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Minecraft, But Every Time I Slay A Mob I Get Creative Mode...

  • Published on Nov 25, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • GamingGaming

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  • Gigamoon
    Gigamoon Month ago

    19.3 would make this so much easier now that you can spawn it from an egg.

  • Gold
    Gold Month ago

    The fact that when he cuts or he goes tp a place or get something fast and the timer still goes normal

  • Animation N Planes
    Animation N Planes Month ago

    I love how conveniently he clutch it in 1 sec
    Gotta be the fakest one yet

  • Х AUTTP roadto100subs 🎉

    * changes into survival mode *
    "DĀÑG ÎT"

  • dripstream Sam 🥶🥶

    *Diamond armor has joined the chat*
    *Netherite armor has left the chat*

  • Yohai Fishman
    Yohai Fishman 2 months ago +1

    Him: lead
    Me: get spawn eggs.
    Also the moment he said as long as they are alive it was obvious that they would die

  • RedGaming
    RedGaming Month ago

    Him jumping in without sheep
    Also him ignoring spawn eggs

  • Gamer kiddo
    Gamer kiddo 2 months ago

    "I think our goal for this video is just to get some diamonds"

  • just a normal guy
    just a normal guy Month ago +1

    "okay I've maybe gone a little bit of rampage"
    Also him on 3 XP level

  • Skill Issue
    Skill Issue Month ago +1

    u could've get spawn egg instead bringing those sheeps

  • slashblade gaming
    slashblade gaming Month ago +1

    "hard to kill"
    literally killed an ederman

  • Jocelyn Salaysay
    Jocelyn Salaysay Month ago

    While Hes not dying when he finished Lighting it up So that counts as killing

  • Nathan Winn
    Nathan Winn 2 months ago +4

    I love that he always spends over half the time of his video getting random stuff done, just to regret it later

  • Dogeyboi
    Dogeyboi Month ago

    Bro should've gotten netherite instead of diamond at the start

  • Legrev
    Legrev 2 months ago

    Me an intellectual who thought of getting spawn eggs:

  • Sk7ttle
    Sk7ttle Month ago

    just me or this guy sounds like Midoria from bhna?

  • DerFeSoziale
    DerFeSoziale 2 months ago

    First Thing: when you junped in the Portal then i looked at your inv then i saw Portal frames but Only 51! That means cuz the Portal Takes 12 frames to build... WHERE IS THE LAST ONE?

  • will bedard
    will bedard Month ago

    "here he comes"
    every single minecraft fan:

    MEGATRONIKAL Month ago

    *Me copying my hotbar in another creative world and then pasting it* :

  • That Gaming Geek
    That Gaming Geek 2 months ago +274

    Love how he waits 5 minutes before announcing the 5 minute timer

    • Rob
      Rob Month ago

      ​@That Gaming Geeklol these kids hate you

    • Scythe4Life77
      Scythe4Life77 Month ago +1

      @That Gaming Geek buddy the short only went on for a few seconds , real time doesn’t matter to the viewer , how would you know the real time before the countdown pal

    • That Gaming Geek
      That Gaming Geek Month ago +1

      @Scythe4Life77 Nor can it be 5, it's called editing, bud

    • That Gaming Geek
      That Gaming Geek Month ago

      @Fade To Black Testing what?

    • Fade To Black
      Fade To Black Month ago

      @That Gaming Geek he was just testing it

  • Foxyn Noah
    Foxyn Noah Month ago

    Is it just me or does he sound like morty from Rick and morty??

  • CarrotCruncher
    CarrotCruncher Month ago

    just get some spawn eggs from creative

  • Entertainment SV VIP
    Entertainment SV VIP 2 months ago

    people peacefully watching the video
    me thinking about /kill command in creative

  • Bacon Supreme
    Bacon Supreme 2 months ago

    If you build your own portal in creative it doesn't work

  • KingStove
    KingStove 2 months ago +971

    Dayta and camman are the only youtubers which I love screaming
    Edit- I am prestigious

    • arda akkaya
      arda akkaya Day ago


    • CrossBladeGaming
      CrossBladeGaming Month ago

      Coryxkenshin sometimes screams and its always funny cause its usually in horror games.
      Anyone remember when he fell out a chair?

    • CrossBladeGaming
      CrossBladeGaming Month ago

      I now miss the screaming jacksepticeye days.

    • BVEXツ
      BVEXツ Month ago

      If we love to hear then scream....then we are all sadist mfs ?

    • Justin Beiber♪
      Justin Beiber♪ Month ago

      Cuz ur psychopath and korny

  • Harry_Cool4472
    Harry_Cool4472 Month ago

    How was the end portal there?

  • dashtine
    dashtine Month ago +7

    Nice, my ears is are hurt. Hope that's normal 😀

  • thatguyzayden (ඞ sus ඞ)

    Dayta: Minecraft but if when ever I slay- Me: SLAY QUEEN

  • Smarty Arty
    Smarty Arty 2 months ago +1

    I love how he starts the timer after it starts!! 😊

  • Noob
    Noob 2 months ago

    bro could just get a spawn egg

  • TheAverageMinecraftEnjoyer

    *spawn egg left the game*

  • Minimask
    Minimask Month ago

    Dayta just get spawn eggs 🥚

  • slashblade gaming
    slashblade gaming 2 months ago

    me:you could have use a bed

  • MrEdits
    MrEdits Month ago

    Such amazing content! Keep it up! ❤️

  • Skeleton person
    Skeleton person 2 months ago +490

    The " *DANG IT* " at the start got me

    • Adam
      Adam Month ago

      @Nightlite mjlhhhhb

    • Renzo Alvaro
      Renzo Alvaro Month ago


    • Ryan Robinson
      Ryan Robinson Month ago

      Not only that he always wins theese “5 minute” challenges in less then 5 seconds

    • malti maniar
      malti maniar Month ago

      Me too

    • Ohio F
      Ohio F Month ago

      @Nightlite who’s bruh bruh?

  • VoiceMaster
    VoiceMaster 2 months ago +24

    spawn eggs have left the chat

  • Zoldilox
    Zoldilox Month ago

    When your in a try not be infuriatingly annoying contest and your opponent is a minecraft youtuber

  • Sophie^ ^
    Sophie^ ^ Month ago

    The boy at the back at the beginning though

  • KatFox
    KatFox 2 months ago +12

    Honestly I don’t care about the video half the time, I’m just here to listen to your plan, and jam out to death by glamour ♥️

    • Bella Blondon
      Bella Blondon Month ago

      Same, I’m absolutely here for the Toby Fox music

    • Richard Gamez
      Richard Gamez 2 months ago +1

      ​@Vũ Gia Hòa it does play though, same with spider dance and dating fight.

    • Thunder God
      Thunder God 2 months ago +1

      Bot lmao

    • Vũ Gia Hòa
      Vũ Gia Hòa 2 months ago

      The song isn’t even Death by glamour

  • Nosmc_Mlmliton
    Nosmc_Mlmliton 2 months ago

    Respawn anchor instead of beds???

  • Dartis2240
    Dartis2240 Month ago

    Bed has left the chat 🗿

  • Black boy cave man
    Black boy cave man Month ago

    How did he get creative at the end if he Killed endemen would only get five seconds

  • The Prodigy Radio Stations

    "slay a mob"

  • DomingoOH1
    DomingoOH1 Month ago

    bro the first time he slay the animals and then he go to slay the village.. is village a animal?

  • Hi_iamderpy
    Hi_iamderpy 2 months ago

    Mining off camera be like

  • Lotnus XD
    Lotnus XD Month ago

    "As long this sheep doesn't died i have infinite creative mode"
    *Spawn Egg has left the chat*

  • sonia warren
    sonia warren Month ago

    I love you so much and your videos I like And subscribe to your Channel

  • Razor AXL
    Razor AXL Month ago

    Man why diamonds get netherite

  • AbiEJP
    AbiEJP 2 months ago

    The Respawn Anchor Made my day, Thanks for the tips.

  • squam
    squam Month ago +1

    notice how the timer didn't change from the time it hit 1:06 to the time he was in the desert with a fully built end portal

  • Emiliano Santiago
    Emiliano Santiago 2 months ago +37

    Keep the good work ❤️❤️❤️

  • Matey Dimov
    Matey Dimov 2 months ago

    Pls just beat the game normally you dont have to record it and it dosen't have to be 5 minutes minecraft is for fun.

  • 🔮jellyheart🔮
    🔮jellyheart🔮 2 months ago +7

    "Every time i SLAY a mob"
    Got me rolling on the floor like a demon

  • Aria V-Loggs
    Aria V-Loggs Month ago

    The death by glamour in the background

  • Tpye_Volt
    Tpye_Volt Month ago

    I love your voice

  • pewpewman
    pewpewman Month ago

    Why didn't he do /kill on the dragon

  • bill cipher
    bill cipher Month ago +5

    Kids back in my day end portals spawned underground in a place called the strong hold

  • Joseph Stalin europe mapper

    Here is the bill for the ears operation

  • The Epic Gamer Jeremie


  • Tenille Alexis
    Tenille Alexis Month ago

    I gave him the money 💰

  • normalBSS user
    normalBSS user Month ago +13

    his screams the entire video: 📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉

  • Reiven Paul Almojuela

    If it was me i would kill a mob go search any spawn eggs get a stack and kill again

  • Kentucky dog
    Kentucky dog 2 months ago +5

    I like how the timer doesn't change with the edited parts

  • cap.Ezwii!
    cap.Ezwii! 2 months ago

    speedrunes:averge Minecraft speedrun time is 55 minutes

  • deem19o0
    deem19o0 2 months ago

    Bro forgot abt spawn eggs

  • AxrianLP
    AxrianLP Month ago

    I Love how the Ender Dragon loses Like half HP in 2seconds 50-48

  • Arcanine
    Arcanine Month ago

    Your vids make my day and make me laugh!! Thanks for the content bro!!!!

  • Tristen Moor
    Tristen Moor 2 months ago

    this guy sounds like a baby crying

  • Deebo
    Deebo 2 months ago +1

    i think we all know he didn’t really do it in 5 minutes

  • UltraMegaGamingPros
    UltraMegaGamingPros 7 days ago

    “The Ender Dragon has entered creative mode” 😂

    MARIO BABINI 2 months ago

    i love how there's the unspoken rule of not getting portal frame cuz there would be no content

  • Techno dream
    Techno dream Month ago

    Loved it keep up the good work and may god be with you

  • Yoshii
    Yoshii Month ago

    Thought it was annoying at the start, but it grew on me, nice video boss 🫡

  • bemobf
    bemobf Month ago

    I have saved sword what one shot every mob, it like /kill

  • Pat Gru
    Pat Gru Month ago +1

    He could just take spawn eggs from creative instead of lead

  • Thatkidtrey1
    Thatkidtrey1  2 months ago

    For once he actually beat the game

  • AliandLillyGaming!
    AliandLillyGaming! Month ago +22

    Pauses for a bit
    Me: wow he isn’t screami-
    Edit 1: Thanks for the likes!

  • Thomas Howell
    Thomas Howell 2 months ago

    as long as these sheeps stay alive I have infinite creative mode
    Dragon yeah let's fix that

  • Shann Gacelos
    Shann Gacelos 2 months ago

    That's a 1000% Deserve when he doesn't get Diamond on creative mode

  • Boyfriend
    Boyfriend 2 months ago

    I like how you are using undertale music are you a fan dayta

  • Archana Bhardwaj
    Archana Bhardwaj 2 months ago +1

    Me- Why you beat only in 5 minute's?
    Dayta- thats my lucky number..

  • ilikewolves
    ilikewolves 2 months ago

    dayta: enderman are too powerful and unpredictable
    also dayta: *kills an enderman*

  • zaria(wings of fire fan)

    A lot of people use that taco bell thing like that sound the🔔🔔🔔🔔

  • Mr Incredible
    Mr Incredible 2 months ago

    Dude spawned an ender portal out of nowhere 💀💀

  • Xay Souriyarangsy
    Xay Souriyarangsy Month ago

  • NeverID 02
    NeverID 02 2 months ago

    Ah yes, spider dance at the end, love it.

  • TwentyWaysYouDie
    TwentyWaysYouDie Month ago

    honestly it's ridiculous how staged these videos are at this rate

  • Creeperluv02
    Creeperluv02 2 months ago +72

    I get it! It's loud because it's funny! You are so creative and have a personality!

    • Sirkaithethird
      Sirkaithethird Month ago +1

      Is his voice naturally like this

    • PersonicG
      PersonicG 2 months ago +2

      bro is 7💀💀💀

    • Carmen Barboza
      Carmen Barboza 2 months ago

      @Sam85Gamer they never said commands they said creative

    • Elioツ
      Elioツ 2 months ago

      ​@Clip-Share🖥️ when u fall for a bot 🗿

    • Студия DLP
      Студия DLP 2 months ago

      my thoughts literally any second when i watch this mf's tediously unfunny shorts

  • Axle Brown
    Axle Brown 2 months ago

    This is the only time this man will ever win

  • Plasma_Effect
    Plasma_Effect 2 months ago

    i mean.. if the server has cheats, can't you just do /gamemode creative?
    or like, when your in creative? does- does that work with the rules in this?

  • Hello
    Hello 2 months ago

    Me hearing the word slay:
    Me: are u talking about slay💅🏿or slay🐖🗡

  • YourLocalYakult
    YourLocalYakult 2 months ago

    Dayta:uses leads to have mobs to kill
    Me:just use spawn eggs

  • Sussy gaming
    Sussy gaming Month ago +1

    "i slay a mob"

  • Pistol Kerry
    Pistol Kerry Month ago

    Me hearing meow

  • [Villain! Izuku Midoriya]


  • DiamondSlimeo
    DiamondSlimeo 2 months ago

    'too hard too kill' SAID A MAN IN NETHERITE ARMOUR

  • Mrinal Ghosh
    Mrinal Ghosh Month ago


  • Notlistening
    Notlistening Month ago

    Honestly I would have used end crystals instead

  • Eyes
    Eyes 2 months ago

    Can't he just get spawn eggs so he can have infinite creative mode bruh

  • BobaHunter420
    BobaHunter420 26 days ago

    So you’re slaying the mob 💅🏻