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Now that was a surprise!


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  • Jay W
    Jay W Month ago +11508

    Can we all acknowledge how smoothly he got on and off the table though

    • Matthias - MJ Video Productions
    • Disturbed Pyro
      Disturbed Pyro 12 days ago

      @Lord Tankian YES that’s definitely it. my dumb ass didn’t even realize those aren’t his actual hands we are seeing🤦‍♂️😂

    • H
      H 20 days ago


    • 3mz Horton
      3mz Horton 23 days ago


    • Gail Shea
      Gail Shea 25 days ago +1

      ....while it was rotating!!!!

  • Mehsina Marin
    Mehsina Marin Month ago +1126

    The part that makes it so convincing is how he got up on that table and got down. It was so smooth that it looked like two person

  • Linda
    Linda Month ago +4467

    I’m too sleepy to know if I’m hallucinating. Goodnight Clip-Share 😂

  • DrewishAF
    DrewishAF Month ago +467

    Dude, the insane coordination that takes is just incredible. He had to be leaned over on all fours with his feet oriented normally, and spin consistently, on mark, just to maintain the illusion. That was actually very impressive

  • Sian K.
    Sian K. 2 months ago +33140

    The way I thought it was two people dancing robotically and stiffly on purpose to mimick dolls but then when he spun around and revealed his head I was confused asf😭

  • Missnew
    Missnew Month ago

    What a performance!!!! Bravo 👏🏾

  • Edgar Hatfield
    Edgar Hatfield Month ago

    That is great talent there. Had me going for a while. Had to watch it numerous times times before realizing how it was don't. Top parts are puppets, bottom is him with his hands in boots.

  • life = space x time x body x Chaos

    Spectacular show ✨️ 👏😎

  • Amanda Dantas
    Amanda Dantas Month ago

    This performance was amazing 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Keith Stanfield
    Keith Stanfield Month ago

    That was incredible! 👏👏

  • Randallsean
    Randallsean Month ago

    I saw this one a while ago and I always loved it!!

  • David Platt
    David Platt Month ago

    I've watched a number of times and the guy just put together an innovative, smart and fun to watch act. PROPS!

  • Ardee Thomas
    Ardee Thomas Month ago

    That's awesome. I saw it when it aired and I STILL can't figure out how he did it.😲

  • bzleo
    bzleo 2 months ago +18598

    I still have a hard time trying to imagine this as one guy dancing. This illusion is amazing.

    • Réka Emma Juhász
      Réka Emma Juhász 19 days ago

      both of the people we see are fake . not just the girl . the boy is fake too . and the real person is under both of the figures clothe .

    • Phuck YouTube
      Phuck YouTube 22 days ago

      You as blunt as a hammer though

    • The Marriage Green Card Lawyer
      The Marriage Green Card Lawyer 22 days ago

      Like I keep watching to get it! Soo cool

    • Avth3nt!c
      Avth3nt!c 25 days ago

      @Palesa Malema the two heads were dolls he was just bending over

    • Pyromaniac
      Pyromaniac 26 days ago

      Pretty sure the man has his feet in the man’s shoes and his hands in the woman’s boots which explains how he did that back bend he was just standing upright

  • Akash Sharma
    Akash Sharma Month ago +1

    It's a shame that we could not see anymore performances from this guy.
    Somehow people didn't like this 🤷

  • Carline Rukke
    Carline Rukke Month ago

    It took me a few times watching this to figure out how he did that. Well done, sir!

  • yehezkiel nainggolan

    That was unexpectedly awesome!

  • Marcia Gervase
    Marcia Gervase Month ago

    One of THE BEST acts on that show!

  • Zacks Random Projects
    Zacks Random Projects Month ago +4

    Ive watched the full length version of this video a few times and I cant figure it out. Pretty cool! 🍻

    • Brianna
      Brianna  Month ago

      Look at the face before he reveals himself...its fake

    • Leeuwtje007
      Leeuwtje007 Month ago

      Link of the full performance?

  • grammaheyful
    grammaheyful Month ago

    Absolutely amazing!!!!!!

  • Cynthia Davis
    Cynthia Davis Month ago

    One of the best ever auditions!

  • Sandor Frohlich
    Sandor Frohlich Month ago

    I saw this on the show...excellent surprise.Bravo....

    CHERTO 2 months ago +13655

    Wait, this was dancing, comedy and magic in one act

  • Linda Miller
    Linda Miller Month ago

    Wow! Different for sure. Enjoyed the act!

  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood Month ago

    Wow!!! He is on all fours with that kind of illusion

  • Ria Sindayen-Hilis
    Ria Sindayen-Hilis Month ago

    Truly unique and entertaining! Super cool.

  • Thairin Khudr
    Thairin Khudr Month ago

    I watched like 5 times to get that he "dances" on all fours. 😭😂 Awesome

  • P Tharp
    P Tharp 2 months ago +50691

    That was so cool.

  • Johan Fryestam
    Johan Fryestam Month ago

    Cool hands in the boots. Amazing how he made this 🙂

  • felix dom
    felix dom Month ago

    i watch is again and then i realized how he do that, that's so creative man you amazing entertaining people 👌🏽🔥

  • ysmithriley
    ysmithriley Month ago

    And to think I fell for the "my wife missed the flight line." 😂😂😂

  • Graham Seymour
    Graham Seymour Month ago

    Cool as this is, I always sorta wonder if the one trick gimmick types of performers are doomed not to proceed / win by virtue of the producers wanting to show off more variety from episode to episode…

  • Happiness_Draws
    Happiness_Draws 2 months ago +15460

    That was one of the most unique acts I have ever seen

    • jas-the-shrimp
      jas-the-shrimp 2 months ago


    • George 'Foreman' Grill
      George 'Foreman' Grill 2 months ago

      I don't know there was a guy in my school that used to self throat job himself in the bathroom stall

    • MGL
      MGL 2 months ago

      Most unique? It's either unique or not. The literal definition of unique relies on it.

    • Klee 🔮
      Klee 🔮 2 months ago +4

      @Street Skater 66 it can still be unique regardless if multiple ppl do it.

    • akminator
      akminator 2 months ago +2

      ​@Street Skater 66 he was talking about himself

  • Cole Thomas
    Cole Thomas Month ago

    I accidentally broke the illusion but it's still a really awesome concept and genius

  • jet
    jet Month ago

    absolute legend

  • winter veron
    winter veron Month ago

    I can't stop watching! How did he- 🥹🥹🥹

  • Aleatha Wyatt
    Aleatha Wyatt Month ago

    Amazing !! One word amazing !

  • Average Weeb
    Average Weeb 2 months ago +18492

    His feet were the man’s feet and his hands were the lady’s feet! The upper bodies were just puppets😮

    • Molly Blaeser
      Molly Blaeser 24 days ago

      Thank you for the explanation!

    • Maggie Beltaa
      Maggie Beltaa Month ago

      @I'M CIR GOLD That's so cool honestly. I love some good ol optical illusions. Thanks for the info! Take care 🥰🌹

    • I'M CIR GOLD
      I'M CIR GOLD Month ago +1

      ​@Maggie Beltaa he's using an apparatus that is made of titanium if you watch alot of videos online you'll see someone using one similar to look like he's holding himself with one hand on the back of a chair or setting in the park reading a paper with no chair,holding onto the side of a moving bus holding on with one hand not to say his act wasn't good he did great !!

    • Dose of Boost
      Dose of Boost Month ago

      Here you go a gold star for being so smart 🌟

    • I just love to travel And Eat
      I just love to travel And Eat Month ago

      Well hell I'm going to watch it again for the 10000th time! 😆 🤣

  • Jane Peltonen
    Jane Peltonen Month ago

    So amazing!

  • BeastHunter2121
    BeastHunter2121 Month ago

    My brain is having a hard time with this one🤔but brilliant 👏🏾

  • fryguybuzz007
    fryguybuzz007 Month ago

    You're already a winner for having a wonderful wife like that! You are truly blessed. ❤️❤️😥

  • Josiah Ray
    Josiah Ray Month ago

    It took me way too long to understand how he was doing that 🤣

  • Rach PeWRITER
    Rach PeWRITER Month ago

    Now that I understand it🥴
    The way he jump into the table is the coolest part🖤🤣

  • David Thompson
    David Thompson Month ago

    Magnificent!!!! 👍😎🇳🇿🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • D725
    D725 Month ago

    As soon as the Judge asked how he was going to perform without his Wife, I envisioned Mr. Bean saying, "Magic."

  • Ricky Doll
    Ricky Doll Month ago

    Dude jumped on the table so smooth

  • Darsh Kaur
    Darsh Kaur 2 months ago +7053

    How are people so talented??? I can’t even wake up on time in the mornings

    • Duane Young
      Duane Young Month ago +1


    • Nathan
      Nathan Month ago

      Tbh anyone cat do what he did just a costume and bend over on the floor walking around just practice some movements and looks like the two are dancing it’s only the lower half of the body. Most people can do a lot of talents just time and little dedication and most of its easy when you hide it that’s when it takes their ideas and imagination that most shine.
      Unless it’s like some singing or full body dancing or physically draining stuff most people can’t do that’s more of genuine talent

    • Darsh Kaur
      Darsh Kaur Month ago

      @Maculus Carpeneli it’s night time and I’m working boo. What’s up?

    • Maculus Carpeneli
      Maculus Carpeneli Month ago +1

      Is it morning yet ?

    • P KP
      P KP Month ago

      I am legend. 😁

  • 𝔸ℕ𝔾𝕂𝕆𝕃𝟞𝟡

    That is insane performer and I like that.

  • zulfadhli hakim
    zulfadhli hakim Month ago

    the perfection!!....damnnn!!

  • Pes the ultimate football game

    Oh hilarious just wow , happiness brewing up

  • Esther K
    Esther K Month ago

    Love it wowww

  • Sharon G
    Sharon G 2 months ago +14884

    That was so brilliant and funny!

    • Shichi Saeit
      Shichi Saeit 2 months ago

    • Shichi Saeit
      Shichi Saeit 2 months ago


    • Shichi Saeit
      Shichi Saeit 2 months ago


    • Shichi Saeit
      Shichi Saeit 2 months ago

    • Shichi Saeit
      Shichi Saeit 2 months ago

  • Outcast
    Outcast Month ago

    Yeah there's no way he's leaning that far back on all fours

  • Tamara
    Tamara Month ago

    Amazing 😍

  • Daniel Vanderheid
    Daniel Vanderheid Month ago

    Had to watch it 3 times before I figured out how he did that lmao

  • Omo Karo O ji ire
    Omo Karo O ji ire Month ago

    Creativity and Originality!!!

  • The Lazy Huntress
    The Lazy Huntress 2 months ago +2200

    Lol I never noticed at first but he bends down and dances on all fours, holding the boots in his hands and wearing the pants and shoes. He has a puppet of himself holding another puppet and my mind is just 🤯

    • Jorge Brito
      Jorge Brito Month ago +1

      Exterior são duplos Fake ele está no interior a manobrar os bonecos...genial!

    • desbrbry
      desbrbry Month ago

      Literally amazing!

    • tyrrant
      tyrrant Month ago +1

      i watched it like 4 times still can't see it xD

    • I just love to travel And Eat
      I just love to travel And Eat Month ago +1

      ​@Charlie Ross I know right!

    • Charlie Ross
      Charlie Ross Month ago +2

      ​@Jose Rodriguez yead we watched it but I didn't realise he was on all fours until this comment

  • Judith House
    Judith House Month ago

    I never tire of watching this.

  • Richard Holguin
    Richard Holguin Month ago

    Bruh. I'm stunned. This is amazing

  • Donald Little
    Donald Little Month ago

    Super funny and amazing!

    IJOMA Month ago

    I didn’t see that coming 😂

  • Dorothy Robdau
    Dorothy Robdau 2 months ago +994

    So very creative, I still don't know exactly how he performed the act. But it was the best I had seen in a long time.

    • Allison Hunter
      Allison Hunter 2 months ago +1

      ​@Stephen O Sullivan One time while I was at Disneyland with my Mom as an adult, a man was standing next to us with his son during the fireworks show, and I pointed out to the dad to have him and his son look at a certain spot at a certain moment to see a hidden feature of the show as I'd seen it already. The Dad pointed it out to his son and thanked me, then the son asked his Dad, "Daddy! How do they do that?!" and as his Dad sputtered for an answer I replied "ITS MAGIC!" the kid's face lit up and the Dad smiled and thanked me.

    • Stephen O Sullivan
      Stephen O Sullivan 2 months ago +10

      Don't listen to any of those answers
      It was magic

    • anonim
      anonim 2 months ago +2

      Both "partners" are puppets. His legs are the man's legs in black. His arms are the lady's feet.

    • andorian
      andorian 2 months ago +3

      His hand is girl shoe. When u see both is dropping (uh yes..?), the girl has no leg. Because the performer is waking (im sorry for my english lol) thus its only boot left there and facing behind stage. In the end he just swing swing like normal and tada, flipping as it is normal.
      Basically, the 2 puppet is his back I guess.

    • Danielle King
      Danielle King 2 months ago +12

      the man and woman up top are fake, his hands are in the lady's shoes and his real feet are moving the man's feet

  • The RapNUNster
    The RapNUNster Month ago

    The ending was unexpected tho-💀

  • Ned Hoff
    Ned Hoff Month ago

    I watch this a number of times and I still can't figure out how he's doing that.

  • Cringe gymnast
    Cringe gymnast 28 days ago

    Once you figure out how his hands were in the ladies shoes it makes so much sense

  • Phillip Mclain
    Phillip Mclain Month ago

    that was awsome and every one knows it

  • My Queen
    My Queen Month ago +1


  • Red
    Red Month ago +113

    i was like "that's an insane core strength he got" and then his head pop out from below 😂
    i thought only the girl is the doll but it turn out i'm blind af 😂

    • DawnStarLightning
      DawnStarLightning Month ago +3

      I didn't see it until you implied the guy was a doll too. I was so confused!!!

  • Reem Alabed
    Reem Alabed Month ago

    I'm so confused. I have no idea what I just watched but I loved it 👏

  • deepee
    deepee Month ago

    Like i knew the girl was a doll but i was like "wow how did the boots stick again after that bend thing" like i thought he was just holding a doll 😭 also the backbend was crazy i was like how is his spine doing that lol

  • C
    C 2 months ago +483

    The reveal happens so fast that I had to watch it three times to understand what was going on.

    • SoLongMarianne
      SoLongMarianne Month ago

      Same 😂🤣🤣

    • Alleira
      Alleira Month ago

      Same 😂

    • Adrianfameblame
      Adrianfameblame Month ago

      That's wrong! 😄😏😅✨ I have the details from start to finish step by step 🪜 contact me if interested 🙂

    • Anubhav Tewari
      Anubhav Tewari Month ago +3

      Well d’you mind explaining?😢

    • zombies8cody
      zombies8cody Month ago +19

      @sunchild - his legs are the same as the man's legs. his arms (or rather his hands specifically) are the woman's "legs". so, when they are on the table, and he is raising her slowly into the air but leaves her boots on the table, he took his hands out and is mostly just standing upright almost. hope that helps.

  • helen wilding
    helen wilding Month ago

    Love this

  • Hyponotical  .
    Hyponotical . Month ago +1

    POV: you missed one part of the video so you have to watch it all back 😭

  • Cheryl Vargas
    Cheryl Vargas Month ago


  • XandraNova☆
    XandraNova☆ Month ago

    Literally had to watch this like 4 times to work out what was happening lol 😂

  • Kuro Neko
    Kuro Neko 2 months ago +613

    At the end he was like : " I lied , actually I am the wife all along " 🤣🤣

    • michael jake usman
      michael jake usman Month ago +1

      more like. i lied, i have no wife. im a sad sad boy.

    • CatOfDoom
      CatOfDoom Month ago

      He's narcissistic, he don't need anybody when he have himself

    • Maria Leysen
      Maria Leysen 2 months ago +5

      INDEED HE IS😇‼️👀

  • Dark_ _Shadow
    Dark_ _Shadow Month ago

    Amazing absolutely amazing

  • olaf le flibustier
    olaf le flibustier Month ago

    Amazing !

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Month ago

    That was crazy cool.

  • jellybeans00
    jellybeans00 Month ago

    I… have no words 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Eve Tylr25
    Eve Tylr25 Month ago

    Most unusual indeed but I’m here for it!👋🏽

  • Jestoni Ferrer
    Jestoni Ferrer Month ago

    Well, He would be the Champion for that season if he didn't blow his trick on that episode.

  • Charleston
    Charleston Month ago

    Amazing caught all.off guard

  • Tamara Lester
    Tamara Lester Month ago

    Very creative 👍🤣

  • Brandon D. Verrico
    Brandon D. Verrico 2 months ago +614

    One of the best performances ever!

  • Endless Miles Rider

    Amazing stuff! 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

  • Kat Skye
    Kat Skye 19 days ago +25

    I love that the crazy table bending back scene was just him standing up 😂😂😂

  • opita ode
    opita ode Month ago


  • Lorenz Cobretti
    Lorenz Cobretti 27 days ago +1

    i had to rewatch it to know there were teo mannequinns. i was totally confused when he first showed up at the end to strike a pose! lol

  • Vanity_Vaz_Kez
    Vanity_Vaz_Kez 2 months ago +98

    This is downright the most creative form of art I have ever seen

  • Angela Alum
    Angela Alum Month ago

    Incredible 😮

  • my reviews
    my reviews Month ago

    I'm still figuring out how the heck did he do such..

  • DemonWarriorKoji
    DemonWarriorKoji Month ago

    I can see that being used for a movie of dancing ghosts or something, very cool

  • Rhonda Johnson
    Rhonda Johnson Month ago

    Jaw dropping!!!¡¿??!!

  • Huggy Wuggy 💙
    Huggy Wuggy 💙 Month ago +3

    My anxiety levels when they were THISS CLOSE to falling-

  • Yvonne Kemp
    Yvonne Kemp Month ago

    Awesome love 💕

  • Talah
    Talah Month ago

    If you look closely, you can kind of see the guy walking around on all fours 😂

  • Duke EL
    Duke EL 29 days ago +1

    I've never squinted so hard to confirm if my eyes weren't deceiving me 😆

  • Fred Nimzowi
    Fred Nimzowi 2 months ago +16

    Amazing! Congratulations for the creativity, the costume and the physical performance! Wow!😊

  • hyucks_andkisses
    hyucks_andkisses Month ago

    Oh I get how he did it now 😂😂