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Five Things You Can't Do On British Television

  • Published on Nov 8, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Pull down this description for information on all the shows I mention, plus all my references, and some advice if you're looking to subtitle your videos!
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    15% of my viewers watch with subtitles! They're helpful for folks without headphones, or in loud environments, or who can't hear well, or who just like subtitles. More people will watch if subtitles are an option.
    Before 2020, Clip-Share had a volunteer community-captions system. Alas, due to spam (and, I suspect, the difficulty of porting it to the new Studio), Clip-Share turned it off. So your options are:
    If your video is one or two people talking, you can add subtitles easily with Clip-Share's tools: support.google.com/youtube/an... - that's also possible for more complex videos, but it can be time-consuming.
    If you can afford an editor, you can afford subtitles! They only cost $1-2 per minute of audio.
    For simple audio, try Rev: www.rev.com/blog/coupon/?ref=... To be clear, that's an affiliate link: you get $10 of captions free (enough for up to an 8-minute video), and I get a kickback from them. However, my opinions of Rev are mixed. They have downsides, and they may not be the right option for you!
    Advantages of Rev:
    ✅ Extremely fast turnaround
    ✅ Easy, simple, automated, self-service
    ✅ Reasonable price
    Disadvantages of Rev:
    🚫 Rev is a gig-economy company, with everything that entails. In 2019, transcribers raised issues including low pay. www.theverge.com/2019/11/25/2...
    🚫 Accuracy is usually acceptable for clear speech, but not the near-perfect results you'd expect from a more high-end subtitle company.
    🚫 They're limited to their simple, narrow, house style. That isn't ideal for videos with long sentences or many speakers.
    For more complicated audio or for multiple speakers, try Caption+: caption.plus -- a small company that produces extremely high-quality subtitles for a reasonable price.
    Advantages of Caption+:
    ✅ Exceptional subtitle accuracy.
    ✅ Hand-tweaked broadcast-standard subtitles that are perfect for accessibility, and which the audience love.
    ✅ Can use positioning and per-speaker colors, and match other style requests.
    ✅ Still a reasonable price.
    Disadvantages of Caption+:
    🚫 Not automated: you're dealing with a human by email, and paying invoices.
    OTHER COMPANIES: I also used 3PlayMedia once, but unfortunately can't recommend them based on that experience. Clip-Share also mention ceilo24 and Amara, neither of which I have experience with: cielo24.com/ amara.org/
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    Here's a list of all the shows mentioned, with links where available. (Where Amazon links are listed, those are affiliate links, where I earn a commission from sales.)
    The Demon Headmaster is available on DVD from Amazon UK: amzn.to/37Cb68U - and the 2019 revival is available in the UK on BBC iPlayer: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode...
    Derren Brown: The Events: How To Control The Nation is available for free on Clip-Share: • Derren Brown | Th... - although it lacks the live broadcast cut-ins.
    The pilot episode of Crisis Command: Could You Run The Country? has been uploaded to Clip-Share here: • BBC2 3rd February... - normally I wouldn't link to an unofficial upload, but the series will likely never be repeated or see a commercial release.
    Ghostwatch is available on DVD from Amazon UK: amzn.to/3kweAgL - I should absolutely have put the ghost in the background of one of my shots here, I regret missing that joke!
    The full Ghostwatch continuity announcement is here: • Ghostwatch Contin...
    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire have an entire Clip-Share channel. / millionaireuk - and yes, Jeremy Clarkson is the host now, I suspect that'll surprise a lot of people.
    📙📙 REFERENCES 📙📙
    Ofcom Broadcasting Code: www.ofcom.org.uk/tv-radio-and...
    On sports: www.ofcom.org.uk/tv-radio-and...
    On access: www.ofcom.org.uk/tv-radio-and...
    On advertising: www.ofcom.org.uk/tv-radio-and... AND www.ofcom.org.uk/__data/asset...
    "Only five complaints" about the Derren Brown show is from Broadcast Bulletin 148 [PDF]: www.ofcom.org.uk/__data/asset...
    Ghostwatch, and the "full tabloid fury afterwards", is well-documented in many places, so I'll leave researching that to the reader. Don't have nightmares.
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  Year ago +2013

    This video has a correction! The final "sixth thing", the rule on advertising breaks, was superseded in 2008 by a different rule that requires that "the integrity of the programme is not prejudiced" and adverts must be placed "where natural breaks occur". The old Code is still on Ofcom's site, and I missed the replacement. Back when Millionaire started, those throws-to-commercial were definitely not allowed, but it's now more ambiguous. You can see all corrections on this channel at www.tomscott.com/corrections/

    • MrDannyDetail
      MrDannyDetail 15 hours ago

      @Kiba Kurosaki That law only requires them to be free-to-air, it doesn't actually require them to be on the BBC. I think there may have been rare occurences where Sky have covered a protected match and just simulcast it on one of their free-to-air channels to not fall foul of the rule, calling it a preview and running ads for their pay service around it.

    • Gareth Griffiths
      Gareth Griffiths 4 months ago

      @shorv ⁰⁰⁰ⁿ⁹

    • Steel Brotherhood of
      Steel Brotherhood of 5 months ago

      are disclaimers mandatory ?

    • Steel Brotherhood of
      Steel Brotherhood of 5 months ago

      feeling a bit naughty.. hahahaha.

  • Kaskobi
    Kaskobi 2 years ago +6412

    Placing a mid-roll ad at 7:48 was utter genius, Tom.

    • Angelino
      Angelino Day ago

      @Lewis Skinner are you a premium subscriber? I am and didn’t get the ad.

    • Hans Dampf
      Hans Dampf Year ago

      Ads? In the internet? In 2021??? How stupid are ppl??? Seriously! How stupid can I be to watch ads online in 2021??? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • marito_yo
      marito_yo Year ago

      I didn’t see it

    • Twisted Code
      Twisted Code Year ago

      I wish we had that rule in the US. Then again, there are a lot of things I wish our government did differently… This is what happens when we do everything by committee!

    • defective pikachu
      defective pikachu Year ago

      yo kaskobi

  • GreatFox42
    GreatFox42 Year ago +3117

    As an American I envy that 12 minutes of advertisement per hour rule so damn much. We're lucky to have 12 minutes of _show_ per _half_ hour. It's gotten so bad that re-airings of older episodes of different shows have had parts of them completely cut out (with no effort spared to smooth the transition), not because of censorship, not because of offense, but just to squeeze in more frickin' ads.

    • Eric Sizemore
      Eric Sizemore 20 days ago +1

      I refuse to watch any television which is supported by advertising. My grandma would have some random pointless show on TV and it’s definitely more commercials than show. No thank you.

    • Papa Dopp
      Papa Dopp Month ago +1

      @Sean Aye! It’s not just the length, the idea.

    • Papa Dopp
      Papa Dopp Month ago +1

      @Sean I do too. I can’t imagine Clip-Share with the prerecorded adverts. Still, sponsored shows on channels have ads that run on and on for Squarespace, Nord VPN… the usuals. I wish Clip-Sharers (& podcasters) would keep ads to 60 seconds!

    • kingeryck1
      kingeryck1 Month ago

      @trumpetperson11 Oh it was a very conscious decision. I can't STAND commercials.

  • TheRadioDemon
    TheRadioDemon Year ago +4747

    I want the raw footage of Tom’s rant.

    • FrogQueen
      FrogQueen Month ago +1

      @minion 0470 It's not a link, the rant was written out in the description itself

    • Acine
      Acine Month ago

      Still waiting

    • TRI
      TRI Month ago

      Who doesn't?

    • Acine
      Acine 3 months ago

      Still waiting

    • katywithatea
      katywithatea 4 months ago +8

      @Laith I love this though. The notion that he would be so frustrated that he would angrily start reciting Shakespeare just seems SO Tom. 😆

  • Huvada
    Huvada 2 years ago +992

    As a Dutchy, it's astounding to me how many ad breaks there are in the US. I used to watch a lot of discovery channel, which airs a lot of shows from the US. Every fifteen minutes there would be a clear slot in the program to allow for a cut to ads, but in the Netherlands they skip over most of them.

    • JSanteri
      JSanteri Month ago

      I noticed when watching NFL illegally :D but i think they are a bit shorter at least in NFL games, not sure about other programs and their ads

    • Kermit
      Kermit 3 months ago

      @Mega Brick youtube is run at a lose as it is. YOU are the product regardless of whether you use an adblocker.

    • Mega Brick
      Mega Brick 3 months ago +1

      @Doc Holliday This can have a knock-on effect; using adblockers is going to decrease the notable income from ads. Advertisers' solution isn't going to be to stop giving ads, it's going to be adding even more ads for the people who don't block. Or worse, it leads to the creation of something like Clip-Share Premium, which, if everyone continued to use adblocker, would replace Clip-Share entirely, as Clip-Share itself would become unsustainable.

    • Malcolm Hardwick
      Malcolm Hardwick 4 months ago

      In Australia i gave up tryng to watch a movie due to the amount of ads.

  • Ama Aril
    Ama Aril 2 months ago +92

    THANK YOU!!! As someone who watches subtitles because they don’t have headphones, I am so happy with channels who use actual subtitles and not just the “auto generated” ones that never quite say what they are supposed to.

  • Veex
    Veex 2 years ago +7288

    I was expecting something silly like “you can’t show the Queen from the back on Tuesdays”, but these all seem very reasonable

    • kai
      kai Month ago

      the queen died LMFAO

    • BRtechnicalservices
      BRtechnicalservices 2 months ago

      @Eralen00 not funny

    • FDG
      FDG 3 months ago

      be abit difficult today

    • ShihammeDarc
      ShihammeDarc 4 months ago

      >You are not allowed to hypnotize the audience on TV

    • YELDAH
      YELDAH 5 months ago +5

      @Kyrrinx it aged fine, people don’t live forever.

  • Văn-Hiếu Võ
    Văn-Hiếu Võ 8 months ago +45

    I've always respected Tom for including subtitles. I'm not hearing-impaired, but there are occasions where I can't watch with sound on, and Tom's reliability is very much appreciated.

  • Derpy McDerpenstein
    Derpy McDerpenstein Year ago +732

    As a person with a disabled partner it’s of paramount importance that subtitles are available. If you had trouble understanding people’s verbal speaking you wouldn’t be able to enjoy telly without subtitles and it’s important to remember that.

    • Brian Darlage
      Brian Darlage Year ago +3

      Your profile pic makes me not care.

    • Bigware
      Bigware Year ago +17

      @Lilac Lizard people also refer to who they’re together with if that person is using they/them pronouns.

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard Year ago +4

      Anonymous cause wives get offended when their husband accidentally refers to them as their fiance after the wedding, so "partner" avoids the problem :)

    • Karlovist Times
      Karlovist Times Year ago +4

      @David Kennedy lmfaoooooo

    • David Kennedy
      David Kennedy Year ago +2

      @Karlovist Times here's a homie with an extra chromie. you must be that guy's "partner"

  • Maggie H
    Maggie H 9 months ago +83

    Can we just appreciate that Tom got and read a whole hypnosis textbook just to make one small point? I mean, that’s dedication.

    • dumb catgirl
      dumb catgirl 6 months ago +2

      IKR I am really into hypnosis and it was crazy hearing him talk about it

  • Anthony SWM Gillette
    Anthony SWM Gillette Year ago +295

    As someone who isn’t actually deaf, I have a hard time hearing and understanding voices. Even in real life it can be hard, so subtitles are a big deal. User created subtitles being removed from Clip-Share has made life hard

    • Max Körner
      Max Körner Year ago +12

      @Niels Albers i completely agree

    • Niels Albers
      Niels Albers Year ago +20

      And frankly, that's just bad app design.

    • Niels Albers
      Niels Albers Year ago +22

      @Max Körner Well obviously they should be a choice! But they should be available for those who want them.

    • Max Körner
      Max Körner Year ago +4

      @Niels Albers i get your point, but i should be able to disable them and not them forcing themselves on myself

    • Niels Albers
      Niels Albers Year ago +33

      Accessibility adjustments are for everyone who needs them. Subtitles are so damned necessary for so many different people, that mandating them almost everywhere just makes sense. :-)

  • Hernân pk
    Hernân pk Year ago +93

    Im not a native english speaker, and I'm always thankful for those who puts subtitles in their videos, because it's so much easier to understand what they are saying, since most of the time I can't clearly figure out what's the idea because of the accent, slangs, etc. So again, thank you very much for doing and promote it. This channel fascinates me

  • aaronbill3
    aaronbill3 2 years ago +4871

    Not gonna lie, I’ve never laughed- nevermind literally laughed out loud- at a midroll ad before. Absolutely well played.

      LEMMIIX 8 months ago

      @vinstinct I was confused by this, but I have Clip-Share Adblocker. I thought there was some sort of in video ad that I missed.

    • peachierose
      peachierose 9 months ago

      @Jon Stokes yes..

    • Elmojomo
      Elmojomo Year ago

      What did I miss? I didn't see any ad...?

    • thin eevee
      thin eevee 2 years ago

      @Shadowfax Dog yea

    • Poking Random Things
      Poking Random Things 2 years ago

      Thanks for spoiling it mate, really cheers

  • laplongejunior
    laplongejunior 2 years ago +3452

    "subtitles! They're helpful for folks without headphones, or in loud environments, or who can't hear well, or who just like subtitles."
    There are also non-native English speakers like me, who technically *could* understand, but for which it's way easier to translate the subtitles.
    (By the way, thank you for your amazing videos)

    • WorldTravel1518
      WorldTravel1518 7 months ago +2

      @Eden England Yes, it's easier to translate a word when you can see it written.
      People who refuse to learn multiple languages reallyconfuse me sometimes.

    • peachierose
      peachierose 9 months ago


    • Helen Tee
      Helen Tee Year ago

      @Jason Reed l can't spell, (slightly dyslexic) so don't always notice

    • Jason Reed
      Jason Reed Year ago

      @Helen Tee clearly the exact dialect of English i was raised to speak is superior to all others for the very objective reason that i understand it best.
      (Hopefully obvious sarcasm)
      Also i have given up caring who spells it grey vs gray and just randomly guess and my phone never corrects me to the "american" spelling.

    • Aminity
      Aminity Year ago

      @Helen Tee Im aware, i just ironically make fun of brits

  • Mega Brick
    Mega Brick 3 months ago +41

    On the topic of ads in the US, even little kids' shows are prone to it. One time, it played the credits of the end of an episode, then cut to commercial. Then it came back from commercial to play the intro theme of the next episode, and then went back to commercial.

  • SingingWithMyself
    SingingWithMyself Year ago +11

    I remember watching American shows on British TV (usually kids shows but not always) and noticing moments when characters would repeat something they'd just said, or there would be a weird transition in the middle of a scene. I now realise that these were where the extra ad breaks you're allowed in the US would go.

    • Moox Crumbolio
      Moox Crumbolio 11 days ago

      i remember Cartoon Network at one point squeezing the credits into a small box on the side, then they showed the proceeded network's schedule.

  • Dave Mitchell
    Dave Mitchell 2 years ago +34

    The US used to restrict broadcasters to no more than 18 minutes of commercials per hour (21 during peak advertising times, such a Christmas holidays). Some years ago, these restrictions were lifted, leading to the "program-length commercial" or as sometimes referred to as "informercials."

  • areadhead
    areadhead Year ago +98

    I experienced Ghostwatch when I was 15 years old, in the house alone. I did not see the announcement at the start and I can testify as to why that rule is helpful. I was really affected briefly on the night - totally freaked out. It was a great program and I had it on VHS and DVD and I am even glad I had the experience in retrospect because it was one of those things you get excited to say you were there. But I realise it probably affected some people really badly. I'm sure I wasn't happy at the time

    • D She
      D She Year ago +1

      Some people might have been more seriously affected, unfortunately

    • Anthony Cook
      Anthony Cook Year ago +6

      I watched Ghostwatch when I was 13 and I have never been so scared in my life. I never actually got to see the end because it ran over my bedtime. I lay in bed shivering for ages trying to think of something else.

  • coffinbaby
    coffinbaby 2 years ago +5249

    I’m sure this comment has been posted but can I say, as a Deaf viewer... thank you for the captioning rant and resources. Yours is one of few channels I can consistently watch without the exhaustion of trying to parse autocaptions and fill in blanks of what I can and cannot hear/process. Accessibility is a responsibility !! It’s obligatory!! And your efforts are so appreciated and worthwhile.

    • Meep Changeling
      Meep Changeling 5 months ago

      I'd say that since we have implants that literally grant deaf people hearing, it's actually our responcibility to repair you. Not to enable you as you are. Not anymore. If we can cure something, we should. Piriod.

    • iamhere
      iamhere 5 months ago

      @Dan White doesn't have to be government funded to be accessible.

    • iamhere
      iamhere 5 months ago +1

      @Moroco Kronk the creator uses a platform that has options there for them to make their work accessible
      Must be nice to be privileged and not disabled

    • Paul Soldner
      Paul Soldner 5 months ago

      @Ellie No, you shouldn't. And neither should anyone else.

  • Your Average Fan 🎗
    Your Average Fan 🎗 Year ago +26

    That’s why I enjoy watching Markiplier’s videos so much, I have some ear problems that cause me to have trouble hearing so it’s always great when you see a Clip-Sharer that has subtitles on their videos.

  • Leander van Rees
    Leander van Rees Year ago +52

    As someone hearing impaired I strongly appreciate your case for subtitles and for always including them yourself! ❤️

  • Twisted Code
    Twisted Code 11 months ago +87

    regarding accessibility on television (and Clip-Share): as someone with a disability, I absolutely agree. I also think there should be a minimum standard of accessibility for videogames. Colorblindness, arachnophobia mode, and flexible control options are not too much to ask in my opinion. Currently, several games I want to play are inaccessible to me because I can't use a virtual keyboard or can't remap one of the controls...

    • Nitro Indigo
      Nitro Indigo 21 day ago

      @Jayson Allison There was this game where you can disable background spiders.

    • Yeet
      Yeet 2 months ago

      Don't get peoples issue with arachnophobia mode, spiders are a common fear, it doesn't hurt to have a disclaimer if you want it

    • How did I get subscribed to this channel?
      How did I get subscribed to this channel? 5 months ago +6

      "arachnophobia mode"
      No. Spiders exist and are everywhere. Learn how to function in the real world.

    • Jayson Allison
      Jayson Allison 7 months ago +4

      Do you mean arachnophobia as in the fear of spiders?

    • Some Girl
      Some Girl 9 months ago +9

      Dyslexia friendly fonts are also cool

  • Levent K********
    Levent K******** 2 years ago +492

    "You can't hypnotize the audience."
    _My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined._

  • Doodles
    Doodles Year ago +14

    I REALLY appreciate how your channel always has subtitles. Like, I can hear you just fine, but if the option is there I'll ALWAYS choose it, because my brain comprehends things just a few milliseconds faster than without. Extra important on a channel that's trying to teach you something and has a lot of info-dumping.
    Also, sometimes ppl watch videos in a noisy environment or without headphones in a public space.

  • JT
    JT 2 years ago +2237

    As someone just as passionate about subtitles, I really want to hear Tom's subtitle rant

    • Cala Content
      Cala Content Year ago +3

      Sometimes I turn subtitles on because it is too late and I don't want to bother my neighbours , but then the subtitles don't say the same as the actors are saying and it gets on my nerves, I don't know why. I mean, if the original language is English, why would the subtitles be different in English, and even worst, why would a person say 20 and the subtitles show 16??? Sorry, I will chill now.

    • Bananawithaknife
      Bananawithaknife Year ago

      @IkLms well 85% but I get your point. But I don't think the cost for subtitles is that much to the point it would hinder the upgrades for other aspects.

    • Bananawithaknife
      Bananawithaknife Year ago +1

      @IkLms Hiring someone is definitely an option (And if they're good enough they can convey even more information than the original video, making it better content).

    • The Void King
      The Void King Year ago +1

      @IkLms subtitles are important

    • Iesika
      Iesika Year ago +1

      @Mandy Oxbrow In my experience automatic subtitles are so terrible currently they're more an exercise in comedy than accessibility.

  • M F
    M F 2 years ago +42

    I for one really appreciate your commitment to accessibility regarding subtitles, tom.

  • Diedert Spijkerboer
    Diedert Spijkerboer Year ago +9

    Here in the Netherlands, certain events must be viewable on publicly accessible television, which can be a commercial channel. These events also include (warning: national stereotype) certain skating events and the Eurovision song contest.

  • FLS96
    FLS96 11 months ago +12

    I agree about Clip-Share videos having subtitles. Even though I understand English very vell, it still makes it easier to follow. Also, it makes it much easier to learn: as a child (not a native speaker) watching American TV shows like The Simpsons, I used to mislearn a lot of words because there's so much variation in the pronounciation of words. The subtitles were in my native language, and were improvised to an unnecessary degree, which also made me mislearn a lot, but that's another story.
    Anyway, the cuts of your rant about Clip-Share subtitles made me crack up xD

  • Yasith Silva
    Yasith Silva Year ago +15

    The subtitles opinion is really good. As a non native English speaker it's always hard to understand what a non Sri Lankan is telling just by listening (cuz of the accent or different pronunciation stuff), so captions do really help.

  • StarStruck64
    StarStruck64 Year ago +25

    I want the directors cut where we get to hear Tom go on a rant about subtitles

  • Ben
    Ben 2 years ago +15562

    Bravo for posting your mid roll ad right when Clarkson says “Time for a break” 😂

    • AlexanderRM1000
      AlexanderRM1000 8 months ago

      I didn't get a midroll ad while watching this and I've never been more disappointed to not get ads.

    • therealpbristow
      therealpbristow Year ago

      @Sam Brown It's just a joke about a common stereotype of the stinking rich, viewing everyone else as "peasants".
      [EDIT:] Sorry, just realised this is a year old, so you probably worked that out ages ago. =:o}

    • Hans Dampf
      Hans Dampf Year ago

      ads in 2021? How low IQ can u be? Ben: YES!!!!!!!!!

    • Horatio yen
      Horatio yen Year ago

      @Tony Lock it depends

    • MixsMasher
      MixsMasher Year ago

      @Simone Martini Haha yep I like the advert coincidences despite them not happening very often!😀

  • UncleTogie
    UncleTogie Year ago +35

    As a deaf guy, THANK you for the subtitle rant! I just want to watch what everyone else is...

  • My Wife Hates This Car
    My Wife Hates This Car 2 years ago +5

    Inside No.9 did something very similar to Ghost Watch recently. Was really well done. So much so 80% (or something) of the audience changed channels at the beginning because they thought the live show had gone wrong and BBC 2 were only showing a re-run.

  • GrandSupremeDaddyo
    GrandSupremeDaddyo Year ago +24

    I guess they have successfully argued that the suspense before revealing if an answer is correct is part of the flow of the show and is not interrupted but even enhanced by the ad break.

  • Satori9001
    Satori9001 Year ago +22

    Thank you so much for being vocal about accessibility. I'm visually impaired, so subtitles don't directly help me, but I will always make noise for folks with disabilities, and it's really heartwarming when someone does so from on stage.

  • Val Tranquil
    Val Tranquil Year ago +13

    Speaking as someone who is not deaf, but DOES have an auditory processing disorder, I too feel very strongly about the importance of subtitles

  • Pattoe
    Pattoe 2 years ago +2069

    Regarding the Subtitles issue on Clip-Share, we DID HAVE a really amazing community subtitle option on Clip-Share. I love Japanese Music and many of the music videos I love had fan submitted subtitles so I could enjoy the lyrics. Clip-Share has REMOVED these fan created subtitles because they deemed the effort in moderating them was not worth it as only 0.5% of users actually used the service.
    Now we only have channel submitted and automatically generated subtitles. Automatically generated subtitles, especially for Japanese content, are AWFUL, most of the time they cannot even detect that it is Japanese but mistake it for Korean. When It does detect japanese, usually only the subtitles "Wawawawawawawawawawawa" are automatically generated.

    • dione f.
      dione f.  7 months ago

      are you talking about that one japanese music video called "study me" with the cool ass subtitles?

    • Jebidiah Kerman
      Jebidiah Kerman 11 months ago

      ive watched vids where it mistaked english for isrish then translated it back to english it was hillariously bad

    • Grymmdark
      Grymmdark Year ago +1

      0.5% of people is a lot of people

    • Vexia
      Vexia Year ago +6

      @vodka whisperer i agree because i found: 2billion * .005 = 10 MILLION PEOPLE USE IT!!! THEN Clip-Share JUST INVALIDATED ALL OF THEM that's like saying "only 4% of youtube users are from japan so lets remove that as a location option!!11" so dumb

  • Shane
    Shane Year ago +13

    By the way, I actually very much appreciate your subtitles! I sometimes watch your videos in loud environments, and the subtitles allow me to understand what you are actually saying. Thanks!

    • Swarnamoti
      Swarnamoti Year ago

      Me too. I am not from an English speaking country, so I love the content creators who give subtitles

  • Joejitsuway
    Joejitsuway Year ago +7

    The law about ads interrupting the flow of entertainment... I actually interpreted that differently. I assumed they were referring to going to commercial mid sentence or something like that, like what you see on randomly placed YT ads.

  • elan
    elan Year ago +10

    I’d love for tom to post the whole rant it seems like it would be so entertaining to watch

  • CelestialTree
    CelestialTree Year ago +27

    6:07 - I agree! Subtitles (and other accessibility features) are just good for everyone. I'm a native English speaker with normal hearing, and subtitles are still nice. And they're extra helpful when there's lots of background noise! I turn them on whenever I can.

  • RJSRdg
    RJSRdg Year ago +1

    One you didn't mention - television companies can't report exit polls on polling day until after the polls have closed.

  • The Wandering Gamer
    The Wandering Gamer 2 years ago +417

    'I could do a whole video on advertising, I still intend to.'
    PLEASE do.
    This is genuinely interesting.

  • Martha
    Martha 2 years ago +12

    When the Derren Brown thing was on I went and hid in my room because I didn’t want to get stuck to the sofa 😂
    What about the inside number 9 live episode where they tricked the audience? They pretended there was an issue with the live and played an old episode- got me and my family!

  • Emily B
    Emily B Year ago +16

    I, personally, ABSOLUTELY wanted to hear Tom rant about accessability! Release the video!!! I wanna see it!!!

  • Ryan Aun
    Ryan Aun Year ago +10

    I would love to hear Tom's subtitle rant even as its own video it's an important topic!

  • Maijorsam
    Maijorsam 9 months ago +2

    YES for the subtitles! Though I am not hearing-impaired, I find subtitles tremendously helpful and find it difficult to understand all TV shows or youtube videos without them.

  • Louise
    Louise 3 months ago +2

    Captions don't just come from "the caption company". Of that "$2 a minute maximum", a fraction actually goes to the caption writers, who are "freelance" contractors at the mercy of the company. It takes about 3 hours to put quality captions on a 30 minute video. You'll get about $9 for it. I had to do it to afford food when I was really, really hard up. I signed an NDA so I can't go into the specifics about the company or who used them, but I captioned videos for a lot of famous Clip-Sharers, and subtitled a moderately successful British daytime soap. If you're going to buy captions, pay someone to do it directly.

  • Victory Cry
    Victory Cry 2 years ago +2606

    Tom: "This should apply to Clip-Share as well."
    Clip-Share: *Removes community captioning.*

    • Reece Burns
      Reece Burns 2 years ago +1

      @Windows XP autumn wallpaper is a superior choice Its honestly not a money issue. People were abusing it on pewds videos to advertise their channels Hell youtube doesn't even get the money from it, the youtubers would be paying people directly to do it for them.

    • Windows XP autumn wallpaper is a superior choice
      Windows XP autumn wallpaper is a superior choice 2 years ago +4

      @Reece Burns bruh the only "abuse" I witnessed is when people make jokes on pewdiepie channel. And there were like plausible translations down to some obscure languages on this very channel.
      I made some to show a video to my friend who doesn't speak English. All the people who spoke the language on that 1mil sub channel could see them. It was absolutely great.
      It has to be a money reason. Most people don't like to see the feature gone and Clip-Share did things community did _not_ want for years.

    • Reece Burns
      Reece Burns 2 years ago

      @freakymoejoe2 Yea issue was when it was abused it was harmful sometimes. Community subtitles were never going to work when too many people abuse it. The only logical and possible way to fix subtitles is automatic subtitles which will never be perfect but atleast its something. OR youtubers have to think about those with disabilities and add the subtitles themselves either by paying someone to do it or doing it on their own.

    • freakymoejoe2
      freakymoejoe2 2 years ago

      @The Aeronaut i can imagine the abuses this feature was used for

    • empressmarowynn
      empressmarowynn 2 years ago +7

      It's not just the deaf community being screwed over, it's also any creator that has an international audience. Many times fans would do the subtitles for their native language so that anyone who doesn't speak the creator's language or may not be fully fluent can enjoy the content. Instead now people reupload the content to a fan account so they can be allowed to create the subtitles, and the less likely it is for people to watch the original video without knowing what's going on when they can watch it subbed in their language on the fan channel. Which means if the original video was monetized the less money for the creators. But expecting a creator to pay to have their video subtitled into like 10 different languages is ridiculous.

  • Mandrake
    Mandrake Year ago +3

    I love that your videos always have subtitles. Yours and a couple other Clip-Sharers I follow I can always count on having subtitles either when the video launches or within a few days of release.

  • Jamie Riggs
    Jamie Riggs Month ago

    i genuinely agree. ALL large channels should have subtitles, and its always a pleasant surprise when they do. but it shouldn't be a surprise, it should be the standard

  • JesterP
    JesterP 7 months ago

    I was expecting lots of unreasonable stuff but the ad broadcast time limit per hour and especially usage of subtitles is incredibly reasonable. We NEED this in the states (so many rich ppl would get mad at the ad limit thing it’d b hilarious) and ESPECIALLY on Clip-Share like u said for channels of certain sizes. Accessibility is INCREDIBLY important and is, like u said, a right. Ppl also don’t realize that aiming for accessibility is an easy way to increase viewership, even by a little bit. But I assume a little bit isn’t good enough for some ppl, acknowledging ppl w/ hearing issues is just too much I guess :/

  • Owen Wright
    Owen Wright 6 months ago

    I'm very much with you on the Clip-Share subtitles. I taught teenagers with hearing impairments for 6 years. They really benefited from subtitles. It allowed them to engage with the world

  • Nataly
    Nataly Year ago

    I couldn't agree more about the subtitles thing! It helps out people who don't really know the language and for people who can't hear!

  • Laith
    Laith 2 years ago +1133

    COME ON reading Tom's subtitle rant isn't the same as seeing and hearing it! Upload an uncut version as unlisted and put the link in the description!

  • Lyra
    Lyra Year ago +3

    Hell yes to mandatory subtitles! My dodgy ears are grateful for this inclusion.

  • Ben Kendall
    Ben Kendall Month ago

    Thank you for your support of subtitles and accessibility Tom, I’m so glad someone recognises and supports us

    • NonYa FkinBznes
      NonYa FkinBznes 19 days ago

      As someone who has an ADD disability I need an option to disable distracting subtitles and sign language.

  • Hippy Hair
    Hippy Hair 5 months ago +1

    I genus,my wanted to hear that rant. I’m so so so glad that someone has finally talked about that. The world is so off limits for certain groups, and the internet gives you the ability to be able to include, but people just don’t even try. Like AT LEAST put on auto-captions. That’s literally the bare minimum but people still don’t do that.

  • Alexander Badenhorst
    Alexander Badenhorst 2 years ago +8

    I would pay to watch that subtitle rant 🤣🤣🤣 "oh look at me I've bought a Lamborghini. BUY SOME DAMM SUBTITLES!" 😂😂 this was incredible, and I agree to the fullest extent. Thank you Tom ❤

  • EJ Specht
    EJ Specht Year ago +37

    I think when Clarkson says "time for a break", it also builds suspense so it doesn't disrupt the flow so much as it redirects it.

  • Fury of a thousand doggos
    Fury of a thousand doggos 2 years ago +608

    I'd really like to watch Tom's full subtitle rant. Actually, whenever Tom goes on rants, can they have their own seperate videos ? That'd be delightful.

    • Eevengerz
      Eevengerz 2 years ago +2

      The rants are the best-just look at his timezone or electronic voting vids 😂

    • Deus Ex Machina
      Deus Ex Machina 2 years ago +3

      I this suggestion.

    • HelloHamburger
      HelloHamburger 2 years ago +3

      “Oh, I bought a Lamborghini.” “Buy some d*** subtitles.”

    • Ryan Wellence
      Ryan Wellence 2 years ago +2

      Park Bench

    • UnTigrito
      UnTigrito 2 years ago +3

      There was. The Park Bench, from the Matt and Tom’s Clip-Share channel, although they no longer post that kind of videos.

  • Rainbow Nati
    Rainbow Nati 7 months ago +1

    If subtitles really only cost a few dollars per minute, then I agree, "buy some damn subtitles". As a non-native English speaker, albeit perfectly capable of hearing, I find it much easier to understand a video when I can get the subtitles for it, so I definitely appreciate it. Even more so for TV shows and movies, where voices are often overshadowed by various sources of noise and the soundtrack, making it particularly hard to comprehend every sentence.

  • XP_Studios
    XP_Studios Year ago +6

    Aside from the hypnotism one, these are actually really sensible and I wish we had these in America

  • Cyborg
    Cyborg Year ago +4

    Being deaf who heavily relies on subtitles: toms rant made me smile like an idiot. It’s so nice to see abled people be just as mad as we are

  • Audrey Mohrmann
    Audrey Mohrmann 2 months ago

    That rant was the funniest, most wholesome, and most legitimate thing I have seen all day. I’m wheezing

  • thohan99
    thohan99 Year ago +4

    Thank you for hand-crafted subtitles, world. The deaf and not-so-good-at-hearing like myself appreciate it a bunch.

  • mobimaks
    mobimaks 2 years ago +569

    Subtitles are also useful for non-native speakers of your language, whose listening comprehension isn't on that level yet. That how you can expand your auditory for new people who are also interested in your channel. If you translate your subtitles - it's even better.
    Source: I was one of them for English videos, and right now I am using subtitles for the Spanish ones

    • Jonasジョナス
      Jonasジョナス 2 years ago +1

      As a learner of Spanish, I agree. Especially if it's a South American accent or an accent from southern Spain.

    • Chloe
      Chloe 2 years ago +1

      Why does everyone forget audio description 🥺😩😭😤

    • Jay Wincer
      Jay Wincer 2 years ago +6

      And for noisy environments, or situations you need to be quiet.

    • みすみMisumi
      みすみMisumi 2 years ago +2

      I believe it's good for the same reason for children's television

    • Qrr
      Qrr 2 years ago +14

      I'm surprised Tom didn't mention this himself. Especially on this platform with its world-wide reach. You really do widen your audience. Depending on the dialect and speed (information density), a subtitle really helps. For everything else, I'm lazy and still turn them on.

  • Gary Hayward
    Gary Hayward Year ago +1

    I rarely watch ITV but, recently, when I have, I've noticed commercials being run not just before, and ending at, the top of the hour but just before and *over* (or starting *at*) the top of the hour; it's great for the broadcasters (or was, given people would soon expect this and mitigate against it): people settle down in front of the TV at the top of the hour expecting a programme to start only to be watching several minutes of commercials. Even the news gets this treatment; it's not so much "News at Ten" but, rather, "News at Three Minutes past Ten".

  • Nicholas Cage's Mandolin

    Ghost watch was hilarious. The children would run around the house screaming in terror. Then it would just cut away to Craig Charles on the street outside smiling and having a great time.

  • Knockturnalist
    Knockturnalist Year ago +1

    You absolutely nailed the live clock time in your video for me, to the minute! I image this might not be a total coincidence? After your subtitles rant you had me laugh out loud. Another top-quality video, thanks Tom.

  • Andrew Ince
    Andrew Ince 2 years ago +3

    In this age of digital television it should be the norm for all established channels to offer Audio-description, Subtitles and sign language by utilising "the Red button" or some variant thereof.

  • Nishio Shigure
    Nishio Shigure Year ago +1

    Yes, subtitles. Subtitles should always be available.

  • UrThysis
    UrThysis 2 years ago +114

    I have a weird feeling that Tom doesn't get enought credit for the amount of research that must take making this amazing videos for years

    • Laat ma
      Laat ma 2 years ago

      Or just his whole team you can say, Tom doesn't do it himself :)

  • Poison Ivy
    Poison Ivy Year ago +1

    Petition for Tom to air the uncut version of the subtitles rant

  • C T-P
    C T-P 2 years ago

    Agreed on subtitles. I actually believe every channel with 1 millions subscribers should be required to put subtitles on every video

  • Amanda Baule
    Amanda Baule 6 months ago

    I actually appreciate it when channels cram their commercials in at the top of the hour or the end... who doesn't love 10 minutes of commercials to use the loo and grab a snack.

  • xxJagMasterGxx
    xxJagMasterGxx Year ago +2

    As someone who is hard of hearing (just shy of being deaf), I wholeheartedly agree that Clip-Share should require subtitles. The automatic ones are very off most of the time so some videos I just can't watch.

  • medusamary
    medusamary Year ago +1

    5:44 made me so happy, I'm not permanently deaf but I have an issue where I get decent hearing loss from time to time and during those times subtitles literally save my life. Thank you for always adding subtitles Tom!

  • FireCraft
    FireCraft 2 years ago +1176

    7:45 " And the host says: *Time for a break* "
    (Clip-Share Ad Starts)
    Tom proved his point breaking the 3.5th Wall

    • Gabriss
      Gabriss 7 months ago +1

      That looks like Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear

    • funnyfisher7
      funnyfisher7 2 years ago +5

      Ha ha! I noticed the same thing! XD Good job Tom Scott! 👍

    • Isaam Thalhath
      Isaam Thalhath 2 years ago +9

      adblock go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • Volman
      Volman 2 years ago +4

      Jokes on you I didnt get ads

    • Goldv0
      Goldv0 2 years ago +5

      That is amazing

  • FairbrookWingates
    FairbrookWingates 2 years ago +2

    Tom goes on a tangent about subtitles...I'm watching this with perfectly timed and clear subtitles. I can hear, but not always clearly with accents or background noise, so subtitles have become my habit. Thank you for the quality of yours on this video. (and no, no accent or background issues with this video, as I said, it's a habit now)

  • Harrs2
    Harrs2 Year ago +3

    Wetting myself laughing at the subtitles rant. Good on ye Tom you're doing humanity's work. :')

  • KanawhaCountyWX
    KanawhaCountyWX Year ago

    That point about subtitles and audio description needs to be spread online, and it shouldn't just be for Clip-Share.

  • MC CM
    MC CM 2 years ago +1

    Theres a Magnum P.I. episode where Higgins I think is putting somebody under hypnosis, and when I was a kid I tried to deliberately get hypnosed to by staring at his pendulum, and suddenly a really strange feeling overcame me and I had to fight actively to make it stop. I was really weird, so I presume at least a willing viewer could be hypnotised via a TV :)

  • AcT3231
    AcT3231 10 months ago

    I like how when Tom said "Banned" for the law about hypnopsis the guy in the background hit/thrown their ball when Tom stressed heavily on the last syllable

  • Hyblup
    Hyblup 2 years ago +1604

    That “time for a break” straight to an ad cut is just _brilliant_

    • Hans Dampf
      Hans Dampf Year ago

      Ads in 2021? How low IQ can u be? Hyblup: YES!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DGshoe
      DGshoe Year ago

      @Psythik There's no ad blocker for phones, and honestly? This video works better with the adblocker off

    • Czarny Rycerz
      Czarny Rycerz 2 years ago

      I dont get it, what ad?

    • Electron826
      Electron826 2 years ago +1

      'break'? More like interruption

    • Psythik
      Psythik 2 years ago +5

      What are you talking about? What ad cut? Why aren't you using an adblocker?

  • Typical Nerds
    Typical Nerds 11 months ago +2

    I was watching a TV show on Disney+ a while back and all of the episodes were exactly 48 minutes long. Now I see why.

  • Jeffris (Suspicious Manifold)

    I don't know if things have changed much in the past decade, but last I checked in Canada there were regulations on radio that a considerable portion of airtime include Canadian content.

  • MegaMaster44
    MegaMaster44 Year ago

    I love the commercial rule it means that you can go and get a drink when there is an ad without having to go to the bathroom everytime the show is on

  • leoll1234
    leoll1234 Year ago +9

    In Germany, we also have a list of sport events of national interest and advertisements are also limited to 12 minutes per hour

  • M3SNU
    M3SNU 7 months ago

    I would have thought subliminal advertising/subliminal stimuli/subliminal cuts on British tv would have been included on the list. As I think they would not be allowed. Great video thanks for sharing.

  • Sarah P
    Sarah P 2 years ago +313

    I wish subtitles were more common on Clip-Share. I'm not deaf or hoh, but I have some language processing difficulties and being able to read the words while someone is talking makes it much easier to understand. I love it when a creator subtitles the videos themselves (or in the good old days when viewers could do it) and inserts little easter eggs and snarky comments, so that the subtitles add to the experience rather than being an afterthought. It pisses me off when people just don't bother, because there's literally no reason not to include them, and there's a ton of people who rely heavily on them, so if you don't subtitle your videos they just can't watch them. It's also super irritating when someone puts text in the video that gets covered up by the subtitles so that I have to pause and turn subtitles off to read it. I know it's a minor thing but it's a pet peeve of mine, especially when it happens so often that I end up just turning the subtitles off.

    • H Kr
      H Kr Year ago

      @FurnitureFan They have tried. I was talking about youtube.

    • FurnitureFan
      FurnitureFan Year ago

      @H Kr How would they know that if they haven't tried, though?

    • FurnitureFan
      FurnitureFan Year ago

      @Bobby Peters Maybe they would boost their views by adding subtitles, that's the point.

    • Roman Kishibe
      Roman Kishibe 2 years ago +1

      @Chaomatic No, this is a misconception. It is now no longer default, and the channel has to turn it on.

    • rs88
      rs88 2 years ago +1

      @Bobby Peters I disagree with that, that's where services like Rev come in. I'm subscribed to many channels that could easily afford the couple dollars per minute to get a service to caption it for them, yet they just don't.
      Recently subbed to some PBS channel and their captions were crap, and they have really no excuse!

  • JonatasAdoM
    JonatasAdoM Year ago

    In Brazil we have 7 open/piblic non cable channels channels but the nation mostly watched mostly 4 of them, so I guess we had similar experiences to the Brits.

  • Mrooshoo
    Mrooshoo 4 months ago +2

    HOLY CRAP the advertisement rule is something America NEEDS

  • Zane Eckols
    Zane Eckols Year ago +2

    I wish that I could turn on subtitles in real life. I often find it hard understanding people in day-to-day situations, especially with background noise and it would just be so cool if I could understand everything and avoid awkward moments.

  • Jag Betty
    Jag Betty Year ago

    Brilliant as always Tom…..there’s nothing more annoying than an add break at the crucial momentt Clip-Share seems to excel at doing this.

  • miser
    miser 11 months ago +1

    Amen, accessibility is VITAL to spreading information to EVERYONE.

  • rootb77
    rootb77 2 years ago +200

    As someone who relies on subtitles (I have auditory processing disorder) I cannot tell you how much it means to me to see you passionate about subtitles. Thank you so much for making your content accessible, you're one of the few channels who do subtitle every video, and it makes a huge difference :)

    • Abyss Strider
      Abyss Strider 2 years ago

      @Jessica Taylor Yep, at work they think i have hearing issues. But it's just that rumbling of machines overpowers anything people say.

    • Jessica Taylor
      Jessica Taylor 2 years ago +2

      @Abyss Strider The way it affects me is that any other noise (especially background music or TV) disrupts my ability to 'hear' something being said irl. It creates a distortion. Asking people to speak up can help but usually the volume required is excessive and only socially accepted if I say I have hearing issues. Friends find my home eerie because it's so quiet. I never have background noise at all or I can't hear anything and my mind feels fuzzy.
      My actual hearing is excellent, yet I struggle to hear. Sometimes a conversation on the other side of a room is crystal clear but I can't hear someone right next to me. I'm not sure if this is how it affects everyone or this is just one of the ways it can affect people.

    • Abyss Strider
      Abyss Strider 2 years ago +3

      Though I may have a minor case of that as well cause whenever someone speaks quieter than usual or farther away from me I have a hard time understanding them and other people at similar distance can hear them well.

    • Abyss Strider
      Abyss Strider 2 years ago +1

      So you can hear everything but you can't understand it?

    • Juna N
      Juna N 2 years ago +1


  • Mort Mort Mort
    Mort Mort Mort Year ago

    I want that full caption rant, honestly. I feel like we need to actually start being angry about it

  • mr harry
    mr harry Year ago +1

    Until very recently it was regulated that actors or celebrities appearing in a show could not appear in advertising broadcast during the show. It feels really jarring when it happens (deliberately) now.

  • hee hoo
    hee hoo Year ago

    for a sequel to ghostwatch, there was an episode of a horror series called inside number 9 that was a live, special, episode premiere that kept cutting out and having audio problems, only then to reveal the newsreader that announced that the show was cutting to a re run, gets attacked by a ghost, and then the writers of the show backstage get attacked too