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Tyrion & Bronn Plan For War [HD]

  • Published on May 28, 2012 veröffentlicht
  • Tyrion plans for Siege while Bronn remains sceptical. Varys visits with great interest.
    "Pig shit..."
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  • SovietWomble
    SovietWomble 8 months ago +2132

    Knowing Varys, I've no doubt he was standing in that doorway many sentences before he actually walked in. Quietly eavesdropping. Old habits probably die hard.

    • ゴジラ1954
      ゴジラ1954 8 months ago +194

      This was before he wrote letters of open rebellion out in public… god I miss this show

    • Smek Smak
      Smek Smak 8 months ago +7


    • Yyn
      Yyn 8 months ago +110


      STUTTERFLY 8 months ago +67

      It’s a 10 year old video, Womble.

    • Uncle Bob
      Uncle Bob 8 months ago +38

      Every old thrones vid i find i see a fresh comment from you lmao

  • Agustin Rico
    Agustin Rico 8 months ago +722

    I love Varys’ face when Bronn said he rounded up all the known thieves, he most definitely killed some of his little birds

    • Sean
      Sean 5 months ago +55


    • rogbel
      rogbel 4 months ago +41

      Varys is so good at this shit

    • TraditionalGem
      TraditionalGem Month ago +17

      LOL his face was priceless, but he knew Bronn was right. No doubt already hearing those very things already.

  • danieltadd
    danieltadd Year ago +1526

    Ohhh, this type of stuff was golden. Two intelletcuals and an experienced sellsword, engaging in conversation and battle planning. I could seriously watch an entire episode on just those three talking. It truly aches my heart to know what their characters are reduced to in the final seasons :(

    • Wellshem
      Wellshem 11 months ago +48

      A "The Office" version of King's Landing would be funny af

    • Monotech20.1
      Monotech20.1 7 months ago

      Get over it.

    • Oscar Molero
      Oscar Molero 7 months ago +20

      @Monotech20.1 I´ve been trying

    • Mirek Mareš
      Mirek Mareš 6 months ago +3

      @Monotech20.1 Impossible, they just butchered the show

    • J D
      J D 5 months ago +5

      Michael, Dwight and Kevin plan the defense of kings landing. Michael immeadately bails, Dwight comes up with a ridiculous and elaborate plan that fails the moment stannis lands and Kevin steals all the donuts and holes up in a remote part of the city.

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow Year ago +3113

    I think any sort of "high council" needs an occams razor type person like Bronn. Someone to simplify and remind people not to overcomplicate things. He knew what the problems really were and would be.

    • Grey Man
      Grey Man Year ago +180

      Every king who wishes to rule for a lengthy period should have at least one teller of truths

    • Jack Zimmy
      Jack Zimmy Year ago +229

      Not just in feudal courts. Any corporate structure needs a straight talker who won’t spend thousands to figure out the obvious. The problem is that honesty and pragmatism don’t really push you up the food chain. If people like Bronn were allowed in board rooms, consultancy firms wouldn’t even exist 😂

    • G G
      G G Year ago +15

      Underrated comment.

    • sean cakin
      sean cakin Year ago +78

      @Jack Zimmy I've said it once before and I'll say it again... corporations are essentially just modern day aristocracies. Within corporate structures, flattery and bullshitting are usually rewarded. Not actually good leaders. And the shareholders making decisions in boardrooms are only there because they were able to buy their way in. They are literally not required to have any knowledge/skills... just a shit ton of money. Sounds like a nobility class to me.
      No wonder why private industry is so inefficient at everything tbh... and no wonder the few companies that are actually democratically run (Worker Co-Ops) tend to have better chances at long term success and be more resistant to economic crises.

    • rq neo
      rq neo Year ago +14

      I like how bronn is probably the cleverest person in the room with varus and tyrion

  • Rekaert
    Rekaert Year ago +909

    It's the small details that make the writing golden. Varys walking in and saying the name of the author correctly, only for Tyrion to give Bronn that "Fcking told you so!" glance.
    It's just easy, natural and economical storytelling.

    • Proccito
      Proccito 11 months ago +60

      I love how when Varys enters, Tyrion is still trying to figure out of how the spelling correlated to Bronns pronounciation. You can see his lips moving as he reads the name over and over again and don't really care Varys is entering.

    • Senior Chief
      Senior Chief 11 months ago +66

      It also implies that he was listening to their conversation before showing up. Classic Varys.

    • Sylver
      Sylver 11 months ago +14

      It's kind of shame though. It would have been so much better if Bron was right.

    • Mihai Mercenarul
      Mihai Mercenarul 10 months ago +4

      @Sylver nah

    • cat
      cat 9 months ago +13

      @Senior Chief i thought it implied he recognized the book and he's read it before

  • xxlCortez
    xxlCortez 5 years ago +5559

    I love how practical Bronn is.

    • Bird Man
      Bird Man 3 years ago +313

      "I'd trade all your books for a few good archers." Turns out a few wasn't required. Just one, Bronn

    • Áron Nemcsik
      Áron Nemcsik Year ago +46

      @Bird Man and he wasn't paid in books...

    • Nton
      Nton Year ago +65

      @S1rWakka Any competent military can defeat ISIS, they only lasted so long cause Syrias army was preoccupied with a civil war and Iraq's army deserted en mass

    • Jaiisrapture
      Jaiisrapture Year ago +4

      @Áron Nemcsik so in the books he did everything out of loyalty to Tyrion?

  • Aesir Unlimited
    Aesir Unlimited 4 months ago +88

    2:47 Gotta love how Varys was able to say “That book is worthless.” In such a polite way.

  • Simon Kilday
    Simon Kilday Year ago +6262

    “Me and the lads rounded up all the known thieves”
    “For questioning?”
    “Uh, no”

    • magmat0585
      magmat0585 Year ago +392

      Varys be like O_O

    • Oliver K.
      Oliver K. Year ago +364

      Kinda wish Bronn and his lads visited my city lol

    • magmat0585
      magmat0585 Year ago +121

      @Oliver K. I'm guessing you're somewhere in Cali?

    • Oliver K.
      Oliver K. Year ago +312

      @magmat0585 No, but pretty much every city in latin america could use some help from Bronn lol

    • magmat0585
      magmat0585 Year ago +99

      @Oliver K. ah, gotcha. Spent some time in Managua almost a decade ago, the grandfather of the family whose place i stayed at had a machete set aside for any unwanted guests

  • GhANeC
    GhANeC 5 years ago +2166

    I bet Tyrion felt at the time that it was the worst and most stressful time of his life.
    Being alone, with no previous military or siege or ruling experiences, and forced to figure out how to prepare a whole city and its defenses for an attack from a much higher force, commanded by a seasoned general. While all the inhabitants ungratefully and fully depended on him to save them from being in all likelihood sacked and raped and killed in masses. And all the while having to answer to a hateful sister and nephew. Who, along with their groveling followers and their Kingsguard, not only were oblivious and useless and incompetent, but were almost openly against him and could potentially at any moment find out about his secret lover and make him never know what was done with her, or use her in the worst ways against him.
    And yet...
    He was at the prime of his physical integrity, which he still had. At the sharpest, though perhaps not the wisest, of his witty political mind, which was still not weathered nor beaten by guilt and inner conflict and life. Empowered and trusted by a father who had never done so before. Missed by a brother who still loved him. Loved every night by a very "skillful" lover who was still totally devoted and loyal to him. Accompanied by the best and most reliable and most protective squire ever, as it would soon be proven, who he still had. Counselled and assisted by his most competent and arguably best friends in the world, who still fully had his back. And constantly having the upper hand on his haters, who still couldnt humiliate or destroy him.
    Oh my dear Tyrion, how could you have known that this was actually the best time of your life, and that it would all change so suddenly, and would unlikely ever come back...

    • Roger Rennenger
      Roger Rennenger Year ago +45

      every dog has his day lol

    • Randy Bell
      Randy Bell Year ago +85

      This is beautifully written

    • GhANeC
      GhANeC Year ago +32

      @Randy Bell **bows head humbly**

    • bigsmall246
      bigsmall246 Year ago +64

      Because the book Tyrion ends at the capture by the slavers. Everything else after that was made up by the show writers who are good at adapting from the source material, but can't write their own material for shit. The lack of book material explains why the show went rapidly downhill from season 6 onwards.

    • Bobby Jones
      Bobby Jones Year ago +23

      @bigsmall246 Wrong, they know how the book series is planned to end. GRR Martin gave them all of his source matierial or enough that they knew the basic and 2ndary story points. They did what all transactional individuals do. They milked GOT for all it was worth then when they thought they had Star Wars lined up they dropped it like a burning sack of shit, they did this with Rome as well. The 2nd season while still good is at warp speed plays out just like the last 3 seasons of GOT.

  • Ariel Goldfarb
    Ariel Goldfarb 5 years ago +4865

    Dialogues were gold in the first seasons.

    • Jack
      Jack 4 years ago +50

      Ariel Goldfarb Now look at season 8 🤧

    • PERRa
      PERRa Year ago +43

      well this is the second season

    • Hafeez Ishak
      Hafeez Ishak Year ago +118

      In season 8, the only dialogues I hear is "Mah Queen" and " I don't Wan it". Abit sad that all story boil down to.

    • PERRa
      PERRa Year ago

      @Therion84 yes I stand corrected, my mistake, thank you for pointing it out

  • Stuart Lloyd
    Stuart Lloyd Year ago +273

    I love how when Varys concedes that Bronn's tactics have a point, he starts cutting his hands again as if to say "I won", but then Varys names the archmaester and Tyrion is like "yeah, well I won that one. Maybe my wildfire plan is going to work."

    • Wellshem
      Wellshem 9 months ago +1

      Amazing writing

  • Sentinal
    Sentinal 11 months ago +201

    Varys's face when he realises Bronn killed the thieves😂

    • Mahdi Ahmed
      Mahdi Ahmed 8 months ago +7

      But .. then again now I don't question daemons action hmmm..

    • Simon de Zeeuw
      Simon de Zeeuw 4 months ago +2

      Oh he knew already I’m sure. He just wanted Tyrion to know without telling him himself

  • CripTik Storm
    CripTik Storm 5 years ago +3511

    Varys's face when Bronn talked about the thieves

    • Hehe Hehe
      Hehe Hehe 5 years ago +334

      CripTik Storm Varys was a thief himself so his reaction seems appropriate

    • Dams
      Dams 5 years ago +197

      Tbh he always makes tho weird background faces which are funny.

    • 187Ares
      187Ares 5 years ago +399

      CripTik Storm the face of someone who just lost a few spies probably

    • magmat0585
      magmat0585 Year ago +262

      @187Ares "oh, so that's why Ralph hasn't been reporting in recently"

    • joperhop
      joperhop Year ago +30

      How many of them would have been his birds?

  • Galan Liones
    Galan Liones Year ago +840

    @ 1:37 Varys slinking in from the dark, having dropped an eaves on the entire conversation, knowing his timing with perfection, a true player of the game.

    • hombrejose
      hombrejose Year ago +7

      Also what does he say to Bronn after addressing Tyrion as "my lord Hand"? I can't make out what he's calling Bronn

    • merlin_SDF
      merlin_SDF Year ago +18

      @hombrejose commander

    • dmills13F
      dmills13F 11 months ago +20

      @hombrejose "Martha"

    • Lance McMullan
      Lance McMullan 8 months ago +10

      When he said “it’s a shame Archmaester Ch’Vyalthan wasn’t a better writer.” Subtle intimidation that he hears everything and knows everything, he was such an OP character.

    • Flight of the Bumblebee
      Flight of the Bumblebee 6 months ago

      A little late to be trimming the hedges!

  • nikolai60
    nikolai60 Year ago +215

    "Have you ever been in a city under siege?" Look at Varys' face, he's already internally conceded the point, he's just waiting for Bronn to finish his point as he's the one who knows best.

  • LiezAllLiez
    LiezAllLiez Year ago +1572

    Bronn -"We could throw books at his men!"
    Varys -"We dont have that many books"
    Bronn -"We dont have that many men, either"
    This made me giggle.

    • Ali Lahmamssi
      Ali Lahmamssi Year ago +28

      if i was varys i would have responded in a more sarcastic way like : "better ! we could throw men at their books" but then again, i would have not lived long in this universe for sure.

    • Angel ofIron
      Angel ofIron Year ago +8

      I couldn't stop laughing 😂🤣

  • Bubba
    Bubba Year ago +370

    i love how there's a lot of sub text with high level players. But every scene with Bronn is STRAIGHT to the point

  • Monarch
    Monarch Year ago +325

    Realistically, digging trenches, bringing seawater for boiling water and releasing all non combatants out of the city as much as possible should be priority. Less supply demands + delaying the siege means buying time for Tywin's relief force.

  • jamal
    jamal 6 years ago +1652

    Soldier: King Stannis, they're throwing books at us! What do we do!?
    Stannis: Uh...

    • Rahul Kashyap
      Rahul Kashyap 6 years ago +233

      jamal Stannis: lets use them to burn sheeren......

    • IcedEarth426
      IcedEarth426 5 years ago +177

      Soldier: We have far less men after those books were catapulted into our men.
      Stannis: Fewer.

    • Cat【ツ】
      Cat【ツ】 5 years ago +9

      IcedEarth426 Blackwater theme then plays

    • Mohsin Ibn Aftab
      Mohsin Ibn Aftab 5 years ago +20

      Let's read those books

    • Proverbialking
      Proverbialking 5 years ago +8

      Rahul Kashyap we finally know one of the ninjas cutting onions: Sir Davos.

  • 504Diva
    504Diva Year ago +258

    For a few moments I am transported to another place and time. Very grateful for the excellent writing/acting.

    • Alain Diaz
      Alain Diaz Year ago +3

      The interesting thing is that that place is not earth if you think about it, it might look like it but it's not our earth.

    • Marcus Anark
      Marcus Anark Year ago

      I had the same feeling.

  • Simple-Commentator-not-really

    Bronn always maintained this presence as a clever man who always has the simplest, practical answers to every problem. The final seasons could have certianly held my attention longer if some turn of events broke even his cool.

    • logion567
      logion567 8 months ago +6

      I dunno I think his rant to Jamie after Drogon burned the supply train was rather pointed

  • Pierre Alex
    Pierre Alex 11 months ago +53

    I love the face Varys makes when he learns something he doesn't already know, like at 2:03

    • The Groundlp
      The Groundlp Month ago

      I think Varys primarily wanted to find out why the birds stopped singing.

  • Look at the picture
    Look at the picture 10 months ago +32

    The amazing thing in this scene is how even when he has no dialogue and out of focuse you can see Varys' actor is still acting, reacting to what is being said

  • Maxwell A. Gaming PS4
    Maxwell A. Gaming PS4 9 months ago +58

    You know, despite Geoffrey and Cersei being thsee, this was peak King Landing politics. Both Varys and Little Finger on "the same page", Tyrion as hand, Bronn as the gold cloacks commander and The Hound as the personal bosyguard. That was Kings Lansing at the peak of strength in a post Robert Baratheon world. Imagine if it was Tommen who was crowned instead of Geoffrey. A fairer king, treating Sansa fair, having not executed Ned, and treating Tyrion with love and respect, etc. Kings Landing would have been impossible to succesfully invade. And that is without Selmy and Jamie.

  • Lievcocijo
    Lievcocijo 5 years ago +1130

    love the unspoken dialogues going on in these scenes
    "we could throw books at them" --> you lords dont seem to have much of a clue about fighting
    "we dont have that many books" --> i might be a desktop noble but im not stupid
    "we dont have that many men either" ---> either way we are screwed

    • Queue
      Queue Year ago +26

      i just thought he was being sarcastic when he said they didnt have enough books

    • Topsy
      Topsy Year ago +11

      @Queue he was

    • Stranger
      Stranger Year ago +2


    • Jaja Boi
      Jaja Boi Year ago +2

      @Queue what do you think sarcasm is

    • Hyde Whyte
      Hyde Whyte Year ago +10

      During a siege there isn't much that you won't throw at the enemy. 'cept food. Cobble stone streets get pulled up for ammo.

  • Dylan Janos
    Dylan Janos 4 months ago +8

    I love how they both silently agreed that however Varys pronounced the name was the correct way

  • Uzair Ahmed
    Uzair Ahmed 5 years ago +123

    Everytime i hear Varys response i burst out laughing its so funny 😂

  • G Warren
    G Warren Year ago +82

    Bronn cuts to the point of anything so well that's why I love him.

  • Empathetic Psychopath

    This show was so amazing. How could they do what they did to it at the end. I just can’t get over it I’m sorry.

  • Jimmy Wiggle
    Jimmy Wiggle 5 months ago +6

    1:52 This line is even funnier if you read the books because it says that Varys actually started out as a common thief in Essos before making his way to the Red Keep.

  • True Scottish History
    True Scottish History 3 years ago +131

    Bronn brings the sort of wisdom the books leave out

  • KeepCalm
    KeepCalm 11 months ago +21

    The face Tyrion makes when he hears how the name is really pronounced is funny as hell

  • Jason Vazquez
    Jason Vazquez 6 months ago +7

    You can tell that by the way Bronn describes it, he's no doubt lived through seige before in the past. My theory is that he was a kid during the war of the Ninepenny kings, and that he was lived in a city that was under seige and witnessed everything that he's describing happened with his own eyes.

  • Steadyjumper
    Steadyjumper Year ago +31

    I’ve rewatched this scene more times than I’ve watched all of season 8

    • Derek Quigley
      Derek Quigley 6 months ago

      Well yeah, I mean, this was back when the show was great.

  • Brad Keen
    Brad Keen 2 months ago +1

    I don’t know why but Tyrion and Bronn trying to figure out the archmeister’s name cracks me up

  • suff-hunter23
    suff-hunter23 8 months ago +5

    1:28 this doesn't even look like acting, feels like a legit reaction and I love it

  • Iain MacLennan
    Iain MacLennan 4 years ago +536


    • pedro david
      pedro david Year ago +37


    • Arian Dito
      Arian Dito Year ago +25


    • kamikaze 13
      kamikaze 13 Year ago +6

      It was so strong it caved in rhaegars breastplate

    • NOL1FEK1NG
      NOL1FEK1NG 9 months ago +1

      I see what you did there LOLOLOLOL

    • Shihoblade
      Shihoblade 8 months ago +3

      Go get the dialogue stretcher!

  • Diana Popa
    Diana Popa 8 months ago +2

    Brilliant acting, all three off them, in all their scenes, their characters are masterpiece. But here they are very funny, too. :D Absolute joy to watch them. Tyrion is my favourite.

  • Some Random Person on the Internet

    Bronn: “Me and the lads rounded up all the known thieves.”
    Tyrion: “For questioning?”
    Bronn: “Ah, no.”
    Varys: (well shit, I just lost a few little birds…)

  • Valerio the wandering sprite 🧝🏻

    2:56 That exchange between Tyrion and Bronn is priceless.

  • skip ringelli
    skip ringelli 7 months ago +5

    I love how Bronn refers to the Goldcloaks as "the boys" and "the lads" lmfao

  • SomeGuitarDude
    SomeGuitarDude 9 months ago +18

    "Me and the lads rounded up all the known thieves"
    Bronn understood the point of the gold cloaks with scary precision. I mean, Daemon's original gold cloaks' first act was... Exactly that...

    • Muhammad Eisa
      Muhammad Eisa 9 months ago +4

      He could have kept some alive for interrogation in case he needed them later.

    • Markus Haahr
      Markus Haahr 8 months ago

      I know, ironic.

    • George Hamilton
      George Hamilton 3 months ago

      Holy crap, Daemon and his Gold Cloaks were cold as frick.

  • Tahkaullus01
    Tahkaullus01 6 years ago +457

    "You don't want me cleaning m' nails. You don't want me looking at you? Why am I here?"
    "See, this is why the children never visit!"

  • Roy Piper
    Roy Piper 6 months ago +6

    The look on Vary's face at 2:10.😆

  • blackhawkhound
    blackhawkhound 6 months ago +2

    the way Bron looks at Tyrion when Varys says the name of the maester who wrote the book makes me laugh so hard, hes like TOLD YA

  • tankmaster1018
    tankmaster1018 Month ago

    I've never watched Game Of Thrones, but am obviously aware of the season 8 fiasco, and what a damn shame... This here, this is SO good. I'm almost don't even wanna keep watching clips on Clip-Share because it could end up in me getting hooked... and we all know that only ends in heartbreak starting with the latter half of season 5, and culminating in season 8.

  • Captain Edward
    Captain Edward 3 months ago +1

    1:33 How Bronn answers it wrong with such confidence🤣🤣

  • Kat Karsecs
    Kat Karsecs 13 days ago +1

    The rivalry over how to pronounce Shovelthin was pure gold.

  • Saptarshi Das
    Saptarshi Das Year ago +41

    3:02 George RR Martin knows GOT. He knows which storyline is the strongest, he knows which Season is the weakest. Season 8. Could destroy the fanbase in minutes and it's only 6 episodes long

  • Balanar6236
    Balanar6236 Year ago +38

    I love how Bronn always kept wearing this obviously too long vest, like some beggar, but still one of best swordsmen there existed.

    • Alex Thorsman
      Alex Thorsman Year ago +22

      Not one of the best swordsmen. One of the best fighters. He didn't rely upon his sword. He fought dirty, and used whatever weapon gave him the best advantage. Sword, knife, crossbow...

  • Rain
    Rain Year ago +6

    The unspoken dialogues... ah. If only the writing was this consistent then no doubt that GoT will forever be classified as one of the best shows alongside the LOTR trilogy. If only.

  • Oishii Kudasai
    Oishii Kudasai 8 months ago +1

    Gosh i love how funny they can be even in a dire situation.

  • Jason
    Jason 8 months ago

    Favourite scene of the entire series. This feels like what would happen before a big battle. Petty squabbling.

  • Hexates
    Hexates Year ago +90

    Plot twist: None of them know how to actually pronounce the maester‘s name.

    • Hyde Whyte
      Hyde Whyte Year ago +23

      It's actually a great joke by the author to address how many people when reading books deal with unpronounceable names.

    • toomanyaccounts
      toomanyaccounts Year ago +6

      @Hyde Whyte or that certain name have multiple different yet accurate spellings and pronunciations. For example Hercules is Heracles but also valid are Heracle, Hercle and some other names that don't start with H.

  • Spike Pachita
    Spike Pachita 2 months ago +2

    I imagine Varys standing in the doorway for a moment but when he heard Bronn say that maesters name wrong he had to interfere

  • Caleb Rowe
    Caleb Rowe 7 months ago

    Love how fast their bond was forged so soon in the show.

  • S S
    S S 28 days ago +1

    I love how they all pronounce the Arch Meisters name differently lol

  • Sunil Maharjan Chester

    we can throw books at stannis. gets me all the time😅

  • Phil C
    Phil C Month ago +2

    Love how after Bronns rise in authority during this conversation, he goes back to cleaning his nails.

  • veritaspk
    veritaspk 3 months ago +7

    Tyrion's tone of voice when he says "For questioning?" always makes me laugh

  • iEmbrion
    iEmbrion Year ago +69

    Boss: "You have to wear formal wear to work"
    Me: "We had a contract, but wearing formal wasn't part of it"

    • S M
      S M 11 months ago +1


  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez 10 days ago

    I love how Variss is the only one to properly pronounce the authors name lol

  • Aaron Bates
    Aaron Bates Year ago +3

    I love the small hand gesture Tyrion makes to Bronn when they didn't learn the pronunciation of the author's name

  • Luigi Oppedisano
    Luigi Oppedisano 5 years ago +207

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH, the great sieges of Westeros."

  • Dimitris Kalandranis
    Dimitris Kalandranis 10 months ago +4

    Brilliant acting...pure gold

  • Formalbug571
    Formalbug571 Month ago

    My favorite part of this scene is Tyrion gesturing to Bronn about the pronunciation of the archmeister's name after Varys said it lol

  • Brother Quantum
    Brother Quantum 8 months ago +1

    Love those small moments when Bronn reveals himself to be smarter than you expect, even if he screwed up the pronunciation

  • Kia Maria
    Kia Maria 7 years ago +371

    Bronn and Tyrion. Secretly married.

    • T AU
      T AU 6 years ago +8

      Kia Maria shut up

    • Shakazulu
      Shakazulu 5 years ago +7

      can i 😘

  • ricky
    ricky 6 months ago

    Everytime there was kings landing scene in season 1-4 I got so excited. You could tell GRRM loved writing the politics around here

  • Reyus Doyle
    Reyus Doyle Year ago

    that was such a great scene, awesome writing

  • Les Galloiseries
    Les Galloiseries 9 days ago

    This Bronn guy know his stuff. I bet he'll end up as Master of War or in some position where his talents will shine.

  • Bumling
    Bumling 11 months ago +6

    With all his intellect, he would rarely never get one over on Bronn. So entertaining, this duo.

  • Ben Jackson
    Ben Jackson 2 years ago +66

    I really wish they published real copies of in-universe books like the one Tyrion read in the real world.

    • TheKpa11
      TheKpa11 Year ago +6

      Though being truly authentic you’d have a hard time reading any of them. Damaged pages, dirt or grime covering up text. T’would be exciting seeing the videos of people translating it though……early on till it became copy and pasted by others

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious Year ago +25

      @TheKpa11 Real medieval books weren't like that. In fact, people who did own books treated them better than their own children. Books being "dirty" is just another Hollywood glamorization.

    • Kye Kimler
      Kye Kimler Year ago +10

      George RR Martin has released "Fire and Blood" and "The World Of Ice and Fire" which are written from the perspective of in-world authors trying to document history, they're both incredible reads I very much recommend picking them up if you haven't already. Fire and Blood is an awesome biographical work following the lives of Targaryen kings from Aegon's Conquest to Aegon III's ascension/end of his regency, whereas TWOIAF is more encyclopaedic in nature and covers literally the entire known history of the world, or rather the fragmentary myths that make up said history.

    • Ben Jackson
      Ben Jackson Year ago +1

      @TheKpa11 I was more referring to the books are about than the actual texture of the books.

    • P3R-272
      P3R-272 Year ago +2

      @Captain Obvious How is representing medieval books as dirty in any way, shape or form "glamorous"? Also, yes, books _would_ be overall dirtier in an age where cleanliness was difficult to maintain compared to nowadays.

  • Theo T.
    Theo T. 7 years ago +511

    A shame Archmaester Ch'Vyalthan wasn't a better author.

  • BlackfyreHD
    BlackfyreHD Year ago +16

    “Ah, the great sieges of Westeros, thrilling subject. Shame D&D weren’t better writers”

  • Shepherd Aaron
    Shepherd Aaron 7 months ago

    I love how they all say the Maester’s name differently

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla 8 months ago +1

    Peak GoT. Crisp, witty, brilliant.

  • Dominykas Zakrys
    Dominykas Zakrys 3 years ago +70

    THe way Tyrion says "pig shit" with intention of humor while still looking as if he says it seriously cracks me up every time...

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious Year ago +25

      That's because "pig shit" was their nickname for Wildfire. When Tyrion says "pig shit" he was referencing Wildfire to Bron. That's why he says it seriously.

  • Vespene Gas
    Vespene Gas 6 months ago

    This is why we loved your show, HBO, the characters! Do them justice this time around

  • Rahul Patwa
    Rahul Patwa 3 months ago

    "I'd swap all your books for a few good archers" - That is a badass dude!

  • valis 0374
    valis 0374 4 years ago +73

    "I like to keep me hands clean." Ironic coming from a sell sword.

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious Year ago +13

      Actually, keeping your hands clean is standard army training: clip-share.net/video/k4eMhddTPg4/video.html
      Yes, now I get that although the video I linked you was from modern military standards, Bron has been shown time and time again to be much more knowledgeable than your average cutthroat. He could have known the value of good hygiene.

    • Marshall Fleming
      Marshall Fleming Year ago +13

      @Captain Obvious
      I'll do your job for you.
      He meant Bronn's hands are not clean in the figurative sense because of the nature of his work.

    • Pastrybfs
      Pastrybfs Year ago +1

      @Captain Obvious username checks out

  • sailtheplains
    sailtheplains 11 months ago +1

    I live for Varys' facial expressions. xDDD

  • EscapeTheRace
    EscapeTheRace Year ago +22

    We could throw thieves at them!
    Bronn: "We don't have many thieves, either."

  • Jaymal Gola
    Jaymal Gola 4 years ago +11

    Tyrion Reading the book cover is the best part

  • The Partisan13
    The Partisan13 Year ago +4

    I love how genuinely baffled Tyrion is at the name of the author of that book, lol.

  • Old, bald fat man
    Old, bald fat man 4 years ago +9

    Sept. 6, 2018----First time I heard of this series was some time earlier this year when my aunt commented on how she watches every episode. My response was: yawn. But then I watched one, quickly followed by others. Which means I want to buy the tv series AND all the books just so I can compare the two. Thanks for the video clip.

  • PrimeCoconut
    PrimeCoconut 9 months ago +12

    Looking back at this, we know the clue what Bronn did after we all saw what Daemon did in the pilot episode of HOTD

    • bait
      bait 9 months ago


    • Javier Lopez
      Javier Lopez 9 months ago +2

      Because Viserys and Robert allowed kings landing to get to that point.

    • LordVader1094
      LordVader1094 8 months ago

      What are you even trying to say lol

  • robertg305
    robertg305 Year ago +3

    Seasons 1-4 were perfection

  • Shivam Kumar
    Shivam Kumar Year ago +12

    Ohh god after rewatching the whole series 7 times it was today i realized tyrion was referring to the wild fire pots when he said pigshit

  • S Ѳ L Λ R I S
    S Ѳ L Λ R I S Year ago +4

    It would’ve been super cool if Bronn was suggested “custom armour”…
    He’s got the money or the finance to pay for it. I certainly would… a sell sword, let’s just say you have to prepare for an “emergency”.
    Basically if Tyrion dies or locked away or fires you… take what you can, but a nice brand new shiny sword and certainly buy a nice piece of armour.
    Should you have to go back being a sellsword…

  • darthbiscuit
    darthbiscuit 5 months ago

    sometimes I forget why I liked GoT and then I rewatch a scene like this and its the chefs kiss

  • Alan Li
    Alan Li Year ago +9

    2:06 Varys be like "glad this guy wasn't in charge when I was a kid"

  • somewisealien
    somewisealien 11 months ago +1

    If only the last season was as compelling as this.

  • Rem Remy
    Rem Remy 11 months ago

    These two! Bronn, a brilliant character.

  • N1k4
    N1k4 8 months ago +1

    Bronn deserved his own series

  • Conan the Based
    Conan the Based Year ago +1

    Dan and Dave might have shat the bed in seasons 5 onward, but they did a heck of a job adapting the books.

  • Denzel
    Denzel 8 months ago

    This is my favourite trio. The whole Arch-Maester Cheveliahthandshs gag is golden.

  • Andrew Henderson
    Andrew Henderson Year ago +2

    i love the irony of bronn saying he likes to keep his hands clean, when his profession as a sellsword requires him to "get his hands dirty" often.

  • Stevie
    Stevie 8 months ago

    For all his reputation, we don't actually see Bronn fight much. He can't have the training or experience of, say, Jamie in his prime or Ser Bariston. He did seem willing to take on the Mountain in one scene, along with 2 other King's Guard, but I have my doubts.

  • Randell Goering
    Randell Goering 4 months ago

    As an avid book reader of high fantasy i empathize with Bronn and Tyrion. I cant pronounce 2/3 of the characters names either!!!!!!!