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Kemper Profiler Live Rig

  • Published on Jun 30, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • i think the video says it all
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  • Jim Mc Dougall
    Jim Mc Dougall Year ago +1

    Great playing and super tones. I downloaded your profiles straight after your last video, they’re sick! Thank you again. Nice practise room/setup you have there. Please keep the videos coming. Great to see someone in my own age group (can I say that?), with the same influences. Rock on!

    • Neddi Stanz
      Neddi Stanz  Year ago +1

      thanks man i really appreciate the comment!

  • BlueRaja
    BlueRaja Year ago +1

    Killer tones, awesome chops man!
    That rig looks good to go! 🔥

  • M@
    M@ Year ago +1

    I ran two splawn cabinets for a while - killer modern tones. I sold them both because they were way more efficient than I preferred - they just made everything sound bass heavy and boomy due to their efficieny. I run AX and BX stock cabinets now and I am much happier personally. Splawn makes killer cabinets - they were super heavy!

    • Neddi Stanz
      Neddi Stanz  Year ago +1

      thanks for the info - i'll make a vid once i get them

  • Admiral Kahba
    Admiral Kahba 8 months ago +1

    Jesus that´s some awesome playing and killer tones!! :O

  • Paulo Vitor
    Paulo Vitor Year ago +1

    Nice tones, Kemper is amazing.

  • Barry Trout
    Barry Trout Year ago

    Thank you for the presets. They sound fantastic! Can I ask what plectrum you use? Your fantastic

    • Barry Trout
      Barry Trout Year ago +1

      @Neddi Stanz thanks dude! Keep up the videos and profiles they are amazing! Better than many paid profiles 🤘🏻

    • Neddi Stanz
      Neddi Stanz  Year ago +1

      @Barry Trout haha i'm a goof! i didn't realize they were called that DOH! yes, i use the Max Grip Jazz III's - i like the Max Grip's because i like a pick that doesn't slide around

    • Barry Trout
      Barry Trout Year ago +1

      @Neddi Stanz plectrum is the small piece of plastic you use to pluck the stringzzz. I think Jazz III small? Am I right?

    • Neddi Stanz
      Neddi Stanz  Year ago +1

      thanks - yeah i put the profiles on the Kemper rig exchange - what is a plectrum?

  • Vernon Voss
    Vernon Voss Year ago

    Sounds good, I just put together a Fractal with a 1000w of Friedman powered monitors with two 100w Boss Katanas, 1200watts of stupid power. Sounds great though. That Kemper sounds great man!

  • 13 strigoi
    13 strigoi Year ago +1

    Awesome tones!

  • Kathi May
    Kathi May Year ago

    Looking good Neddi. …Sounding good Neddi. 😉 keep the videos coming. 🎸🎶👍🏻

  • Jason Stone
    Jason Stone 11 months ago

    Gotta love some old school Gary Moore.

  • Rodney Spencer
    Rodney Spencer 18 days ago

    man i want that profile ...fir my kemper sounds killer

  • MrGuitarmike2222
    MrGuitarmike2222 Year ago +1

    Hi, it that an old RG 550 ?

    • Neddi Stanz
      Neddi Stanz  Year ago

      yes it is - i think it's a 91 or 92 - i did a vid on this guitar - i think it was my first vid - i am the original owner although it was not in my possession for many years

  • ThreeMan AcousticJam
    ThreeMan AcousticJam 7 months ago

    Anyone have an issue with the volume? Im using a 240w cab and cannot get the volume loud enough

  • operation kickass
    operation kickass Year ago +1

    Well hot damn thats bad ass