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Victor Wembanyama (37 PTS) vs Scoot Henderson (28 PTS & 9 AST) EPIC DUEL

  • Published on Oct 3, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Potential No. 1 pick Victor Wembanyama dazzles with 37 points and hits seven 3-pointers while Scoot Henderson scores 28 for G League Ignite.
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  • VistAI Academy
    VistAI Academy  Year ago +11635

    This was a terrific game from the both of us!

    • Iron man girl hawk
      Iron man girl hawk Year ago +767

      Your a crazy athlete man you have a bright future

    • Myles Bartunek
      Myles Bartunek Year ago +310

      Great duel from the both of ya! Good luck my boy!

    • Rakshan Purandhar
      Rakshan Purandhar Year ago +1169

      Can't believe a prospect of your stature just casually comments on Clip-Share videos 😂. Your future is bright, stay healthy man!

    • Aaron Cook
      Aaron Cook Year ago +125

      Fun to watch for sure hopefully we can see this matchup in the nba. Victor ur gonna change the game bruh never seen somethin like it 😂😂

    • Goku San
      Goku San Year ago +68

      great game! 🙏🏼🙏🏼 please no injuries! cant wait to see you in the nba

  • Daniel Mccoy
    Daniel Mccoy 11 months ago +3596

    Victor and Scoot are both insane talents. The future of basketball is looking bright

    • Amaradona75
      Amaradona75 11 months ago +52

      Scoot is talented but don’t even compare them Victor is just the future star in the nba he showed him during the game

    • Bismallahishowspeedsewey
      Bismallahishowspeedsewey 11 months ago +12

      Yea start forgetting about the AD’s and kyries and lebrons these new kids are here to stay

    • Gabriel Martins
      Gabriel Martins 11 months ago +71

      @Amaradona75 both will be future stars, obviously they can be compared. Stop being biased

  • Gregor Collins
    Gregor Collins 10 months ago +3146

    The footwork of Hakeem, the shooter's touch of Dirk, the blocking ability of Dikembe - I'm talking about me, but Victor is pretty darn impressive himself.

    • Phillip Riles
      Phillip Riles 8 months ago +94


    • Gregor Collins
      Gregor Collins 7 months ago +4

      @Melody depends what you mean by "trombone"

    • Vipstarizm
      Vipstarizm 7 months ago +59

      And the demeanour of Tim Duncan.

    • Big Hoss
      Big Hoss 7 months ago +5

      @Vipstarizm This is the best one.

  • Scooter
    Scooter 11 months ago +1104

    Scoot is one of the only players in the game who won't shy away from any defender. Even all stars in the NBA would shy away when being guarded by a 7'4 Wenbayama. My favourite player already and I didn't know who he was a month ago

    • 80teg
      80teg 11 months ago +42

      ya, he almost lost the game by getting stuffed over n over in the 4th. great plan.

    • YoungBae 518
      YoungBae 518 9 months ago +17

      Good. He's in primetime to be an inefficient chucker if he doesn't know whn to not drive in the NBA. Look at Jalen Green and Anthony Edwards. NBA is about smarts, not about attempting to score again and again.

    • Solomon
      Solomon 7 months ago +72

      @YoungBae 518 Anthony Edwards is an all star averaging 25 points on 46% FG and 37%3PT. Nice try though

    • B' Mk
      B' Mk 7 months ago +21

      @YoungBae 518 anthony edwards is one of the best finishers in the league and rarely getting foul called on those drives. but jalen green i understand.

    • Cine G Productions
      Cine G Productions 4 months ago +3

      I disagree! Guards asks for screens just to get a big guys on them. Most of them think that’s easy buckets off the dribble and the step back. I don’t know what games you watching

  • L3ftie
    L3ftie 9 months ago +776

    I loved how scoot kept attacking with no hesitation, but also passing making sure the whole team is eating

    • Grady Milholen
      Grady Milholen 3 months ago +4

      Jesus Loves You! Romans 10:9!!!

    • Young Frank Matthews
      Young Frank Matthews 3 months ago +3

      Facts he goin figure Wemby out eventually

    • sgucci
      sgucci 3 months ago +1

      @Young Frank Matthews nah

    • Tay Luc 777
      Tay Luc 777 3 months ago


    • sgucci
      sgucci 3 months ago +1

      @Tay Luc 777 looking forward to reply to this comment soon

  • Char
    Char 3 months ago +129

    This might actually be the greatest prospect matchup of all-time. Just incredible to watch.

    • Iambriangregory
      Iambriangregory 3 months ago

      Eh excuse me have you ever heard of two basketball players that played each other in the '70s One was from Indiana One was from Michigan one name began with an L and the other one begin with the next letter in the alphabet the m magic Johnson versus Larry Bird I think they had a pretty good careers and prospects kind of, sort of ,maybe ,you think, kind of sort of ,What you think? got a feeling about that ?maybe now ?a little thinking a little thinking huh huh huh, let me know did you just start watching basketball last week huh?

    • Jay lucas
      Jay lucas 3 months ago +2

      That’s a good matchup. Sometimes I wear womens underwear under my clothes and they do NOT MATCH

    • DoctorSleep
      DoctorSleep 2 months ago +1


  • Zeke Freak
    Zeke Freak Year ago +2889

    It's worth to tank a season for this guy. Generational talent, franchise changer player.

    • Abed Islam
      Abed Islam Year ago +238

      Even if u get number 2 it’s still worth it scoot was putting in work too

    • BlueHundred
      BlueHundred Year ago +66

      @Abed Islam might be the best guard prospect since Rose

    • D L A
      D L A Year ago +158

      @BlueHundred luka

    • DTG 034
      DTG 034 Year ago +40

      That’s exactly what Utah and San Antonio doing

  • Texan in Italy SUB ME I SUB U

    This has seemed like the longest 3 months of my life, the season can't start soon enough! Go Spurs!

  • aerob1033
    aerob1033 6 months ago +185

    Hope we get to see this in the NBA finals someday, maybe more than once. What a great matchup.

    • Nicholas Adams
      Nicholas Adams 4 months ago +2

      I just hope he doesn't end up on some trash team, that will put all the pressure on him to carry. At least in the NBA there's a lottery, so he's not guaranteed to be playing for the Pistons. Lol

    • Jacob Parish
      Jacob Parish 4 months ago +3

      @Nicholas Adams He's going to the spurs. So lot of young talent but that team will take a few more years to really compete. That said if this kid stays healthy and Johnson, Vassel, Sochan pan out I think the spurs got a new dynasty tbh

    • Jay Buen
      Jay Buen 4 months ago +2

      @Jacob Parish they have 30 mil in cap space next year, they’ll get a get and an all star and I bet they’ll start actually competing as early as next year.

    • Noone
      Noone 4 months ago +2

      @Jay Buenn if i was a star in the nba i would be wanting to play with this dude, i been hearing about victor for years but was waiting to see if he was overhyped but hell nah. This dude is legit him and dame would be cold

    • Grady Milholen
      Grady Milholen 3 months ago

      Jesus Loves You! Romans 10:9!!!

  • Jake Mitchell
    Jake Mitchell 4 months ago +327

    They’re both so talented. When scoot gets in his bag, the reaction is: “what a talented player” but when wemby gets in his bag, the reaction is “how is that even possible”. That’s the difference between them.

    • Koolademasta
      Koolademasta 3 months ago +10

      Wem is really big and can play defense.... and he shoots as good as curry lmao NOW I'm starting to realize his potential and why everyones so excited here in san antonio

    • jack hans
      jack hans 3 months ago +42

      @Koolademastaas good as curry? Bro you don’t know anything. He shoots 30% from 3 bro

    • Asher phillips
      Asher phillips 3 months ago +4

      @jack hansthat didn’t look like 30 percent to me bud

    • Wj76
      Wj76 3 months ago

      Well put

  • livia cristina da silva araujo Cristina

    Esse esporte eu amo ❤

  • otegadamagic
    otegadamagic 11 months ago +138

    Victor's footwork, athleticism and skills set is really really impressive especially from a 7'4 kid

    • slida emif
      slida emif 11 months ago +3

      Let’s Go Victor ! Le premier first pick français de l’histoire 🇫🇷

    • Otane
      Otane 3 months ago

      Insanely skinny

    • Zero
      Zero 3 months ago

      ​@Otanethat doesn't matter

    • Otane
      Otane 3 months ago

      @Zero injury prone

    • Zero
      Zero 3 months ago

      @Otane every 7 footer is injury prone

  • K T
    K T Year ago +1122

    I wish this guy an injury free career!

    • Jus Rome
      Jus Rome 9 months ago +18

      Fat chance

    • Purpleirkle
      Purpleirkle 5 months ago +12

      Scoot exists too😂😂

    • Tok Do
      Tok Do 5 months ago +5

      I hope the same. I worry because of they way Wembanyama puts his weight on his right knee reminds me of Greg odin. I hope that he's got a strong joint diet.

    • Th3HungryHawk
      Th3HungryHawk 4 months ago +1

      @Purpleirkle eh we've seen guys like him before but never wemby

    • Purpleirkle
      Purpleirkle 4 months ago

      @Th3HungryHawk kristaps, yao? They may not have been as fluid but they were def unicorns. Ja without being stupid is well on his way to being the face of the league, yea people love unicorns but they will always love the highflying one gaurd who lives above the rim too.

  • David Lapointe
    David Lapointe 4 months ago +52

    These two guys are going to dominate the game in few years !! Amazing talent from both of them!

    • Jay Buen
      Jay Buen 4 months ago

      Hopefully the spurs can snag both

    PG 13PACERNATION 11 months ago +32

    That’s going to end up being one of the most entertaining basketball games of the whole season. League is going to see absolutely shameless tanking this year and I don’t blame them.
    He’s 7’4 with ball skills, excellent rim protection instincts /movement defensively, great production relative to his age (FIBA especially), and a smooth shooting stroke. He has alot of potential to be special.
    Spurs/Jazz, Rockets/OKC, Pistons/Pacers - these are going to be the highest stakes and least watchable games of the regular season

    • Nicholas Adams
      Nicholas Adams 4 months ago +1

      The one problem in the NBA though is the lottery. So you can tank all year, then not even get a top pick. That's gotta hurt lol.

    • Bza235
      Bza235 3 months ago

      You were quite right

    • Bza235
      Bza235 3 months ago

      Okc was balling tho ⚡️

  • livia cristina da silva araujo Cristina

    Um esporte incrível

  • Gabriel Gonzales
    Gabriel Gonzales 3 months ago +7

    I love Wemby and his game, but hats off to Scoot. Everyone getting excited for the Spurs getting Wemby, but we can’t forget about everyone else. Scoot looks like great out there. The draft is actually great top to bottom. Obviously, not saying it’s anywhere near close to say the ‘96 draft, but this class is talented.

  • Amadou Balde
    Amadou Balde 2 months ago +3

    Man I loved this game so much.

  • kwill
    kwill Year ago +1153

    Scoot looks like an all-around complete PG. His ability to defend, finish, shoot the midrange and 3-ball, and dish.... You can't say that about a lot of current top PGs in the league right now.

    • Devv
      Devv Year ago +91

      Literally does it all. Can’t wait to see what his future holds.

    • Adan Bean
      Adan Bean 11 months ago +77

      Plus the motor and the athleticism. Crazy.

    • kkawesome1234
      kkawesome1234 11 months ago +27

      His shooting looks improved, but keep in mind he only shot 22% from 3 last year on a low number of attempts. We'll need to get a bigger sample size from this year to conclude whether his shooting has actually improved

    • Joshua Haines
      Joshua Haines 11 months ago +17

      Agreed, also his bounce and hangtime on that fast break dunk was super impressive for someone that is 6'2. Victor going #1 in this next draft is a near certainty, but whoever gets Scoot at #2 should feel great as well.

    • tony band
      tony band 11 months ago +2

      Nah, just another kemba walker at the end nothing special

  • C.J Armstrong
    C.J Armstrong 11 months ago +30

    Teams aren't just going to tank for Wemby, they are going to blitzkrieg. He's amazing, zero flaws besides injury risk. And Scoot is really great too!

    • Rachid van Heyningen
      Rachid van Heyningen 6 months ago

      kind of dumb comment tbh

    • Tony
      Tony 4 months ago +1

      doesnt even make sense tbh

    • Chipelchipgandof7
      Chipelchipgandof7 3 months ago

      fr tbh

    • 33DBEINGME
      33DBEINGME 2 months ago

      If he can put on about 15 pounds of muscle and retain his speed he will be unstoppable. Shaggy literally would have owned the paint against him perhaps broke his hands if he tries to block shaggy. Thank goodness for him Shaq isn't in the league anymore but I definitely am excited to see these two play in the NBA

  • Phillip Clark
    Phillip Clark 11 months ago +15

    This game solidified that Wembanyama and Henderson are going to be the first two picks in the draft. Whatever two teams draft either one of these two will have a epic seven game series. Most likely it'll Spurs and Rockets because they have a bright future with their young talent. The 7'4 big will be this generation's Kareem or better yet Bill Russell (R.I.P) and Henderson will be this generation's True Prodigy.

    • Nicholas Adams
      Nicholas Adams 4 months ago +5

      Those are some SERIOUS predictions. Maybe pump the brakes just a little before you bet your life. Lol

    • M S
      M S 3 months ago

      The Hornets better take Henderson at #2. Brandon Miller will be a good player but Henderson seems to have more upside and drive to be great. Gives 100% on both ends of the court. If he can develop his outside shot he will be great.

    • prod.
      prod. 3 months ago

      @M S Welp, looks like the Blazers will be using his talents lol.

    • Sayros
      Sayros 3 months ago

      @M S Leave it to MJ's immaculate record as an owner and decision-maker to do the absolute opposite of what people think he should do.

  • SirSmart theAuthor
    SirSmart theAuthor 7 months ago +18

    This man is 7'4" and consistent from behind the arc.🤯

  • Sharky
    Sharky 2 months ago +2

    That three over Wembanyama at 1:26 was so impressive

  • Tony
    Tony 7 months ago +2

    The way victor hit those shots down the stretch amazed me!
    Scoot also made some great plays and sealed the dub

  • ThePartarar
    ThePartarar Year ago +1136

    Forget the silky shot, forget all the blocks, forget the height… Wembanyama is in crazy good shape, and his footwork is nuts.

    • definitelyL
      definitelyL Year ago +16

      To be fair his season has started already, he's supposed to be in shape

    • ThePartarar
      ThePartarar Year ago +41

      @definitelyL I know, I meant for a pro athlete. The strength and fluidity in his motions compared to everyone else on the court…

    • Astro ninja
      Astro ninja Year ago +10

      When you're that big you have to move like that to lessen injury and wasted energy.
      His mechanics/motions should be a1, it'll help protect his joints/ligaments/etc.

    • ThePartarar
      ThePartarar Year ago +42

      @Astro ninja I’ll cry if this man goes down like Yao or Boogie

  • Cam Bell
    Cam Bell 4 months ago +6

    Victor only 18? Wow. He can shoot it for sure. Exciting stuff. Looking forward to see him proving it nightly in an 82 game season.

  • Anthony Julien
    Anthony Julien 10 months ago +8

    May be the best BB game (highlights) all year. Both guys will be superstars in the NBA. The fact that they are both 18 years is amazing

  • vqh
    vqh 8 months ago +6

    Victor is insane.....never seen a player like this before.....plays like a shooting guard in a 7 foot 2 body

  • Robert J.
    Robert J. 11 months ago +6

    I hope Victor stays healthy and absolutely slays the NBA

  • Brian Wong
    Brian Wong Year ago +609

    We know about Wembenyama potential but I’m pleasantly surprised by Hendersons confidence and finishing ability. So excited for next years draft!

      FREE WILL DEFENDER Year ago +35

      I agree both of them look great but Henderson showing the lack of fear against victor shows me alot

    • LightsOut Lamonte
      LightsOut Lamonte Year ago +6

      Westbrook × Ja Morant mentality

    • Randy Pacatang
      Randy Pacatang 6 months ago +2

      Scoot gon be tyreke evans at best

    • Al Pew
      Al Pew 6 months ago +3

      ​@Randy Pacatang yea right Randy

    • Al Pew
      Al Pew 6 months ago +1

      ​@Randy Pacatang yea right Randy

  • Kristopher Larsen
    Kristopher Larsen 11 months ago +15

    I never thought about it this way but if you're 7-4 you can be the best 3-point shooter ever as long as you put your work in because you don't ever have to worry about being blocked. Whether you're in the gym alone or in a game with somebody guarding you, the only thing holding you back from making the shot is yourself.

    • Firas Ourdjini
      Firas Ourdjini 5 months ago +5

      hes not gonna be the best 3 point shooter ever but the best 3 point big man ever I can definitely see that if he continues work on that

  • Quaaack
    Quaaack 3 months ago +6

    They would be unstoppable as a duo. Just like how Kobe, and Shaq were.

  • A Nigel Christian
    A Nigel Christian 2 months ago

    Wow Scoot Henderson is nice especially with that confidence not shying away from any defender even from a 7’4….Victor Wembanyama is also nice too with that consistent smooth jumper with great footwork for his size and I love it when he got fired up with that mean look on his face especially from the 3rd quarter,he’s just special….They both played a great game and amazing talent from both of them…Great matchup💯

  • Aaron Eley
    Aaron Eley 4 months ago +1

    Damn. Love not seeing the result. Really made it better not knowing if the comeback was completed

  • fastbreak33 2020
    fastbreak33 2020 3 months ago

    저렇게 좋은선수들이 g리그에 많다니... NBA의 벽이...

  • Seeredd
    Seeredd Year ago +909

    One of the greatest duels I’ve ever seen live and both haven’t played a single second in the NBA yet.

    • Overhand right
      Overhand right Year ago +33

      Shit hit different if u seen it live for sure

    • Sac12
      Sac12 Year ago +5

      Lebron and kobe had better duels in the regular season but okay

    • Zack Young
      Zack Young Year ago +3

      They both league ready. Better than any Rookie in this class no question

    • Chillhouse
      Chillhouse Year ago +40

      @Sac12 Bro got hurt by an opinion lmao

    • Tradarius Maddox
      Tradarius Maddox Year ago +5

      @Sac12 he meant as in ones he seen “live”.. smh

  • Tae-Yun Lee
    Tae-Yun Lee 11 months ago +1

    Even how easily and quickly he gets from from one side of the court is absurd at his height, let alone all the skills

    SCOTT WANG 7 months ago +5

    Victor Wembanyama is like Shohei Ohtani. He basically could play EVERY position on basketball court…Amazing.

    • Yussuf Hussein
      Yussuf Hussein 4 months ago +1

      He cant play every position, just 3, 4 and 5.

    • Rico ⚡️
      Rico ⚡️ 4 months ago +1

      @Yussuf HusseinJust... i mean that's really good

    • NY
      NY 3 months ago

      Victor have to be coach, then, equal Ohtani

  • CursoryMercenary
    CursoryMercenary 10 months ago +4

    These two are going to tear it up for the next decade

  • bogzlR
    bogzlR 11 months ago

    Exciting to see some up and coming talent. 🙌

  • Moon.mp3
    Moon.mp3 10 months ago +70

    Lots of Derrick Rose in Scoot’s game. Very excited to see him shine in the league. 🔥

    • CRS2894
      CRS2894  7 months ago +1

      Perfect comparison 👌

    • sds606
      sds606 6 months ago +4

      He plays nothing like Drose lol stop it

    • Moon.mp3
      Moon.mp3 6 months ago +8

      @sds606 Shifty guard with crazy bounce.
      You stop.

    • aerob1033
      aerob1033 6 months ago +3

      I see a taller, more athletic CP3. The percentages aren't there yet for the jump shot but the stroke is smooth.

    • Messi Tyler
      Messi Tyler 6 months ago +3

      watch drose highlight again.. and watch scoot game... its not even close... scoot is far more slow, more like cp3 level speed with bounce thats why he can dunk a bit, but not on drose level dunk tier, only people on those level are westbrook and morant.... drose also got that nasty cross which almost illegal, i dont see scoot doing that at all because it requires a certain level of athleticism, scoot is not on those tier...

  • Konnor McIntosh
    Konnor McIntosh Year ago +1073

    Nothing is guaranteed but if both stay healthy and preform this video is gonna be one we look back in on 15-20 years and remember that they had this high level performance before they even were in the league. Imagine if lebron and d Wade did this before the nba in 2002 or something. Crazy stuff. Respect to both

    • Konnor McIntosh
      Konnor McIntosh Year ago +56

      And yeah lebron and Carmelo did it I just remembered. Giving off some similar vibes potentially

    • Sam Weldon
      Sam Weldon Year ago +8

      absolutely what I was thinking, these two are special

    • Not Telling
      Not Telling Year ago +4

      The talent on showcase in this video is unreal. Big guy can shoot. If he develops a post game, man...

    • Jamirimaj
      Jamirimaj Year ago +3

      evolution of basketball indeed

    • Nick H
      Nick H Year ago +4

      Staying healthy with a body like Vics is going to be very very hard. Skinny and extremely tall does not bold well for also staying athletic. Look what happened to Chad.

  • Rage The Victorious
    Rage The Victorious 10 months ago

    2 questions
    1. After drafting Victory Dub what position do you play him, power? Small? Center? Or do you move him around because of his versatility?
    2. Is there a team that would pick Scoot before VW? If so why?

  • Waldívio Júnior
    Waldívio Júnior 4 months ago

    Impressionante o que os dois jogaram!

  • ꧁༒•Jo6s6h6uA•༒꧂
    ꧁༒•Jo6s6h6uA•༒꧂ 11 months ago +17

    Imagine both of them in a same team 🔥

  • king quad s
    king quad s 3 months ago

    Injury forbidden, this kid is going places in NBA

  • Titch9847
    Titch9847 11 months ago +3

    Both these kids are so talented man it's crazy! Obviously teams gonna tank like a mf to get get Victor, but if any of them end up with the 2nd, that ain't a bad consolation prize AT ALL! 🚫🧢

  • Doug B
    Doug B Year ago +660

    Usually 7'4"+ players are awkward and uncoordinated but Wembayana looks like just a normal player out there with his body movements. Incredible!! Never seen anything like him.

    • slida emif
      slida emif 11 months ago +1

      they're riding the hot hand.

    • JoeSchoenTrain
      JoeSchoenTrain 11 months ago +16

      i say his floor is porzingis lite

    • JoeSchoenTrain
      JoeSchoenTrain 11 months ago +1

      and i feel he will be either SG or SF version of Rudy Gobert

    • Erik Couvret
      Erik Couvret 11 months ago +5

      Imagine if he starts developing some muscle power! Would be an extra bonus

    • Popular YouTuber
      Popular YouTuber 11 months ago +16

      @Erik Couvret not too much muscle tho, we don’t want his weight to affect his mobility

  • Jack Kennedy
    Jack Kennedy 11 months ago +2

    I know all the attention is on victor but we all need to give scoot credit for how great he is. I would've taken this guy 1st overall in any of the last 3 draft classes. Whoever gets the number 2 draft pick a year from now should feel very lucky.

  • CityOfTrees
    CityOfTrees 11 months ago +1

    Looks amazing in the highlights, figured he shoots at least 60% from the field. Just checked and he's at 49% and 32% from 3's. I'm pretty shocked by that given his size and agility and the fact that he's playing guys that are not at the talent level of the NBA. Still highly skilled for his size.

    • Jimmy Tingle
      Jimmy Tingle 4 months ago +1

      People are drafting him for his potential. Luka actually looked worse statistically in the Slovenian league. Less talent, harder defense.

  • Vikki Carr
    Vikki Carr 3 months ago

    Scoot is a great player! Love that kid man.

  • eph_OH_ex
    eph_OH_ex 2 months ago

    We are witnessing the next generation of greatness…I just hope none of them get injured in their early years 🙌🙏❤️

  • amjan
    amjan 3 months ago +2

    Kudos to the commentator for knowing who Ralph Sampson was! The 7'3" prototype for this kind of players, who dominated the NBA with Hakeem Olajuwon in the early 1980s.

  • Jay p
    Jay p 3 months ago +1

    I know, I've heard the hype about Wemby and his absurd stats sheet going no'1 overall to the Spurs on #nba draft night. But the closer we get to draft time i keep reverting back to Scoot Henderson and his undeniable talent. So much so that if i were GM for a NBA franchise id be more than pleased with having Scoot on my roster for years to come. Will Wemby get the attention? Yes. Will Scoot consistently keep his team in the game? Definitely.

  • omnivorous65
    omnivorous65 Year ago +165

    Of all the things that Wembanyama did that night, the way he simply moves was the most impressive. No one that tall is supposed the move that effortlessly and gracefully. I hope that is a good indicator for him to stay healthy.

    • Nicholas Adams
      Nicholas Adams 4 months ago +2

      Yeah. Cuz injuries are the achilles heel in 99% of hyper tall bball players. What makes him different is that he didn't just coast on his natural height. He's been strength training for years, building his body to support that height.

    • omnivorous65
      omnivorous65 4 months ago +7

      @Nicholas Adams He goes against some crazy physics. That height creates some extreme levers and physical stresses. I really hate myself when I point out these things, I want to see Wembanyama reaching his full potential in the NBA.

    • mark fish
      mark fish 4 months ago +1

      @omnivorous65 He's another AD, high blocks but dislike to play at the 5. Victor will end up shooting 3s.

    • omnivorous65
      omnivorous65 4 months ago +1

      @mark fish I am not sure if AD is a good reference. They are 7 inches apart plus the wingspan that Wembanyana has over AD. I reckon we will see him doing things that we have not seen before, on D and offense. Shit, I would settle for AD minus the health issues.

  • YungStega
    YungStega 4 months ago +3

    Wow Webanyama can really play ball, you can see how tenacious the kid is. Next Big thing. Mark my words.

  • CFO
    CFO 6 months ago +1

    I changed my mind. If a team isn’t tanking . They are not doing their job. This dude is next level.

  • CLUTCHgene
    CLUTCHgene 3 months ago

    Interesting to see that victors best games of the year came against the g league team. You can see the spacing of the game made it alot easier for him and I except to see it during the season

    NZF MECOM 11 months ago +1

    these two players are simply brilliant .. each has their own qualities, a physique .. so why want to oppose them ... personally I would see them playing well together and putting in the game and for our greatest pleasure their complementarity ... here, there is only one winner, basketball !!
    from 🇫🇷

  • Ernesto Chavez
    Ernesto Chavez 3 months ago

    Basketball is a teamwork and even how excellent you can be, winning is the main goal. Congratulations Scoot for the big win.

    • Tan Doris
      Tan Doris 3 months ago

      I'm genuinely rooting for Scoot to be successful, but come on, you're only saying this because Victor owned his ass, genuinely no hate though, both guys are going to be the next gen faces of the league without a doubt

  • johnlorenz calusor
    johnlorenz calusor Year ago +615

    I think his shooting form had improved significantly since the FIBA U19 tournament. I hope he stays healthy.

    • Sac12
      Sac12 Year ago +3

      Too skinny he'll never stay healthy

    • peanut ღ
      peanut ღ Year ago +58

      @Sac12 Kd is skinny. Jus cuz Chet isn’t heathy doesn’t mean he cant

    • johnlorenz calusor
      johnlorenz calusor Year ago +31

      @Sac12 he is skinny and players with height such as his are notoriously riddled with injuries. That being said, I hope he is an exception to that and that he will have a great NBA career because everyone loves to see great talents coming to the NBA.

    • Philip Da G.O.A.T
      Philip Da G.O.A.T Year ago +7

      @Sac12 You really a hater that much huh I see you on other comments hating as well

    • kamikaze
      kamikaze Year ago

      @Sac12 right
      The fact that he changed his team for a team that doesn't even play euroleague to look better...
      Not very ambition, and probabible to not be hurted in the euroleague playing 70 games a year.
      Another Chet

  • ImaginateAudio
    ImaginateAudio 11 months ago +1

    Kid's a total unicorn, knocking down threes like they're easy layup and making excellent defensive plays with large amount of blocks.

  • WickdLyfeStyleBusiness
    WickdLyfeStyleBusiness 3 months ago

    It’s going to be great battles to come for years between these two I just hate it won’t be on the regular cuz each will be in a different conference I hope my bulls get Scoot 🙏🙏🔥🔐💯

  • Chris T
    Chris T 4 months ago

    These two guys are insanely talented. Wemby to the Spurs is a game changer! Barring injuries to the big man he should bring a Championship back to SA.

  • MK Dinero
    MK Dinero 11 months ago +1

    I give it up to both of those guys. That both got that work!!🔥🔥🔥

  • Jaden Morrin
    Jaden Morrin 7 months ago +1

    This draft isn’t only about Victor the whole first round gon have a lot of depth🔥

  • Laureus
    Laureus Year ago +64

    Astounding playing from these two, particularly Victor! 🤩 The future of the NBA has never looked brighter!

    • Depptx2
      Depptx2 11 months ago

      another MVP from Europe?

  • Rahul reddy
    Rahul reddy 11 months ago

    How do you even stop 3's from 7.4ft jumpshot. He is gifted. And if he works hard and keeps scoring.. or even if he just uses his 8ft wingspan as D. He's destined for greatness.

  • slida emif
    slida emif 11 months ago

    What did I just watch! These young boys are incredible! Both, Spectacular! Bravo bravo! Bravo bravo, simply legendary

  • No Name
    No Name 4 months ago +2

    Scoot seems to be the one who will have a more promising nba career but I could be wrong.. never know. Imo vic got the height and skill, scoot got the heart and intensity, and he seems pretty smart with his shot selection. Both great talents

  • eroi bior
    eroi bior 11 months ago

    Henderson is hyped after every bucket. Reminds me of Ja and that's a great thing. That energy is something teams need.

  • Alex Crockett
    Alex Crockett 4 months ago +8

    Scoot is scoot.. I've seen his pack since HS..guy has a ton of heart and is relentless on both ends...VW has such an interesting skill set for his size...crazy how his bread and butter is being a spot up shooter...if I was him I'd stay out of the paint until he puts a bit more weight on...if I was coach id feed him @ the three & mid range all day with screen plays

    • KD Burner
      KD Burner 4 months ago

      Yea I hope they don’t put him as a 4/5 his first season he’ll get eaten alive lol. He’ll be a scary player straight away if used right

    • Crockett Walker
      Crockett Walker 3 months ago

      @KD Burner hes really a 2 right now

    • KD Burner
      KD Burner 3 months ago

      @Crockett Walker legit, which is insane to think about lol

  • King Idktv
    King Idktv Year ago +533

    6’4 guards with Great skills and talent come on every draft( ja morant, jalen green, cade, Devin Booker) HOWEVER 7’4, guard skills, shooter’s touch, post moves, quick feet on defense, Length, VICTOR IS THE TRUTHHHHH

    • Julian Davis
      Julian Davis Year ago +87

      True but bigs get hurt often too. Scoot is better than every guard you named at 17-18 yrs old; his pace, strong handle, can shoot, aggressive when needed. He's different also

    • Julian Davis
      Julian Davis Year ago +4


    • Derek Watson
      Derek Watson Year ago +23

      I agree with you he's the truth, but then what does that say about Scoot? was taking him inside and out and made it look easy at times. The handles, the vision, man's got hops like Ja. If I'm picking first I'm picking based on need. Only cause of the injury history weve seen lately from guys with Wenbenyama build

    • King Idktv
      King Idktv Year ago +31

      @Derek Watson scoot can hoop, im mentioning him among top youngsters in the league, he will be #2 pick. My point is that Victor has the potential of KD offensively, and AD/ Giannis on defense

    • Emmette Bramble
      Emmette Bramble Year ago +16

      Most of those guys are not 6'4" fam

  • Zareef
    Zareef 11 months ago +1

    This is going to be a great draft class!

  • chrisbowmusic
    chrisbowmusic 3 months ago

    Realistically speaking, out of curiosity, how much weight and muscle can we expect Victor to put on his 7’5” frame? He doesn’t seem to have a Manute Bol body type, but rather a frame that can get bigger. He’ll never be Shaq, but maybe a bigger version of Ralph Sampson? Imagine him developing strength for a back-to-the-basket post game, to go along with everything else.

  • Azlan Ansari
    Azlan Ansari 11 months ago +1

    Not only vembanyama but also Henderson is so skilled both of em gonna have bright careers ahead

  • JfordGaming
    JfordGaming 10 months ago

    This guy is dangerous in 3 points you can't stop him.

  • Ne2f
    Ne2f 11 months ago +66

    Fell in love just watching the highlights. Wenba was everywhere on D and although his teammates let him down on O, he single-handedly kept them in the game. If he can get a little more weight and be a little more aggressive offensively then the sky is the limit for the kid.

    • Ja Lo
      Ja Lo 7 months ago +4

      If he does build up muscle, can his joints handle the added pressure?

    • Ger Ver
      Ger Ver 4 months ago +3

      He can handle more weight, they just need to be careful and not force it. He will never be a tank though.

    • Nicholas Adams
      Nicholas Adams 4 months ago +7

      He's already ripped. It just doesn't look it with those long extremities lol. You gotta understand, a 7"4" guy is not gona look muscular. Plus, the league is soft nowadays. He doesn't have to worry about getting bodied by anyone. If he stays in the gym, but doesn't lift heavy, just work on muscle endurance and flexibility, he should be built to last. Barring flukes... Ugh, the fluke injury is the killer.

    • Gottie Capone
      Gottie Capone 4 months ago

      @Nicholas Adams boban had muscle

    • Ragmanok eternal
      Ragmanok eternal 4 months ago +1

      which D? he cannot even stop henderson even once. how do you think he can stop NBA players.

  • Curtis Zyr
    Curtis Zyr 4 months ago +1

    That first jump shot by scoot is cleaner than my socks on the first day of school

  • Ufuk Centel
    Ufuk Centel 11 months ago

    He is most likely gonna be the rookie of the year after he's got drafted next year (fingers crossed). On the other hand, there are lot of BUTs that made me thinking. He had lot of injuries in past two years. And he was playing for ASVEL last year at Euroleague stage, but now he chose to a be part of a much smaller club, we don't know the reason. And everybody knows how hard is to play for NBA. You need to have physical strength, need to be like Giannis for example ! Victor somehow reminds me the Hall of Fame "Ralph Sampson" , very similar type of basketball and athleticism. I hope he got better and we would watch him for long years.

  • LifeAfter: FineFact
    LifeAfter: FineFact 11 months ago

    It's kinda historical and phenomenal, if this big guy away from injuries he can make history on nba👌

  • Kay Wright
    Kay Wright 10 months ago

    This man Victor is a 2k build 💀 glad to be alive to see this history and Scoot bag crazy 🔥


    Our league is in awesome hands WOW what a matchup

  • nofreehooks
    nofreehooks Year ago +73

    He a real life demigod from 2K16 lol he has everything in his bag. Post game, face-up, off the dribble, with contact, transition. If he can translate this to the NBA level. He’s a once in a lifetime talent.

    • Damien Moerman
      Damien Moerman Year ago +5

      He will stop growing and be more confident each year in his shoot. His ceiling is high. BTW, he's 7'5 now.

    • Ytremz
      Ytremz 9 months ago

      @Damien Moerman It's so unfair lol

    • Night Owl
      Night Owl 6 months ago

      GOD is king. dont use GOD name in vain

  • kuya Pepito Fitness
    kuya Pepito Fitness 11 months ago

    Wenbanyama will be the NBA's next superstar. Even though the draft hasn't started yet, I'm a fan of his. Whoever drafts him will have a lot of championships in the future. Best wishes to this young man.

  • AliasOne
    AliasOne 7 months ago

    this right there is a generational talent .. VICTOR WEMBANYAMA

  • Crownfidence
    Crownfidence  3 months ago +2

    The 3 point swish is everything I love

  • it's4RIEL
    it's4RIEL 4 months ago +1

    Holy Shit! This game had an amazing display of great talents. That was insane duel match.

  • livia cristina da silva araujo Cristina

    Esse caras fazem jogadas de outro mundo

  • Paul Evans
    Paul Evans 3 months ago

    Both of these kids are going to be amazing in the league

  • Frank Curitana
    Frank Curitana 4 months ago

    Two young outstanding hoopers Scoot Henderson and Victor Wembenyama

    VOICE OF REASON 4 months ago +1

    Henderson balled outta control 🤟🏿

  • Ali Gary
    Ali Gary 11 months ago +1

    The 7 foot guy is obviously on another level. But that point guard is something extraordinary any other year he would be talked about as a once in a lifetime player.

  • Benjamin Aubignat
    Benjamin Aubignat 11 months ago

    Victor is not a "big man". He's something else. He's not as strong as a big man like Shaq. But he has a combination of skills that is quite unique: shooting, blocking, dribbling.... That's why a lot of people are wondering what he will do, I think. I'm thrilled as well.

    • McRagtime
      McRagtime 4 months ago

      In 2-3 years from now, he will be a mix of Giannis and KD

  • rash b
    rash b Year ago +39

    That was special! This shows the true value of the G league as more talent comes. You can still get duels in college but not like this where's it's more of an NBA set up and how they're riding the hot hand.

  • Jeff Arview
    Jeff Arview 11 months ago +1

    I can’t wait to get tickets to Victor’s first NBA game. I just found my favorite player. Wow is all I can say!

  • Musmus28
    Musmus28 11 months ago +6

    6:27 Lesson learnt here for Scoot, never attempt a dunk when there's a 7ft 4 player waiting at the rim.

  • GitPusher
    GitPusher 3 months ago

    This Victor guy seems pretty talented. Surprised nobody is talking about him

  • Johnathan James Davis
    Johnathan James Davis 7 months ago

    Imagine Scoot and Wembanyama on the same team!!

  • Darin Thigpen
    Darin Thigpen 10 months ago

    This kid covers so much ground after contact it’s insane . Bro the hype is real .