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  • Published on Nov 8, 2022 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 0

  • OfflineTV
    OfflineTV  10 months ago +8523

    who's the biggest scaredy cat in otv?

    • Astradenix
      Astradenix 10 months ago +839

      Feel I'm a bit early, Haven't watched the vid yet but- I'd say Lily
      After watching the video it's between Sydney, Toast and Jodi

    • NinjaMKDJ
      NinjaMKDJ 10 months ago +168

      Haven't watched it yet but probably Lily.

    • puffy
      puffy 10 months ago +236

      havent finished vid but without a doubt lily i am very wrong it feels more like toast...

    • Astradenix
      Astradenix 10 months ago +16

      @NinjaMKDJ Pft- Same guess

    • MidnightSky
      MidnightSky 10 months ago +21

      I have to say lily and jodi

  • Dylan Tran
    Dylan Tran 10 months ago +17742

    Michael having the delay before realizing that the person by him was in fact not Syd was hilarious

    • Ronalee Lopiga
      Ronalee Lopiga 10 months ago +550

      He was loading XD There was lag

    • Faye
      Faye 10 months ago +460

      14:11 😂

    • SprintIce
      SprintIce 10 months ago +266

      Number 15: G R E G

    • coffeegirl18
      coffeegirl18 10 months ago +41

      See that's what I'm scared of

    • Sern Vulk
      Sern Vulk 10 months ago +290

      Whoever was the clown definitely looked like he couldn't hold his act together after that too. lol

  • Syd :)
    Syd :) 10 months ago +7024

    Syd is like the best person a scare actor could get hahahah, shes like giving them names and making jokes and interacting with them a lot but also SCREAMING AS LOUD AS SHE CAN the second one of them moves or gets too close and thats awesome.

    • KQJ_Diya007
      KQJ_Diya007 9 months ago +27


    • caitlinjane92
      caitlinjane92 8 months ago +182

      I guess that's why the one clown behind the garage was specifically asking to see Sydney, LOL!

    • Princess cherry
      Princess cherry 7 months ago +116

      omg is this why scare actors seem to “pick on me” when i go through haunted houses? i’m the same way as syd, i get nervous & chatty 🥹

    • I'm Just a Guy
      I'm Just a Guy 7 months ago +88

      sydney fucking killed this whole video. main character, total joy to watch

    • I'm Just a Guy
      I'm Just a Guy 7 months ago +3

      @caitlinjane92 FOR THE CONTENT

  • Ethala
    Ethala 10 months ago +7510

    "Cheryl" is absolutely KILLING IT with being iconically terrifying. she looks like a legit demon whenever the camera picks up on her.

    • Cyphule
      Cyphule 10 months ago +179

      Feels properly like Outlast

    • Ser Vantes
      Ser Vantes 10 months ago +142

      She was my favorite

    • unlucky lizard
      unlucky lizard 10 months ago +142

      sheryl is what my mind thinks is standing behind me whenever I have to go to the basement to do laundry at night 😦

    • Nakynie
      Nakynie 10 months ago +17

      Totally! So menacing

    • Robert dragon
      Robert dragon 10 months ago +26

      I kinda wish that they had the flashlight at that point , was curious on how each looked in lighting not the thermal

  • Mr. Thiccboi
    Mr. Thiccboi 10 months ago +3280

    Not gonna lie, the shot of the clowns standing together by the garage at 37:33 is awsome. Props to all the actors in this they did amazingly.

    • Cyrus
      Cyrus 10 months ago +62

      I never thought clowns could look this cool

    • YUM
      YUM 10 months ago +50

      "We ain't no jesters. We're clowns"

    • SpectralKnight
      SpectralKnight Month ago +2

      I wish we got to see more of the top hat guy

  • g.j.
    g.j. 9 months ago +3639

    i love Michaels fear humor, Top 10 Scariest Clowns, Number 15, Greg

    • Ørbit
      Ørbit 9 months ago +81

      One of the funniest jokes Michael said 😂

    • firstraptor
      firstraptor 9 months ago +48


    • Alice
      Alice 8 months ago +63

      Number 14: shipping container clown

    • Isaac Rodolfo
      Isaac Rodolfo 5 months ago +6

      That’s so funny

    • Shreyan
      Shreyan 3 months ago +11

      ​@Alice Number 13: Greg's brother Paralyphotosynthesis squirrel

  • Jay Cab
    Jay Cab 10 months ago +3434

    36:42 Hilarious how the clown just casually walks up to Lily and scares the shit out of her to a perfectly cut scream hahaha 😂

    • M
      M 10 months ago +84

      YESS that was my favorite part of the video 🤣🤣

    • Calcifer Jenkins
      Calcifer Jenkins 10 months ago +49

      That part was cracking me up 😂😂

    • 수아!
      수아! 4 months ago +15

      One thing that's for sure is that Brodin always does his best to get the perfectly cut lilypichu scream,, spreading the gremlin agenda

    • combatwombat37
      combatwombat37 3 months ago +5

      Greg 😮

  • Spooky
    Spooky 10 months ago +5498

    The Michael-Syd combo never fails to be complete chaos and absolutely hilarious

    • SwampyGaming
      SwampyGaming 10 months ago +176

      “Top 10 Scariest Clowns: Number 15: Greg”
      I’m dead 😂

    • Sam Kavanagh
      Sam Kavanagh 10 months ago +3

      Hey look another comment about micheal 💀

    • Morgan 🦋
      Morgan 🦋 10 months ago +62

      @Sam Kavanagh is it a bad thing for him to have fans? The comment mentions syd as well

    • Wesley Patterson
      Wesley Patterson 10 months ago +19

      Micheal is chaotic evil and Syd is chaotic good, it's a match made in hell

    • Duck.
      Duck. 10 months ago +5

      @Sam Kavanagh what most long term otv fans like you don't realize is that Michael is the most popular on youtube out of all of them, and most of OTVs new subs since he joined only subscribed for Michael. There's a reason when he joing OTV started growing much quicker.

  • Minjae1995
    Minjae1995 10 months ago +3061

    Best part of the vid is at 28:30 when lily yells at michael to raise his hand and he immediately raises his hand out of fear 😂 😂

    • Sydahnee
      Sydahnee 10 months ago +143


    • Clara Yu
      Clara Yu 10 months ago +132


    • Wooden
      Wooden 10 months ago +62

      So rumors about Lily bullies Michael is true…

    • Amy
      Amy 9 months ago +18

      Also Lily pushes Michael to go with Sydney 😂

  • bigdayafan
    bigdayafan 10 months ago +1297

    I freaking love Sydney, god dang pure comedy, confidence peak, legit ready to fight their friends and that move she did when Hugsy walked back disappointed. She freaking sneaked up behind them like a boss, took the car battery and started booking it when she got a good hold on the thing. SYDNEY IS LOWKEY BOSS

  • Megan Renee
    Megan Renee 10 months ago +828

    As a former scare actor, Offline is exactly the type of group I would absolutely love scaring and interacting with 😂

  • Paul Xiong
    Paul Xiong 10 months ago +660

    Round of applause to the cameraman running back and forth behind everyone as they run from one place to another.

  • borabunny
    borabunny 10 months ago +735

    john being so jumpy was consistently the highlight of this video

  • Antonella Riffo
    Antonella Riffo 10 months ago +6510

    As a scare actor, i love when people just give us names and stories and they interact like that. it makes the whole experience so much fun both for you guys and for the peopled scaring. loved the video!

    • T Rose Fayers
      T Rose Fayers 10 months ago +345

      yesss scare acting is so much more fun when people interact and give us personalities!!

    • G K
      G K 10 months ago +299

      I acted in a haunted house this year and was in the same section as a girl in a bloody wedding dress. The amount of people who went "so your (their friends name)'s wife then?" Or said to me "so your the groom?"

    • felili 🐢
      felili 🐢 10 months ago +268

      when Sydney said that she went to college with one of the clowns I died

    • Biencuit
      Biencuit 10 months ago +27

      trust me, im a scare actor

    • Dysani
      Dysani 10 months ago +35

      Now im disappointed I didn't go to a haunted house this year 😭never been since I hate horror but being in friends in this scenario sounds so fun

  • Meid
    Meid 10 months ago +1984

    I was laughing so hard at them driving away with Michael on the trunk🤣🤣🤣😭😭 40:54

    • Crystal Crown
      Crystal Crown 10 months ago +54


    • Its Asteria
      Its Asteria 10 months ago +27


    • BILLANO, Jeylour G
      BILLANO, Jeylour G 10 months ago +57

      He looked like the bugged character in the game

    • Wealthy Bean
      Wealthy Bean 10 months ago +3

      Fr 😂

    • DestroyerRy
      DestroyerRy 10 months ago +21

      The weird part is when the car pulls out of the garage Michael isn't on it... then it cuts to where he is

  • Dqyto
    Dqyto 10 months ago +419

    michael saying ' Guys you might wanna see this' makes me laugh 24/7 lmfao

  • Amy
    Amy 9 months ago +195

    Syd and Michael were such a great comedic duo. I WAS DYING 😂

  • toxic.pink
    toxic.pink 10 months ago +315

    Syd is the hero that makes it to the end of the movie being brave and saving everyone. Jodi is the final girl we love watching get scared and survive.

    • Elias Ghosn
      Elias Ghosn 9 months ago +33

      lily is just the serial killer plot twist

  • Martha
    Martha 8 months ago +162

    Really appreciate Syd telling Cheryl that she’s putting the boards back. A nice warning to the actor.

  • treatergol
    treatergol 10 months ago +4941

    I love how Lily is really scared when playing horror games and Toast barely gets scared when playing horror games but when irl Lily is calm and Toast is super scared

    • Galen Smith
      Galen Smith 10 months ago +297

      Lily is more invested in the game. She understands that they won’t try anything irl

    • Nad Ya
      Nad Ya 10 months ago +334

      Naah man toast is scared af when playing horror theme games lol. He just didn't scream like other people do lol

    • Unknown Person
      Unknown Person 10 months ago +187

      @Galen Smith lily was also a scare actor at the other Halloween vid one. So she understands how it works

    • Luffzx
      Luffzx 10 months ago +35

      Idk if you even watch toast playing horror games cuz that man gets terrified

    • Morgan Junghans
      Morgan Junghans 6 months ago +6

      The way he was grabbing her arm when they got scared🤣🤣

  • taliaa
    taliaa 9 months ago +117

    The ending with Syd playing with Greg was so wholesome and cute, yet terrifying because of the head turn

  • Snapper_Maelstrom
    Snapper_Maelstrom 10 months ago +357

    the slow but increasing looks of fear and terror on Jodi & John's face as Syd explained the container encounter was top tier cinema

  • Eddis
    Eddis 10 months ago +93

    Personal favorite moments:
    Michael: **sees Toast running solo back to the garage** Where the fuck is Lily?!?
    Sydney: How's the dating scene? I know it's rough out here in LA, isn't it. Real tough stuff.
    Cheryl: 😈🔪
    Naming the clowns Cheryl, Greg, and Original Greg.

  • DLA
    DLA 10 months ago +196

    toast and scarra was the best pair LMAO
    "but we don't want people to think were pussies right"
    "but we are"
    "like rush hour"
    "okokokok.....am i chris tucker??"

  • buffy bones
    buffy bones 10 months ago +184

    i love how when they realized the clown wasn’t greg they were immediately untrustworthy

  • Numbers
    Numbers 10 months ago +2477

    Michael coming out and saying "Oh shit! You're not Sydney" was the highlight. I watched it so many times😂

  • Sable M
    Sable M 5 months ago +36

    Syd and Michael always deliver such great content both individually and even more when they’re paired up😂

  • izzi!
    izzi! 10 months ago +268

    John not missing a single jump is 10/10 entertainment

  • Trixie Fleur Dologmandin
    Trixie Fleur Dologmandin 3 months ago +16

    This was hilarious but Michael looking for Lily immediately after seeing Toast running back alone was very sweet.

  • Rai Zed
    Rai Zed 10 months ago +319

    Syd and Jodi trying to be brave and then Lily just destroyed them with a laugh lol

  • Su goii
    Su goii 10 months ago +446

    "Keys? Where the fuck are they?"
    Lily's scream made my day also 😆😂

    • NALU_ N.L
      NALU_ N.L 10 months ago +7

      🤣🤣such a perfect cut

  • CaitiCatra
    CaitiCatra 10 months ago +5981

    Sydney and Michael naming the clowns is so hilarious to me for no reason

    • Kylee Gosney
      Kylee Gosney 10 months ago +218

      All my homies love Greg

    • noobarta
      noobarta 10 months ago +142

      15:19 Yep Cheryl right there and other was greg

    • BigDooby
      BigDooby 10 months ago +181

      “Oh wow you can zoom in and look it’s fucken Cherylll”😂😂

    • cryzallia
      cryzallia 10 months ago +21


  • Alli
    Alli 10 months ago +243

    Sydney befriending the clowns is my favorite thing ever

  • xombirific horofed
    xombirific horofed 10 months ago +246

    Best moment in my opinion is when Michael realize it wasn't Sydney 14:10

  • Samuel Tan
    Samuel Tan 10 months ago +419

    Michael: "Is all well, ground team? Over"
    Michael: "They're good"
    *cuts to them surrounded by clowns and more screams*

  • Tevin Coburn
    Tevin Coburn 10 months ago +498

    39:43 The camera guy smiling got me 😂😂

    • Triangular Chica
      Triangular Chica 9 months ago +13

      No way XDDDD didn't see that at first

    • Lost_Illusionist
      Lost_Illusionist 9 months ago +12

      Like i thought he was about to scare em

    • 04Rielle_Boo
      04Rielle_Boo 5 months ago +13

      Same camera man who almost fell on his knees laughing cause of Michael and Syd at 15:35

  • TheRealOatmeal
    TheRealOatmeal 10 months ago +82

    honestly my favourite thing during this video was watching the cameramen smile and laugh as well. They don‘t get nearly enough love!

    • Akatsuki_ mf
      Akatsuki_ mf 3 months ago

      I'd like to like this comment, but it's at 69 so....

  • PlasmaCat
    PlasmaCat 10 months ago +2359

    What a fun watch, Syd and Michael always make for a good duo with how competitive they both are. I appreciate Scarra trying to scam the others. That Cheryl was creepy AF.

  • Package_Streams
    Package_Streams 10 months ago +80

    I love the production quality Brodin brings. Phenomenal. And great work to everyone that helps out

  • TheAverage Kid
    TheAverage Kid 9 months ago +223

    Imagine if they made a movie like this funny and horror at the same time I would pay to watch that

    • Scruffy3249
      Scruffy3249 8 months ago +7

      horror comedy is a real sub-genre

  • Noname_75
    Noname_75 9 months ago +487

    36:52 THE CUTSCREAM OF LILY OMFG it made me laugh so hard

  • Lucyfericent
    Lucyfericent 10 months ago +45

    I want Syd, Michael and Lily on my team... Even when scared they got the job done.

  • Daraba-San
    Daraba-San 10 months ago +229

    😂 watching John get jump-scared by the same garage bangs the whole video had my dyingg lol homie got a full workout frm that

  • im sleepy
    im sleepy 10 months ago +3313

    Contrary to most opinions, Lily turned out to be the bravest of them all lmao.

    • C̶h̶e̶r̶r̶y̶
      C̶h̶e̶r̶r̶y̶ 10 months ago +27


    • Cluanne Youla
      Cluanne Youla 10 months ago +18

      She was one tho.

    • paawer
      paawer 10 months ago +26

      Michael was only scared he had free taser victims but didn't bring his taser

    • Justin Ankar
      Justin Ankar 10 months ago +16

      Lily is the most scared, the secret is she loves being scared.

    • tamgc
      tamgc 10 months ago +11

      That's because she's secretly part horror film antagonist already...imagine if she decided to go all Ringu...

  • felili 🐢
    felili 🐢 10 months ago +36

    god Micheal is like the friend you want to go into horror movies with, always chaotic and funny but still scary
    also i lowkey wouldn't mind doing this alone

    • matt vancamp
      matt vancamp 10 months ago +1

      i would legit piss my pants alone.

  • Luis Enrique Mosco
    Luis Enrique Mosco 10 months ago +23

    This had too many hilarious moments 🤣looved when Syd & Michael went out and every jumpscare with Jodi had me dying! Great content 💜

  • KU
    KU 10 months ago +48

    Syd always coming in clutch at the end of these challenges, she’s so fed up that she joined the other camp now 😅

  • Mitch U
    Mitch U 10 months ago +45

    This video was so good, seeing them interact with the scare actors was so funny
    Did we ever figure out how they knew Sydney's name?? lmao

    • Pasta
      Pasta 10 months ago +10

      Some of the clowns knew who otv were before hand

  • Jazz
    Jazz 10 months ago +13

    Everyone's personalities bounces off each other so well, this was so fun to watch!

  • treatergol
    treatergol 10 months ago +5107

    Lily: The Brave Character
    Toast: The Scared Trouble Maker Character
    Jodi: The screamer
    Syd: The scared one but decides to be brave
    Scarra: The overthinking
    Michael:a Brave one but he still gets scared
    John: the character who only protect his girlfriend

    • Nicole S
      Nicole S 10 months ago +290

      Syd’s the one that becomes the hero at the end of the movie, sacrificing themselves in an act of bravery against all odds😂

    • Devaki Bhagwat
      Devaki Bhagwat 10 months ago +102

      @Nicole S tbh she was like that in the camping AND the obstacle course or whatever shoots too lol

    • damiester1
      damiester1 10 months ago +19

      @Nicole S lol Sydney joined the enemy camp though.

    • FeatAtlas
      FeatAtlas 10 months ago +36

      Every time i see michael i see him as the kid whos like "Guys they're messing with us" and then continues to treat most of it like a joke and scares the other suvivors

  • EVL
    EVL 9 months ago +31

    Next time they do this (cuz Brodin definitely will do this again) they should put heart rate monitors on the people going outside 😂

  • kenneth llave
    kenneth llave 10 months ago +25

    Name a better duo than Greg and Syd 😆

  • Brandi Mullins
    Brandi Mullins 10 months ago +319

    OMG John's "FUCK a DUCK and call me CHUCK!" i laughed so hard i got the hiccups immediately lol

  • Katalina Kristina
    Katalina Kristina 10 months ago +52

    Sidney and Michael holding hands is the most cutest most wholesome thing ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🧡🧡💛💛🤎🤎💜💜

  • Jomar Canon
    Jomar Canon 10 months ago +52

    37:00 i love how the two Gregs are just chillin there with the skulls 🤣☺️

  • AwaketheDawn
    AwaketheDawn 10 months ago +2403

    Okay but Lily’s perfectly cut scream at 36:49 is KILLING me 😂😂😂

    • Some rando online
      Some rando online 10 months ago +37

      Im still rolling from this one

    • Isaiah Infante
      Isaiah Infante 10 months ago +9


    • AJAYM
      AJAYM 10 months ago +4

      Ikr HAHAHAHA

    • Nicolas Carvalho
      Nicolas Carvalho 10 months ago +12

      LOL 🤣🤣, I literally just saw this part and instantly went to the comments to see if someone thought the same thing as I did, and lo and behold you did 😂😂.

    • CURVES
      CURVES 10 months ago +3

      IKR LMAO

  • Oliver Boyd
    Oliver Boyd 10 months ago +65

    Those clowns are so good at there job, it’s ridiculous. The way they sneak up on otv when their backs are turned, it’s crazy.

  • Jero
    Jero 10 months ago +9

    S-tier episode. Great production all around, awesome work by the actors and staff. Just all around great content. Good job, guys. Good job, Brodin. 👍🏼

  • Courtsport25
    Courtsport25 10 months ago +43

    My favorite part of the video is just syd monologuing at the clowns out of fear lmfaooo

  • Nicole A
    Nicole A 10 months ago +55

    They should play IRL betrayal at house on the hill - it's a horror-esque board game. It starts off as everyone working together at this haunted house but then one person eventually betrays the group. The others then have to work together to defeat the betrayer.

  • Eshwar
    Eshwar 9 months ago +214

    20:24 The whole gasoline grabbing part is a masterpiece

  • Rydogdadualie
    Rydogdadualie 10 months ago +4235

    It hasn't even been a minute and the boys are already pissing on the floor
    Amazing work would expect nothing less

  • Voraxis
    Voraxis 9 months ago +5

    This was absolutely mind-blowing to watch! Fantastic production and idea. Brilliant acting from the clowns. I wish this was a 2-hour video cause I didn't want this to end. Will there be an extended cut? Outtakes? BTS?

  • DRskayker
    DRskayker 10 months ago +9

    Wow you guys really outdid yourselves with this one. A+ stuff thank you to Scott and everyone who made this possible, top tier content as always!

  • xCatney
    xCatney 10 months ago +8

    Happy Halloween to everyone! This video had me rolling. Everyone's reactions were so good and the staff / actors did so well

  • XVIIITyler
    XVIIITyler Month ago

    hopefully they do something like this for halloween again 🙏

  • Prussia16
    Prussia16 10 months ago +6

    Love this! Such a fun watch - kinda want more like this!
    Is there an unspoken rule that Lily and Michael can't be paired together in videos?? I was hoping to see Lily being more brave then Michael and protecting him haha

  • BruskoMars
    BruskoMars 10 months ago +2580

    Scarra: "...they're gonna call us pussies. We have to go"
    Toast: "We are pussies, Scarra!"
    Scarra: "Yeah, well... ok"
    Gigachad energy with the honesty here

    • Carticax4869
      Carticax4869 10 months ago +33

      That felt like a real movie scene!

  • Juulia Mikkola
    Juulia Mikkola 10 months ago +23

    I hope someone makes a compilation of John jumping as he gets scared 😆

  • KU
    KU 2 months ago +1

    This has to be the most iconic OTV Halloween video ever, I keep coming back to it! I hope they do another similar video this year

  • TheAverage Kid
    TheAverage Kid 9 months ago +110

    I started choking on my food when Michael started dancing with flares 31:54 😂😂

  • ChunyGurl
    ChunyGurl 10 months ago +4

    I love watching people play horror games and going to haunted houses, it’s fun watching them get scared 😆 I wish that they did more Halloween videos durning Oct 🎃
    Love the duo dynamic with Sydney and Michael 😂

  • Mew Mew
    Mew Mew 10 months ago +23

    Jodi's petrified "EXCUSE ME" was hilarious!

  • Khanh Nguyen
    Khanh Nguyen 10 months ago +960

    Sydney really made this episode. We love Syd. Hope things work out with you and Greg.

    • Keith Laprade
      Keith Laprade 10 months ago +66

      Still kinda sad Hugsie didn't get a chance🤧💕

  • jae
    jae 10 months ago +22

    I love how they leave Sydney behind when she did the most 😭

  • Iris delos Reyes
    Iris delos Reyes 9 months ago +55

    I would have LOVED to see the Lily Michael duo to see whose the bravest lol

  • Belzemus
    Belzemus 9 months ago +70

    I love how at some point Syd just transforms into Mickey Mouse.

  • AmargaVida
    AmargaVida 10 months ago +101

    Sydney at 37:24 is everything. Someone make that a GIF

  • W.D. Dragneel
    W.D. Dragneel 10 months ago +28

    Scared Sydney is one of the most hilarious and cutest things I have ever witnessed.

  • Vincent Allegory
    Vincent Allegory 10 months ago +619

    michael trying to hard with the "guys, you're gonna wanna see this" yet getting no reaction each time is the funniest part of this

  • eggs
    eggs 10 months ago +9

    36:48 is so hilarious, the horror on lilys face

  • fireburst207
    fireburst207 8 months ago

    Michael showing his comedic gold in the opening 2 minuets is always my favorite part of these vids

  • melayeller
    melayeller 5 months ago +3

    36:20 John and Jodi just being so terrified of Hugs made me cry laughing 😂

  • France
    France 10 months ago +53

    15:15 Michael, Syd, and Cheryl are ICONIC

  • Le Kevin
    Le Kevin 10 months ago +2

    this group makes the perfect horoor movie, toast and michael being the smart guys, john and jodi be the couple, syd and scarra getting killed off first lmao, and lily being the last one to survive.

  • Kris Zwiers
    Kris Zwiers 10 months ago +2353

    Dunois, I saw you (maybe jokingly) beating yourself up that you didn't finish the video in time for halloween. I'm sure you know, but everyone loves your edits, they add so much to the videos, they always look extremely polished, and that's definitely worth the wait. So take your time, we appreciate you

    • Tracy S
      Tracy S 10 months ago +139

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      NY Rat 10 months ago +116

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  • Lulls Baby
    Lulls Baby 10 months ago +21

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    Michael: "Alright."
    When the clowns heard that, they immediately shat themselves in fear.

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    Toast: No, I'm not. *clings to Lily*
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    And now y'all are wondering why she's the bravest 😂

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