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The Rap Ride: 30 Minute Spin® set to hip hop! Free Spin® class from Studio SWEAT onDemand!

  • Published on Mar 9, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • If you love to sweat to some amazing beats, this free online Spin® class will soon be your new favorite. Simply put, it’s a high intensity, 30-minute Spin® class set to hip hop - we call it a Rap Ride. Perfect for making you feel pumped up, energized, and ready to get your sweat on!
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Comments • 103

  • jane Wright
    jane Wright 3 years ago +16

    Hi there, this lady’s spin classes are amazing, the best I’ve experienced. Great motivation, clear instruction and excellent sound quality. Kat great work, love these live streams! Keep them coming please. Xx love from the UK

    • Studio SWEAT onDemand
      Studio SWEAT onDemand  3 years ago

      Thanks, Jane! Check out our website if you're interested in more! www.studiosweatondemand.com/

  • Kelly Osinski
    Kelly Osinski 2 years ago +15

    Amazing class, just got a bike and this was my first at home ride. Loved the music and the pace !

  • Mike Garnett
    Mike Garnett Year ago +1

    Brilliant class, it really gets the heart rate going!

  • Student Loan Chit Chat / Keri Horn

    What a blast!!! I did this on my mini magnetic pedal foot machine sitting on the couch. Full heart rate speed. Instructor super easy to listen to. Thanks!! New Sub.

  • Cuts & Curves Fitness

    I just used my normal stationary tension bike to follow this workout. Her instructions were so clear I could follow without the same instruments ^_^

  • Rodriguez family
    Rodriguez family 3 years ago +18

    Looooooveeee this work out ! It’s 7am and I’m quarantined at home for 30 day’s Las Vegas ! Bless you and bless everyone !

    • Studio SWEAT onDemand
      Studio SWEAT onDemand  3 years ago

      Glad you liked this class and that it's helping you stay healthy during this time!

  • Strong and Healthy Temple

    Love these workouts❤😁!! Especially useful during the lockdown💪🏾. Music🎶 always awesome!🔥

  • Eric Yarbro
    Eric Yarbro 3 years ago +4

    Great workout Kat, my first time with you, love your music compilation🤙🏾 look forward to joining again

  • RetroClubXYZ
    RetroClubXYZ 2 years ago +2

    Awesome spin class, as always. Thanks again.

  • Annette Weeks
    Annette Weeks 3 years ago +1

    Great class. Certainly made me work and sweat. Clear instruction. enjoying it from Australia

  • Dan Adamson
    Dan Adamson 3 years ago +3

    These are all great work out videos from this site. Best alternative to a closed gym. Thanks so much for putting these on you tube!

    • Studio SWEAT onDemand
      Studio SWEAT onDemand  3 years ago

      You're welcome! We have a lot more on our website. You can start with a free trial! Here's our library: www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/

  • sandra bassett
    sandra bassett Year ago +2

    I'm just watching but I'm not a creep I promise! Just taught a Spin but love to do your workouts your music and cueing is always on point, 👌

  • Jes Heaven
    Jes Heaven 2 years ago +2

    Been using SSOD for years highly recommend for a wide range of classes inc bootcamp, sculpt, yoga and spin etc kept me going in lockdown thanks to all the team

    • Erkabnesh Wolde
      Erkabnesh Wolde 2 years ago

      Thank you so much I love you class you're wonderful

  • Jill Bissett
    Jill Bissett 3 years ago +5

    Loved! Love all your workouts!

  • AndersonOprah
    AndersonOprah 3 years ago +9

    Yes she is awesome love this ride... even works for regular road bike stuck on home trainer during quarantine!

  • A-S D.
    A-S D. Year ago +1

    Awesome training!

  • Carla Antonelli
    Carla Antonelli 3 years ago +2

    You're Amazing! Thank you for an awesome ride! ❤️❤️

  • Danna Cruz
    Danna Cruz 3 years ago

    Love this ride!! Please publish the other half!

  • Pauline Roberson
    Pauline Roberson Year ago

    Awesome class💪🏾

  • Costa
    Costa 2 years ago +1

    You are so good! Fave instructor ever!

  • Melissa Thurston
    Melissa Thurston 2 years ago

    Thank for this beginners class! I really enjoyed it, god bless !

  • A.S. Webb
    A.S. Webb 2 years ago +2

    Absolutely loved this. As a spin instructor, this was one of the best virtual classes I have ever taken.
    She is an EXCELLENT instructor. Will definitely be looking
    for more classes with this fantastic teacher.

    • Studio SWEAT onDemand
      Studio SWEAT onDemand  2 years ago +1

      Great you loved this! You can find all of her classes here! www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/trainer/cat-kom/

    • A.S. Webb
      A.S. Webb 2 years ago

      Studio SWEAT onDemand ❤️❤️❤️ thank you

  • Michelle Manzo
    Michelle Manzo 2 years ago +1

    Loved it!! My first time and it kicked my butt 🍅

  • Nina’sCantinas
    Nina’sCantinas 2 years ago +3

    Great for beginners, this chick rocks with her instruction plus she keeps u engaged

  • mungpu
    mungpu 3 years ago +2

    Thank you for this video. Feeling inspired!

  • Judy
    Judy 3 years ago +2

    Loved it!

  • imran
    imran 2 years ago +6

    You’re Awesome 👏❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 love it after ages to back in spin bike 🏍💥😇🙏

  • J D
    J D 2 years ago +1

    Starts at 2:06 👍🏼

  • Christine Poteet
    Christine Poteet 2 years ago +1

    Love it 👍🏼👍🏼🎉🎉

  • Saskia
    Saskia 3 years ago +50

    Perfect for a workout at home during this corona virus 🦠🥳

    • Marcia Bond
      Marcia Bond 3 years ago

      Just bought a bike on Amazon for that reason. Stay healthy all.

  • Gabrielle Michelle
    Gabrielle Michelle 2 years ago +5

    Favorite instructor!! She rocks!!!

  • Dr. Katherine Mezur PhD
    Dr. Katherine Mezur PhD 3 years ago +4

    why can't studio sweat ondemand have free (all of them) for the current shelter at home spinners! Other studios have opened their classes, it is really important to get your support, I love Cat and Mimi!

    • Studio SWEAT onDemand
      Studio SWEAT onDemand  3 years ago

      We have a big sale going on now! www.studiosweatondemand.com/staystrongspecial/

  • Leah Oubre-Tyson
    Leah Oubre-Tyson 2 years ago +3

    At my desk thanking you! From the water dept! Lol!!! I'm trying for 180 (currently at 218) SW 242.

  • Keith Edwards
    Keith Edwards 3 years ago +6

    Thumbs up from North Wales UK .. real good workout. Thank you.

  • Arthur C. Evans
    Arthur C. Evans 3 years ago +1

    Great session

  • Alison Roche
    Alison Roche 3 years ago +3

    Kat is a beast many great classes...brian also

  • Georges Simenon
    Georges Simenon 3 years ago +3

    Still watching you from Europe. very good job. keep going !

  • Angie Mathew
    Angie Mathew 2 years ago +1

    Awesome class

  • Brandon
    Brandon 2 months ago

    How are you able to keep such high heart rates for such a long period of time?
    I have to be on at least 90% resistance to even get above 140HR.
    Please any ideas to increase intensity?

  • Ella Craig-Munthali
    Ella Craig-Munthali 3 months ago +1

    Love this.

    • Studio SWEAT onDemand
      Studio SWEAT onDemand  3 months ago

      We are so glad you liked it! 😍🙌🤗 If you loved this class, access more workouts FREE for 7 Days! bit.ly/2ZmBdN2 or join our $4.99/month Clip-Share SWEAT Junkie membership to get 40+ bonus SSoD full-length fitness classes. Join us! clip-share.net/channel/UCHD2b6aFl04u6E-xuEtPpzgjoin

  • Sheeky Kaulthar
    Sheeky Kaulthar 3 years ago +2

    Enjoyed this ride

  • octavia williams
    octavia williams 2 years ago +1

    I'm so grateful that i found you!!!! I just ordered my cycling bike which is coming tomorrow!

    • Studio SWEAT onDemand
      Studio SWEAT onDemand  2 years ago

      Awesome! Are you an All Access Pass holder on our website? www.studiosweatondemand.com

    • octavia williams
      octavia williams 2 years ago

      @Studio SWEAT onDemand I wasn't but I am now! This was day 2 of your class and it was 🔥!

  • Jaz Lol
    Jaz Lol 2 years ago +1

    She's brilliant been working out 1year onit

  • John Lazzara
    John Lazzara 3 years ago +1

    So good. Thanks -
    all the way from Australia

  • Jean Dang
    Jean Dang 2 years ago +2


  • Cipher
    Cipher 3 years ago +2

    Daaaaamn! I'm feeling it

  • Deborah Kessler
    Deborah Kessler 2 years ago

    Great workout love studio sweat found you during lockdown in London England. Can you get studio sweat on demand in England? If so how much is it per month?

  • Tasha T
    Tasha T 2 years ago +1

    The record adjust was the best! Errrk e errk. Love this women already!

  • Gonzalo Osco
    Gonzalo Osco 3 years ago +2

    Very good class, thanks from Bolivia

  • j adams
    j adams 3 years ago +1

    😍 great video

  • Sven H. BPM
    Sven H. BPM 2 years ago +2

    YES, sport with Bass, Beat and Melody. Auf geht's ♪♪♪

  • Valérie Figenwald
    Valérie Figenwald 3 years ago

    Great lesson.when will the next lesson

    • Studio SWEAT onDemand
      Studio SWEAT onDemand  3 years ago

      You can find our growing library of classes here! www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/

  • Esefectivo Taxi
    Esefectivo Taxi 2 years ago +1

    Súper 🇨🇴

  • Malik Leigh, Esq. for Watson Leigh

    I love the looks one everyone's face just after 2:30 and the MC starts talking about banging mommas! hahahaha
    especially the guy on her left shoulder.

  • Keelia Buchanan
    Keelia Buchanan Year ago +1

    Love the classes but sooooo many ads in this one!

  • Mark McNulty
    Mark McNulty Month ago

    Where can I buy one of these RPM meters for my bike?? I have the same model as yours but it doesn't have the RPM clock

  • M Ge
    M Ge 2 years ago +3

    I am out of breath just watching this 🥵

  • Michael B
    Michael B 2 years ago

    4:58 you don’t say QUESO in a spin class! 🧀

  • Tania Mitnovetsky
    Tania Mitnovetsky 3 years ago +1

    Best workout

  • Barbara Marshall
    Barbara Marshall 3 years ago +1

    If you had a ROKU app, I might consider joining. I currently use Les Mills.

    • Studio SWEAT onDemand
      Studio SWEAT onDemand  3 years ago

      Hey Barbara! Check out how to take our classes with ROKU here: www.studiosweatondemand.com/compatible-devices/how-to-stream-our-workouts-on-your-tv-2/#roku

  • Blair Morgan
    Blair Morgan 3 years ago +1

    What the name of that triple x song? I like it!

    • Apryl Mae
      Apryl Mae 3 years ago

      Blair Morgan falling down

  • Dudley Edouard
    Dudley Edouard 2 years ago

    It was hard to get fully engaged into this workout. Way too many ads man

    • Studio SWEAT onDemand
      Studio SWEAT onDemand  2 years ago

      Check out our Free Trial, where you can access hundreds of ad-free classes for free! www.studiosweatondemand.com/freetrial/

  • Angelica
    Angelica 3 years ago

    Becky: don't say a word about the music!

  • Aaron Walker SSRI
    Aaron Walker SSRI 3 years ago

    Can someone tell me what Kat says at 10:30....... attitude is? Right back?? It’s been bugging me! Maybe regional differences being in the UK, but can anyone help? :)

    • Studio SWEAT onDemand
      Studio SWEAT onDemand  3 years ago +1

      She said "everything" (there's a saying on the mirror that says: "Attitude is everything!").

  • Sigalys Marine
    Sigalys Marine 3 years ago

    Hi! Could you recommend me a computer for my spinning bike, please!

    • Studio SWEAT onDemand
      Studio SWEAT onDemand  3 years ago

      Hey there! Here are the accessories we recommend: www.studiosweatondemand.com/accessory-packs/

  • Jorge Hernandéz
    Jorge Hernandéz 2 years ago

    Good for sweeting

  • Erika Silva
    Erika Silva 2 years ago +1


  • Fit Guru by Lily Alvarado

    Great workout but her chitchat is annoying and distracting

  • Betsy Abril
    Betsy Abril 3 years ago


  • Lorraine Duffy
    Lorraine Duffy 7 months ago +1

    My goodness! This is horrible!! So slow and boooorong.. and I love rap/hip hop 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Luneras Oscuros
    Luneras Oscuros 2 years ago +1

    Your a fitness instructor not a musical genre expert so maybe stick to what you know and don't try to pass your preferences off as " real rap". It's just a genre, ma'am.

    • Studio SWEAT onDemand
      Studio SWEAT onDemand  2 years ago +1

      Wow. That seemed unprovoked, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We can only try to be kind when expressing it.

    • April Aries
      April Aries 10 months ago

      Hella extra ☺️