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The COLDEST Line Of All Time | John Wick

  • Published on Sep 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • @callmevegito2320

    “Well son, your fucked, enjoy the rest of your life”

  • @theviciouschickenofbristol4779

    The way he sells John's backstory and reputation is a major part of why this movie is great.

  • @pugalenthivenkatesh5859

    Need a prequel for this line "the body he buries that night laid the foundation for what we are now. Who agrees?

  • @user-eq2oc5tb6p

    “ He’s not the boogeyman… he’s guy you send to kill the boogeyman” cold ass line

  • @user-yd9sf9zf1u
    @user-yd9sf9zf1u Day ago +230

    "He killed three men with a pencil!"

  • @juscuzuluvme
    @juscuzuluvme 14 days ago +53

    Another great line for me was

  • @damiansartori4800

    "You've provoked an unstoppable force, and you are no immovable object."

  • @shubhayukolay9609

    RIP Michael Nyqvuist.

  • @psychomask2084
    @psychomask2084 Day ago +80

    "Never mess with a Jo(h)n"

  • @marcuschavez5082

    This speech solidified his character before anything else. Seeing a top Mob boss want to practically disown his son because of who he fucked with.

  • @nocap4672
    @nocap4672 14 days ago +57

    "he is the one you send to kill the fcking Boogeyman"🔥💀🔥

  • @carlsmith5678
    @carlsmith5678 14 days ago +30

    The way they were able to set up how incredibly bad ass John wick is without John wick even having to lift a finger was chilling. I remember I hadn't even heard of this movie but went to a movie theater and picked a random movie and did not regret it with this movie.

  • @pringrings2245

    The Dad knew that he lost his son when he heard the news

  • @f3nixfire
    @f3nixfire Day ago +21

    The ultimate "you fucked around and now you're gonna find out" speech.

  • @thegamerator10
    @thegamerator10 16 hours ago +7

    I love how the movie lets you know just how dangerous John is. That line: “He’s the one you send to kill the Boogeyman” is perfect for describing just how effective and scary good John is at killing.

  • @kevinaragon3782

    The coldest line for me was “the bodies he buried that day, laid the foundation of what we are now”

  • @innovativemusicconcepts840


  • @clivedhlula
    @clivedhlula 28 days ago +27

    Will always be remembered RIP, Michael Nyqvist

  • @blackpplslayer

    “John will come for you, and idk you, you don't know me”

  • @vedantshastri8799
    @vedantshastri8799 2 hours ago +1

    "The bodies he left on that day, laid a foundation of who we are right now"