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Eminem - Full Live at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2022 Induction ft. Ed Sheeran & Steven Tyler (4K)

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Amanda Shatto
    Amanda Shatto Month ago +971

    This man has been giving me chills since 1999. He's so freaking talented. He's a genius 💜

    • Holly Beth
      Holly Beth 17 days ago

      @Amanda Shatto❤

    • 3pyev
      3pyev 20 days ago +1

      That's what I'm sayin!!

    • Tin Ha
      Tin Ha 27 days ago +1

      Me also

    • Stephen Joyce
      Stephen Joyce Month ago +1

      That is what I have been saying he is history in the making still in the rap game 🙏🙏🙏👍👍

    • Khas Magamadov
      Khas Magamadov Month ago

      эмин крутой😃😄😄😄😄😄😄 вапче крутой

  • Pete P
    Pete P 3 days ago +19

    The fact that EMINEM literally sang all his songs himself...rather than other artists doing tributes to him. Just proves no one can do what he does with the mic.

  • Servant 13
    Servant 13 Month ago +3167

    I’m 74 years old and so glad I lived to see Eminem get inducted into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame during his own lifetime. He is the Shakespeare of this genre.

  • MisterB
    MisterB Day ago +9

    His words at the end....wow. Brought tears to my eye, and I'm 56. Seen him grow for 24 years and this is an absolute beautiful full circle. What a warrior.

  • Blue Dumpling
    Blue Dumpling 28 days ago +6

    I remember when I was In highschool i always trying to sing Eminem songs, even my tongue getting twisted..
    Eminem is GOAT!

  • Malari Miles
    Malari Miles Month ago +1404

    That was undoubtedly the absolute most humble acceptance speech ever, and it’s no surprise that Eminem would be so grateful in biguppin’ real rappers and not these lazy textbook rhymers that the world has fallen in love with today. The G.O.A.T.!

    • Ross Slattery
      Ross Slattery 24 days ago

      @Christian Soldier I'm goin to your mums

    • Maicon Firmino
      Maicon Firmino Month ago

      @Christian Soldier você está apontando quem está escutando, uma boa música, eu não sei se você já parou, pra refletir tem certos louvores que não alcança nem o telhado da igreja, as vezes essas músicas te levam, pra um mundo sul real que te faz refletir!!

    • pLayC
      pLayC Month ago

      Eminem Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?? but Gorge Thirgood cant get in??? im confused

    • fran
      fran Month ago +1

      @CookUpCuse I mean 2014-2019 hip hop was way worse than today's

    • Fenbay
      Fenbay Month ago +1

      @Sheri C idk what you’re even talking about. But you do you. Keep up with whatever you’re talking about. My comment was to the initial comment of him bringing up mumble rap. CD

  • Archvaldor's Warcraft Hacks

    I think what makes Eminem great is his ability to switch styles easily from comic to aggressive to narrative to confessional etc. Most rappers have one style of delivery, Eminem does them all.

    • MisterB
      MisterB Day ago

      Very good way to break it down.

    • dingo!
      dingo! Day ago

      @PianoEkket That, or the ones with true talent go with the flow and do what makes them the most money, which is mumble rapping and auto tune.

    • Pete P
      Pete P 3 days ago +3

      WOW....I wish I had articulated this as well as you. Spot on.

    • batang matanda
      batang matanda 4 days ago +1

      Because he is genius

    • Gmoney Jefferson
      Gmoney Jefferson 10 days ago

      That’s respect right there. Em naming everyone that he idolizes. Mad respect. Mad honor to Em, some people don’t know how hard it is to make it.

  • aquarius- 7826
    aquarius- 7826 Month ago +8

    Seems like he's still in his 20s but imagine that he's 50 already but he still rock it , his my forever favourite .. and the legendary

  • Stuart Mclean
    Stuart Mclean Month ago

    Being in the RaR Hall of fame has never just been about Rock music........its always been about showing praise to the perfection of the artist who has done so must for the musical industry in what they do.
    Eminem fills that category big time

  • Гульмира Толеубаева

    Люблю слушать Эминем, безмерно тебе благодарна!💕

  • Amanda Pulley
    Amanda Pulley Month ago +529

    No one can touch Eminem. He is so different from any other artist in music history. I grew up listening to him, and everyone I knew liked and respected him. Many people are going to be listening to his songs for many years to come.

    • Transport Bali Excellent
      Transport Bali Excellent 28 days ago

      Agree 100%...🔥

    • Bill Gabrielson Jr
      Bill Gabrielson Jr 29 days ago

      @ pLayC
      I’d put Eminem in over George Thorogood too. Though George deserves to be in over some, Eminem is a generational, genre crossing master.

    • Sam Marshall
      Sam Marshall 29 days ago +1

      4 life sure god bless

    • Zigaza
      Zigaza 29 days ago

      @pLayC who da fuck is that? Maybe that’s why he’s not in.

    • Adam Long
      Adam Long Month ago +1

      Pop culture legend. Even for the few who don't like him, they have to respect him.

  • Jade Sims
    Jade Sims 28 days ago

    I need him to have a concert and drop some new music

  • Cdb123
    Cdb123 Month ago

    Mannnnn he’s in amazing shape ! Atta boy Em🎉

  • Tyler Miller
    Tyler Miller Month ago

    The fact he ran out of breath during Stan but not Rap God had me laughing so hard for no reason. Made the performance even better and more raw. The 🐐 does it again

  • Diogo Zezere
    Diogo Zezere 29 days ago +317

    This man is 100% him on stage, no bulshit, no efects, just pure rap, 100% autentic... THE GOAT 🐐👏

  • CryBaby
    CryBaby Month ago +532

    OMG! He was 50 years old and after using up all his energy in a live show, he went through the whole speech without drinking any water. He didn't talk much about himself, but mentioned a lot of names of rappers who influenced him. Eminem is a 90's/early 2000's image, but he is still alive and rapping. It's a miracle that he is still alive and rapping, no one else can duplicate his charisma, his looks, his voice, and he has broken racial barriers with his music. Now he is a humble and truly wonderful man. This living legend should not be missed. If he dies... I imagine this every day. Hip hop will definitely die. He has been a long time admirer and lyricist of pac biggy and others for decades. The younger generation will know him too. I really hope he lives a long life.❤ @eminem 🐐
    He may be a billionaire, but he doesn't brag about it, and his videos don't feature wads of cash, supercars, or women with their butts in the air. I really like that❤

    • Demi Marie
      Demi Marie 11 days ago

      @who askedhe literally use to rap about k!lIing women ????? your biases are showing.

    • who asked
      who asked 12 days ago

      super agree with your last paragraph ❤️ raps nowadays always brag abt their money, btches, and sexualizes women. eminem could nvr

    • Sr iRL
      Sr iRL 16 days ago

      @reno419rockstar is there anything you can share with us in regards to younger Eminem?

    • Arex 107
      Arex 107 18 days ago

      He used to in his really early days.all of its iconic tho

    • CryBaby
      CryBaby 21 day ago

      @Joseph Gomez そこ?

  • Eirik L
    Eirik L Month ago +601

    That little bump between Eminem and Steven Tyler... are one of the best cold moments in music history.

    • Penny Burton
      Penny Burton 6 days ago

      @Melicarthus thank you

    • zZWAR_Legends
      zZWAR_Legends 6 days ago +1

      Such a powerful song man

    • Melicarthus
      Melicarthus 17 days ago +10

      I was searching for your comment so i can 100% agree with it. Every time i watch the video , i immediately jump to that moment and get instant goosebumps, EVERY TIME !

    • babyygoof
      babyygoof 21 day ago +2


    • vivek maurya
      vivek maurya Month ago +56

      It's like saying to each other, 'We fucking killed it'.

  • DaYTe_Bopy _6eJlaMopy

    Сильный духом человек.Эминем ты легенда репа.мне 44 и я всегда слушал твои треки, и буду дальше слушать.успехов и главное здоровья и долгих лет жизни.

  • Михаил Ильин

    Все логично, что б дыхание для первой пенсии хватило, а дальше это Маршал, непременно гений рэпа

  • Fearless Promotions
    Fearless Promotions 24 days ago +115

    GOAT. One of the greatest musicians in history, not just Hip Hop.

    • Tuff
      Tuff 22 days ago +6


  • Laurita222
    Laurita222 18 days ago +88

    I am so happy he performed “Sing For the Moment”
    Because the lyrics are immortal, and that 3rd verse touches me every time

  • Samantha Adams
    Samantha Adams Month ago +235

    I love how Steven Tyler took backseat to Em and loved every minute of it 😍 Mad respect 💯

    • Dialekt07
      Dialekt07 22 days ago +8

      Steven was vibing hard asf

    • jgbathens
      jgbathens 27 days ago +19

      It's basic human compassion to be able to recognize when it's someone else's moment in the spotlight. Sit back and enjoy it. But if you get to participate, rock the f*ck out, just like Steven Tyler did.

  • OG Honda Grom
    OG Honda Grom 23 days ago +87

    Ed Sheeran and Eminem was a combo I didn’t know I needed damn!

    • OG Honda Grom
      OG Honda Grom 14 days ago

      @Joy Anna I’m sorry I’m not up to date on Ed Sheeran lol

    • Joy Anna
      Joy Anna 14 days ago

      Dude, have you been a sleep for the past 7 years? They have 3 songs together

    • peligroy2k
      peligroy2k 17 days ago +2

      @Gavin you are correct!! Ty

    • Gavin
      Gavin 18 days ago +5

      @peligroy2k to my knowledge, they have at least 3! River off of Revival, and Those Kinda Nights off of MTBMB, and Remember the Name, which is by Ed, featuring 50 Cent as well!

    • peligroy2k
      peligroy2k 20 days ago +8

      They have 2 songs together

  • LeoPlayzzzAndStuff
    LeoPlayzzzAndStuff 16 days ago +101

    0:00 Dr. Dre Talkin
    0:14 My Name Is
    0:38 Rap God
    3:34 Dream On (Steven Tyler)
    4:22 Sing For The Moment
    5:36 Stan ft. Ed Sheeran
    7:46 Forever
    9:26 Not Afraid
    11:16 Eminem Talkin Abaut How The Rap Save his life
    12:45 Eminem's Rapper List
    16:33 Special Thanks

    • Dingens
      Dingens 23 hours ago

      @The Rafer they do

    • The Rafer
      The Rafer 4 days ago

      @Headshotfisken time stamps dont exist mobile

    • Headshotfisken
      Headshotfisken 6 days ago +3

      we know. the vid already shows that

  • Matt Liebau
    Matt Liebau Month ago +642

    He just dedicated his speech to all those that came before him and those he sees and icons and idols. He really is a class act

  • Krutik Morekar
    Krutik Morekar 27 days ago +106

    I got teary watching this whole thing. I repeat no one will be ever like him ever so proud of him

    • Sheydoll
      Sheydoll 26 days ago +2

      Me too. Weepy AF!!

  • DIY For My Wife
    DIY For My Wife 6 days ago +2

    Эминем все также легендарно крут, если честно.

  • ilhem boukhateb
    ilhem boukhateb 4 days ago +1

    Pure talent, great personality, Eminem is the right synonym of GOAT

  • Zualtei Tweety
    Zualtei Tweety Month ago +80

    Ain't nobody gonna top the legacy he made for hip hop. He said music saved his life, and he saved many2 lives through his music. The complete devotion, the respect and always paying homage to all who inspire him, the brutal honesty, the fact that he never back down, the loyalty and most of all the pain and struggle to raise his daughter the right way despite the many controversy,. So low key on celebrity life and so humble., he really is the Greatest.

  • Laetitia G
    Laetitia G Month ago +414

    Sing for the moment took another dimension, seeing all the people genuinely happy and enjoying that moment. He is and probably will always be the best to work words and connect lines like crossword. How far he comes from, telling his story, telling our stories, knowing how hard he worked to master the rap game, getting always better when we think he already provided the best... Got no words to describe how much I appreciate this Artist. And what he is more proud of is being able to raise his kids, that's something that gets me emotional when any father says it. Respect to this man 🙌

    • Laetitia G
      Laetitia G Month ago

      @patnicks I see, don't forget music is an art, like it is supposed to be about feeling it or not. I get that you're more about the person not the artist, but unless you know the all facts and the person personally not through biased media, I think it's hard to "judge" (just as I won't judge you based on your feeling). Appreciate the exchange though, always interesting to try understand why people have different opinions.

    • patnicks
      patnicks Month ago

      @Laetitia G i think that's how u think & that's how u perceive this world. U make your opinions based on some personal experience or feelings. For me i c things as they are regardless of my personal feelings or experience. So I form my ideology based on facts. That's it from my side.

    • Laetitia G
      Laetitia G Month ago

      He ain't got women hate, he did write/said things he is not proud of now for some he regrets. Everybody makes mistakes, and what I like about him is also that he can take distance and criticize his own songs. He has worked with quite a few female artists on some beautiful songs. As he said in Bad Husband, you can be a Lord and a loser, a liar, and a good father, a good dad but a bad husband.
      And for those who criticize, l don't care, we see in people what we wanna see. You didn't bring a light on my very bad days, Eminem did, Period.

    • patnicks
      patnicks Month ago

      I don't think he is good at telling other people story bcoz he never done it & lot of praise from u that I agree with but what about "Women Hate" that he has(not his daughters ofcourse)?

    • mattsmith1318
      mattsmith1318 Month ago


  • E Nix
    E Nix 7 days ago +21

    I'm so proud of and for him. I was born in 1990 and have grown up on Em. I became super obsessed with him for a couple of years starting at age 10 when the Marshall Mathers LP was released...then became more of a fan on the metal/rock genre by age 12, but Em was always still in my CD case. I can still listen to The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show from start to finish to this day. While my music taste does still lean more towards metal, I've always loved him and also love songs scattered here and there of his newer stuff too....though I may not be a faithful follower of everything he's dropped in recent years (I didn't hear Rap God until it was 5 years old 😬😅) I WILL SAY.... he has been and will always be PHENOMENAL and if anyone deserved this from making music in my generation it's 100,000,000% Eminem. 💕❤️💕

    CHIRAG KUMAR 31 minute ago


  • NittoTV
    NittoTV Day ago +1

    I used to go to Mexico back when I was younger, every where I went I would at least see one person with an Eminem shirt, even my cousin would have Eminem shirts. It was crazy to see how loved he was in Mexico 🇲🇽

  • Candis Lane
    Candis Lane Month ago +17

    This man paid respect to the whole rap and hip hop gang if you can't respect that your just a miserable person a class act 💯

    • M VC
      M VC 17 days ago +3

      I agree. He mentioned rappers I never grew up with. Now am looking them up and thankful 👍🏼

  • Sean Geahan
    Sean Geahan Month ago +152

    I feel so privileged to grow up during the same time as Eminem’s come up. Whether we like it or not, this man helped bridge two different cultures when everyone said it couldn’t be done

    • Raizy K
      Raizy K 28 days ago +3

      thats why he is a special rapper. a lyrical genius man..

    • Ouban O
      Ouban O Month ago +2

      Black and white

  • Kelly McConnell
    Kelly McConnell 9 days ago +1

    Eminem, has still got it 🎤🎤 love him 💕 listening to him, makes me Smile from 👂 to 👂💋

  • Queen Cersei Lannister
    Queen Cersei Lannister 10 days ago +21

    There will never be another GOAT, so talented and so humble as Em.

  • Fisherdan
    Fisherdan 3 days ago

    I was 16 when this guy started appearing on the radio. Perfect timing. No internet back then either. Had to go HMV n buy the cd if you wanted to hear him 😂

  • Ann Mayson
    Ann Mayson 23 days ago +32

    Probably one of THE BEST performances in the history of the R&RHOF

  • John Lam
    John Lam 2 months ago +303

    Listen to this man. He gets flowers and gives flowers. He respects, He destroys, He upholds, He isn't perfect, He gives back and He is a father. I am sure I missed a bunch others but I'm so lucky to see this star shine. Thank you.

  • InTopic
    InTopic 26 days ago +30

    Is so delightful to see him performing his biggest hits as a legend on Rock Hall of Fame. Especially when he talks about his overdose and Hailie, which is an adult standing just right there, watching her father being inducted. Really remarkable moment.
    I'm 23 years-old, most of the past decade I listened to his music and Linkin Park. It really fill my eyes to see him being so celebrated.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix  7 days ago +20

    This man paved the way for rap. And tbh…rappers ABUSE the road paved for them! This is such a beautiful and IMPORTANT moment in music! GOAT is an understatement

  • Renee Cobb
    Renee Cobb 23 days ago +34

    I love the way he brought everyone that had an influence on him. This man is an amazing human. RESPECT!!!! All my love.

  • Robby MacLauchlan
    Robby MacLauchlan 29 days ago +68

    Not only to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show but to also be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that’s one hell of a year

  • India Rodgers
    India Rodgers Month ago +93

    Eminem brought all of the artists with him in his speech, knowing that many of them will not be inducted and in this moment, they were there and counted. That's some real sh*t. Love the one and only Eminem, and I still rock out to his music decades later and will to my end, congratulations my brother. ALL love.

  • Kirsty Pearson
    Kirsty Pearson Month ago +25

    I feel bad for the people who don't get goosebumps/chills with music, it's a whole feeling! I'm so thankful I've seen him in concert a few times, and although there will never be an up in smoke tour again which would be a dream, the one thing I always wished and thought I'd never see was him and Dr Dre performing together, but I was one of the very many at Wembley Stadium to see that happen, and its a moment I will never forget, I had that mad chills from head to toe that I couldn't move for a bit, it was like an electric shock! And I didn't know till the past few years that not everyone can actually physically get that feeling, crazy! Anyway, he deserved this so much, and yea I'm a cliché when I say his music got me through, and still does, some rough times as well as the good times!

    • That rollin Stoner
      That rollin Stoner Month ago

      Nothing compares to the up in smoke tour when it comes to hiphop music.

  • King of The pond
    King of The pond Month ago +48

    That forever drop killed it 🔥

  • Sandroca
    Sandroca 28 days ago +28

    History made in music, Steven Tyler and Eminem singing live together, thank you God ❤❤❤

  • Briana Chovancek
    Briana Chovancek 5 days ago +1

    Absolute legend now, then and forever

  • Vance Kims
    Vance Kims 17 days ago +14

    Eminem just moved me to tears with this speech,the Greatest yet so humble.

    KHAN ARTIST Month ago +12

    I'm so thankful for growing up to artists like Eminem. I was already a teenager when Em' made his debut, and to witness how far he's come is just remarkable. I am sorry the newer generation wasn't able to witness such a legacy and a great era of entertainment in general. Hip Hop was straight raw, hard-core lyrics attached to media outlets with no filters, and the music listeners all around the world had no feelings; complete zero sensitivity! It was a time when Hip Hop was allowed to be Hip Hop.
    Us older heads don't just shit on the new guys based on our biases. The standards of music, especially Hip Hop was raised so high, it was the peak.
    I'm glad Em is a hall of famer now. Well fucking deserved.

  • s s
    s s 4 days ago +4

    And this is why, we call him the “Greatest Of All Time”.
    Loves Ya ‘Em ❤

  • Gaynor Patterson
    Gaynor Patterson 24 days ago +7

    Quite an accomplishment to be inducted in the first year of eligibility…He earned it.

  • Scott Hayes
    Scott Hayes Month ago +88

    Two legends on the stage! Steven Tyler can still go!

  • Martin Boyer
    Martin Boyer 5 days ago +1

    Amazing , He is as good live than on tape RAP GOD !! Respect

  • Milo Stylo
    Milo Stylo 2 days ago

    0:00 Dr. Dre Talkin
    0:14 My Name Is
    0:38 Rap God
    3:34 Dream On (Steven Tyler)
    4:22 Sing For The Moment
    5:36 Stan ft. Ed Sheeran
    7:46 Forever
    9:26 Not Afraid
    11:16 Eminem Talkin About How The Rap Save his life
    12:45 Eminem's Rapper List
    16:33 Special Thanks

  • Gabriel Ramirez Jr
    Gabriel Ramirez Jr 3 days ago

    Can definitely tell the excitement of preforming and being there was completely on him bro sounded winded. Still managed to pull off one hell of a performance. I ain’t into rap but damn it’d be a lie if I said I didn’t like his music 🤘🤘🤘

  • Simone Ristori
    Simone Ristori 15 days ago

    All my life I only listen to metal, rock, progressive and shit like that. Occasionally I did like groups like Cypress Hill or House of Pain but the only real artist I liked outside my rock niche is Eminem. Very well deserved honor, the thing he can do with his voice, his words and his rithme are defining of a musical genre

  • Midstream Global Investment

    At his age,he still performs better than 90 percent of young rappers these days.. GOAT🐐

    • MisterB
      MisterB Day ago

      @nononon Completely sober for 15 years now. He does not indulge. He took up running and boxing to stay sober.

    • Leander
      Leander 5 days ago

      @Mark Hatch wtf, he didn't mention 50 because he was naming ppl that came before him.

    • itchickie
      itchickie 6 days ago

      *100% of all rappers

    • Sam Marshall
      Sam Marshall 8 days ago

      100 per cent clowns 🤡

    • OmniGod Goku
      OmniGod Goku 9 days ago

      Can't believe he is 50 😧

  • Ren Bur
    Ren Bur Month ago +21

    So happy for Eminem. He deserves this and more. A legend.

  • Adrian Law
    Adrian Law Month ago +24

    A Big THANK YOU to Dr Dre and Eminem for creating music history! 🎶

  • Eytsch Maen
    Eytsch Maen 29 days ago +61

    "The only hall I'll be inducted in is the alcohol of fame. On the wall of shame." Little did he know... Rap god is HIS masterpiece. 😇😎

  • Longy661
    Longy661 Month ago +30

    There is noone more deserving then eminem for this award. His music has saved me from myself more times then i can count.

  • Chris Frank
    Chris Frank Month ago +106

    Hearing him perform some of his best songs was great, especially hearing him rap god in person. Great Show, and having Steven Tyler come out to sing was the like the official stamp on being in Hall of Fame. ‘Em even smiled so you know it was special!
    Best part is you know he’s not done yet.

    • sandy mendola
      sandy mendola Month ago +4

      The only thing that could have made this better is if it was Elton John doing Stan with him. Steven Tyler was so fantastic!

    • Betty Hottenrott
      Betty Hottenrott Month ago +4

      I agree. The performance was incredible and then Steven Tyler walked on stage and he made it absolutely epic! Well done!

  • Leanna German
    Leanna German 25 days ago +9

    I love this man...Em definitely deserves this!!!

  • Vance Kims
    Vance Kims 17 days ago +12

    Ever since I knew Eminem,Hip hop became my medicine... He's a legend no one can ever surpass.

  • Andres Llair
    Andres Llair 18 days ago +1

    Eminem mis respetos de rapero para mí el mejor lirico

  • Nathalieroy2624
    Nathalieroy2624 7 days ago +8

    Eminem deserved this so much. Truly the Rap God!

  • Shiloh Ivy
    Shiloh Ivy Month ago +141

    He’s a class act through and through. Legendary

  • Jay Louis 82
    Jay Louis 82 20 days ago +9

    Wow. A true class act right there. I loved that speech.

  • Robert Falkenberg
    Robert Falkenberg Month ago +18

    I watched this again and I figure Pink would be there because she even said that she loves him so much on a talk show, but I didn't think I would see Dolly Parton there now Lionel Ritchie. They were getting down while Eminem was performing as well as LL Cool J & others. Just so damn humble and giving props to the legends who has started the genre. So glad that he is in the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame & he deserves to be added to it.

  • Notto4
    Notto4 3 days ago

    As a wise man once said
    “Mountains are like hives, they cannot be moved… yet they still tumble”

  • Sciddals
    Sciddals 13 days ago +8

    me being damn near 20 years old, i am humbly proud to say that Eminem has schooled me on the craft of hip hop music more than anybody else could’ve. i’m making my own music in the genre because of him, along with many other great rappers that were also inspired by Em, i can never be more proud of him and more thankful for what’s he’s done for the entire hip hop industry. it’s an honor and a massive privilege to be alive in a generation where Marshall Mathers is the bestselling hip hop artist of all time and still is making music to this day to continuously carry on his legacy. i know i’m late to this but i always am and will be cherishing this moment with the rest of the fanbase. here’s to Eminem! 🥂

  • Swa33er
    Swa33er Month ago +174

    To have been alive and old enough to witness his full career has been a once in a lifetime opportunity.. I feel bad for everyone who wasn't born the same time I was.. Legend

    • Ouban O
      Ouban O Month ago

      Me too and to see him inducted while alive makes me emotionnal.

    • William DiStasio
      William DiStasio Month ago +1

      I'm 50 bud, so I was around when it was happening too! I was a young man hanging out trying to chase tail in bars and my boy (who's a metal head like me) popped this cd into his truck and we were forever changed and more open minded to this genre.... thank you Em!

    • nate kemp
      nate kemp Month ago +1

      I'm a '93 baby I grew up on Eminem music, when he was fucked up all the time and after he got sober, he's awesome. A shame Proof got killed man, losing a best friend/brother can fuck you up man fr

    • Fake Shemp
      Fake Shemp Month ago +1

      Hell yeah man.

    • John Lewis
      John Lewis Month ago +2

      @Christian Soldier what the hell is this

  • DJ
    DJ 22 days ago

    I know Em would never see this post but what a straight up, down to earth legend! Haters can hate him but if you heard his list of mentors then you may as well hate rap altogether! it was them who shaped the genius he is today along with perseverance, commitment, courage, belief, purpose which he has served ten fold and saved many lives from the brink of despair. He was saved in 2007 as his purpose was not being played out at its full potential and that was his message from his higher power, use it or lose it and in true Em form he's used it the way he was meant to and here he is. In the Hall of fame and while he's still fit and able to inspire many more future artists. Stay away from the drugs and negativity and shoot for the stars. Em, you saved many and you will save many more, God's not done with you yet and my Lord, Hailey following in your footsteps, this shits gonna be massive for generations to come. He's amongst the king's and still on this earth. Thank God. 🙏🙏🎼🎶🎶🎶😀

  • Jayne 6ypsy
    Jayne 6ypsy Month ago +4

    Hearing Eminem for the first time changed my life. I remember exactly where I was - 12 years old car, in the backseat with my boyfriend, his mom was driving us to an amusement park during the summer and his older brother in front seat was controlling the music when he played Stan. And since then, my whole life changed. Eminem and his music shaped who I am today. For me, his realness, humility, pain, comedy, insight, philosphy, was just sso relatable for me. I felt understood, and all while turning that understanding of myself into art. Just idk...i know I dont even rlly have to say any of this bc if you know, you know. And im sure many of you already understand what Im trying to say here lol. So proud of him. He deserves this 1000% Love u Em!!

  • MarkLev111 [Марк Левин]

    I hate the fact that I didn't catch Em's best era, but I'm feeling undescribable that I can enjoy him live now. GOAT

  • L.A_x
    L.A_x Month ago +15

    When Em is on stage i forgot everyone else. theres noone there but only him. he fills the room! what an artist!

  • Ryan Opinions
    Ryan Opinions  Month ago +37

    EM's speech made me teary eyed. Not gonna lie. EM is the G.O.A.T. yet he carries himself like he's just a top 50 rapper. He's so damn humble. Loves his daughter Haley so much. Loves all his fans. I'm 42 and still remember the first time hearing Eminem. I was hooked from day 1. Thank you EM. Your music has impacted so many of us. And it will 4ever.

    HUNTERS MÚSICA 16 days ago +6

    Top demais as músicas do Eminem

  • Dora mendes
    Dora mendes 19 hours ago

    I was raised a metalhead but Em was the only rapper I have always loved. ❤️

  • desmondsparrs
    desmondsparrs Month ago +9

    I LOVE that STILL to this DAY he still pays homage to his inspirations that made him the man he is today. Man I recognize so many of them, unfortunately the crowd dont recognize my underground-favorites . I wished that talent in general was appreciated as they deserved, but pop and underground is apart for a reason..

  • Briana Chovancek
    Briana Chovancek 5 days ago

    Absolute legend now, then and forever

  • Douglas Oliveira
    Douglas Oliveira 2 months ago +39

    Nada melhor do que ouvir ele cantando ao vivo muito nostálgico top de mais ✌️

    • Arthur
      Arthur Month ago +3

      @Mamute Gigante de Chocolate Sempre quis uma aparição deles juntos igual foi com a Dido em Stan. Poderiam fazer uma outra aparição, porém, com a música completa

    • Mamute Gigante de Chocolate
      Mamute Gigante de Chocolate Month ago +2

      Com Steven Tyler no palco, Eminem é foda.

  • Elizabeth Beighley
    Elizabeth Beighley 10 days ago +4

    I have watched this a few times and every single time I am so unbelievably impressed with his humility and immense talent! Great rapper, great dad, seemingly a great person (as I don’t know him personally). I always liked him and his music, it I’m finding him to be SO MUCH MORE.

  • Bruna Celini
    Bruna Celini 12 days ago +5

    I’m just so crazy happy I got to see this happen to my all time favorite Eminem! Kudos to Steven Tyler and Ed Sheeran and the legend Dr. Dre❤️🔥🔥🔥

  • Akmal Mall
    Akmal Mall 5 days ago

    2004 when I had an accident, I had been following Eminem for a long time. I lost my memory for 1 year, my friend took me to a cyber cafe and he said I liked listening to Eminem's songs on repeat the most. After 1 year I remembered

  • Alchemi$T~
    Alchemi$T~ 5 days ago +4

    Forever goated he will always be inspiring for a lot of people including myself. im super glad i was able to watch this and indulge in everything he has made and manifested throughout his years of being a Rap Artist. Goated forever 🐐🔥

  • Slimzy_McCrazy
    Slimzy_McCrazy Month ago +24

    This shows how respected Eminem is, not only in music but the world. Literally everyone in the audience was singing along with Em

  • Johnny Zimmer
    Johnny Zimmer 26 days ago +9

    I love how i find he hinted to wanting a hip hop hall of fame and basically mentioned all he thinks deserves to be in it by commenting all the names alphabetically and saying they taught him so that the producers wouldn't catch on. Keepin it real 💯 love you Em

  • G. KUSH47
    G. KUSH47 3 days ago

    I can’t be the only one impressed at 50 years old he still has the energy/stamina to preform that RAP GOD! that black dude got the hardest job ever mad props😂

  • Anita Cathrine
    Anita Cathrine Month ago +11

    He is so talented!, no one can rap in the insane speed he can😊 I remember buying my first album. I came for dido/stan, and stayed for the rest of Eminem’s music. All his fantastic songs❤️

  • Aaron Trinder
    Aaron Trinder 26 days ago +18

    That verse at super speed on rap god gave me goosebumps 🐐

  • C NB
    C NB Month ago +50

    I can never image a Legend could give almost 1/4 of his show time just to appreciate others. So much respect!

  • Brian Cassidy
    Brian Cassidy 3 days ago +2

    Well done Eminem well deserved 😊

  • Zycom Mocyz
    Zycom Mocyz 3 days ago +4

    Damn steven tyler singing the chorus brings chills to me so damn good 👍

  • Edneide Lima
    Edneide Lima 18 days ago +6

    Amoooo,sou do Brasil, eu e meu irmão adoramos o Eminem, somos muito fãs já faz muitos anos, I LOVE YOU

  • james lepore
    james lepore 15 days ago +7

    He doesn't hold anything back. Nothing but respect

  • flamgor
    flamgor Month ago +36

    Goosebumps. That's the word that explains what I feel every time I listen to Eminem perform

  • The.Sketch.Projekt
    The.Sketch.Projekt Month ago +1

    I don’t know why but I find it sweet that Eminem credits House Of Pain. Everlast and Danny Boy are definitely not on the level of Em but they paved the way for white rappers and they definitely can spit.