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Tunnel video is close/Fortnite

  • Published on May 22, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • So close to a new tunnel video so stay tuned. @Fortnite ZERO BUILD is here to stay! cherrypicktalent.cc/ZeroBuild...

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  • colinfurze

    Fortnite Zero Build is here to stay! Check it out and play now:

  • MLeoDaalder

    I hope that the 'last piece of information' is not 'did I need a permit from the council to do this?'. XD

  • colinfurze

    Fingers crossed people it’s so close.

  • TheChaosShaman

    I just keep thinking of the reaction from the new owners if you ever sell your house and they try to install a pool. LMAO

  • Cart6r
    Cart6r  +209

    So a minute video that’s in reality is a 30 second advertisement

  • Mr. Ash
    Mr. Ash  +6

    The best way to follow this series is to genuinely let it go and stop waiting for episodes. Waiting for episodes is complete and utter torture.

  • Darin Abrahams

    Come on Colin u said its close to the next vid I've been itching for what feels like months here 😂😂I'm so excited

  • GOAT
    GOAT  +60

    “What does this have to do with for- ohh”

  • J Morley

    Your definition of soon... Is admirable 😆

  • Econ1991
    Econ1991  +57

    So looking at that intro, Colin's gone further under the garage with the tunnel

  • Stuart Francis

    I am literally falling apart at the seems waiting for this,

  • welshheli
    welshheli  +30

    This is a long "close" 🤣 we want to see the new video 🤣

    RXRXING  +10

    "Close" is a Month or Two

  • Paul Taylor

    The suspense of waiting is killing me, are you digging to China?

  • Zodiax
    Zodiax  +5

    could you include more videos of you working on the tunnel even if you think it is repetitive or less edited.

  • Paul Mc
    Paul Mc  +2

    new tunnel video is so close ... 2 weeks later . ... hope everything is ok

  • KillerTortoise1

    So hyped for the next video, feels like a lifetime since the last one

  • Kon Niko

    colin your soon and our soon is very different!

  • Reagan Stone

    Its been too long since we’ve got a full video

  • Scott Groves

    Are you aware of the anxiety and mental stress you are causing me by taking so long with this video! Do I need to do with the last guy I did and write you a letter ? Don’t make me get stern with you young man get your shit together😔🤟❤️