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  • Published on Jun 25, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • We've delivered our most highly anticipated episode of all time with Andrew Tate sitting in the hot seat on this weeks episode of Grilling.
    Comment your favourite part and let us know what you think of the rating Chian gave Mr. Tate.

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  • Stand Out TV
    Stand Out TV  3 months ago +341

    Check out the latest Grilling episode HERE: clip-share.net/video/_YVdue4eH48/video.html

    • Christian Manriquez
      Christian Manriquez 10 days ago

      I'm still here praying the the Tates. No I'm not an alpha man yet but working on it. Single dad I am but ill try to meet him in Dubai one day! Peace and Power to great people!

    • Lorene Brown
      Lorene Brown Month ago

      So can women join Hustler’s University?

      RHINO UNIT Month ago +1

      yall crazy i like her man lol

    • Kyle Trayhurn
      Kyle Trayhurn Month ago

      @Nick Halden p0p

  • manlikeisaac
    manlikeisaac 9 months ago +12961

    I still can’t believe this interview is real 😂💯

  • Mike Lilja
    Mike Lilja 25 days ago +1217

    Tate has mastered the perfect combination of logic and troll

    • jhaim P. Sullivan
      jhaim P. Sullivan Day ago

      @The Chachometer how u calling out copying comments in 2023
      Tht shyt funny, my first time seeing it
      # aint that deep

    • Atul Kumar
      Atul Kumar 3 days ago

      @Leejen Taylor A man actually deserves respect for what he achieved. You won't remain the same if u do a big feat in ur life. Also I don't think this guy will get married easily. Bc his standards r completely different from what women want. They want freedom & equal authority in a relationship even if they didn't face the same suffering to get there. A king takes one step at a time while the queen jumps around the chessboard. He is pretty clear on what he wants the kind of high profile woman he wants can't be found nowadays.

    • Kearnu Phoenix
      Kearnu Phoenix 3 days ago

      Here's Tate's close future: clip-share.net/video/_8iy0P0ch1k/video.html

    • Leejen Taylor
      Leejen Taylor 4 days ago

      he is bitter he is not getting respect from other real men he thinks he deserves - that's what only llving a life centred around money breeds - he is in the gutter really and never made a commitment to any woman for life - which takes courage, honour and integrity

  • Cdurham0708
    Cdurham0708 Month ago +1520

    It’s so sad to think that there’s people out there thinking she killed this interview 😂😂

    • Apiffany Fulcher
      Apiffany Fulcher 3 days ago

      @Leejen Taylor hmmm?

    • Leejen Taylor
      Leejen Taylor 3 days ago

      @Apiffany Fulcher nah when he took of his glasses, she saw his bitter soul - nobody wants to stare into those eyes

    • Apiffany Fulcher
      Apiffany Fulcher 4 days ago +1

      @Leejen Taylor high value makeup is what she is

    • Leejen Taylor
      Leejen Taylor 4 days ago

      @Cdurham0708 do you have a wife/children, if not you are listening to the wrong boy with views of women such as this.

    • Cdurham0708
      Cdurham0708 4 days ago +1

      @Leejen Taylor sure 😂

  • Yeager
    Yeager 18 days ago +387

    Andrew trolled her so hard she actually believed most of what he said 😂😂

    • Leejen Taylor
      Leejen Taylor 4 days ago

      no she said he was a liar right at the beginning so she already had him pegged

    • Jeff Rosenbury
      Jeff Rosenbury 11 days ago +8

      Is he trolling? I don't think so. Other than the shoe salesman comment.

    • Reginald
      Reginald 14 days ago +3

      What did he say that he didn't mean though? Not much.

    • Mikell Vene
      Mikell Vene 16 days ago +14

      Only because he was being honest! 100*

  • Theguywithoptions
    Theguywithoptions Month ago +1012

    After everything! Tate calms down, “we actually agree on everything” 😂 pure entertainment.

    • Theguywithoptions
      Theguywithoptions 10 days ago

      @Juan Cortes 😂😂💪🏾

    • Juan Cortes
      Juan Cortes 21 day ago +1

      Hey look you got options like Top G was saying! 😎💯

  • hazem mohamed
    hazem mohamed 25 days ago +552

    Andrew is just soo damn good at upsetting her lol he is laughing actually and making her angry on purpose 😂

    • DJiNNN
      DJiNNN 2 days ago

      He has total control over her emotions 😂 it’s almost laughable

    • Leejen Taylor
      Leejen Taylor 4 days ago

      @Russell Boyd I agree, if he is innocent, his views on making young men honour themselves, exercise and be the best men they can be is spot on, but his views on women will make all these young men lonely just like he is. If you want a woman of value, you need to value them, honour, respect, and trust them as much as you value yourself - that is what love is - its simple really.

  • Jacob Black
    Jacob Black 9 months ago +36978

    Who ever put these two together deserves a raise 😂

    • hypocrisy causes insanity and disbelief
      hypocrisy causes insanity and disbelief 4 days ago

      resurrection mercy open-minded close-minded ignorance, dream arrogance fear, work success book, graduation law power, religion festival soldier, self-deception. Use the mind to think, use reason so you can live for yourself and remember your problems, i struggle with myself

    • Apiffany Fulcher
      Apiffany Fulcher 6 days ago

      She ain’t all that…

    • Apiffany Fulcher
      Apiffany Fulcher 6 days ago

      Wah wah wah…

    • Maxwell Durrans
      Maxwell Durrans 15 days ago

      Not even a raise, a huge tip from the man himself

  • Juicy B
    Juicy B 17 days ago +247

    I like Andrew Tate, he is a traditional man in a modern world. Speaks facts.

    • Ligia Roxana
      Ligia Roxana 18 hours ago

      really? Traditional men build wealth by owning videochats? :)) great role model

    • Joshua W
      Joshua W 11 days ago +1

      ​@Andrew it does feel like something there isn't right. His intentional aggression really brought that to the surface.

    • Andrew
      Andrew 11 days ago +3

      tbh it feels like she's a cheater trying to get across that all women (she) can hang out with any guy she wants, while being in a relationship.

  • Ramazan Inanli
    Ramazan Inanli Month ago +639

    I totally pissed my self, Andrew is a comedian 🤣🤣
    Andrew : Jesus, god, you see little by little we are getting somewhere
    Chian: but if I want to I will
    Andrew: sorry jesus sorry

  • Cross-Chainger
    Cross-Chainger 3 days ago +32

    The body count on forheads is an amazing idea 😂😂

  • Zed Wagner
    Zed Wagner Month ago +174

    He plays the character so well. Laughing so
    hard right now.

    • Daetyme
      Daetyme 6 days ago

      yes, he is a character, I don't think he knows how to be real.

  • Lamar Colvin
    Lamar Colvin Day ago +4

    The chessboard analogy was such an insanely appropriate comparison that I’ve never thought of before. The queen gets to move ALL over the board and the king has to move one square at a time. Wow. Brilliantly said TATE!

  • iFerg
    iFerg 9 months ago +12738

    If you can get past the TOP Gs arrogance, the value he provides from the words he speaks is insane

    • Woppalash
      Woppalash Day ago

      @The Great Barrage fr fr

    • Charlie TMZ
      Charlie TMZ 2 days ago

      is not arrogance if it´s true

    • Joshua W
      Joshua W 11 days ago

      @Fook Yu I get why you're conditioned to think that way. 18 either means you're an adult or it doesn't. I don't agree with living your life exactly how he says but let's stop pretending these women aren't just that, women. These aren't little girls. These are women. Also, if women knew how to be less promiscuous and didn't gallop around getting "life experience" he'd likely rage raise that age a bit. Very few men actually want to deal with a woman that immature, but the trade off of waiting till they hit their 20's is likely that she's already damaged her ability to effectively bond.
      Using words like "prey on" and "old men" is exactly part of the discriminatory language that needs to be exiled from our language.

  • KingGus
    KingGus Month ago +113

    “She thinks I’m arrogant, I’m doing it on purpose because it’s funny” 😂😂😂

    • Severus Tobias Snape
      Severus Tobias Snape Day ago

      @Roni Bärlund He is probably swimming in feminist twitter. Getting his info from there.

    • Roni Bärlund
      Roni Bärlund Day ago +3

      @Leejen Taylor Where did you get that info lmao? He isn't single in fact he has kids too

    • Jack
      Jack 2 days ago +3

      @Leejen Taylor okay taylor.

    • Leejen Taylor
      Leejen Taylor 4 days ago

      that's why he is single and bitter

  • Satarupa Sen Gupta
    Satarupa Sen Gupta Month ago +358

    I dont care what this guy is as a person but he gave me lots if clarity and confidence in life ❤️ I wish him best of luck in his life

    • Sathira_Anuk
      Sathira_Anuk Month ago +1

      ​@noneoftheabove he's just messing around 😂😂

    • Satarupa Sen Gupta
      Satarupa Sen Gupta Month ago +7

      @noneoftheabove he did not exactly shit on women, he was pointing out few relevant issues rationally in a very good way without sounding like male chauvinist. Hair doesnot matter, I am more bothered about what message he is delivering. Also I said I dont care what he is as person

    • Ximo
      Ximo Month ago +25

      @noneoftheabove lmaooooooo how u letting something on the internet bother you that much 😹😹😹

  • Garrett Brickey
    Garrett Brickey 11 days ago +36

    1:07:16 This is actually the saddest part of the interview. Seeing her breakdown and admit her true feelings so coldly and sneakily.

    • Michael Barry
      Michael Barry 9 days ago +7

      My thoughts too, she claimed to not like him, but secretly wants him?

  • JYK
    JYK Month ago +72

    Just impressive how andrew can speak so well it's literally incredible. The way he talks, how fast he talks and thinks, his vocabulary..

    • Leejen Taylor
      Leejen Taylor 4 days ago

      it's all spin, because he hasn't been able to keep the woman of value he wanted, she saw right through him

  • Jian Chen
    Jian Chen 5 days ago +13

    I just never gets bored watching this interview, I have to at least watch this once a month or my life will feel empty.

  • Unathi Mbedle
    Unathi Mbedle Month ago +114

    Him suggesting arm wrestling was so cute😂😅, and her response was just perfect. Someone needs to lock them in a house together for a whole month😂😅

    • Leejen Taylor
      Leejen Taylor 4 days ago +2

      @mrsmukk just to sleep with, as she said, as she would be unfulfilled in that just as much as in everything else important - love, trust, integrity, honour,

    • Joshua W
      Joshua W 11 days ago +5

      ​@mrsmukk The classical attraction to the thing you can't control and aggravates you.

    • mrsmukk
      mrsmukk 18 days ago +1

      @Kemjisuper Xtreme yep

  • Amiro Zakri
    Amiro Zakri Month ago +57

    Tate can create comedy on it's highest form😂

  • Gogo Jokic
    Gogo Jokic 2 days ago +2

    Andrew is the man. Love how he gets under her skin.

  • Gary Bradshaw
    Gary Bradshaw Month ago +107

    Tate is so funny as a fellow man he just makes me piss my sides laughing - he just isn’t afraid to say shit that other guys are always thinking 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

  • The Lotus Experience
    The Lotus Experience 5 days ago +2

    He's unbelievable and sickening, he can't answer one answer straight up just proving he's full of it I think he's really deep down a good guy that's been scorned

  • DistantKingdom
    DistantKingdom 2 months ago +1967

    the fact that these 2 can fundamentally disagree on so much yet still banter and laugh together is quite something

    • 7nexus21
      7nexus21 Month ago

      yeah that's called real life you gen z kids.

    • Bisentoman
      Bisentoman Month ago +2

      Because his energy is low key attracting her.

    • Professionally Curious
      Professionally Curious Month ago

      This use to be the norm, but the world has changed where if you disagree with someone you become a hater and that person will bully you to agree with them, especially those people in the "vulnerable groups".

    • Albert Plouffe
      Albert Plouffe Month ago +3

      Thats because she deep inside knows he is correct she knows that her whole life was a lie to her.

    • Nadzrzigui
      Nadzrzigui Month ago

      @House of Matrix this definitely is not chemistry 🤣

  • MrShandy123
    MrShandy123 Month ago +52

    The part where Tate talks about men allowing themselves to be vulnerable to women with respect to their mental health is so true. Best and most true part of the interview.

    • Syntax
      Syntax 5 days ago

      ​@You keep what you kill.they can but never in front of their woman and still act the way they should

    • You keep what you kill.
      You keep what you kill. 10 days ago

      Men shouldn't be freaking vulnerable.

  • Raquel D.
    Raquel D. Month ago +31

    This was thoroughly engaging and I actually wanted the conversation to be longer.

  • Lee Mcnamara
    Lee Mcnamara 2 days ago

    Him talking to jesus had me LOLing so hard each and every time

  • Reality Explained
    Reality Explained Month ago +89

    Andrew just made sense, i don't get why people say he is arrogant, he is talking out of pure experience of life, the closer you watch life the harder your words are, she just kept muttering that he is misogynistic, arrogant, etc., but deep down every single woman knows that Tate was just talking sense. Who cares about what score she gives him because she is not even any near to Tate' mental approach, this feels like donkeys rating tigers.

    • Do Bap
      Do Bap 26 days ago +12

      Because he has said some really dumb things, but those things are usually just him trolling.
      A big part of it is him being a big influence on young men, and telling them to be traditionally strong and masculine. Which is what most of the corporate overlords are afraid of.

  • Thomas Beaver
    Thomas Beaver 2 days ago

    This video truly made me a fan it’s almost like he was reading my mind on lots of topics and actually very funny with responses that I almost predicted the way he felt truly inspirational n admirable of the mindset he makes very strong points
    N no I have not by far escaped the matrix but I have goals n will to persevere n get to happiness again

  • Billy Bill
    Billy Bill 8 months ago +6118

    “Women wear makeup because men fall in love with what they see. Men lie because women fall in love with what they hear” might be the best quote I’ve ever heard

    • Mohamed El Sarag
      Mohamed El Sarag Day ago

      @Leo Uwingabiye i

    • scaryhymn
      scaryhymn 3 days ago


    • lavish17000
      lavish17000 5 days ago

      I heard that quote couples years ago welcome to the party

    • Sel
      Sel 6 days ago

      @You keep what you kill. yes i would. Because i dont daylie wear. Go away from the mindset that girls do everyday makeup. You need to feel it. Did you watch lord of the rings? All the orcs? Thats makeup and its incredible. And a human can not live alone you should know that. On top of that if you are a men you should know that men dont like makeup. At least in europe

    • You keep what you kill.
      You keep what you kill. 6 days ago

      @Sel let me ask you a question . If you were alone in planet Mars . The only living human being on the planet would you still put on make up?

  • Temper Wolves
    Temper Wolves Month ago +30

    The deep breath and the laugh from TopG got me dying 😂

  • Seymour Butz
    Seymour Butz Month ago +71

    Straight facts by Tate @40:00-41:30

  • Satyaki Biswas
    Satyaki Biswas 4 days ago +2

    38:40, 41:06 and 39:56 He is literally speaking facts💯

  • Feranmi Jimoh
    Feranmi Jimoh Month ago +26

    This interview was everything 😂 like she was so calm cause Andrew was legit getting under her skin and Andrew hate this up

  • Shogo
    Shogo 14 days ago +15

    Funny thing nobody seems to point out how... deep down, she was really feeling him, she almost bit her lip after the glasses came off, I think she really wanted to get it. Lmao and she tried to fight him every step of the way. But that's the real female and Male dynamics on display right there.

    • Leejen Taylor
      Leejen Taylor 4 days ago +1

      just to sleep with, not to have a loving, trusting relationship with, as she said he is exhausting because he is a sad lonely man, not getting the respect he deserves from the real men who are at the top with loving families and children

  • Avun Jephcott
    Avun Jephcott 4 months ago +2209

    The chess analogy is the best I’ve heard in a long time 😂 10/10 👌🏽

    • Av Popstar
      Av Popstar 2 days ago

      fr seems that for him chess is like real life

    • Leah Wilkins
      Leah Wilkins 3 days ago

      Because of his father. 🙏🏿

    • Armadillo
      Armadillo Month ago

      Its only called queen in a few languages. You think muslims call bishop that? (They call it elephant)

    • James Robinson
      James Robinson 3 months ago +4

      @Qas Astarts at 8:35

    • Qas A
      Qas A 3 months ago +1

      Time stamp

  • Emmanuel Adah
    Emmanuel Adah Month ago +27

    This was lovely. Really lovely.
    Andrew is very smart and I love how Chian asked her questions. She's really smart and cool headed.
    This was nice to watch.

  • Wall -E
    Wall -E Month ago +19

    I watched this whole thing once before and here I am again, here just to see Andrew say nothing but facts ever since he's been locked up. The way the world works in our time is so gross and just makes me sick to my stomach.

  • the stacche
    the stacche 9 days ago +8

    tate is a comedic genius

  • Tlotlisang Lekhoaba Lekhoaba

    Some hilarious moments

  • DES
    DES 21 hour ago

    🤣🤣🤣👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 i hope she looks back on this "date" and realise there is yet alot to learn in life! Top entertainment! 😂

  • Straight Outta Zambia
    Straight Outta Zambia 5 months ago +4068

    Chian: a high value man is someone who is very sure of himself
    Andrew: I'm a high value man
    Chian: he's very sure of himself

    • Chris Alindi
      Chris Alindi 4 days ago


    • Brett DW
      Brett DW 26 days ago

      😂😂😂😂😂 Lol

    • junior arevalo
      junior arevalo 29 days ago

      @YENGO Bill 😂😭

    • ThermalKill24
      ThermalKill24 Month ago

      ​@Mr. Johnsonbro no one mentions the vacuum kevin left and how andrew filled it. Plus kevin died under suspicious circumstances. Really makes u wonder what the hell is going on 🤔

  • Andy Arce
    Andy Arce Month ago +24

    36:41 this made me laugh more than it should had

  • Music blues
    Music blues Month ago +20

    I love how how this woman asked her questions, put her points across and kept her calm throughout and was so dignified and confident.

  • Mycigar adventures
    Mycigar adventures 4 days ago +1

    43:00 She got him to takeoff the sunglasses that Hass to be a win for her 😂

  • Janice Rivera
    Janice Rivera 15 days ago +12

    “Why is he shouting?” 🤣🤣 he’s doing this on purpose. I enjoyed watching both of them. Tate has very good points 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • V Valentine
    V Valentine 21 day ago +21

    I can tell you that lady is falling for Tate
    She views him as a mystery box and she's curious bout him
    But u know how the saying goes
    Curiosity kills the cat😎
    I can really see it honestly hope I'm not the only one 😂😂😂

  • big zubber
    big zubber 8 months ago +3171

    Love him or hate him, he is pure entertainment😂

    • Matt Gosling
      Matt Gosling 16 hours ago

      Yeah hes funny

    • M77
      M77 Month ago

      Love him or Love him*

    • caliguy1260
      caliguy1260 2 months ago

      Tate is a caricature of himself.

    • Jim Bob
      Jim Bob 2 months ago

      Love him or Tate him haha

  • Noor Abro
    Noor Abro Month ago +17

    Best 1 hr of my life frr , watching these two debate was a fun experience

  • Boya Taluk
    Boya Taluk 3 days ago +1

    58:13 first time Andrew set a foot wrong in the whole date 😂

  • Mattbuscus
    Mattbuscus 12 days ago +5

    I discovered Mr. Tate the day this came out , changed my life !

  • LazyboyZZZyobyzaL
    LazyboyZZZyobyzaL Month ago +10

    haha its so funny to see Andrew pushing her button intentionally. He had her figured out like an open book. XD

  • Derek Metten
    Derek Metten 11 days ago +2

    “If they want to find you guilty, they’ll find you guilty” 11:15

  • Indissolubili Sociavit
    Indissolubili Sociavit 8 months ago +9070

    this was 10x more entertaining than I thought it was going to be

    • Shivz97 _
      Shivz97 _ 4 months ago

      @ana labarta says who? you? a woman? what would you know about being a man?

    • ThinkBefore YouType
      ThinkBefore YouType 4 months ago

      Hahaha exactly

    • JOK3RIIV
      JOK3RIIV 4 months ago

      @Ricardo Says the Brokie. Keep on giving off 🤡 energy.

    • Tcb bct again
      Tcb bct again 4 months ago

      @ana labarta you're sad young lady

  • Leese
    Leese Month ago +16

    22:00- 22:35 had me 😂😂😂😂. Interesting relatable interaction. He’s winding her up but she is handling him well. I think he is misunderstood but also covering up some serious things. Its a front… wonder what he is like beneath…

  • Ryan Walker
    Ryan Walker 22 days ago +16

    The onlyfans chat. “How much you make? 10 grand? Alright gimme 8”
    I crumbled at that 😂💀

  • juls
    juls Month ago +9

    😂 they both deserve an Oscar they need to be in movies 😂

    • Macandi
      Macandi 16 days ago

      No they do not they’re being focused and straight forward in what they see in life in terms of relationships.

  • test test
    test test Month ago +10

    I love this man hes so fun to b around

  • Isaias Ruelas
    Isaias Ruelas Day ago +1

    Legend has it she is still seaking counseling today after this interview. This interview gave her PTSD. Lol

  • Aleks
    Aleks 2 months ago +3045

    Did anyone catch Tate say “I’m a positive man. I’m a Positively Inspirational and Motivating Person” (PIMP) 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • McCJA8
    McCJA8 6 days ago +5

    When Andrew isn't being purposely annoying, he truly seems like a sweetheart. Annoying Andrew makes me want to smash my face into a wall.

  • rawdawg_
    rawdawg_ 21 day ago +10

    "I look forward to correcting her"
    "Finally! A man who makes an effort!"

  • Let's Play
    Let's Play 12 days ago +2

    What is Andrew tate is saying 100000 % Correct 💀💯

    ANDREWTATE_IR 15 days ago +16

    41:46 He is so damn clever,she was really going to make fun of him and he didn't let her

    • Leejen Taylor
      Leejen Taylor 4 days ago

      not clever enough to commit to one woman for life - a wife. He is still bitter that the woman of value he wanted saw through him. He still feels inadequate

  • Tendayi Dube
    Tendayi Dube 16 days ago +5

    The fact that Andrew Tate still complimented her nicely whenever she was right >>>

  • Prince_Troii
    Prince_Troii 3 months ago +2283

    She didn’t even catch that he called himself a pimp , a Positively Inspiring Motivating Person 😭😭😭

    • Escalate
      Escalate 2 months ago

      @Anonymous By the way, can you read English? Read what i wrote again?

    • Ghostface
      Ghostface 3 months ago +2

      I didn’t catch that either omg. 😭😭

    • Axe Manners
      Axe Manners 3 months ago

      triggered beta.

  • ShaW tV
    ShaW tV Month ago +20

    Nah hate him or love him he speaking facts 😂💯

  • Braulio Vera
    Braulio Vera 4 days ago +1

    You can see the expressions on her face when Andrew brings out points that she agrees with..the Starbucks guy example was on point..🤣😂

  • george kapanis
    george kapanis 2 days ago

    I think the two of them would make an excellent relationship. Because tate actually agrees sometimes

  • Suriya Dunya
    Suriya Dunya Month ago +7

    He talks so precisely never reckless, he's a smart guy #freetate

  • Daniii.Rose_
    Daniii.Rose_ 24 days ago +13

    When he said he was a high value man. She said he was full of himself.. BUT when she said she was high value… it’s confidence 😂😂 #contradictions

    • GigaChadTheDemigod.
      GigaChadTheDemigod. 4 days ago

      @Leejen Taylor He's had several girlfriends all over the world, it's how he started his cam-business. Any serious relationship the likes of marriage is unlikely though, he's the example of this modern-day hook-up culture bs, i despise it but hard to reject when litterally everyone around you follows it

    • Leejen Taylor
      Leejen Taylor 4 days ago +1

      because he is not. Hasn't committed to a woman for a lifetime so no honour integrity, trust or love. His views on women will keep him lonely

    • GigaChadTheDemigod.
      GigaChadTheDemigod. 18 days ago +2

      @simplywater.00 She found him interesting for sure, mysterious and and the hard to get candy will always be more sought after then the casual crap

    • simplywater.00
      simplywater.00 22 days ago +3

      She's lost.

  • Noah Mollon
    Noah Mollon 8 months ago +4694

    “The loudest in the room is usually the weakest“
    “Let’s have an arm wrestle” made me laugh out loud 😂

  • Dimmary
    Dimmary Month ago +14

    The man, the myth, the legend

  • Roulette
    Roulette Month ago +30

    39:45 Tate enters god mode. If you couldnt get it up to this point, fine, Andrew begins to spell it out about life as a man. It's player vs player. And if you want to become the man for some hot chick to say "oh it's ok babe, you have a day to yourself" then you have shit to do until you reach that point.

    • Roulette
      Roulette 4 days ago

      @Leejen Taylor "whether it's the matrix or not" thank you for proving our points. Have an L. Have a nice life :)

    • Leejen Taylor
      Leejen Taylor 4 days ago

      @Roulette oh and he is in jail right says it all - whether its the matrix or not

    • Roulette
      Roulette 4 days ago

      @Leejen Taylor this is one of the most common misconceptions. It doesnt turn women if value off, cuz women of value agree with him. That's the difference. And I'm sure I'll hear some things like money to validate a woman but sorry cash doesnt add value to females. Its just the way the world is.

  • brock turner
    brock turner Month ago +5

    Love this guy....he so smart and to the point......

  • Ninjar
    Ninjar Month ago +4

    love how andrew guessed his rating at the end practically xD

  • Jeffery McMasters
    Jeffery McMasters 20 days ago +6

    19:14- 19:28
    Literally spit my coffee out after this one😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Ulysse Amiel
    Ulysse Amiel 9 months ago +4407

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    • ͔ ͔
      ͔ ͔ 19 days ago

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    • Wimpher
      Wimpher 2 months ago

      @Celty Best My god, everything he stated in this interview is exactly how women are in general. 1/10 women maybe are truly good women.

    • Brian Jackson
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  • The Lotus Experience

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  • Notavailable M
    Notavailable M Month ago +10

    The fact that everybody believes that he is so Happy, so good, so everything it's amazing. He's amazing making people believe in every shit he says 🤣

    • Notavailable M
      Notavailable M 3 days ago

      @Adam L not really. The only one trigged here apparently is you, that assumed I don't like him. And why is always the same answer when someone disagree with him? Learn to accept different views and let life gives you the knowledge to live, survive and be successful. My son and daughter are now grow up and living by themselves and I always show them Andrew, but I always tell them to get of everyone they know, even me what they need to became successful and not fallow like sheep in a flock.

    • Notavailable M
      Notavailable M 3 days ago

      @You keep what you kill. not really. I actually love him, but I just don't believe in everything he says. As a man I'm not here crying and posting "save the top G". Apparently I'm not the one triggered....everytime someone says something they don't agree with him all I see is the same answer: "Trigged, etc, etc!" 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ I'm a 40y old man and i have a lot of things that he says and I fallow and believe, but life teaches more than a Top G. Trust me.

    • You keep what you kill.
      You keep what you kill. 10 days ago +1

      You are hurt by Andrew tate. Even hyenas laugh at the face of a danger.

    • Adam L
      Adam L Month ago +6


    IBTED 16 days ago +1

    She absolutely is the picture of "all" women. When she starts losing she shames him, when that doesn't work she gets mad, and when that doesn't work it's tears. Rotflmmfao #freetopg

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    webstime1 9 months ago +1698

    *Chian* : "A high value man is a man that's sure of himself"
    *Tate* : "I am a high value man"
    *Chian* : "He's sure of himself 😡"

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      Nadzrzigui Month ago

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      @Tyrone Davis bingo. she can't stand people who disagree because she thinks her point is fair. shes delusional.

    • Cesar Mendez
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    • Orapeleng Kgosana
      Orapeleng Kgosana 9 months ago


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    Atul Kumar 3 days ago

    That was so entertaining. Also if a guy give attention to woman he want something in return. It's complete bs if a girl thinks a guy will ask her for advice or friend dates when she already have a boyfriend it's a waste of time & money. I personally will either go to my father or my cousin who will push me to get better. If I go to my mother or sister they will be like come home there r lot of problems outside they will hold me back. Problems will always arrive at the worst time you get better each time u solve a different problem it adds in ur skill. Life is hard in India.
    Also I understand Tate's logic he says that history & current time changed a lot of things. But at the core u can't change anything with this new bullshit when things gets tough.

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    • PaulaX blank
      PaulaX blank 2 months ago

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    Bakari Jenkins 21 day ago +8

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    Mina Siddiqui 17 days ago

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    Both say things from similar stand point yet completely different.

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      Rockoyhead 3 months ago

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    • Akanke Oge
      Akanke Oge 5 months ago +3

      But he answered the question. He barely said anything about his mum and he didn’t speak about her with pride.
      He’s bitter about women because his mum left his dad because “he cheated”. He was a young child that experienced separation and rejection. His insecurity is so obvious.

    • Faezah
      Faezah 8 months ago

      @AngelG also: 'insecure'

    • Moon Horse
      Moon Horse 8 months ago

      @William Cobbett Its more so linked to Bowlby and the internal working model, if you're interested in psychology you should take a look at it. Secondly, psychoanalysis is a therapeutic method used in clinical settings that encompasses many things, not just one off questions you might expect in a casual conversation during a date. To call it psychoanalysis would be silly, even if it was Freudian.

  • JakkuWolf Insomnia
    JakkuWolf Insomnia Month ago +11

    Tate: “YES MY DEAR!” *holds up No*
    Chian: “that was a No”
    Chian: *holds it up*
    Tate: “ok..” *thinks: the matrix strikes again*

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