceanique 6 months ago +2

      Weirdly poetic

    • nounbeast
      nounbeast 6 months ago +1

      It's like a Drian, one could say...

    • Kleber Leite
      Kleber Leite 6 months ago +1

      @Alayna Gill and they NEVER have backs

    • Senketsu Fi
      Senketsu Fi 6 months ago

      everything has a waffle behind it

  • chickennug
    chickennug 6 months ago +2

    I like the rocks as well as your base, it feels like that there should be more on the side and a way to physically walk/ climb between them without elytra. I dunno just a thought.

  • Newcomb Rage
    Newcomb Rage 6 months ago +1

    I really liked getting to see the behind the scenes you could say in the creative world. I am definitely not a very good builder, so it was really interesting to see the process

    NOLL1E HEEL 6 months ago +3

    lets just say that we are all going to rewatch this series again until the new episode

  • Immortal_The_NLW
    Immortal_The_NLW 6 months ago +1

    That’s one of the things that drew me to making 2D art, is making it look really good from one angle (because there is only one). Animation is the same thing, making each frame (excluding tweens) look it’s best at that angle.

  • uneasycylinder. png
    uneasycylinder. png 6 months ago +3

    Grian you’re making me VERY tempted to paint your super cool base.. also the custom subtitles are always a delight thank you for putting so much work into them!

    • L3G0B0Y
      L3G0B0Y Month ago

      Just noticed those, actually. Four months later. They are eye-opening.

  • Galaxy Gamer
    Galaxy Gamer 5 months ago +1

    Absolutley loved this episode, almost had me crying laughing!

  • EllaLinko
    EllaLinko 6 months ago +1

    I love the rocks :) they look so cool and mystical. And the fact you’re gonna build different types of styles makes it so much cooler!

  • Gacha-malfunction
    Gacha-malfunction 6 months ago +2

    I really love your base, and I had an idea for it. I was thinking maybe you could make a giant tree that grows to the left of your base, and curve upwards a little when it gets around the portal. Like it grows around it, but doesn’t touch it? And it would maybe have the leafs of the tree like the one Poland had that won tree of the year? And maybe you could add vines on it that would hang from the branches to Mach the build. About the tree, I don’t know what it is called, and I don’t know when it was tree of the year. Even so, please consider it if you find this comment?

  • SparkedSoul
    SparkedSoul 6 months ago +529

    Well, obviously the thing to do with all the diamonds is to put them somewhere secure and impenetrable... Somewhere like a Vault...

    • Clariphone .
      Clariphone . 4 months ago

      Or it could lag into someone’s mineral like base

    • Shrek the 55th Shark King
      Shrek the 55th Shark King 6 months ago +2

      This would be amazing. Then everyone could fight through Mumbo's obstacles for getting in the vault.

    • Orange Pizza Party
      Orange Pizza Party 6 months ago +4

      Whether it would truly make a dent or not is the real question

    • thegreatbeavers
      thegreatbeavers 6 months ago +3

      Well he has to be the Richest Hermit too right?

    • Thunderjew
      Thunderjew 6 months ago +4

      get this to the top comment right away

  • Flecka
    Flecka 6 months ago +1

    absolutely loved this episode, it was hilarious!
    i'm just chuffed that i guessed he'd have 114 levels at 9:09, and was right XD

  • devious dirtbag
    devious dirtbag 4 months ago

    also, the vines going between the floating rocks is a very nice touch. love it! amazing as always!

  • Bram Amron
    Bram Amron 6 months ago +1

    I think a river flowing through and over some of the islands would bring it all together and add a new color

  • Noor Sager
    Noor Sager 6 months ago

    I love love love those strange little floating rocks so much! It looks really flipping cool! my only suggestion is to add like two more floating island rocks to the sides, I know it's meant to be quite a tall build but personally it just feels like there's some empty space to the sides

  • Shadow Fire 346
    Shadow Fire 346 6 months ago +716

    I have a suggestion for the entity: make like little baby entities (since the entity lives) and have them crawling them crawling one other peoples bases, with amazing deals that gives them what they look for.

    • Harvey
      Harvey 6 months ago

      It so smart

    • Kazuhaa
      Kazuhaa 6 months ago +1

      Like scar's wagon..

    • SnekmS
      SnekmS 6 months ago +4

      pesky bird delivery

    • Cosmic Victory
      Cosmic Victory 6 months ago +7


    • Charlieto
      Charlieto 6 months ago +3

      i like your idea but not liking your comment coz dont wanna ruin the 321

  • Tweak
    Tweak 6 months ago +1

    You could just stagger the rocks back and forth to give it some thickness. That's a lot of work for something so small though

  • Amber Schiszler
    Amber Schiszler 6 months ago

    Thought: You could make farms in the floating rocks so that the main rock doesn’t need farms in it. You could also make portals that lead to each floating rock so that you don’t have to travel as much to each rock.

  • Katja Frandsen
    Katja Frandsen 6 months ago

    Absolutely love the rocks, reminds me of those floating islands on Pandora in Avatar, gorgeous designs :]

  • Southern As Sweet Tea!
    Southern As Sweet Tea! 6 months ago +1

    This was such an epic episode😂😂 it keeps getting better and better somehow!

  • ZacDoesStuff
    ZacDoesStuff 6 months ago +857

    Let’s all be real, Doc is the true winner, that guy had WAY too many diamonds all to himself

    • Robbie0301
      Robbie0301 6 months ago

      There are a lot of true winners in this diamond race and it’s us, we got great content out of it!! It doesn’t matter who won the diamond race between them. They just wanted a fun finale

    • FrostySkeletons
      FrostySkeletons 6 months ago

      Agreed! The race was fun though

    • The Mountain Farmer
      The Mountain Farmer 6 months ago


    • Tera Bapp ayush
      Tera Bapp ayush 6 months ago +2

      @Sylvius Black I think that's totally allowed and fine as he made that world eater himself and secondly it was totally allowed to diamond ore any way possible as grian started selling stuff for diamonds ore

    • Saph - Océane Roh
      Saph - Océane Roh 6 months ago +3

      @Jamo he showed a shulker full of diamond ore, with an everage of 2.25 diamonds with fortune 3, that's 3'888 diamonds. And he probably has more outside of the shulker.

  • Phonix21
    Phonix21 6 months ago

    this is the most amazing build i have seen in my life . This always makes me smile😇😇 .Keep it up man!!

  • LordZombieBoy
    LordZombieBoy 6 months ago +1

    Mumbo's vault could be a time machine that has always contained the collective diamonds of the diamond pillar war

  • Pale Greenwood
    Pale Greenwood 6 months ago +1

    Grian, would you mind doing a video entirely in the private server, just showing us early designs and scraps and things you've learned over the years? The preview was absolutely fascinating, and I want to see More, even stuff from previous seasons too! :O This was a super fun video, all of the games and building, and I'm looking forward to more!

  • Phlucious
    Phlucious 6 months ago

    I’ve loved watching the diamond tower finale from every angle. Top tier content you guys! Also, thanks for the insight into your private build world. Not good for every episode, but this rare peek into your process is super interesting, and honestly it goes to show how this is a legitimate JOB, not just some gamer goofing off. Great work Grian, and thanks. 💕

  • CovenantSlayer Gaming
    CovenantSlayer Gaming 6 months ago +939

    I swear the diamond pile game is literally just the development of New York City in a nutshell. Lot of people doing crazy things to try and have the tallest skyscraper.. next someone will hide diamonds underground in some attempt at deception and reveal it at the end like... I believe the Chrysler building?

    • LegendaryTomatoBird
      LegendaryTomatoBird 6 months ago

      @puffffffy true, pearl's not right in either

    • Fuzed Cable
      Fuzed Cable 6 months ago

      Actually it was born from immigration and water which was ideal for import export and cheap labor- not to mention it was the worlds factory at the time. And also banks appeared because rich people started betting on the creativity of the immigrants thus making Wall Street. Although the factories left the diversity and creativity and hard workers and banks and nyse stayed

    • PhantomGuy55
      PhantomGuy55 6 months ago

      @Billy bob 4 HAHA OH MY GOODNESS

    • puffffffy
      puffffffy 6 months ago

      @LegendaryTomatoBird not Pearl!

    • The Salty Lemon
      The Salty Lemon 6 months ago

      @Billy bob 4 hahahahahahaha

  • LegitBeethoven
    LegitBeethoven 6 months ago

    I love how Grian was the only one building while the others were just fighting 😂
    It's like any school group project ever

  • nathan redfern
    nathan redfern 6 months ago +1

    i love the rocks!! the entire idea is so cool! i wish i could build that well...

  • loneliestghostt
    loneliestghostt 6 months ago

    I have to say… the base is beautiful! I love the look of the rocks and the moss connective tissue. However, I feel like the right side is a little bit more empty than the left side. Feels a little unbalanced! I love it though!

  • Elissa Carroll
    Elissa Carroll 6 months ago

    The build is wonderful!! I really like the idea of having a base made of floating rocks like that. Especially with the crater moon :)

  • Rohan Sahajwani
    Rohan Sahajwani 6 months ago +530

    Grian please change the “farms” label on Mumbo’s base to “farts” you need to reinstate the natural order of chaos on the Hermitcraft server no matter how subtle it is.

    • Not_Nxtx_•◡•
      Not_Nxtx_•◡• 6 months ago

      This is underrated

    • UndersScore
      UndersScore 6 months ago

      wattles for season ten

    • The1goit
      The1goit 6 months ago

      This reminds me when he changed the property police sign on Evo into poo

    • Hashim
      Hashim 6 months ago


    • Hashim
      Hashim 6 months ago +1

      u know that isn't the stupidest thing

  • Lucas Harris
    Lucas Harris 6 months ago

    As labor/resource intensive as it would be, I think it would look amazing if the floating rocks hit build limit and kind of spiralled out from the central boulder on the ground

  • Alicia Gadischkie
    Alicia Gadischkie 6 months ago

    It's quite charming, your floating rocks. I'm excited to see how it developes.

  • Scocopat
    Scocopat 4 months ago +1

    Scar: *a really good shot with a bow*

  • Catmus
    Catmus 6 months ago

    This is what I love about Hermitcraft. Lots of fun, but at the end of the day you all help each other. Koodoos to you all.

  • Olivia Zimianitis
    Olivia Zimianitis 6 months ago +622

    I love how Grian’s testing/planning world looks like a mindscape.

    • Expomarker
      Expomarker 6 months ago +1

      Landscaping the mind with Goodtimewithscar

    • Jesus loves you
      Jesus loves you 6 months ago

      Jesus Christ died for your sinssssss please repent for for the kingdom of God is at hand!!

    • Pr3tz0l
      Pr3tz0l 6 months ago


    • Ethan Nipper
      Ethan Nipper 6 months ago +2

      It looks like a Skyrim testing room

    • Olivia Zimianitis
      Olivia Zimianitis 6 months ago +5

      @Gender Human True

  • Ej Lasam
    Ej Lasam 6 months ago

    The diamond ore tower reminds me of season 6, man the nostalgia.

  • LB
    LB 6 months ago

    I loved the peek at the creative process - it's really interesting!

  • Yuki Nova
    Yuki Nova 4 months ago

    Your builds are always so impressive but actually having a look at your working process in the private server is mind blowing how much effort and thought you put into things but also just how cool your mind is too, things like this and your videos in general is why im always suddenly really hyped to play minecraft!

  • CXL
    CXL 6 months ago

    Im so happy that last life/third life is getting another season i cant wait to see who will be added this time

  • Game n' Stuff
    Game n' Stuff 6 months ago +178

    "Nevermind you have perfectly good aim"
    *Scar said calmly as he falls off the Diamond Ore Tower*

  • SleepyGhostProductions
    SleepyGhostProductions 4 months ago +1

    "My mind is full of spider legs and rocks" is an iconic sentence

  • Liminality
    Liminality 6 months ago

    You know what would be epic!:
    You could turn the portal rocks into a G made out of rocks.

  • Braeden Lewis
    Braeden Lewis 6 months ago

    I think the one thing I might change about the rocks (or future rocks at least) is maybe placing some positioned more forward and others further back from the rocks on the ground, which I assume is meant to be the sort of vague "center" of all of the floating ones. They probably are offset a bit as they are, but when you stand back at Mumbo's vault wall, it looks like they're all floating on a single plane. The build looks fantastic though. Forever envious of your building skills.

  • Maeve Connelly
    Maeve Connelly 5 months ago

    i love the last rock you built during the time laps i was just waiting for it to stop but it never did when i thought it would. it looks great! better than anything i could EVER build myself

  • KitKatGoesMEOW
    KitKatGoesMEOW 6 months ago +529

    My favorite quote from Grian yet: “Welcome to my mind, it’s full of spider legs and rocks.”

    • Da Shadow Girl
      Da Shadow Girl 6 months ago

      @Dean Szefler SAME

    • Dean Szefler
      Dean Szefler 6 months ago +4

      NO WAY! That came up in the video as I read your comment!

    • Ice Angel
      Ice Angel 6 months ago +5

      Ah yes, the minds of Spiderlegs and rocks. No gears in sight

    • ArrowMaster
      ArrowMaster 6 months ago +11

      My mind is like weird and weirder

  • Sr seegul
    Sr seegul Month ago

    I never really thought about how much effort and trial and error goes into each build. It's nice to see.

  • LazyGibbon
    LazyGibbon 6 months ago

    Really like that you showed the creative world! Really shows process and a crazy amount of work! Makes me feel a little better about 'sketching' some builds out first before making them :)

  • MisteryMo
    MisteryMo 5 months ago

    I think the base looks cool as it, but I keep imagining it with like... a spiral whirlwind-y thing of very small floating rocks around. so much inspiration I'm getting from these series and episodes

  • Dani van Enk
    Dani van Enk 6 months ago

    I mean for it to be more interesting for the side profile you can try and offset the rocks to the forward and backward (so the rocks are not aligned in one plane). Which will make it more interesting to look at from the side!

  • Misophoniac'
    Misophoniac' 6 months ago +741

    Giving a redstone box to Doc was so wholesome he was genuinely happy receiving it, absolute Bro moment

    • A Square
      A Square 6 months ago +4

      @Nyerguds hahaha yeah. Though Hermits have never been good at calculating their shop prices. I mean effort to build a farm and gain a resource compared to mining diamonds...

    • • Can0Cringe •
      • Can0Cringe • 6 months ago +2

      Bro dw they’ll just start using flowers or something as currency

    • Nyerguds
      Nyerguds 6 months ago +6

      @A Square I dunno, you have to keep in mind how this little competition completely crashed the diamond economy. Inflation is gonna go through the roof.

    • A Square
      A Square 6 months ago +9

      It was more than necessary since it wasn't really Grian's fault and Doc has more than enough diamonds to buy whatever he requires. It was great to see Grian do it!

    • Kuba Bond
      Kuba Bond 6 months ago +2

      Yes, cery cool compensation

  • Defiant As Usual
    Defiant As Usual 6 months ago +1

    Honestly the multiple jutting rocks around one of the prototypes of the build in your test world looked fairly cool and could make the area around your base look more mystical-- large, but small in comparison, jutting rocks and perhaps even a few holes in the ground shaped roughly like the floating rocks--almost like the rocks were there to begin with but were made to float in the air.

  • Jar of Dirt
    Jar of Dirt 5 months ago +1

    Your Mega Base litterally looks to me like the Floating Mountains of Pandora from Avatar and I am here for it

  • RedBracelet2020y†
    RedBracelet2020y† 6 months ago +1

    Grian I have an idea for the rift in the mountain if you even see this you could make a part of a build from a different session and make it coming out of it

  • Chloe
    Chloe 20 days ago

    I think the real thing were proud of with Grian this season is that he finished the back of the builds :)

  • Johnny Dogs
    Johnny Dogs 6 months ago +623

    “Welcome to my mind- it’s a bunch of spider legs and rocks.” -Grian, 2022.

  • spongebob squarepants
    spongebob squarepants 6 months ago

    This is pure nostalgia. does anybody remember season 6 where they stacked the villager houses

  • Natureshots
    Natureshots 6 months ago

    Every time I watch Clip-Sharers playing minecraft I’m like how do you build so good
    And your one of those people grian

  • Ⲣⲏⲟⲉⲛⲩⲭ
    Ⲣⲏⲟⲉⲛⲩⲭ 4 months ago +1

    You should do the bts scenes more often, it helps your viewers get an appreciation for the sheer time that goes into making a video.