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Breath of the Wild but it’s Absolutely Too Hard

  • Published on Mar 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • What if Hyrule as hard as Dark Souls -- Elden Ring, and every other soulslike?
    Thank you to miirkuz for helping:
    Join their discord server here: discord.com/invite/Xcrf7cSwP9
    ▶TWITCH: twitch.tv/pointcrow
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    ▶VOD Channel: / pointcrowvods
    ▶Twitter: pointcrow
    ▶Discord: discord.gg/pointcrow
    ▶Instagram: pointcrow
    Artwork/Emotes by Lycel, SSSucrose, AbbyBagel
    Editted by: cosmizoey
    #pointcrow #breathofthewild #zelda
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  • PointCrow
    PointCrow  2 months ago +3107

    tears of the kingdom soon! I'll be streaming my first playthrough all on youtube here :)

  • Kea64
    Kea64 2 months ago +9434

    Starting with more hearts gives you the same feeling as when you are given 2 hours for 2 questions on a test.

    • Some Noob dat suks
      Some Noob dat suks 2 months ago +813

      It's like being randomly given a lot of loot in a game right before the next room.

    • NCSGaming15
      NCSGaming15 2 months ago +531

      @Some Noob dat suks it’s the save point before a big door too

    • Some_Guy_89
      Some_Guy_89 2 months ago +373

      it’s the reminder that you can run when your down a long hallway

    • Midnight S2
      Midnight S2 2 months ago +82

      It gives me fear.

    • NCSGaming15
      NCSGaming15 2 months ago +165

      @Some_Guy_89 AWWW NAHHHH
      “hold b to run :)”
      “I’m f*cked”

  • Soap Eater
    Soap Eater 2 months ago +770

    i liked seeing pointcrow killing all the blights, i always knew he was a fan of murdering families of 4

    • insanity symphony
      insanity symphony 24 days ago +17

      Wouldn't it be a family of five cause of daddy ganon

    • LtCdrXander
      LtCdrXander 21 day ago +7

      Wouldn't it technically be a family of one since the blights are just avatars of Ganon

    • insanity symphony
      insanity symphony 21 day ago +14

      @LtCdrXander soon it will be a family of zero

    • ya local sagittarius
      ya local sagittarius 15 days ago


    • Professor Sakura
      Professor Sakura 11 days ago

      Family of six because Ganondorf in TOTK is the real Ganondorf and Calamity Ganon is just Ganondorf from TOTK'S puppet?

  • francis casedo
    francis casedo 2 months ago +554

    Pointcrow's chat being a criminal is equivalent to Dougdoug's chat having a divorce

    • Leafgreen 25
      Leafgreen 25 2 months ago +29

      Dougdoug’s chat did *what*

    • BaumiLP
      BaumiLP Month ago +12

      ​@Leafgreen 25 alot of things

    • MILOEBA!!
      MILOEBA!! Month ago +24

      ​@Leafgreen 25dougdougs chat are ALL divorced and some are stuck in dougdougs basement

    • Mitko Katrandviev
      Mitko Katrandviev Month ago +4

      Also slitting in halves and fighting

  • geniusface
    geniusface 2 months ago +130

    I loved the tough Kohga fight but also it would have been hilarious if it was the only enemy the mod didn't change

    • Portia C
      Portia C 2 months ago +4

      Just to show he is weak

  • Luke Fox
    Luke Fox 2 months ago +855

    Eric: Alright, yiga hideout, here we go. Everyone be quiet.

    • Leafgreen 25
      Leafgreen 25 2 months ago +87

      Me: **Is trying to be stealthy because I’m surrounded by enemies, really high strung, lot’s of anxiety, would probably jump and scream if there were to be any sudden loud noises haha**

    • J U A N
      J U A N 2 months ago +25

      @Leafgreen 25 URBOSAS FURY IS READY!!!!!!!1!!!!!

      SKAPEKEY 2 months ago +27


    • HermitOfTheWest
      HermitOfTheWest 2 months ago +25

      @Leafgreen 25 MIPHAS GRACE IS NOW READY

  • Hannah Mills
    Hannah Mills 2 months ago +129

    I actually really like the idea of sigils only appearing on Dark Beast one at a time at first. It adds to the narrative idea that even this last-ditch form is really strong and powerful and you might not be able to beat it, especially since Zelda's basically on her last legs at this point. Then as you whittle his health down the sigils come faster and more appear at once to show that Zelda is gaining the upper hand again. I'm sad that's not in the main game, it would add a sense of progression to the battle and make it feel more meaningful and less tacked-on

  • SciFurLycan
    SciFurLycan 2 months ago +2475

    this is my favorite video to watch while doing absolutely nothing malicious to a family of four

    • RandomNerd
      RandomNerd 2 months ago +103

      I too enjoy watching videos of botw while not skinning a family of 4 to consume there skin

    • cowboy bridges
      cowboy bridges 2 months ago +27

      ​@RandomNerd it's not cani if you warp It like kebab

    • NovaJR9
      NovaJR9 2 months ago +3

      This joke is not funny

    • Bib B
      Bib B 2 months ago +30

      @NovaJR9 Thank you for sharing your opinion. Everyone can have one

    • Pastry
      Pastry 2 months ago +23

      Man, I love watching pointcrow while eating some food. (DEFINITELY not a family of 4)

  • ByronTheUsurper
    ByronTheUsurper 2 months ago +30

    I love that they were like "thunderblight is already strong enough, just making you fight him longer makes this exponentially harder"

  • SilverFox
    SilverFox 2 months ago +33

    19:39 The timing with him seeing the Lynel and the metal pipe noise was perfect LMAO

  • Ian Osborn
    Ian Osborn 2 months ago +20

    The editing in this video is top-notch. Nothing too flashy, but it felt like the video flowed really well.

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz 2 months ago +19

    Families of four have been real quiet since this one dropped

  • Jack White
    Jack White 2 months ago +12

    It’s super poetic that Ganon and Link each brought each other to the brink of death, only for Link to triumph.

  • MrBunnyMan
    MrBunnyMan 2 months ago +2751

    This is definitely my favorite video to watch with a family of 4

    • Mack
      Mack 2 months ago +134

      I typically watch after the family is gone

      MAPLE DEMON 2 months ago +113

      this is good background noise to play while butchering a family of four.

    • Gloomy_Goomy
      Gloomy_Goomy 2 months ago +53

      I love watching this video while my family of 4 is getting brutally killed

    • ׂ
      ׂ 2 months ago +23

      I love eating families of four

  • Outlandish Traveler
    Outlandish Traveler 2 months ago +39

    i love how these videos start off as a completely normal challenge but always end up descending into some form of madness

  • Doomsoul909
    Doomsoul909 2 months ago +20

    I love the guardian friends just deciding to execute beedle

    • Deku
      Deku 2 months ago +2

      Yes me too

  • KazooAnimations
    KazooAnimations Month ago +12

    I love watching pointcrow while I hunt down a family of four! It really makes the whole experience more enjoyable 😊

  • SparkCircuit
    SparkCircuit 2 months ago +59

    Hand to heart, we *_need_* at least 18:17 to 18:47 to be a clip. The timing of the Divine Metal Pipe was so goddamn funny. 😂

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    An extremely good video to bring back some of the Zelda content! Just don’t talk about Thunderblight

    • ͲᏂе B𝝾𝔱 Ͳer𝙢𝐢𝐧𝙖𝔱𝝾r
      ͲᏂе B𝝾𝔱 Ͳer𝙢𝐢𝐧𝙖𝔱𝝾r 2 months ago +19

      Do not click these channels or any links in their "about" section - these are harmful to your device.

    • Thester
      Thester 2 months ago +6

      Thanks for the advice man 🤝

    • funni jester guy1!1!11
      funni jester guy1!1!11 Month ago


  • LoudWaffle
    LoudWaffle 2 months ago +1344

    I thought the introduction regarding laying on the couch with cheeto dust was a personal attack/callout, but three minutes later I realise it's Crow's deeply personal prayer that some of his viewers are normal humans.

    • HeroicZ
      HeroicZ 2 months ago +14

      I feel the exact same way ngl

    • Hybr_
      Hybr_ 2 months ago +65

      We aren't. We eat families of four, commit tax fraud, and try to hit on video game characters like Vaporeon. We are not normal.

    • Attac Mage
      Attac Mage 2 months ago +1

      @HeroicZ you know who drew your pfp?

    • HeroicZ
      HeroicZ 2 months ago +2

      @Attac Mage not off the top of my head, I'd have to find the original image again

    • Attac Mage
      Attac Mage 2 months ago

      @HeroicZ I'll have a look, then. Sometimes Yandex smiles upon me.

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia 2 months ago +17

    I like how they give you 2 extra hearts as if the enemy's aren't going to one shot you anyways lol.

  • jaker
    jaker 2 months ago +23

    for those that weren't watching the streams/vods, he did add relics of the past after he beat vah ruta but disabled it when he got to the yonobo escort mission because it was straight up impossible to progress pass the escort start
    also major props to the editor for condensing 26 hours of footage in 40 minutes in only 6 days, huge w
    and the game is in spanish too which i find funny

    • Jackson Schott
      Jackson Schott 2 months ago

      You’d probably also like Pesky Plays then. He’s got great editing 😂

    • Yuu Shinichi
      Yuu Shinichi 4 days ago

      Do you know what the mod in this video is called tho?

    • jaker
      jaker 4 days ago

      @Yuu Shinichi dark army resurrection

  • bobby corn
    bobby corn 2 months ago +10

    excited to be here with my 3 other family members, we sure love these streams, just us 4 and the ominous figure outside, who we think is also watching the stream!

  • Hatsjekideee
    Hatsjekideee 2 months ago +10

    This mod looked about as difficult as getting away with the murder of a family of four

  • Oser
    Oser Month ago +6

    you are not only a very good player at the game but an epic editor, bro u turned 26 hours and 31 minutes into a 40 minutes video, ur awesome

  • Mustafa Jafri
    Mustafa Jafri 2 months ago +1029

    1:30 “don’t die or get good, whatever you prefer”. Truly inspirational.

    • Kronos
      Kronos 2 months ago +1


    • babymanthecat
      babymanthecat 2 months ago +2


    • Hybr_
      Hybr_ 2 months ago +5

      What if I do neither and use cheats?

    • Victor Oliveira
      Victor Oliveira 2 months ago +2

      @Hybr_ then you're doing the first one

    • Hybr_
      Hybr_ 2 months ago +2

      @Victor Oliveira well you can still die if you use cheats, if you don't turn on invincibility...

  • Nick Boon
    Nick Boon 2 months ago +17

    These streams were such a great time to be in a family of four

  • Cool-Vest Leo
    Cool-Vest Leo 2 months ago +7

    You know what this feels like? Early PointCrow, from when the game was relatively new and he had collector's anxiety.

  • Phoenix Simpson
    Phoenix Simpson 2 months ago +2

    Point crow is my favorite to watch while I’m sitting in my room, playing Zelda breath of the wild and not doing anything maniacal to a family of four

  • DaSheepKiller
    DaSheepKiller 2 months ago +5

    PointCrow is my favorite streamer to watch while battling the Twitch frogs who are after my family of 4.

  • Cartoon Box
    Cartoon Box 2 months ago

    Every video you make is always something that people love. I'm glad this program exists

  • Ellary Rosewood
    Ellary Rosewood 2 months ago +640

    I can't wait for the years of Tears of the Kingdom content we're going to be getting soon. ❤️

    • deadavc
      deadavc 2 months ago +4

      was looking for this comment

    • Hyperinon without a hyperion
      Hyperinon without a hyperion 2 months ago +12

      Relic of the past + tears of the kingdom when.

    • AkameGaKillfan777
      AkameGaKillfan777 2 months ago +19

      Hey guys, PointCrow here. Do you ever get collector's anxiety, in huge open-world RPGs, where there's so much to do, so much to grab? But you're just wondering, if that one item that you pick up is the only item of its kind? Well look no further; the least qualified person for the job, is ready to tell you, all of the items that you should hold onto, in Tears of the Kingdom, because you won't be able to get them again, once you use them up. And if you like this video, and it helps you, give it a like, or share this video with your friends, cause you never know who else it might help out. That, and give the subscribe button a look, if you wanna be notified when another one of these videos comes out. All right, let's get right into it; I'll attempt to make it short and sweet.
      *Cue 3 minutes and 26 seconds of game and channel info*

    • SkyCrusherX1
      SkyCrusherX1 2 months ago +12

      @AkameGaKillfan777 if you think I have the time to read all that then you are absolutely right

  • Ezekiel Jones
    Ezekiel Jones 2 months ago +1

    This just brought me back to the old days of crow doing botw challenges all the time. This video just shows once again that crow is the best Breath of the Wild youtuber out there!!! :D

  • Dan.90
    Dan.90 2 months ago +2

    I'd never missed not being able to kick the bombs until this day

  • UpHi-DownLow
    UpHi-DownLow 2 months ago +3

    Okay I want the Guardian to be officially part of the PointCrow family as fan art or something

  • sledgen.
    sledgen. 2 months ago +7

    0:38 fun fact: link did frontflip jumps like this in majora's mask!

  • Astro Peezy
    Astro Peezy 2 months ago

    It's not the just the mod that cool, it's your playstyle and intelligence that makes this worth the watch. Also shout outs to your chat, they're a golden group

  • CoolattasLab
    CoolattasLab 2 months ago +529

    The running gags from chat/donos are legitimately one of my favorite parts of DougDoug and PointCrow videos it's so fucking funny

    • NeonLights
      NeonLights 2 months ago +33

      I was just going to comment, thr Doughole seems to be leaking. Someone should put a plug in that

    • Ari
      Ari 2 months ago +37

      ​@NeonLights They doug too deep

    • Average YT Viewer
      Average YT Viewer 2 months ago +6

      I think I saw that same joke on Doug's channel lol

    • Ethan Norman
      Ethan Norman Month ago +1

      Yo, nice pfp. Do u mind if I ask what pride flag u have in the background?

    • ᠌ ⁧⁧ MushroomDuck
      ᠌ ⁧⁧ MushroomDuck 23 days ago +2

      @Ethan Normanyes

  • mayo enjoyer
    mayo enjoyer 2 months ago

    this mod is actually insane, really love your commentaries as you play this!

  • Reuben Pardy
    Reuben Pardy 2 months ago +3

    Pointcrow is my favourite streamer to watch while eating the long buried remains of a family of four

  • InanimateSum
    InanimateSum 2 months ago

    This made seems pretty amazing, just really good reworks and introducing new mechanics to help flavor up the game beyond difficulty.

  • Prince Sam
    Prince Sam 2 months ago +2

    I love it when pointcrow does videos like this

  • Xavier Jack
    Xavier Jack 2 months ago +2

    As funny as this is, based on the lore, THIS is probably more akin to what Link was dealing with during BOTW proper. 😂

  • WhyDo I jaLc
    WhyDo I jaLc 2 months ago +401

    I sure am excited to watch the new pointcrow video with my mom, dad, and sister! As a family of four we feel happy and comfortable watching pointcrows content!

    • Lemoniza_ the_one_and_only
      Lemoniza_ the_one_and_only 2 months ago +17

      **famous last words**

    • koboldwizard
      koboldwizard 2 months ago +28

      yeah i am pretty excited to watch the video with your mom, dad, sister and you too

    • Cwalshy652
      Cwalshy652 2 months ago +12

      @koboldwizard hol’ up

    • ̶S̶k̶i̶n̶w̶a̶l̶k̶e̶r̶ Human​
      ̶S̶k̶i̶n̶w̶a̶l̶k̶e̶r̶ Human​ 2 months ago +4

      Me slowly approaching with a kitchen knife and tenderizer

    • trying my best lol ,
      trying my best lol , 2 months ago +2

      haha yeah it must be super nice to be a family of four! you know, i used to be in a family of four too! that was.. until the PointCrow fans found me. I still have nightmares about that night... I had to run, while my home was burned down and my mother, father, and sister screamed in pain while they were murdered by the fans........ I'm still deeply traumatized. ...Well goodluck, I hope everything goes well and you don''t need to spend too much on a therapist :)

  • Rory Batz
    Rory Batz 2 months ago

    I’m happy I watched a lot of this in streams and VODS. So happy with the content. Great work!

  • ReactorGods X
    ReactorGods X 2 months ago +1

    This mod is so interesting. Although I wish it would actually include more conventions, like healing flasks. Like maybe having an extra rune slot for flasks

  • ZeldaConqueror
    ZeldaConqueror 2 months ago +2

    I watched this when it was live and to see the edited version is just amazing

  • shark o'dactyl
    shark o'dactyl 2 months ago +3

    Absolutely impeccable timing to have PointCrow say "I have standards for the content we show on this channel" while the suggested video pop-up comes up saying I may also enjoy PC watching ice melt. Comedy gold.

  • sunburst27
    sunburst27 2 months ago +1

    Imagine combining this and relics of the past

  • Qlius
    Qlius 2 months ago +327

    I have never been more glad being a pointcrow fan
    .... And being part of a family of five

    • Nate
      Nate 2 months ago +2


    • Dillon Bensoni
      Dillon Bensoni 2 months ago +38

      *soon to be a family of four

    • Qlius
      Qlius 2 months ago +12

      @Dillon Bensoni dang I almost chocked on my caprisun reading this

    • some dragon ball fan
      some dragon ball fan 2 months ago +10

      Oh god I'm in a family of four please help

    • Leeooooooo
      Leeooooooo 2 months ago +2

      ​@some dragon ball fan 😈

  • sledgen.
    sledgen. 2 months ago

    we need more videos from you like this, this is awesome!

  • Alt Alt (Certified Killer)

    It's so funny that everyone says thunder blight is the hardest, yet he feels like the easiest other than water blight

  • JustARandomPerson
    JustARandomPerson 2 months ago +2

    Watching this to relieve stress while under a tornado warning. Thank you Pcrow for helping me not freak out.

  • Saures
    Saures 2 months ago

    I have not watched this guy in 2 years and he is still doing breath of the wild. Good Man...

  • Lynn White
    Lynn White 5 days ago

    19:47 is just BEAUTIFUL, the sound effect played at the perfect time

  • Noob Ninja
    Noob Ninja 2 months ago +427

    The fact that breath of the wild is so relavant even after 6 years just shows how amazing of a game it truly is. A lot of games that were popular 6 years ago are completelty dead now. W botw and i hope it remains relavant for years to come.

    • Cloudyman
      Cloudyman 2 months ago +26

      It has been six years i did not know that it feels like the game came out last month covid fucked my perception of time up

    • john
      john 2 months ago +8

      @Cloudyman no youre just old my dude

    • Tomofthewild
      Tomofthewild 2 months ago +3

      Well it won’t be relevant in a few weeks totk is almost here

    • not spcd
      not spcd 2 months ago +8

      @Tomofthewild just let us hold onto it for a little longer ok…

  • Joshua
    Joshua 2 months ago

    That moment when a boss in the middle of the run is way harder than the final boss

  • Argus_Lunge
    Argus_Lunge 2 months ago +2

    As someone part of a family of 5 i felt very safe watching this video.

  • zeranzeran
    zeranzeran 2 months ago

    That looked insanely hard
    good job Point

  • Aiden Sullivan
    Aiden Sullivan Month ago +1

    Point crow is my fav streamer to watch when taking a stroll through the park…while stalking the next family of 4

  • Jeje Neumen
    Jeje Neumen Month ago +1

    I can’t believe at the end point crow actually says “This is a hard calamity fight”
    How is that possible?

  • Gfish59
    Gfish59 2 months ago +230

    Honestly the craziest thing here for me is that you didn’t do Thunderblight first despite knowing that he’s alway the hardest and that you would get Urbosa’s Fury for the tons of difficult enemies that scale.

    • megan
      megan 2 months ago +23

      He also didn’t try the thundra plato armor for thunder invulnerability

    • just a pony
      just a pony 2 months ago +13

      well miphas grace is even more useful in this idk

  • Shrimpy Shrimp
    Shrimpy Shrimp 2 months ago

    18:38 was probably the best timing possible

  • Stockton a level 1 goblin

    Imagine this in totk. Their would be many more opportunities for cool stuff with the new abilitys and enemies

  • Zachary Walsh
    Zachary Walsh Month ago +1

    Can't wait for tears of the kingdom can't wait to see you play it!

  • The chill man
    The chill man 2 months ago

    I want to do see him combine this with relics of the past (and possibly randomizer)

  • RogueMephilesClone
    RogueMephilesClone 2 months ago

    I w would love to play a version of this mod with toned down enemy spawns and stats. The new mechanics are almost all rad. Link and the player have a sense of progression that I feel was missing in the base game.

  • Chris LeCount
    Chris LeCount 2 months ago

    If the red bokoblin is so tough, imagine how hard the Silver/Gold Lynel would be!

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 2 months ago

    This is the first mod I've actually considered installing. Super impressive stuff

  • Red_Devil4
    Red_Devil4 2 months ago

    Imagine this in master mode crow would go insane 😂

  • maddix reedy
    maddix reedy 2 months ago

    when i watched most of the live stream u could tell how much better he gets

  • Evillord
    Evillord 11 days ago

    That lynel axe he picked up said it works on stal lynels as well. I’m surprised he didn’t even flinch at the notion of there being stal lynels roaming around.

  • gabriel johnson
    gabriel johnson 2 months ago +364

    I kind of wish people who make difficult mods didn't just absurdly bump up all enemies' health to make combat "harder", it just makes things a lot more tedious especially considering how they usually sprinkle extra enemies everywhere too

    • Cloudyman
      Cloudyman 2 months ago +40

      Tbh i dont think they can modify the ai of the enemys so they bump the health and amount of enemies

    • ElizeyLudus
      ElizeyLudus 2 months ago +91

      @Cloudyman they litterally made it to where the blights dont stagger im sure they can do something more than just making killing easy enemies tedious

    • Nathan Cohen
      Nathan Cohen 2 months ago +79

      Yeah. A lot of these modders think high enemy health and damage + losing stuff on death = souls game.

    • Gensolink
      Gensolink 2 months ago +40

      @Nathan Cohen tbh you can see even in soulslike games not made by from that most people just dont get what souls like are about

    • Carlos Leite
      Carlos Leite 2 months ago +48

      and I feel that this mod nerfed the bow too much, it takes a long time to charge a shot, about 5 times longer than normal. I hate when they nerf the character's powers to make the game more difficult, because at the same time it becomes more tedious as you said.

  • ShaunRF
    ShaunRF 2 months ago +4

    Literally watching this with my family of 4 🤣

  • roobeedoo
    roobeedoo 2 months ago

    this is one of the most impressive mods ive ever seen in all of gaming ngl

  • God of Math
    God of Math 4 days ago

    I'm ashamed to admit that I at one point may have died to Master Kohga (although I had the excuse that Vah Naboris was my second Divine Beast and this was when I was completely new to the game when it first came out)

  • Tron0x
    Tron0x 2 months ago

    I can just imagine pointcrow sneaking around in the yoga clan but the metal pipeline sound plays 😂

  • BioshadowX
    BioshadowX 2 months ago +61

    The blights scale as the game progresses which is why Windblight had a ton of health and ThunderBlight was nearly impossible

    • Ghost_Crafting Animates
      Ghost_Crafting Animates 2 months ago +6

      thank you! I was wondering as it went along "huh, they seem to be getting harder" my theory was confirmed on windblight and then I became terrified for thunderblight

  • Femi Olowofoyeku
    Femi Olowofoyeku 2 months ago

    This Calamity Ganon fight reminds me of when I faced him without the divine beasts, at the start of the game on master mode. We fought to a standstill, I had used up all my weapons and the fight dragged on in a stalemate till the game hung and I had to reset it.

  • TheseTwoFloofs
    TheseTwoFloofs 2 months ago

    I sure do love watching PointCrow videos while being part of a family of four.

  • TofuDaTurtle
    TofuDaTurtle 2 months ago +1

    You get 2 extra starting hearts!
    *_Hylia knows you'll need them._*

  • Amanda (Moonlight Aurora)

    Watching Pointcrow while making and eating a mushroom omelet and toast. There you go, doing something that isn't cursed. 😀

  • NeoSphere
    NeoSphere 2 months ago

    It's so strange that settlements and stables make all enemies passive.

  • Godzilaa4
    Godzilaa4 2 months ago +177

    Note to anyone who wants a harder challenge: Dark Army Ressurection has compatibility with both Second Wind and Relics of the Past so you can play this monstrosity with even harder difficulty if you want, looking for a DAR-SW-ROTP video soon

    • Dampseeker
      Dampseeker 2 months ago +2


    • Wesley Moyer
      Wesley Moyer 2 months ago +3

      Ooh fuck that would be hard I beat rotp just a month ago and it was crazy difficult. I can’t imagine what it would be like with all three.

    • Tiger Britt
      Tiger Britt 2 months ago +4

      Lol I was doing that, but certain areas I couldn’t get in. Like ploymus mountain is the one where I first found it lol instant crash when I walked by it lol

    • xqzyu
      xqzyu 2 months ago

      yea it's fun

    • Wesley Moyer
      Wesley Moyer 2 months ago

      @Tiger Britt yeah same here any fast movement crashed the games but if you walk at half speed and save constantly you can make it over.

  • ronald reagan hate account

    PointCrow is my favorite streamer to watch while on a boring as hell DMT trip

  • The Akward Alligator
    The Akward Alligator 2 months ago

    I love all of your videos! They are getting better and you are my favourite streamer!

  • Whocares 1
    Whocares 1 2 months ago

    The metal pipe thing reminded me of the fire alarm chirps that still haunt me to this day

  • TishaxDollface
    TishaxDollface 2 months ago

    This was stressful from start to finish 😂

  • Kellestial
    Kellestial 2 months ago

    3:16 his face dropping when he realises is too funny

  • Merlin
    Merlin 2 months ago +126

    I love to watch PointCrow while eating dinner.
    Dinner is a family of four.

  • D-son
    D-son 2 months ago

    When totk comes you should try to find the hylian shield, copy it, and use the fuse ability to make an invincible shield

  • Lioness MC
    Lioness MC 2 months ago +3

    Pointcrow is my favorite streamer to watch while also watching robots fight and spying on the robots

  • 🐷 pig
    🐷 pig 2 months ago

    bro really fit 26 hours of gamplay into 40 minutes... this man is a legend W PointCrow

  • Aidan Burks
    Aidan Burks 2 months ago +1

    My favorite part was when thunderblight blighted all over the place

  • Padamoce
    Padamoce Month ago

    Real question, are you doing the dlc on this mod? The monk battle must be sick

  • סימא סימפסון
    סימא סימפסון 2 months ago +12

    Haha my dad's been playing Breath of the Wild and sometimes Ill be minding my own business and then hear this scream of rage and "STUPID SPIDER ROBOT GUARDIAN THINGS!!" from the next room. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Laurent Collin
    Laurent Collin 2 months ago

    31:30 Not in shrines but you can use the powers of divine beast in divine beast in the main game, so this is a change of the developper of the mod.

  • Cassie Anthony
    Cassie Anthony Month ago

    I love at 10:55 “you cannot rawdog it, always use protection” then the little “bozo” in chat 😂 perfect timing

  • alkaun123
    alkaun123 2 months ago

    I'd love to try the soul mechanic out with just standard master mode. Seems like an awesome mod but I'm not nearly skilled enough to play through the whole thing

  • TotK Professional
    TotK Professional 2 months ago

    So exciting that TotK releases in one and a half month!