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Joel Embiid Drops a MONSTER DOUBLE-DOUBLE In Sixers W | January 28, 2023

  • Published on Jan 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Led by Joel Embiid's 47 points and season-high 18 rebounds, the Philadelphia 76ers defeat the Denver Nuggets, 126-119. James Harden added 17 points and 13 assists in the victory, while Nikola Jokic tallied 24 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists for the Nuggets. The 76ers have won their 7th consecutive game and improve to 32-16 on the season, while the Nuggets fall to 34-16.
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Comments • 399

  • nickpr.
    nickpr. Month ago +348

    Shouldn't have left him off the starting lineup. I'm all in for an Embiid revenge tour!😂

    • Gerald Taylor
      Gerald Taylor Month ago +17

      Big facts how tf he not the east starting center 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ that's a big joke

  • Amazing A The Dreamer
    Amazing A The Dreamer Month ago +158

    Never mind “trust the process”. RESPECT THE PROCESS. Joel gives his heart and soul every time. What a win for the 76ers.

  • Bille
    Bille Month ago +29

    The best way to respond to perceived disrespect (MVP vote, not being an All Star starter) is to do exactly what Joel Embiid is doing right now. Masterclass.

  • Christopher Lambert
    Christopher Lambert Month ago +120

    That cross over reverse dunk, one on one, was savage

    • Jay bee
      Jay bee Month ago +5

      Bro at his size it’s just insane. Especially since you have to think, can you imagine jok ever doing that to him?

    • NationOfAfrica
      NationOfAfrica Month ago +1

      4 sho

  • JustRecentlyI
    JustRecentlyI Month ago +115

    That's an MVP performance

    • rb9888
      rb9888 Month ago

      @Novak Djokovic jokic is still a better shooter. more effective.

    • atPOPMUSIC!
      atPOPMUSIC! Month ago

      @rb9888 this is not his best game this season. Or last season or the season before. He is the highest scorer in the league for a reason.

  • Greg Bundy
    Greg Bundy Month ago +55

    While I was watching the game, I was telling my cousin that the last time these two teams met in Philadelphia Embiid won the battle but Joker won the game, and some people think that it cost Embiid the MVP. So, I was saying, this game Embiid needs to win both the Battle and the game. And that was a tremendous effort from both Embiid and the 76'ers. 👏👏👏

  • Bille
    Bille Month ago +25

    I hope he can win MVP this year. This guy has been a top 3 seed, lead the game in ppg, and been one of the leagues best defensive players as a rim protector.

  • Ricardo Masvidal
    Ricardo Masvidal Month ago +159

    Embiid when he's motivated is a force

    • Christina Mcconnell
      Christina Mcconnell Month ago

      Just like Shaq

    • atPOPMUSIC!
      atPOPMUSIC! Month ago

      @Ishyne123 I watch almost every Sixers game n you can tel he’s not motivated sometimes 😂. The problem is he’s STILL dominant even when not motivated.

    • Golden states warriors bandwagon Destroyer
      Golden states warriors bandwagon Destroyer Month ago +1

      Motivated??? Y’all act like he hasn’t been ballin like that since last season. This game is not even his best game of the season. He had better games than this.

    • Trenbolone acetate
      Trenbolone acetate Month ago +1

      I guess you can say this with Irving and Ben Simmons but Embiid? LOL. You don't watch basketball, he's probably the most consistent player for the last 2-3 years besides Giannis

    • future hofer
      future hofer Month ago +4

      I guess he is always motivated since he leads the nba in scoring with 34ppg

  • Xychosis
    Xychosis Month ago +14

    This is probably the biggest statement game of the season thus far. God bless The Process, man. What a monster.

  • John
    John Month ago +125

    I’m a laker fan but man I would love to see this two team battle it out in the finals.

    • Bryan Chandler
      Bryan Chandler Month ago

      The sequel to the Doctor and Magic/Kareem goin at in the 80s

    • GR33N
      GR33N Month ago

      Two best big man would be a great finals

    • Gerald Taylor
      Gerald Taylor Month ago

      @Benkei warriors or clippers coming out the west this year

    • Gerald Taylor
      Gerald Taylor Month ago

      @Benkei uhhhm yeah the defending champ dynasty warriors. It's between warriors or clippers making the nba finals this season

    • Benkei
      Benkei Month ago

      @Gerald Taylor Warriors? Hell no! 😆

  • paulohaulo
    paulohaulo Month ago +38

    When a 7 foot 300 pound man is crossing up players, driving for dunks, and hitting stepback 3s, it's pretty much a wrap.

    • atPOPMUSIC!
      atPOPMUSIC! Month ago

      No one in the league beats him 1v1 I’m convinced at this point

    • GBMBG 11
      GBMBG 11 Month ago

      Exactly.. been saying it for YEARS now lol

  • Krispy
    Krispy Month ago +71

    NBA: “You’re not a starter”
    Embiid: “And that’s when it got personal for me”

  • Zac
    Zac Month ago +33

    34-10-4 on 54% shooting and not an all star starter. Snubbed THREE times from first team all NBA. Runner up twice for MVP and once for DPOY. STOP disrespecting this man for gods sake

    • Mickey Housley
      Mickey Housley Month ago

      Yea shoulda been him over Tatum, but Tatums balling too so it's a borderline toss up. KD and Giannis are gonna grab those other spots regardless

    • Levi
      Levi Month ago +2

      @Zac Oh ok I thought you were talking about this game but 34 10 and 4 while being that on 54 percent shooting is insane while being a a contender for dpoy

    • Yout
      Yout Month ago +1

      @Levi Season stats

    • Zac
      Zac Month ago +18

      @Levi those are his numbers on the season is what I’m stating. Absolutely ridiculous to put up 34-10-4, be an elite defender, 2x runner up for MVP, the second seed and not be named an all star starter

    • Levi
      Levi Month ago +2

      He had 47 18 and 5 wdym

  • Greg Williams Jr.
    Greg Williams Jr. Month ago +69

    If you’re not down with that, Embiid has two words for ya…

  • SS
    SS Month ago +49

    This was a statement game if i ever seen one

    WARAY KID Month ago +38

    I don't even like Embiid but this was a monster and dominant game. He totally cooked no defense Jokic today sadly.

    • Jessica
      Jessica Month ago

      Why u say sadly its one game jokic will be fine and my nuggets we got second best record on nba and sixers lost to magic tonight 1 game means nothing

    • Лука Т.
      Лука Т. Month ago

      @Joe 70% is above Dončić level

    • Joe
      Joe Month ago

      @Лука Т. ……you mean 3??? Wow that’s a lot.

    • Лука Т.
      Лука Т. Month ago

      @Joe Joel missed a lot of free throws Today😂

    • monkey business
      monkey business Month ago

      @Joe Giannis Runanddunkpo 😂😂😂😂😂.

  • Mohit Khanna
    Mohit Khanna Month ago +27

    Give my guy his respect

  • MVP Embiid
    MVP Embiid Month ago +23

    The people’s MVP

    • Joe
      Joe Month ago +2

      @Secret your Coca Cola drinking idol is a traffic coke on defense. Embiid > Nicocacola Sweptic

    • Secret
      Secret Month ago +1

      S2pid people? Yeah, I agree. 🤡

  • AstDvrS
    AstDvrS Month ago +34

    So much respect to the two-time MVP, but a healthy and motiviated Imbiid is a monster. There's no way Jokic can stop him. And he's doing it on both ends of the floor. Much stronger, quicker and better defender. The only advantage the Joker has (imo) is his passing. Would love to see more duels from these two.

    • Fahmi Aulia Rachman
      Fahmi Aulia Rachman Month ago

      @Montana Mac at least im not cheering for a flopper jeez

    • Montana Mac
      Montana Mac Month ago +1

      @Fahmi Aulia Rachman damn you’re coping HARD. EMBIID is better and proved it the other night. Go cry about it.

    • Fahmi Aulia Rachman
      Fahmi Aulia Rachman Month ago

      @josh n joker is the better playmaker he knows when to shoot or not. On the other hand when Joel goes against a good defender he flopped so hard he might win the oscar

  • Youngjcole
    Youngjcole Month ago +22

    How is he this good 😮

  • GSJ😎
    GSJ😎 Month ago +22

    I think Joel wanted to remind to everybody who is the beast in the league. I loved this game because embiid is so disrespected in the NBA

  • Kula Ndifor
    Kula Ndifor Month ago +6

    A most exciting month for 40+ games. The gift 🎁 that keeps it coming.

    NEONRIPS Month ago +43

    And “supposedly” this guy isn’t good enough to start in the All star game…… put some respect on Embiids name!!!

  • Jalen Daniels
    Jalen Daniels Month ago +15

    He looks like the best player in the world right now 😱

    • Bryan Chandler
      Bryan Chandler Month ago

      @atPOPMUSIC! best player in 5 on 5 is wildly different than 1 on 1.

    • Gerald Taylor
      Gerald Taylor Month ago

      @YoungBae 518 curry is the best player in the world 🔥 facts

    • Gerald Taylor
      Gerald Taylor Month ago

      @YoungBae 518 curry defense is good fool and curry has a steal title

    • Gerald Taylor
      Gerald Taylor Month ago

      @atPOPMUSIC! steph is the best player in the nba that's facts 💯💯💯

  • Paul Jansen
    Paul Jansen Month ago +71

    Joel for MVP....would be well deserved!!

    • Joe
      Joe Month ago

      @Tim Simmons look at you. You’re still coping over the fact that Embiid outplayed your obese point guard

    • Tim Simmons
      Tim Simmons Month ago

      @Joe i forgot who got mvp the last 2 years???? And who has a better record? 🤡🤡

    • Tim Simmons
      Tim Simmons Month ago

      @Joe embiid just lost to a rookie🤣 cry

  • DK2
    DK2 Month ago +12

    Simply true MVP

    • Gerald Taylor
      Gerald Taylor Month ago

      76ers top 3 seed in east. Embid most definitely winning mvp this season and he might win the scoring title back to back

  • edashMusix
    edashMusix Month ago +31

    its levels . it been levels. all the vorp in the world cant undue what we all saw today. one passes the ball. and does it well . the other dominates the game on both ends. and been doing that, mans carried ben simmons to the playoffs ....

    • Joe
      Joe Month ago +6

      @Francisco Pizarro because of Embiid. Look at him now alongside KD and Kyrie. Dude can’t even play in the fourth quarter lol. He was always carried by Embiid

    • Francisco Pizarro
      Francisco Pizarro Month ago

      To be fair, Ben Simmons was a perennial all star in Philly.

  • Dh3
    Dh3 Month ago +14

    Imagine handing a defensive player of Jokic caliber multiple mvps lmaooooo

    • Secret
      Secret Month ago

      @atPOPMUSIC! My boy who? 🤣

    • atPOPMUSIC!
      atPOPMUSIC! Month ago +1

      @Secret triggered?

    • atPOPMUSIC!
      atPOPMUSIC! Month ago +1

      @Secret we demolished ur boy . 😢

  • Ryan Rowe
    Ryan Rowe Month ago +1

    Joel Embiid keeping on playing with physical and effort to get enough confidences from quickness and becoming a MVP!

  • emayil adresi
    emayil adresi Month ago +1

    This was meaningful after Jokic saying Embiid should have been picked on the allstar starting roster. Respect for Jokic for tellin the truth and respect for Embiid for proving Jokic right. 👏👏👏

  • Celo B
    Celo B Month ago +17

    Embid shows why his the best Center in the League he dominated jokic on both ends and the only thing jokic got over Embid is passing that’s it

  • Mark Armage
    Mark Armage Month ago +4

    They expertly remove "humiliating the fraudulent MVP" from the title.
    This is possibly the biggest beatdown of an MVP ever since 1997 NBA finals

  • hlj25
    hlj25 Month ago +13

    Damn embidd just proved who is the best big man in the game bro he took that all star starter snub personal

  • Kevin Mao
    Kevin Mao Month ago +58

    Oh my goodness! Give this man the MVP award already

    • Gerald Taylor
      Gerald Taylor Month ago

      @The Sound of Animals Fighting joel embid just drop back to back 30 vs magic 🔥. Joel embid leading the nba in scoring and averaging 11 rebounds per game. Embid winning mvp fasho

    • TR Hansen
      TR Hansen Month ago

      @The Sound of Animals Fighting Mark Jackson was asked who was a better center than Embiid in the NBA and he said 'no one'.

    • The Sound of Animals Fighting
      The Sound of Animals Fighting Month ago

      Give him MVP for winning just 1 game vs Nuggets? He got demolished by the Magic after this game lol

    • Gerald Taylor
      Gerald Taylor Month ago +4

      @TR Hansen joel embid should win mvp

  • G Clarke
    G Clarke Month ago +13

    he has one of the smoothest jumpers in the league.

  • Josh Lynch
    Josh Lynch Month ago +27

    Embiid proving once again why he’s better than Jokic.

  • Lekzin Tshering
    Lekzin Tshering Month ago +5

    As a Jokic fan gg Embiid 😭

  • Trust The Process
    Trust The Process Month ago +40

    B-Bu-But Jokic has a higher Box Plus/Minus!!! STAT GEEKS ARE CRYING RN

    • Trust The Process
      Trust The Process Month ago

      @minnuss there’s not trying and then there’s letting a man drop 47-18-5 on you. Almost doubled Jokic on everything. But hey. At least Jokic’s VORP, PER, BPM, RAPTOR and LEBRON stats were all higher than Embiid’s!!!

    • atPOPMUSIC!
      atPOPMUSIC! Month ago +1

      @minnuss if he does I bet he beats down Joker again ….

    • minnuss
      minnuss Month ago

      @Trust The Process it's not about the stats, one was highly motivated, and the other was not.
      It's one game, will see the result in Denver in the end of the March if Embiid shows up…

    • Trust The Process
      Trust The Process Month ago +2

      @Wiger Toods I love Jokic. Stat geeks just gotta relax

    • Peolf Petler
      Peolf Petler Month ago +2

      LoL Embid had a good night props to him. He is a force not to be messed with. The only thing I blame Jokić for is not contesting for more shots. He shot 12 times, Embid took 31 shots (Jokić scored 24 and Embid 49). Yes Murray and Hyland did have a bad shooting night (2/7 for three and 1/7 for three), but still Jokić has to put more responsibility when his teammates can't. It wasn't a bad night, but he has to be the main cast in this situations.

  • Leon
    Leon Month ago

    That dunk was insane

  • Mr Bodycatcher
    Mr Bodycatcher Month ago +5

    Embiid baked Jokic 😂😂😂

  • no future at all
    no future at all Month ago +2

    Embiid is the first center since Shaq to win a scoring title. This season, he's going back-to-back. Add MVP to his name.

  • Kevin
    Kevin Month ago +2

    Embiid is just showing everybody how an all star reserve should play 😂 It's ridiculous man

  • Doc Memphis
    Doc Memphis  Month ago +24

    Dont give me all these advance stats when you cant even look like an mvp against another player

  • tho41881
    tho41881 Month ago +2

    Embiid is much more watchable when he's not foul-baiting and flopping. He really made Jokic look like a little kid out there.

  • ChrisBlunt
    ChrisBlunt Month ago +2

    Embiid be like: Is this your MVP??

  • Gordon Thomas Jr
    Gordon Thomas Jr Month ago +5

    The REAL MVP! Let’s not forget about all of Jokić’s advanced metric stats tho 🤣

  • AdamBball
    AdamBball Month ago +8

    He deserves an mvp

  • Nicco
    Nicco Month ago +3

    Embiid is too good i thing that he is in the top 3 best players at the moment

  • Ke'esh Obadiah Mitchell

    Hopefully, he keeps this same momentum during the playoffs, he needs a chip under his belt to be up there with players like Kareem.

  • Real Truth Now
    Real Truth Now Month ago +5

    Joel Embiids game is turning into Michael Jordan. Joel Embiid is turning into a 7 foot 2 inch Michael Jordan. If this is what he wants to become than the sixers will win a championship for sure. Embiid needs to continue watching all Michael Jordan past games.

    • atPOPMUSIC!
      atPOPMUSIC! Month ago

      I was saying this 2yrs ago. There game is similar but Embiid 3pt shot is better.

    atPOPMUSIC! Month ago +4

    I’m convinced no one in the league beats Embiid in a 1 v 1.

    • Aniggaonacomeup
      Aniggaonacomeup Month ago +1

      Only thing giannis got is speed and a higher vertical embiid is better at everything else giannis could never do a crossover step back 3

    • Goda
      Goda Month ago

      You forgot Giannis who almost get your man career ending by blocking

  • Jseries
    Jseries Month ago +2

    Embiid is saying he’s the MVP by destroying your MVP😂😂😂

  • Alkebulan Lion
    Alkebulan Lion Month ago +5

    Best big in the league

  • Oatmeal Money
    Oatmeal Money Month ago +35

    What more do they want from him?! Give him a damn MVP already

    • Conor Swift-Christian
      Conor Swift-Christian Month ago

      I'm guessing triple doubles since Jokic went on a rampage with those

    • Ken123168
      Ken123168 Month ago

      @Joe its a season game lol im sure he will sleep fine with that mvp trophy

    • Joe
      Joe Month ago +1

      @Ken123168 lmk when Jokic recovers from that absolute ass whooping he just received then we can start comparing 😂

    • Ken123168
      Ken123168 Month ago

      @Joe lmk when Embiid gets his MVP then we will start comparing 🤣

    • Joe
      Joe Month ago +2

      @Ken123168 hey remember when Nicocacola Jokic got swept last year in the playoffs? And remember when he got carried to a WCF in an empty gym by Jamal Murray? Btw Embiid is his father now so you’ll have to accept that.

  • İsa Çal
    İsa Çal Month ago +1

    Isn't it steps? Bec Embiid stops with right foot as a pivot foot, then even jumping on his other foot, NOT step-back. As i know, to count it as step-back he should hold it, while changing foot. (Last possession) Still appreciate him for all game.

  • OTKP
    OTKP Month ago

    Yeah this one was personal for sure especially with him not being named a All Star Starter on top of the disrespect from ESPN

  • L Rob
    L Rob Month ago +40

    I respect the hell out of Jokić but I would take Embiid over him six days a week and twice on Sundays ya’ll. He’s just more dominant in my opinion and that was a statement - fun game

    • TR Hansen
      TR Hansen Month ago

      Twice on Sundays? You do realize that Sunday is a day for rest, right? Not a day for playing basketball. It is Allah's day.

    • Bixeqe
      Bixeqe Month ago +2

      @sunky Embiid bullied him it’s like jokic is like a pinkie of embids finger but there’s a tight schedule but I’m really excited for that 76ers verses Celtics “IF” were healthy man if were healthy Celtics might be looking at a problem

    • sunky
      sunky Month ago +3

      If they match up together… Jokic cannot stop him

  • Flaviano Jorge
    Flaviano Jorge Month ago

    Embiid when HEALTHY and MOTIVATED is as good as peak Shaq.

  • mo williams
    mo williams Month ago +10

    Lol, Jokic can't do 💩 with Embiid like I've been saying, Jokic 😂😂😂😂

  • Zack
    Zack Month ago +1

    MVP ❤

  • Αριστοτέλης Χαρδαλιας

    Jokic should wear a collar cause embiid owns him.

  • Gerald Slaughter
    Gerald Slaughter Month ago

    Embiid gave Jokic that work. He does not want to settle for runner up for the MVP for a 3rd year in a row. That said, Jokic might still hold a slight edge in the eyes of some of the media.

  • jimboslice
    jimboslice Month ago +2

    This mvp basketball right here

  • Gerald Moogle
    Gerald Moogle Month ago +1

    A guy that big shouldn't have a shot that good. People, rightfully, respect and are amazed by KD's shooting at 7'. Well this dude is like 2" taller and 60 lbs+ heavier, and he shot as well as I've ever seen KD shoot. Embiid just might be the best player in the league, although LeBron still gets that title until someone absolutely proves it for a few years in a row. Embiid just might be that next guy though.

  • r0der1ck_0nl1ne
    r0der1ck_0nl1ne Month ago +1

    Big man shooting like 🤯🎯 can’t keep him of the paint, can’t keep him on the perimeter smh 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Sébè Allah Y'e
    Sébè Allah Y'e Month ago +4

    "You Ran your mouth like a tough guy. Hope you can keep the same energy when it's crunch time" Joyner Lucas

    • Sébè Allah Y'e
      Sébè Allah Y'e Month ago +1

      @wretched excess you got that right. Embiid killed it.

    • Goda
      Goda Month ago

      Playoffs sixers always taken down in 2nd round.

    • wretched excess
      wretched excess Month ago +2

      you mean like how Embiid led them to a comeback in the fourth quarter, in crunch time?

  • Mysterial Chief
    Mysterial Chief Month ago +2

    Healthy Embiid over a healthy Jokic all day any day.

  • FledDrop8
    FledDrop8 Month ago +3

    And yet he’s not in the starting lineup for the all star game

    • Daebak
      Daebak Month ago

      He will replace kd

  • Master Of The Craft Ministry

    Embiid > Jokic got to be aggressive!!! Centers are suppose to be glad y’all waking up

  • ISweatSoHard
    ISweatSoHard Month ago +7

    Cooked tf outta jokic Ngl

  • Shifty _10
    Shifty _10 Month ago +1

    Is this the good jokic defence ive been hearing about?

  • Sadeesh Senevirathne
    Sadeesh Senevirathne Month ago +3

    completely cooked jokic tonight and i say this as a huge jokic fan


    MVP. Just obliterated jokic

  • SelfMade
    SelfMade Month ago +9

    Jokic can’t mess with Embiid. It’s not close. The media fell in love with Jokic but he can’t deal with Embiid, no center can.

  • NumbersAndSports
    NumbersAndSports Month ago +2

    Legend shit man.

  • Faze Dom
    Faze Dom Month ago +2

    Embid was putting jokic in the blender fr

  • RPV officiel
    RPV officiel Month ago +2

    i cant even imagine if it was jokic with these stats against embiid
    they would have said he was the best player of all time over jordan and lebron lol
    glad embiid exposed the ovverated by the media

  • Tony Rame
    Tony Rame Month ago +18

    embiid would destroy Jokic if they were playing one on one.

    • Steve Lumumba shabazzz
      Steve Lumumba shabazzz Month ago +1

      If they play one on one 10 times embiid will beat him 10 times

    • Gerald Taylor
      Gerald Taylor Month ago

      Embid better than jokic and Anthony Davis

    • Chef Curry 🔥
      Chef Curry 🔥 Month ago

      Jokic is only high iq and passing ability that's it to matchup with Embid he teamp player not iso I 🤔

    • Levi
      Levi Month ago +1


    • Yout
      Yout Month ago +6

      He destroyed him every time he had Jokic on him this game. Jokic really has no defense, he was struggling to even move his feet.

  • IForever Persevering
    IForever Persevering Month ago +1

    if embid leads the league in scoring why the media treat him like a benchwarmer

  • l 0 z
    l 0 z Month ago +2

    joel was the original, wembaya can emulate this

  • GreekSneakCollector

    And fans choose not to vote him for the starting 5 in ASG!

  • NationOfAfrica
    NationOfAfrica Month ago +7

    Double the points of Jokic, and more than double the rebounds

    • TR Hansen
      TR Hansen Month ago

      @NationOfAfrica Just say 'uncle' next time.

    • TR Hansen
      TR Hansen Month ago

      @NationOfAfrica I can see you are now in full overcompensation mode since I clearly hit a nerve.

    • TR Hansen
      TR Hansen Month ago

      @NationOfAfrica I have to wonder if you are defending Embiid because Jokic is white. And you are jealous that Jokic has won two straight MVPs and is going to win a third. I am right. Aren't I!

    • NationOfAfrica
      NationOfAfrica Month ago

      @TR Hansen Nope, nope. You can't use "I think" to argue -- report facts. The facts, according to the box score on ESPN: Jokic played 38 minutes and got 24 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists. Embiid also played 38 minutes, got 47 points, 18 rebounds. You can even see clearly in these highlights that Jokic was on court for most of the game.

    • TR Hansen
      TR Hansen Month ago

      Misleading. I think Jokic only played 10 minutes because of an allergy attack.

  • rb9888
    rb9888 Month ago +1

    ok, how long can he be motivated like this..?
    usually not very long

    • antcantcook
      antcantcook Month ago

      How’d he finish 2nd in MVP last two seasons “unmotivated “?

    • Brice Ngono
      Brice Ngono Month ago +2

      Embiid can't win. If we would have lost they would be saying Jokic's better. Now that he won they are saying Jokic doesn't care

    • blakewatt
      blakewatt Month ago

      @rb9888 he was snubbed

    • blakewatt
      blakewatt Month ago +2

      @rb9888 he’s averaging 34 and 10 wtf are you saying lol, literally averaging most points by a center since shaq

    • rb9888
      rb9888 Month ago

      @Beede Bawng he has been very unstable this year. that's why he's not even in all-star starting line-up.

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau Month ago +3

    Shouldn't have left him off the starting lineup. now he's gonna show why he should've been a starter

    • Gerald Taylor
      Gerald Taylor Month ago

      Facts. Watch joel embid win mvp this season 💯

  • The London ball out
    The London ball out Month ago +2


  • Omaykot Umbatakham
    Omaykot Umbatakham Month ago

    If you think Joel doesn't deserve MVP... I got two words for ya

    • Kanye Did Nothing
      Kanye Did Nothing Month ago

      He won’t win it though, can’t even stay healthy

    • Jessica
      Jessica Month ago

      What's the 2 words lol

  • Philly Jackson
    Philly Jackson Month ago +9

    And this dude isn’t an all star starter 😂 best center should jump over Jokic in the MVP race 💯💯

  • HĐT - Kết Nối Đông Tây

    Embiid is more than MVP.

  • N. R.
    N. R. Month ago

    Again he showed the difference between the two centers… it’s levels JoJo >>> the rest

  • Crypto Nous
    Crypto Nous Month ago +18

    Jokic is Steve Nash 2.0

    • Levi
      Levi Month ago +4

      @Damian Szubski Hes a stat padding rim runner

    • Damian Szubski
      Damian Szubski Month ago

      The difference between them is that Jokic got better stats than the rest

    • MR Afro man
      MR Afro man Month ago +6

      Yup the most overrated MVps I’ve ever seen in this league.

  • Oreo Akalaperoji
    Oreo Akalaperoji Month ago +1


    • Secret
      Secret Month ago

      Consistency? Staying healthy? Especially in the playoffs.

  • Varis man
    Varis man Month ago

    This game was a statement by embiid, he is better than jokic and he just showed us

  • PhillyJay.
    PhillyJay. Month ago +1

    💥💥 Joel Embiid embarrasses Nikola Jokic

  • Jalen Daniels
    Jalen Daniels Month ago +6

    He killed Jokic all game 😭

    • minnuss
      minnuss Month ago

      @ALMIGHTY don't tell me to shut up, you shut up ! LOL

      ALMIGHTY Month ago

      @minnuss he outplayed em the whole game shutup

    • minnuss
      minnuss Month ago

      He played awful in the first quarter, shooting below 50%.
      He outplayed him in second.

  • ガニメデプロトン

    i like this game🎉

  • $teve
    $teve Month ago +2

    crazy how hes not a starter 🤦‍♂ ppl are so delusional... embiid > jokic

  • philly_sports
    philly_sports Month ago +23

    The NBA voters really gave an assist stat-padder who refuses to play defense the MVP two years in a row over a true two-way force in Embiid who happens to dominate him in every game they play against each other. Throw out any irrelevant nerd stats like VORP or RAPTOR all you want. Real basketball fans know who the better player is by actually watching the games.

    • Joe
      Joe Month ago +1

      @Time Lapse Master look at you typing essays justifying a traffic cone defender. “But but but his VORP RAPTOR LEBRON RATING!!!!” 😂🫵🤡

    • Time Lapse Master
      Time Lapse Master Month ago

      @philly_sports Ok then explain why Jokic have the second best plus-minus in the league, after his teammate KCP? It's literally the most basic stat. It literally shows that Jokic's team win more with him in the lineup comparing to Embiid. Even if you use "Eye test", Jokic is the nuggets offense, while the typical 76ers offense starts with a Harden/Embiid PnR/PnP where Embiid's only job is to finish. Jokic can not only do that more efficiently, he generates offense for the team, where as the team generates the offense for Embiid.
      And also if you wanna use the "Embiid outplayed Jokic", yes I agree, Embiid was the superior player tonight there's no denying in that. But does one singular game defines everything? 6th January 2023 Bucks vs Hornets, Giannis dropped 9/4/0/0/0 on 2/7 shooting and 5/11 FTs. PJ Washington dropped 23/2/2/2/0 on 9/14 shooting. Does that means PJ Washington is a stronger MVP candidate than Giannis Antetokounmpo just because of this game? Hell no. Same thing applies here, Jokic's been great all season and although Embiid had an awesome season too, one singular game just isn't enough for Embiid to take down Jokic in the MVP race.

    • philly_sports
      philly_sports Month ago +9

      @Time Lapse Master VORP is a joke stat crated by people who are too busy playing Dungeons and Dragons to watch actual basketball games. Sorry.

    • Time Lapse Master
      Time Lapse Master Month ago

      VORP literally stands for value over replacement 💀 if one have less value over his replacement how could he be the more valuable player (That's literally what MVP stands for)...
      Oh yeah and if you actually watch the games instead of ESPN you would know that Jokic plays good defense. Certainly not DPOY defense like how Embiid is, but he plays above average defense.

  • Luis Inostroza
    Luis Inostroza Month ago

    Godel EMBIID

  • Nick C.
    Nick C. Month ago +2

    They left Jokic guarding Embiid? Why ? They would be better if they was playing Gordon on him . Jokic is dogwater on defense ..

  • JaQuin
    JaQuin Month ago

    Center version of Kobe.