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Grian being rich for 4 minutes

  • Published on Jun 9, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Grian being rich for 4 minutes
    Grian : @Grian
    Keralis : @Keralis
    Scar : @GoodTimesWithScar
    Iskall : @iskall85
    The clips used in the video above are not mine! The original creator of the clips deserves all the credit, so SUBSCRIBE to Grian!
    Intro song - You reposted in the wrong neighborhood
    Thumbnail - pin.it/2Y6oXN5
    0:00 intro
    0:20 H7
    2:53 H8
    3:54 outro
    #minecraft #hermitcraft #grian
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  • Michi Chan
    Michi Chan  Year ago +2397

    Intro song - You reposted in the wrong neighborhood

    • Via H.
      Via H. Year ago +150

      All I could hear was:
      2 to the
      1 to the
      1 to the 3,
      Please get TommyInnit off my screen."

    • isabel
      isabel Year ago +19

      @Via H. pfft-

    • katie
      katie Year ago +4

      yooooo i made the meme u have as the thumbnail

    • Naterhater11 Gaming
      Naterhater11 Gaming Year ago +18

      The version without the lyrics is "Glue70 - Casin" if anyone cares

    • Minkahs.Legacy
      Minkahs.Legacy Year ago +1

      @Via H. how

  • GeeklingNo1
    GeeklingNo1 Year ago +1928

    In grian's defence, he didn't realise the richest man on the server would give him TWO WHOLE STACKS OF DIAMONDS. He was probably expecting a diamond or less

    • diceonvenus
      diceonvenus Year ago +95

      i was expecting a fish tbh

    • Mr. Lazyness
      Mr. Lazyness 11 months ago +94

      Keralis is about to give more diamonds if Grian didn't run away

  • Oblivion Productions
    Oblivion Productions Year ago +5348

    3:43 I like that even Grian's diamond pile has no back.

    • Michi Chan
      Michi Chan  Year ago +512

      Lmao i didnt realize that

    • Patriot
      Patriot Year ago +226

      Ikr our good old grian habit doesn't change

    • Simply Ramble✨
      Simply Ramble✨ Year ago +45

      LMAO XD this has just made my day!!!

    • SystemAlx
      SystemAlx Year ago +58

      not doing the back of stuff, is basically a tradition for grian

    • GreenstarX
      GreenstarX Year ago +26

      I Like the "not finishing the back for years now"

  • Jamie Wrigley
    Jamie Wrigley Year ago +7422

    “ I may be broke but at least I’m honest about it” GoodTimesWithScar, 2021

    • Indii
      Indii Year ago +84

      Season 6 was a different story

    • isabel
      isabel Year ago +11


    • Zachary Miranda
      Zachary Miranda Year ago +112

      Scar ended Season 8 as the richest Hermit. Grian was one of the poorest.

    • Calico Calcifer
      Calico Calcifer Year ago +13

      I mean that’s how taxes work sooooo,

    • Sky The Dragon
      Sky The Dragon Year ago +10

      Empty with honestly

    BUMMY Year ago +4336

    I feel like Grian facing the financial failure of Sahara enabled something inside him to pursue a small business strategy.
    First it was a barge, now a train. If he does an airship, he now officially owns a financial military.

    • Username 1123
      Username 1123 Year ago +71

      He needs boat, thrn probably a satelite

    • Jam Usagi
      Jam Usagi Year ago +81

      @Username 1123 Barges are boats

    • Username 1123
      Username 1123 Year ago +33

      @Jam Usagi yeh but at the end the barge looks like a house than a boat, so prob a much proper looking boat

    • Ben germin
      Ben germin Year ago +15

      @Username 1123 true, the bath went from a boat to a building on a lake

    • Sidney Saldevia
      Sidney Saldevia Year ago +15

      @Ben germin ah yes B A T H B O A T

  • Fedup Adhesive
    Fedup Adhesive Year ago +3571

    Keralis is the only one to ever have bought the most expensive wagyu rotten flesh

    • JellyBean Artist
      JellyBean Artist Year ago +102

      Maybe it's a piece that was hacked off from a millionare?

    • GG!
      GG! Year ago +144

      It's aged wagyu, that's why it's expensive

    • robbie aulia
      robbie aulia Year ago +32

      @GG! Like aged wine right?

    • Username 1123
      Username 1123 Year ago +65

      @robbie aulia yeh and let some very rare breed of flies to lay their eggs, and let their larvae devour the meat, which also helps with the fermentation process making it soft, creamy, goey wagyu that has a distinct almost hypnotic aroma and a taste to die for.

    • RP Stephen
      RP Stephen Year ago +11

      It is just an extra rare steak from kitchen nightmares

  • unknownwolfperson
    unknownwolfperson Year ago +2014

    "Grian's hour class is full of hot air." -Scar
    Me: "No, Grian just never does the back.

  • repulsive butterfly
    repulsive butterfly Year ago +1090

    "What once was a poor man's barge, is now only a slightly poor man's barge." -Grian Season 7

    • Racdiecoon
      Racdiecoon Year ago +3

      :O are you one of my long lost alts or have we just got the same pfp?

  • Pota Ultimate
    Pota Ultimate Year ago +522

    The irony of Keralis calling Grian’s face innocent.

    • Amy
      Amy 5 months ago +15

      As someone who has an innocent face, they are easily weponised.

  • SUS!
    SUS! Year ago +363

    2:14 I just love how much funnier it is when the person being scammed/surprised/taken aback in Minecraft is not on Discord or something. It's funny just to see them stare at you silently.

    • Wombat
      Wombat Month ago

      Especially with a stare like that

  • ChargedBonsai98
    ChargedBonsai98 Year ago +422

    3:16 "it's ok Maui, no one's hurt, just emotionally" Grian said "emotional damage" before it was a meme

  • jp thomas
    jp thomas Year ago +1807

    No one:
    Keralis: such an honest face…
    Grian: lol trade 128 diamond for rotten flesh

    • Jesse Animates
      Jesse Animates Year ago +31

      And he was gonna give more I think-

    • Jesse Animates
      Jesse Animates Year ago +30

      carrots with internet connection
      I mean Keralis. He was going to pay even more diamonds.

    • Hyper does things
      Hyper does things 10 months ago +6

      @Jesse Animates he tried to give 4 more before he realized

  • BeaconMan6000
    BeaconMan6000 Year ago +393

    It's not really Grian being rich it's more of Grian becoming rich.

    • Michi Chan
      Michi Chan  Year ago +31

      Ok, i decided the title before getting the clips so... ;-;

  • roachhh
    roachhh Year ago +453

    3:10 "no ones hurt, just emotionally"
    im literally in tears whys this so funny 💀

  • MustyTheGoose
    MustyTheGoose Year ago +138

    1:50 What's funnier is Keralis played himself without knowing. Grian did say it costs as much as he wanted it to cost, and he still was gonna give him all those diamonds even though the price was up to him.

  • JellyBean Artist
    JellyBean Artist Year ago +254

    " Our Hourglass here may be empty, but it's empty with honesty." GoodTimesWithScar.

  • Longshot97
    Longshot97 Year ago +203

    "This man knows how to do business."
    *Proceeds to buy a rotting piece of carbon composite for 128 priceless gemstones*

    • Thomas W
      Thomas W Year ago +20

      And then frame it and put it proudly on display

    • Partyrock 414
      Partyrock 414 Year ago +16

      Uh those “gemstones” are also carbon. That’s just equivalent exchange

    • Axolotl Boi
      Axolotl Boi 2 months ago +1

      @Partyrock 414 so 1 carbon for 128 carbon great deal

  • No Body
    No Body Year ago +97

    You know, I can't help but notice Grian's eyes fit perfectly in the netherite helmet.

  • The Spud Lord
    The Spud Lord Year ago +455

    I forgot about the world's most expensive rotten flesh

    • Ph4nt0m_XD
      Ph4nt0m_XD Year ago +1

      Lol same

    • Cookie
      Cookie Year ago +12

      We don’t talk about it.
      It was most possibly the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals

    • Uvie!
      Uvie! Year ago +1

      @Cookie 12 bamboos

  • ZuionArt
    ZuionArt Year ago +599

    Grian: "i own this diamond beacon"
    Wadzee: *hold my netherite beacon*

    • Burbied
      Burbied Year ago +30

      Hermits wouldnt grind for a netherite beacon since they can do so much more with that time like building! Since I hate grinding alot like the netherite grinding people on smps. Like i never get the fun of it. Diamond tools does exactly the same thing, you can still insta mine with a diamond pick, shovel, axe, hoe? and I only use my netherite on armor ( helmet, pants, boots ) not the chestplate since i use elytra for 90% of the time. Since im an OG i still use diamonds for the most part since i barely acknolege netherite. Anyways i think Wadzees beacon is kinda cool-

    • Zivo
      Zivo Year ago +9

      netherite is kinda useless unless used for tools and armour so diamonds is the way to go

    • ZuionArt
      ZuionArt Year ago +7

      @Burbied ig you just cover the whole meme

    • gaming with frosti
      gaming with frosti Year ago +2


    • Shadowflame Gaming
      Shadowflame Gaming Year ago +2

      @Burbied I mean, I normally get full netherite, simply for the satisfaction of having "completed" my armour up to the highest tier. What makes it funny is, I play single player. I'm more or less invincible, minus the Wither and Ender Dragon.

  • Neha Gode
    Neha Gode Year ago +124

    2:55 A wild grian, suffering from success

  • Lauren • Turtle
    Lauren • Turtle Year ago +48

    "Look at that pretty and innocent face of his!"
    Oh Keralis... That was mistake number one. Never judge the antics by the face.

  • R0S6P96
    R0S6P96 Year ago +18

    I love how grian became one of the richest Hermits after the failure of Sahara. Let’s hope he holds his title for a 3rd season

  • Father and Son Games
    Father and Son Games Year ago +71

    Grian: “we’re not allowed to fake our hourglasses”
    Also Grian: “how ‘bout I do anyway?”

  • Miguel Dubois
    Miguel Dubois Year ago +18

    2:18 is the best moment Grian has ever given to us

  • Kewin S. Phlong
    Kewin S. Phlong Year ago +29

    Grain: *not very often*
    Me in creative mode: *I'm about to end this man's whole career*

  • Lord shuv-row Yo' know

    Hermicraft season 7 was like most diamonds richest ever.
    Keralis had a full diamond office and grian had like 10 stacks of diamond blocks

  • Bonk
    Bonk Year ago +14

    Sometimes I think about the fact that the diamonds didn’t just appears, the hermits had to have mined that many at some point.

    • Axolotl Boi
      Axolotl Boi 2 months ago

      Well there is like 17 different people on the world for a year

  • Q_01
    Q_01 Year ago +25

    "It's okay, no one is hurt, just emotionally."

  • Marcus Daloia
    Marcus Daloia Year ago +25

    ...Mumbo could probably make micro-bases in all of the backs of builds that Grian doesn't make.

  • Ruru
    Ruru Year ago +43

    the way keralis just turns his head... minecraft skins may not be able to emote but you could sense the betrayal XD

  • bliss ★
    bliss ★ Year ago +10

    This brought back so many memories of season 7, season 9 has just began and for some reason I feel like it’s not gonna be the same as season 7. Season 7 was just- so fun.

  • Clips_N_shi
    Clips_N_shi Year ago +9

    I remember watching this when this season was out. This is so nostalgic

  • Anand Erdenebaatar
    Anand Erdenebaatar Year ago +28

    3:00 Grain: suffering from success.

  • Bell
    Bell Year ago +9

    I love how well he fit in with the hermits

  • Maximiliano Garcia
    Maximiliano Garcia 10 months ago +2

    i love how the face of keralis's skin fits so well with a realistic reaction to being scammed that hard

  • Oriansenshi
    Oriansenshi Year ago +6

    He is always one of the first ones to get a general store up and running; so he gets all the business. I wonder what's gonna happen this season.

  • DanDumz
    DanDumz Year ago +20

    Also Grain: *unable to fit stacks and stacks of diamonds in his inventory**

  • Quinn Lim
    Quinn Lim Year ago +3

    that last line from Scar made me burst out laughing

  • harihar puri
    harihar puri Year ago +8

    Just gives nostalgia even though it is just 1 year old 😂😂 poor keralis

  • Taeko Chan
    Taeko Chan Year ago +12

    Love how he got so excited his so cute!!!!

  • Stach van den Bosch
    Stach van den Bosch Year ago +33

    "it's ok maui no one's hurt.... just emotionally"

  • Biezer
    Biezer Year ago +14

    I love how grian could even finish the back of his hour glass

  • Grug
    Grug Year ago +11


  • Friccle_
    Friccle_ 9 months ago +2

    Hermitcraft is the only series where im certain that the only reason why they end a season is cause they have sucked the world DRY of every resource

  • Nickwilde7755
    Nickwilde7755 Year ago +15

    Christ grian can’t even finish the back of his hourglass!

  • CallumIsOK
    CallumIsOK Year ago +3

    I miss season 7 so much, that was my saving grace through quarrantine and the first season of HC I watched all of

  • VibeWebYT
    VibeWebYT Year ago +3

    If grian decided to make a business he would surpass elon musk networth in just a month

  • Nerdic Person
    Nerdic Person Year ago +21

    "No one's hurt. Just emotionally."
    ~ Grian 2021
    (im guessing these clips are from last year, since the video was done so early to this year.)

  • EvO Playz
    EvO Playz Year ago +98

    You know I think grain had over 1,000 daimond blocks in season7

  • Jonathan Malley
    Jonathan Malley 7 months ago +2

    3:43, the funniest part is that it has still holds the most diamonds.

  • Dragon
    Dragon Month ago

    Love how grain was once the poorest hermit then suddenly became the richest in like 2 episode

  • Nolan McIntire
    Nolan McIntire Year ago +2

    Omg seeing grian cheat keralis like that and then cutting to his pov where he's saying he has a cute and innocent face is hilarious

  • atariischaotic
    atariischaotic Year ago +1

    The barge was the best thing for Grain ever!

  • Second Fortress
    Second Fortress Year ago +7

    1:55 I still feel sad for karalis

  • Neko
    Neko 6 months ago

    I love the evolution of the barge, like some traveling merchant coming back with a bigger ship each time

  • Matt Evans
    Matt Evans Year ago +3

    Scar clearly hasn't forgotten how to be a politician ;)

  • Teena Rastogi
    Teena Rastogi 11 months ago +1

    Keraalis: calls grian innocent
    Also keraalis 5 seconds later: buys a singular piece of rotted flesh for 2 stacks of diamonds from him

  • ChilledOut_548
    ChilledOut_548 Year ago +2

    2:58 now that's what I call suffering from success XDXD

  • Eaglewings 747
    Eaglewings 747 Year ago +8

    “Holy mother of jackpot!”
    -Grian 2021

  • Phil
    Phil Year ago +1

    The pesky bird is so strong it does not even need to hold on.

  • SlavSquatSuperstar
    SlavSquatSuperstar 9 months ago +3

    2:32 -iskall- carrot man really dodged a bullet there

  • schnitzel
    schnitzel Year ago +1

    i think if grian used all of his diamonds for the hourglass, i think he would have filled it completely (maybe not the bottom half though), but he kept some to use

  • Grug
    Grug Year ago +8

    2:15 Did keralis have a stroke when he saw that? I definitely would.

  • ⱫɆ₱ⱧɎⱤ
    ⱫɆ₱ⱧɎⱤ Year ago

    knowing Grian, he probably left the hourglass inside empty just as a meme, and could’ve filled it up fully if he wanted to

  • Luke_Gaskin
    Luke_Gaskin Year ago +1

    It's not a mistake ✨ it's a masterpice✨

  • Sheryl Forsberg
    Sheryl Forsberg 9 months ago +2

    3:06 is the sound of true despair

  • Birb boi
    Birb boi 10 months ago

    I love how he is only rich for four minutes

  • sub_start
    sub_start Year ago +1

    It's not a mistake it's a Master piece

  • Flower’s cave6
    Flower’s cave6 Month ago

    I miss season 7 ngl. Still happy it’s still a series

  • L1ZZY:P
    L1ZZY:P Year ago +1

    I keep watching this video - I love it so much!

  • MegaPhycoKiller
    MegaPhycoKiller Year ago +1

    I'm pretty sure nobody aspire to be the "richest hermit" until grains barge success

  • Omega Gravity
    Omega Gravity 10 months ago +1

    Grian selling deepslate is literally the suffering from success meme

  • McFlyingFury
    McFlyingFury Month ago

    At this point I'm convinced that the world will end if Grian ever finishes the back

  • Star King The Gamer
    Star King The Gamer Year ago +2

    First clip in season 8 is the only time grian was sad to sell something

  • JD The Protogen
    JD The Protogen 3 months ago

    A year later the rotten flesh part is still not old

  • Lep's Nexus
    Lep's Nexus Year ago +1

    “Grain being richer than you for 4 minutes straight”

  • E F
    E F 7 months ago +1

    Keralis (S7): I'm gonna regret this
    Keralis (S9): That purchase has haunted me

  • Catnotfound
    Catnotfound Year ago +1

    Grian is literally the definition of rich boi

  • Dennis Leyting
    Dennis Leyting Year ago +1

    'no ones hurt' 'only emotionally' EMOTIONAL DAAAMAGE

  • ~𝙰𝚞𝚝𝚞𝚖𝚗_𝚅𝚒𝚋𝚎𝚣~

    *Just gotta say... Poor Keralis-*
    Just noticed Keralis told Grian in chat "Your face.... Is pretty" LMFAO

  • Olivia Ebling
    Olivia Ebling Year ago +1

    ✨Our hourglass might be empty, but it’s empty with honesty✨

  • ParanoidPumpkin
    ParanoidPumpkin 10 months ago

    Ah i still remember grian selling the most expensive rotten flesh 😂😂

  • Blue Cat
    Blue Cat Year ago +1

    "Empty with honesty"
    Sounds like something Joe Hills would say.

  • TheChosenKnight .
    TheChosenKnight . Year ago +1

    You only usually see a full inventory of diamonds in creative videos, but grian is real

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 11 months ago +1

    When I saw him have a inventory filled with diamonds I wanted to have stroke like holy moly who has that many diamonds without dying

  • YPOB 007
    YPOB 007 Year ago +2

    I like how keralis just scammed himself

  • Jason Wells
    Jason Wells Year ago +1

    Scar missed the chance to say "...full with honesty"

  • RiyuuGIN
    RiyuuGIN Year ago +2

    Alternate Title :
    "Giran suffering from Success"

  • dangerous darkrai
    dangerous darkrai 10 months ago

    Rich S7 Grian seems like the type of person to say "oh, you don't travel expecting 100 diamonds each time you get there?"

  • JA Rahman
    JA Rahman Year ago +1

    But that hot air did make Scar rich.
    Too bad it was the end of the season.

  • W!tchy
    W!tchy Year ago +2

    ‘Grain being rich for four minutes’ and nine seconds

  • Stealthfang 270
    Stealthfang 270 Year ago +1

    You should have posted him making his secret base out of diamond blocks

  • K-Studios
    K-Studios Year ago +10

    Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are scared.

  • Xenakis Rah
    Xenakis Rah Year ago +1

    Nice edit and I like your music choice!

  • clownzz !!
    clownzz !! Year ago +2

    *i rewatched hermitcraft on grians channel and i only have these videos on my recommendations and i don't regret anything.*

  • Conspirato
    Conspirato Year ago +1

    “no it’s okay mowie, no one’s hurt”
    “except maybe emotionally”

  • Uncle Iroh
    Uncle Iroh Year ago +1

    “No one’s hurt Maui, just emotionally”

  • Pranit 2.0
    Pranit 2.0 5 months ago

    He had most profitable shop on server for that season if I remember it correctly!

  • Zenande Xashimba
    Zenande Xashimba Year ago +1

    I'm a bit surprised you didn't show all 3 of Grian's diamond chandeliers.

    • Michi Chan
      Michi Chan  Year ago +2

      It took too long for me to find it lmao