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1000 People Simulate Civilization!

  • Published on Jun 6, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • We simulated civilization with 1000 players on the same Minecraft server! After 24 Hours they will battle for $30,000!
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Comments • 18 495

  • FitMC
    FitMC 9 months ago +24014

    Thanks again for having me Beast. It was a true challenge starting in the hardest possible biome lol

    THATTRANSIOTIONSGUY 9 months ago +2156

    Respect to the ocean for defending all the teams because they were put in the middle. Hands down great defence

    • Ristre
      Ristre 22 days ago

      ​@Teinar Halling

    • Teinar Halling
      Teinar Halling 8 months ago +2

      @stone sword C

    • stone sword
      stone sword 8 months ago +19

      @OrangerThings yes he would not be called fitmc without him playing 2b2t and doing pvp from 2013 if kingoros joined fit the others would have lost he is a master at traditional pvp maybe even better than dream

    • OrangerThings
      OrangerThings 9 months ago +16

      ikr fit is a master of minecraft warfare

  • Mason O'Banion
    Mason O'Banion 9 months ago +4458

    The fact that the video title calls it “simulating civilization” but all they’re doing is just building up before fighting each other… That’s an unironically realistic representation of civilization.

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement 8 months ago +889

    Fit defended the Ocean like a pro. I think if they focused a lot on archery and sent in a small squad to steal a team they would've had it.
    Edit: Turns out from Fit's video they couldn't use arrows, which is just stupid. This was unwinnable for Fit.
    Edit 2: Turns out they did have a small strike team that was just never shown in this video because it didn't manage to capture any base. Unlucky honestly.

    • LowMax
      LowMax 5 months ago +1

      He literally had to fight a war in 6 fronts lol

    • An Account
      An Account 6 months ago

      @PSP - REPLAYS & GAMEPLAYS tnt was banned in this tournament

    • Danik Fellman
      Danik Fellman 6 months ago +1

      @TheAdvertisement If I ever get to play on one of these civilization servers and I become ruler of one I would elect a chief redstone artist, a chief architect and a chief military advisor. I would want my chief redstone artist to help design technology to make mine the most advanced civilization on the server and to make war machines to help protect it, for example: a tnt cannon that can shoot at a trajectory angle so I can hide it behind the walls so my enemies wouldn't be able to see it and so it would be able to shoot above the walls. I watched a Shadiversity video explaining that if there ever were like catapults or other siege weapons on medieval structures like castles they would be behind the walls for that exact reason. It was on a video of Shad reviewing the accuracies in Lord of the Rings movie castles

    • TheAdvertisement
      TheAdvertisement 6 months ago +1

      @Danik Fellman See above

  • ThePeashooterPuppet YT
    ThePeashooterPuppet YT 9 months ago +563

    Find it kinda poetic that Fit was being sandwiched for a good long while and his team *still* went down swinging. Knowing him, to say he has experience in Minecraft wars is an understatement.

    • Jsde YT
      Jsde YT 6 months ago

      @Evil Boy he is still a good player if you went into 2b2t even with best hacks you could buy i guarantee youd get shi on

    • That0neDude
      That0neDude 8 months ago +1

      he has the 2b2t power in his veins

    • stone sword
      stone sword 8 months ago +1

      @Evil Boy yes i know

    • Evil Boy
      Evil Boy 8 months ago +1

      @stone sword Doing something very hard that is pvp related literally just further proves my point.

    • stone sword
      stone sword 8 months ago +2

      @Evil Boy meaning he can do traditional pvp

  • King Zippy
    King Zippy 8 months ago +15

    Mrbeast going down in the history books

  • JanbluTheDerg
    JanbluTheDerg 9 months ago +17649

    Honestly props to Ocean, they literally defended against everyone at the same time. If Fit had been put in charge anywhere else, it probably would have been one sided lol.

    • Bob from animal crossing
      Bob from animal crossing 2 months ago

      Ocean destroyed desert with mid diff lol

    • Jou t7
      Jou t7 3 months ago

      Yes unlucky for fit to start straight in the middle, while fit was the only one I knew out of these random minecraft youtubers.

    • The_EpicClashGamerz
      The_EpicClashGamerz 3 months ago

      @Irisoul kkkl

    • Ranger65
      Ranger65 4 months ago

      @Gumi 62 they arent aloud to use bows and arowws or endrr pearls so that advantage is very small

    • Sisiaaiai Sisiaiqiqq
      Sisiaaiai Sisiaiqiqq 4 months ago

      I don’t believe that they built their bases in survival or creative mode. The evidences are that, there’s no way for them to get all those resources with were theyre at, theres not that many available resources. It’s also not built in creative mode because many things accessible in creative mode, were not present or used in their build when they could have, and considering they have so many people, it can’t be that the builds will be that united. So my deductions are that, the builds were already built or built by professionals map creators, like the ones in mrbeast’s other videos. So this is a scripted show, and he just made them fight each other. I am not trying to spread hate, just exposing or telling facts of this scripted show which are hiding the truth or lying to make a cool content. So this is like a secret.

  • Skate & Bait
    Skate & Bait 9 months ago +109

    I like how by now, MrBeast has literally convinced his audience to promote his products for him 😂

  • Wvryn
    Wvryn 9 months ago +146

    Yes. You can have literally better cinematography in a minecraft video than in a mainstream film.

    • 모에카
      모에카 2 months ago

      you should check out one of captainsparklez vids

    • Komi
      Komi 8 months ago +8

      no bro he doesn't wdym, no hate to mrbeast but he doesn't have better cinematography in his minecraft videos than mainstream films you crazy bro?

  • Sultan Althwaini
    Sultan Althwaini 7 months ago +38

    Was an amazing event to be a part of and participate!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Nope Goonie
    Nope Goonie 4 months ago +18

    Good choice with Fit in the middle. It takes a 2b2t to be able to handle the chaos like that, and a damn good 2b player at that. Literally born for the role, great job!

  • FlakoMC
    FlakoMC 9 months ago +3977

    Still amazes me how about 26 hours worth of footage is condensed down into 8-9 minutes and it still stays just as energetic/engaging

    • HyperCrystal
      HyperCrystal 8 months ago

      As someone who competed and won in this challenge, many sleepless hours were spent on this challenge 🥲

    • KeenScout
      KeenScout 8 months ago

      That's why it's engaging, because only the best parts are kept in

    • LampsalL
      LampsalL 9 months ago

      @Ruben Morales (Vlogs) wow

  • Mastin Barry
    Mastin Barry 3 months ago +99

    Literally the most epic Minecraft content I’ve ever seen.

  • Lily CB
    Lily CB 7 months ago +21

    Can you do an actual civilization one one time? I'm obsessed with the $5000 build of the village and kingdom and think it'd be really cool to see you all build your own civilizations more than just the fighting

  • DrRockthepuss
    DrRockthepuss 5 months ago +8

    I would love to see this again with a bit more prep time and traps allowed.

  • Rasplin
    Rasplin 9 months ago +1223

    As a player in this event, this was definitely a LOT of chaos and fun! Awesome video!

    • MelagEdits
      MelagEdits 7 months ago

      Rssplin the clown trainer btw I love ur vids

    • OkWaitWhat
      OkWaitWhat 9 months ago +1

      @͘ omg soooo funny hahahaha i laughed so hard 😠

    • EW38
      EW38 9 months ago

      I saw ur vid on it

    • EW38
      EW38 9 months ago

      HI! im a HUGE fan!

  • 1k challenge with 0 video
    1k challenge with 0 video 9 months ago +11

    This man always tries to do something and extra ordinary and make his audience feel excited for every next,love you

    • ManoHousing
      ManoHousing 9 months ago

      @Kyler Peltier yes rewatch it when you are above the age of 10- and you'll see

    • Kyler Peltier
      Kyler Peltier 9 months ago +1

      ​@ManoHousing nah

    • ManoHousing
      ManoHousing 9 months ago

      but this just sucked

  • C. Barrett
    C. Barrett 2 months ago

    Major props to the editor for this video, this would have been super difficult to edit!!!!

  • Alomar Ybarra
    Alomar Ybarra 3 months ago +37

    Once I saw FitMC. I lost it. Dude has super Minecraft knowledge

  • Channy
    Channy 9 months ago +872

    Gotta admit i ran like a coward at the first attemp to attack Jungle, i still hear the scream of my Badland Comrades died behind me that day, that will hunt me in my dream.
    o7 kachow ya’ll!

    • PandaCFT
      PandaCFT 9 months ago

      if channy on the jungle team ,will hide like a tree and raid like the way Vietnam did during the war

    • Dream Surfer
      Dream Surfer 9 months ago

      ❤️Wow do so much good please 🙏. 🧘‍♂️

    • Mari M
      Mari M 9 months ago

      for factttt

    • Growth Mindset
      Growth Mindset 9 months ago

      To whomever is reading this - wishing you the best morning/night - remember, what we think, we become 🧠💰

  • Libros para el Éxito
    Libros para el Éxito 9 months ago +18

    They are geniuses all the team of Mr Beast. I admire them very much. Let the SUCCESSES continue guys. Congratulations.

  • Esther
    Esther 9 months ago +5

    I was waiting for someone to infiltrate a base and they finally did. I'm proud of them, they almost got it lol.

  • WWll content
    WWll content 8 months ago +5

    In terms of laser one standing forect won but terms for most battle hardend monecraft players team ocean won the battle. They were the only ones to fend off really well against multiple teams and for that ocean deserves half the money the winner got $15000 to be precise. Fit mc you go man! Also my favorite line from the whole video goes to fit mc "thats right were not giving up that easy"

  • B F
    B F 9 months ago +5

    I would LOVE to see more civilization-based contests

  • HalfDead
    HalfDead 8 months ago +11

    Respect to the ocean team, they had to defend their slime from all the teams all at one time

  • AI Mindset
    AI Mindset 9 months ago +1834

    Fit knows how to maximize every aspect of the game, as well as organizing chaotic groups of people. 2b2t has made him a Minecraft god.

    • Elf Cuber
      Elf Cuber 8 months ago

      bro yall need to realize that rasplin( a top crystal pvper is better than fit) and jungle nation had every top sword pvper in existence. Like fit is pretty good but hes not that good

    • OvamaPlayz
      OvamaPlayz 9 months ago

      Darius Bostic im a muslim

    • Vinh Nguyễn
      Vinh Nguyễn 9 months ago

      Give fit access to the nether and he'll demolish invaders with end crystals

  • 1K challenge with 0 video.
    1K challenge with 0 video. 9 months ago +14

    I respect everyone who were involved in this. Seriously the best piece that I've ever seen on Clip-Share. HATS OFF TO YOU ALL! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!

  • 9sex
    9sex 9 months ago +2

    I love how Jimmy has been doing this for so long that he doesn’t even need to put the amount of money that people win in his video titles, that’s pretty cool

    • Linky Doodle
      Linky Doodle 9 months ago

      But he tells the contestants what there gonna get

  • Shiimainu
    Shiimainu 8 months ago +6

    the final battle couldve been more interesting if forest took out ice first, then it would be an all out war of forest and jungle, deciding *which tree-thriving biome is the champion*

  • zadinx
    zadinx 9 months ago +7

    would’ve loved to see more building action and/or a timelapse

  • john
    john 8 months ago +1

    Love your content man. Been watching your stuff for awhile and it's helped me get through my parents and brother passing away recently. Then had a few surgery's so I was in the hospital for a few days and just binging Clip-Share lol. Thanks for the content and the laughs

  • ("RNA0ROGER")
    ("RNA0ROGER") 9 months ago +5

    Credit to Ocean for holding on that long despite being attacked from all sides.

  • jaye
    jaye 9 months ago

    insane props to jimmy for letting all the players rip ass freely. i can only imagine the sweaty, brown gamer chairs

  • Devon Thurgood
    Devon Thurgood 7 months ago +7

    I was wondering why there were no archers, till I realized they were probably on Peaceful. Itd be cool to have a row of archers defending your castle.

    • a duck
      a duck 4 months ago

      projectiles were disabled i believe

  • MrShadow
    MrShadow 2 months ago

    If Fit was on any other team he would’ve dominated the event

  • Clevoo
    Clevoo 9 months ago +267

    Dang I wish I could be there, must be real fun fr

    • Growth Mindset
      Growth Mindset 9 months ago

      To whomever is reading this - wishing you the best morning/night - remember, what we think, we become 🧠💰

    • Pain Killer
      Pain Killer 9 months ago

      Just release a new song
      Tell me what you think about it 💚❤️🖤

    • Elliott Potter
      Elliott Potter 9 months ago

      @J- no u aremt

    • SINGH TV
      SINGH TV 9 months ago

      Don't read my name :::

    • sw1tch
      sw1tch 9 months ago

      @J- Bro no u not

  • jose perez
    jose perez 9 months ago +1

    Absolutely entertainment at its finest guys 👦!

  • Lue 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me

    One of the best thing about dude is that he never takes
    credit for himself when he achieves something. He always
    respect us, the audience and his team, and he is polite in
    all his videos. We congratulate ourselves on this

    • No U
      No U 7 months ago

      L bot

  • Yggdrasil
    Yggdrasil 9 months ago

    i swear mr beast is inspiring me all the time he started from the bottom and grew so big all across his channels Tryna grow my own channel and its been slow but i always watch his vids and the inspiration to keep going is always there
    thanks for the entertaining content man

  • Dyan Northard
    Dyan Northard 8 months ago +2

    I think ocean deserved to get 5,000 for how well they did

  • MagicGum
    MagicGum 9 months ago +3641

    Yo thanks for inviting me! The Plains Nation had a pretty sick story behind-the-scenes so it was rlly fun to play

    • d1k gawS
      d1k gawS 9 months ago

      This is exactly why no one else but you and Fit commented
      Comment bots

    • Eric Smith
      Eric Smith 9 months ago


    • Shy Syy
      Shy Syy 9 months ago


  • ⭕️Free Robux On My Profile

    One of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respect us, the audience, and his team, and he is always polite in all of his videos. We congratulate ourselves on this achievement. More to come and everything to come 💞💞

  • King Dragon
    King Dragon 9 months ago +2

    The Ocean may have been at a disadvantage, but the fact that the ocean was a defense it self, and they had strong blocks high up, gave them a great defense.

  • Sloth
    Sloth 4 months ago

    I have never even played minecraft, but hell, that was so entertaining to watch - gj guys!🔥

  • Elec03
    Elec03 9 months ago

    I think a great idea would be to invite 1000 people into a Minecraft server and just see what they would do. Simply be observers. Cheers lads.

  • ReaperX716
    ReaperX716 8 months ago +1

    Damn, Fit is the only reason i ever even gave minecraft a try

  • MMMsert
    MMMsert 9 months ago +642

    This was enjoyable to watch. I would like to see another one of these, where they have little resources, and can declare war and allies right away. They are just further away from each other. Just be interesting to see who does what. Like you can win with 1 ally, and see if anyone double crosses or does diplomacy well. Trading, etc.

  • Í Gn mmm
    Í Gn mmm 9 months ago +4

    Honestly, I want to see him fight like a swarm of Wardens

  • Rhea Pillai
    Rhea Pillai 9 months ago

    This video was so well made.....the transition from one civilisation to another was sooo insane and the way you showed the fight between the civilisation was just amazing and the storyline was just crisp and awesome,combined with the crazy editing skills of ur edititer ....this video was also so concise.....this is probably the best game video I have ever watched....huge respect to you beast

  • Subetai
    Subetai 6 months ago +1

    Ocean was man handling all the invaders, Fit and them could have thrashed the other teams if they landed a good biome

  • RandomTrooper
    RandomTrooper 9 months ago +2

    Go watch fits video to see how they planned out everything. truely an amazing video. Ocean did a amazing job. Great teamwork, leadership, and planning.

    • Telegram me 👉mrbenz0
      Telegram me 👉mrbenz0 9 months ago

      👆👆Thanks for watching and congratulation 🎊you have been selected among my shortlisted winners.
      Telegram only to claim your prize 🎁🥰🎁.

  • MINING HOUSE Minecraft
    MINING HOUSE Minecraft 8 months ago +1

    Respect. Editing To Another LEVEL

    MANAV DJ2 9 months ago +1

    that was truly unexpected . wudo just came out of no where and he got it

  • Emil Pind
    Emil Pind 9 months ago +1

    I love how simulating society means war.
    And that's annoyingly accurate

  • Dante Malkavia
    Dante Malkavia 4 months ago +11

    OK this was absolutely freaking epic! I love this idea!!!

  • Lucrative person
    Lucrative person  9 months ago +1

    Honestly I’m surprised people didn’t try make a faction type base those lava water bases were so annoying to break into

  • Formicus
    Formicus 6 months ago

    It would be so cool to have the battle of elements kingdoms, with fire being basically a land of lava, fire etc. and it's players having fire immunity effect, air being a land of really high, thin trees with thin bringes etc. and it's players having the slow fall potion effect, water being... Underwater and it's players breathing fire and earth having lots of soul sand and it's players having soul speed, also some no man's lands that are none of the elements.

  • es_ BLVNK
    es_ BLVNK 9 months ago +1

    I hope the people that did this concept first got credit. This also was more of just a big pvp match. There wasn’t a lot of “civilization” stuff. But fun none the less.

  • TobbleEvolved
    TobbleEvolved 9 months ago +39

    This was more like "1000 people simulate war". It was still good, but if you wanna simulate civilization then the end goal has to be different. Instead of "kill everyone and be the last team standing", it should be something like "be the first to make this many buildings" or "be the first to get to space" or "be the first to collect this many resources", or perhaps some combination

    • lil twiggy
      lil twiggy 8 months ago +2

      @SayHallo ikr, it’s a stupid comment

    • SayHallo
      SayHallo 8 months ago +7

      Do you not realize how many wars have been fought in history? This IS civilization.

  • Memesrrlife
    Memesrrlife 7 months ago

    i think ice deseves some major respect for holding wudo back for as long as they did

  • Ma H
    Ma H 9 months ago +1

    Hey I liked the video but I would have liked it more if you had shown the progress of them building their nations😁

  • Rhyno games
    Rhyno games 4 months ago +1

    Bro gives away 30 000$ but only makes a 8 minute video to make it more entertaining gotta love it

  • NeoWolfGaming
    NeoWolfGaming 9 months ago +428

    Its so cool that he managed to get so many Clip-Sharers to participate in this and how he somehow managed to get almost 1000 other people to participate in this simulation / experiment and how his team turned 26 hours of footage into an 8 minute video

    • a duck
      a duck 4 months ago

      i participated in this challenge it was long but very fun

    • Muneesh Janotra
      Muneesh Janotra 9 months ago


    • ReyTheLegendary
      ReyTheLegendary 9 months ago

      @Khal ye I wanted to see more of the building civilization and less of the pvp

    • Khal
      Khal 9 months ago

      @Christian Leitgeb you're wrong lol 8 minutes isn't the meta, mr beast can make a 5 minutes video and a 20 minutes video and both of them can be captivating, do you really believe that they couldnt cram in another 5 minutes of interesting footage? They got 7 teams, 1k players and way more than 24 hours of recorded footage

    • Dream Surfer
      Dream Surfer 9 months ago +1

      ❤️Wow do so much good please 🙏. 🧘‍♂️

  • Luking97
    Luking97 9 months ago

    Make it again, but with player bars/numbers left per team will be perfect

  • Andrew J Queen
    Andrew J Queen 8 months ago

    It's amazing.... How entertaining that was lol! Like I was on the edge of my seat and I play games maybe once every 6 months lol!

  • Md Kalam
    Md Kalam 6 months ago

    Nghe xong bài này cái thấy tâm trạng buồn và nặng nề kinh khủng. Nhưng lại cứ phải replay hoài cả ngày😍

  • spacemilky🧋
    spacemilky🧋 9 months ago

    Is it just me or is the ocean a pretty nice biome for pvp? It is hard to cross the ocean, and the ocean team will get free fire with their bows. Not only that, but they can wait out while the other teams exhaust each other

  • AnimeEdits
    AnimeEdits 3 months ago +6

    Respect Ocean and jungle bc océan defended very well against 3 countries Its very good! And Sipover just took 2 countries under 10 mins

  • Facterino Commenterino
    Facterino Commenterino 9 months ago +1159

    Today's fact: The name for the shape of Pringles is called a 'Hyperbolic Paraboloid'.

  • Eren yadav
    Eren yadav 9 months ago

    Ocean should've won, but they made it really far for the people who have the most disadvantages

  • iampewdsfan
    iampewdsfan 9 months ago +1

    Is it me or is it that Jimmy sounds very exhausted ... honestly man he works so hard .....he deserves everything..

  • Pratishtha Bajracharya
    Pratishtha Bajracharya 5 months ago

    The cinematography in this video is just epic

  • Andrew Tran
    Andrew Tran 9 months ago

    Would to see it a little more organized like what if captains got to chose 20 people at a time to fight another factions set of 20 people and duked it out that way

  • Nick Wolfe
    Nick Wolfe 8 months ago

    im still just thinking how much techno would love to do this...

  • Lane Machuca
    Lane Machuca 9 months ago +175

    I would love to see you make these longer! There’s a lot you can include to make this 15-20 mins and I’m sure everyone would enjoy!

    • Growth Mindset
      Growth Mindset 9 months ago

      To whomever is reading this - wishing you the best morning/night - remember, what we think, we become 🧠💰

    • Lane Machuca
      Lane Machuca 9 months ago

      @Emily Tichenor ur mad, stay mad, don’t care

    • Emily Tichenor
      Emily Tichenor 9 months ago +1

      @Lane Machuca You did ask and you do care. welcome to the internet

    • J-
      J- 9 months ago


    • BigMacBoi477
      BigMacBoi477 9 months ago +1

      “We Like Fortnite”

  • Mr Yo
    Mr Yo 9 months ago

    Repsect for jimmy for giving free money to people he is so generous!

  • EJ in AZ
    EJ in AZ 8 months ago +1

    You really see in every video how much he loves his subscribers

  • FAIRY Sketches
    FAIRY Sketches 9 months ago

    Amazing .. that's really a great fun I wish I could be there.

  • Mega Glaceon
    Mega Glaceon 8 months ago

    This event was so fun to participate in met some cool peeps. Fished for 15h straight I'll never forget that.

    • Mega Glaceon
      Mega Glaceon 7 months ago +1

      @Thomas Mans join the gaming discord and fill out the google docs then you pray you get randomly picked

    • Thomas Mans
      Thomas Mans 7 months ago

      How do you join them?

  • Cringe Gott
    Cringe Gott 9 months ago +141

    This guy is saving lives, hosting cool events, helping the people in need and having tons of fun doing so.

  • Elias Von der Brelie
    Elias Von der Brelie 9 months ago +1

    This video was somehow scriped or at least had a very specific ruleset.
    Everyone who has ever played in open projects like this knows how unorganized groups of 100+ players are.

    • 888 Records
      888 Records 9 months ago

      I don’t think they just picked random people. They probably carefully picked the people, cause they also have to make sure the people stay online the entire 26 hours

  • mr kartsa
    mr kartsa 9 months ago

    Jimmy`S Videos just get better and better

  • naps
    naps 7 months ago

    This video is literally what i dreamed of as a kid. Giant armies and bases and castles in minecraft, all going to war with crazy items and techniques.

  • GregTheDogger
    GregTheDogger 9 months ago +1

    my dad went on a trip and didn’t come back. Your videos gave me the strength I needed to rebuild myself and be happy again.

  • 뚝배기TV
    뚝배기TV 7 months ago +2

    I want to do this kind of content someday!

  • Yivo
    Yivo 9 months ago +184

    This was such a cool idea but I think something that would if made it even better is if the teams couldn't just break through the walls and roofs of their civilisations. This would make it so the teams would have to use strategy and teamwork to infiltrate their opponents.

  • Help me get 1k subs
    Help me get 1k subs 9 months ago +66

    This is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen. I'd love to watch more of this.

    • Saido
      Saido 8 months ago +2

      Itd be more cool if they made this into a 20m+ vid tbh.

    NATEPSE NETWORK 9 months ago

    Taking Note It's a masterpiece, This has gotta be the most popular daily vlog of all time.

  • JulioAbel90
    JulioAbel90 8 months ago +1

    Still can't believe they've made no traps :)) i wouldve pistoned them into the abyss so hard

  • Baby LemonpieTV
    Baby LemonpieTV 9 months ago

    he is so good at it!!!! takes no credit!!! to humble!!!!

  • the great lumberjack King

    Fit did incredible considering What he had. If he got any other biome he would've won

  • WilliamsFamilyGaming
    WilliamsFamilyGaming 9 months ago +1

    The zoomed in & out camera angles, paninng n tilting the camera during Gameplay was Epic, I loved this!

  • Funfetti
    Funfetti 2 months ago

    As soon as I heard Fit, I new the team in the middle would do fine.

  • BlueFlame
    BlueFlame 9 months ago

    i loved the part when all three teams were invading ocean and they were acting as a wall like no one could get by

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 2 months ago +1

    I don’t even play video games. I’m just here to support Mr. Beast.

    VINAYAK SINGH 9 months ago

    Daily upload is not a joke salute to his hard work 👍👍

  • polygone two
    polygone two 9 months ago

    This was fun, glad my team ended up winning. Being in those last couple raids was insane. xD
    Also glad my dumb banner made it into the video lmao.

  • Galactic Banana Stop motions

    "We shall go on to the end,
    We shall fight on the seas and oceans,
    We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be,
    We shall fight on the beaches,
    We shall fight on the landing grounds,
    We shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
    We shall fight in the hills;
    We shall never surrender,"- FitMC 2022

    COQUEN SL 8 months ago

    Saludos desde coahuila México te admiro tanto 🫣♥️ eres un alma de dios pro ayudar a mucha gente ojalá y tenga la misma suerte saludos 🙏🥺

    VORTA 9 months ago +142

    The fact that there are notable civilization content creators make it way more entertaining. Magic, Ish, and Sipover.

    • Joseph Sapienza
      Joseph Sapienza 9 months ago

      What’s wrong with your reply section

    • Ruben Morales (Vlogs)
      Ruben Morales (Vlogs) 9 months ago


    • Jesus Saves!
      Jesus Saves! 9 months ago

      God heals depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, EVERYTHING, God literally heals my physical pain when I ask Him! Trust in God to heal ALL! He is your creator!
      Lean not on man, you'll never be healed.
      Know that there is power in the name Jesus Christ! His name casts out demons and heals! People are bothered by his name, for the world hates the truth and wants to continue living sinfully!

    • Jesus Saves!
      Jesus Saves! 9 months ago

      Hey! Did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless them!
      Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who believes in him and follows his commandants!
      Have a blessed day, everyone! ❤