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The Legend of Vox Machina 1x1 - RENEGADES REACT "The Terror of Tal'Dorei - Part 1"


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  • Nick the Dreamer
    Nick the Dreamer 10 months ago +181

    "Looks like he's the Intelligence 1 character."
    Technically, Grog has an Intelligence of 6. He knows what he's doing. ;P

  • jamasunda
    jamasunda 10 months ago +95

    Fun fact, Grog’s loud burp was actually made by mixing Marisha Ray’s (Keyleth) and Laura Bailey’s (Vex) belches.

  • Colin Adams
    Colin Adams 10 months ago +68

    The first two episodes were written for the show, to help show off what the characters are like.
    From episode three going forward, you can find on their livestreams from 24 onward.

    • H Hylobates
      H Hylobates 10 months ago +4

      @Colin Adams I mean you were mostly right; the only things kept that resemble what we know of the home game are the second fight with the blue dragon, and who it is. Everything else -the dragon destroying villages, the tavern brawl and party fall out, meeting the council and most of the scenes from the next episode - we're written for the show.

    • Colin Adams
      Colin Adams 10 months ago +6

      @Coran Baker Ah, missed that bit. Thank you for correcting me.

    • Coran Baker
      Coran Baker 10 months ago +14

      Well actually, the first two episodes are events from the pre-stream game, and are necessary since they set up a central plot point.

  • gabthegreat01
    gabthegreat01 10 months ago +72

    Guys, y’all are in for a *GLORIOUS* ride!

  • Haku 81
    Haku 81 10 months ago +55

    Grog has an intelligence of 6.
    Yeah, not a master strategist.
    This is an adaptation of their campaign, it is not a one to one. They're not dumb enough to do that, DO NOT just turn a DnD campaign into a show, it DOESN'T work.
    This arc is actually from BEFORE they were doing Critical Role. Due to a number of reasons I'll not get into here they do this first then skip chronologically over 20 episodes of their show. So it's quite different in that respect. After this it goes into what's called the Briarwood Arc, which is where most people say is where they really got into their groove. But yeah this particular arc took place before the streams when it was still a Pathfinder game, and it was GOING to be the entire show, just like a couple episodes to show this bit. Then the kickstarter EXPLODED and they're like "Shit guess we're doing the entire Briarwood arc" then Amazon picked it up and they're like "Shit guess we're doing a season two!"
    So the overall story is the same, but the details are different. The actual first mission they show on stream is a mission for Allura, the blonde woman that took them to the town on the skyship, to go and find Lady Kima, the dwarf that was with the council, in a place called Kraghammer. Yeah that's not shown in this series.

    • VioletMaeve
      VioletMaeve 10 months ago

      I still want more adaptations into a show, even if its not a one to one. Their live streams are typically longer and me not having an easy time imagining the scenes; games and animations I thrive and vibe with. If they decide to do a series within their worlds that's just adaptations of the story and keep the most funniest parts, then I'll love it. Like Campaign 2.

    • magp1001
      magp1001 10 months ago +3

      Actually, there's another legal issue with the Kraghammer arc. It's all mind flayers and beholders, both of which are copywritten by D&D; they'd have to get special licensing.

    • Haku 81
      Haku 81 10 months ago +2

      @republicazi32 It probably has relation to Orion, yes, but the lack of Tiberious can be easily worked around for the Kraghammer arc.
      More likely they wanted to start with the most well renowned segment of their first campaign, namely the Briarwoods, because it's their best foot forward. If you're gonna make a whole ass animated series, start it off with a bang. And boy did they.
      The only reason the stream starts in Kraghammer, is cause that's where they left off naturally. Animated series can start with it damn well pleases. There's a LOT before getting to the Briarwoods, and none of it really dives all that deeply into any of the specific members of Vox Machina. Really the more important character aspects don't hit home until, what do ya know? The Briarwood arc, and then the Chroma Conclave arc. Even if Orion was still around, I think they'd still begin at the Briarwood arc.

    • FourEye
      FourEye 10 months ago

      @republicazi32 You can say his name here you know; the subreddit Gestapo mods can't reach you here. Orion Acaba retained the rights to his characters when he left g&s. If they wanted to include him, and they quite understandably didn't, then they would have to license the character or some such nonsense.
      Basically yeah.

    • republicazi32
      republicazi32 10 months ago +4

      Are they doing it that way to avoid having to work around a certain person who shall go nameless from the first 25 or so episodes who left in not so good terms?

  • TheGohanSkywalker
    TheGohanSkywalker 10 months ago +25

    Few facts about the campaign to series shift:
    1. The story arc of the first two episodes was welded on and is originally from non-streamed home games. The dragon was also made a full adult for dramatic and story reasons when it was originally a juvenile.
    2. The group wasn't originally called Vox Machina, that came in later. They were originally called the SHITs, an abbreviation for...something that I've forgotten right now.
    3. There was originally another member of the group, a dragonborn sorcerer. However he's been left out of the series due to...creative issues with his player, among other things.

  • Joel Pearson
    Joel Pearson 10 months ago +16

    FYI you can disable autoplay, which allows you to let the credits roll without panicking and looking for the tiny cancel button.

  • Katy Harford
    Katy Harford 10 months ago +21

    dudes, this serious is absolutely the most beautiful thing to ever come out this year for all the good reasons!!

  • Chris Riley
    Chris Riley 10 months ago +8

    Bidet (the greeting us Critters use,) Renegades. I'm so excited to see you guys get to it. The first season is 12 episodes and season 2 is TBA.
    Welcome to the fandom!

  • RomanceFreak
    RomanceFreak 10 months ago +2

    23:35 Speaking from one who is watching the first campaign currently, not only did they have the film writers make it flow better, but they had to make a lot of cuts of the story due to their friend Orion Acaba (who plays Tiberius Stormwind, a dragon sorcerer, in the original campaign) leaving the group after episode 26 for certain reasons. He's in a better place of mind from what I've last heard and Critical Role wished him nothing but the best.

  • iKvetch
    iKvetch 10 months ago +3

    At 22:15 or so, regarding Grog's low intelligence score...others have already noted the actual number. However, take note that several other members of Vox Machina also have a very low ability score in something, and I am not just talking about Trinket the Bear's "animal" stats. As you watch, see if you can spot the other low ability scores, and see if you can figure out who has them and which ones they are. LOL

  • Jack Mack
    Jack Mack 10 months ago +10

    12:28 announce your presence with authority with a BRAP

  • FriendlyGoromorg
    FriendlyGoromorg 10 months ago +7

    Was wondering if/when you guys would get to this. Was not disappointed.

  • Broccoli Ben
    Broccoli Ben 10 months ago +2

    I started watching C3 and caught up, so I decided to go back and begin with their first campaign. This episode and I believe the next few are from before they started streaming their games. I’m currently on C1 episode 33 and am loving all of the tension and plot twists. It’s honestly shocking how lucky they are

  • Coran Baker
    Coran Baker 10 months ago +5

    16 isn't bad for initiative, but don't forget to add your dexterity modifier Nate.

  • RandomNPC
    RandomNPC 10 months ago

    honestly, I would love to see you all play a DnD one shot or even a full on campaign.

  • Chill Will
    Chill Will 10 months ago

    It reminds me of Invincible, The Witcher, and obviously D&D. I love The fact that Grog is voiced by Travis Willingham (The VA for Thor).

  • Cory Bishop
    Cory Bishop 10 months ago

    Enjoying your reaction to the show. I've watched the season and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sidebar: Dude on the left is giving me serious Patton Oswalt vibes.

  • Oxxykitten
    Oxxykitten 10 months ago +2

    I am so excited you all are reacting to this!!!

  • Debrutsid Eno
    Debrutsid Eno 10 months ago

    Episode 1&2 are pre-stream and for the animated show really is meant to introduce the characters to those unfamiliar with the Critical Role twitch stream.
    Episode 3 is when the story follows the D&D twitch stream. When they started the stream their characters were already level 9. It’s also when things really kickoff.

  • iKvetch
    iKvetch 10 months ago

    Hey...there is a channel called JudgementFish that has episode by episode videos that take moments from the show and compare them to the moments they are based on in the original campaign....I definitely recommend them highly to see how the show is adapted from the 5e play on the live stream.

  • William Mlenar
    William Mlenar 10 months ago +1

    I love this show so much.

  • BlueEyesMaste
    BlueEyesMaste 10 months ago +18

    At 11:48 You can see A Matt NPC lookalike. There’s one in every episode so keep your eyes out!

    • Corvacks
      Corvacks 10 months ago

      @BlueEyesMaste they get rarer as the episodes go on, but they admitted in one of the watch parties, he is not in every one

    • BlueEyesMaste
      BlueEyesMaste 10 months ago

      @Corvacks Which episode do you say doesn’t have one?

    • Corvacks
      Corvacks 10 months ago

      The mpc is not in every episode

    • Mercure250
      Mercure250 10 months ago +4

      I saw someone else call them "MPCs"

  • Daniel Randolph
    Daniel Randolph 10 months ago +8

    It's pronounced Tah-luh-sen Jah-fee.

  • TheDarkDiaz
    TheDarkDiaz 10 months ago

    YES! Vox Machina is a great show!

  • Technology is evil very evil

    Yesssss, I was hoping you would react to this.

  • Melting_Pot
    Melting_Pot 10 months ago

    This is midway their campaign, it starts around level 9
    vax, short for Vaxildan, Rogue assassin halfelf, played by Liam O'Brian, best known role possibly Gaara from Naruto.
    Vex, short for Vexhalia, his twin, halfelfven Beastmaster Ranger, played by Laura Bailey, who shares a birthday with Liam, hence the idea for their twin characters (the campaign actually started out as a 1 time game run by Mercer for Liam's birthday).
    Grog, Goliath Berserker Barbarian, played by Travis Willingham, who plays Thor in most media and is Laura's husband.
    Pike, war domain cleric gnome, played by Ashley Johnson.
    Scanlan Shorthalt, Gnome bard, college of lore, played by Sam Riegel, most active as a voice director, but also played roles such as Donatello in the TMNT and others. IRL best friend of Liam O'Brian
    Percy, short for Percival (and that's just his first name), human gunslinger fighter (homebrewed into DnD5e from a pathfinder class).. Played by child actor Taliesin Jaffe turned voice actor with roles such as the Flash and others
    Keyleth, halfelven druid, circle of the moon, played by Marisha Ray, who has voiced a lot of minor characters in a lot of things
    Trinket: bear companion to Vexhalia, played by Matt Mercer who also plays Silas Briarwood and a slew of other bit part. his likeness appears in each episode, sometimes heavily disguised. he and Marisha are also a married couple

  • Dominic Kolb
    Dominic Kolb 10 months ago

    "Sub-brick intelligence with the linguistic skills of a man missing his tongue" 😂 I'm a Magic the Gathering guy, not D&D, but that joke plays on any field

  • Thomas Humphreys
    Thomas Humphreys 10 months ago +1

    Ashley was in the first avengers movie, she was the waitress near the end

  • JJ Smith
    JJ Smith 8 months ago

    This is why I love Amazon made shows.
    They don't give a fuck about gore, they take it up to a 10 then crank it to a 11.

  • Eimi Signo
    Eimi Signo 10 months ago

    This encounter wasn't actually their first. There were several years of play that happened before they began streaming. At the start of streaming, the characters were already level 9. This dragon fight happened pre-stream, but was actually years into the campaign. I wish they had used season 1 to tell a more extensive backstory, but they chose to only show this one incident, as it was an important moment for the story going forward.

  • Joel Pearson
    Joel Pearson 10 months ago +2

    Best D&D show ever

  • Benjamin Chapman
    Benjamin Chapman 10 months ago +2

    Fuck yeah, you guys are in for a treat!

  • Joe Nathan
    Joe Nathan 10 months ago

    Yo, please do the dnd video. I would watch ya'll play that

  • Orlen-FoxBatinaHat
    Orlen-FoxBatinaHat 13 days ago

    I meam Records of Lodoss' war was a TTRPG played in Japan by its creators.
    So was The Slayers. So anime exosts based on d&d like campaigns already with amazing stories.

  • ac Wolf
    ac Wolf 10 months ago +1

    Some of the names from the campaign had to changed for the show due to copyrights.

  • Valderag
    Valderag 9 months ago

    So the general in the first 2 episodes is voiced by David Tennant

  • Lenny
    Lenny 10 months ago

    Speaking of Ashley Johnson y'all should watch Infinity Train if you haven't. Great animated show in league with things like Gravity Falls and OTGW

  • Zachary Ratcliff
    Zachary Ratcliff 10 months ago

    You guys should react to the creation of Batman who laughs

  • Fly Craps
    Fly Craps 10 months ago +1

    I did not know this show was based on critical role damn.

  • CTOONfan1
    CTOONfan1 10 months ago

    The first two episodes are pre-stream campaign material, so there's no actual footage of this part of the story.

  • VioletMaeve
    VioletMaeve 10 months ago +1

    I hope when they get to the 2nd episode that all of the funniest parts of this is based on their rolls during the initial DnD session. Like for example to make the prayer, I remember it being a roll that didn't actually give a blessing, a low roll, it wasn't her being a dick. lol

  • Kyle Pierre
    Kyle Pierre 10 months ago

    Yes. Here we go 💯💯💯

  • IambecomeZ
    IambecomeZ 10 months ago

    Wow scanlan's legendary intro didn't make the cut... Lol

  • Zombiewithabowtie
    Zombiewithabowtie 10 months ago +2

    16:46 Not til next campaign, kid.

  • Sorceress of Umbral Chaos

    I hate to be that person, but Talisen's name is is pronounced in a similar way to talisman.

  • Juan nardelli
    Juan nardelli 10 months ago +8

    I would like to RAGE! Also, first.

  • TitanGear
    TitanGear 10 months ago

    WTF you cut out Scanland's Intro... Your the FIRST reactors to do that... Might I inquire why?

    DAMANIQ PHILLIP 10 months ago +3


  • ƒαιтн αят
    ƒαιтн αят 8 months ago

    A fellow NieR fan, huh. Nice.

  • Liam J Rowan
    Liam J Rowan 10 months ago

    Omg yes letz goooo

  • BRANPUL0604
    BRANPUL0604 10 months ago +6


  • Demiurge
    Demiurge 10 months ago +1

    Lets fucking go

  • BlueRat 138
    BlueRat 138 10 months ago

    Let the adventure begin.
    Side note: Noticed my name isn't no longer mentioned at the end of the videos. It's been an honor.

  • Damian May
    Damian May 10 months ago

    And Insta-Sub.

  • bladefly18
    bladefly18 10 months ago

    Was this reposted?