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Spring is finally here!!!

  • Published on Mar 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Nerak
    Nerak 2 months ago +15497

    Same here, I can’t explain the pure happiness I get when the light is getting warmer and brighter.

    • jlmop
      jlmop 2 months ago +92

      The opposite for me. I have sensible eyes, so the light hurt me, even with sunglasses. When its gray and dark, it's the time I'm the happiest.

    • Thalia
      Thalia 2 months ago +43

      ​@jlmop Same! I always loathe the very bright, neverending, hot days in summer! It's too much for me, I prefer autumn / winter, and like you, prefer grey and dark days 😊!

    • Daniela
      Daniela  2 months ago +27

      It’s the opposite for me. I hate the sunlight and won’t leave my room for days until a dark, rainy day arrives

    • designdoctor247
      designdoctor247 2 months ago +25

      agree ...i feel...wow thank God i survived another winter.

    • Janine Van Rooij
      Janine Van Rooij 2 months ago +5

      ​@jlmop that must be hard, to be so sensitive to light!

  • Kelly Klapp
    Kelly Klapp 2 months ago +1228

    I seriously tear up and sometimes cry because it feels like freedom after being in a box for 5 months with how early it gets dark. The fresh, crisp spring air, green plant life, bird chirping, and sunsets in late evening ❤️

    • Jocelyn Eke
      Jocelyn Eke 2 months ago +21

      The last line u wrote is like poetry.

    • Chavela
      Chavela 2 months ago +5

      @Jocelyn Eke it really is. It’s beautiful 🤩

    • Mikolaj
      Mikolaj Month ago +5

      Winter is nice too there are a lot of activities you can do like skiing/snowboarding

    • lava ha
      lava ha Month ago +1

      Dont forget the flys

  • Shalom Derpy Faery
    Shalom Derpy Faery Month ago +54

    I’m from Singapore and when I lived in UK, it was a huge shock to my system to experience nightfall at 3pm in the afternoon. When we got to summer and the longest day meant the sun set around 9pm, I was possibly the happiest person around. After 2 years or so in Brighton, I decided to move back to the equator 😆 The sunlight, the food and the warmth both from the sunlight and being around friends & family just mean too much to me.

  • John A. 311
    John A. 311 2 months ago +5162

    As a German from the northern part of Germany I can really relate to this video. When the light comes back it’s time to celebrate it.

    • Katarzyna Łukaszewska
      Katarzyna Łukaszewska 2 months ago +27

      I live in northernmost part of Poland, and yeah - now, after time change I'm in quite festive mood 😅

    • Xet inc
      Xet inc 2 months ago +15

      Lol, selbst in Flensburg sind es immer mehr als 7 Stunden Sonne. Andere leiden wirklich, aber das ...

    • LOLOsugoi
      LOLOsugoi 2 months ago +5

      Same in Southern Sweden!! It just feels so good

    • Kshitij Palikundwar
      Kshitij Palikundwar 2 months ago +2

      Me crying in Indian....
      As summers are pretty harsh in India coupled with increased daylight makes it even harsher.

    • John A. 311
      John A. 311 2 months ago +17

      @Xet inc Wenn man während der sieben Stunden Tageslicht in einem Büro sitzt, morgens im Dunkeln hin- und abends in der gleichen Dunkelheit heimgeht, dann sind die längeren Tage durchaus ein gern gesehener Hinweis auf den kommenden Frühling. Mit Leid hat das nichts zu tun, nur mit Freude am Leben.

  • ariel lee
    ariel lee 2 months ago +429

    I love how everyone is here celebrating about sunlight. So pure and heartwarming

  • Jellybean
    Jellybean 2 months ago +25

    As an irishman, myself and friends met up to have drinks in the sunset at 7pm. it was euphoric

  • Violet Evergarden
    Violet Evergarden 2 months ago +1552

    As someone that grew up farther north. The happiness u feel from the sun on your skin after months of darkness is so so wonderful.

    • AnnaEmilka
      AnnaEmilka 2 months ago +14

      When I worked in a factory in London we used to work 6am to 6pm, the winter months were unbearable as I only got to see the sun on my days off

    • L L
      L L 2 months ago +6

      @AnnaEmilka this is me at school in winter, i get there before the sun rises and leave after the sun sets. it's a miserable existence

    • BlackQuartzSphinx
      BlackQuartzSphinx 2 months ago +3

      It's so good. I just went grocery shopping as normal like 2 weeks ago and the sun was out for a change, and it was actually warm on my skin! Such a wonderful feeling. Unfortunately most of spring is usually just thick grey overcast for three months here in the Netherlands.

    • Anna Vu
      Anna Vu 2 months ago +4

      As a norwegian, I fully agree.

    • عراقيه الهوى و الروح
      عراقيه الهوى و الروح 21 day ago

      My uncle lives in the US whenever he comes back to Iraq he stays 3 hours under the sun lol

  • jojo_nautin
    jojo_nautin 2 months ago +24

    Literally pure happiness

  • R Shad
    R Shad 2 months ago +33

    This is so sweet to see how we all love the simple things like longer sun light days.

  • Madison D
    Madison D 2 months ago +2718

    as a canadian i cannot overstate the difference “springing ahead” (daylight savings) makes on my life immediately

    • Allos vingt-deux
      Allos vingt-deux 2 months ago +70

      As a fellow Canadian i can attest this is true, in fact there is a research in psychology for this.

    • Hum4n_4ft3r?4LL
      Hum4n_4ft3r?4LL 2 months ago +31

      Same here in Portugal. Magically it is almost 20h and there is still sun. Bloody awesome.

    • Worldly Girl
      Worldly Girl 2 months ago +17

      ​@Hum4n_4ft3r?4LL Yup. Just got in from work and it's light out! 😍🇬🇧🇯🇲

    • Regina Worthey
      Regina Worthey 2 months ago +27

      As a Texan, I absolutely do not want any more daylight.

  • Soothing vibes
    Soothing vibes 2 months ago +27

    spring has officially became my new favorite season 🌸

  • Zephyr
    Zephyr 2 months ago +8

    As someone from the southern hemisphere that just came out of a brutal and scorching hot summer, I feel the exact opposite!! It's finally getting darker sooner, days are getting colder, I'm wearing long sleeves again, I'm absolutely over the moon!! Been waiting so long for the dark and chill days to come back!! ☁️☁️☁️

  • Inner Researcher
    Inner Researcher 2 months ago +720

    Nothing makes me happier that sun after 5pm!! We maaaaade it!

    • Uyen Ninh
      Uyen Ninh  2 months ago +67


    • 🌱nyft🌱
      🌱nyft🌱 2 months ago +14

      ​@Uyen Ninh we had the time change at the weekend...5pm this week was actually 4pm last week

    • Rosa Elizabeth Amado
      Rosa Elizabeth Amado 2 months ago +4

      Congrats! Though we never experience that kind of light appreciation here in Southeast Asia (the Philippines), I'm happy for you! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Teru Deru-tan
      Teru Deru-tan 2 months ago

      Me opposite

    • Chat GPT
      Chat GPT 2 months ago +1

      ​@Uyen Ninhlol as an Indian, living near a port city, Everyday is hot n humid except winter season 😂

  • Wendy Muhr
    Wendy Muhr 2 months ago +18

    It is glorious when the days get longer and then the incredible green of spring, indescribable joy 💚

  • Sofie
    Sofie 2 months ago +14

    As a Norwegian i FEEL this with all my heart & soul!!!

  • Pumpkinpurple
    Pumpkinpurple 2 months ago +1767

    Oh this feeling, I love it! Coming home after a long day to relax on the couch when that sunshine hits you, so warm and cozy

  • Ripple Moon
    Ripple Moon 2 months ago +1

    Same! I live in the UK and winter for me has been extra miserable the last couple of years. Today was the first day me and my friends went outside at lunch… we could sit on the bench together and were actually warm, even without coats! It actually makes me want to cry with joy. Look at how hopeful God has created the spring to be. It fills me with so much happiness ❤

  • ashy's little world 💌
    ashy's little world 💌 2 months ago +2

    Hey Uyen :) Not sure if you would read this but I just wanna say that your shorts make me so, so happy. You are the most genuine person that I’ve watched on YT and you and German fiancé make my day brighter. I’m happy that yours is too! Enjoy spring, love ya 💕

  • andiiebelle
    andiiebelle 2 months ago +750

    I truly feel identified with this. My first year in Europe I got depressed because I wasn't used to the sun going down so early. Spring was the best thing that could happen to me.

    • Rewanth R
      Rewanth R 2 months ago +16

      I had the opposite, I was depressed with too much sun in the summer

    • Sophie
      Sophie 2 months ago +7

      Yes even vitamin D drops don't really help. I have to go to warmer countrys in winter. Problem is I'm to late for a semester abroad this year I guess...

    • Lucy K
      Lucy K 2 months ago +1

      Where did you came from/grow up? I would like to go there if there in never winter

    • CopicGirl
      CopicGirl 2 months ago +2

      ​@Rewanth R Do you really think sun made you depressed? Never heard of that, just curious 😁

    • Rewanth R
      Rewanth R 2 months ago +4

      @CopicGirl I don't think it was the sun as much as the extra daylight messing with my sense of time and the circadian rhythm and therefore my sleep and hunger etc. With all the extra light I felt like in a daze, especially in the evenings. The mornings, afternoons were okay.
      Also I'm from a tropical country where sun doesn't have the same positive attributes as in the temperate world.

  • someone
    someone 2 months ago +1

    Don't know why, but seeing the sun shining outside I can relate so much! Not gonna lie at 5pm this really brings tears to my eyes...

  • Sama L.
    Sama L. 2 months ago +9

    As someone who lived in the Netherlands for two years, sunny spring days have the most warm spot in my heart.

  • yourmom
    yourmom 2 months ago +731

    I swear I always feel so happy

  • Avi
    Avi Month ago +1

    I was so happy when i noticed that it was already 19:40 and still relative bright. Brought me tears. Spring and summer rly increases my overall mental health

  • Jamie Lemoi
    Jamie Lemoi 2 months ago +2

    I work later into the evening. I leave work around 7.30pm each day. And yesterday for the first time there was still some light left as I went home 😍
    Although you couldn’t see the sun anymore the sky was still a lighter blue compared to the darkness I usually leave work in.
    I was sooo happy haha

  • Kyle Barnes
    Kyle Barnes 2 months ago +155

    Girl! I felt that in my SOUL!! I get so depressed every winter but when spring rolls around I am manic and I LOVE it LOL

    • Uyen Ninh
      Uyen Ninh  2 months ago +22

      I’m a different person when spring comes 😄

    • spacenot
      spacenot 2 months ago +1

      spring rolls???

    • Ceren İrem Akkurt
      Ceren İrem Akkurt 2 months ago +1

      ​@spacenot looooll, I don't think that was what thet meant but rather comes around

  • Mermaliade
    Mermaliade 2 months ago +4

    We were out today and saw so many blooming trees and wild growing daffodils! Welcome Spring 🎉

  • BerciBinn
    BerciBinn Month ago +3

    It's the best feeling ever when the sun stays up a couple hours longer. 😢

  • Becky
    Becky  2 months ago +97

    The first time the warm sun hits your back is heaven

  • Denise I
    Denise I 2 months ago +1

    Ahhhhh don’t you just love it?❤️

  • DaddyCool
    DaddyCool 2 months ago +22

    Always a beautiful moment. As a Canadian, always brings me joy to finish work while it's still day outside.

  • Shaded Wizard
    Shaded Wizard 12 days ago

    Thought no one else felt like this! I feel so happy when there's still daylight like at 9:30 pm. It feels amazing

  • Citrus Lemons
    Citrus Lemons Month ago

    Omg this is pure happiness , finally the days are longer 😭😭😭😭

  • raven bard
    raven bard 2 months ago +60

    Hardcore can relate. I love winter but the short days are killer, especially on days where I have to wake up early and it's dark and by the time I finish work and leave the office, it's dark. Can get to you, the lack of daylight.

  • Iustin Prisacaru
    Iustin Prisacaru Month ago +3

    The most beautiful thing in spring is when you can get outside at 6 PM and it is still the sun on the sky.😊

    AMANOKA 2 months ago

    LET'S CELEBRATE THE LONGER DAY LIGHT, just like the ancients used to do 🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥳🥳🥳
    I definitely relate this video... Just looking outside and crying with all that sunshine

  • Elina
    Elina 2 months ago +34

    As a dutchie this is so relatable. One time I was with my ex boyfriend (he's from Spain) and I went outside and he was like "Why are you going outside?" and I was like "Euhm because the sun is shining." I remember him being completely confused by that response lol.

    • A
      A 2 months ago +20

      Haha as a Brit I know exactly how you feel😂 If it’s a sunny day you have to go outside, that’s the rules, otherwise you’re wasting the sun😅

    • Thomas Nittel
      Thomas Nittel 2 months ago +7

      ​@A 👍"Wasting the sun" describes the feeling well after months of short and dark days 😅

  • I Learn Malay
    I Learn Malay 2 months ago

    Same..same..same..when I was in the northern UK, I was like missing the sunshine every single day! I miss my country Malaysia...❤

  • SweetSweaty Peaches
    SweetSweaty Peaches 2 months ago

    I feel this so deeply inside of my core

  • Oh Boi Lien
    Oh Boi Lien 2 months ago +301

    Ok yes spring, but the last shot of you two together is movie magic. Uyen you're a master editor!!

    • 𝗖𝘂𝗿𝗿𝘆 𝗧𝗮𝗹𝗲𝘀
      𝗖𝘂𝗿𝗿𝘆 𝗧𝗮𝗹𝗲𝘀 2 months ago +7

      My thoughts exactly ! She needs to read this comment

    • Janine Van Rooij
      Janine Van Rooij 2 months ago +3

      I so agree!

    • Soph
      Soph 2 months ago +3

      she really us! she's excellent at making shorts overall. one of the best I've seen on youtube

    • Sparkling Wine
      Sparkling Wine 2 months ago

      Simple, shoot it twice. Mask one side out. And do the zoom in post. If she did the zoom in camera, that'll be a whole other level of expertise! Or a very expensive tracking robot

  • fisher chic
    fisher chic 2 months ago +1

    Being from northern Idaho. There's nothing better than it getting light out. I live for the sun!💗 In the winter it seems to get dark out at 3 pm, and after six months of winter. You're definitely ready for the light!☀️

  • Joanna O
    Joanna O 2 months ago +1

    Felt this In. My. Soul ❤🎉

  • Yagmur,Maria Clara,Valentina & Lillkillen De Snygga

    Its exactly the same here in Sweden.
    I get so happy when i see that its bright outside when its like 6 pm
    (when it finally is spring)

  • elliekinzz1
    elliekinzz1 2 months ago +1

    I feel the same here in the UK! Also the tree outside my bedroom window is getting tiny new green leaves 😭❤️I’m so happy, I see the light at the end of the tunnel lol

  • fe
    fe Month ago

    YES. After two weeks of holidays I stood up today at 7 o'clock and the sun was shining~ gave me so much joy

  • Angela Aniol
    Angela Aniol 2 months ago +78

    As a Canadian who still has 3 feet of snow in my yard, I feel this so much! My whole family did the same thing recently, it's even crazier here too because we observe daylight savings so we turn our clocks back every March. So suddenly overnight, the sun is out an hour longer. A month ago my sun set by 5:30pm. Now it's out till 7:30pm and I'm soo happy!

    • Natalie
      Natalie 2 months ago +2

      We do the same here in Germany

    • Magnus Persson
      Magnus Persson 2 months ago +2

      You turn the clock not back, but forward one hour for daylight saving. Al lot of snow here in Stockholm too..

    • niklas
      niklas Month ago

      Sun isn’t out an hour longer, just an hour later.

  • Jovan
    Jovan 26 days ago

    A bit late but yeah, this is a fairly universal experience, I hate how short the days are during the winter and the second it starts getting longer I really love it.

  • Liza Lee
    Liza Lee 2 months ago +72

    As a Michigander I completely agree! Seeing the sun past 530 is such a good feeling! A cold cider on the balcony is so summer

    • RoonMian
      RoonMian 2 months ago +1

      Almost the entirety of Germany is above 49° North so that's actually even worse here.

    • Meghan Lazerson
      Meghan Lazerson 2 months ago +3

      @RoonMian I grew up in western Michigan and now live in northern Germany. Though it’s different, in Michigan we get a lot of lake effect snow and cloud cover, so spring also means a clear sky. Some winters there are only 1-2 days with „sun“ until almost April. The daylight change is a bit more dramatic in Germany, but the change to spring is still amazing.
      Having also lived in central Alaska - where spring is referred to as breakup - neither place can really compare to how appreciated the arrival of spring is!

    • RoonMian
      RoonMian 2 months ago

      @Meghan Lazerson Oh, of course Michigan is colder (Thank you gulf stream)
      I was just referring to the length of the days.

    • Jocelyn Eke
      Jocelyn Eke 2 months ago

      @Lisa Lee that cold glass of cider sounds good. It seems like most people only drink hot cider in the winter.

  • idontwantafuckinchnl
    idontwantafuckinchnl 2 months ago

    That's exactly how I felt yesterday 😂 I felt like a new born human 😂

  • Felina Boraca
    Felina Boraca 14 days ago

    I feel this in my bones. I live in the US in the northern state of Wisconsin. VERY cold VERY long winters. That first day that you realize it's not pitch black at 4:30 pm is priceless. Never gets old.

  • ScreamingMothVibes
    ScreamingMothVibes 2 months ago +25

    I always look for these little purple flowers called Arkansas Calamint or some tiger lilies. Once I have seen them, I have the same reaction 😂

  • Sam
    Sam 2 months ago

    We have the same happening over here in CA!! My husband and I recently noticed it was bright after 6pm and were both happily baffled it’s finally that time of year again happy spring to you both!! 🥰 we can also tell because our allergies are going *insane* beautiful but painful lol 🤧

  • Sunny
    Sunny Month ago

    I know how good it feels to have longer days❤❤❤

  •  himawari
    himawari 2 months ago +5

    We almost don't have sun during the winter time in my country, so it's double relatable, cus we happy not just for days become longer, but also for the fact we can see the suuuuun!!!

  • Budget Klee
    Budget Klee 2 months ago

    Ah yes... the amount of happiness you feel when its 8pm here and theres still the sun shining

  • SHIN
    SHIN 2 months ago

    Days getting longer, making me happier🥰🌞

  • sourri1234
    sourri1234 2 months ago +18

    yeeeessss finally!!! It still f*ckin snowed today but at least it was still light while it happened 😄

  • Wally Wonks
    Wally Wonks Month ago

    Wow, Uyen and Uyen are so cute together :D

  • hehe
    hehe 27 days ago

    you are glowing girl 😭

  • SunnyHoney
    SunnyHoney 2 months ago +29

    I could see the sunrise in the bus this morning and that was when i realized that, even though it had snowed yesterday, it is finally spring.

  • AnaMolMM
    AnaMolMM 2 months ago

    In Spain there is a lot of light, but with the clock change comes longer, sunnier days, so I totally get your tears of joy. Love from Spain 💕🌷

  • Janice Popper
    Janice Popper 17 days ago

    Springtime is lovely.
    It comes later to Northern Europe than many other parts of the world. Enjoy ❤

  • Dachshund Django's Mom❤️

    Isn’t it wonderful???
    Much ❤ from Austria 🇦🇹

  • Alice Liddell
    Alice Liddell 2 months ago

    You're so good at the editing, every aspect. Well done!

  • Zenith
    Zenith 2 months ago

    This captured the feeling perfectly. Still waiting for the snow to melt in Minnesota, but spring will be here soon :3

  • Katherine Neagle
    Katherine Neagle 2 months ago +4

    Exactly, ugh thank goodness for sunshine!!

  • Jørnø Jørnø
    Jørnø Jørnø 2 months ago +5

    that brought tears to my eyes! so beautiful!

  • Ur_local_Equestrian_flick  on break until 5th June

    When I was out riding, leading the horses out of the school at 6:00 and still being able to see what I’m doing as I untacked was something like none other 😂
    Edit: just remembered, I’m taking German for my additional language in school! I think it sounds so interesting!

  • aztecprincessno1
    aztecprincessno1 2 months ago

    Even though in Mexico doesn’t get as dark and cold, I can’t wait for the early sunrise and late sunset in the spring! 🥰

  • piiinkDeluxe
    piiinkDeluxe 2 months ago +21

    It is SO NICE!! ❤
    Daylight savings time did their part.

  • Beth Yaginuma
    Beth Yaginuma 2 months ago

    One of the best things about spring!

  • Janet
    Janet Month ago

    20 degrees in Munich today. What a blessing!!

  • Marijke Schering
    Marijke Schering 2 months ago +115

    I always cry when spring comes along because of hay fever😅

    • Jess Williams
      Jess Williams 2 months ago +3

      We’ve had a few nice days here, and my nose is so stuffy and my eyes are watering like crazy 😭😭

    • • Loreta •
      • Loreta • 2 months ago

      Same 😭

  • Alyssa 27
    Alyssa 27 Month ago +1

    I love being able to garden until 7 PM. It’s really nice especially since I get off at five

  • Tk_Jh
    Tk_Jh 2 months ago

    Oh my god, I relate so much as an Alaskan 🤣

  • FOODIE_gyu
    FOODIE_gyu 2 months ago +21

    As someone who lives in the Nordic country’s I can totally relate to this feeling

  • Cindy
    Cindy 2 months ago

    Same here in Canada!! The days are longer and it's sunnier (fewer cloudy days). Love this time of year. So uplifting.

  • Dunika
    Dunika 2 months ago

    When the sun shines outside (on a weekend) after more than a month without seeing it ❤

  • Kassie Prawdzik
    Kassie Prawdzik 2 months ago +6

    I live in Wisconsin. It is cold and dark like 8 months out of the year here. It just snowed again day before last lolol. Happy spring from one cold gal to another 💗

  • munuus2
    munuus2 2 months ago

    I thought this was about allergies xD this is so cute and yes, I agree 100% spring in Germany after a depressing winter that took way too long this is the best feeling :)

  • Sophie West
    Sophie West 2 months ago

    I know right! Best feeling ever ❤

  • Kulien Pam
    Kulien Pam 2 months ago +11

    As A German I realy love this too...

  • Jango Baby
    Jango Baby 2 months ago

    I feel for you!... I live in a subtropical climate and couldn't imagine moving somewhere without the sun and heat all year round ❤

  • Amy
    Amy 2 months ago

    Hi from Canada. I know this feeling. IM SO HAPPY THIS TIME OF YEAR

  • Čåšš Håřřîšøñ
    Čåšš Håřřîšøñ 2 months ago +77

    I can't express how happy it makes me that spring is almost HERE 🏵️💕🌸🌷🌹💐💮🪷🍄🌻🍂🌿🌱☘️🌲🌳🍃☀️

    • Starkid Dust
      Starkid Dust 2 months ago +2

      well, technically, Spring is here. the Equinox was on the 21st. the days will just continue getting longer from here ~

    • Henkka Henrik
      Henkka Henrik 2 months ago

      In Finland those are the most cursed words you can say when the snow is melting. It's tempting fate. Everytime someone makes the mistake of saying it's getting warmer/ closer to spring, that's when the second winter hits the hardest. Had a friend who said that last week when all the snow melted and roads cleared, and now we're ankle deep in snow again. XD

    • Nicole Reynolds
      Nicole Reynolds 2 months ago

      Spring is here, I saw lambs last week ❤

  • kaouter Mouslim haliba

    I was happy when they changed the hour finally. Now I wake up at 7 and it's already sunny. And it's invigorating. Feels really warm in the heart

  • Just a little human

    That's genuinely how I felt yesterday, almost cried eating my pumpkin soup for dinner because I felt the light on my face.
    I'm okay.

  • Ditte
    Ditte 2 months ago +3

    It's currently 19h38 and there's still light outside..... Bliss!

  • Diana Tetherow
    Diana Tetherow Month ago

    As someone in WNY, I feel this. It's beautiful, my SAD goes away, and all is right with the world.

  • Aqilah Jasmi
    Aqilah Jasmi 2 months ago

    As someone who’s from Malaysia where the sun only starts setting down at 7pm ish, I never realised how privileged we all are in this part of the world. 5pm is still so bright and sunny here, everyone would usually go to the park and do some exercises at this time because the weather isn’t too hot and not too humid either.

  • ~ anna ~
    ~ anna ~ 2 months ago +4

    Legal hour and spring are so beautiful!

  • Changwan Yu
    Changwan Yu 2 months ago

    I live in the UK. I relate this on a spiritual level

  • Inanna Inai
    Inanna Inai 2 months ago

    sooo true!
    was driving yesterday at 7pm and I did not need any lights! Love that!

  • Unicorn Army Tulkas
    Unicorn Army Tulkas 2 months ago +32

    I always cry when spring comes around but it's not of joy, I'm just allergic to all the pollen.

    • desormais22
      desormais22 2 months ago

      This is also so true lol. My van has been covered in gross green pollen for weeks now 🥴

    • Kjaska
      Kjaska 2 months ago +1

      I thought the Video would be about allergy when I saw her cry in the thumbnail

  • Zonnestraal
    Zonnestraal Month ago

    I live in the pretty much a cold desert, in the winter, it's negative 40 (F) and in the summer it's like 100 F, spring and autumn are always so pretty and I just have to appreciate that freedom when I can go outside and it just being perfect 😊

  • Yah Ya
    Yah Ya 2 months ago

    OMFG we were just talking about it with my boyfriend it's always the greatest time of year, I can't wait to spend warm evening at the park with him 😔💕 truly the best part of living in this part of the world

  • Becki
    Becki 2 months ago +24

    It's so important to see the little beautiful things 🌸

  • Natasha West
    Natasha West 2 months ago

    As a Canadian, I feel you!! ❤️

  • Elliot Warren
    Elliot Warren 2 months ago

    My seasonal depression just evaporated during spring and summer I’m so so happy it’s finally here and now it’s still light outside when I get out of work, I remember just last month getting out of work after sunset and it was pitch black

  • Anna Long
    Anna Long 2 months ago +9

    I get a wild level of excited in the early spring time. And spring in general.

  • Karen Koh
    Karen Koh 2 months ago

    Today was really cold and at the same time, the sun was there! ❤ I have been here for two months and it has been so hard, I don't know why but seeing the sun at 6-7 pm was something cool 😊