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Why does Pillager attack Villagers? - Monster School Minecraft Animation

  • Published on Nov 23, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • BigSchool
    BigSchool  Month ago +412

    Videos have subtitles , turn on subtitles to see the lyrics !

  • Brylan Cavan
    Brylan Cavan 2 months ago +10

    I find it very hard to believe the pillager armies we're crested from a bully situation

  • XxHarzen_ReturnxX
    XxHarzen_ReturnxX Month ago

    I like how a pillager is just jumping on the iron golem 😂

  • Just_A_Random_Carrot
    Just_A_Random_Carrot Month ago +8

    the sound effects, the fast movements and that smile has me dying 😂

  • Lutes Arrobang
    Lutes Arrobang Month ago

    That’s what you get villager😂❤

  • Maggie M
    Maggie M Month ago

    My favorite part was when the pillager came and got them back it was pretty cool I'm liking him subscribing

  • Keth upshur Upshur
    Keth upshur Upshur Month ago

    I literally love the end

  • monke
    monke Month ago

    Reasons for destroying a village
    Pillager : I want revenge
    Me : I wanted good deals.

  • Clients de Power
    Clients de Power Month ago +1

    Is that Bob the legendary pillager that starts the history between the pilligers and villagers?

  • ポチャ
    ポチャ Month ago +49


  • Faye Jarabejo
    Faye Jarabejo Month ago +17

    Poor little guy even kick out on his own village :
    Me : I'm going to cry 😭

  • サブゲームが好きな人


  • ~glitchyhorror~
    ~glitchyhorror~ Month ago

    no one gona talk about how the baby Pillager grew up but everyone else just- remained the same age

  • Dylan Bredemeyer
    Dylan Bredemeyer Month ago

    That smile🤣

  • JessicaGalaxyMoonWolf
    JessicaGalaxyMoonWolf Month ago +1

    Big School im a big fan of you at mincraft animation!!! because it was so funny and i know that you love making sad stories but there is still funny parts at sad stories like this one i saw the other pilliger just jumping at the iron golem HAHAHAHAHAHHA

  • ozcat
    ozcat Month ago +12

    Pillager:I attack for revenge
    Player:I boom for fun

  • 言ノ葉
    言ノ葉 Month ago +37


    • Elifnur Seyyidoglu
      Elifnur Seyyidoglu 25 days ago


    • もちもちち
      もちもちち 27 days ago

      @ほさ 日本ニキおったんや……

    • *kđ*
      *kđ* 29 days ago +1


    • ほさ
      ほさ Month ago +3


  • - . ᴀʀɪᴇꜱ !
    - . ᴀʀɪᴇꜱ ! Month ago +1

    "Never let them know your next move"

  • PerlGoldCraftMc
    PerlGoldCraftMc Month ago

    Felicidades has encontrado un comentario en español 🎉🎉

  • •𝚒𝚝𝚣 𝙰𝚌𝚎 𝙴𝚍𝚒𝚝𝚜 & 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚐 •

    little Pillager: noooo. Father!! *a few years Later*
    the little pillager grew into Adult Pillager: THAT'S WUT U GET FROM KILLING MY FATHER!
    Me watching at the beginning: aww. They're hitting the poor little guy. His a good Little guy. Don't hit him.
    At the end: OMG HIS NOT GOOD HIS EVIL!! (But they still regret it)

  • GreenGamer
    GreenGamer Month ago

    The pillagers brain: man revenge is underrated

  • Roblox zur
    Roblox zur Month ago

    This is now my favorite video, I will even make an RP like this video

  • Mr. Amicchak
    Mr. Amicchak Month ago

    The smile remind me of the golden watcher in dark deception 😥

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown Month ago


  • Master Fuzan 3.1
    Master Fuzan 3.1 Month ago

    Is I a Hero or a Villains because I saved Village who murdered humans (Pillager)
    But Revenge is bad you know?
    Attack on Titan reference.

  • John Chien
    John Chien Month ago +2

    This is a little sad ❤

  • Kahlil Kiser
    Kahlil Kiser Month ago +2

    Oh so that’s why pillagers hate villagers so this is where it all started with Pillagers hate villagers

  • ShaikrulChannel
    ShaikrulChannel Month ago

    Villager:Hey iron golem you supposed to help us.
    the Iron golem:AAAAAAAAA

  • Mc Murphy Albeos
    Mc Murphy Albeos Month ago

    The villagers got what they deserved 😎

  • Anthony (A)
    Anthony (A) Month ago

    Villagers Deserve that for Useless Trades ☠️

  • hishatash
    hishatash Month ago +4

    “thats how revenge was made”
    “never *judge* a book”

    IRONDOOR85 Month ago

    This actually supports and accurate to the theory.

  • LordDerDummen
    LordDerDummen 29 days ago

    I love this Animations

  • Noah Reinertson
    Noah Reinertson Month ago

    Me:*helps in the raid with fire bombing before the pillagers come

  • Noelia Morales
    Noelia Morales Month ago +1

    Estoy pensando que los aldeanos eran los malos y los pilagers buenos por que los pilagers vivían en paz y los aldeanos los veían raro así que comenzaron a sacrificarlo y expulsarlos y los pilagers quisieron vengarse el eso pienso yo en contexto es gratis y si quieres me das un like ok no es obligatorio

  • Nadya alyssa Azzahra
    Nadya alyssa Azzahra Month ago +4

    Wow so Good 👍

  • Grace Todd
    Grace Todd Month ago

    Fun fact:
    A pillagers hmmmmmmmm is lower sounding than a villagers hmmmmmmmmm

  • Andres Rojas
    Andres Rojas Month ago

    Se que los aldeanos nos intercambian cosas pero la próxima vez que juegue Minecraft nada más voy a matar al villager que te da la maldición y iré a una aldea y dejaré que los villager maten a todos los aldeanos la verdad los aldeanos se los merecen y para ayudarles a los villagers voy a matar al golem

  • Itzae Macias
    Itzae Macias Month ago

    Bro was so happy to get his revenge for his father

  • BetaJurassic🫐💙


  • おにぎり山チャンネル


  • Juan Navarro
    Juan Navarro Month ago

    Por siempre ven a los aldeanos como los malos y les desean lo peor con estos videos😡😡😡

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith Month ago

    This is awesome make another one

  • MinecraftLover890
    MinecraftLover890 Month ago

    This is basically a remake of creeper gold's animation

  • Lindsay Rose Ehly
    Lindsay Rose Ehly Month ago +13

    This is so under rated it’s really good 😊

  • EpicUltra5000
    EpicUltra5000 Month ago

    The way he jumped on iron golem💀

  • Stilldream123
    Stilldream123 Month ago

    The iron golem tho
    Running away
    *MineCraft lore has left the chat*

  • Clame
    Clame Month ago

    I’m not trying to accuse, but this seams like a ripoff of another video. Most of the details are too similar. At least the first half was original tho

  • Juaquin Fernandez
    Juaquin Fernandez Month ago +1


  • Sickly Apple
    Sickly Apple 2 months ago +20

    Dad: pillager smiling isn't real, it can't hurt you
    Pillager smiling:

  • trissica8(ivy or MGDRG)

    Why does this looks like bob the pillagers back story💀

  • Acacia Brown
    Acacia Brown Month ago

    Yeah I love Pillager more than the villagers because the villagers new name Bella jokes Who knew these pillagers were nice at first I hate villagers

  • Lhen Lc
    Lhen Lc Month ago

    the dad has no beard and the lil piliger😂

  • rafael trujillo
    rafael trujillo Month ago

    Uy si y ya no me alegro mucho c,💗💗💗💗

  • Haillie Hibionada
    Haillie Hibionada 2 months ago +120

    Me: *chilling and eating while the villagers dying*

    • Pancakes🥞💓
      Pancakes🥞💓 Month ago +2


    • Микита Олійник
      Микита Олійник Month ago +1


    • Busa Lim
      Busa Lim Month ago +1

      ​@TEMPOvillagers be like when the pillager is gone:wiggle nose wiggle nose PARTY 🥳 *dab *dab

    • Nizal Ismail
      Nizal Ismail Month ago +2


    • TEMPO
      TEMPO Month ago +2

      WOW i would do the same because villagers can be toxic all they care about is EMERALDS😅😁

  • NotRealTrash
    NotRealTrash Month ago +1


  • Spinoraptor35
    Spinoraptor35  Month ago

    everyone has a story edit i also started a raid because a villager wanted 20 emeralds and wanted to give me a stick

  • Hasan Hamam
    Hasan Hamam Month ago

    How the pilligar was jumping in the iron golem 💀

  • Иван Хомюк

    Правильно сделал Вот почему разбойники злые

  • Roblox let’s play
    Roblox let’s play Month ago +4

    So hansum wend he is older and I love the music💖💖💖

  • Babak Molkara
    Babak Molkara Month ago

    great 👍

  • Jon Arbuckle
    Jon Arbuckle Month ago

    the illagers were not evil in the first place it was actually the villagers

  • Melina Molina
    Melina Molina Month ago


  • Claire Rose
    Claire Rose Month ago

    The villagers deserved it

  • 루피체리🍒Rupee Cherry

    This animation is very interesting!!

  • DogQueen
    DogQueen Month ago

    villagers started it.

  • RGBwolves
    RGBwolves Month ago

    Pilligers are good even though they attack you

  • Can of beans
    Can of beans Month ago +1

    That goofy smile 💀

  • MrMcDeliveryMan
    MrMcDeliveryMan 2 months ago +171

    The pillagers smile literally gives me nightmares

  • Hølløw28
    Hølløw28 Month ago

    I watched found this video after me and my friend devastated an mansion

  • Luan Ferreira
    Luan Ferreira Month ago +2


  • 🎄moondrop🎄
    🎄moondrop🎄 Month ago

    No way u made good animations i didn't know

  • Caysen Jensen-Ozuna

    That’s how raids destruction rage and enemies happen

  • Travis
    Travis 2 months ago +27

    The transition tho 👌❤️‍🔥

    • Crystel Chin
      Crystel Chin 2 months ago


    • Crystel Chin
      Crystel Chin 2 months ago +1

      Dydiduryft ryfyrkfutmghiif ok BB Diego will have,,一定感染此后都会让他得到恢复到底,

  • 🐾 Roxy the wolf  & Mysticwarriorz YT 🐾

    Poor baby pilger hope he get revenge for his dad

  • Anti-furry general
    Anti-furry general Month ago

    Racism in a nutshell and what it will lead up to

  • AmongPr0 Da boss
    AmongPr0 Da boss Month ago

    Booo a ripoff of someone else’s short

  • Yesmin Khan
    Yesmin Khan Month ago +1

    does anybody realizes this is a copy of creepergoldmc's video

  • Kitty Royal
    Kitty Royal Month ago +18

    The music matched right with the short!!! Amazing!!

  • Scorpionzitos
    Scorpionzitos Month ago

    Low budget version XD

  • Tamsin White
    Tamsin White Month ago

    Love villager really deserve that

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  • ryth_clone34
    ryth_clone34 Month ago

    Why did one villager tea baged on the iron golem

  • Allyssa Skyler Rivadeniera

    Me in the village: *chillin and eating and watching the villagers die*

  • omar Saifeldeen
    omar Saifeldeen Month ago

    And pillagers just take revenge but they arent bad thats why they dont kill baby villagers

  • Michael’s Wacky reviews

    Yelling issue with this video is how to tell if your smile just creeped me out

  • Simply King
    Simply King Month ago

    Bro did that pillager tea bag on that dead ass iron golem? 💀💀

  • Agus Yanti
    Agus Yanti Month ago


  • Yahaira Wilson
    Yahaira Wilson 2 months ago +27

    The smile-
    Edit: Ik the edits are kind of annoying but TYSM

    • ERROR
      ERROR Month ago

      So badass

  • Rene Garson
    Rene Garson Month ago

    Baby Pillager revenge on village but his Pillager dad was dead

  • Erika Saldivar
    Erika Saldivar Month ago


  • Lito Indic
    Lito Indic Month ago

    really good everyone name is an archipelago ☠️☠️

  • Yiğit Liman Algül
    Yiğit Liman Algül Month ago +1


  • Bobo Bobixon
    Bobo Bobixon 2 months ago +50

    I remember watching these 💀

  • •°just_kyle°•

    but he came back to the town to burn to the ground
    First the was fire Then theres smoke then the preacher man was hanging by a rope then they all fell to there knees then begged that drifter man please then he raised his fist before he spoke I am the righteous hand of god i am the devil you forgot i told you one day you will see i that i will be back i garuntee hell's coming hell's coming yeah
    Song hells coming

  • Icewolf
    Icewolf Month ago

    The first part is sad. :(

  • 희자 서
    희자 서 Month ago

    주민들이 잘못 했네...

  • Figure
    Figure Month ago

    The iron golem runs💀

  • Kerby Buñag
    Kerby Buñag 2 months ago +529

    Bro turned it into a monster school movie 💀

    • I'm a veshremy fan
      I'm a veshremy fan 12 days ago

      5 year olds are commenting emojis

    • Laura Vera
      Laura Vera Month ago


    • ポチML_24
      ポチML_24 Month ago

      @Ragi Liburante😊

    • ポチML_24
      ポチML_24 Month ago

      😊 😊😊😊😊
      😊😊😊 😊😊
      😊😊​😊😊@Wubbox have a gun😊

      ЛПХ ШАРИПОВА Month ago


  • Antonio Gomes
    Antonio Gomes Month ago

    Ai que raiva dos pilargges é dos aldeões