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Made $1 Million in 7 Hours, Ruined a Whole City in One

  • Published on Jan 27, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    Made $1 Million in 7 Hours, Ruined a Whole City in 1 - Internet Cafe Simulator 2 - Let's Game It Out
    Check it out on Steam ► store.steampowered.com/app/15...
    More about Internet Cafe Simulator 2 (from Steam):
    The second game of the series contains much more detailed and different new mechanics.
    Build a great internet cafe. Don't let street thugs and mobsters take your money. They can even throw a bomb inside your cafe.
    You can attract more customers on rainy days. Increase the skills you want to develop from the tech tree. Will you become a business prodigy or a brawler skilled at protecting his cafe?
    You have to earn money to pay off your brother's debt!
    Keep guards. Prepare meals for your customers.
    Improve computers. Purchase game licenses. Delight customers. Turn a ruin into a great cafe.
    As a decent person, you can proceed normally. Or you could get involved in completely illegal business.
    Hire employees for your cafe and treat them well. Remember, the customer is always right!
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  • Let's Game It Out
    Let's Game It Out  3 months ago +1306

    Download Monster Legends for free to claim your limited time reward: monsterlegends.onelink.me/X4Sc/LGIO

  • Nauman Aman
    Nauman Aman 3 months ago +2112

    Very realistic game, as the owner of an internet cafe I too have to deal with suicide bombers randomly running into my shop and blowing up the lambs. 10/10 for realism.

    • Brandon Jurgens
      Brandon Jurgens 21 day ago +1

      @Art LaBlanc 9:47

    • BJGvideos
      BJGvideos 28 days ago +2

      @SuperJman1111 Yeah I'd see that but it looked like they were running into something

    • SuperJman1111
      SuperJman1111 29 days ago +3

      @BJGvideos No some guy ran in before every explosion

    • BJGvideos
      BJGvideos 29 days ago +3

      Is that why there's so many explosions? I thought it was because they were dealing with faulty electricity all the time.

    • SuperJman1111
      SuperJman1111 2 months ago +4

      That must be absolutely terrible lol

  • Airforce_proud98
    Airforce_proud98 3 months ago +1182

    Josh is the only person that can say “7 hours later” and we would still believe him.

    • MajorTom
      MajorTom 22 days ago +6

      That's what makes his videos so watchable. He actually puts forth the time and effort into testing the systems' limits to that extent and it shows.

    • William Pitcher
      William Pitcher 3 months ago +5


  • Ahmad Azad
    Ahmad Azad 3 months ago +951

    this is the phase when you know Josh about to destroy the game

    • I'm probably taller than you IRL
      I'm probably taller than you IRL 17 days ago

      The fact that he sung it made it so much more dangerous

    • Axlvc
      Axlvc 3 months ago +13

      Or I wonder if there is a limit on ____________. Just put some here.. and here.. and here.. ans some here.. and- (5748474 years later) well, i guess no

    • immortalfrieza
      immortalfrieza 3 months ago +35

      Either that or "IS THERE A LIMIT?"

    • ㆍ
       3 months ago +11

      or his pc

  • Real Civil Engineer
    Real Civil Engineer 3 months ago +160

    Can't believe we both found the same money exploit, but I can believe you abused it like it was an architect! By the way, I think you'd have a lot of fun in InfraSpace...!

    • Andrew Cline
      Andrew Cline 17 days ago

      @Noah Foster Well considering me dad grew up on a farm and in his teen years made a working canon and gunpowder not to mention a flamethrower around the same time i also think he's crazy smart

    • Noah Foster
      Noah Foster 18 days ago

      And also your dad must be smart it is hard to separate nano cellulose

    • Noah Foster
      Noah Foster 18 days ago

      Thanks asdrake I'll think about it but I'm still only 13

    • Andrew Cline
      Andrew Cline 18 days ago +1

      @Noah Foster Why not go big and go for what my dad did He's a prototype engineer that works for the top president of a university to make and design machines for the researchers and professors
      You should have seen how happy he was when one of them asked for a steam canon to try to dry and separate nano cellulose

    • Noah Foster
      Noah Foster 2 months ago +1

      Hey rce I love your videos I wanna become a mechanical engineer

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson 3 months ago +174

    "Into the wild world of... paying a bill first" is one of the best-executed lines from this channel

  • Colvie Channel
    Colvie Channel 3 months ago +4792

    If there's a way to make copious amounts of money, Josh will find it...

    • Learning Unity
      Learning Unity 23 hours ago

      he already broke the game before leaving his apartment building xD

    • ipv4 address
      ipv4 address 3 months ago

      With a very dubious method

    • Lucas E
      Lucas E 3 months ago

      I mean he already did it in real life with this thing called "Clip-Share"

    • Charles Maurice
      Charles Maurice 3 months ago

      . . . . . .

    • Thorin Fairbanks
      Thorin Fairbanks 3 months ago

      @Bennett Smith no,that would disintegrate the game they played

  • Star Blaze
    Star Blaze 3 months ago +166

    Josh when the framerate drops to

    • pieter sipma
      pieter sipma 3 months ago +2

      Ist not frames per second its seconds per framr for josh

  • Henry Kelso
    Henry Kelso 2 months ago +42

    Him straight up knocking out an Elon Musk impersonator while he’s trying to do push ups is legendary

  • Crimson Deity
    Crimson Deity 3 months ago +24

    Josh is an absolute genius when it comes to find loops around rules in games

  • Yash Vaka
    Yash Vaka 3 months ago +26

    The thing is, that with Josh when he says "7 hours later" you know he actually meant it literally.

  • kayZeee
    kayZeee 3 months ago +2523

    Always look forward to josh absolutely decimating games

    • YTY
      YTY 2 months ago

      @Steven Conary Chandra that was two years ago (yes, and he plays horror games)

    • Steven Conary Chandra
      Steven Conary Chandra 2 months ago

      I just Miss Anthony

    • Steven Conary Chandra
      Steven Conary Chandra 2 months ago

      You can look that lets game it out have 2 person before

    • Steven Conary Chandra
      Steven Conary Chandra 2 months ago

      I Miss Anthony

    • MGM
      MGM 3 months ago +1

      I don't know what you mean, Josh only plays games as intended.

  • Cocoa Cookie!
    Cocoa Cookie! 3 months ago +14

    No matter what game this dude plays, he always make it so interesting

  • Doggium Gaming
    Doggium Gaming 3 months ago +8

    Every single time Josh somehow manages to amaze and amuse me to an extent where I just lay on the floor sufforcating from my laughter.

  • Mim-ster! {SM}
    Mim-ster! {SM} 3 months ago +13

    Imagine living in a city, doing your normal daily routine, then the city gets invaded by more than 1M boxes.

  • GooglerBoi_123
    GooglerBoi_123 3 months ago +6

    When I hear his intro I know it's gonna be a good day! The sheer umph and chaos of his videos is what makes him my favorite youtuber!

  • The empire Needs subs
    The empire Needs subs Month ago +6

    Random civilian in the town: *finds wall of boxes*
    Also the civilian: “damnit. Josh moved in”

  • VinylDash 23
    VinylDash 23 3 months ago +7

    Congrats on 4 million subs Josh. Keep growing my guy.

  • Tyler John
    Tyler John 3 months ago +4

    Josh.. I just have to say, I absolutely love your content, and I want more and more and more and.. *7 hours later* ..more and more and more and more. Don't stop being... Funny.. and stuff.

  • abraveastronaut
    abraveastronaut 2 months ago +7

    You know, with most of the other games on this channel, I can tell that what I'm seeing either went wrong somewhere in the implementation, or is a perfectly good (if often esoteric) game that Josh is breaking over his knee by doing weird things. Usually I even have a pretty good idea which ones are which.
    This series (god why is it a series), however, falls into a third category: it's baffling. I don't understand why these games are the way they are. There is no part of the game design here that makes sense to me.

  • Animusツ
    Animusツ 3 months ago +4105

    Devs should let Josh test every game. This man can discover every "feature" the game has to offer.

    • gsdg
      gsdg 3 months ago

      say feature with a heavy pinch of salt

    • ㆍ
       3 months ago +1

      PC manufacturers should let Josh test the performance of their PCs

    • Ashton Giertz
      Ashton Giertz 3 months ago +1

      @Somb9dy what would have been even funnier would be if you could interact with the sign to play a parody of Josh's channel called "Let's Patch it Out" showing the dev team patching out all the exploits Josh has found while imitating LGIO's style and humor.

    • SuperiorCaptainGames
      SuperiorCaptainGames 3 months ago

      for real! he wastes hours of his life to say his catchphrase "is their a limit" xD

    • sturzkampfflugzueg
      sturzkampfflugzueg 3 months ago

      @Air Jordan 13 ‘Bred’ boohoo nobody owes you money.

    MARIO Month ago +2

    Barely started into the game and he found a bug already. What a legend hahaha

  • DarkeSolace
    DarkeSolace 3 months ago

    Always look forward to josh absolutely decimating games

  • The Moderately okay gamer

    I love how josh and cheese cake man have some kind of friend-ish relationship of how cheesey dude sends him keys for all of his bad games

  • kill me
    kill me Month ago

    i love how far you've come, i really appreciate your content

  • Naterly
    Naterly 3 months ago +2583

    Outside of the memes, the dude puts countless time in games just to entertain us for a clip that's 5 secs, that take dedication and I love and respect it a lot

  • DZockt80
    DZockt80 3 months ago +38

    He really made himself a millionaire before he even finished the tutorial 😂

  • Yorzen Gaming
    Yorzen Gaming 3 months ago

    I love how josh tests the limit of those games and discovering glitches I do that too sometimes but josh gets it anytime haha

  • The FishGaming
    The FishGaming 3 months ago +1

    Can we all agree that Josh is the most entertaining gamer?

  • 123453057
    123453057 3 months ago +5

    "A Nightmare We Caused Ourselves!"
    LGIO summarized in five words or less, really.

  • Wizard_Chicken
    Wizard_Chicken 3 months ago +1517

    The people randomly running into the cafe with bombs strapped to their chest never stopped being funny, got me rolling every time

    • mango pie
      mango pie 3 months ago +2

      Living in an apartment with sofas way expensive and comfier than your bed and squid game cosplayers being suicide bombers...lmfao

    • 진
       3 months ago +1

      @Aminul Hussain based

    • neural jam
      neural jam 3 months ago +1

      Oh. No. Please don't.

    • Gavin Renna
      Gavin Renna 3 months ago

      Squid games

    • Aminul Hussain
      Aminul Hussain 3 months ago +14

      @Danan If it was middle east it would have been on a US military drone.

  • Sir Tristan
    Sir Tristan 3 months ago

    Not even two minutes in and he's already softlocked the game. If I ever make a game, I should hire Josh for QA testing.

  • Soot Wilbur
    Soot Wilbur 3 months ago

    This man finds every bug and work around in games, I’m gonna give my game to him when it’s done.

  • Kiarrah Fender Almedilla

    Josh is the only dude that I know that almost cause my death by laughing until I'm out of air without swearing...

  • Andy Lundell
    Andy Lundell 3 months ago +1

    I like how they actually took onboard the criticism from the last video and fixed the specific, exact things he found wrong in that game.

  • Taran Van Hemert
    Taran Van Hemert 3 months ago +5053

    What's most shocking about this video is that Josh bothered to pay his bills.

    • lucutes
      lucutes 21 day ago


    • SuperJman1111
      SuperJman1111 2 months ago

      None of us saw that coming

    • Tahmidur rahman
      Tahmidur rahman 2 months ago

      even the most joking people know the seriousness of bills and what happens if you don't pay em

    • zaichi stuff uwu
      zaichi stuff uwu 3 months ago

      Agree i mean usually him will be let it boom but i guess real life 🤣 paybill hit somewhere there that make you care bill more 😆😆

    • Ordinary Fellow
      Ordinary Fellow 3 months ago

      @Not Cason Current: Channel deleted

  • Hekoruma Art
    Hekoruma Art 2 months ago

    12:55 The way Josh just sounds both done with everything and dead at the same time during this part killed me the first time I watched this video.

  • Leo Ahumada
    Leo Ahumada 3 months ago

    12:57 I have never hear Josh be so done with a game before

  • Saylor Twift
    Saylor Twift 3 months ago

    You are legit the funniest and most entertaining Clip-Sharer I've watched in a long time. This content is gold.

  • :D
    :D 3 months ago

    I like the difference between the video name and the games name.
    How does an Internet cafe destroy a whole city? Josh always finds a way

  • Nicolas Proxtx
    Nicolas Proxtx 3 months ago +2301

    The Dev: Let’s send him a key to showcase the game…
    Josh: Breaks the entire game

    • ScreamToASigh
      ScreamToASigh 3 months ago

      @Magicbeanza not this developer. Check out what people say about them. They only know how to make buggy games for way too much money.

    • Abhijit Nair
      Abhijit Nair 3 months ago +1

      @Guys look👇🅥 we made a bot watch 10,000 hours of internet humor and this is what it spits out

    • nobody
      nobody 3 months ago +1

      @Jan Vrabec if he did use cheat engine why doesn't he crank these videos out like dangerously funny?

    • Tom NixNachname
      Tom NixNachname 3 months ago +1

      @2J DestroDegr I for one don't want to play it now. But I loved the video. :-)

    • Zeke Affy
      Zeke Affy 3 months ago +3

      @Jan Vrabec See his twitch stream, hes definitely not lying

  • JacopoAmani Demelas
    JacopoAmani Demelas 3 months ago +6

    props to the developers that had the courage to give josh a key, I bet that they discovered some features that they didn't know about

  • NotYourAvgSteve
    NotYourAvgSteve 3 months ago

    This man, on the daily, demolishes his sanity for interesting content. 11/10.

  • The FishGaming
    The FishGaming 3 months ago +1

    If your game ever needs bug testing... give Josh a key

  • Done Diddly Doo
    Done Diddly Doo 3 months ago

    Hi Josh! I absolutely love your videos. I wait to watch your new videos for when I'm having a hard day, and it always lightens the mood. Thank you for that.

  • Mr. Narakka's Gaming Diaries.
    Mr. Narakka's Gaming Diaries. 3 months ago +1424

    You know it’s gonna be good when Josh breaks the game less than two minutes into the video.

    • S.E.J.L
      S.E.J.L 3 months ago

      @SOUNDWAVE 8000 ...Okay, thanks...?

    • SOUNDWAVE 8000
      SOUNDWAVE 8000 3 months ago

      @S.E.J.L buddy, it was fun going back and forth with you. I have blessed you with my time and attention. It ends here. God bless you and may all your wishes come true.

    • S.E.J.L
      S.E.J.L 3 months ago

      @SOUNDWAVE 8000 At least I'm 19 irl, unlike you who is 6.

  • ElusiveVirus174
    ElusiveVirus174 2 months ago

    if this man was a lawyer he would be figuring out so many loopholes in the system

  • Luca Daniels
    Luca Daniels 3 months ago

    Oh Josh we never come to see you play the games as intended

  • Linksword151
    Linksword151 3 months ago

    I just found your channel like a month ago and i have watched all your videos in the past 2 years so far. This stuff is awesome keep them coming. personally id like to see you play more crafting games like Craftopia or something, you do lots of crazy stuff on those!

  • ElvanLady
    ElvanLady 3 months ago

    Oh my goodness, the elevator part was way funnier than I expected

  • Geoffrey Florence
    Geoffrey Florence 3 months ago +1311

    I just love how Josh can play a game for almost twenty minutes without ever actually playing the game.

    • Unknown Variable
      Unknown Variable 2 months ago +1


    • Sebastian Quinnelly
      Sebastian Quinnelly 3 months ago +5

      The irony of all of this, is maybe Josh actually spent some good 20 minutes just playing with the elevator without even leaving the apartment.

    • Will
      Will 3 months ago +17

      @henkheijmen he mentioned to callmekevin each minute of a video takes about 1 hr to edit. Depending on the game of course

    • Obito Uchiha
      Obito Uchiha 3 months ago +20

      You mean for 20 hours without actually playing the game

    • Michael O'Connell
      Michael O'Connell 3 months ago +56

      @henkheijmen Awh man, I thought the jumpcuts were real-time.

  • Josh M.
    Josh M. 3 months ago

    This guy's content is amazing, and it makes my day better!! xD

  • Matheus Mohr
    Matheus Mohr 3 months ago

    Can we please praise this man's segway into the sponsorship? Come on that was fantastic lol

  • EndangeredPellet453
    EndangeredPellet453 3 months ago

    I always look forward to what Josh is going to make the name of something.

  • Brandon Renou
    Brandon Renou 5 days ago

    I love how often there were terrorists willing to end their lives to ruin his garage for the internet cafe that had - in total - less value than the sign on the outside wall.

  • Merch Rich
    Merch Rich 3 months ago +704

    lets game it out is quite likely the best channel i've come across, been watching for over a year now. it's always incredibly entertaining to see josh find bugs and abuse them to their fullest length, insane the amount of effort he puts into his videos. please, don't stop making this content, and if i were to suggest anything, it would be to find more bugs to exploit.

    • Sang Froyd
      Sang Froyd 3 months ago +1

      Me too, I’m not a gamer because I don’t have the attention span for games, but I LOVE watching let’s game it out. It’s a good compromise

    • Mr Ponker
      Mr Ponker 3 months ago

      Yeah it's the same with me, allways happy when he puts out a video.

    • a01, but... it's mrmrmrmr
      a01, but... it's mrmrmrmr 3 months ago

      @Air Jordan 13 ‘Bred’ will you stop

    • Air Jordan 13 ‘Bred’
      Air Jordan 13 ‘Bred’ 3 months ago

      y u mad? ratio yo bra you owe me money for the songs Ive made u....fr

    • jtwill930
      jtwill930 3 months ago +7

      Nearly 1 Million views in a day and #1 on Trending, let's go Josh!!!

  • Steven Wilikens
    Steven Wilikens 3 months ago

    everytime Let's game it out makes a vid it just makes my day, jsut super fun video's keep up the good work

  • Anysia Strange
    Anysia Strange 3 months ago

    I never really expect him to just play the game just destroy it. It's great

  • My Twelve Little Buttons
    My Twelve Little Buttons 3 months ago +1

    Oh josh, I love your personality, It makes my day 😩❤️

  • Timbo
    Timbo Month ago +2

    You are the only person that manages to speed through games with dumb ideas xD

  • TotallyNotRedneckYall
    TotallyNotRedneckYall 3 months ago

    Between Josh and Spiff, I'm slowly unlearning how to play video games.

  • Diemaylis
    Diemaylis 3 months ago

    He’s played the game for 60 seconds and already managed to softlock himself… this is gonna be a good video

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo 3 months ago

    The Dev: Let’s send him a key to showcase the game… Josh: Breaks the entire game

  • oaktree YT
    oaktree YT 3 months ago

    josh: *cleans up the store*
    also josh: *throws mop at dog*

  • NathanGaming
    NathanGaming 3 months ago +578

    I think the reason so many devs give him a key is because he’s the PERFECT way to find bugs

    • Arif I
      Arif I 3 months ago

      @Michael O'Connell *lamp

    • PACAD
      PACAD 3 months ago

      Another, One is curiosity on how the game normally works, genius strategy

    • Jason Greig
      Jason Greig 3 months ago

      I bet he used to be a game tester, or something quite a bit before

    • Frost King
      Frost King 3 months ago +24

      @Michael O'Connell Someone didn't watch the video.

    • Michael O'Connell
      Michael O'Connell 3 months ago

      @cleighud lamb*

  • Austinape9
    Austinape9 3 months ago

    one minute and 13 seconds to break the game. you never fail to impress

  • Doge
    Doge 3 months ago +1

    you know its a good day if josh uploads

  • wokeza
    wokeza 3 months ago

    1 minute into the video he already broke the game. This man is special.

  • Richard
    Richard 3 months ago +1

    Hey Josh Can i ask what specs your computer is? I'm just curious since you seem to ruin framerate in most games in a hilarious fashion

  • Critical Nobody
    Critical Nobody 3 months ago +6652

    Today I learned that loot boxes are not in fact scams but hassle free money making assets. Now I know! Here I come Overwatch!

  • Pablo Chilito
    Pablo Chilito 3 months ago

    We need a series of this, please! Hahaha

  • egg boy
    egg boy 2 months ago

    As a monster legends player, the sponsor reward was actually extremely good for starting off. Kaori was one of the best epic monsters back in the time when I played the most.

  • BigDaddyK
    BigDaddyK 2 months ago

    I love watching Josh break games 🎮

  • DTGgaming
    DTGgaming 3 months ago

    Well, I’m officially convinced. I need this game at ANY costs Immediately.

  • Sonia’s Way
    Sonia’s Way 3 months ago +830

    Josh creating chaos is the only thing that’s keeping me sane

    • ChaosLierLen
      ChaosLierLen 3 months ago

      It's in my name, so you can imagine how I feel on the subject

    • Arctic Gator
      Arctic Gator 3 months ago +6

      One of the few youtubers that consistently makes me lol every time i watch a video

    • Frankie Rzucek Jr
      Frankie Rzucek Jr 3 months ago +6

      Right? He can take any game and make it hilarious. Lmao

    • Stefano Modena
      Stefano Modena 3 months ago +2


    • Éliot Poulin
      Éliot Poulin 3 months ago +13

      not grace. Sad

  • Glacius frost
    Glacius frost 3 months ago

    You inspire me to push games to their limits

  • Iwasafk XD
    Iwasafk XD 3 months ago +1

    You always find a way 🤣 You know a Josh and Anthony reunion would be the bees knees ❤️

    • Iwasafk XD
      Iwasafk XD 14 days ago +1

      @David H no I do not.

    • David H
      David H Month ago

      Do you know why they don’t produce together anymore?

  • Elax
    Elax 25 days ago

    I love the way how you present and cut to the add's 😂 Love it❤️

  • whatucker
    whatucker 3 months ago

    When a fellow countryman makes a good game, you just gotta give it to 'em.

  • Spencer
    Spencer 3 months ago +722

    I’m actually kind of impressed that the frame rate didn’t immediately drop to 5s per frame when he ordered all those lambs.

    • seventhspud
      seventhspud 3 months ago +1

      @Air Jordan 13 ‘Bred’ ok copypasta user

    • Air Jordan 13 ‘Bred’
      Air Jordan 13 ‘Bred’ 3 months ago

      @Cipher_Oblivion y u mad? ratio yo bra you owe me money for the songs Ive made u....fr

    • Air Jordan 13 ‘Bred’
      Air Jordan 13 ‘Bred’ 3 months ago

      @Lord Sorcerer y u mad? ratio yo bra you owe me money for the songs Ive made u....fr

    • Air Jordan 13 ‘Bred’
      Air Jordan 13 ‘Bred’ 3 months ago

      @Angel McFarland y u mad? ratio yo bra you owe me money for the songs Ive made u....fr

    • Air Jordan 13 ‘Bred’
      Air Jordan 13 ‘Bred’ 3 months ago

      @seventhspud y u mad? ratio yo bra you owe me money for the songs Ive made u....fr

  • Reid Bainbridge
    Reid Bainbridge 3 months ago +1

    1 second was all that was needed to convey the pain in the police officer's eyes 🤣

  • Priangsu Nath
    Priangsu Nath 2 months ago

    I like how he uses every single minute of the video to break the game. Even when there was like 3 minutes left of the video he used that to break the game in an entirely different way.

  • Final Boss
    Final Boss 3 months ago

    That was a smart way of integrating the sponsor Josh

  • big old pp
    big old pp 3 months ago

    You need to bring Anthony back for at least an episode. We just need the nostalgia man...

  • Jessica Frost
    Jessica Frost 3 months ago +390

    I like how Josh is so jaded at this point that the random suicide bombers aren't even worth commenting on.

    • Fear Not
      Fear Not Month ago

      Lol ikr

    • Whymebro2000
      Whymebro2000 3 months ago

      @Clip-Share Needs To Change *_-How did you get your test like that?-_*

    • YouTube Needs To Change
      YouTube Needs To Change 3 months ago +26

      "ᵇᵘᵈᵈʸ ⁿᵒ ᵈᵒⁿ'ᵗ ᵈᵒ ⁱᵗ
      ᵒʰ ᵗʰᵉ ᶜᵒⁿˢᵉᑫᵘᵉⁿᶜᵉˢ"

    • Luca Daniels
      Luca Daniels 3 months ago +31

      “Oh the consequences”

  • Thomas Morey
    Thomas Morey 3 months ago

    Ironically, that's an IMB Model M, authentic original productions go for well over $100, and you can get a Unicomp version for i think exactly $100 as they bought all the production hardware to create them. They have a really unique buckling spring force feedback that is better than any mechanical keyboard I've ever used.

  • Yohaan Master
    Yohaan Master 3 months ago +2

    "World's crappiest keyboard and mouse" yeah right, Josh has clearly never seen my setup

  • DanDumz
    DanDumz 3 months ago +1

    Josh always first, discovers a infinite money glitch then, does what ever the frick he wants.

  • Loozie ;-;
    Loozie ;-; 3 months ago

    i like how he gains a million without even finishing the tutorial

  • ZephyrusThe1st
    ZephyrusThe1st 3 months ago +173

    Josh is the only person to put 7 hours later and we'd believe him

  • SnipEz Guac
    SnipEz Guac 3 months ago

    I feel like it would make a good play through of streamer simulator

  • Rikus Nagel
    Rikus Nagel 3 months ago

    Thanks for making my day and helping me forget about the pain in my broken arm

  • Dayton Jermasek
    Dayton Jermasek 3 months ago +2

    9:44 had me dying 🤣

  • Ivan Stayner
    Ivan Stayner 3 months ago +1

    If Josh doesn't find out a way to own amazon by the end of the year. I will lose faith in humanity.

  • drac
    drac 3 months ago +576

    Josh: *finds the absolute buffest toughest looking guy in the street*
    Josh: "oh god he's so mighty"

  • Dustin
    Dustin 3 months ago

    I actually watch streamer strugling for money. And i remember josh's internet cafe simulator 1. Just gamble. And hey, he did it again.

  • AzafTazarden
    AzafTazarden 3 months ago +2

    1:48 "Can I still punch people?" and goes for the strongest looking guy, I respect that

  • Nathaniel Shrock
    Nathaniel Shrock 11 days ago

    I just finished JonSandman's play through of this game.
    Imagine if he knew that gambling was th way 🤣

  • Predator & Prey - Duck
    Predator & Prey - Duck 3 months ago

    So in the first 90 seconds, Josh managed to break the game. What's the world record again?

  • Frosty the Snowman
    Frosty the Snowman 3 months ago +461

    This dude is literally my favorite Clip-Sharer, I don't laugh at anyone else's videos like I do his. It reminds me of watching my big brother play video games when I was younger lol.

    • Lecora Willis
      Lecora Willis 3 months ago

      Yup! I would always be too scared to play most games or would just started them and chicken out because I was

    • TheYeehaaa
      TheYeehaaa 3 months ago

      Man, you should try High boi as well. He n Josh are the most delicious youtubers
      I guess Boi will remind you of your brother watching movies :D

    • Frosty the Snowman
      Frosty the Snowman 3 months ago

      @No Name It seems you may have a bit of a projection issue going on, my guy. Looking back fondly at good memories while enjoying the humor of a Clip-Sharer is not sad, but trolling the comments sections of said Clip-Sharer, being negative about everything for no reason, fits the definition quite nicely. Good luck, sir, and may I suggest that you don't forget to take your Prozac.

    • IMustBe Crazy
      IMustBe Crazy 3 months ago

      Neebs Gaming.
      Simon is my favorite.

    • Felipe
      Felipe 3 months ago

      I don't have a big brother, but I agree on everything else