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Critical Role Live Darrington Brigade Karaoke Intro - Cast Footage

  • Published on Mar 2, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Video of the Critical Role cast during the intro cinematic at the Darrington Brigade live show in Austin, Texas. Audio from the twitch stream of the episode at twitch.tv/criticalrole and synced with the video.
    No one wants to hear me singing along, so a happy compromise.
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  • randomcracka3
    randomcracka3 Year ago +105

    I love that they put the lyrics up. After that first time they knew the fans would all sing along

    • randomcracka3
      randomcracka3 11 months ago +1

      @PultOfCat true

    • PultOfCat
      PultOfCat 11 months ago +8

      It sounded like less people participated because of it though. People love getting swept away in something unprompted, not so much when it’s expected of them

  • Samuel Stensgaard
    Samuel Stensgaard 2 years ago +546

    I like how for the first half of the song, Matt's head is still down. Presumably writing down how much damage a mutant duck should do.

    • MrKotorX
      MrKotorX Year ago +1

      @ForeverDegenerate i rolled a 17 with a str mod of 4 so 21

    • Elnys
      Elnys Year ago +2

      @TheGamingDeku Hehe, nice

    • ForeverDegenerate
      ForeverDegenerate Year ago +13

      @TheGamingDeku Roll A Strength Saving Throw For Penetration Resistance

    • TheGamingDeku
      TheGamingDeku Year ago +20

      @DJ McCarthy 69 points of bludgeoning damage

  • BlackLightParadox
    BlackLightParadox Year ago +253

    Love that one Orc in the crowd giving the song some serious gravel

  • John W
    John W 2 years ago +348

    This made me happy. Idk which guy is singing with a gravelly voice, but that was really good at the hard notes imo “ROLE THE DICE!”

    • DrVoodoo
      DrVoodoo 8 months ago +5

      @Purple Moss Hell of a necro, but it's not Matt, it's probably someone from the crowd :v
      Look closely at 1:33. The gravel-dude hits a sustained note, but Matt is singing the repeated words.

    • John W
      John W Year ago +16

      @Purple Moss Holy crap you're right, his mouth was obscured through a lot of it I never looked!

    • Purple Moss
      Purple Moss Year ago +25

      I'm pretty sure that was Matt, look at his face

  • Olaf Coleman
    Olaf Coleman 2 years ago +371

    Us critters have taken this to a whole other level of crowd singing!!! like we just harmonized and split into different sections without even practicing!! If we actually practiced and such, we will one, be classified as a cult, and two, be the most supporting fanbase to date.

    • Polopony20
      Polopony20 Year ago +3

      @1rotzy the gods would clearly be Matt and the cast, a pantheon with gods who hold equal importance

    • stormcloudsabound
      stormcloudsabound Year ago +3

      Supporting fanbase? Are you sure? Where are y'all during the livestreams lol

    • 1rotzy
      1rotzy Year ago +3

      Well, Critical is a franchise, so who would be the god? Or, what would the cast be gods of?

  • Nordley
    Nordley 2 years ago +206

    “This is definitely the strangest timeline.”
    Oh young Matt... you ain’t seen nothing yet

  • wickedpissa25
    wickedpissa25 Year ago +79

    And this all started as a birthday present for Liam.

  • Jonathan Hill
    Jonathan Hill 2 years ago +110

    God, the barbarians representing towards the end gets me every time

  • Lil Pudge
    Lil Pudge 2 years ago +176

    the Roll, Critical sounds like a bloody War chant.

  • Warlock_e
    Warlock_e 2 years ago +218

    Dude... the date came up and i thought, That feels so long ago... then i realized its been almost a whole year and for some reason I've mentally been thinking its march

    • Akrinor Noname
      Akrinor Noname 2 years ago

      Now that's a mood

    • Genie's Pool
      Genie's Pool  2 years ago +11

      2020 is the longest March... it was only last month I was at C2E2...

  • LednacekZ
    LednacekZ 2 years ago +47

    as if we needed the word. Critters knew them by heart minutes after they revealed the theme.

  • Kristen Wood
    Kristen Wood 9 months ago +7

    The cool thing was on the harmony part? There were balcony tiers. So... it sounded like the floor took the first Your Turn then the Lower took the second and Upper took the last.
    This is seriously one of the coolest things I ever got to do.

  • Tiara Benvenutti
    Tiara Benvenutti 2 years ago +64

    I love watching their faces as the audience just Loves on them through song lol

  • Erickknight12
    Erickknight12 2 years ago +19

    Travis was getting so hyped when everyone started singing!!

  • Rising
    Rising 2 years ago +43

    dude who is that fucking viking in the background. that dude needs to sing on the next elder scrolls theme.

  • Groovy
    Groovy Year ago +4

    I love critters. This is easily the best parts of the live show. I hope they still play this song.

    • srg08
      srg08 Year ago

      Well now is “it’s Thursday night”

  • cwesley2005
    cwesley2005 2 years ago +13

    Darrington brigade, hands down, best critical role ever!

  • Stephanie Moreira
    Stephanie Moreira 2 years ago +29

    Man i gotta experience that in real life when we get back on world health track again

    THEFIRST39 Year ago +4

    Well crap, now my blood’s roaring like a Raging Barbarian.

  • wickedpissa25
    wickedpissa25 2 years ago +363

    Ahh... the beforefore time...

    • Luna4865
      Luna4865 Year ago

      @triccele yea

    • triccele
      triccele 2 years ago +22

      Long time ago, before the big disease, it is said that bretheren could be with one another, when hugging and kissing where allowed and not a risk of geting the feared plague. They were different times, simpler times, happier times. Those who followed the Mighty Nein could get together and in a sign of understanding and friendship, sing their anthem to their idols, to show them their devotion.

    • Some Guy Called Steven
      Some Guy Called Steven 2 years ago +8

      In the long long ago.

    • Adrinaline Kid
      Adrinaline Kid 2 years ago

      @The Internet ????

    • The Internet
      The Internet 2 years ago +14

      Yes... the before time... it happened before... *the dark time*

  • BloodHexes Illustration
    BloodHexes Illustration 2 years ago +12

    Ah yes, a video that gives me chills and tears

  • Brook 1125
    Brook 1125 26 days ago

    I love all the other critters and I love the dnd community 😢❤

  • dl666
    dl666 2 years ago +9

    This shit needs to go on 100k people chanting stadium guys!!!

  • Larceny
    Larceny 2 years ago +3

    I’m so happy I saw that live, that was fun

  • Littlewarrior 0106
    Littlewarrior 0106 11 months ago

    One word : Amazing

  • Zack Geldhof
    Zack Geldhof Year ago +1

    Chills. Every gods damned itme.

  • edmond
    edmond 5 months ago


  • Hunter Sasso
    Hunter Sasso 8 months ago +1

    Am I the only one crying?

  • ShirtlessDan
    ShirtlessDan 2 years ago +10

    Hard to believe that this was already one year ago...

  • polychrome
    polychrome Year ago +6

    "...Critical Role."

  • Gavin Rollot
    Gavin Rollot 2 years ago +33


  • @ndrew ART
    @ndrew ART  Year ago


  • Cameran C.
    Cameran C. 2 years ago +10