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GUESS WHAT I GOT - Episode 3 - Minecraft Modded (Vault Hunters)

  • Published on Dec 5, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • @zekilla3954

    There could be no better timing, coming home from university and watching some Vault Hunters

  • @seththedanklord3648

    It's a good day when, Grian, Iskall, and Mumbo all post a video.

  • @MasterCWG

    6 GOLDEN APPLES IN 1 CHEST, holy crap had no idea those village houses were so good 😅

  • @eternalfruit_4944

    Loving the series! Such a good modpack. Thanks for you and the dev team's hard work

  • @sleeplessjack9208

    I've been playing the skyblock version of Vault Hunters for the past couple of days and I gotta say, you and the dev team did a great job! Honestly one of the most fun modpacks I've ever played.

  • @jezm-l3941

    I am loving the new version of VH. Utterly brilliant. Not as grindy as the previous and love the fact we have beginners grace as I am dying loads!! 😂

  • @waifuhunter9627

    This vault hunter series is so fun to watch

  • @hallideadlyest5822

    did you know on your melon farm. redstone dust on top of observer is all that is needed, no noteblocks, or any other block needed

  • @smtoonentertainment

    This guy is such a good youtuber and we should acknowledge how high quality these videos are

  • @redarchived4224

    I get so happy and excited when I see these have been uploaded, thank you iskall85 man!

  • @LEONEwashere

    I’m having a blast playing through the pack with my friends! Well done to you and the team!!

  • @edvoncool5333

    Man I love this series so much keep the good work up

  • @user-lf4nc2yc9q

    Nice, I was waiting for these because you're one of the very few that can actually explain the things in this pack lmao

  • @aolawili6442

    I really like this series. It’s nice to get a little more knowledge about 1.18. I have had a lot of problems figuring out how it is working

  • @04x16

    I was having a really rough day so watching this before bed really lifted my spirits and made my day so so much better, thank you

  • @davidwiggins8371

    I'm always super happy to see another VH episode.

  • @NilsP.

    Absolutely loving these series, found you through Hcraft and just couldn’t stop watching. I’ve also been watching some of the vods but don’t have enough time 😅. Keep up the amazing work!!!🎉

  • @user-lb5mm3qx9k

    One of my vaults also had a mine room as the first room and it had 2 echo ores, and I think I got like 6 total gems! The fortune gods blessed me

  • @madmanmax120

    I really like seeing you construct some farms in between the vault runs! That was the one thing I felt was lacking in season 1 of VH. Hope to continue seeing some more of it in s2

  • @acutelatios

    I love this series! Just recently got into VH but my partner and I are really looking forward to play together, it's so much fun!