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Most Evil Singer Ever

  • Published on Sep 8, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • This is the greatest celebrity criminal of All Time
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  • Shawn Ferrell
    Shawn Ferrell 6 months ago +28120

    It's sad that drug offenses are taken more seriously than child abuse.

    • Kuru-Yami
      Kuru-Yami 3 hours ago


    • Kuru-Yami
      Kuru-Yami 3 hours ago

      I dont see it as mental illness as i have mental illness and im had less

    • Meaghan Edwards
      Meaghan Edwards 13 hours ago

      Agreed. Pot = somehow more dangerous than child abuse????

    • Meep Meep
      Meep Meep Day ago

      Terrible take.

  • will Bedford
    will Bedford 3 months ago +2066

    I watched a documentary on this guy and his depravity is insane.. And the total disregard from the police is just jaw dropping. I cannot believe what he blatantly got away with

    • Mr.Meister
      Mr.Meister 4 days ago

      There are no "good guys"

    • will Bedford
      will Bedford 5 days ago

      @Berserker 100% agreed!

    • will Bedford
      will Bedford 5 days ago

      @cj lemme find it

    • cj
      cj 5 days ago +2

      Documentary drop?

    • Patrik pass
      Patrik pass 6 days ago +2

      I think that we can assume that he was connected. His father was a high level priest. Thats also why he got a low sentence.

  • Big Sugar
    Big Sugar 5 months ago +4074

    As horrible as the story is, I'm glad you're not sugarcoating any of it like most Clip-Sharers that censor the "scary" words. People like this dude don't deserve to be watered down and sugar coated when being talked about.

    • Mario Ion Ion 2
      Mario Ion Ion 2 Month ago

      @kookoo trix now it's almost 5M

    • Andrew Van de Kamp
      Andrew Van de Kamp 2 months ago

      @Gnat you earn money by views on Clip-Share. You don’t need to put up an advertisement every 90 seconds.

    • Gnat
      Gnat 2 months ago

      @Andrew Van de Kamp can't make videos without money 🤡

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith 3 months ago +1388

    I am normally quite strong stomached, but reading the sentencing remarks made me cry uncontrollably as an adult male (not that I like the men don't cry stereotype), I've never felt so much shame just to be a musician because of this guy. The fact he didn't get life boils my blood, but as far as I know, even prisoners hate pedo's, I just hope his life in prison is made miserable. Critical is right, if you want to stay even just sane, don't read the remarks.

    • O Leigh
      O Leigh 4 hours ago

      Nah, he'll be protected in prison like the rest of them. Sickening.

    • yogurt male
      yogurt male 2 days ago

      cruel world man.

      SNOHOMISH-CCVI 4 days ago

      I read all of the remarks. I am disgusted but still perfectly sane

    • amshia0121
      amshia0121 5 days ago

      Just don’t abuse children yourself mate and you’re golden , I know you might get the urge just stay strong . Don’t let him drag you down .

  • Yatagarasu-dono
    Yatagarasu-dono 5 months ago +945

    Judge: *recites a speech on how Ian Watkins just raised the bar on how horrific child abuse could be*
    Also the same judge: *gives one of the lightest sentences ever on a serial child abuser*

    • Laura C
      Laura C 2 days ago

      In my country the maximum prisontime for childabuse is 12 years, murder is 30. How much is it in the US usually?

    • Mighty Chewbacca
      Mighty Chewbacca 12 days ago +1

      From what I recall, that was the maximum the judge was allowed to sentence in the UK.

    • erin edmondson
      erin edmondson 2 months ago +6

      @Tex Irwin thanks for exposing yourself. i just reported your comment :)))

    • Kurostephanie
      Kurostephanie 2 months ago +5

      @Tex Irwin get help. Go to therapy.

  • cheapbruh
    cheapbruh 3 months ago +205

    imagine a mother accepting this behavior to their child to get some screen time with ian. just as sick and evil.

  • Fate
    Fate 6 months ago +5788

    The judge said it was the most disgusting thing he's ever seen, yet gave him a disgustingly low sentence.

    • berkslaw
      berkslaw 2 hours ago

      Fathom that.

    • Joshua Grasser
      Joshua Grasser 6 days ago

      @Mic do you think i wasnt aware that the exact situation i described happened once? And your metric is incorrect, how many times something happens doesnt matter, its based on the size of the population. Europe has the luxury of no real military because the United States protects them and also allows them to have nukes, so these tiny countries with small populations can spend their money on the homogeneous population. This period of peace has tricked you guys into thinking it will always be this nice and peaceful and as a result, you guys have grown soft. Soft on crime because you mistakenly believe that people cant commit attrocities without being Ill or accountable. You can't fathom that there might be people out there that think differently than you do, and you turn your population into martyrs for some fake moral grandstanding.

    • lolofon
      lolofon 8 days ago

      @SpicyTee no
      But he's right
      Money and fame plays a huge role sometimes

  • tucker
    tucker 3 months ago +504

    You can hear in his voice that Charlie is breaking while reading this. It’s simply insane to me that a thing so horrible could set foot on this earth. (Yes I referred to Ian as a thing. I don’t think he deserves to be called a human)

    • Soapiie
      Soapiie Month ago +4

      @DizzleSlaunsen23 But can't you hear 😥😥😥 he is absolutely 💯💯 B R E A K I N G 😭

    • DizzleSlaunsen23
      DizzleSlaunsen23 Month ago +10

      What are you talking about. Dude sounds the exact same as every other video. I dunno why fans have to always add an extra layer to things like this. He sounded more upset about the deepfake stuff. It’s just strange to try and explain why somebody’s doing something with zero evidence to support.

    • Obi Wan Cannoli
      Obi Wan Cannoli 2 months ago +7


  • Stacy Studenski
    Stacy Studenski 5 months ago +450

    Hello- I am a 45 year old mother of a 16 year old boy-- when I think of the kind of man I want him to be I think about decisions he will have to make. This video is a prime example of the kind of character and conviction and objectivity I hope my son will have! I commend you on having the strength and humility and honesty to share with your viewers a very personal and difficult decision that you had the will and moral fortitude to make!! You seem a great young man!!

    • Some Canine
      Some Canine 8 days ago +2

      Kids need both of their parents in their life. I know you can only speak from your own personal experience, but having a strong male role model like a dad is the best thing a teen boy can have around. It's not just enough to be around either. A child needs both of their parents to be actively in their life and affectionate. Dad needs to be including the boy in helping fix things around the house. If the boy is learning a musical instrument, the dad needs to be there encouraging him and trying to help. The dad needs to be doing chores regularly and working a steady job as well to show a positive example of what to do as a man when grown up. If he doesn't see it, he won't know.

    • Lana Marie ASMR
      Lana Marie ASMR 11 days ago


    • MonkeyBench
      MonkeyBench Month ago +5

      Be a good mom, teach him respect and self worth.
      Teach him what a good woman is and what a good man should do.

    • Z Strebler
      Z Strebler Month ago +11

      Based proud mom

    • slippi
      slippi Month ago +23

      @Oreo s lol my Mom watches him too and she's 54. she got me into death metal, least I could do :D

  • Stew Thomas
    Stew Thomas 3 months ago +573

    I will say that the underage girl things were insanely common, especially with crews taking advantage of them, for a lot of bands but especially for many bands involved in the Warped Tour. A lot of the bands that attract the 13-16 year old girl crowd have this problem. Used to work security for these festivals and you saw all kinds of creepy shit. Some from bands but it was especially true for some of the road crews.

    • Karuchan
      Karuchan 15 days ago +5

      ​@i am sad i once saw an interview with the band Asking Alexandria and they said they get a lot of rumours about doing bad stuff with 13 year old girls and how It wasn't true for THEM, implying that It did go on with other bands at warped tour

    • oompa lumpus
      oompa lumpus 17 days ago +1

      @Gnat You're projecting, mor-on.

    • i am sad
      i am sad Month ago +11

      Yeah... I instantly think of Dahvie Vanity from botdf as soon as I hear/read "Warped Tour"...

    • Gnat
      Gnat Month ago +3

      @TheChzoronzon what? Tf you talking about

  • ThePwNzclan
    ThePwNzclan Month ago +82

    The fact that, on top of everything else that happened here, the police arrested his ex for doing their freaking jobs when they still ignored it is appalling. Every single officer that ignored her calls for help as well as everyone else that tried to report this man deserves to have their job and any sort of benefits from that job stripped from them

    • Random Internet User
      Random Internet User Month ago +9

      Nah, that's still too good for them. They should be charged for allowing this to happen, and they should be thrown to the General population.

  • The M.A.
    The M.A. 2 months ago +55

    I feel bad for Joanne. She briefly got in trouble for something that wasn't even her fault. She was trying to stop Ian Watkins' horrific actions for *a long time* but the police didn't take her seriously! Thankfully, those charges were dropped. 😒

    • Alex F
      Alex F 10 hours ago

      Read up more on that. She was not the innocent party trying to help justice be served. She was a part of his sick and twisted operation. She just claims now that she was essentially an inside agent as a way of excusing her actions. The details on this case and that regard her underline how this is not true.

  • Chris Kerr
    Chris Kerr 6 months ago +16777

    Those officers who didn't investigate his crimes, and the parents who allowed him to abuse their children should all be charged as well. Absolutely atrocious.

    • The wanderer
      The wanderer Month ago

      @Lyric Berlin extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof

    • The wanderer
      The wanderer Month ago

      @Bubs Bee maybe you shouldn't tell people what they should and shouldn't do and you only give the word power when you're treated with such reverence it's a word not a rock it can't f****** hurt you if you don't let it

    • The wanderer
      The wanderer Month ago

      @Avery H they have treatment for you should look into some

  • Rain delay
    Rain delay 3 months ago +111

    I feel bad for the people who attended jury duty for his Ian’s case

  • Beka Rex
    Beka Rex 2 months ago +77

    Oh man, when I met my husband 10 years ago I was introduced to his friend and his friends crazy wife. She posted all the time about Ian Watkins during the trial, and was obsessed with him. She got so into the case that she became friends with Ian’s sister and was creating online petitions and support for him. Even faced with all the evidence against him, she didn’t care, her crush on him was all she needed to defend him. As soon as the verdict came back, radio silence from her. It was madness to watch. We don’t talk to them anymore 😂

    • shadow_ Almight
      shadow_ Almight 24 days ago +3

      @Beka RexI can’t understand how someone can see what this monster did and openly support him cause they had a little crush absolutely disgusting…

    • TheChzoronzon
      TheChzoronzon Month ago +1

      Asteroid, come pls

    • AzzyNF
      AzzyNF Month ago +7

      @Beka Rex lmao so the same way she feels for ian he feels for her thats crazy 💀💀

  • SirPopSticks
    SirPopSticks 3 months ago +262

    I hate the mothers even more that did stuff to their children upon request.

    • visual
      visual Month ago +11

      @Lockl00p yeah….

    • Lockl00p
      Lockl00p Month ago +26

      They supposedly liked it too according to court documents

  • alpinehugo
    alpinehugo 3 months ago +135

    Glad that you, as a hardcore fan, could look past your love for the band, and look at the obvious and blatant objective facts. Man let's hope people aren't gonna do the opposite of what i just said for a hugely popular pop singer.

    • Kayleslie Louise
      Kayleslie Louise 17 days ago +3

      @Seilf Erif yes

    • Anal Milkshake
      Anal Milkshake Month ago +2

      @Seilf Erif people who are not insane would. You can like the music without licking their boots clean

    • Seilf Erif
      Seilf Erif Month ago +2

      I wonder if people would do the same if Taylor swift happened to do this..

  • Maeby Moore
    Maeby Moore 3 months ago +123

    Getting written off as an angry ex is the exact thing that happened to me when I reported my ex for sending me child porn.

    • Maeby Moore
      Maeby Moore Month ago +8

      @Empiyrr idfk. Ask them. It's lived in my mind rent free ever since. And trust me. I guarantee you it happens more than any normal person who hasn't seen it first hand would ever assume

    • Empiyrr
      Empiyrr Month ago +2

      How does the police get hard evidence from his ex of actual child abuse and write her off as an “angry ex”

    • Maeby Moore
      Maeby Moore Month ago +6

      @A Human my theory is a lot. I was an adult but he was older than me. He was respected in his work and his community. Good job. I feel like they know who they can get away with it with. They aren’t dumb. He knew no one would take me seriously. They don’t let things slip with the people they know Society deems matters.

    • A Human
      A Human Month ago +2

      It makes you wonder just how many people were willing to falsely accuse their exes for such horrible crimes that now reporting actual cases tend to be ignored. This whole situation is sick, and I’m so sorry you had to experience being so close to a person like that

  • RantKid
    RantKid 6 months ago +13714

    Always nice to hear that cops prioritize drug crimes over the sexual assault of children

    • ׄ
      ׄ Month ago

      @Drunken Hobo Wait,Seriously? I thought only people who transed(I don't know how to spell the word)could go.I think that's too much

    • Hiro Takasugi
      Hiro Takasugi Month ago

      @ׄ have you done the google search? A simple one like woman arrested for misgendering gives you an even that happened in Hertfordshire.

  • WTFParts
    WTFParts 3 months ago +215

    I thought their first album was one of the best albums of the era, however, like you said, this is one occasion where you cant seperate art from the artist. Absolute disgusting human.

    • WTFParts
      WTFParts 8 days ago +1

      @Bigclitenergy thanks:L

    • E Schur
      E Schur 9 days ago

      That’s right - absolutely disgusting human, and he deserved way more then he got. That being said - that album remains a masterpiece imo

    • Bigclitenergy
      Bigclitenergy 3 months ago +57


  • I_am_weak_ trash
    I_am_weak_ trash 3 months ago +115

    This was stomach turning. I really appreciate you making videos like this, I wish we would learn more important history like this in school. THIS is what we need to prevent. THIS is what we need to focus on

  • Josh Hoshino
    Josh Hoshino Month ago +28

    I have been abused in my past. I can say that abuse before you can talk, is very traumatizing. Nothing i say will be able to tell you what a man like this can do to your head. There is nothing worse than men and women who abuse children. It destroys them and turns them into monsters at times. I am disgusted to hear a man this bad was ignored for so long. His actions may have created waves of other horrible predators or soon to be. I nearly threw up hearing just this. I hope that all his victims will be able to grow up and hopefully live a somewhat normal life

  • Samrat Singh
    Samrat Singh 3 months ago +76

    Dahvie Vanity is also a huge culprit, Jeffrey Star was in his band Blood on the Dance Floor, the stories are pretty harrowing too.

    • i am sad
      i am sad Month ago +3

      EXACTLY who I thought about as well. Basically, side eye anyone who was one of the main acts at "Warped Tour" and no one talks about their music today. It's probably a sign

    • Edith Nackers
      Edith Nackers Month ago +13

      Just to clarify, Jeffrey Starfish wasn't in the band Blood on the Dance Floor, they were 2 separate acts that toured together on multiple occasions. You are correct that JS did call out Dahvie multiple times... Yet... Chose to keep touring with them 🤷 They are both morally bankrupt imo

  • James Martin-Davies
    James Martin-Davies 3 months ago +61

    10 years today since his incarceration. I grew up around LostProphets as a young guy. The scary thing for me as someone who’s experienced sexual abuse as a kid, I lived just two streets away from where he is currently imprisoned (Wakefield HMP). Small world, eh.

  • KitMalocchio
    KitMalocchio 6 months ago +5525

    "Officer, this man is sexually abusing 10 month old babies." - nothing
    "Officer, this man is smoking weed." - ARRESTED

    • MonaHerSelf
      MonaHerSelf 17 days ago

      @Zen Solipsist they consume CP as well. This is the reason.

    • DHGxMcFlurry
      DHGxMcFlurry Month ago

      @EZEKIEL Silence peasant

    • DHGxMcFlurry
      DHGxMcFlurry Month ago

      @EZEKIEL No

      EZEKIEL Month ago

      @DHGxMcFlurrydid you just compare criticizing the police system to racism you have to be joking lmaoo

  • Yolanda Ponkers
    Yolanda Ponkers 4 months ago +23

    I don’t know how people separate the art from the artist when every time you support the art itself you’re supporting the person who made it so good for you for not patronizing him anymore

    • byleth eisner
      byleth eisner 9 hours ago

      i understand not separating for certain things, but not for this. this is too fucked up to try and forget while listening to one of his songs. i would feel weird if i had a friend who continued listening to them

    • Joel Quick
      Joel Quick 19 days ago +5

      Well by that logic people shouldn't listen to The Beatles since Phil Spector coproduced for them. Or people shouldn't watch Pulp Fiction because Harvey Weinstein produced that.

  • Tasha Bryan
    Tasha Bryan 5 months ago +31

    Ian Watkins deserves to be in gen pop, show the big boys how manly he _really_ is. Hiding in his cell like the fucking coward he is.
    LostProphets had some banging tunes before all this shit came out. Feel for the other band members, they were the collateral damage to hide his twisted shit.
    Saw em live in Brum and Cardiff - each memory, bit of merch, autographs, burned to ash in a metal bin.

    • djc97
      djc97 2 days ago

      @nichelle kmalvous Oh they knew alright, they kept quiet because it would hurt them financially to speak up. Ian was obviously the main part of the band.
      I saw an old interview where Lost Prophets are sat on a sofa answering questions from fans. One question asked by "babygirl09" 'what's your guilty pleasure?'
      Ian's response: 'I think you just mentioned it'
      All the band members look very uncomfortable. They all knew seriously, they must have also seen him taking young girls into locked rooms. And taking drugs like meth, coke etc. You can't just not notice this stuff, they willfully turned a blind eye

    • nichelle kmalvous
      nichelle kmalvous 4 days ago

      i dont understand how they didnt know though. you spend that much time with your bandmate and you dont get any creepy vibes ever? not even a back of the mind thought? im not saying they shouldve known, but its surprising how they didnt have doubt. but maybe he was just that good at hiding it, which is even more terrifying

    WRECHORD 3 months ago +132

    I remember being 12-13 years old playing rooftops from Lostprofits on Expert, at a 100%. A few month ago, I tried to figure out why I couldn’t find the song and it tore me to shreds

    • Onett Aviator
      Onett Aviator Month ago +4

      I remember hearing them a lot in the 2000s when I was very little. And my mom has always been able to play Rooftops in the car throughout the years-- I'm assuming she must've saved it to one of her devices YEARS ago and thats how she still has such a clean copy? Because when I got older & tried to put it on my own playlist, I had trouble finding it, eventually went to rip the audio from an unofficial lyric video, and I scrolled to the comments. That was NOT a fun read.

    • Michael Belcher
      Michael Belcher Month ago +1

      this just happened to me today, i watched charlie’s video when it came out but didn’t know it was all full circle until now

    • Smonsequenses
      Smonsequenses 3 months ago +12

      I had a similar experience as I kinda stopped listening to them just before this all came out, then suddenly felt some nostalgia maybe a year ago or something and had to actually look into what happened

    DA_FLUFFFY 3 months ago +70

    This is giving me similar vibes to what happened with Jimmy Savile. I’d you haven’t seen the documentary on him on Netflix I recommend it. It was f***** what he did and how open he was with it to the public to the point that no one took him seriously even tho he made everyone around him so uncomfortable.
    The police never did anything cause he was a celebrity. At least Watkins got caught when he did. While Saville was only taken seriously after he died. Shocking that any form of abuse crimes are taken less seriously than others 😠

    • BJGvideos
      BJGvideos 2 months ago +5

      I never understood that mentality. Why would anybody treat a celebrity differently? That doesn't make any sense to me. Even fans--if anything shouldn't fans act harsher out of feeling betrayed?

  • Daniel Dorton
    Daniel Dorton 3 months ago +14

    This is such a great video Charlie! My brother was such a big lostprophets fan when he was growing up and this has brought back alot of memories for when this horrible man was brought to justice. The sad thing is I myself also enjoyed their music, listening to rooftops recently for the first time in 13 years and it sends a chill down my spine because of what he did. I even remember that all the music stores in the UK destroyed copies of lostprophets cds after he was sentenced.
    It's sad for the victims of Watkins and I feel sorry for the former fans of the band and the band members themselves because artistically they're great band.
    I was reading online that he still gets royalties from the music he made with them which in my eyes is disgusting. He shouldn't be profiting for what he did.
    I wonder what happened to the remaining band members.

  • Devil Chomps
    Devil Chomps 6 months ago +3191

    Failure to investigate serious cases like this should be labeled as an obstruction of justice and the police responsible should have their badge revoked. No excuses

    • Haitch jeethe
      Haitch jeethe 3 months ago

      @northstreet13 yeh if someone comes says this crime happend heres the evidence and they dont look at that evidence yeh jail time 100%

    • Wildfire
      Wildfire 4 months ago

      @M. I don’t know about Wales but there was some study in the 90s that found 40% of American cops were domestic abusers, so that might permeate into their poor policing behavior.

    • The Sun
      The Sun 4 months ago

      "for accusations of committing a terrorist bombing, we will suspend you with pay for the investigation"
      that is really the point we are at at society

    • gamingpotato
      gamingpotato 5 months ago

      I don't know what that means but I agree.

  • Sasha Elizabeth ☆
    Sasha Elizabeth ☆ 5 months ago +76

    Lost Prophets were my favourite band as a kid, too, and as soon as I found out about this I dropped them so fast. I don't get why anyone could know how disgusting an artist is but still support them because they "sound good". Supporting them validates them and puts them in a position of power, and buying their music etc. is just funding them/their heinous behaviour.

    • ZillyDaPunk
      ZillyDaPunk 3 months ago

      I get where youre coming from but I disagree. You can still like their music even though the lead singer was a creep. Ian Watkins wasn't the whole band.

    • ­
      ­ 3 months ago +3

      There's a concept called "separating the art from the artist". Highly suggest you look into it.

    • Wildfire
      Wildfire 4 months ago

      @William VanCourt “You shouldn’t like rotten pancakes-“ “So I shouldn’t like pancakes?!”

    • OK Jeffy
      OK Jeffy 5 months ago +9

      I mean you can like Ren and Stimpy, but you can’t like the fucking Creator.

  • John Slivinski
    John Slivinski 3 months ago +31

    Today, you earned my subscription.
    Though it's been 2 months, I think your video is particularly poignant considering what is going on right now with Twitter and Elon Musks' aggressive actions to quell child pornography that was apparently prolific on the platform before he bought it.
    I truly hope that any individual who allowed, enabled, or was silent when evidence of child abuse was occurring be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    Thank you for shedding light on a predator in an unbelievable set of circumstances, justice that was delivered "too little, too late."

    • Tyler James
      Tyler James 3 months ago +1

      Its a shame that Mollusk throws his hat into a ring with people claiming everyone that doesn't believe what they do are pedophiles, yet the same people making these accusations are the ones that keep getting outed for being pedophiles and child trafficking.

  • The Bag
    The Bag 3 months ago +60

    When I first heard about this guy I went "cmon can't be that bad" then I heard what he did and I was incredibly incorrect

    • El hurricane
      El hurricane 2 months ago +4

      My first response too. The details absolutely rocked me. I loved their music, but I haven't been able to listen to any of it since this happened.

  • Tim Page
    Tim Page 5 months ago +22

    I heard this story 4 months ago I believe on that channel you mentioned. The full story made me so mad and sick I had to pull over and take 20 minutes to calm myself down! Thank you sir for covering this story as modestly as humanly possible! Long time fan keep it up dude!

  • Caden G
    Caden G 3 months ago +28

    I love how you use your platform to bring attention to stuff like this. You basically gave trigger warnings, but explicitly stating them might help some people skip over the really brutal stuff.

  • SuperXavier
    SuperXavier 6 months ago +4357

    i used to listen to this band growing up, after this video im just sitting here in silence this was a hard video to listen to

    • Floppa Gaming
      Floppa Gaming 6 months ago

      I feel you man.

    • Deathmare
      Deathmare 6 months ago

      @H1NA-ZAK1 it’s more unique

    • Deathmare
      Deathmare 6 months ago

      @Bottle H I meant that it’s not the same old bot it’s a bit more unique at least

    • H1NA-ZAK1
      H1NA-ZAK1 6 months ago

      @Deathmare 🤨

    • Krissyd215
      Krissyd215 6 months ago +1

      Saaaame! I'm seriously in shock, I never knew any of this. They were one of the first rock bands I really listened to before getting into heavier stuff. Absolutely disgusted by this

  • triciaboo
    triciaboo 2 months ago +13

    Something similar happened with the Jared from subway case. The woman kept taking stuff in, getting ignored, then compiling heavy evidence and I think she even got in trouble at first too.

  • Bob Flemmet
    Bob Flemmet 3 months ago +35

    These kinds of people protect their own, so I hope that after it all came out, that the authorities who ignored evidence for so long were also investigated

  • English Infidel
    English Infidel Month ago +11

    I'm surprised there's not more calling out of his fellow band members. You can't tell me they didn't know what he was up to but chose to ignore it.

    • Jordyback
      Jordyback 5 days ago

      I can understand that they’d probably all successfully decline as a band, but I absolutely can not condone it

  • You Tuberson
    You Tuberson 4 months ago +12

    Lostprophets was my favorite band as a kid ever since I heard "To Hell We Ride" on NFSU2. One day I looked up Ian on google images to show my mom his hair when I saw all these articles about court dates, accusation, etc. I was absolutely crushed. Devastated. I still struggle with feeling comfortable listening to the old music. The music is soooo good and I've NEVER heard another band like Lostprophets but I can't hear his voice without thinking about what a monster he is.
    If anyone cares, Stu, Lee and Mike (bassist and guitarists) have teamed up with Geoff Rickley from Thursday and are playing music as No Devotion. Really good stuff.

  • Sara
    Sara 3 months ago +29

    I ended up stumbling upon Lost Prophets when their 1st album dropped, however I wasn't that big into the band. I didn't hear about Ian until maybe 2015 looking up their music because I had one of their songs stuck in my head. Really sad and messed up. It's one of those things where it's really hard to separate the art from the artist for me.

    • Sara
      Sara 3 months ago +1

      @Desmond Dolan I agree, even though I have a hard time listening to R. Kelly.

    • Desmond Dolan
      Desmond Dolan 3 months ago +5

      Especially in this case. I hate R. Kelly with a passion, but I still love his song "I Believe I Can Fly"; it's inspirational. Maybe just listen to a song cover, instead
      But Ian is so far removed from being humane. Listening to Lost Prophets now might just be impossible

  • ImmortalBP
    ImmortalBP 6 months ago +15238

    the women who gave their children to him knowing what he would do are just as evil. actually some of the women participated in those atrocious acts, they are just as if not more evil. sickening

    • Me Hoy Minoy
      Me Hoy Minoy Month ago

      @Kylo Ren's Anus usually in the Uk the only serve half their sentence in prison and the rest on house arrest, so he could be a lot younger when he gets out, it could just be four more years until he’s free…

      YOUR BUDDI 2 months ago

      10:31 10:33 10:34 10:36

      YOUR BUDDI 2 months ago

      10:06 10:11 10: 10 10:12

      YOUR BUDDI 2 months ago


      YOUR BUDDI 2 months ago

      7: 8:20

  • Lavender Llama
    Lavender Llama 5 months ago +8

    I learned about his crimes against humanity back in 2020 after awhile of not bothering to (because of everyone saying how disturbing and sick it was). I recall reading an article about a bandmate punching him backstage from being fed up with his carelessness (running off to do drugs, missing rehearsals, showing up late to gigs, etc.) and the bandmate stated that, had he known about the crimes, he should've done him worse than just a punch

  • Dylan Guernsey
    Dylan Guernsey 2 months ago +1

    I respect you so much for being able to hold your own words to standard, you separate comedy from seriousness in these cases and let everyone see how genuinely heartbreaking this shit is. I will not read into these particular cases because then articles tend to be that formula and its nauseating. I try to stick to skateboarding and gaming articles, but I appreciate your take on the evil out there. 🤙 now I gotta watch a funny video of yours to clear that scary info.

  • Slunky Jones
    Slunky Jones 13 days ago +2

    Doing it for the “mega lols” is actually fking hysterical. That’s like a certain German painter saying he did it all for the vine right at the end

  • Keena Lawrence
    Keena Lawrence 5 months ago +5

    I followed this story too. I was also a huge fan and I actually met Ian waaay back in the day. I can say that he was definitely very strange, but I was too young to realize it at the time. I can’t even listen to their music anymore because it reminds me of only this. I remember reading the actual court documents and literally feeling sick. The case was still in some way open just a few years ago because they were hoping more people would come forward across the UK and the US, as well as possibly some other countries. He is definitely the absolute worst as far as this goes anyway.

  • Vexzed
    Vexzed 21 day ago +3

    Ian Watkins is truly a monster. The music separated out was the soundtrack to our teenage summers. Now I can't bring myself to listen to it. I feel so bad for the rest of the band having to be associated with that.

  • Zeke Salazar
    Zeke Salazar 6 months ago +2470

    How he was able to keep roaming around freely while basically screaming he's abusing kids is beyond me.

    • p h
      p h 3 months ago +1

      @Hunter Vonnegut your band probably sucks a lot if you need to promote it in a video about a serious subject.

    • Hunter Vonnegut
      Hunter Vonnegut 6 months ago

      *Looking for new badass music from an artist who DOESN'T molest kids?... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*

    • Dan
      Dan 6 months ago +1

      If he said mean things on twitter the would have booted down his door and he'd be in jail forever. Child abuse is rife in the UK but the police don't care or are too scared to act.

    • ItzMalick
      ItzMalick 6 months ago

      Yo fam I’m a small content creator, and I make a variety of entertaining reactions, vlogs, and a range of other content and I’m still working On quality but I guarantee you will find something you will enjoy 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Berni Fitzsimmons
    Berni Fitzsimmons 5 months ago +4

    For context I don’t know how big they were in the US but here in the UK they were absolutely huge. Massive touring cycles, selling countless albums and I personally know a lot of people who loved them, had their posters on their bedroom walls and who were inspired to play music because of this band.
    I feel sorry for the rest of the band - they have to live with this disgusting stink following them around for the rest of their lives.
    How someone could be this fucking evil is beyond me.

  • Alucus
    Alucus 5 months ago +5

    I was just like you Charlie, I loved this band so much back in the day. So when the news dropped I was stunned and disgusted beyond belief. Hearing their songs made me want to vomit. Especially songs like rooftops, hearing those lyrics and the music video, which was meant to help bring attention and awareness of child abuse victims, hearing that come out of that putrid filthy monsters mouth knowing what he had done made me sick to my stomach.

  • Wee Lass Reacts
    Wee Lass Reacts Month ago +4

    I was so HEARTBROKEN! I loved Lost Prophets!! And if it had been another member of the band maybe I would still have listened to their songs, but the fact it was the LEAD SINGER.
    Like I can't hear the voice in the songs now without feeling sick.

  • Omen dium
    Omen dium 2 months ago +2

    I read the full sentencing, that is the first time in a long while that sentencing remarks have actually made me tear up. This has to be the most disgusting and deprived case of SA and R and Child SA that I have read. Absolutely sickening and I felt a genuine kick to the gut after reading it. What monsters. Him and the two mothers. Being from England I’ve heard about this guy before but I was too young when the sentencing was going on. I believe my parents will know more about him but nevertheless, being much older now to understand this case is saddening. This is one, if not the sickest case I have read.

  • Dominic Dudebro MTL
    Dominic Dudebro MTL 3 months ago +7

    This is far too common... I remember seeing a documentary about wu-tang and there's a short 4-5 second clip where method man comes out of an elevator with two very young teenage girls in a headlock, they're laughing nervously and he spits at the camera, walks to and unlocks his door and pushes the girls inside before giving the finger to the camera. I mean, I've seen similar stuff over and over again in all genres of music. It's really disturbing.

  • Brendan
    Brendan 6 months ago +4148

    I wish nothing but pain and suffering upon those parents who willingly gave their children to that monster knowing full well what he was going to do to them. That is one of the most despicable and disgusting things anyone could do

    • Puglife Forever
      Puglife Forever 25 days ago

      You wish pain upon being who are cleaning hurting?

  • Beatrix Jones
    Beatrix Jones 5 months ago +6

    I subscribed after watching this video. You really did a wonderful job of describing how awful this was without glorifying his sick behavior. I commend you 💯
    If people aren’t made aware of just how much evil really exists out there they will continue to deny it and pretend it’s not happening.

  • Miles Ehrlich
    Miles Ehrlich 3 months ago +5

    I used to work for child protective services doing investigations. Unfortunately I have sat in forensic interviews where children are disclosing to abuse very similar to this. There are monsters in this world and they prey on children every single day. Men and women like this ruin lives of young innocent babies and it happens all over the world. The world must know and understand this and the details of these cases. Our justice system must change to support children and seriously punish the offenders that let these children be harmed.

  • S'up
    S'up 3 months ago +23

    It's so strange that the common thread in all of these types of cases, is a police force not doing their job.

  • BottleCapDave
    BottleCapDave 2 months ago +17

    It is very sad that the other band members hard work and memories are ruined by this. I cant listen to the music without thinking about what he has done.

  • YouthMinister
    YouthMinister 2 months ago +2

    My band was on warped tour with these guys back in 2012. I remember eating lunch with them a few times in the catering tent. Dude seemed totally normal. Fucking crazy to hear about what he did.

  • Chainsaw Lizard
    Chainsaw Lizard 6 months ago +9142

    "serial child sexual abuser"
    I dont think you can put four words together that would make anyone more hateable than this

      EZEKIEL Month ago

      @addisonwho tf knows ppl went from talking about the video to queer ppl it’s weird how the community is brought up in things completely unrelated to it

      EZEKIEL Month ago

      @A N Cdo you have any specific reason

    • Cherd Nad
      Cherd Nad Month ago

      Are people taking this seriously? It's kinda more funny that a lot of people are triggered by a 4 letter word joke lmao.

  • faaa cita
    faaa cita 5 months ago +1

    thank you for using your platform to inform these things. I had absolutely no idea and now I'm more than disgusted, but this case needs to be reminded. how awful are the authorities to just look over this?! I'm fucking horrified and angry

  • Squishy 369
    Squishy 369 5 months ago +11

    November 2012 I went to see them with my step sister and mum at the engine shed (small venue) I loved it, he even came down and took mine and my step sisters giant glow sticks. Sometime through the set, a 14 year old girl had passed out, she was pushed up to the railings and he instructed the security to help the people round her to lift her over the rails and take her back stage, we thought it was jokes when he said "looks like sleeping beauty, maybe a kiss will wake her up... Later" we didn't know anything till it came out that she was a victim and did give evidence. I still think about this 🥺

  • Kat Man Chince
    Kat Man Chince Month ago

    I genuinely love that you are bringing these dark stories to light this shite needs to be known, herd and learned from.

  • God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home

    I so appreciate you for this. There is definitely not enough coverage on this one, or these crimes in general.

  • Doomed AllWeAre
    Doomed AllWeAre Month ago +3

    i remember learing about him not too long ago when i had one of those "i wonder what happened to the bands i used to listen to as a teenager" and i was shocked. wasn't a big fan of the band so i didn't follow their news but liked them enough to still remember the bands name and some of those songs.

  • Miles Hill
    Miles Hill 6 months ago +4459

    Holy shit, the fact that he doesn’t see what he did wrong there is a giant indication that he should not be let out.

    • Dark Lord Sauron
      Dark Lord Sauron 2 months ago

      If this happened in Sweden he would have gotten like 12 years lmao

    • Loco Donahue
      Loco Donahue 5 months ago +4

      We need to send a clear message that justice will be served by the citizens if the system fails. No predator should feel safe.

    • Hunter Vonnegut
      Hunter Vonnegut 6 months ago

      *Looking for new badass music from an artist who DOESN'T molest kids?.. Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*

    • Ikesquad 10204
      Ikesquad 10204 6 months ago +2

      @Dalion Heart You’re talking about the telegraph dude right? I’m not tryna be a Karen but I’m pretty sure that’s blatantly a scam and aren’t supposed to be on Clip-Share

  • Zachary360
    Zachary360 4 months ago +5

    I remember learning about this when I was listening to an alternative rock radio station. Someone requested their songs and the host said “no way in hell”. Got me curious so I did some googling and was horrified!

  • Collins Sotryn
    Collins Sotryn 5 months ago +2

    If anyone wants an in depth report on this whole case, dreading (crime and psychology) also did a video on him that goes into quite a bit of detail. Charlie isn't exaggerating about how unbelievably depraved that man truly was.

  • Bikerless and happy
    Bikerless and happy 3 months ago +10

    I don't know how I could have been so ignorant,thinking that not making research about your idols out of respect for their privacy ( as if I was ever going to meet them ) they were one of my favorite bands back in the day too! And now you are one of my favorite channels since today. I'll make sure to make my research on you though lol.
    Great video !

  • Billy B
    Billy B 5 months ago +2

    From a strictly musical perspective, I have no doubt that Start Something would be considered a minor classic album today if Watkins wasn't a monster.
    If it helps, it's worth remembering that those records could not have been created by Watkins alone. It needed the input of all the members. But then, I guess people can't be blamed for not wanting to listen to them, as it was the charismatic frontman who turned out to be pure evil

  • Brian Lentz
    Brian Lentz Month ago +2

    Damn this video made me sad all over again. I fucking loved Lostprophets growing up. Ian Watkins tarnished everything the band had accomplished and thinking about it again just hits me right in the childhood... and not in a good way.
    Definitely saw the title and thumbnail and my first thought went straight to Watkins and was like "there is no way Charlie is talking about him."

  • Yvette Bowles
    Yvette Bowles 6 months ago +2144

    This dude should have gotten life without the possibility of parole. This type of person won't change once he's out.

    • Denzel Ortiz
      Denzel Ortiz Month ago

      @gary bourton I doubt that any of their parents even care about them, given the choices they've made that led to Watkins.

    • The wanderer
      The wanderer Month ago

      @Jojobod not even just keeping the population safe the goal of prison should not be to punish your right there too bad we don't focus on rehabilitation ... There was a reason a slang word for prison is con college

    • The wanderer
      The wanderer Month ago

      @A Series of Unfortunate Serpents incorrect... Euthanasia

    • The wanderer
      The wanderer Month ago

      @The Enigma the one who actually committed the crime is easily the more disgusting one how could you not figure that I mean sure both are bad but one is very obviously worse then the other

  • Shadowstar
    Shadowstar 5 months ago +3

    I can relate to having something you love turn out to have been created by a sick pig. It hurts. It feels like betrayal.

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith Month ago +3

    This was so sad, I grew up on lostprophets, I loved shinobi vs dragon ninja and the second album, granted the third go a bit emo, but then this happened and I was just floored. I saw the title and the picture and knew about it from darn near 20 years ago. It was a good album for the time.

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith Month ago

      Snap well moist-man im surprised you also enjoyed losrproohets, can’t even get the music off apple anymore, you’re right the acts are horrific

  • OglopFabool
    OglopFabool 19 days ago +1

    I’ve listen to most of that court case, and my god, it just kept getting worse and worse. It’s so sickening. This was an absolutely horrific failure of humanity in so many different ways. From the mothers, to the bands silence, to justice system and cops, and so many other people. It’s up there on one of the worst things to listen to and I regret trying to finish it. I just kept thinking it was going to stop, but it never did.
    Don’t ruin your mind for that.

  • Sydney Huff
    Sydney Huff 4 months ago +3

    God I can’t bear to look it up but I hope that baby is in a loving home now. I hope all the victims are getting the love and support they deserve.
    I’m not even a mom but I couldn’t imagine holding a baby and trying to hurt them. I hope the guards piss in his food every day.

  • SahharBM
    SahharBM 3 months ago +9

    I had the cursed decision to read the details of the case, especially the 10-month old child bit. I'm still scarred years later.

  • Kyle Roberts
    Kyle Roberts 6 months ago +2029

    I have an 11 month old daughter and she's my entire world. This video almost makes me cry... That dude only got 35 years? But marijuana "offenders" are serving life still? What?

    • Jane slater
      Jane slater 2 days ago

      Marijuana is legal is some european countries like holland

    • Mitch Reece
      Mitch Reece 17 days ago


    • weezarddd__
      weezarddd__ 29 days ago

      Bless both you & your daughter. I hope both of you stay safe.

  • Chameleon Halo
    Chameleon Halo 5 months ago +2

    This brought back a memory, they toured in 2006. There was an opening band that I went to go see. I was the last person in the parking lot with the tour buses still there. The drummer from the opening band came out and started to shoot the shit with me until my friends came and picked me up. I am now looking back at that memory with oh shit, was he not just saying hi but rather making sure the monster stayed in his bus?

  • Moon Rose
    Moon Rose 5 months ago +1

    I’ve noticed in the videos of yours I have seen, the audio of clips you use tends to be a lot quieter than your own recording. It can be a bit disruptive. Anyway, thanks for talking about issues like this; it’s best to not forget horrors like this.

  • SaarphireTTV
    SaarphireTTV 17 days ago

    For me, this also was absolutely unbelievable. Just like you, I was a LostProphets fan, although it wasn't my favorite band. Just a band, I really liked listening to.
    Interesting, I just listened to "Rooftops" yesterday, and now this video showed up on my feed.
    They also had an awesome cover of "Cry me a river" by Justin Timberlake.

  • Fall Senseless
    Fall Senseless Month ago +2

    as someone who couldn't believe someone would do this and read some parts of it, you are 100% correct about not reading. it gets really bad and I had to stop, was at shock that this happened and the fact that I never knew about this until recently.

  • TheGreenArrow82
    TheGreenArrow82 3 months ago +14

    Man I wish someone did a in depth investigation into wire the "authorities" and I use that term very loosely did nothing that’s absolutely disgusting. The SouthWales police department needs to bell accountable

  • S MW
    S MW 6 months ago +2452

    I’m horrified that people like him aren’t thrown in prison for life… like… we need to put stronger punishment against these monsters.

    • Hunter Vonnegut
      Hunter Vonnegut 6 months ago

      *Looking for new badass music from an artist who DOESN'T molest kids?... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*

    • SilverFlame819
      SilverFlame819 6 months ago

      @Krissy Meow Exactly what I meant, but didn't want to get muted on YT for speaking my mind, like I have been on every other platform. *lol*

    • Krissy Meow
      Krissy Meow 6 months ago +1

      ​@rivka He shouldn't be given the opportunity to grow old.

    • SilverFlame819
      SilverFlame819 6 months ago +1

      I'm horrified that we waste space in the prison on them in the first place! Problems like that can be solved instantly. >:(

  • bportery
    bportery 5 months ago +2

    this one hit hard. they passed out samples of their album at eisenberg skatepark like 20 years ago. i listened to it all the time. cut a few years later down the road, lookin up their music to have a jam sesh and see they had charges brought on the singer for pedophilia. had to scrub the hard drives clean of all their music

  • Meaghan Edwards
    Meaghan Edwards 13 hours ago

    Keep doing what you do, dude.

  • Jesse Nunez
    Jesse Nunez 3 months ago +21

    Nothing disgusts me more than people like Ian Watkins. I seriously wish they got something worse than a prison sentence.

    • A Human
      A Human Month ago

      Bring back firing squads.

  • Add Herre
    Add Herre 5 months ago +2

    It's great you brought it up. I am not a fan of theirs but I do like a song by them, The Town of Hypocrisy. It sickened me when I found out how sick of a person he was and the law officers who ignored those cries for help.

  • Matt Cook
    Matt Cook 3 months ago +15

    I was beyond shocked when this news broke too. I loved this band growing up.

  • Jared Dines
    Jared Dines 6 months ago +2291

    I LOVED lostprophets... when this came out I was in shock for days.

    • Da Moose
      Da Moose 6 months ago

      @Sterling Archer haha what?

    • Angry VideoGame Nerd
      Angry VideoGame Nerd 6 months ago

      Jared 🥰

    • Sterling Archer
      Sterling Archer 6 months ago

      @Hunter Vonnegut Sounds like they think technical = good. No thanks.

    • Sterling Archer
      Sterling Archer 6 months ago

      @Adam BONESAW That's not what he said though. You're the one making it weird, which makes me wonder what the reasoning is.

    • Sterling Archer
      Sterling Archer 6 months ago

      @Da Moose Calm down there, I know your livelihood is giving too much of a shit what inconsequential things Clip-Sharers do on their own time, but you gotta take it easy bubbie.

  • stealthis
    stealthis 5 months ago +12

    It's sad that everybody in the band paid for the crimes of ONE person. Imagine all that time and effort into making music and building this band and then it melting down and being ostracized. I wish they could have gone forward without him.

  • Corvy952
    Corvy952 8 days ago

    As a former lostprophets fan, I feel your pain Charlie

  • Pink Ladiibug
    Pink Ladiibug 2 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this, I had never even heard of this guy

  • Amy Pennebacker
    Amy Pennebacker 23 days ago

    I saw the title and I unfortunately knew exactly who it was about. It's shocking that people like him can exist in the world.

  • Nekromanda
    Nekromanda 3 months ago +10

    Man, I used to love Lostprophets. When I learned about this dude's crimes, I felt so nauseous. And haven't been able to listen to any of their music since. It's so fucked that people like that exist out there.

  • masoon's room
    masoon's room 6 months ago +1950

    imagine being the ex and being charged with possessing that shit after numerous attempts at holding ian accountable. probably the most justice system thing ever.

    • SophieDrachen
      SophieDrachen 5 months ago

      @Pages of Dawn I know who that is, I believe that's Fearne Cotton.
      Another one of his exes went to the police about him and the sorts of depraved fantasies he had, whether they took her evidence into account, I'm not sure, but they bloody well have had.
      Edit: Sorry, in the original comments I got the names confused with each other, the other ex was named Johanna.

    • Cadia Stands
      Cadia Stands 6 months ago +1

      @Thunder Chunky I clearly underestimated the uk💀

    • Thunder Chunky
      Thunder Chunky 6 months ago +1

      @Cadia Stands Yeah that's happened hundreds of times here too. In the UK you will be arrested and jailed, for a very long time, if you hit a burglar with a baseball bat.

    • Cadia Stands
      Cadia Stands 6 months ago

      @Thunder Chunky that’s where your wrong for example there are 2 brothers(forgot their name) they were sa by their father and killed him and the judge have them 30 YEARS

  • Aims
    Aims 3 months ago +4

    One of the mothers was from my town, it was horrific to hear about when it all unfolded. I'd grown up to Lostprophets too and it was so devastating.

  • EmptyCraze253
    EmptyCraze253 3 months ago +16

    As someone who's not usually disturbed by much, I appreciate you not showing their vids.

  • Miguel’s Musical Mayhem
    Miguel’s Musical Mayhem 3 months ago +6

    I was also a huge fan of LP but the moment I heard about the arrest I was in shock and couldn’t believe it. I read the evidence and haven’t listened to them since but I feel bad for the band members who have to be associated with him.