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Most Expensive Fails!

  • Published on Dec 23, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • We react to the most expensive fails ever! From thousands of dollars in damage to over millions of dollars!
    • Gas Station FIRE ...
    Enes Yilmazer
    • Touring a $100,00...
    Cars Garage
    • Orange McLaren 60...
    • Clumsy Reporter K...
    • Dropping an iPhon...
    • Car ferry crashes...
    Twitter Posts
    • Dad Breaks TV Vir...
    Bloomberg Technology
    • Watch the Tesla C...
    Joseph Colon
    • M1 Abrams Stuck i...
    Inside Edition
    • Watch This $200,0...
    • Train Cuts Throug...
    • Amazing 🎂Cake Fal...
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  • Awesomebricks1
    Awesomebricks1 Year ago +6373

    Chris actually has a lot of knowledge which makes this channel interesting!

  • NTF
    NTF Year ago +2627

    Love that a pizza theft made it into the world's most expensive fails lol

  • Melanie Sula
    Melanie Sula Year ago +4053

    Chris is actually smart but he tells it in a funny way🤣

  • Asdfghjkl
    Asdfghjkl Year ago +252

    I’m always happy to see Jimmy and Chris express their personalities with these videos they make my day so much better

  • Jahmar Williams
    Jahmar Williams Year ago +409

    Chris and Jimmy is the best duo when they come together they always put a smile on our faces :-) Merry Christmas🎄🎊

    • Ludicrous
      Ludicrous 4 months ago

      This was posted 10 months ago which is February. Why the Merry Christmasing??

    • Dashen Govender
      Dashen Govender 8 months ago

      Merry Chris tmas. Ahh I see what you did there.

    • Want Flappy Wing
      Want Flappy Wing Year ago

      @danielle smith LANGUAGE

    • Anna Hunt
      Anna Hunt Year ago

      @Boalt fuc

    • Boalt
      Boalt Year ago

      ok santer

  • Ross Schumann
    Ross Schumann Year ago +723

    I was an engineer in the army, yes we literally dig large pits with explosives to high center tanks.
    It’s been a strategy since tanks were made.

  • f
    f Year ago +242

    Jimmy and Chris are the perfect people for reactions

  • Juju bean
    Juju bean Year ago +380

    Jimmy and Chris make my day so much better and merry Christmas!!

  • Finger Master
    Finger Master Year ago +575

    Jimmy: "Ramming a car into a wall must be a good idea..."
    Also Jimmy: *Sees two expensive cars hitting each other*, "What was their plan there?"

  • Mya Welch
    Mya Welch 6 months ago +2

    Chris is so funny, but he’s also incredibly intelligent. It’s the perfect combination

  • Templar Yvonne
    Templar Yvonne Year ago +164

    Jimmy could actually have some of these things if he wanted, but he chooses to give back to the planet and the people instead, respect earned 👌🏽

  • Tavis
    Tavis Year ago +319

    Walters words of wisdom always touch my heart.

  • amgoas
    amgoas Year ago +386

    Chris : "This is why people die a lot, they just film."
    Me : Camera man never dies, they are immortal.

  • Incepter
    Incepter 7 months ago +8

    Chris either has good knowledge or he is just good at making stuff up

  • Chrxs
    Chrxs Year ago +71

    Thank you so much jimmy! For making our days so much better!

  • Awesomegamer360 F1
    Awesomegamer360 F1 11 months ago +31

    bruh being a racing fan I would have loved to see Chris explain how drivers have to use the racing line.

  • Shawn Michaud
    Shawn Michaud Year ago +93

    Made my Christmas Eve much better! Thanks Jimmy and Chris!❤️

  • Mona's Artwork
    Mona's Artwork Year ago +68

    Chris is so funny and has a lot of knowledge!!😀

  • ThunderJaw Gaming
    ThunderJaw Gaming Year ago +119

    Walter: *breaths*
    Jimmy: Such wisdom

  • Bookworm talks
    Bookworm talks 9 months ago +11

    Chris makes everything funnier

  • MironToasterFN
    MironToasterFN Year ago +122

    I love how Chris is slowly getting replaced by Walter...🤣

  • Dressaloup
    Dressaloup Month ago +6

    Chris is funny as hell

  • Ojas Ramteke
    Ojas Ramteke Year ago +108

    Chris actually has a lot of knowledge which makes this channel interesting! and love you.

  • Chantz Judy
    Chantz Judy Year ago +15

    Pretty crazy how y’all help people out love your videos

  • Chlooo 🎵
    Chlooo 🎵 Year ago +110

    Y’all.. we alr know it’s going to be a good Christmas when Jimmy posts something.

    • KakaRix
      KakaRix Year ago

      Yes it is. Merry Christmas from the timezone where it's already Christmas!

    • AH Fun & More
      AH Fun & More Year ago

      @Bruh ⸜⁄ lol

    • HighNoon
      HighNoon Year ago +1

      its christmas eve, hopefully he posts tomorrow

    • Oofy_
      Oofy_ Year ago +6

      @Bruh ⸜⁄ ur profile picture is literally mrbeast’s profile picture
      Btw Ik it’s a bot

    • David Perez
      David Perez Year ago +1

      Bro that made no sense 💀💀

  • Steven Eder
    Steven Eder 9 months ago +1

    The biggest issue with tanks between fuel and maintenance is how easily they can get stuck XD

  • PenguinToes
    PenguinToes Year ago +15


  • Mapleman360
    Mapleman360 5 months ago +2

    I love Chris and jimmy together reacting

  • Leave Me Be Vids Are Crappy

    6:00 For anyone wondering how that Lamborghini didn't get waterlogged and stuck it's because the engine in the back so there wasn't as much water reaching the engine.

    • sparkzz926
      sparkzz926 Year ago

      @BecomingBacon ok i thought as much but wasnt there fire comeing out of the back by that point lol

    • BecomingBacon
      BecomingBacon Year ago +3

      @sparkzz926 to put out a fire in the engine bay but the engine is in the rear of the car...

    • Devin Weaver
      Devin Weaver Year ago +3

      @sparkzz926 because he thought the engine was in the front

    • sparkzz926
      sparkzz926 Year ago +2

      why did the fireman pick axe the mclaren????

  • Widow zr
    Widow zr Year ago +34

    Honestly Jimmy should just be reacting to his own videos because of how expensive they are lmao

  • YesterdaysChunda
    YesterdaysChunda  Year ago +40

    Yes it is common for ships to ram stuff, it is hard to control a large ship which is why Tugboats are a thing.

  • MrMileStone
    MrMileStone Year ago +9

    Walter is absolutely amazing with his actions 😎

  • Rhyker Colont
    Rhyker Colont Year ago +5

    Jimmy and Chris make some of the best content together

  • Scoopy Poo
    Scoopy Poo Month ago +3

    MOST EXPENSIVE FAILS!!! * Shows a 8 dollar pizza*

  • Alexander
    Alexander Year ago +67

    it physically hurts me to watch these things happen.

  • Penguinio_
    Penguinio_ Year ago +13

    You already know it's a good holiday day when Jimmy posts something.

  • Outflow
    Outflow Year ago +18

    everytime walter reacts the production value goes up deadass

  • ARGO
    ARGO 4 months ago +1

    I swear sometimes i feel this content is better and funnier than the original channel

  • working name
    working name Year ago +26

    chris secretly got all the knowledge from walter

  • Lego Adam
    Lego Adam 2 months ago +1

    Jimmy: That TV is very expensive, $ 500 000000
    Chris:That's stupid
    Nolan: I have to poop
    Nolan two seconds later: Oh, I just pooped my pants

  • Mike W
    Mike W Year ago +88

    Depending on the load that humvee could be in the millions.

    • Naman
      Naman Year ago +1

      Roses are red
      Violets are blue
      You saw me
      Didn't you
      hey! ok just read my name

  • Underverse! Error Sans {Official}

    Jimmy never fails to entertain me!

  • Linoknows
    Linoknows Year ago +38

    "Imagine buying a car and watching it catch on fire"
    Just remember the fact that this is coming from Jimmy himself

  • Slimysock76
    Slimysock76 6 months ago +1

    One expensive fail I had was when I accidentally put my side by side in reverse and went flying into a ditch full of pickers and rocks

  • Sus | #Shorts
    Sus | #Shorts Year ago +176

    *Jimmy, you should be the one that knows expensive fails* 😂

    • ITZ_OMMY
      ITZ_OMMY Year ago

      @Chicken double bruh

    • Chicken
      Chicken Year ago +1

      @Bruh ⸜⁄ bruh

    • Dookus
      Dookus Year ago +1

      @xxsam.123xx ur telling him to get a life over an opinion?

    • Gongoozler I am
      Gongoozler I am Year ago

      That was rude

  • Adam Syaiful
    Adam Syaiful 10 months ago +1

    Jimmy and chris:worries about the car
    Most of the audience:*concern about the driver

  • LZ Protogen
    LZ Protogen Year ago +22

    The reason they tried to get in the front of the car was probably to try and disconnect the battery (if it's even kept there). It's a common thing for firefighters to do when they are able to

    • zdiamondman
      zdiamondman Year ago

      @JD actually the battery is still in the front on McLarens

    • JD
      JD Year ago +1

      Funny thing is in mclarens the engine and battery are in the back that firefighter just slammed his pickaxe in the “trunk”

  • Ahmerio
    Ahmerio Year ago +92

    The editors have done well very well actually.

    • Z. e....
      Z. e.... Year ago +8

      They deserve more freakin respect.

  • The_Bland_Potato
    The_Bland_Potato Year ago +7

    Dude Jimmy could do half this stuff and he just gives most of it away... respect!

  • darkboi456
    darkboi456 Year ago +1

    Jimmy and Chris"We had plenty of mud,Why didn't we use it"

  • ItzMeGab ​
    ItzMeGab ​ 9 months ago +1

    Walter is just the editor’s chance to talk

  • Hakim
    Hakim  Year ago +58

    Can we just stop and take a moment to appreciate everything Jimmy does.

    • Jamin Rockethead
      Jamin Rockethead Year ago +3

      u mean walter right?

    • David Enatoh
      David Enatoh Year ago +2

      @UN_ Samurai KHABY
      WAS UP!!

    • UN_ Samurai
      UN_ Samurai Year ago +2


    • טל
      טל Year ago +2

      me stop and taking a moment is to appreciate jimmy is why im subbed here.. its my weekly appreciation for jimmy..

  • 10K Challenge With 0 Video

    All the kindness of our planet lives in Jimmy's heart. All he's doing for planet is PRICELESS...

  • Tus Romitz
    Tus Romitz 11 months ago +1

    Chris is so funny🤣!

  • Legendwesto
    Legendwesto Year ago +10

    Thanks to Jimmy and Chris, my day has gotten better

    ABEND BG 7 months ago +1

    Chris literally says funny things making this more entertaining

  • Joshua fernandessss
    Joshua fernandessss Year ago +5

    Jimmy and Chris chemistry as friends is really very wholesome!!

  • Tangyy KiKi
    Tangyy KiKi Year ago +2

    Yo, Jimmy thanks for posting everyday, we really appreciate it. Never ever stop. And Merry Christmas.

  • Aryaman Bhamare
    Aryaman Bhamare Year ago +2

    The amount of respect they give to Walter 💯

    VYNE SHINDEN(MC) 7 months ago +2

    5:45 that's actually happening right now in Ukraine, some Russian tanks are stuck on the mud cuz it's rainy season in Ukraine rn

  • RandomCrapStudios
    RandomCrapStudios Year ago +41

    5:45 well that's why tanks were made in the first place, moving armor that could roll of trenches and the mud of no man's land.

  • Jason McSherry
    Jason McSherry Year ago +1

    Chris is lowkey smart in these

  • 56 Parash Suryawanshi
    56 Parash Suryawanshi Year ago +18

    8:08 Chris' reaction was soo unexpected and funny 🤣

    • Mohammad
      Mohammad 11 months ago +1

      Yeah, I agree It was funny

  • dn shorts
    dn shorts Year ago +3

    Chandler has cool and funny seens of humor 😄

  • 10K Challenge With 0 Video

    *TRUE LINE* -- The quality of this man's content is at such a high level so consistently, best Clip-Sharer in the world right now

  • Adaman YT
    Adaman YT 8 months ago +2

    6:19 chris still never got his high five

  • GoldenGabe
    GoldenGabe Year ago +21

    2:55 I love how they're arguing whether the aircraft carrier was a bridge or a wall 💀

  • Cosmic Animations 🇺🇦

    Jimmy and Chris arguing over if its a wall or a bridge the passenger liner crashing into
    Me knowing it’s an oil tanker

  • Laurenz Caines
    Laurenz Caines Year ago +7

    huge fan jimmy love your vids continue doing whats you do best!😀

  • Aqualatics
    Aqualatics Year ago +3

    can we all admit whenever he uploads it makes our day

  • Surajit Mukherjee
    Surajit Mukherjee Year ago +9

    walter is the omnipresent, he sees and knows everything 😂😂

    • walter
      walter Year ago


  • Frenchie_girlyyy
    Frenchie_girlyyy 11 months ago +1

    I watch this 90% to watch Chris and Jimmy be hilarious and 9% for the actual vidio

  • UrLocalSenpai
    UrLocalSenpai Year ago +3

    Chris is really funny🤣

  • Will
    Will Year ago +2

    I love these videos 🖤

  • Ja_Hamesman18
    Ja_Hamesman18 Year ago +18

    8:20 that once happened to me, tore through our roof into the attic. Crazy!

  • Magic
    Magic Year ago +63

    Can we honestly appreciate how much effort Jimmy puts into his videos

  • Andrew Byers
    Andrew Byers Year ago +12

    I love how he puts a dog stealing a pizza one of the worlds most expensive fails

  • Buddha dawg
    Buddha dawg 7 months ago +2

    Its very funny Chris just has all knowledge in the world and teaches jimmy everything

  • Diving Dolphin
    Diving Dolphin Year ago +10

    Walter has the best reactions, I could watch him all day

  • TheDailyChat
    TheDailyChat 3 months ago +19

    8:50 the reason the fireman put a hole in the hood was to make sure the engine was out(flames) but the engine is in the back of the car

    • Greatgoku4
      Greatgoku4 2 months ago +1

      @Seraphina Joyce but the engine was in the back😂

    • Seraphina Joyce
      Seraphina Joyce 2 months ago

      Yeah to be fair it is better to be safe than sorry, especially considering that car is likely to be a write off before the fire is out anyway. Just need to stop it spreading before you have way bigger problems, that gas station probably has over a million in buildings and equipment on site too.

  • IConsumeLead
    IConsumeLead Year ago +10

    Lmao. Seeing Jerma come in and just punch 10 TVs to the ground is amazing

  • Toatly Av
    Toatly Av Year ago +9

    lol im petty sure jimmy can relate to all of these fails

  • Dr.smokey
    Dr.smokey Year ago +12

    "The train coulda just went around it,what a jerk"
    Chris 2021

  • Jaserr
    Jaserr 2 months ago +2

    When jimmy said duck down i think he meant chris step off the stool 💀

  • Ramsay Gordon
    Ramsay Gordon 11 months ago +2

    “ armas ship going through your bridge”😂🤣

  • A persun that has a ridiculously long profile name

    7:02 air resistance, probably to fast for what it was made of

  • твой БАТЯ
    твой БАТЯ Year ago +8

    I love to watch Mr. Beast with coffee and a burger in my hands!This is the best blogger in the whole world, I wish him every success for the new year ♥ ️

  • beanso
    beanso Year ago +20

    When Jimmy uploads, I am happy!

  • Jan Laje
    Jan Laje 9 days ago

    Even tho it's a little wet there you still need to be able to grip her 😂😂😂😂

  • Daceluta Milekega
    Daceluta Milekega 7 months ago

    What gets me is the people suing companies for their own stupidity.

  • Dip Hira
    Dip Hira Year ago +17

    5:26 thanks to team trees for saving the day

  • Martin S
    Martin S Year ago

    Was surprised you didn't do a Christmas ep helping people out Jimmy.If you have something planned i apologize in advance. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • Nikko_Melons
    Nikko_Melons Year ago +4

    I love your videos man please keep making my day better ❤️

  • M. KING
    M. KING Year ago +6

    Jimmy and Chris Always Be Entertainers

  • Somebody123AB
    Somebody123AB Year ago

    At this point Chris is the owner of the channel

  • LittleJonny
    LittleJonny Year ago +5

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Mr Beast and all his amazing Fans!! Hope you all enjoy the time with Family and Friends!! 🥳🎁🎅

  • mikes gaming
    mikes gaming Year ago +8

    Damn that guy knows how to get a double kill on those TV's

  • P-Mac
    P-Mac Year ago +2

    I bet the editors have a lot of fun on these videos

  • BedwarHacks
    BedwarHacks Year ago

    Amazing content as always!

  • Eclipse aaterminator

    I love these reactions they make my day so much better