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Nobody Likes This Guy

  • Published on Feb 6, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Thrillseeker video • Meta just killed ...
    This is the greatest bad vr move of All Time
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  • Panzer Man
    Panzer Man Month ago +6459

    10,000 consistent players for multiple years is amazing for any regular game.
    For how inaccessible VR still is for a lot of people, it's a downright miracle for a VR game.

    • Pinhead Larry
      Pinhead Larry 14 days ago


    • Super Boss
      Super Boss Month ago +1

      @Yoshi Egg because it's a roblox vr game

    • Andrew Timothy
      Andrew Timothy Month ago +1

      Its even more impressive if you consider the "high initial cost" to get into VR. You need a decent system and then the VR setup itself

    • vizthex
      vizthex Month ago +2

      for real.
      facebook is becoming an IRL supervillain lol.

    • Bazoobs
      Bazoobs Month ago +3

      Better numbers than Halo Infinite, that's nuts for a VR game.

  • TheColosiss
    TheColosiss Month ago +2552

    3 year old game with over 10,000 players?
    That's literally better than many AAA titles... And to accomplish that as a VR game? WTF?!?!
    That sounds like a *healthy* community that's just waiting to pop!

    • powlow
      powlow 25 days ago

      shhhh you're making too much sense

    • Joe Homer
      Joe Homer 26 days ago

      @Saad You're really going to hold Meta up as an example of people who do understand "How business works"? The company dropped in value by 75% in the space of just over a year. They're tossing cargo off the ship in order to prevent it from sinking, when they ought to be patching holes.

    • Equidistant Honeyjoy
      Equidistant Honeyjoy 27 days ago

      Yeah, that's at the level where they could randomly come back to it with an update and make the community fully resurge into the hundred thousands on word of mouth alone

    • MIGALAX GameGeek
      MIGALAX GameGeek Month ago

      @Tony Redgrave Meta* wich somehow is worst than facebook

    • Tony Redgrave
      Tony Redgrave Month ago +9

      @Saad imagine defending facebook 💀

  • The Richardson's
    The Richardson's Month ago +1522

    I am a member of an Echo Vr VRML team. This announcement was literally made on my birthday, it sucked. I appreciate you so much penguinz0, this could legitimately help us blow this up and get it to a huge audience. Thank you so, so much.

    • EFGgaming
      EFGgaming Month ago +1

      I am too, and this announcement was baffling. As the cocaptain of a VRML team, I see firsthand the dedication of everyone involved. With nearly 20k people in the VRML discord, full lobbies in under generally 30 seconds, this game was so active, it is baffling that they could call this game dead.

    • Sparrow
      Sparrow Month ago +3

      Im so sorry. Ive never heard of this game until now and I dont even have a VR headset. But i still hope you can have your game back ); because this honestly.. sucks

    • The Richardson's
      The Richardson's Month ago +5

      @Flannel teeth thank you, unfortunately this kinda ruined it but we move

    • The Richardson's
      The Richardson's Month ago +6

      @Nxy- dang, that really sucks

    • Nxy-
      Nxy- Month ago +5

      The game shuts down on my friends birthday

  • razorednight
    razorednight Month ago +752

    Boz doesn't want 10,000 people to enjoy something. He wants 10,000,000 people to hate something else. Classic Meta move.

    • Big Gamer
      Big Gamer 24 days ago

      It’s not about entertainment it’s about distraction and manipulation

    • denno
      denno 25 days ago

      is what im trying to get at here

    • denno
      denno 25 days ago

      well "optimization"

    • denno
      denno 25 days ago

      @who telling him not unexpected at all. its meta, no actual passion in that ecosystem. just optimization optimization optimization

    • o o
      o o Month ago +1

      i really struggle to believe that he just made this dumbass desicion because he actually thought 10k players was small, there HAS to be some "replacement " they are planning

  • PlootyLuvsTurtle
    PlootyLuvsTurtle Month ago +292

    i feel so bad for the echo vr community, i couldn’t imagine having my favorite game being murdered in cold blood like that.

    • Dragon
      Dragon 16 days ago +1

      Happened to me. Star Wars galaxies. Sucks man.

    • Tbinvxder
      Tbinvxder 24 days ago

      @jordan is so funny yea

    • Skepperoni
      Skepperoni Month ago +1

      yeah, it sucks man, bosworth has even said that if john was still here then echo would still be alive

    • Tbinvxder
      Tbinvxder Month ago +2

      @DeathlikeSilence damn…

  • Robot Dinosaur
    Robot Dinosaur Month ago +449

    Meta was blessed to have John Carmack. The downgrade from an actual technology wizard to this joker is unbelievable

    • Taylor Stanley
      Taylor Stanley 24 days ago +3

      He left for a reason. Facebook trying to turn VR into the next frontier was a failure and a joke from the outset. A side-gig at best, not the final crescendo. Meta is FINALLY listening to the investors dumping their stock like it's hot lava because for some reason, people don't want to invest in a company that's bleeding money like a waterfall. Nobody should blame Meta for ditching VR, they should blame Meta for trying to sell it as aggressively as they did in the first place. Otherwise it would've been a happy little side-venture of hobbyists doing their own thing.

    • Freindly spice Run
      Freindly spice Run Month ago +11

      @Verociity wow that is... Very sad

    • Verociity
      Verociity Month ago +15

      @Freindly spice Run Carmack left VR entirely to focus on AI. Consumer VR will probably stagnate for a few years now that the hype has cooled down.

    • Freindly spice Run
      Freindly spice Run Month ago +1

      A down grade for one company means an upgrade for another though

    • Verociity
      Verociity Month ago +32

      If they wouldn't even listen to him you know it's all downhill from here, what's worse is they blame anyone but themselves.

  • juances
    juances Month ago +5955

    Meta: "why is our VR push not attracting new users?"
    Also Meta:

    • No Thanks
      No Thanks Month ago

      @Tony Redgrave that’s extortion unless they can prove how they added value to be charging a recurring bill

    • Gavin Kibodeaux
      Gavin Kibodeaux Month ago

      @MyBrothersMario my brother in Christ honesty is important.

    • Diamond 91
      Diamond 91 Month ago

      @MyBrothersMario My brother in Christ, we’re you having fun? If yes than like I won’t judge but responding to those bots is like fueling a fire

    • MyBrothersMario
      MyBrothersMario Month ago

      @Diamond 91 My brother in Christ, sometimes people do things for their own amusement. You should try it sometime.

  • Cade Riggs
    Cade Riggs Month ago +791

    R.I.P. Echo. My most played VR game all time. I met so many absolutely amazing people playing this game, and am so honored to have been apart of this great community. Guess I’ll go play my last games, good luck everyone!

    • CHUM
      CHUM Month ago +1

      who knows i probably met you

    • Cade Riggs
      Cade Riggs Month ago +2

      @Kaneda Duskblade Not everyone is a 10 year old screaming child lol but even with that being the majority, I still had a ton of fun and made some unforgettable memories. So yes, I am honored :)

    • Bing chilling
      Bing chilling Month ago +20

      36 friends I made without a mic those experiences are all just going to be gone now

  • Aevveon
    Aevveon Month ago +302

    He sounds like the type of guy to stare at a lost baby ant in his entrance, talk down to it about how pathetic it is, then killing it and feeling accomplished for the rest of the day

    • Jamez Grimm
      Jamez Grimm Month ago +20

      And also putting food out so the rest of the ants leave the mound and then pours molting Alluminum in the hill. Then telling the ants to stop thinking about themselves.

    • Benson Cheung
      Benson Cheung Month ago +18

      Perfect summarization of his response.

  • Alex Salvador
    Alex Salvador Month ago +140

    It warms my heart to see someone who doesn't have much connection to the Echo VR community standing up for our cause.

    • Benson Cheung
      Benson Cheung Month ago

      42 👍

    • Danny LeClair
      Danny LeClair Month ago +9

      right?! this man always looking out for the smaller communities

  • PerspectivE
    PerspectivE Month ago +90

    could you imagine how different the industry would be if CEOs watched videos like this

    • yaawn
      yaawn Month ago +4

      If boz watched this video, he would have sent a cease and deceit already

    • basil blending the omori plushie
      basil blending the omori plushie Month ago +12

      it wouldn't. they don't give a shit, all they care about is number go up. actually good people at the top are very few and far between in the corporate space because they get chased out of the place before they can get to that rank most of the time and the shitty people get rewarded cause that's how the system is designed to be like, prioritize short term profit.

  • Theo B
    Theo B Month ago +41

    As a VR gamer that doesn't even play Echo, this whole situation is a big blow to the whole VR community because it shows Meta's priorities lie.

    • Super Boss
      Super Boss Month ago +2

      then join the community, if they see the numbers growing after the announceement, they might decidde to keep the servers up

  • AdamM-
    AdamM- Month ago +11056

    Hey, as a member who has been in the Echo VR community since the beginning, I completely agree. This could not be more outrageous because I’ve played video games my whole life and I’ve never come across a game with the perfect mesh of sports and video games, this game made me meet some of my favorite people in this world and I’ve made money off of this game. The game is most definitely not dead. I search for a public match and get one in less than 30 seconds. All that to say I am sad I may be attending my last LAN event this Spring. Thank you for making this Charlie

    • TheCookieFox
      TheCookieFox 6 days ago

      @Ghosted- Since this comment, two people have also made it, RogueOverlord and Jtrain

    • Ghosted-
      Ghosted- 6 days ago

      @TheCookieFox j train might be there at this point idk tho

    • Freddy45
      Freddy45 18 days ago

      @TheCookieFox damn I remember when there’s was only 3 level 51s holy shit, also don’t forget vibinator he’s level 51 in combat making the total 6.

    • Lui Lu
      Lui Lu Month ago

      @EnderLocks I see, who knows maybe we get a second season when everyone clears time on their schedule to argue again

    • EnderLocks
      EnderLocks Month ago

      @Lui Lu nah I won these nerds don’t got nothing on me

  • spoons
    spoons Month ago +13

    The fact how he only talks about numbers is so telling to the true nature behind the decision. All he cares about how much money it’ll make him and to him it’s just not enough. And I don’t think people should be like that should be in charge of creative decisions like this; it’s so upsetting to see people crush everything just because they don’t make enough money off it. Wasn’t aware of this until this video, and my heart goes out to the community for Echo VR. It looks like such a fun game and it’s awful to see such a passionate community get let down by some boz(o) who’s just in it for the money. As someone in the arts, it’s so hard to watch creative projects that are loved by many to be shut down for such selfish and out of touch reasons. If there’s a way we can make a change to this decision, please let me know

    • Matt
      Matt  24 days ago

      There's nothing wrong with wanting a profit. The problem lies when that becomes your whole personality, like you're a zombie to money. Even if I could afford a Lambo, I'm just going to think about that guy that says that you life is wasted and over if you haven't earned one while you're in your 20s. Or that guy that thinks a millionaire is poor. That stuff should be appreciated, and if you worked hard for it, good for you. But to tell someone to be insulted because they could only afford a new Corvette Stingray and not a Bugatti, is not someone that I can get along with. Cardi B stealing wallets because her six figure salary as a stripper couldn't pay the bills, is not a good role model and shouldn't be praised.

  • Sabra Goebel
    Sabra Goebel Month ago +103

    As an ex-Ready at Dawn dev, I know this is devastating news to the team. They were always active in trying to keep new events going and a stream of new content coming in. I don't doubt that Meta has shuttered this to make a talented team work on trying to keep Horizons from drowning, instead of focusing on actually making games. My heart goes out to the team.
    Also, there are the PC stand-alone games that I can't imagine would get pulled down - they don't require online components or a server. Give them a try if you haven't - Lone Echo and Lone Echo2 they're really fantastic VR games.

    • Douglas Quaid
      Douglas Quaid Month ago +4

      Lone echo is one of my favourite VR games of all time. Thank you

    • EvilLefty
      EvilLefty Month ago +3

      Easy answer, just replace Horizons with Echo

    • Arctica Frostbite
      Arctica Frostbite Month ago +4

      Lone Echo was a fantastic game thank you for your work on it.

    • Kyle Stein
      Kyle Stein Month ago +6

      I would love to play Lone Echo but I can't imagine buying anything from the Oculus store.

  • Joshua Nguyen
    Joshua Nguyen Month ago +30

    Im a aviation major. Been a fan of moist for a while. Just had my first flight a few weeks ago. Thank you charles

    • HeadersPBJ
      HeadersPBJ Month ago +1

      Good job man, hope you enjoy your career :)

    • Regann
      Regann Month ago +3


  • Covvee
    Covvee Month ago +57

    Charlie, thank you for seeing us and hearing us. This means a lot to the community and our cause. Thank you

    • Covvee
      Covvee 28 days ago

      @Coolit123 oh hey coolit

    • Coolit123
      Coolit123 Month ago +3

      Hi Covvee :)

  • Froggerdog
    Froggerdog Month ago +35

    I played Echo Combat when it released and immediately joined the weekly community tournaments and made a team. It was really the first game I ever got competitive in and I haven't really since. It's truly been the single best multiplayer experience of my life. It's the perfect combination of concept, execution, medium (VR), and art style. Being in that game was like a second body and felt as intuitive as my own real body. The way you moved about zero g space was just sublime. It if weren't locked by oculus and were on steam it really would have blown up sky high.

  • eowenb9
    eowenb9 Month ago +2082

    10:19 “He pumps ads to kids on Facebook and now shuts down games people like” chat calling him “corpo slime” is one of the most accurate insults in history.

  • Ender
    Ender Month ago +27

    I used to play this a lot, not in games, but in the lobby. The community was so nice which is surprising since I was young and my voice was squeaky. It’s really a shame.

  • BlueVanga
    BlueVanga Month ago +25

    The fact that this dude worked for Vector Marketing is a huge red flag

  • SwatKO
    SwatKO Month ago +25

    I have even more respect for Charlie now! Echo VR is by far one of my favorite vr games ever!

  • GoingAFK
    GoingAFK Month ago +11

    Thank you Charlie as you bring this to light. One of my favourite games being destroyed for no reason

  • Criegrrunov
    Criegrrunov  Month ago +5

    This is the Big Boss of our timeline and he still is the man who sold the world.

  • ZRedCon
    ZRedCon Month ago +413

    Saying “The player base was only in the tens of thousands” is just the gaming equivalent to the ol’ “Small loan of one million dollars” quote.

    • Tbot2
      Tbot2 25 days ago +2

      @mr.kitloin Yeah without a doubt, I play dead by daylight which has like 30-50k players average. They made like 100 million last year in revenue would he shut that shit down just cause its in the mid to low ten thousands lmao

    • mr.kitloin
      mr.kitloin Month ago +62

      Seriously being in the “tens of thousands” already places it higher than most vr games and in the top 100 for monthly steam users

  • Sloth-_-
    Sloth-_- Month ago +8

    I have been playing echo for 4 years, and when they announced this shutdown, I- I didn’t even know what to do, I had spent over 1,00 hours in this game, over $200 on the game. And for all of this to be taken away broke my heart. But with you helping our cause we might be able to do something about this!!!
    Thank you from me and the entire Echo VR community

  • InducedPsychosis
    InducedPsychosis Month ago +8

    Hi Charlie, I used to play this game in a master league in a top team. Really really sad to see it shutting down after I take a break from it. This is one of the most fun games I have ever played. Crazy. Thanks for getting the info out there.

  • David Z
    David Z Month ago +8

    Wtf that was one of the best free vr games, it gave you a lot of freedom and trying to master the mechanics of the game was super fun

  • Jany’s_Brother_Official

    I just started playing this game because I got an oculus for christmas. I’ve got to say it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. The community is amazing and the love for the game is off the charts from the users still playing. I really hope that there is a way we can keep the game alive because Echo VR is that game that I go to when I don’t know what to do.

  • Iron Shovel
    Iron Shovel Month ago +4

    Thank you so much for talking about this. Echo VR was definitely not a dead game and it had room to grow even larger as the VR space grows

  • FatCatAshes
    FatCatAshes Month ago +1774

    Boz seems like the guy to make an entire game about watching as much ads as possible and calling it a sport after killing an entire sport

    • FatCatAshes
      FatCatAshes Month ago +1

      @Indra Jesus calm down with the time stamps bro these timestamps arent free samples your giving away at costco

    • Indra
      Indra Month ago

      9:47 9:57 9: 10:33

    • Indra
      Indra Month ago


    • Indra
      Indra Month ago


    • Crystal Lynn
      Crystal Lynn Month ago +2

      Sadly I think you just predicted the future

  • VacuousSaturn
    VacuousSaturn Month ago +2

    I remember back when I got a quest 2, echo vr was one of the first games I tried. I went through the tutorial, realized that the game wasn’t exactly for me, but went into the lobby anyway to explore. For the next couple of hours, I just played and joked around with the people there and had one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in vr to this day. I truly mourn the fact that others who are new to vr won’t have that same warm and fun introduction to it all.

  • Abasnail Playz
    Abasnail Playz Month ago +3

    I couldn’t help but be pretty upset about all of this, since I know a good bit about VR, and also watch ThrillSeeker when I have the time to. But I’m also surprised Charlie watches ThrillSeeker as well tbh.
    I spend a lot of time with friends in VR, and I genuinely have been thinking about starting to play Echo VR more often recently, but all of a sudden, this ends up happening.
    Echo VR is one of the first games that pop up as soon as you open the Oculus Menu/App, and it’s one of the biggest spaces in VR at the moment, even with the game being 3 years old. So the fact that this is all happening by some guy that only works for ads, is insane.
    Honestly? We can only hope that this doesn’t turn out to be a complete disaster

  • A T
    A T Month ago +3

    This is so great to see this covered by a big news source!!! We were so devastated to hear this news and this will only help!!!

  • PredatoryPickle
    PredatoryPickle Month ago

    seeing you point this out made my day. as a daily echo player this has hit extremely hard

  • yellow blue and green lines

    I've been grinding this game for over a year. I couldn't believe it when I saw critical covering this. I always try to get people to see how amazing this game is. Glad the name is getting spread even though it's getting shut down.

  • Nxblex
    Nxblex Month ago +5407

    When I seen the title I didn’t like the guy either

    • C-Rey
      C-Rey 5 days ago

      saw* but nice try

    • Brittaney Nasers
      Brittaney Nasers Month ago +1

      He tells you guys what to think and you’ll adopt his opinions because it’s cool

    • marxistnazi
      marxistnazi Month ago

      He looks like a beta Vladimir Lenin

    • Turbo Buttons
      Turbo Buttons Month ago

      @Bruh...... That's the joke.

  • Snakey
    Snakey Month ago +3

    This justifies my train of thought that John Carmack was the only reason to have hope for Meta.

  • Paul G.
    Paul G. Month ago +8

    "He doesn't get out of bed if there isn't a threesome waiting for him when he stands up", had me dying 🤣 😂🤣

  • Scarce_
    Scarce_ Month ago +3

    I'm absolutely so sad because of this, echo was my first vr game I took seriously, it brand the esports leagues to me and I've been playing in it for the past 2-3 years I'm so sad

  • n0vel
    n0vel Month ago +1

    Ive been playing Echo VR for a long time, and you making this video means a lot to me and probably a lot of other people. So, thanks for this lol

  • Verociity
    Verociity Month ago +1

    The VR community is small but passionate, any attention we can bring to this mess gives us a chance of saving Echo, but Boz' ego probably won't back down.

  • Mochii
    Mochii Month ago +2089

    Thank you for talking about this. My friends and I were planning to go into VRML next season and this just randomly happened. I think Bosworth is very wrong for this. He just took a game out of so many people’s hands and he’s just tearing down all the community’s work. There is so much people who spent so much money on this game for it all to go to waste, and all the people who spent hours perfecting their craft must feel horrible. All I want to say is just thank you for covering the situation.

  • Bullish life
    Bullish life Month ago +2

    My respects for Penguinz0 🙏🏼😇 you’re a legend fam thank you from all the VR community for making this vid 🤩

  • Cheese _Man
    Cheese _Man Month ago +4

    I love that he is educated about vr even tho it’s not his main thing. Most people don’t know anything about vr but he really seems to know his way around the industry

  • NBear50
    NBear50 Month ago +3

    The collab we didn’t know we needed, love thrill and this channel

  • mrredcoat
    mrredcoat Month ago +2

    Echo vr used to easily be my favorite vr game a couple months ago and i always appreciated how active the community (no matter how many squeakers were there). so sad to see this go and now im afraid of meta taking away other games that i play on oculus. scary time to be a vr fan

  • Mage Chartreux
    Mage Chartreux 5 days ago

    Literally none of the 'first times' Charlie mentioned are in my memory bank. I even went and asked my ex about our first kiss (also my very very very first kiss) and he was so nondescript about it that I might as well have been reading Wattpad fanfiction about some characters I'd never heard of.

  • TreeMunky
    TreeMunky Month ago +712

    Boz is like the antagonist from Ready Player One where he's talking about how much screen can have advertising before causing seizures

    • Niggo 1337
      Niggo 1337 Month ago +1

      @Reinhartes ohh I remember, I've seen the movie but couldn't connect it.

    • JJAB91
      JJAB91 Month ago +1

      He worked at Vector Marketing, all this is unsurprising.

    • thy Cheese Purger
      thy Cheese Purger Month ago +1


    • Reinhartes
      Reinhartes Month ago +6

      @Niggo 1337 They're the bad guys in Ready Player Onr

    • Niggo 1337
      Niggo 1337 Month ago +1

      @DoubleRBlaxican what does IOI mean?

  • HFBeal
    HFBeal Month ago +1

    Dude THANK YOU for sharing thrill’s take and spotlighting this 🙏

  • Ryuudachi Kashiroi
    Ryuudachi Kashiroi 8 hours ago

    Imagine the last quest on Echo VR just popped up just before the shut down and it's about fighting back the evil mastermind behind Echo VR where all the players must fight hand in hand with each other to push back the shutdown, live event style.

  • Arehzi
    Arehzi Month ago

    Just earned a sub. Thank you for making a video on this i’ve been playing echo for a long time this means a lot to the community.

  • RazzBarry
    RazzBarry Month ago +1

    charlie this video means so much i love this game and its the only game i play and its an injustice that they have the audacity to do this, with a platform as big as yours they cant ignore this anymore and the situation will only grow.

  • Mr Briteside
    Mr Briteside Month ago

    The best thing about Charlie is he just puts what you need to know right there in the beginning so if I'm strapped for time or get interrupted in the middle of the vid i'm good

  • Mike Stavola
    Mike Stavola Month ago +319

    This dude made me go from "I want to use modern VR, but meta makes it uncomfortable," to, "oh HELL no, I'm never using another meta product again."

    • Mike Stavola
      Mike Stavola Month ago

      @Headless Zombie sad, but mostly true. Though using a cell phone in a pair of goggles has fallen out of favor, but you can still use Google cardboard.

    • jay
      jay Month ago +1

      @Headless Zombie ok but the quest is not even remotely close to being the best vr, not even close. also, just buy a quest 2 then lol, I have one, it's awesome, love it, don't care that it's from meta, everything we own comes from massive corporations that don't give a rats ass about us, facebook is no different

    • duolingo The fourth
      duolingo The fourth Month ago

      Tell me why bro looks like the iron monger tho

    • Auranos
      Auranos Month ago

      Just another added to the list. Never buying a product from Tesla, never buying a product from Meta.

  • Farlayy
    Farlayy Month ago

    Echo VR is consistently the most fun VR game I have ever played. Each time I’ve played I never wanted to stop.

  • Theodore Hodbor
    Theodore Hodbor Month ago +1

    If Meta is treading water so bad to the point they have to cut Echo in order to stay afloat then I genuinely believe they are doomed at this point.

  • Emperor Bartu
    Emperor Bartu Month ago +1

    He's trying to save humanity from self distribution by VR AIs

  • Tadhg Ivors
    Tadhg Ivors Month ago

    Loved playing this game, sad to see it go especially like this damn

  • Carlomaster 1O5
    Carlomaster 1O5 29 days ago +1

    Boz: We shut this game down so we can attract 10 mil people to our new projects
    Meta: We just GOT LEGS
    Boz: Why are we losing users?

  • Palidore
    Palidore Month ago +1235

    As one of the very first Echo Arena players from back in 2017, and as someone who's watched you before you even did a face reveal, holy crap, thank you so much for giving this visibility. I've been gaming my entire life, and I can say that games and communities like Echo Arena are one in a million. The base is ridiculously dedicated and passionate, and it's become so much more than a game to us. It's seriously become a home, a family, and a sanctuary to thousands of us, who've been playing it for an upwards of 6 years now (going back to PC release). The main comp league alone has ~4000 active users across hundreds of teams. Last year alone, I went to ~10 Echo LANs+meetups across the country. This game and community saved my life, and saved so many others. Now we want to do all we can to return the favor, and save it. Thank you, cr1tikal.

    • Broofy-
      Broofy- Month ago


    • Timemaster111
      Timemaster111 Month ago

      Pali 🙏

    • Carlos Fierro
      Carlos Fierro Month ago

      @Roronoa Zorook.... 😂
      Seems like your an A.I.
      How do we know you wrote what you posted?

    • Carlos Fierro
      Carlos Fierro Month ago

      @Astro I bet Dr. Suess books are more your speed. 😂

  • ReddyUp
    ReddyUp Month ago

    Nice to see TS on the channel, my go-to for VR stuff since I've been a fan of VR for a decade now.

  • brandon chappell
    brandon chappell Month ago

    Thanks for giving thrill a shout out. He's the best when it comes to vr news

  • Flamehazard AOZ
    Flamehazard AOZ Month ago

    Echo VR was truly a one of a kind game and I truly loved my time with it

  • Connor Dean
    Connor Dean Month ago

    I hadn’t heard about this game prior to this video and I just watched some gameplay. My god it looks like so much fun

  • Sm0kei
    Sm0kei Month ago

    im so glad people are bringing this up, i never knew so many people would actually care but yes people are noticing this! this was my favourite vr game and still is until its gone. its not gonna effect me as much as others but it'll be sad to see it go.

  • Pilgrim
    Pilgrim Month ago +848

    I'm surprised Charlie keeps tabs on the VR community and even knows who Thrill is

    • Kareem Almond
      Kareem Almond Month ago +3

      someone donated $40 telling him to cover the game that’s why he knows about it, otherwise people who don’t play vr have no clue about this game

    • Adrian_Ricky
      Adrian_Ricky Month ago

      He doesn’t keep tabs on anything his chat Problaby tells him most of the things he posts about🤷‍♂️

    • ReddyUp
      ReddyUp Month ago +1

      @RukitoMikuTochi exactly what I was trying to get at, I just did a bad job at expressing myself so thanks for saying what needed to be said lol

    • MuxDePux
      MuxDePux Month ago


    • Erik Osburn
      Erik Osburn Month ago +6

      @RukitoMikuTochi You completely lost me after your second paragraph. Idk if I'm high, or if it's because of your weird and sporadic capitalization, but your entire point kind of fell apart fast. But solely tackling the first two paragraphs;
      He's definitely not mainstream. Generally, being mainstream means most people would recognize his name if he were mentioned in conversation. (Definition: Mainstream - "the ideas, attitudes, or activities that are regarded as normal or conventional; the dominant trend in opinion, fashion, or the arts." Is he dominant trend in that particular category? Yes. Is following him considered normal or conventional for the average person you talk to? No. Therefore, not mainstream.) Thrill might be big in the VR scene, but most people aren't going to know about a 660k Clip-Sharer off-hand. Hell, most people nowadays don't even recognize 1-5 million sub channels. I've noticed, at least in my experience, most people only really know about those channels in the 10 million+ range.
      Also, being in the mainstream doesn't always equate to success, so I'm not sure why you seemed to take so much offense to the idea of him being a niche content creator. That many subscribers is definitely considered success by most people, but in the reverse way of what I mentioned earlier; being successful doesn't always mean being in the mainstream.
      Hell, VR itself isn't mainstream, why would a VR *Clip-Sharer* be more mainstream than the entire hobby itself?

  • Mortal SNO
    Mortal SNO Month ago

    Echo VR was the first vr game I ever played when I got a quest for Christmas or my birthday (such a long time ago I can't remember which) and Ihaven't played it in years but I can't believe it's being shut down, it looked like such a good game and the few dozen games I'd played were really enjoyable even though I was just figuring out how to move around and throw stuff. I hope somehow the game can be saved and if not this will be a really sad loss :(

  • Shea Mertens
    Shea Mertens Month ago

    This was one of the few VR games I actually enjoyed playing. I literally have no reason to keep my headset lmao. L8r Meta

  • Catchierduck553
    Catchierduck553 14 days ago +1

    I love when Charlie’s dog is goofing off

  • Brayden Sheltz
    Brayden Sheltz Month ago

    Lot of respect for Charlie for this

  • PianoLogic
    PianoLogic Month ago +1

    You're correct on him having to be disliked, one of my buddies works in meta, he was able to get the lowdown on the meeting after this guy got hired. Facebook / meadow wanted to go in and more lucrative direction and get two more people, and they expect him to be hated so the rest of them are not while they make the changes that they had been working on anyways

  • Tajee_y
    Tajee_y Month ago +160

    It’s amazing how every company these days manages to pick the decision that gets rid of their consumers

    • brosk1s
      brosk1s Month ago +22

      @Tina Are you for real? Meta's CTO graduated from university 19 years ago, but of course, everyone and their mother blames the world's shortcomings on the youngest generations casually disregarding the role they had themselves in shaping the present.

    • Tina
      Tina Month ago +4

      Have you seen the product of colleges now-a-days? It's no wonder...

  • Bidofut
    Bidofut Month ago

    thank you for boosting this game, more people need to know about this

  • Jonah.H
    Jonah.H Month ago

    I met a dev team on echo, and they genuinely seemed so exited to work in there game. I have spent countless hours on that game, I was even apart of the vrml team. And I thank you Charlie this might be able to help even slightly

    • Reactiontime6000
      Reactiontime6000 Month ago

      Slightly? That’s two million views on an echo vr video

  • Aaron
    Aaron Month ago

    Been playing echo vr for 2+ years consistently and this video made me love Charlie even more than before

  • ThatGreenGuy
    ThatGreenGuy Month ago

    2:08 is my new all-time favorite Moist™ quote.

  • Molly Kennedy
    Molly Kennedy Month ago

    Crazy how this game is getting recognized. I’ve been playing since it came out in 2018

  • Cyonu
    Cyonu Month ago +67

    "only 10k players so I shut it down"
    Metaverse having 10 players: 😭

  • Gabriel Pelegrini
    Gabriel Pelegrini Month ago +2

    The cease and desist to fan private servers are so mean. This is like as if you were to bake a cake your grandma used to make but doesn't anymore, and then she breaks into your house and trashes it because it was her recipe not yours.

  • Rey Luna
    Rey Luna Month ago

    This got the whole VR community up with pitchforks and torches

  • Zappr
    Zappr Month ago

    If anybody wants more info on this go watch ThrillSeeker’s newest videos. This is a very unfortunate situation that hurts a lot of people in the diehard community that most likely would have continued to play that game for years and years.

  • Jake The Barcode
    Jake The Barcode Month ago +1

    Thrill seeker went from making a parody of Charlie’s song to being talked about in a video by the moist man himself, nice

  • Vanhooza
    Vanhooza Month ago

    The way Moist said I have an antagonist lol. Id be shaking in my boots

  • Marzian
    Marzian Month ago +669

    I've been playing echo arena for 4 years now. To say I'm experienced with the game is an understatement. This game is like no other. The movement alone is completely different than the standard and it really is a showcase on how great VR games can be especially at VRML Esports level. On behalf of the echo community, Thank you for bringing this to the light.

    • Did ⸜⁄
      Did ⸜⁄ Month ago

      *Im better than penguinz0, my content is better* 😂

    • BilboSoap
      BilboSoap Month ago +1

      Played it for about the same time you have and I completely agree

    • Ash Roskell
      Ash Roskell Month ago +1

      Maybe you should write to Boz and ask him, “Have you seen the numbers for Meta’s other projects lately?” By his logic, Mark Zuckerberg’s favourite projects would have been shut down 3 years ago and the Zuck would have been shown the door!

    • M1Germsy
      M1Germsy Month ago +6

      @EagleScout 2019 didnt play it but like 5 times with my friends. But It was one of the most immersive games on the platform. To see it go away is really sad. It makes no sense either cause the few times I did play the lobbies where full. But it really sucks for the people who dedicated years to it the most. I hate most of their changes anyways one being the shit new name. Oculus was such a more badass name. What do cooperations care about us anyways.

    • BuddyBlank
      BuddyBlank Month ago +6

      @YeaManI don’t believe you

  • Makayla
    Makayla Month ago

    Anyone else always fold their laundry while listening to his videos? 😂

  • Andres Palomino
    Andres Palomino Month ago +1

    I feel like this is a way to get attention to it to see if they can get more people to the game first. Outrage is the best marketing these days

  • msfnxy
    msfnxy Month ago

    I played echo a lot during quarantine and even played some VRML (the comp league) and I loved the community, I had made so many friends (and some enemies cause there's toxic kids). I will miss the game and it is gonna be VERY hard to let it go, rip echo
    I just wanna give an edit, when the announcement came out I was in the discord vc and they said nothing about this not even to one of their top mods (hasko)

  • Maria souza
    Maria souza Month ago +2

    So Meta's new strategy is killing the competition, so they can be the only VR around, huh 😐

  • Michael Mullaney
    Michael Mullaney Month ago +1

    I think Zuck put this guy in the spotlight so people stop laughing at him for a change

  • CTZN
    CTZN Month ago +948

    I’ve played this game since i was 12-13. I’m now 17. This game has been apart of my life for a very long time. I’ve made money and played at the highest level for years. Truly heartbreaking seeing greed and stupidity at a giant corporation like Meta. Thanks for the coverage Charlie, the Echo community loves you!

    • ThatFilmer
      ThatFilmer Month ago

      @drahcir renreb your name sounds like a harry potter spell don't talk to me

    • Mr
      Mr Month ago

      Those were the glory days bro

    • Myrthe Meijer
      Myrthe Meijer Month ago +1

      @Alo Aloings damn bro, you acting like people can't play games as a hobby and still go outside

    • Don't Read My Profile Picture
      Don't Read My Profile Picture Month ago

      Don't read my name

    • drahcir renreb
      drahcir renreb Month ago +3

      @ThatFilmer stop being offended.

  • goose
    goose Month ago

    Probably not gonna replace my broken headset now. That game was absolutely amazing and one of the only reasons I played VR

  • aceofspades
    aceofspades Month ago

    my friend is on a VR Echo league and was telling me about this. I didn’t know much about it but now that I’ve heard about it, I couldn’t be more frustrated 💀

  • SniffyTugBoat
    SniffyTugBoat Month ago +1

    "I love that tens of thousands of people love this thing so deeply, but also fuck them, not enough people love this thing."

  • Geo
    Geo Month ago

    Damn I didn’t think critikal would cover echo shutting down , it’s been one of my favourite vr games for a year and I’m so sad they’re shutting it down

  • Willowfy
    Willowfy Month ago

    This reminds me of the D&D/Hasbro situation. It all comes down to out of touch suits making decisions based solely on profits.

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B Month ago +643

    I dont pay attention to basically anything that happens on the internet, but am always happy to hear Big Charles explain it to me in an entertaining and concise way

    • Kevin B
      Kevin B Month ago

      @Ok - I just got to the video early and had been thinking that for a while
      Have never said that on any video before in my life

    • Fat
      Fat Month ago +1

      Just quit talking/ interacting with bots (like @ing them) it gives them more recognition
      YT really needs to fix this

    • Sigma's Melody
      Sigma's Melody Month ago

      @Ok I know but bro is posting it on every comment

    • Ok
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      @Sigma's Melody It's a comment posted 4 minutes after the video was posted, it's just a copy and paste to get those juicy youtube upvote points.

    • Waterworks
      Waterworks Month ago

      It's actually Huge Charles

  • ChaseChippy
    ChaseChippy Month ago

    Thank you so much for getting some more eyes on this, Charlie.

  • TrueForYou
    TrueForYou Month ago

    Wow, I mean, I don't play VR anymore, but this was my favorite game when I did play. They really know how to get their users to hate them.

  • Robb
    Robb Month ago +1

    he looks like he's definately roofied a drink or two in his time