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Chiefs advance to Super Bowl LVII with win vs Bengals in AFC Championship | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs got the 23-20 win over the Joe Burrow led Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship Game to advance to Super Bowl LVII. Mahomes finished with 326 passing yards and a pair of touchdowns in the win. The Chiefs QB also got his team into game-winning field goal range on a scramble that drew an unnecessary roughness penalty from Bengals defender Joesph Ossai. Nick Wright, Chris Broussard and Kevin Wildes react to Chiefs win vs. Bengals.
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    Chiefs advance to Super Bowl LVII with win vs Bengals in AFC Championship | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST
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Comments • 1 787

  • First Things First
    First Things First  Month ago +69

    Check out What’s Wright? with Nick Wright: sprtspod.fox/WhatsWright_YT

    • Barry Finkelstein
      Barry Finkelstein Month ago

      you guys are fuuny af. i love this show.

    • D A
      D A Month ago +1

      @Peyton Richards They beefed up their O Line during this past offseason. Things that are beyond their control ( like every other team) didn't work out for them. Cinci's revamped O Line got hampered with injuries this year. The question is can Cinci hold on to their players that have propelled them these last two years over the course of a dynasty? I dont think so.

    • P roc Crip
      P roc Crip Month ago

      Nick wright the Kansas City chiefs fan is funny

    • Dre 303
      Dre 303 Month ago +1

      Nick you should make these into shirts 😂🤣😂

    • Mike Steele
      Mike Steele Month ago

      Mahomes is to K.C. like Burrow is to us in Cincy! So we get it! Mahomes is just as big of a generational player as Burrow is so soak it up and enjoy the wins while you can.

  • Anouar
    Anouar Month ago +1511

    So happy I’m a Chiefs fan cause if not, Nick would probably drive me crazy 😂

    • Zach McNerney
      Zach McNerney 16 days ago

      ​@Lindell Chambers its still real fuggin surreal. Just because of how bad we were and I myself have a vivid long term memory so I can literally recount all those falls of misery growing up. Never thought we would see THE CHIEFS dominate the leauge. Let's enjoy the ride. Cuz it ain't over yet.

    • Jacque Renee
      Jacque Renee Month ago

      @Peter Davis😂😂😂

    • Jacque Renee
      Jacque Renee Month ago

      😂😂😂 like McDonalds “IM LOVING IT”😂

    • Jim Robinett
      Jim Robinett Month ago


    • John James
      John James Month ago

      @Jayden Tarbet Give Mahomes the OLine of the Bengals and see what happens. Spoiler alert: It's 0 touchdowns and 2 pics getting blown out by the BUCS like he did in the Superbowl.

  • Jacob Vermillion
    Jacob Vermillion Month ago +329

    Honestly makes the show so much better when the banners don’t work- just shows how fun and relaxed everyone is 😂

    • Brandon Rice
      Brandon Rice Month ago

      @Marcus360's lmfaooo nicely done

    • Matthew Fudge
      Matthew Fudge Month ago +5

      "We spent our banner budget on cigars." Hilarious!

    • AverageJoetwopoint0
      AverageJoetwopoint0 Month ago +2

      That banner is backwards 😂😂😂😂

    • caleb r
      caleb r Month ago +1

      @Cam Hardy it is scripted for the most part, one of them will just mess with the other two so while one of them or two of them will always know if there's goofy stuff going on

    • Cam Hardy
      Cam Hardy Month ago +6

      Seems scripted, I blame the officiating of the show

  • Maddening
    Maddening Month ago +515

    I've been waiting for this episode. Did not disappoint. Nick is hilarious and watching Wildes and Bru take it was beautiful

    • Christian Wallace
      Christian Wallace Month ago

      @They Call Me Gator as is every other joke. It's the internet bruh

    • Alex Ghadyani
      Alex Ghadyani Month ago +2

      @They Call Me Gator did your team lose again as usual . It doesn't matter the chiefs have won AFC west 7 straight , have hosted AFC conference title 5 straight times , 3 SB appearance in last 4 years .
      Deal w/ it haters .

    • They Call Me Gator
      They Call Me Gator Month ago

      @Christian Wallace that's so played out 🤣

    SLUG LOW Month ago +352

    Whether you love the chiefs or hate the chiefs you was looking forward to this segment lol

    • xyzunotme
      xyzunotme Day ago

      ​@TrollNova 😅😅😅

    • TrollNova
      TrollNova Month ago +2

      It’s crazy how you’re even allowed to Bet on NFL games. They’re so obviously fixed, even fans know and don’t care lmfao. It’s so pathetic how far the sport has fallen

    • SLUG LOW
      SLUG LOW Month ago +4

      @Itsxmusic lol I’m a giants fan but absolutely mesmerized by mahomes so I guess that would make me a closet chiefs fan too cause I just want to watch him play all day lol

    • Itsxmusic
      Itsxmusic Month ago +8

      As an eagles fan I’m a closet chiefs fan so I’m loving all of this lmao

  • Christian Petersen
    Christian Petersen Month ago +217

    I love how this show isn't all debate, they all bring good points and listen open-mindedly, admitting when they're wrong or just reaching for a storyline. Except Nick, who rarely admits it...because he's rarely wrong.

    • Devonta Cosby
      Devonta Cosby Month ago

      @William Blackfyre he was right about one thing 😂🤔🤡 THE JALEN HURTS PHILADELPHIA BLUE JAYS LEAVING THE SUPERBOWL AS LOOSERS!! 😂🤔🤡 a win is a win and a loss is a loss and the jalen hurts Philadelphia blue jays loss!! You need to get a life bus, you complaining will not change that loss!!

    • William Blackfyre
      William Blackfyre Month ago

      @Devonta Cosby yea he was...he predicted them blowing the Eagles out and talked them down all year, he was literally wrong about the Eagles all year
      A 3 pt win aided by the refs changes nothing, get a life.

    • Devonta Cosby
      Devonta Cosby Month ago

      @Kevin we just need you people to admit he was right about the joe burrows bagels 😂🤔

    • Devonta Cosby
      Devonta Cosby Month ago

      @Ali Naim he was right about those joe burrows bagels 😂🤔

  • Mike Tilson
    Mike Tilson Month ago +76

    As a Chiefs fan winning the Superbowl would be wonderful...however Im so glad they finally got past Burrow and the Bengals. They are a great team and i foresee many battles with them Go Chiefs!!!

    • Jason Peters
      Jason Peters Month ago

      @Ideas and Pixels GL!

    • Jason Peters
      Jason Peters Month ago

      @G Macc Chargers? Yes I agree. (Actually could be in AFC Championship game nxt Season.)
      Jags? Nah...
      Like Trevor but he's just not that good

    • Jason Peters
      Jason Peters Month ago

      @ChiefsNation Remember I said it.
      Watson & Cleveland

    • ChiefsNation
      ChiefsNation Month ago

      @Jason Peters Deshaun???? Look how that dude playin

    • Ideas and Pixels
      Ideas and Pixels Month ago +1

      @Jason Peters Burrow, Chase, and Higgins are all still on rookie contracts next year. They'll do Joe's deal with year, but they don't have to, and it will likely be structured to try to maintain the team better in 2024 when the receivers contracts come up.

  • Uche Akusobi
    Uche Akusobi Month ago +597

    This show is a national treasure. No doubt they will take Undisputed time slot once lebron Retires.

  • Justice Bediako
    Justice Bediako  Month ago +72

    Been waiting for Nick’s reaction all day long. In fact everybody’s been waiting for his reaction. Let me guess an epic all time rant about the greatness of Patrick Mahomes. Nick never disappoints.

    • Jordan
      Jordan Month ago

      @They Call Me Gator I don't think Nick minds. Nobody call you Gator, just Hater.

    • They Call Me Gator
      They Call Me Gator Month ago +1

      Nick needs to get Mahomes chubber out of his mouth, it's blocking his speech 🤣

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia Month ago +14

    Even a crippled Mahomes is still a dangerous Mahomes. I don't care if they lose the SB, to me beating the Bengals was all I needed this season! That was my SB.

  • Manue NDLO
    Manue NDLO Month ago +351

    Couldn’t wait for this, thought Nick was going to come in with a wig of Mahommes hairstyle or a chief’s headband. 😂😂😂😂

    • Steven LeFever
      Steven LeFever Month ago


    • macca berry
      macca berry Month ago +2

      Thats an idea. If Nick reads these comments he'll be right on that after the superbowl.

    • Rodrigo4391
      Rodrigo4391 Month ago +3

      I thought the same 😂

    • Matt Klinghamer
      Matt Klinghamer Month ago +29

      Bet he saving that for after the super bowl, lol

  • PB Scope Cam
    PB Scope Cam Month ago +29

    My favorite thing is how Cincy was saying no excuses even though Mahomes is hurt and now they got nothing but excuses for themselves 😂

    • Urdonkey
      Urdonkey Month ago

      That intentional groundin by cincy at the 2min mark of the game,aint is suppose to be 4th down since bcos its a loss of down?

    • Urdonkey
      Urdonkey Month ago

      @Darth Liberty mane dat intentional groundin inside 2min of the game it was on a 2nd down i really thought it would be 4th down since bcos its a loss of down right?lol 😂 idk what u think boy?lol

    • KSU 1989
      KSU 1989 Month ago +4

      @Darth Liberty No Excuses... as your players said...😁😁

    • Joe Schueler
      Joe Schueler Month ago +1

      @PB Scope Cam haha nice, I'll give you that one

    • PB Scope Cam
      PB Scope Cam Month ago +2

      @Joe Schueler nah just one ☝🏻 and that’s #15

  • DJchinchilla chilla Entertainment

    Nick Wright confidence is something i try to emulate daily

    • Rye_Station
      Rye_Station 22 days ago +1

      @Auntie Z Welp…

    • Zane
      Zane Month ago +3

      @arial flame I'd blame the punter more than the refs lmfao

    • The Infii
      The Infii Month ago +5

      @arial flame lol ref arguement when the 15 yard penalty was the ONLY difference in penalty yardage. 🤡🤣

    • Nedia Letta
      Nedia Letta Month ago +4

      @arial flame it hurts so good

  • Devan Dowdy
    Devan Dowdy Month ago +376

    “Smokin on the Bengals pack” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Joaquin Solis
      Joaquin Solis 26 days ago


    • Jim Robinett
      Jim Robinett Month ago +1


    • Anxiety
      Anxiety Month ago +1

      @They Call Me Gator mixon

    • They Call Me Gator
      They Call Me Gator Month ago +3

      @jjoffthejuice7391 who was talking trash besides their moronic mayor, & Mike Hilton??

    • Duece Williams
      Duece Williams Month ago +1

      @Zach Wehner he said what he said

  • Antonio León
    Antonio León Month ago +15

    That last run almost on one leg, taking the unnecessary roughness, setting up the game winning FG, was amazing

  • Pam Lynch
    Pam Lynch Month ago +26

    So funny! We love Mahomes in KC because he is so humble and always gives credit to his teammates.

  • Seth Marie
    Seth Marie Month ago +11

    MaHomes, with a hurt ankle that bothered him during the game, played well. He played through it and was not gonna be denied going back to the Superbowl. Good job.

  • Christopher Crowder
    Christopher Crowder Month ago +20

    Such a great segment! Laughing out loud at Nick. The backwards banner was priceless. 😂

  • Adonis Guerra
    Adonis Guerra Month ago +80

    I had to wait all day for this, and it was absolutely worth it!

    • Adonis Guerra
      Adonis Guerra Month ago

      @Jim Robinett well... lol... I don't know what 2 say 2 that sir... I mean I'd say "good luck"... but I really wouldnt mean it.
      When Manning was ur QB he had similar success against my Chiefs... with that said, I'm very glad at the continous success we've had against the Broncs... the sad thing about our victories is that yes, one day it will inevitably end... till then?...
      Hmph... I think you know, sir 😏
      Go CHIEFS!

    • Jim Robinett
      Jim Robinett Month ago


    • Hunter
      Hunter Month ago +1

      Smokin that JOE BuRrow

    • Count Shredder
      Count Shredder Month ago +1

      Lol me too. I just said that

  • TC24
    TC24 Month ago +32

    “The committee warned you” is goated 😂

    • dexter mckinzie
      dexter mckinzie Month ago +1

      @Mark Huddleston Nick talks about the committee when it comes to his tiers of NFL teams. Kansas City chiefs are always at the top of the tiers. KC’s GM is referencing that.

    • Mark Huddleston
      Mark Huddleston Month ago

      What does it mean? What’s it from?

  • Sbuyiselo Sandile
    Sbuyiselo Sandile Month ago +24

    Nick Wright literally made me a Kansas City Chiefs fan. There is no way I would have rooted against this and Mahomes.

  • daez88
    daez88 Month ago +7

    Definitely the best sports show or chemistry is off the charts they can all be themselves and it flows.

  • Colten Hubbard
    Colten Hubbard Month ago +8

    I still can’t believe how no one is talking about how mahomes did what he did after REFUSING the shot to his ankle (some sort of numbing shot I heard on talk shows all week that apparently make you feel almost normal for a few hours) the dudes nuts!!!

    • TDR 0484
      TDR 0484 Month ago +2

      Yeah he's a dog. And it's actually smart that he didn't take the shot, so if he messed his ankle up worse he would've felt it and known to adjust or take a break. A lot of guys take the shot and since they can't feel the pain anymore they end up injuring themselves worse

  • David Porter
    David Porter Month ago +25

    I'm far from a Chiefs fan. But Mahomes at this point is the best Quarterback I've seen take the field.

    • David Porter
      David Porter Month ago +3

      @NWO Bring it on no. Brady was the caretaker prior to 2007. His job was to not turn the ball over make a few throws a game. He threw for 4000 once and never threw for more than 28 TD's. Prior to 2007 the Patriots were around #10 in passing offensive since Brady was their starter. Of course someone calling themselves NWO Bring it on would not realize this.

    • NWO Bring it on
      NWO Bring it on Month ago

      @David Porter Brady was the centrepiece of the patriots dynasty. His entire coaching staff was about to get fired before Brady saved them. Mahomes got put in as good of a situation as any QB coming in to the league and his all time offensive genius of a coach allows him to put his arm talent on display and people who are drawn to the newest shinny object buy into it. You can’t seriously argue mahomes is the best QB ever.

    • NWO Bring it on
      NWO Bring it on Month ago

      Brady had three rings in his first 4 years starting

    • colten53
      colten53 Month ago +1

      I don’t know what more he has to do to prove that to some people. As long as he’s been the starter, he has made it to the AFC Championship every year. He wins. He puts up insane numbers. He makes the craziest throws you’ll ever see. Even when he loses it’s only by one score. This is his third Super Bowl appearance and he’s not even 27.

  • aubrey black
    aubrey black Month ago +4

    made my day! they were doubted all season long and let their play do their talking congrats!

  • The Idiot
    The Idiot Month ago +354

    Tom Brady has 21 touchdowns in 14 conference championships. Mahomes has played 5 and already has 17. The guy is just different.

    • TOP 10 PLAYS NFL
      TOP 10 PLAYS NFL 3 days ago

      ​@Stephan A.Smith facts 😂

    • Randy Troy
      Randy Troy Month ago

      @Makaveliwhy didn’t Brady make it lol 😂 he lost or didn’t make playoffs one year

    • Randy Troy
      Randy Troy Month ago

      @Makavelino he won’t he not mohomes duh look at his first first 5 seasons he not on my mohomes level stats wise

    • Randy Troy
      Randy Troy Month ago

      Great stat but clearly mohomes is best all time he will be greatest for sure once he win one or 2 more rings

    • Mark Jefferson
      Mark Jefferson Month ago

      @Zach McNerney exactly!

  • Michael Spencer
    Michael Spencer Month ago +2

    This is best sports debate show on TV. Beautiful blend of chemistry between the co-hosts. Sports. Comedy. Love it.

  • KC Sniper
    KC Sniper Month ago +61

    The chiefs picked up 60 yards in 13 seconds last season against buffalo with 2 timeouts. Do people really not think they could have gotten 8 more yards in 8 seconds.

    • boricuafrican
      boricuafrican Month ago

      @Francesco Smith yes it's impressive, the point is that he loses too...

    • boricuafrican
      boricuafrican Month ago

      @DcLoki12 what's fake about real scenarios?

    • DcLoki12
      DcLoki12 Month ago

      @boricuafrican so many hypotheticals. Butker has also hit 60 yards before, might want to add that to your fake scenarios

    • Ben S
      Ben S Month ago

      @P as a chiefs fan I agree. But hey, its not like the-chiefs-didn't-win-the-Bengals-lost. KC also shot themselves in the foot many many times.

    • Scott Jones
      Scott Jones Month ago +1

      Anyone worrying about whether or not they could have gained more yards in 8 seconds is missing the fact that...they didn't have to. The penalty happened. Mistakes happen. Mahomes had a ball slip out of his cold hand a few drives prior. Ossai's mistake just happened to be the second-to-last play of the game (and I feel for him!) but just because a play happened with :08 left in the game, doesn't make it MORE important than a play in the first quarter, just more timely. I know our sports fan brains focus on those little moments, but every game is a sum of 150 (or so) plays.

  • Diego Membreno
    Diego Membreno Month ago +10

    The banners malfunction was the best thing ever 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • FghtinIrshNvrDie
    FghtinIrshNvrDie Month ago +2

    Love seeing a chiefs advocate!! ❤️💛

  • On The Money
    On The Money Month ago +21

    Nick makes me so happy when he gloats. He represents us Chiefs fan well. Lok

  • Rivermandan
    Rivermandan Month ago +49

    I’ve been waiting all day for this show. I thought the an rankings might get updated. You did not disappoint. Best sports show ever. Get ‘em Nick. WHO Dey talking smack over dere.

  • TigerStripeBullys...
    TigerStripeBullys... Month ago +31

    Nick's top 3 qbs was hilarious

  • Craig Johnson
    Craig Johnson Month ago +54

    Nick my favorite lol he was telling them all year 😂

  • D Black
    D Black Month ago +87

    Smoking on that Bengals pack
    Nick is wild😭🤣

  • Dustin Long
    Dustin Long Month ago +2

    Long time Bengals fan and Mahomes has earned even more respect from me with pushing through when this injury clearly was bothering him. This game really could have gone either way but if Mahome wasn't injured, Chiefs are probably winning by 10. Several throws he could have made if he could push off that leg more.

  • Cassidy Dankochik
    Cassidy Dankochik Month ago +9

    The banner misfires just enhanced the segment - that's a sign of a great show.

  • Ronald McZee
    Ronald McZee Month ago +16

    That was a real good playoff game

  • chill Will J.r
    chill Will J.r Month ago +20

    If Nick an Shannon had a show together they’d get canceled in two weeks. But it’d be the best two weeks of tv ever

    • Marcohh92
      Marcohh92 Month ago +1

      Nick, Shannon and Chuck 🤣

    • boricuafrican
      boricuafrican Month ago +2

      every week, Mahome-boy and Bron topics....

    • GAGE Reed
      GAGE Reed Month ago +3

      Factz on factz...

    • Yung 5Hun
      Yung 5Hun Month ago +3

      Nah they both love Mahomie and Bron, they'd be cool

  • Yung King
    Yung King Month ago +2

    What is so underrated about this show is the fact that chris was on the wrong side of the game and didn’t go the route of making excuses and looking for little wins in between. Gave Pat all his accolades even when he picked against him. Now imagine skip in that position !!

  • Zach Wehner
    Zach Wehner Month ago +10

    I have always loved Nicks energy! The fact he lit up that cigar like Eli Apple when the Bengals beat the Bills makes me nervous for the Chiefs in this SB 😂

    • Alyjah Jones
      Alyjah Jones Month ago +2

      They playing with house money now they wasn’t even suppose to get this far according to the media without Tyreek

    • D-Rot
      D-Rot Month ago +1

      meh, not a player.

  • Mr Ovey
    Mr Ovey Month ago +17

    I knew Nick was gonna be on one… smoking on that Bengals pack 😂😂😂

  • Cursed F
    Cursed F Month ago +1

    Mahomes is next level undeniable
    Stats don't lie, He's gonna set records that don't get touched

  • Mohammed Noor
    Mohammed Noor Month ago +15

    1 Legged Mahomeboy! What a player

    IT'S A VTUBER Month ago +5

    I truly love this show lol 😆 I look forward to nick every week

  • Retro News
    Retro News Month ago +35

    That Nick intro was goated ngl. Always backing his arguments with stats in the most obnoxious way conceivable. Good TV.

  • Nathan Goddard
    Nathan Goddard Month ago +130

    This is THE BEST sports show anywhere. If you can’t love Nick, you just don’t love fun.

    • Nick
      Nick Month ago

      Minus his asinine LeBron takes I agree, though he does admit his exaggeration sometimes.

    • kg
      kg Month ago +1

      @Kyler T I never said Nick did or didn’t do anything. He is good at his job but I find him annoying. He seems very easy to dislike. I have agreed with him on several occasions.

    • Rammy Narula
      Rammy Narula Month ago +1

      When you learn to love that annoying little brother, you begin to realize he’s sometimes more right than wrong, and you can have more fun with him.

    • Deangelo Thompson
      Deangelo Thompson Month ago

      @Phenomenon when he not obsessing over Lebron he cool

  • Andrea Bryan
    Andrea Bryan Month ago +2

    I was behind the Chiefs all season but Bengals could have easily won that game. I was proud of the Chiefs for not giving up.

  • Malachi Taylor
    Malachi Taylor Month ago +1

    Been waiting for this since the chiefs won!!! Nick is becoming the funniest analyst out there outside of inside the nba

  • Flexxinchad
    Flexxinchad Month ago +4

    You know what I’ve learned from the Chiefs today. The refs made Burrow take 5 sacks and throw 2 INT and all of those key plays had ref help. Also the refs played on pass blocking because Mahomes wasn’t touched 99% of the game.

  • Hans
    Hans Month ago +34

    Waited all day for this! 😂🤣👍

  • Jose Reyes
    Jose Reyes Month ago +1

    Coming from a bengals fan, hearing nick say “smoking on that bengals pack” is the funniest thing I’ve seen today lmao.

  • Katniss Adrianna Andi Kasim

    Love this show!!! GO CHIEFS!!!

  • Derrick Banks
    Derrick Banks Month ago +17

    Just got off work... First thing first... GOTTA SEE HOW NICK RESOONDS TO THE WIN 😂😂😂😂

    • BeepBeep1981
      BeepBeep1981 Month ago +2

      Smoking on the Bengals pack 🤣🤣

  • slida emif
    slida emif Month ago

    Such a great segment! Laughing out loud at Nick. The backwards banner was priceless.

  • Tyler Fisher
    Tyler Fisher Month ago +12

    “We’re smoking that bengals pack” 😂

  • Domagoj Gregurić
    Domagoj Gregurić Month ago +1

    I had no idea we were witnessing something as legendary as the Flu game, and thats exactly what it was

  • Francesco Smith
    Francesco Smith Month ago +2

    Oh I've been waiting for this. Outstanding Nick! One leg, both legs, it doesn't matter. Mahomes is simply the best.

  • Mark Fowler
    Mark Fowler Month ago +3

    The biggest play was really Sky Moores punt return that set them up for the field goal.

  • Karel Stewart
    Karel Stewart Month ago +3

    Bengals pack line had me rolling 😂😂

  • ChazzyPhizzle1
    ChazzyPhizzle1 Month ago +44

    Been waiting all day for this

    • Rudy
      Rudy Month ago +2


  • Lana Felix
    Lana Felix Month ago +31

    Nick was right about Bengals and Buffalo Bills.

  • John Levine
    John Levine Month ago +13

    Not a chiefs fan, but post big wins for the chiefs, this show is a much watch!

    YVST LA Month ago +1

    This is the best sports debate show ever. No lie lol when Bru came on it went to a new level. Not adding anyone when Jenna left was the best decision ever.

  • Taylor Bell
    Taylor Bell Month ago +2


  • jbceedeez
    jbceedeez Month ago +1

    Nick used to drive me crazy...but I like this Nick ...he's hysterical and
    chill at the same time...funny and good segment, entire crew...congrats!

  • Bengi C Notes
    Bengi C Notes Month ago +2

    “Smoking on that Bengals pack today” on NATIONAL TV IS WILD 😂😂😂

  • F3arNot
    F3arNot Month ago +29

    Smoking on dat Bengals pack 😭💀💀

  • Allan Johnson
    Allan Johnson Month ago +1

    Nick was in rare form! 😂😂😂

  • 7006Omerta
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    • Dirt Merchant
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    • Dirt Merchant
      Dirt Merchant Month ago

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