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Developers change the subtitle to indicate that‘s fake Tyr

  • Published on Nov 23, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • •°zyx.°•
    •°zyx.°• Month ago +338

    bruh why is mimir censored

    • Kruisna Rikzaa
      Kruisna Rikzaa 4 days ago

      @Prizzaa Gaming Channel stupid

    • PaperMan
      PaperMan 12 days ago

      @Prizzaa Gaming Channel bruh its a videogame

    • NOX1CK
      NOX1CK 19 days ago

      @Prizzaa Gaming Channel *Scared you wont get money* even tho it wont get demonetized

    • ZD
      ZD 29 days ago +1

      @jacplac97 i hate it when youtube being a bit too much differentiating between the smol youtubers and the big ones

    • Abyss Gaming
      Abyss Gaming Month ago

      @Nubo he means it would've possibly demonetized the vid

  • NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip

    "This.. is the god of war?" I love how Kratos - God of War - is astounded by Tyr peacefully vibing, wild how fake Tyr fooled everyone

  • Yusoph-Kiram Mama III
    Yusoph-Kiram Mama III 2 months ago +8832

    You know the Real Tyr is not Odin because Odin would not do that Tai-Chi moves LMAO

    • Sakura Pablo
      Sakura Pablo Month ago

      @ellie spoilers: kept in a frozen prison keep.

    • S S
      S S Month ago +1

      @hotdog shake his ol achin back would never be able to do that

    • Yasogi
      Yasogi Month ago

      @Nekolu 🤣

    • Nekolu
      Nekolu Month ago

      @Yasogiif all realms are possible, kratos should cameo in Pokémon. Actually there already is a god killer Pokémon

    • Yasogi
      Yasogi Month ago +1

      Theory: that mean Chinese mythology also exist in god of war 🤯

  • LockeKappa
    LockeKappa 2 months ago +3760

    I always thought it was confusing in the final trailer where they blend Tyr's voice over right into Odin's. Especially with somewhat similar voices, I actually mistook that voice line as being the same person. Turns out this whole time it was the same "person" speaking. Well done.

    • AcdraStation
      AcdraStation 2 months ago +1

      @Samuel Connel literally went, "Is that Tyr talkin that shit?" when I was watching the trailer for the first time

    • Samuel Connel
      Samuel Connel 2 months ago

      When I got to that part in-game I legit was "Wait what, I thought Tyr had that line, not Odin". Well played.

    • wuhhlfarg
      wuhhlfarg 2 months ago +2

      Ohh my God... Now that you mention it
      Watching the trailer i was confused as well if it was Odin or Tyr speaking since they sounded quite familiar...
      They got me good with this one

    • AcdraStation
      AcdraStation 2 months ago +2

      You saying this made me realize that when I was streaming and reacting to the story trailer from a few months back I confused Tyr's voice with Odin cause they sounded so similar. Ironically I guess my subconscious knew something this whole time lmao

    • Danial Yousaf
      Danial Yousaf 2 months ago

      Same. At first I thought it was Tyr berating kratos (which in a sense it was)

  • Ordelian
    Ordelian 2 months ago +5755

    Developers: "Shit we made a typo in Týrs name."
    Fans: "Oh wow the fake Týrs name is not written correctly!"
    Developers: "Yes, yes! Of course! We intended to do that all along. * Tell the intern to not patch it.*"

    • maxr
      maxr Month ago +1

      Literally David F. Sandberg's comment about the little girl's "arc" in Shazam 😂
      If you haven't seen the video, he describes how they had to shoot the scene in a certain way due to actor scheduling and people on Clip-Share saw an "arc" of that character going from being the slowest kid to getting super speed later

    • Samuel Maier
      Samuel Maier Month ago

      @BrandonSG13 I believe that they will use the texts they gave to the voice actors, so, yeah, at SOME point it was manually typed out, but not based on the audio.
      And they would associate the texts with some identifier during development and NOT with "Tyr: " as string, and likely they would separate fake Tyr from the real one, to allow for some differences - even if they didn't use it. So yes. That difference stemming from a single typo is VERY much possible, and not at all stupid to imply.
      Some people here say that the writers say that it was on purpose. Again that doesn't mean it wasn't just an happy accident and they just went with it. But yeah, combined with other things that does make it almost guaranteed that it was on purpose.
      Still doesn't change that it was a real possibility, and a fun one to boot.

    • Samuel Maier
      Samuel Maier Month ago

      @070owner a good guess. Still think that's unlikely, usually you have much more complex identifiers for stuff (something like Java paths), and that identifier and the text is separated. After all there are things like the need for translation.
      Also enums are used for runtime behavior primarily, and if they end up in some file, which needs serialization, you again typically need clearer identifiers.

    • Joshua Fountain
      Joshua Fountain Month ago

      @BrandonSG13 There's two "the" in one of the lore books. Obviously there were some oversights

    • C-7
      C-7 Month ago

      Try don’t shed a tear

  • Jorj Nash Nario
    Jorj Nash Nario 2 months ago +1635

    There is an actual hint of Odin's disguise that i noticed, when we catched "Tyr" running away, Atreus tried to give "Tyr" a spear because he knew that it is his weapon of choice but "Tyr" said that he didn't need a walking stick and the only person that we know of that roams around with a walking stick (A magical one that is) is Odin.

    • Alpha Draconis
      Alpha Draconis Month ago

      @65firered It was just Gungnir disguised as well.

    • Pengu
      Pengu Month ago

      @SimplyyLxx Yhea, odin basically set himself up in a prison to make them free him so he could spy them. Also it was Odin plan's all along since at the start Odin told them to stop search for Tyr, something you don't need to say if Tyr was actually dead, but he said so to make them believe he could be alive and make them find him.

    • Pengu
      Pengu Month ago

      The most counter logic argument Odin did as fake Tyr was keep calling Atreus "Loki" to push him into believing that he had to be the champion of the giants and because of that finding Odin and meet him because the prophecy consisted in that, but at the same time he himself refused his destiny,real Tyr's one, to use his weapon and led the armies to fight Asgard. He was ready to make Atreus believe his destiny while at the same time he refused his, that because he wanted Atreus to meet Odin, himself. Also from what i remember Dwarfs are the best known for finding ways to travel between realms, so him randomly popping off with a "New" and secret way while also avoiding to let them know what it was before, made Brok bullshit's scan go crazy.

    • SimplyyLxx
      SimplyyLxx Month ago +2

      Please help so basically the entire time after they “saved him” that that was Odin the whole time?

    • Skylancer727
      Skylancer727 Month ago +14

      There's a bunch of subtle hints to it being Odin the whole time. The walking stick, the fact he calls Freya Frigg at first when only Odin ever called her that, he bumps into Atreus in Groa's prophecy as he was on his right side which is missing, how he became emotionally hurt by the prophecy as it showed he didn't even know the prophecy correctly, the fact he know we had started talking with Freya again when Atreus first goes to Asgard, he calls Atreus the champion to trigger Atreus's outburst, his reaction to hearing the dwarves have draupnir was incredibly harsh specifically saying "THEY stole draupnir", and Týr was the only person to know the mask not even Mimir who worked directly with Odin more recent than Týr.
      Also as a bonus note, while not mentioned in game as far as I know, in mythology Odin's shape shifting magic breaks if he becomes violent. This is why he tried not to fight as best he could.

  • Noxic
    Noxic 2 months ago +863

    While fake Tyr was panicked by Mimir's head, the real one didn't even flinch, he clearly has seen many decapitated heads before, maybe some were also still alive

    • Connor Hilchie
      Connor Hilchie Month ago

      He mostly saw just brutally Thor killed all the Giant in Midgard, so him being so sqimish around gore and violence was always odd

    • xdragoonzero0
      xdragoonzero0 2 months ago +3

      I mean, every day of the week other than Sunday and Monday are named after gods, and only Saturday isn't a Norse one.

    • js1zzle
      js1zzle 2 months ago +8

      odin was just mocking and exaggerating Tyr's character.

    • Gigglemesh
      Gigglemesh 2 months ago +34

      @CatNoir lover Tuesday is literally Tyr's or Tiw's day, he is so chad a day of the week is after him.

    • Kwekky
      Kwekky 2 months ago +63

      @Bitrate Billy hmm, another pantheon of gods dead. ok bro let's do some yoga

  • X3M Gaming | Music
    X3M Gaming | Music 2 months ago +2515

    Tyr is such a cool character. He could have had an important role in the story.

    • John Leonard
      John Leonard Month ago +1

      There should have been a trilogy for these games, with the second one being called Fimbulwinter and the third one being called Ragnarok.
      In the second one, it's established early in that Kratos has been wanting to leave Midgard ever since they spread Faye's ashes (I don't know why they stuck around at all in the current writing that we got; they knew that Freya and the Aesir wanted them dead for killing Baldur.) However, Atreus with Mimir's help wanted to stay so that he could learn more about his heritage as a Giant, more specifically his identity as Loki; at the end of 2018, they convinced Kratos that they should stay for the sake of the boy. Kratos begrudgingly agrees, but by the beginning of this game he's out of patience because of how close Freya has gotten to killing Kratos.
      Atreus insists that he's almost done learning enough, and that he also thinks he's found a way to prevent Ragnarok from happening. With Kratos not wanting to repeat the mistakes he made in Greece, he agrees to go along with Atreus, and their journey takes them through all of the realms. We get a similar story with how Freya and Kratos bury the hatchet, but this game has zero trace of Tyr in it; he's only talked about like in the previous one. Thor pops in a couple of times, with Kratos being willing to try and talk the thunder god out of a fight, but Atreus holds a nasty grudge against Thor because he's killed so many Giants. In the end, Thor kills Atreus, and then Kratos kills Thor by unleashing his inner rage like he did against Zeus and all of Olympus; he also has the venom of the world serpent in his axe like we saw when we first met the giant snake, so the true mythology of Thor dying to the venom of the snake is fulfilled. All of the friends Kratos has made are now scared of him from witnessing how he decimated Thor, so Kratos is full of sorrow that he stepped back into his path of vengeance after he lost his son.
      Plot twist! Atreus walks up and reveals that he's still alive! He's been using all kinds of illusions and trickery to manipulate Kratos into helping him get Ragnarok started throughout the entirety of this game. Atreus wants revenge on Odin and all of Asgard for what they did to the Giants, and he believes he was chosen to be the one to start it. He also learned about his dad's past by sneaking away to Tyr's temple and reading every bit of history he could about Greece; he knows how dangerous his father is, so he manipulated him by faking his death to get him to kill Thor. Kratos is so pissed off at his son that all he can do is walk away before he gets manipulated again. Atreus is pissed off and sad and feels abandoned by his own father, and that's when Odin swoops in and compliments the boy for how talented of a trickster he is. Odin invites him to come to Asgard and become a sort of champion; Atreus sees this as a chance to destroy Asgard from the inside, but Odin just wants to get some use out of the boy before he kills him. Brok witnesses this conversation and tells Kratos about it; Kratos decides the only way to save his son is to initiate Ragnarok.
      The third game starts with Kratos and Brok traveling through the realms in hopes that Tyr might possibly be alive somewhere. They find him waiting in Ironwood with Angrboda, realizing that Jotunheim was the perfect place to hide because everybody thought that realm was dead. Thanks to Angrboda's powers of Giant prophecy, Tyr says that he knew Kratos would one day come to these lands, and that now was the time for the two gods of war to work together to bring down the tyranny of Asgard; Kratos firmly states that he's only concerned with saving his son. Angrboda gives very subtle details that she never knew her father and that her mother told her that he was a man from a desert land, which also explains why she has darker skin compared to everybody else.
      The two of them work together to unite all of the other realms and fit together the final pieces to get Ragnarok going; along the way Kratos really sees how devastating Odin's rule has been to these realms, and he is able to regain the trust of his friends.
      Loki pops in to try and stop them from getting Ragnarok to go; he's been so twisted and broken by Odin's manipulation that he has no idea what he wants out of his own life anymore. Kratos wins; Loki has an emotional breakdown and Kratos comforts him through all of it, being a very loving father and understanding what his son has gone through because he went through it himself. Eventually Atreus is back to being right in the mind, and it's just in time because Tyr has pinpointed that a vital part of getting Ragnarok to go can be done by only a humanoid Giant, and Atreus fits the bill. Atreus is resistant, saying that he doesn't want revenge against Asgard anymore and that they should just leave Midgard, but Kratos steps up and says that Ragnarok must happen. Kratos has learned that sometimes war is the only way; sometimes the only choice you have to overthrow an evil empire is to step up and fight to the death. No longer does the Greek god of war seek revenge, but justice that will turn into peace and prosperity. Atreus agrees and does his thing, and the entire third act of this game is dedicated to fighting in Asgard, and it's a giant area with plenty of land to cover and plenty of gods to fight (not less than an hour with half of it being cutscenes). Heimdall comes very close to killing Atreus, but you ultimately defeat him and save the boy's life. You fight Odin, and just as he's close to killing Tyr, Fenrir pops in and bites down on Odin but also accidentally takes off Tyr's hand. Before the realm is ultimately destroyed by Surtr, Atreus sees a mural and certain details are revealed to him because he's a Giant so therefore Odin would have never seen them himself. They escape the realm, and Atreus says that the mural showed him there are other Giants alive and well spread across the planet. Although Asgard is gone, he still believes it's his responsibility to find the Giants and bring them back home now that Odin is gone. He and Angrboda decide to go together and they both leave Midgard.
      Kratos and Tyr become the new leaders of these realms, with Freya and Mimir as their most trusted advisors; they set forth a goal to rebuild from the destruction caused by Ragnarok and also establish healthy relationships with other godly mythologies in the future.
      If you beat this game on the hardest difficulty with 100%, you get a secret ending in Egypt where the Egyptian god of war has been meditating; he suddenly opens his eyes and says "she's alive, and she's coming." This is the father of Angrboda, and he's been trying to find his daughter for a long time but could never feel her presence because she was hidden in Ironwood her entire life until now.

    • Dagtheking 573
      Dagtheking 573 Month ago

      @BeingABear Why does it have to be Egypt? Why can't it be Viking mythology?

    • Shmyan
      Shmyan Month ago

      @F.B.I We could get a game of what happened before he went to Norse mythology then and how he met Faye and everything

    • Astral Catalyst
      Astral Catalyst Month ago

      @samuel there are still norse gods and the whole 9 realms Tho. Jormangander, Týr, Freya, Atreaus, The giant Wolf, Angroboda, Sindri...
      Yeah its not going to mainly take place in this mythology but they have a lot of key characters to work with

    • Righteous King Siddhartha 🏳️‍🌈⃠
      Righteous King Siddhartha 🏳️‍🌈⃠ Month ago +1

      @Greg AP both Kratos and her share their past with each other to let them know that they've suffered too
      Freya lowkey talks about wanting to have a child later infront of Kratos
      What's more ? Freya marries a god or a giant after ragnarok who's the personification of rage, wrath and anger. That God isn't present in the game and only one man fits the bill
      Freya lowkey treats atreus like her son and Kratos entrusts him with her, like a family
      The conversations between Kratos and Freya range from personal to that of a husband and wife
      The VA of Freya herself ships Kratos with Freya and if you know anything about Santa Monica, you'd know that they love playing the hinting game like this, letting players figure out what's going on
      Faye wouldn't want Kratos to be sad forever. She'd want Kratos to find another love while she's gone
      I don't ship that much either but I definitely ain't no stranger to a game or any piece of media giving me hints on a potential relationship blooming, especially if it's this many
      I get it you we don't need romance everywhere but absolutely 0 romance ain't gonna help anybody. Being paranoia about romance ain't gonna help. Gow is a series that barely does romance and when it does, it has a good reason and with all the clues we have, it's Hella justified

  • ChicoMac
    ChicoMac 2 months ago +546

    If you enter any darkly lit area with Fake Tyr, you’ll notice how his character model very much darker than the other person on the screen that is already dark. This little detail is what spoiled it for me, along with remembering what Mimir said in GOW 2018: “Odin is a master of disguise, loves to travel using numerous disguises”.

  • ShadowSpear2
    ShadowSpear2 2 months ago +650

    I felt like the real Tyr should've played a bigger part other than being a character that pops up at the end just saying small sentences.

    • Yodole HeeHoo
      Yodole HeeHoo Month ago

      I honestly expect the real Týr to show up just before Ragnarok or something and say he broke out of prison or something or faked his own death to defy Odin.

    • Homestake Models
      Homestake Models Month ago +1

      @Clark Dark pick a pantheon, could be any of them.

    • Amaro Averna
      Amaro Averna 2 months ago

      @hukit0 Yeah but the Loki's story surely will be a spinoff.

    • Werner wernerowy
      Werner wernerowy 2 months ago

      @Don't Read My Profile Picture Z tego co pamiętam w świątyni tyra były przedstawione inne regiony świata.

    • Lord Peter Turbo
      Lord Peter Turbo 2 months ago

      @hukit0 well, let's hope for DLC then

  • VPi
    VPi 2 months ago +1489

    "This is the god of vibing?" - Kratos

  • Homestake Models
    Homestake Models 2 months ago +117

    It was a brilliant twist to have Odin be Tyr in disguise. Considering we didn't even know who the man was to begin with there's no way a player could figure this out on the first run through. On the second run through there are little hints here and there, but they are unnoticeable without context.

    • AhmedEx1
      AhmedEx1 Month ago +4

      @2buckgeo by playing through the game twice

    • 2buckgeo
      2buckgeo Month ago

      You beat it twice ? Bruh how ?

    • Nomi Reelnom
      Nomi Reelnom Month ago +2

      my friends and i joked that tyr was actually odin, we were surprised to have been right

  • light
    light 2 months ago +180

    "Cheer up Tyr, don't shed a tear"

  • TedMerc
    TedMerc 2 months ago +234

    Also notice when Freya sees Týr again, Týr calls her Frigg. No one else calls her Frigg except Odin

    • Connor Hilchie
      Connor Hilchie Month ago +1

      It was probably a slip up on Odin's part since he hadn't seen her in so long

    • TedMerc
      TedMerc 2 months ago

      @Nimiro Kazuki because only asgardians do.

    • Nimiro Kazuki
      Nimiro Kazuki 2 months ago +2

      Heimdall call Freya "Frigg" too

    • TedMerc
      TedMerc 2 months ago +5

      @SwainEasyCarry knowing Týr and his wisdom and reason why she is called Frigg, and that real Týr calls her Freya: i doubt he eould call her Frigg.
      She was called Frigg so that anything good she did, would be done by "Frigg" not Freya, so she didnt receive recognition

    • Gaming Scorpion INDIA
      Gaming Scorpion INDIA 2 months ago +53

      @SwainEasyCarry the real tyr called her "lady freya" so i doubt that

  • The Erricane
    The Erricane 2 months ago +110

    It was such a great little change too. I really thought something was up when the speaker was written as "Tyr" instead of "Týr". Heck, even the temple's name is Týr's Temple. I stopped bothering it because I thought that was an error but turns out it wasn't. Eric Williams really learnt Cory's sly trick there.

  • Jorge G Figueroa
    Jorge G Figueroa 2 months ago +31

    "Tyr": Kratos sees no qualities of a war god who's told the upcoming events that need someone like him. Odin masks the chivalrous and peaceful Tyr as an anxiety-filled man who only offers good food and moral support.
    Tyr: collects himself for the information on Ragnarok and perceives the realms. Uses meditation and helps defend the Vanir. Kratos sees the seeds of a war god with honorable qualities.

  • Kahlaa Rabbani
    Kahlaa Rabbani 2 months ago +608

    So the aesir prison is one of the pieces that fell after asgard was destroyed right? Im a bit baffled that tyr doesn't notice what's going on outside of his prison until we freed him.

    • Werner wernerowy
      Werner wernerowy 2 months ago

      Czy w GoW Tyr jest synem Odyna?

    • echavez1541
      echavez1541 2 months ago

      @Kahlaa Rabbani Killing all Odin Ravens and killing the raven keeper reveals this

    • Jovan Bullock
      Jovan Bullock 2 months ago +1

      Wasn't the prison in the dwarves realm

    • Kahlaa Rabbani
      Kahlaa Rabbani 2 months ago +2

      so the prison was always in niflheim? I thought about that but mimir said otherwise..... I think

    • Homestake Models
      Homestake Models 2 months ago +18

      @VITTXRIO That and Odin needed those captives alive in order to take their form. Plus I think Odin did still care for his family... in his own twisted way. Odin truly lost his mind when he killed Thor because that was the first thing he did which had no tactical benefit.

  • Adave
    Adave 2 months ago +220

    The worst ending would have been if Faye was Odin the whole time lol

    • SpazaGD
      SpazaGD Month ago

      @i hate bottomAYOOOO

    • J Lit
      J Lit Month ago +1

      “It was ME Kratos. I was Faye, I WAS THE ONE YOU PRESSED ⭕️ on many times”

    • SGCarnage
      SGCarnage Month ago +2

      @i hate bottom kratos clapped odins cheeks☠️☠️

    • Is it Just Me?
      Is it Just Me? 2 months ago +3

      @Almighty_Demon_Slayer95 you might be onto something 😂😂

    • Almighty_Demon_Slayer95
      Almighty_Demon_Slayer95 2 months ago +4

      So Kratos did it with Odin and Odin got pregnant? So he’s Atreus mother? So that’s why he cares so much? 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Colton Eatherly
    Colton Eatherly 2 months ago +9

    Some Tyr DLC content would be dope seeing that he was so hyped up only for such a small role.

  • AAPP aapp
    AAPP aapp 2 months ago +20

    For anyone who doesn't get it, imposter Tyr is spelled in the subtitles without the accent Mark above the y. The real Tyr is spelled with a ý

  • NovaSix
    NovaSix 2 months ago +49

    Odins performance 10/10. Running around pretending to be scared. Funny shit

  • Tu-Li-Oh! / Ryusaiga
    Tu-Li-Oh! / Ryusaiga 2 months ago +45

    I can totally see Týr teaching Kratos Tai Chi to fully master his control over his rage.

  • ネセソトナニツキノハコスモ

    I'm so glad we got to find the real Tyr in the end. Such a good game.

  • Hans Alanson
    Hans Alanson 2 months ago +21

    When Groa saw the prophecy that a God of War would lead the charge against Asgard, she probably took a look at Tyr doing those meditation poses and went "Yeah, right..."

  • Rick Trigger
    Rick Trigger 2 months ago +4

    Plus, since Odin disliked Tyr, he would have made him looked like a coward, running away from a "foe" panicked, while the real kept his cool with Mimir's head

  • SAGHW Team
    SAGHW Team 2 months ago +472

    HOW in the HEL did I miss this? Impressive!

    • Stefan The RainbowPhoenix
      Stefan The RainbowPhoenix Month ago

      I missed it because I had the subtitles turned off lol.

    • Billy Bob
      Billy Bob Month ago

      Shut up shut up shut up

    • The French Analyst
      The French Analyst Month ago

      Dev team is wondering the same thing.

    • DeMon Syfi
      DeMon Syfi 2 months ago +1


    • Kristian Georgiev
      Kristian Georgiev 2 months ago +3

      i did notice that but i never figured out why was that done until i got to the point that odin showed up

    NOOB NAVI 2 months ago +98

    had me laughing when i rewatched the scene where he goes "you killed mimir"

  • Joaquín C Soto
    Joaquín C Soto 2 months ago +1

    I would've loved that they did the same with Atreus, in the last parts of the game where they say "Loki goes, and Atreus stays". When the dialogue continued, I think it would have been awesome if they changed Atreus for Loki, to solidify the change in him

  • SuperHotGames
    SuperHotGames 2 months ago +130

    This is one of those 'you won't notice unless you are told' things for me, I wouldn't have picked up on it until I read a comment. Brilliant!

  • ChaoticStarFish
    ChaoticStarFish 2 months ago +11

    I was kind of annoyed with Kratos and Atreus never questioning how easy it was to find Týr. They went to an abandoned mine and found him behind a wooden door after killing a couple of troops from Asgard after Odin himself _went into their house_ to ask them to stop looking for Týr. When Tyr was revealed to be a fake I just felt cheated instead of surprised, since I had been questioning everything around him from the start and it never paid off in any way.

  • the real
    the real Month ago

    When I first saw “Tyr” I was a bit weirded out by his model. He seemed cartoony compared to the rest of the GOW cast, mostly due to his lankyness and elongated face (like one of the monsters from the Mandela catalogue). But seeing the ACTUAL Tyr, a much more normal looking guy, is an indication that the fake Tyr model was the warped reflection Odin remembered and saw him as.
    They could also be the exact same model but shut up.

  • Jarovit
    Jarovit 2 months ago +9

    A shame that we never saw the real Tyr actually fighting. I bet he´s a real badass.

  • Jon Manson
    Jon Manson Month ago +1

    That’s actually incredible, actually using the very way words are written to hint at what’s happening. Their are games that rely entire one text in the menu that don’t even go to that length.

  • Rurijo
    Rurijo 2 months ago +536

    So he was just
    Hanging out in the cell?

    • Shiba Raccoon
      Shiba Raccoon Month ago

      @DJKO12X RiPPeRX 2.0or that was Odin…. Durlin doesn’t not recognize Loki when they meet again when Odin is doing some chores.

    • DJKO12X RiPPeRX 2.0
      DJKO12X RiPPeRX 2.0 2 months ago

      @Whip Like Mimir said "Odin is always WAY ahead of us" meaning he went to Svartalfheim to confront Durlin and talk him out of it on fooling Kratos and Atreus. If he doesnt do his bidding, Durlin will be made as an example to those who would defy Odin.

    • Whip
      Whip 2 months ago

      @Ox_True Protagonist Chris Redfield_Xo that’s exactly what I was saying because if there was no tyr and no actual prisoner the dwarf definitely lead them into that… idk why no one is talking about that

    • chance okeson
      chance okeson 2 months ago

      @Finn Heisenheim I think he did, cause the second they came to save him he wanted to be alone immediately. He's obviously not social.

    • chance okeson
      chance okeson 2 months ago

      And then he immediately wanted to be alone

  • Ptolémée Sélénion
    Ptolémée Sélénion 2 months ago +30

    Imagine if Týr was going around, fighting Odin with Qi magic powers and Kung-Fu moves.

  • jmldragon
    jmldragon Month ago +1

    when I heard there was a twist toward the end I started to looking into the cutscene checking for foreshadowing and 1 thing I remark was the Tyr mannerisms and way of talking during most diner scene was really similar to odin, which got me to the conclusion it was him in disguise.

  • Sir Sir
    Sir Sir 2 months ago +8

    It's really cool that Tyr actually traveled to other realms such as Asian cultures as well and picked up Tai Chi. I'd love to see him fight though. His strength and powers.

  • Brovacaine
    Brovacaine 2 months ago +1

    It’s played for a little bit of a laugh but it’s also a great touch for Tyr to be doing Tai Chi considering he’s supposed to be very well-traveled. I think he also mentions he’s visited Greece before but I can’t remember for sure.

  • Unordinary Conversation

    When Tyr reacted so weird when hearing Kratos and Atreus found the Jötunheim realm tower I instantly knew he was suspicious and not the real Týr.

  • Joaquin Paredes
    Joaquin Paredes 2 months ago +6

    this vid makes alot more sence to me about tyr, like....i was questioning if there was even a tyr in the first place since mimir said odin was smart enough to prepare a plan life time's ago or something if his plan had some inconvenience along the way, and i was questioning if tyr was real or just a fabrication of him cause after odin disguised as tyr reveals himself, there are no reappearence of tyr afterwards, atleast this clears out a bit of that idea

  • Feo
    Feo 2 months ago +29

    Tyr went from God of War to God of Hipsters

  • Fooly
    Fooly Month ago +1

    I had always found it weird how Tyr would only go along with half the prophecy. If it involved Atreus he would call him Loki and Champion, but if it involved himself it was always no im not going along with prophecy i refuse to help. Im like dude pick a side, but then we found out why 😮‍💨😮‍💨

  • Chiro The Hero
    Chiro The Hero 2 months ago +3

    When Atreus shows them groas prophecy he is tyr is upset because it shows Odin being killed. But that tyr is Odin. They cleverly hid signs of it being Odin throughout the game. We just didnt catch it at first

  • Don Lalo
    Don Lalo 2 months ago +58

    Man the real Tyr looks like he’s meditating before hopping in his beetle van to protest the war at the capitol💀

  • az zahar
    az zahar 2 months ago +2

    Kinda sad that Tyr doesn't get to do anything, just sitting there doing nothing.
    Really wished maybe he comes to surprised fake Tyr or he shows up during Ragnarok with a way to stop the giant ragnarok

  • Kyle P
    Kyle P 2 months ago +1

    Im pretty sure someone already mentioned this in the comments
    One of the hints of fake tyr is Kratos saying his pain is fresh to mimir, like the fakes broken state has started recently
    Kratos was sharp but not enough

  • robo
    robo 2 months ago

    It’s funny because I noticed the moment the game came out that the fake Tyr had no accent mark in his name at all, but when they would mention the real Tyr, it had an accent mark.

  • imp
    imp 2 months ago +124

    greek god of war - ripping out ketaur's spine with his eyebrows; north god of war - giant hippie

    • Werner wernerowy
      Werner wernerowy 2 months ago

      @HaykInWonderland Wikingowie mieli jakiś 3 bogów wojny,Tyra, Odyna, Thora a Grecy dwóch Atenę i Aresa.

    • Grumpy Goose
      Grumpy Goose 2 months ago +1

      Swedish vikings were basically the hippies of the time.

    • HaykInWonderland
      HaykInWonderland 2 months ago

      @Invoked Tyrant a diplomatic god of war? Sounds like a god of peace

    • Jonathan Pilcher
      Jonathan Pilcher 2 months ago +5

      Tyr is the equivalent of Athena in that he's also a god of wisdom and justice rather than just war

    • CatNoir lover
      CatNoir lover 2 months ago +8

      Also to add Tyr literally travel to different mythology to learn different culture and people sooo probably he knows some of the way to overcome the situation in that prison for so long

  • Glenver Arbuis
    Glenver Arbuis 2 months ago +1

    They could make few DLCs for it. Not to embrace the culture, but to emphasize the separation of the son and father. Atreus on the road to finding other giants seemed really interesting and the god of war himself finding new people that worship him.
    Or you know... Read the novel?

  • Anthony Blamthany
    Anthony Blamthany 2 months ago +1

    I remember actually being surprised that Tyr was there and kinda thought it was weird. For Odin he’s like number one public enemy and he was imprisoned in a mine guarded by a couple soldiers? That’d be like if The US put Osama BinOsama bin Lawton under house arrest with a couple cops as security. But then I thought “Eh Odin’s probably just overconfident.”
    I was wrong. I was very wrong.

  • Hugo Tate
    Hugo Tate 2 months ago

    I always did wonder why we got to go out with everyone as a partner except him. I didn't know he was odin but I had a feeling something was up with him. loved the game.

    BLAZED 2 months ago +1

    Nobody else is going to recognize the fact that in the second clip, EVERYONE'S name color changed, not just Tyr's

  • Lynell
    Lynell 2 months ago +2

    It's kinda funny that Kratos literally causes the end of Norse mythology(Ragnarok) and Tyr is just chilling in that cell. like, dude, how did you managed to sleep through all that?!

  • Mesoloney
    Mesoloney 2 months ago +6

    Can someone correct me if I’m wrong but the way I think things happened was the failed revolution against the Aesir was when Tyr was captured and Faye went into hiding.

    • TotenfurWotan
      TotenfurWotan 2 months ago

      Yes. Tyr was imprisoned for it and freya was banished to a realm.

  • Arvin K
    Arvin K 2 months ago +1

    Me, like everyone else, would love to have learned more about the real Tyr. But that's the path the developers took and 🤞🏻🤞🏻 we can see mlre of him interacting with Atreus , Angraboda and Thrud in the upcoming sequel since Eric himself admitted that they are the next Big Thing. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Jenzu
      Jenzu 2 months ago

      No more Norse mythology lol this is the last one if we getting anything with atreus it's dlc

  • Richard Conner
    Richard Conner 2 months ago +14

    Interesting detail. I actually learned something for once in these kind of videos.

  • Taquito-Blade
    Taquito-Blade 2 months ago

    Still blows my mind how Tyr was not actually Tyr for most of the story

  • Wealthy Bone
    Wealthy Bone 2 months ago +2

    Never noticed that but It's interesting to know that I wonder if that was an accident? But it's so weird like I'm curious since Tyr was Odin I wonder did he like copy Tyr's personality and likeness or what? I'm curious if real Tyr would've acted like that when they first met? I will say Odin did put up a great act even though it felt kinda suspicious but since Durllian gave the location of Tyr's imprisonment I wonder if he knew it was the real or fake? Also what was that at the end there with Tyr lol.

    • Animo!
      Animo! 2 months ago

      Durlin had no idea, it seems like Odin was spreading rumours about Tyr's location amongst the dwarves when he was impersonating one of them.

  • Gamer [Khiladi]
    Gamer [Khiladi] 2 months ago +41

    Odin made such a huge joke of Tyr. In a way its very funny but also frustrating and annoying. Odin character was very funny and good
    Edit:- Haha. ''This ...is God of war?''. Tyr have travelled many pantheons and have learned many things. 👍

  • HmMm.
    HmMm. 2 months ago

    As I see from some of the comments, it seems that egypt might be the next pantheon and I theorize that now that 2 pantheons are gone, egypt will start their move and try and take over the resources and lands of the norse, considering the greek pantheon is basically a wasteland.
    The thing is though, Kratos from Destroyer of Gods, will now become the Protector of the 8 Realms.
    If that happens, how fucking cool would that be.
    All the suffering, all the emotions, everything that Kratos has gone through, all to ultimately subvert the entirety of his past and the titles placed upon him, and to become the new Hero and Protector of all that is his Home.

  • Rogue Jedi
    Rogue Jedi 2 months ago

    While it's a cool unexpected plot twist when he turns out to be Odin, I wish the real Tyr had actually showed up to help them fight in Ragnarok

  • Curix The Wolf
    Curix The Wolf 2 months ago

    I thought that was an error the Devs didn’t noticed but nope, that’s them giving us a warning we all didn’t see coming.

  • Nismoleb89
    Nismoleb89 Month ago

    I randomly discovered the real Tyr after wandering off from the ravens and wondered to my self, like what if this was here the WHOLE TIME.

  • wammo1997
    wammo1997 2 months ago +3

    Subtitle kills the shock.... The subtitle states that Odin is speaking before Tyr transformed

  • NoName
    NoName Month ago +2

    fun fact: this video contains major spoilers
    stay safe y’all 👍

  • alpha195
    alpha195 2 months ago

    i always find it weird how “tyr”was afraid when kratos shows mimir’s head and other character seems to be fine with it

  • The nextinline
    The nextinline 2 months ago

    Can't even describe how much i wanted the real Tyr to join the action when Ragnarok started. What a missed opportunity for some epicness. The writer is so dumb....

  • badoel lol
    badoel lol 2 months ago +1

    "I learn the art of war from the god of war"
    -Sun Tzu

  • bozardo101
    bozardo101 2 months ago +1

    I have a theory Tyr journeyed to other worlds outside the Norse Mythology. He might have visited a land in the east because of those Asian movements. He might have taken a trip to India as well and visited the Gods there. JUST A THEORY

  • Stone Brick
    Stone Brick Month ago +1

    I caught on as soon as “Tyr” got picky at the table. “I remember food tasting better.” My ass. Thought you were locked up for two entire life times, they were giving you Beef Wellington or something?

  • JD
    JD Month ago +1

    Thought it was dumb that there was no cutscene when you freed the real Tyr. In general it was dumb that it was a fake, I dunno they hyped Tyr so much in the 1st game. Felt like the Last Jedi when Luke threw the light saber away.

    • Judgementxxx
      Judgementxxx Month ago +1

      Or Odin using him a disguise to spy on his enemy was a smart move

  • Tristan Del Giudice
    Tristan Del Giudice 2 months ago +3

    It’s a dead giveaway when he uses Odin’s nickname “Frigg” when addressing Freya when he first encounters her in Sindri’s house.

    • King Alucard
      King Alucard 2 months ago

      @Tree Licker Odin call her Frigg after so so never got credit for anything Mimir said it in the first game

    • Tree Licker
      Tree Licker 2 months ago

      Not really considering the last time Týr saw her she went by Frigg

  • Shannon Buckley
    Shannon Buckley 2 months ago +1

    When I was watching jacksepticeye play this,, It felt weird when fake tyr was walking too close with atreus when he said he found the way with the mask and I was getting the weird vibe of why is he so close? Something doesn't seem right.

  • I am a Bread
    I am a Bread 2 months ago

    You know in the Japanese mythology there is a monster that has eyes in the butt and Tyr probably went to that mythos. So yeah Tyr definitely can't be shocked anymore.

  • Saphire Fire
    Saphire Fire 2 months ago +1

    He's like no wonder the fight with these gods of this land was much easier

  • The Off-Grid Guru
    The Off-Grid Guru 2 months ago +3

    I haven't got to that part of the game yet. I'm so glad Clip-Share decided to dump spoilers on me.

  • Venity
    Venity  Month ago +1

    Smart move from the devs

  • Kupakaraiu
    Kupakaraiu 2 months ago +1

    Still surprised mimir didn't know how his friend actually is

  • Unbound_Selrahc
    Unbound_Selrahc Month ago

    See I saw this change and thought it was just a subtitling error which happens more often than you’d think, I didn’t know it was a hint

  • Wolven EdvHart
    Wolven EdvHart Month ago

    So strange that the real Tyr encounter isn’t given a proper cutscene

  • Gran Papiro!
    Gran Papiro! 2 months ago

    I still ding over how Tyr arm just goes ~~~ in that last scene... 🤣

  • Zerkant
    Zerkant Month ago

    I love how fake Tyr is acting reaction like "is it the Gost of Sparta?😨 Did you kill Mimir?😨" and the real one is just "Odin's dead? Omg😪"

  • Phroggy
    Phroggy 2 months ago

    hey dude, thank you so much for the spoiler in the title. really cool of you to do that

  • Jason Lu
    Jason Lu 2 months ago

    I turned off my subtitles so I definitely would never have caught that, which I think made the surprise a lot more impactful

  • Terra The Terrible
    Terra The Terrible 2 months ago +5

    He had to make the username slightly different because Týr was taken

  • DarkLord
    DarkLord 2 months ago +11

    He look's like about to say "It's morbin time"

  • Aviv Gannon
    Aviv Gannon 2 months ago +6

    We will never know how strong tŷr really is

    • 65firered
      65firered 2 months ago +3

      I kind of wish we got to fight him. Just a bit of fun after being locked away for so long.

  • Alex Adame
    Alex Adame Month ago

    I thought Tyr was secretly working for Odin, didn’t think it actually was Odin lol

  • Kanta
    Kanta Month ago +1

    I like the part where the developers changed the subtitles to indicate the fake Týr

  • Dark Emperor (TheObscureOne)

    Another most likely the reason why Odin chose not to kill him was his knowledges of other pantheons and the giants' secrets were too valuable to waste

  • Daniel Ramnauth
    Daniel Ramnauth 2 months ago

    I wish Atreus was there to meet the real Tyr

  • Nykolaï
    Nykolaï 2 months ago

    When I saw the name for the first time I thought that was a typo but now this makes sense xD

  • Analog AceGambit
    Analog AceGambit 2 months ago

    i would imagine if they releases the real tyr

  • sullysully5
    sullysully5 Month ago

    Bro when tyr turned I was astonished, flabbergasted, kerfunkeled and downright uncannied.

  • Jack Son
    Jack Son 2 months ago +87

    So... is he just Norse Jesus?

    • Yash Bhuiya
      Yash Bhuiya 2 months ago +1

      That's supposed to be Baldur actually. He's apparently much nicer in canon Norse mythology, and he apparently comes back to life to help out the last two surviving humans of Ragnarok

    • Joseph Stalin
      Joseph Stalin 2 months ago +3

      @Shak Maybe in mythology but the Baldur of this universe was a sadistic maniac. Trying to use real mythology for a game that clearly doesn’t follow it is pointless

    • Black Roberts
      Black Roberts 2 months ago +1

      because the Orthodoxy is based

    • 65firered
      65firered 2 months ago +2

      Less street preacher and more diplomat.

    • Shak
      Shak 2 months ago +13

      No that would be baulder

  • Daklan17
    Daklan17 2 months ago

    I recognized the actor for Odin but forgot where I knew him from, so I searched God of War ragnarok Odin voice actor, and when I clicked on the page it also spoiled that Odin was fake Tyr 🫠

  • Memehuskie
    Memehuskie 2 months ago +1

    Freya should’ve catch on some suspicions on tyr when he called her frigg because no one else say that name besides Odin

  • Dedsec Retr0
    Dedsec Retr0 2 months ago +1

    It was actually hinted that Odin was disguised at Tyr when atreus arrives on as garden Odin says my disgruntled employee. At least mimir was kind funny

  • Franklin Tobias
    Franklin Tobias Month ago

    I just got spoiled so hard bru 😭😭 I thought Tyr was dead Fr I didn’t know there was a hidden ending Rip

  • Harits Andhika Nugroho

    "I'm trying to learn Water Bending, Kratos. It's a powerful ancient technique i learned somewhere far from here . . ."