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"Rated R Superstar" Adam Copeland has arrived at ALL ELITE WRESTLING! | AEW WrestleDream 10/1/23

  • Published on Oct 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Rated R Superstar" Adam Copeland has arrived at ALL ELITE WRESTLING! | AEW WrestleDream
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  • All Elite Wrestling
    All Elite Wrestling  13 hours ago +274

    Did you miss the #AEWWrestleDream PPV? Order it right now!
    🇺🇸: aewevents.com/wrestle-dream
    🌐: allelitewrestling.com/watchwrestledream

  • wstine79
    wstine79 13 hours ago +2604

    That was awfully nice of Christian to help the stage crew breakdown the ring before the show ended.

  • Owais Shah
    Owais Shah 12 hours ago +337

    Having Edge come to AEW and straight up confront his best friend Christian is just dope

    • tyler rocheleau
      tyler rocheleau 12 hours ago +5


    • BenDallas
      BenDallas 12 hours ago +1

      Literally no one thought that was happening like a month ago either lmao they did good with the surprise

    • MrWickHaHaBobayega
      MrWickHaHaBobayega 12 hours ago +1

      Right a lot of people was saying they was going to team up but I never thought that no way Edge is the biggest babyface they have

  • Raul Smith
    Raul Smith 12 hours ago +222

    I have got goosebumps. When I heard the song, even though I was expecting him to show up, I just laughed and smiled. Such an amazing debut!

    • Ryan Connell 5150
      Ryan Connell 5150 12 hours ago +7

      You think you had goosebumps, try being there in the arena! I was. It was crazy!

    • Andrew F
      Andrew F 12 hours ago

      @Ryan Connell 5150really? Didn’t everyone already know it was happening? It didn’t seem that loud on the stream.

  • The1AndOnlyGoldenboy
    The1AndOnlyGoldenboy 12 hours ago +70

    A great show, and an AMAZING ending to it.
    Also, I came onto Clip-Share specifically in hopes that you guys would post this. Thanks for giving the people what they want!

  • Dave Terry
    Dave Terry 12 hours ago +204

    I am so glad he was able to maintain the ownership of his music, it would not of been the same without it. On a side note, you can almost tell Christian is very happy through the scripted anger he has. I think near the end of the clip, he was fighting off a slight smile.

    • 1nc0rr1g1bl3
      1nc0rr1g1bl3 12 hours ago +10

      He has the trademarks too I believe

    • Angshu Sarma
      Angshu Sarma 12 hours ago +3

      They have just changed " You think you know me version"...I might be wrong though.😊

    • Slartibartfast
      Slartibartfast 12 hours ago +11

      Adam was given ownership of the song by the band back in the day.

    • Timmy James da funnyman
      Timmy James da funnyman 12 hours ago +1

      @Angshu Sarmait’s different

  • Jack Wivell
    Jack Wivell 12 hours ago +50

    Hearing Metalingus was incredible, but hearing Cry of Achilles as he drove in was the icing on the cake 👌

  • Hugo Jimenez
    Hugo Jimenez 13 hours ago +1360

    I never thought I would see edge in a different company seriously 😮

    • Mirel Costin
      Mirel Costin 13 hours ago +60

      Me neither,anything is possible now 🤯

    • Shankar Chail
      Shankar Chail 13 hours ago +55

      Money is everything

    • PhatBoy
      PhatBoy 13 hours ago +66

      ​@mirelcostin7538 I wouldn't say *ANYTHING* is possible.... we all know Cena and Orton ain't ever gonna be All Elite 💀

    • Scorpions
      Scorpions 13 hours ago +19

      Money will make everything happen

    • David Ruiz
      David Ruiz 13 hours ago +67

      @PhatBoy Let's be real, Cena would not really fit with AEW. Orton could hang with the best and give great matches with anybody

  • ALDRIN Rabha
    ALDRIN Rabha 12 hours ago +81

    The lines from his theme song "the time has come to change my ways" " I'll never long for what might have been " no regret will waste my life again" " i won't look back I'll fight to remain" fits in his entry in Aew.😮😮

    TETRARCH UNSTABLE FREAK  13 hours ago +40

    Man I never thought I would see Edge in another wrestling company seriously this is unreal

    • Luis Rodríguez
      Luis Rodríguez 12 hours ago +4

      I thought the same with Bryan Danielson and even Saraya, but here we are, and that's awesome to see. I love to see how AEW grows

    • Synyster Goose
      Synyster Goose 12 hours ago

      I don’t think he would have had they not of sold it

  • Denil Qrz
    Denil Qrz 12 hours ago +10

    Tremenda contratación, me sentí como aquel adolescente de los 2000's con la entrada de Edge, que buena época del wrestling !!!

  • Amber Jo
    Amber Jo 12 hours ago +19

    Yay!!! So very excited that my top 3 favs: Sting, Adam & Jeff are all together at AEW...welcome to AEW Adam!!! Love ya & can't wait to see where your road goes

  • Sheryl Anne T. Bien
    Sheryl Anne T. Bien 12 hours ago +16

    What a way to start October with Adam Copeland debuting in a PPV event on AEW 👏👏👏

  • KaDhare Finley
    KaDhare Finley 13 hours ago +1993

    I’ve would’ve never thought I would hear Metalingus in AEW, I still have goosebumps. The Rated R Superstar is AEW 🤘

    • Cristian Perez
      Cristian Perez 13 hours ago +63

      Probably the best debut in AEW ever 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

    • Eric Jones
      Eric Jones 13 hours ago +7

      I have I've pics and posters all over Facebook cuz I fellow AEW on here I get all the news and info on there

    • Daniel Najera
      Daniel Najera 13 hours ago +14


    • Trejon Floyd
      Trejon Floyd 13 hours ago +12

      insane crowd reactions of this day

    • ZERO
      ZERO 13 hours ago +9

      Same here LOL this is deserve million views! What a shock moment.

  • Tyler Mason
    Tyler Mason 12 hours ago +84

    I can't believe what I have just watched. I wish my dad was still around to witness this. This is legendary.

  • Shane R.
    Shane R. 12 hours ago +11

    Edge and Christian have been friends since they were kids. They bonded over wrestling and got in the business together. To see them finishing their in ring careers together is cool af!

  • C G
    C G 12 hours ago +8

    I haven't seen Edge enter with that much excitement like that in a while 🔥🤘 his energy reminds me of the Phoenix bird. Welcome, EDGE!!

  • Salman Jaffri
    Salman Jaffri 12 hours ago +27

    This has gotta be one of the greatest debuts in todays current wrestling era. AEW making moves y’all. Go Tony.

  • Andrew VG
    Andrew VG 12 hours ago +12

    AEW just got THE BEST ENTRANCE OF ALL TIME!!! Yes, maybe is Rated R Adam's last run, but it would be an amazing one. They can take 10 green-as-hell talents to pull them off, but for sure there will be no other one like this guy.

  • DarthTach
    DarthTach 13 hours ago +1078

    Darby is living his best life right now.
    He has shared the ring with Sting, The Hardy's, CM Punk, Christian and now Edge.
    Poor kid was barely holding back the tears.

    • Luis Perez
      Luis Perez 13 hours ago +84

      Every 90s kids dream

    • Zack Mayhew
      Zack Mayhew 13 hours ago +118

      Dude is constantly getting the shit kicked out of him and wakes up to find one of his heroes saved him.

    • Din Usop
      Din Usop 13 hours ago +19

      how about austin theory? 😂

    • Dadless Gamer
      Dadless Gamer 13 hours ago +32

      He shared the ring with great muta in his final match as well

    • Luis Perez
      Luis Perez 12 hours ago +1

      @Zack Mayhew 🤣🤣🤣 fr tho


    Es en este punto donde la historia cambiará para siempre…

  • GoldenEraHipHopForever
    GoldenEraHipHopForever  12 hours ago +6

    AEW has put on the best pay per views in wrestling this year bar none! WrestleDream was no different. What an epic PPV! Adam Copeland makes his highly anticipated AEW debut and the crowd goes crazy. You know what Christian looking at Edge when he came out reminded me of? You remember when The Ultimate Warrior came back to wrestling and debuted in WCW? Remember when Hogan looked like he saw a ghost when he seen him? That's exactly what it reminded of. I love how Tony Khan and AEW are throwing every little nostalgia from back in the day into their shows. What an epic night for AEW. Welcome to AEW Adam Copeland.

  • HJ
    HJ 12 hours ago +10

    One thing I absolutely love about TK is how he pays to get the song rights, hearing Metallingus in AEW is actually insane

    • MC 68
      MC 68 12 hours ago +2

      Edge owns the rights

    THE DOIF 12 hours ago +10

    My favourite part of this whole thing was watching all the deniers. It just makes way too much sense for edge to have his final run wrestling with some of the guys he got big with, and even wrestle some dream matches with newer talent. Just so much potential for great matches. And I want to make one thing perfectly clear, I don’t care who works for what company. As long as they’re happy where ever they end up.

  • Thomas Knapp
    Thomas Knapp 12 hours ago +6

    It was pretty clear for a while that Adam wanted one last run with arguably his best friend in the business before he called it a career. It's fortunate that a company like AEW is around to give them that opportunity.

  • lxrdskywalker
    lxrdskywalker 13 hours ago +297

    Literally feels like a dream who would’ve thought you’d see Sting & Edge live on TV again

    • FlixCreEightR
      FlixCreEightR 12 hours ago +18

      And Edge said he had never been in the ring with Sting before.

    • Jayzon
      Jayzon 12 hours ago +6

      The funny thing is, when Edge was first coming to WWF, he was pitched as a "Sting-esque" brooding loner character.

    • Gary
      Gary 12 hours ago +2

      Literally everyone seeing as AEW are terrible at keeping these things a surprise.

    • tyler rocheleau
      tyler rocheleau 12 hours ago

      A dream? What year do you think it is.

    • Seething Simp
      Seething Simp 12 hours ago

      It is a dream because all of the new wrestlers make everyone fall asleep

  • Uriel Rodriguez
    Uriel Rodriguez 13 hours ago +46

    Valió la pena echarme 5 horas de evento para ver el debut de edge

  • Muss The Blackest Dragon
    Muss The Blackest Dragon 12 hours ago +22

    One of my favorite wrestlers of all time pulling up to my favorite wrestling company in my favorite car, you could say I’m very happy right now!

  • Giant Asian Sticker
    Giant Asian Sticker 12 hours ago +6

    I love how AEW commentators always nailed every debut. Just don’t say anything, let the star power speak for themselves

  • Amanda F
    Amanda F 12 hours ago +3

    I was there! The energy, the absolute monstrous pop was stunning! Such a great moment!

  • David López
    David López 12 hours ago +6

    Thanks for everything Edge, you left a good path, it's time for the category R superstar to start a new path 🤧🤘

  • Havok TheUndeadGeneral
    Havok TheUndeadGeneral 13 hours ago +368

    The "Cry of Achilles" was a reeeeally nice touch ❤

    • Bruh
      Bruh 13 hours ago +13

      I was hoping someone recognize the intro

    • Havok TheUndeadGeneral
      Havok TheUndeadGeneral 13 hours ago +8

      @Bruh The Fortress album was a highlight of my high school years lmao

    • Ray Gowan
      Ray Gowan 13 hours ago +15

      As was the "rated R" painted on the road

    • mace
      mace 13 hours ago +3

      got goosebumps as soon as i heard the acoustic

    • Karla Saenz
      Karla Saenz 13 hours ago +4

      Fortress is honestly one of my favorite Alter Bridge albums!

  • Velister Vaz
    Velister Vaz 13 hours ago +7

    So many possibilities of dream matches in aew🔥🔥.. Would love to see Adam vs Bryan Danielson

  • Carlos Antonio
    Carlos Antonio 12 hours ago +4

    Ya’ll got “Metalingus” AND “Cry of Achilles”. As a life-long Alter Bridge fan, I loved this. Thank you, Tony.

  • Demetrius B
    Demetrius B 12 hours ago +2

    THIS WAS EPIC! good to see him in aew.

  • Arya Putra
    Arya Putra 12 hours ago +36

    Honestly this debut makes me happier as a fan. I hope Copeland will have many more matches in AEW.
    The one and only Rated R Superstar.

  • EmbraceIt
    EmbraceIt 12 hours ago +5

    When it comes down to debut AEW almost always nail it. Edge's debut in AEW is a huge W.

  • BigBadBaraSkeleton
    BigBadBaraSkeleton 13 hours ago +215

    Literally was watching it as it was happening and I STILL couldn’t believe it
    2024 gonna be insane

  • Austin Keller
    Austin Keller 12 hours ago +5

    AEW needed this, him and christian are gonna have one of the best programs ever, calling it

  • Kayo Dias
    Kayo Dias 12 hours ago +5

    So the rumor is true! Adam Copland is All Elite now! Now what was most surprising was hearing Metalingus at an AEW show! I didn't expect this EVER!

  • Atomyk Pimp
    Atomyk Pimp 12 hours ago +71

    This is truly how you do a PPV!! That debut was Amazing!!!

    • Mac Daddy
      Mac Daddy 12 hours ago +3


    • tyler rocheleau
      tyler rocheleau 12 hours ago +1

      No lol.

    • Gary
      Gary 12 hours ago

      No, how you truly do it is make sure no one knows that person is making their debut until it happens. The fact this was so widely reported and rumoured to be happening took the element of surprise away.

    • DOS GRANDE ❌ The Crossover Kid
      DOS GRANDE ❌ The Crossover Kid 12 hours ago

      ​@gmac1981hg so what has that got to do with the show? Some don't read/listen to dirt sheets.

    • Gary
      Gary 12 hours ago

      @DOS GRANDE ❌ The Crossover Kid the nerds that religiously follow AEW do and they take great pleasure in showing people their "insider knowledge."

  • HelloGirKitty91
    HelloGirKitty91 12 hours ago +11

    This was crazy to see, I certainly felt goosebumps watching after work 😮

  • Yo soy Cosa
    Yo soy Cosa 12 hours ago +3

    Grite de la emoción .... estos es sorprendente... is amazing

  • DJ
    DJ 13 hours ago +301

    This is why it matters to have more than one big promotion in town. These crossovers are insane

    • Beckonor
      Beckonor 12 hours ago +9

      Meh, its not the same since AEW is still brand new and doesn't have a vast history that WCW/JCP/NWA did.

    • David Parkes
      David Parkes 12 hours ago +4

      Nor will it at this rate.

    • Fernando Martinez
      Fernando Martinez 12 hours ago +9

      ​@Beckonor don't be a hater.

  • Virtual Superintendent
    Virtual Superintendent 12 hours ago +3

    Who would have thought in 2023 you would see Sting and Edge standing in the ring together, great moment!

  • kostas koubou
    kostas koubou 12 hours ago +2

    I like the part that commentary didnt announce him. Probably they had no idea how to call him. Love that he kept his theme song❤😊

  • Gaming With The JD
    Gaming With The JD 12 hours ago +2

    It feels so surreal seeing Adam Copeland in AEW!!! What an epic moment!!

  • readysteadycrew
    readysteadycrew 12 hours ago +1

    Can't stop watching this. The reason why I fell in love with Wrestling was watching Edge On this day I see clearly everything has come to life! Happy for him and AEW

  • M. E.
    M. E. 12 hours ago +3

    I'm surprised they used his music. I wonder if there will be a brood reunion...would be sick 😁🤘

  • Aidan_Animations
    Aidan_Animations 13 hours ago +572

    What a moment! I’m glad edge is continuing his career in aew, the amount of matches he can have would be awesome!

    • Cristian Perez
      Cristian Perez 13 hours ago +39

      Hopefully we will see Edge vs Jeff Hardy again in AEW

    • generalgrievous92
      generalgrievous92 13 hours ago +36

      brooooo Edge vs Kenny is gonna be insane

    • Cerebral Assassin
      Cerebral Assassin 13 hours ago +13

      There's not too many really exciting ones tbh. Him vs adam cole, him vs omega, and him vs mjf are really the only ones.

    • DesCobra
      DesCobra 13 hours ago +10

      Copeland vs. Jay White

    • Kwert
      Kwert 13 hours ago +21

      I have a feeling he wants one more match with Christian before calling it quits. It'd be cool if he plugged in a few other dream matches as well tho.

  • Alejandro checco felix
    Alejandro checco felix 12 hours ago +1

    El que nunca pensábamos lo hizo grande Edge

  • TheYetar
    TheYetar 12 hours ago +3

    So now he's got 2 of the biggest pops I've ever heard, Royal Rumble and this one. This is the kinda stuff I love in wrestling

  • Supergirl Video Clips
    Supergirl Video Clips 12 hours ago +9

    CM Punk and Bryan Danielson are great but Adam Copeland is on a different level. He was one of the rising stars of Attitude Era and then leveled up in Ruthless Aggression Era and then became one of the pillars of PG Era till his neck injury in 2011.

  • Emmanuel Earthbound
    Emmanuel Earthbound 12 hours ago +2

    This speaks to me on an entirely different level. Y’all the best…no doubt about it.

  • Vazz Vegas
    Vazz Vegas 12 hours ago

    OMG they got the song AND the moniker! I'm so happy that E&C get to go out on their own terms and do it together.

  • Joe Dylan Tyrrell
    Joe Dylan Tyrrell 13 hours ago +323

    What an epic moment. Delighted that Adam gets to work with Christian again before they both call it a career. That pop 🔥🔥

    • Jesse Plunk
      Jesse Plunk 12 hours ago

      here's hoping they get at least one match as a tag team. Perhaps, even, against the Hardy's.

  • Jehad
    Jehad 12 hours ago +1

    I am very happy with this contract, especially the idea of Edge’s feud with his best friend Christian and the return is amazing and I am excited for the rest of the wrestlers to come.

  • Mmos
    Mmos 12 hours ago +1

    We all know that he will come to Aew but still what an amazing surprise specifically with Metalingus 🔥

  • Matthew B.
    Matthew B. 12 hours ago +6

    OMG when i heard Metalingus by Alterbridge play i got goosebumps all over my arms and a chill right off my back . This Totally Reeks of Awesomeness!!

  • SkippyMcdoo
    SkippyMcdoo 12 hours ago +1

    This is so surreal to me. I love it! I feel like we’re really living in the modern day Monday night wars

  • Dale Herrera
    Dale Herrera 12 hours ago +2

    Im just really happy for Edge/Adam. Hope to see a great run for him in AEW.

  • Dave David
    Dave David 13 hours ago +204

    Just like in his Royal Rumble return, Edge/Adam is so excited to get our and perform that he was out of the ramp even before the smoke comes up. That's passion right there. ❤

  • Pepito
    Pepito 12 hours ago +2

    Not only was Edge’s debut here epicly done
    It was also awesome that he didn’t side with Christian Cage as that arguably would’ve been too predictable
    Best to keep him as a face

  • Omar Yahya
    Omar Yahya 12 hours ago +2

    Christian Cage is gold. Always in character even after a big win in the main event of a PPV 🤣🤣🤣

  • csharp57
    csharp57 12 hours ago +1

    I’m so happy for Edge. Hope he makes the best of this run

  • Swayze Kobain
    Swayze Kobain 12 hours ago +3

    Love that he's using his real name. Congrats AEW on getting Adam Copeland. 🎉

  • Wargod4816
    Wargod4816 12 hours ago +1

    Omg,had to watch Adam Copeland 3 times,had goosebumps for real.Amazingly epic,AEW TURN UP, LET'S GO

  • FadeWithIt
    FadeWithIt 13 hours ago +257

    This just goes to show how much trust they have in Darby Allen when it comes to it. Someone debuts who is major its usually Darby to be the one to show the impact. Love it.

    • John the fan.
      John the fan. 12 hours ago +2

      It's not that. He is just at the right place at the right time. Aew is owned by a billionaire. So of course Darby was gonna get to work with guys like this.

    • Felipe Yoshio Cordeiro de Souza
      Felipe Yoshio Cordeiro de Souza 12 hours ago

      At least this time it's a respectable presence in the backstages

    • Buford Highwater
      Buford Highwater 12 hours ago

      ​@John the fan. "The right place at the right time?" That's because Tony Kham, his producers, and the wrestlers Darby has worked with, trust Darby Allin.

    • Raț Florin
      Raț Florin 12 hours ago +2

      @Felipe Yoshio Cordeiro de Souza of course you have to make it about CM Punk again, rent free in your heads

    • Felipe Yoshio Cordeiro de Souza
      Felipe Yoshio Cordeiro de Souza 12 hours ago

      @Raț Florin sorry, everything is so remarkable, man

  • Bhavish Shah
    Bhavish Shah 12 hours ago +1

    He got the theme too!! Have a great run Adam ❤

  • TDC HD Deportes Oficial
    TDC HD Deportes Oficial 12 hours ago +2

    *The most PERFECT debut EVER and thats true, so now we will have more stories about Adam now in AEW thank you Tony Khan*

  • 🤬🔪丂ㄩ尸尺㠪爪㠪

    The fact "TNT Championship" closed Wrestledream gave it away. You know Christian was happy as hell to see his friend in AEW, it was hard for him tobholevthe excitement in.

  • BensonIsLynx
    BensonIsLynx 12 hours ago +3

    I loved this moment. I just wish the commentary team could’ve played this up a little better. Been feeling a lack of enthusiasm from some of the commentators in AEW lately

  • Reyil López
    Reyil López 12 hours ago +1

    So happy for him. ❤️
    I'm going wherever he goes. ❤️

  • Clint Bungart
    Clint Bungart 13 hours ago +75

    How happy do you think those two are to be working together again? So awesome.

  • Jeremy Chaffin
    Jeremy Chaffin 12 hours ago +1

    I honestly thought he was gonna stay retired, but here's hoping for a legendary career in AEW for Adem. Man, Ed- vs Christian, never thought I'd see it!

  • Jose
    Jose 12 hours ago +1

    What a POP! I’m still get goosebumps ❤🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Jair Edgar JR
    Jair Edgar JR 12 hours ago

    Wwoh no manches se siente bien chingon ver a Edge y Christian juntos nuevamente ❤❤

  • SPC
    SPC 12 hours ago +3

    Real goosebumps can't believe edge is all elite on this day it is epic debut everyone will remember.

  • DontizzleJones
    DontizzleJones 12 hours ago +1

    You know, I lost my favorite wrestler for nine years. And now I've been able to see him live for the first time in my life. Now hopefully I'll make it two places I've seen him

  • Alex Australis
    Alex Australis 13 hours ago +173

    3:56 love to see Christian finally cracking a little bit and letting that smile come through at seeing the reaction his best friend is getting

    • Tivon Sanders
      Tivon Sanders 12 hours ago +9

      Looked like he was in a state of disbelief too (kayfabe wise). Awesome stuff.

  • DreDay Beatz
    DreDay Beatz 12 hours ago +1

    Literally the best worst kept secret of the night 😂. Now I’m tuned in for the storyline

  • Zen †
    Zen † 12 hours ago +1

    ive grown up watching edge man it feels so good to finally see him again glad we're gonna get edge christian together again be it as partners or rivals

  • Ge Huoran
    Ge Huoran 12 hours ago +3

    0:51 Don't mind me, I'm just putting a tag for myself to hear that pop again, and again, and again... 🤩

  • Gone Making
    Gone Making 12 hours ago +3

    If anyone can make up for CM PUNK leaving, it has to be EDGE.
    Thank god, what a time to be a wrestling fan❤

  • Darin Young
    Darin Young 12 hours ago

    As bad as AEW is at times, I gotta admit man…what a dope moment. Even watching this on here and not live, still gave me goosebumps and a smile. Well done AEW. Gonna be cool to see where this goes as far as a storyline.

  • Joey Rotella
    Joey Rotella 13 hours ago +122

    Edge shaking Sting's hand is a moment I thought I'd never see!

    • Kot W
      Kot W 13 hours ago +14


    • luke 22:36 kJV
      luke 22:36 kJV 13 hours ago +8

      Super random and surreal but amazing

    • Tyrannical Typo Michael Tester
      Tyrannical Typo Michael Tester 13 hours ago +5

      Wait for it my money's on Edge turning on him. He's always wanted to face and beat Sting

    • cranky tan
      cranky tan 13 hours ago +3

      Could there be a heel turn soon of edgy? Haha I prefer E&C honestly.

  • Anish 318
    Anish 318 13 hours ago +2

    Unforgettable! What a moment.

  • Reyler Gutiérrez
    Reyler Gutiérrez 12 hours ago

    Ver a EDGE en AEW con su música de entrada y darle la mano al icono STING no tiene precio

  • H M
    H M 12 hours ago +1

    Top to bottom a great show of Wrestling this Wrestedream was. Happy to see Adam Copeland be part of AEW 👏🏽

  • Prince Leo
    Prince Leo 12 hours ago +1

    With him coming to AEW, this shows that anything can happen in the wrestling industry

  • Weeb Rock
    Weeb Rock 12 hours ago +1

    Holy shit!!! Totally didn't see that coming, but I am crazy af right now 😱🔥

  • Jack Lawrence
    Jack Lawrence 13 hours ago +237

    Actually insane moment. Damn Copeland looks so good for someone his age.

    • Clint Bungart
      Clint Bungart 13 hours ago +24

      Same for Christian too. They’re only like a month apart in age

    • ValhallaRaven
      ValhallaRaven 13 hours ago +23

      Age is only a number. Eat healthy, take care of your body and mind, and you’ll hold back the hands of time

    • Meh, shut up
      Meh, shut up 13 hours ago +11

      ​@ValhallaRavenand DDP Yoga too

    • Unstable Brother
      Unstable Brother 13 hours ago

      ​@ValhallaRavenNone of that really matters in the end when we all will die

    • Sir Dankleberry
      Sir Dankleberry 12 hours ago +3

      ​@Unstable BrotherNihilism is cringe.

  • Shawn Draven
    Shawn Draven 12 hours ago +1

    Can we talk about how lucky Nick Wayne is?
    At 18 years old, he just got to share the ring with Adam Copeland, Christian Cage, and freaking Sting!

  • Khamja Tyrannus
    Khamja Tyrannus 12 hours ago +1

    Edge to aew was saw it coming ..but love to see him here in aew ...now I'm watching aew 🔥🔥🔥

  • A_Man_Named_Jayne
    A_Man_Named_Jayne 12 hours ago +2

    Damn....this just brought a smile to my face.

  • luther martin
    luther martin 13 hours ago +5

    Yeah finally my idol is here, let's rewatch the show again ❤

  • MrWickHaHaBobayega
    MrWickHaHaBobayega 12 hours ago +3

    Edge Arriving To AEW John Wick Style LOVE IT!

  • Anthony Sillars
    Anthony Sillars 13 hours ago +170

    You could tell Christian was holding back a big smile, Great to see them together again

    • Glenn Ross
      Glenn Ross 13 hours ago +3

      Babyface Edge is max cringe

    • Crispin Mallenroh
      Crispin Mallenroh 12 hours ago +11

      @Glenn Ross Yeah, but he's basically taking Punk's spot on the roster and they needed a top babyface. I'd rather see him and Christian together as a heel team.

    • Seth
      Seth 12 hours ago +8

      It reminds me of when Saraya debuted and you could tell that Britt and the other heels wanted to smile so badly.

    • xLanzer
      xLanzer 12 hours ago

      ​@Glenn Rossyou're the type of guy who cried because he said that there was nothing wrong with a woman having control on a relationship, right? 💀

  • Shadow Wilson
    Shadow Wilson 12 hours ago

    One hell of a debut! Adam Copeland is about to go big in AEW!

  • Yograj V
    Yograj V 12 hours ago

    The kind superstar edge is that wherever he goes fand just go crazy. ❤