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MY BLACKHAWK IS DONE! Time to Fly it Home


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  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland Month ago +171

    So pumped for you brother. And the fact that you purchased it without checking if it will fit in your hangar is why you’re the best 😂

    • TheFreeman2206
      TheFreeman2206 Month ago +2

      be good to see it land in the middle of the freedom factory , maybe a burn out or two haha

    • Ludicrous
      Ludicrous Month ago

      If it don’t fit -just buy another one!!🤷🏻‍♂️
      A tape measure from Home Depot would tell you!😁It should fit-The rotors pivot to the rear to make it a lot narrower. A post Vietnam Blackhawk!! Ahhhh To be young and rich!! Trivia: 5000 🚁 helicopters were shot down in Vietnam!!😧11,000 were flown!

    • the.redwood.runner
      the.redwood.runner Month ago

      @G M definitely

    • Bo McGillacutty
      Bo McGillacutty Month ago

      Wish they'd slow the roll sometimes....pause cam on some details please. :D

    • G M
      G M Month ago +5

      Now your journey to something this magnificent is continuing. You need to build that jet boat race track on your property

  • Lee Walls
    Lee Walls Month ago +182

    As prior service and a Blackhawk crew chief... I appreciate the work you've done with this girl. It's gorgeous and it's been great following all this. ❤️

    • supershaggy
      supershaggy 24 days ago +1

      I am in ait and I have orders to a flight company, can you tell me what to expect?

  • Rushn279
    Rushn279 Month ago +34

    I love how you purchased, transported and refurbished an acctual Blackhawk helicopter but really had to "bite the bullet" on those headsets. 😂

  • Pat Kuckertz
    Pat Kuckertz Month ago +115

    I love the fact that you went from having $500 in your pocket to being able to own your own Blackhawk helicopter. This just shows how hard work and dedication can really pay off.

    • ctdieselnut
      ctdieselnut 12 days ago +1

      @yougeo he bought/sold/modified diesel trucks way before he got a show on discovery(I think) doing it.
      He has a vid somewhere driving around to his older smaller shops. He had like a single bay to start out, he and the buildings kept growing. Hats off to him, seems to have a lot of fun. One of the reasons he's so popular is because the stuff he does appeals to so many people. It's why we're here watching.

    • yougeo
      yougeo 17 days ago

      @Twopinky Onestinky thanks I knew there had to be something else.

    • Twopinky Onestinky
      Twopinky Onestinky 17 days ago

      @yougeo His TV series... 7 whole seasons of Diesel Brothers.

    • Edward Agombar
      Edward Agombar 19 days ago

      @yougeo @Pat Kuckertz he must have had quite a lot of money in the first place becuase in his first few videos on his channel he already owns a helicopters and presumably quite a lot of land

    • yougeo
      yougeo 21 day ago +2

      How does this guy make his money? I just seen junking old cars and things from old abandoned lots. Is there something I've missed or is it all Clip-Share money. And how much did this blackhawk cost?

  • wilco vanee
    wilco vanee Month ago +33

    This is amazing! As a Canadian I admire the rugged aspect of American dreams!. As a parent of a young family I don't have the funds to pursue my dream as pilot, so my kids and I watch your videos and fly with you every step of the way! We love it!!! God bless America and your Canadian neighbour's!. 🇺🇲🇨🇦

    • pie head the Mainiac
      pie head the Mainiac Month ago +2

      God Bless Canada your gonna need it to oust Trudoe and get your country back.

  • Patrick Larochelle
    Patrick Larochelle Month ago +1593

    As a retired veteran and someone who has lots of flight hours in the Blackhawk I would like to thank you for what you are doing for the Veteran community. Would love to get back up in a Hawk someday 🖤

    • Lex Ingram
      Lex Ingram 15 days ago

      let this hero show you whats what!!

    • Blackie Skinner
      Blackie Skinner 20 days ago

      ive had plenty time in a blackhawk as a army maintainer they never looked that nice

    • Boogieman1200
      Boogieman1200 23 days ago

      Heavy D, take this man for a spin!

    • Kodiak
      Kodiak 29 days ago

      shit id you got a lot of flight hours id shoot him an email, maybe hes looking for a pilot!

    • Francisco Lopez
      Francisco Lopez Month ago

      Thank you for your service

  • Scotty Thornton
    Scotty Thornton Month ago +18

    What a project, absolutely brilliant. Everyone that was involved in this project showed so much love for it! So cool

    • Peter Barbiero
      Peter Barbiero 9 days ago

      Hey I can’t fly I am a Parkinson’s patient and I don’t have a ride but if I could fly I would really love to learn how to fly and be apart of your organization best wishes for you and yours…..you guys have a great time and fly safe please ."…."".

    • Tele'gram me TraxgoldNYC
      Tele'gram me TraxgoldNYC Month ago +1

      Get in touch ↖️↖️ congratulations...,.,.

  • Tony Marston
    Tony Marston Month ago +5

    Wish you and your team a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! I so very happy to see all the dreams and hard work turn into such a GREAT experience for you! Keep on rocking and be safe brothers!!

  • MacGyver Dad
    MacGyver Dad Month ago +8

    Similar to how Mythbusters increased interest in STEM programs, I think you and Mike Patey will do the same for aviation. Blackhawk is awesome!

  • Sean Coleman
    Sean Coleman Month ago

    Everything you do on this channel you do on a different level, i think the veterans would love it, can you lift cars out of ravines would like to see you do that

  • E&O studios
    E&O studios Month ago

    SAS would be amazing as well as doing recovery work in remote places like a air crane I'm a crane operator and studying to become a air crane operator I would love to see what your team can do. My grandfather was a air crane operator my dad was a crane operator and I'm am looking forward to following in both of their foot prints. God bless you starks.

  • just Lou
    just Lou Month ago +5

    “ An experience they really love in a non-hostile situation” 💪🏽

  • Rafael Felix
    Rafael Felix Month ago +1

    As a person who has been in the military version good to see this version Congratulations on making your dream have and it’s good to see you helping others and willing to help others achieve their goals thank you

  • The Pit
    The Pit Month ago +3

    Just earn a new subscriber. Thank you for looking out after the Veteran community the way you do.

  • Kevin Oscarson
    Kevin Oscarson Month ago +1282

    As a parent I hope you never change your format. This is one of the few channels I don’t need to worry about the content and as family we can enjoy! Nice helicopter!

    • Fluffy Little Bear
      Fluffy Little Bear Day ago

      @Supernatural Beings of Earth. Study & Tracking What are you talking about?

    • Brandon Lee
      Brandon Lee 12 days ago

      Yes until whistling diesel Family values are done

    • Oogboog
      Oogboog 18 days ago +1

      I recommend demoranch’s multiple channels majority of his stuff is child friendly depending on your personal views

    • Teabag Anyone
      Teabag Anyone Month ago +1

      What stealing from people and conning them out of their money

    • drewsky 100
      drewsky 100 Month ago

      I couldn't Agree more...🇺🇲💯🤙

  • ChambersCustom
    ChambersCustom Month ago

    Congrats Dave! I love seeing fellow Americans live their dream!

  • Paul Cooke
    Paul Cooke Month ago +1

    Keeping humble, salute to the entire team 🫡 meticulous is the word 🍻

  • philip gerbin
    philip gerbin Month ago +2

    Dave you have a great heart ❤️ to help the veteran with a courtesy flight thanks. 29:33

  • Blenki McClapper
    Blenki McClapper Month ago

    that's so cool that you are going to do stuff with vets. I flew an a few flights in Germany during the 70's. that bird is cool dude. to those that have the honor to fly on it as veterans it will be in there stories for life. thank you to you and your crew.

  • Free
    Free Month ago +175

    Dave: As a Naval Veteran (aviation-non-flying) and retired LE, all I can say is thank you for all you have done, are doing, and will do on behalf of veterans and the first responder community. You rock!

    • I'm Happy And You?.
      I'm Happy And You?. 21 day ago

      @floorsin bower Generally means that they will handle radio communication, operational monitoring and also perform supportive and supplemental tasks.. Hope that helps.

    • floorsin bower
      floorsin bower 21 day ago +1

      Pardon my ignorance but what does aviation-non-flying mean?

    • I'm Happy And You?.
      I'm Happy And You?. Month ago +1

      Thank you for your service to our country and the sacrifice you made while enlisted!.. I hope/pray that you and your family are doing well and that you/everyone will have a very Merry Christmas. 🙏🙏

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Month ago

      Repent to Jesus Christ “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.””
      ‭‭John‬ ‭8‬:‭12‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Heather D.
      Heather D. Month ago +4

      I'm Canadian but wanted to take a moment and thank you for your commitment to your country, your (and your family's) sacrifice and your hard work. On behalf of a regular Joe citizen (again albeit from Canada). YOU rock too.

  • ExRE_Sapper
    ExRE_Sapper Month ago +3

    Here’s wishing you and every person you carry many safe flights in this beautiful bird

  • James Woodworth
    James Woodworth Month ago

    Appreciate your support of Veterans as I am one. There are so many Veterans that were left behind after deployments in trying to rebuild their lives after a year to a year and a half away from family and friends and their support networks. It takes a great toll on their well-being to get started again. I can see your actions and support moving them forward. Blackhawks are amazing aircraft for sure. Spent a little time in a few as a Armour officer. Look forward to seeing how help Veterans, your community in Utah and others. Good luck in your future. Liked your FAA comments but I'm sure EPA is another story. Be safe.

  • Pj Mannion
    Pj Mannion Month ago

    Great to see someone famous/wealthy getting genuinely excited to see something they have bought and made their own. Enjoyed watching this

  • Tom Stack
    Tom Stack Month ago

    Your a very awesome man Heavy D,my brother and father were vet's,God bless them, I know they'd love everything you have done,awesome accomplishment!!!(just wish they were here for a ride)

  • Justin W
    Justin W Month ago

    Love the videos! I’d love for you to come to the airshow in St. Louis! Happens every other year and you know exactly how to get here as I see you stopped off at Spirit on your way back! Keep up the great work!

  • Andrew Kokiv
    Andrew Kokiv Month ago

    its an amazing feat for sure man. so many cogs and gears to come together on this. I am looking forward to see how you can use this amazing machine with your recoveries and search and rescue endeavors!

  • Shaun
    Shaun Month ago

    Dude congratulations, I’m so happy for you.

  • walter douglas
    walter douglas Month ago

    Wow Congratulations on showing our young people about Dreams and what it takes to make them a reality.
    The Blackhawk is Perfect. You guys have done so much more than build Trucks. YOU MAKE AMERICA PROUD..
    God Bless From Indiana

  • Jody Houghton
    Jody Houghton Month ago +59

    Oh man, so happy for you Dave! I'm a hospice nurse, my vets are my favorite patients. We are loosing our history as our great generation, our WWII vets are graduating to the heavens. Its so awesome to see you wanting to honor our vets! God bless, this is why I support you guys! 🙏 please be safe, and oh, my favorite part of this, was the overhead shot in the hanger, and how this bad boy dwarfed the lil planes lol. I hope I get to see it in person someday. You ought to tour all the National and State Parks we have. Start in Garfield County we have the most lmbo. Wink wink 😉

  • Ol-Man-Duffy J
    Ol-Man-Duffy J Month ago

    Started following you when you helped that family in Oregon. Love the new ride. Put that on a fire contract for a year or two. 👌🏼

  • GavTriple6
    GavTriple6 Month ago

    It’s a beautiful machine… happy for you bud. Can’t wait to see what you get up to with it… how much external weight can it lift? 😉

  • Lee Willmann
    Lee Willmann Month ago

    Love the idea about taking vets for a 'leisure ride'. I don't have a lot of extra money, but would love to help contribute some cash to maybe partially sponsor a flight for a vet. No particular vet, but I think it's an amazing idea and I would love to try and help in some small way.

  • Kirk Barr
    Kirk Barr Month ago

    That’s amazing! I actually saw this fly over my house. The airport it landed at when he was talking about his fuel stops is in Concordia Kansas

  • Phillip Spoon
    Phillip Spoon Month ago +55

    Wow, I"ve been in Aviation for almost 40 years and stumbled across your channel a while back. Military, Commercial airline pilot and I now fly Gulfstreams and I watch a lot of aviation related youtube stuff but this is the best I've seen. Cheers man and good work 👍🏻

  • Ron Benson
    Ron Benson Month ago +1

    God bless, I'm speechless! Kinda. It is so amazing, regular guy's doing regular things! (Dream's). Cool to stop at whistlen diesel's. Your vet program is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing you guys at an airshow. Full power!!!!!

  • Gerald Connor
    Gerald Connor Month ago

    AWESOME video, and I love what your doing for our Veterans,

  • Dannye Jackson
    Dannye Jackson Month ago

    Great video as usual!! I watched this with my 7yo video and at one point he looked at me and asked me “ daddy why are you crying?” I told him that when I was in the army I spent a lot of time in and around that type of helicopter and it brought back some great memories. He said so those are happy tears and I said yes son happy tears. Thanks for the video and your channel my son and I enjoy and appreciate all of it. Oh and nothing beats that Blackhawk rotor chop it’s truly its own beautiful sound ❤

  • M&K Photography
    M&K Photography Month ago

    that was awesome. be safe and always remember to be true to yourself. love what you do.

  • R.A.
    R.A. Month ago

    Sparks. I really am happy for you.u definitely earned it. Watching u n the boys. Made me think about myself and I need to get my self back in gear. I almost lost my drive. I grew up in NYC projects and there's nothing but bad literally all around me. One day I would like to have an opertunily to work for you. Once I get my classA license. N Dave u r the funniest rough looking dude I ever seen.

  • Dk outdoors
    Dk outdoors Month ago +1

    Honestly man this is the most badass thing I’ve ever seen on the internet! And your mission behind the Blackhawk is amazing! I’ll call it mission Blackhawk for vets lol ! Keep up the good work

  • Scott Harris
    Scott Harris Month ago

    I enjoyed this video on your new Blackhawk. I really liked your floor mating. And rest of your modifications are quite clever!!! Tske care!

  • Larry Reid
    Larry Reid Month ago +1

    That is so awesome. I was a CH-53 Crew Chief in the Marine Corps a bunch of years ago and I have daughter that works on Blackhawks in the Army’s 101st Airborne. Helicopters get in your blood and it’s forever. Beautiful bird!!!!!

  • Ju M
    Ju M Month ago +13

    I was a vet working on ground-based electronics, and I hope someday to see what it's like up in the skies. I think that's so awesome of you to offer to fly vets! Thank you!

  • Steve Blyskal
    Steve Blyskal Month ago

    Congratulations on getting the Blackhawk done it turned out beautiful lookin & can't wait to see what you have in store for the future with the channel

  • Elven Justice
    Elven Justice Month ago +1

    Oh that's another good question: how much does it cost to refuel it?, how much fuel does it hold?

  • Stephen Sparkes
    Stephen Sparkes Month ago

    Thank you guys for this interesting and informative vlog I look forward to watching the next step on this journey

  • Adie H Painting
    Adie H Painting Month ago

    Insanely jealous, it was a beautiful helicopter to begin with taken to the next level!! Great content as always loved following along on the journey, watching from over pond in the UK!

  • Dennis Hege
    Dennis Hege Month ago +22

    As a owner operator of heavy equipment, and a helicopter pilot to boot, y’all are killing it .

  • Semper Fi! Love AMERICA

    For your thoughtfulness, kindness, generosity to share an air ride in PEACEFULNESS for our VETERANS!!!

  • TheWoodWorkingPilot

    This is insane. It's awesome you pulled this off. Enjoy the Heli!!!

  • T. Elliot
    T. Elliot Month ago

    I hope you get to use it for rescue and recovery somehow... I don't know how much they can lift, but if you could air lift a car out of a mountain thatd be crazy. Maybe a skycrane helicopter next lol

  • Terry SCROGHAM
    Terry SCROGHAM Month ago

    The blackhawk is absolutely beautiful and amazing. 👊

  • Morbified Rides
    Morbified Rides Month ago +17

    Dude!!!! Congratulations on the Blackhawk!!! Also I wanted to tell you thank you and that Im very grateful for your kindness to others and willingness to give back, especially to our veterans. The veteran flying program you're working on sounds absolutely amazing. Thank you for being you!!! Your an absolutely amazing example of what a loving, giving and kind soul should be!!! 🙂

  • chris siano
    chris siano Month ago

    Congrats on that beautiful helicopter.. I always wanted to fly in one.. Maybe someday I will..

  • Scott Hussin
    Scott Hussin Month ago +1

    Dave,will you bring your blackhawk to Wisconsin for the EAA show next year? That would be awesome if you could stop over and show it off. It would be an honor to meet you. I,ve been a you tube subscriber and have watched your youtube videos as well as the discovery channel show that you have been on for several years. God bless and take care.

  • Bill Luckenbill
    Bill Luckenbill Month ago

    ❤❤ your tire has to be going to 600 miles an hour unbelievable I’ve been watching it since you started with it I wish I could’ve been there to see it when you said you’re the man that shit I really feel for you you’ve always been a truthful and honest person on the Internet here So thank you and have a good day

    • Bill Luckenbill
      Bill Luckenbill Month ago

      Send that came out right I’m gonna leave it the way it is

  • Scott Hill
    Scott Hill Month ago

    This is amazing. Thank you for sharing this amazing video.

  • 708wheeler708
    708wheeler708 Month ago +13

    The way Joe looks at that helicopter shows how much pride he takes in his work. You can see the emotion.

  • therabbispliff
    therabbispliff Month ago

    Congrats on finally getting the blackhawk back. cant wait to see what you post with it next. id say you should head down to texas and do some hog hunting out of it with LunkersTV !

  • Dan Dannels
    Dan Dannels Month ago

    I love you guys love the videos helps when I don’t have money to feed my family when you don’t get payed till the 28 love and prayers the Godly redneck😊 I apologize her right before I did it’s been a tough six months I lost my bride 42 years and that’s made thank her real tough especially at Christmas time for my girls and my grandchild I love the video reminds me of when I was running dozers man a machinist steel fabrications-I just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas enjoy those wife and your children and keep on keeping on and remember God‘s got to be first thank you very much bye

  • Clayton Roney
    Clayton Roney Month ago +1

    Way to go! I am looking forward to seeing you and your Blackhawk at Sun n fun and Oshkosh.

  • Mark Merithew
    Mark Merithew Month ago

    Amazing finale to a great restoration and first flight of your new Blackhawk, just awesome!!!

  • Brian Fitzpatrick
    Brian Fitzpatrick Month ago +44

    You guys are absolutely unique and I wish I had started following you sooner. I truly respect your humility and appreciation for those around you (including the FAA). I cannot wait to see you put smiles on Vets faces with this thing and if given the chance I would be damn honored to shake your hand and the hand of all your crew!!

  • Spencer
    Spencer Month ago

    As your neighbor I hope to see this soon! Loved the vid

  • Eric Massman
    Eric Massman Month ago

    It looks amazing. Congratulations

  • Joshua Leffler
    Joshua Leffler Month ago

    Definitely would love more aviation content!!!!!

  • nick east
    nick east Month ago

    That's bad A! Love to fly. I have never been in a helicopter but hope to one day. I always wanted to be a pilot. Watching you just puts a smile on my face congrats bro!

  • James Vineyard
    James Vineyard Month ago +20

    What a journey, not just this chapter but the entire book so far for you, your friends and family. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.
    A testament that desire, drive, determination, integrity and faith can make great things happen for all of us.
    We are looking forward to the next chapter and appreciate all that you do, selflessly for vets and the community.
    God's speed ;-) and good luck. Cleared for the option, maintain VFR. JV

  • matthew renn
    matthew renn Month ago

    I’m in the military rn and I’ve never flown in a black hawk bc I am a mechanic but I’m glad you were able to get your bird airborne and hope to see you flying it solo one day

  • Sean Oneil
    Sean Oneil Month ago

    Really cool. Congrats! Do some more good with it.

  • mark wilkinson
    mark wilkinson Month ago

    Great chopper looks awesome

  • ali speed
    ali speed Month ago

    Its always beautiful to see a persons dream come true. One of the greatest things a person can experience in life! Gratz

  • Pagan Sunburn
    Pagan Sunburn Month ago +71

    Dave, I have always loved Blackhawks and the love and care that you show your viewers and the people involved in this project is amazing. My uncle is ex military and he has been in them in the more stressful situations. I highly appreciate the fact that you want to give veterans rides in a non combat situation. That as well as everything you do comes from a big heart and that is very rare in these times. Much love to you and all of your friends.

  • Eric Shimer
    Eric Shimer Month ago

    No matter what just remember, the go and no go rule. I would love to take a flight with you anytime. Be a blast

  • Dennis Rush
    Dennis Rush Month ago

    I flew that aircraft for over 8 years i miss it for sure its an amazing ride!!

  • John Bowen
    John Bowen Month ago

    you work hard. you own it, good on you sir.

  • Olypen Guy
    Olypen Guy Month ago

    Excellent! Looking forward to all the coming updates and footage!

  • FirecatHD
    FirecatHD Month ago

    Absolutely incredible man!

  • Seans Rustic Designs

    20+ YEARS HERE AS A H-60 MECH. The Gucci seats are over the top... Awesome. I cant wait to see add future ad ons.

  • Jimmy Williams
    Jimmy Williams Month ago +1

    It would be nice to see lifting and moving training cleaning up the lake while the water is so low , but so what if a load is dropped it is trash anyways right

  • Arrow Pilot 11B
    Arrow Pilot 11B Month ago

    I'd like to see you and Mike Patey link up in your birds. You could do some amazing recovery missions that would help your communities.

  • Jamie Barnett
    Jamie Barnett 2 months ago +34

    Nice how the Blackhawk turned out. Thank you for your support of our veterans.

  • john price
    john price Month ago

    Kick ass project. Has to be the best piece of eqiupment in your inventory.

  • Sofya Lizzy
    Sofya Lizzy Month ago

    Congratulations! She's GORGEOUS! ❤

  • Rick Mitchell
    Rick Mitchell Month ago

    Helicopter is amazing,helicopters are very interesting machines
    Hope to see more of it

  • dan rasmusssen
    dan rasmusssen Month ago

    what a dream! I wanted to fly in the military. I was 6 months too old when i joined. that dream never happened. Im glad flying did for you!

  • Christopher Rasmussen
    Christopher Rasmussen Month ago +14

    You earned this. Years of hard work. Quality of your shows and the honesty you put forth has earned you this. I wish you the best. I am retired Navy. Flown in many helicopters. Had a few rides in SH-60s loaded for war. I’m an old disabled vet now. Nothing but best wishes

  • Arrow Pilot II
    Arrow Pilot II Month ago

    Just became a new subscriber after this video as I didn’t know you were into planes. You need to do more videos with your planes and helicopters

  • patriottexan
    patriottexan Month ago

    15:44 My favorite shot. Happy for you brother. Be safe.

  • Mick Dees
    Mick Dees Month ago

    I’d love to know how much all of the resto costs let alone the price of one of the helicopters

  • Donnie Brookins
    Donnie Brookins Month ago

    This is by far the coolest thing Ive seen in my 60 years of life. ROCK ON!

  • Cole Norsworthy
    Cole Norsworthy Month ago +5

    So freaking awesome! Can't imagine what it'll be like to own such a contraption, excited to see what you do with it. Recovery, shows, family vacation, charities, the list goes on! Congratulations!

  • Jeremy Arsenault
    Jeremy Arsenault Month ago

    As an apache helicopter, I appreciate your effort to restoring my cousin

  • Mike V
    Mike V Month ago

    I think you did a great job on rebuilding your black hawk it is truly a beautiful helicopter and watching it fly is amazing and the power of the helicopter is fantastic. Thank you for sharing you dream Blackhawk helicopter.

  • darrel leger
    darrel leger Month ago

    It looks amazing …love your videos…

  • Brandon Butler
    Brandon Butler Month ago

    I've been watching this from day one since you first purchased it I'm very excited for you

  • Michael Cheli
    Michael Cheli Month ago +24

    Thank you for sharing your Blackhawk dream with us. You choreographed a fine customization of an already rockin copter. I can't wait till you fly it up to Cerro Gordo for a visit to see Brent. Keep on bringing the great content, and thanks for looking out for our Vets.

    • Cody R
      Cody R Month ago +1

      All veterans should be treated a lot better than most from many or for all I know every country treats their own home countries people are treating them. All the Vet's are the same in the respect of the people who are fighting and putting their lives on the line to defend their people are absolutely deserving of the respect and support when they come home and struggle with adapting to non-combat life we are supporting the addict's and criminal homeless who are not incapable of getting back on their feet with more support than the people who are not wanting to do the work for bettering themselves and I don't have no idea what I've said I was in the unwilling category as well and I still think that the countries military should be treated much more respectfully and assisting with the rehab and reintegration to home life to go through just the training military personal go through it is not something that most people would consider subjecting themselves to the servicemen and women are strong and deserve to be respected like hero's all the same enlistment is the 1st brave choice one can make!!!

  • PeteyPablo
    PeteyPablo Month ago

    That Blackhawk turned out awesome

  • Ben B
    Ben B Month ago

    have you been out flying since you got it back to Utah? I think I have seen your blackhawk up in the air twice since I have seen this video.... Hope you are having fun and putting some hours on that beautiful bird!!!

  • Mitchell Rose
    Mitchell Rose Month ago

    I fully approve the collaboration with Cody