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This school cheers on an awesome student 👏

  • Published on Jan 10, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Dylan Anderson
    Dylan Anderson  2 months ago +27622

    🎥 @john_bravo_runs on IG

  • IcePick Slim
    IcePick Slim 2 months ago +67297

    Instead of bullying they encouraged him. Whatever students enforced this motive are good people

    • Yolo Swaggins
      Yolo Swaggins 2 days ago

      ​@Maya Butler What do you mean? Why do you run to your classes and why would people bully you for that?

    • Yolo Swaggins
      Yolo Swaggins 2 days ago

      ​@David-Dezeree Towne Laughing at "weird" people is not bullying unless you are hurting them and making them feel bad. You can be entertained by the "weird" kids and still treat them with respect.

    • Yolo Swaggins
      Yolo Swaggins 2 days ago

      ​@Prophet Citrus Exactly. Banter and light hearted teasing is not bullying, and this definitely doesn't look like bullying. They are giving him high fives and buying him shoe like how tf is that bullying?

    • Yolo Swaggins
      Yolo Swaggins 2 days ago

      ​@xzeuii You got bullied for running to class? I don't understand. Why did you have to run to class and why is running to class a cause for bullying?
      America really confuses me.

    • Yolo Swaggins
      Yolo Swaggins 2 days ago

      ​@Daniel Doyle How is this bullying? They are just having a laugh.

  • Brayden LoVetere
    Brayden LoVetere Month ago +2668

    Had a kid in my college that did this. You’d randomly see him running through courtyards and buildings…talked to him once in the library…legend

    • comically large spoon
      comically large spoon 6 days ago

      ​@Drake D ohmygod yes

    • Issa Arison
      Issa Arison 9 days ago +1

      ​@Nathan Pfirman omg😭💀😭

    • Nathan Pfirman
      Nathan Pfirman 12 days ago +2

      My question is why is their a kid in college?

    • Drake D
      Drake D 18 days ago +12

      ​@Brayden LoVetere did you perhaps catch him running errands?

    • Brayden LoVetere
      Brayden LoVetere Month ago +65

      @Ivanka I caught him printing some things for class 😂😂 rare moment

  • Ezequiel Riesgo
    Ezequiel Riesgo Month ago +918

    These kids are different man. They were born with the empathy that was ripped away from their parents. The world might actually survive because of them

    • elenalaoriginal
      elenalaoriginal 13 hours ago

      @JD BLACK haha we def knew what hate was. You’re funny

    • Lakeshorein
      Lakeshorein 2 days ago +1

      Expressed my feeling perfect way.Thanks

    • YunRico - Topic
      YunRico - Topic 6 days ago

      One time he gone do it past a hood nigga and just get his biscuit jellied thinkin he gone runnup on him

  • Mr. Koda
    Mr. Koda 2 months ago +228377

    His future employer going to appreciate his sense of urgency.

    • Flotaku 13
      Flotaku 13 11 days ago

      I was this kid doing construction beat that out of me though

    • hyucks_andkisses
      hyucks_andkisses 12 days ago

      just shows ah yes, putting in maximal effort for a company that doesn’t care about you. dream employee right there 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Hell Sing
      Hell Sing Month ago

      Running around actually means he gets up late everyday. Means he lacks discipline?
      Don't hate on me I'm just making a point

    • Lesedi Seheri
      Lesedi Seheri Month ago

      He is his own future employer

  • Tony Martin
    Tony Martin Month ago +248

    man's got the most strict teacher on the opposite side of the campus😂

  • aliyah sakeena
    aliyah sakeena 15 days ago +61

    I’ll never forget the day my freshman year when everyone made a circle around one of the special needs kids, he was doing a dance battle with another student and everyone was genuinely cheering him on, though im sure some were laughing at him. Mostly everyone was really happy for him :) he looked really happy most important of all

  • Fernan Montevista
    Fernan Montevista 2 months ago +214899

    When you got the passion and those around you are supportively.

    • White Fox
      White Fox Month ago


    • White Fox
      White Fox Month ago

      @Junior Betrayal thanks man :)

    • the
      the Month ago

      ​@Junior BetrayalI don't know 8 billion people in this world.

      JJMTISOP Month ago

      @Junior Betrayal Couldn’t be more true.

  • James Martin
    James Martin Month ago +11

    Amazing energy all round 👌🏻 the world needs more of this

  • Emilio Esteves
    Emilio Esteves Month ago +31

    When your strong, you have the ability to lift people up, not put them down! This brought tears to my eyes as I have a child with autism, and it pains me to know his social fears dealing with school and life in general.

    CENTER MASS 2 months ago +15139

    This kid is goin places. Most likely his next class

    • Ayden .__.
      Ayden .__. 10 days ago

      I'm not too sure where, but you are probably right about it being his next class🤷‍♂️

    • Matthew Guidroz
      Matthew Guidroz 19 days ago

      Ok now this is gold.

    • Mason O'Daniel
      Mason O'Daniel 22 days ago


    • Yesenia Coronado
      Yesenia Coronado 24 days ago


    • Neon25
      Neon25 27 days ago


  • #letstalkaboutit
    #letstalkaboutit 8 days ago +3

    I needed that today... tears flowing....Thank you all for cheering John on.Thank you Jesus

  • Bubblez
    Bubblez 23 days ago +9

    Bro I need a school like this. People that actually support you and not look at your weird

  • One A$$hole
    One A$$hole 2 months ago +4881

    Them some well raised kids being all supportive and shit. Gives me hope.

    • One A$$hole
      One A$$hole 25 days ago

      @Zerxc I agree it's lucky if you got popular

    • Zerxc
      Zerxc Month ago +1

      you are lucky if you ever get popular like this

    • Filipe Martins
      Filipe Martins Month ago +1

      ​@Hunter of Darkness I understand you, but time will pass and you won't ever remember school

    • Hunter of Darkness
      Hunter of Darkness Month ago +6

      Honestly my current highschool is such a single minded hive 😭. Can't even make proper friends because everyone is the same thinking they're hot shot and real gangsters. Livin in a rural 3rd world is crazy because once you made an enemy it's war. I miss my old highschool where even tho I didn't have any friends I didn't have to worry about being robbed or bullied.

  • chronic spot
    chronic spot Month ago +2

    The world needs more of this❤️❤️❤️

  • Parker Ruckman
    Parker Ruckman 26 days ago +17

    Nice to see that there are still nice people in the world

    USERNAME 2 months ago +3413

    “I have bad social anxiety.. I’ll just run to my classes to avoid people in between”
    Later that year…

    • Herbie
      Herbie 3 days ago

      Do all the likes make you anxious ? ;)

    • Swetha Vijay
      Swetha Vijay Month ago

      This comment is underrated

    • SyedaFarwa
      SyedaFarwa Month ago


    • DumplingDoodle
      DumplingDoodle Month ago +1

      Why is there such a disproportionate amount of emojis under this specific comment but no others

    • Let Me Translate
      Let Me Translate 2 months ago


  • Holly K. Turfitt
    Holly K. Turfitt 26 days ago +2

    I love this clip❤ it shows me that there are good people in this world.

  • Siloh Gaming
    Siloh Gaming 18 days ago +2

    This is super embarrassing yet wholesome at the same time.. when I was in elementary school I had one of those roller backpacks. I would ride that thing into battle (class) every day, and all of the high schoolers would line up outside of the buses like this to cheer me on. Through everything I went through in school, that definitely made a huge impact 🙏

  • Quarantined Teen
    Quarantined Teen 2 months ago +9366

    I didn’t know kids were this wholesome

    • Melanie Cochrane
      Melanie Cochrane 9 days ago

      @Ghosty Frost the internet is where the devil lives

    • Nathan W
      Nathan W Month ago

      Ya this was unlikely but obviously once cheering rather then bullying got traction prob took off

    • Lizard Lad
      Lizard Lad Month ago

      Most of them are not this wholesome

  • Al Najla
    Al Najla 16 days ago +3

    He doesn’t need an Oscar, he needs to get to his next class

    KATHIESHOES Month ago +1

    Teamwork at its finest! Way to go🎉

  • Johnny Hall
    Johnny Hall 2 months ago +5285

    This is how school should be. Students lifting up students.

    • F.A.M Prod.
      F.A.M Prod. Month ago

      bro lowkey think if they wasn’t bullying they wouldn’t even care if he was running I think it started off as bullying but since he got popular on TikTok in stuff they want the pictures in stuff in now they give them shoes

    • I
      I 2 months ago

      @Lewis Sorry, but the world outside of school is, too.

    • Escroto
      Escroto 2 months ago

      I used to go here and it was def not this uplifting lmaooo

    • HBegaming YT
      HBegaming YT 2 months ago

      @Puteri Balqis No, because the bad students wouldn’t learn anything. They’d just be bad in a more contained environment

    • Mkarpins_Animations
      Mkarpins_Animations 2 months ago +1

      Haha not my school 💀

  • Cesar Yael Murillo
    Cesar Yael Murillo Month ago +4

    11 years ago in Junior High School I started running after sports class back from the basketball courts to the classroom, there were lots of sections with concrete stairs and I loved to jump them down while running, it was... liberating. My classmates started doing the same and suddenly I've created a trend, even students from other classes saw what we were doing and began repeating that after their sports classes. Fun times.

  • Jay Alexander
    Jay Alexander Month ago +2

    Wow. Imagine the encouraging feeling he gets every time he gets to learn. This boy will be a great man with the help of his cheerful peers. Hes gonna have that fire going for a while. Now thas dope 💯

  • Dragonshot Productions
    Dragonshot Productions 2 months ago +9620

    Bro ain’t just the main character, he’s the chosen one

    • Daniel Nelson
      Daniel Nelson Month ago

      Good title for a movie, The Chosen One. Eddie Murphy should get the starring role.

    • Yakamura Chen Abacar
      Yakamura Chen Abacar 2 months ago

      Bro ain’t just the Mc he the author

    • Soseiki Haragatatsu
      Soseiki Haragatatsu 2 months ago +1

      He's not just the chosen one he is the chosen main character

    • jay mkz
      jay mkz 2 months ago +2

      ​@GløggeTV🐐😭 Goated comment

    • Mean Gravy
      Mean Gravy 2 months ago +1

      Hes speed running school,so far there haven’t being no glitches,crashes or soft locks yet 😂

  • Ian Leach
    Ian Leach 2 days ago

    This is just a sign that kindness is happiness. ❤ the fact they took there time to make him feel like he can do any think 😊

  • Tim Finch
    Tim Finch 16 days ago

    This is so heartwarming

  • Neo Crackhead Technology
    Neo Crackhead Technology 2 months ago +6082

    If only all students were this supporting and loving

    • Stone Harper
      Stone Harper 2 months ago +1

      I’ve been a teacher for 4 years and most students are like this, very loving and supporting. Don’t cry because you were bullied in school during a completely different generation because kids these days are no where near as cruel as you wish they were or the way the media portrays it! One bad example doesn’t equal an entire group of people

    • HBegaming YT
      HBegaming YT 2 months ago

      @Don't Care Keywords: “When I was in school”

    • E 65
      E 65 2 months ago +1

      Seriously, I was surrounded by a bunch of assholes all the time

    • Jenny Bengtsson
      Jenny Bengtsson 2 months ago

      Yeah, the students in my school were a bit hateful instead

    • James Jones
      James Jones 2 months ago +1

      Yeah we really need to support the captian autizmos

  • lauren murphy
    lauren murphy Month ago

    How wholesome ❤

  • Holly Mors
    Holly Mors 22 days ago

    Literally can I just have that enthusiasm ??? Love him !!! We should all try to be that cool good luck

  • Joe Shanks
    Joe Shanks 2 months ago +4923

    Damn these kids different. At my school somebody would probably set a tripwire or some shit. Good kids.

    • all i can say is
      all i can say is 5 days ago

      Mine would be a banana peel

    • Joe Shanks
      Joe Shanks 2 months ago

      @asymsolutions I mean yea this is the thing to do. But the kids in my school as a kid wouldn’t of spat on you if you were on fire.

    • MmartinM
      MmartinM 2 months ago

      Or if John was asian, Hispanic or black dude.

    • asymsolutions
      asymsolutions 2 months ago

      and some of us would go set up a stationary camera point, grab a stop watch, record it, and send snippets of what he did each run that improved his times and what moves to avoid.
      Give that kid a little taste of the drug that is racing.

    • BernieBrosTakeTheL
      BernieBrosTakeTheL 2 months ago


  • Danks
    Danks Month ago

    This is so wholesome 😭

  • Tr1pž
    Tr1pž Month ago +2

    In my class our friend always chugged his water and me and other ppl suddenly cheered him on. I love how we all collectively decided that everytime we see him get his bottle out in a lesson we all chant "chug chug chug" and clap at then end. Some ppl time him on their watches and see how fast he's done it.

  • Mike Oxmal
    Mike Oxmal 2 months ago +9704

    The fact they bought him shoes is so wholesome

    • carrae
      carrae 25 days ago

      but the cheering and stuff is all completely genuine. he’s a legend, and people aren’t mocking him by cheering, which is the most important part.

    • carrae
      carrae 25 days ago

      @Mike Oxmal so actually as a kid who goes to this highschool, no one bought him shoes. there was no money raised idk where dylan got that information from. rather nike saw the videos and reached out, and donated new running shoes and clothes.

    • Mike Oxmal
      Mike Oxmal 2 months ago

      @NeowaffenAestheticsᛉ☦️ bro chill

    • Dimma
      Dimma 2 months ago +1

      @JyTV You cracked me up real hard 🤣🤣

    • NeowaffenAestheticsᛉ☦️
      NeowaffenAestheticsᛉ☦️ 2 months ago +1

      Reddit Cringe Moment.

  • Thousand Words Media dotcom

    That’s so freakin sweet dude ♥️

  • ivan stankov
    ivan stankov 24 days ago

    The world needs more videos like this

  • 929er
    929er 2 months ago +8027

    this is oddly wholesome for high school kids. we're going the right way ig.

    • Linda B
      Linda B Month ago

      @CJ HUMALAokay my thought exactly.

    • Berial92
      Berial92 2 months ago

      not high school. middle school at best. look how tiny all the students are

    • Eman DeMoan
      Eman DeMoan 2 months ago

      ​@mellow actual hell

    • ZKoopa
      ZKoopa 2 months ago

      Back when I was in highschool everyone was trying to kill me, of course those idiots failed because I'm here now to tell the tale.

    • Swervie
      Swervie 2 months ago

      @Gunnard Black I live in cali and where I live it hardly rains or snows so all the schools here are department blocks (science, english etc) that they plop down randomly across the campus. I’m guessing where they live the weather is similar to mine so there really isn’t a reason to roof the entire school.
      Just saw someone else respond before me and if it makes you feel any better whenever I go to a northern state the schools look strange and I have to remember that it actually snows and rains in other states and not just in the mountains.

  • ramir moye
    ramir moye Month ago

    These kids got class ❤

  • cheesy
    cheesy 15 days ago +1

    Real school spirit I wish our people understood these simple act of care and respect 😢🎉

  • Duble Owe
    Duble Owe 2 months ago +1972

    So he’s on his way to class and hundreds of kids are running late to watch him be on time…

    • CBWAVY
      CBWAVY Month ago +1

      yeah, I'm trying to understand why are they lining up for this? Don't they have somewhere to be? Is he special needs or something?

    • Duble Owe
      Duble Owe Month ago

      @Ariel Nunez 🤣🤣🤣

    • Ariel Nunez
      Ariel Nunez Month ago +1

      They actually aren't late at all since john is running at super sonic speed he's only there for a sec.

  • TC CT G
    TC CT G 9 days ago

    thats love . we need more kindness. pay it forward n do the right thing. it will only make your life better.. one step at a time, one day at a time ✌️

  • Angelia Saylor
    Angelia Saylor Month ago

    Go John go, love is BEAUTIFUL....this kids amazing

  • Nubair Khan
    Nubair Khan 2 months ago +6357

    imagine if school was actually like this, motivating and supportive community

    • An Sheng
      An Sheng 2 months ago

      ​@Savannah Pruett exactly my thoughts, its a different way of mucking around with someone

    • Kuroo
      Kuroo 2 months ago

      May you all are the problem, as a gen z when I was in highschool everyone was nice. I use the term nice loosely as there are different levels of nice in highschool you have genuinely nice, you have kinda nice, you have sorta nice and so on. Then you’d have pessimistic people like you lot who perceived everyone as rude, mean, and so on just because you haven’t interacted with them on a personal level

    • °Gnomey°
      °Gnomey° 2 months ago

      If the amount of bullies i have could fly school would be an airport

    • Blahsum
      Blahsum 2 months ago +1

      That’s mad bro never would’ve thought of raising kids in a supportive community environment in high school shits beyond me

  • You Channy
    You Channy 4 days ago

    That's one humble generation. 💜

  • Jon Boy
    Jon Boy 14 days ago +1

    ❤ it we need more love in this world

  • 3k subs with no video challenge
    3k subs with no video challenge 2 months ago +14716

    Its always nice to see students supporting one another
    Also props to John for basically uniting the school and creating such a friendly environment for everyone

    • Nova6162
      Nova6162 2 months ago

      @CJ HUMALA did you skip over the part where they raised money to get him running shoes -_-. If someone's bullying you, they would do toxic shit, two examples being name-calling or spreading rumors.

    • Mavairick
      Mavairick 2 months ago

      I slightly disagree. John did not united the school on his own. He started running, and someone reacted to it. At some point one person decided to cheer him, they could have went for the jerk move and mock him, but they chose to cheer, then, humans love to mimic, it's basically how we learn and grow up from being babies. So one person decided which way the balance should go, and they made it go the good way, Let's just assert this.

    • negus
      negus 2 months ago

      ​@esotericvv i will do a bldm movement

    • Su 57
      Su 57 2 months ago

      @esotericvv thats dumb in every way you can think about

    • Emily
      Emily 2 months ago

      ​@colorado livin So you're saying bullying a poor kid for running is necessary? You're calling kids soft for not bullying people, you do realize bullying can end in suicide right?

  • derpyVfoxoX6
    derpyVfoxoX6 Month ago

    Good people are rare this is nice

  • Donna Z
    Donna Z 4 days ago

    As the parent of a child with special needs this makes my heart happy. These are amazing, respectful, understanding kids that are going to be amazing adults.

  • Joshua
    Joshua Month ago

    My brother is like John, after high school with everyone paying attention like this and showing love, afterwards they have nobody. Everyone starts their lives and people like John here are left to normalcy in whatever life they can conjure. You know what happened to my brother? He became severely depressed to the point we thought he was actually dying. See sometimes in life you should just treat people well, this is a kind gesture but it may end up going more damage than good. Something to think about, blessings

  • ☆bellatrix lestrange☆

    Bro I wanna do this so bad.

  • Tohid Korbu
    Tohid Korbu 2 months ago +1598

    John: "Never misses a class"
    His fans: "Fuck class"

  • official dual
    official dual Month ago

    This is amazing i love this i wish more people were like this,we need people in our schools like this

  • TOMJS100
    TOMJS100 24 days ago

    So nice of them 💖

  • Artuar3CRaFT
    Artuar3CRaFT 2 months ago +6400

    Yo honestly we need more schools to be as supportive as this.

    • Hudson McGinnis
      Hudson McGinnis 2 months ago

      @Zed ig you can't control how people act, people are going to bully him either way and sure there's some kids that do make fun of him behind his back but also there's definitely people that care

    • Salem Crow
      Salem Crow 2 months ago

      ​@AngrialexCorrelation doesn't necessarily equal causation. I don't think any study out there has found that safer environments have led to increased rates of depression. In fact, pretty much every study has found the exact opposite: unstable, hostile, or otherwise harmful environments often contribute to the development of mental illness. Abusive households, unstable households, lack of support, neglect, bullying (which with social media, has become FAR easier to do), etc etc.
      I think depression is higher for 2 specific reasons:
      1) We recognize it a lot more, and it's not as heavily stigmatized as it once was to be diagnosed and seek help for it. With increased awarn, more people can realize what they feel isn't normal and can seek help for it, and more people feel safer admitting having issues. A lot of people back then just drank or smoked to deal with it.
      2.) Higher stress. With more awareness of happenings around the world from media and internet, also means more awareness of the shit things happening around the world. Additionally, technology has lead to companies being able to access their employees outside work hours - askin them to come in or has them doing hours of work online (emailing and such.) The line between work and home is being increasingly erased, and I imagine that further stressed working parents and leads to them being shorter, more annoyed, and more antagonistic with their children (which leads to the kid also being at higher risk for depression too.)

    • no
      no 2 months ago

      ​@Angrialex you genuinely don't know anything about depression or how the human brain works.

    • no
      no 2 months ago

      ​@Angrialex u mad?

  • Adriana Cardona
    Adriana Cardona 23 days ago

    this is so cute im crying

  • Marah
    Marah 12 days ago +3

    I’m impressed with the kind deeds of these students. Rarely hear the positive coming from schools nowadays… very refreshing

    • Ethan Jones
      Ethan Jones 7 days ago

      Idek tbh, cause nowadays at school this could be bullying I see it all the time at my school

  • Enigma
    Enigma 2 months ago +3396

    Damn bro they really chipped $300 together for him?! Nice as hell, positive people

    • Tyler Wilkerson
      Tyler Wilkerson 2 months ago

      What running shoes are $300 though. That seems pretty high.

    • Enigma
      Enigma 2 months ago

      @ace he can flip that into thousands in an option trade or some shit 😂😂😂😂

    • Joel
      Joel 2 months ago

      yeah you'd get tripped over I'm my school lmao

    • Plastic Manta
      Plastic Manta 2 months ago

      @Jetoux you never know 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Melisa Delagarde

    I love seeing this!
    We need so much more of this!❤.....

  • Connor Mason
    Connor Mason 29 days ago

    This is wholesome and I love it

  • TheForgorrenOne
    TheForgorrenOne 2 months ago +4289

    Everyone in this school seems chill. Cant say the same to mine.

    • necker 9000
      necker 9000 2 months ago

      @Moscov i go to that school lol

    • ZKoopa
      ZKoopa 2 months ago

      My school I had to put up with school shooters and bomb threats and terrorist attacks and hate crimes on a daily basis

    • galaga
      galaga 2 months ago

      When I was in junior high, someone pooped in the urinal lmaooo

    • Samuel Denton
      Samuel Denton 2 months ago +1

      lmao i wish they were chill at this school, i went there it’s north gwinnett high school, this is not an accurate representation at all

  • Lost Artist XD
    Lost Artist XD 29 days ago

    This is the kind of energy I get every week in my highschool, sometimes you could even forget that bullies never existed, just awesome.

  • azis nih
    azis nih Month ago

    Good people with good environment. They have the happiest days of their life

  • Ricky JC
    Ricky JC 2 months ago +4312

    What started out as avoiding the bully, has turned him into the hero.

    • Goin Bulilit
      Goin Bulilit 2 months ago

      Oh my i remembered when i was bullied in my primary days lol but i was cornered and we fought and never got bullied again by that person and we became as a friend i even bought a gold fish because of his influence.

    • Vetto
      Vetto 2 months ago

      This definitely what happened

    • Blake Bodie
      Blake Bodie 2 months ago +3

      @Chris LJust being your everyday self is being a hero.
      “I believe there's a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble, and finally allows us to die with pride, even though sometimes we have to be steady, and give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams.” -Aunt May

  • Lady Jade
    Lady Jade Day ago

    That’s adorable.

  • Ricard Forcat i Torras

    bro's going places

  • TheKidWhoLovesBacon
    TheKidWhoLovesBacon 2 months ago +4650

    they bought him shoes, set up a finish line and his name was cheered. Truly wholesome.

    • Milton Perez
      Milton Perez Month ago

      ​@Florida bangin he said he's trying to bull 🐂 stampede others lol. I actually thought maybe he got picked on so one day he thought he can run to his next class and avoid bullies in the hall ways.

    • Marla Fowler
      Marla Fowler 2 months ago +2

      ​@TheKidWhoLovesBacon I love bacon too. Great, now I want bacon, thanks alot.

    • Marla Fowler
      Marla Fowler 2 months ago +1

      ​@Brett Mastema Wow!! Engaging, true and heartfelt response. Too bad the person it was intended for, probably wont get it.....

    • Marla Fowler
      Marla Fowler 2 months ago +1

      ​@Hazza "Face full of concrete"..... thats fuckin hilarious

    • Marla Fowler
      Marla Fowler 2 months ago +1

      lmao ur so right

  • Erheylin Wenceslao
    Erheylin Wenceslao Month ago

    That's commitment and wholesome

  • Velvet Rooster
    Velvet Rooster 10 days ago

    This is some good awesome wholesome news

  • A Thompson
    A Thompson 2 months ago +6638

    I love how one thing made both the boy and the school happy.

    • Hydrated Graph
      Hydrated Graph 2 months ago

      ​@gBruh that's exactly what he wants you to do

    • sleepy
      sleepy 2 months ago

      ​@Brody lol go outside

    • DARVIN 50K
      DARVIN 50K 2 months ago

      Whoever reading this, I pray that whatever you’re going through gets better and whatever you’re struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine I wish you the best of what life has to offer.❤️👏👏

    • Mew
      Mew 2 months ago

      ​@g You fell right into his hands 💀

    • Brody lol
      Brody lol 2 months ago +1

      The Waffle House has found its new host

  • Isabella Lopez
    Isabella Lopez 15 days ago

    This is so wholesome 😭
    my school would NEVER

  • Lady Riot
    Lady Riot Month ago

    We need more of this in the world.

  • Satch Vids
    Satch Vids 2 months ago +7894

    When I was in high school, there was a special needs girl who was very loud and outspoken and a lot of kids would make fun of her. My friends and I talked to her at the end of the day one day and she asked if we could take a picture with her. This turned into a routine where every day we would take a picture after last period. Slowly more and more kids joined in to the point where we would practically fill up the hallway. Sometimes all it takes is one or two kids to be nice for all the other students to see how fun it can be to make other people happy.

    • Shuchi Pareek
      Shuchi Pareek Month ago +1

      You are so right. Most people want to be nice, but aren't confident enough to do it all by themselves. They would eagerly join others though. It's all about having the guts to take the initiative. People want to be nice.

    • Satch Vids
      Satch Vids 2 months ago

      @Mrunal Bahekar you’re absolutely attempting to force your preferences on other people. Post a link to a poll or study that shows that a majority of the special needs community (which is totally an ambiguous term and could be anything from autism to Down syndrome) wants to be referred to as Disabled.
      Also if we’re talking about the effect of language, it’s a wayyyyy more negative connotation to refer to someone as disabled (meaning not of able body) than to simply say their needs are different or special.

    • Mrunal Bahekar
      Mrunal Bahekar 2 months ago

      @Satch Vids this is not about what language u WANT to use, its what u SHOULD be using instead. ppl with disabilities have spoken up about this matter themselves, im not just going around telling ppl they should use different language solely bcus its my opinion. this is NOT about my preferences. its what the disability community wants. and its not much uk, theyre not asking u to do them that big of a favor. also, using the right terminology for a community can have a pretty big effect on how society treats them. and its pretty hypocritical of u to say "if people are being kind and respectful then thats all that matters"...

    • Satch Vids
      Satch Vids 2 months ago

      @George Kotti I don’t have any friends

    • George Kotti
      George Kotti 2 months ago

      You definitely try to one up your friends stories no matter the story 😂

  • Super Amario64
    Super Amario64 Month ago

    What a great school and students. Bravo :)

  • Xx mitchell xX0
    Xx mitchell xX0 Month ago

    Bro that’s awesome!
    Wish my school was that nice…

  • Prashant Limbu
    Prashant Limbu 2 months ago +1422

    This is the school culture we want.

    • Nathan Dulay
      Nathan Dulay 2 months ago

      @Bon bon ur soft bro

    • The Greek God of Wall Street
      The Greek God of Wall Street 2 months ago +1

      @Jarell White yeah it looks like all fun and games until you ask, "what are they showing support for?". Maybe he doesn't want the "support" of standing in his way taking a selfie. Maybe he just want to run to his destination in peace without being singled out? I don't know why he runs to class but I'm sure it's not for their entertainment.

    • PlsRate8
      PlsRate8 2 months ago

      ​@Jarell White Freak

    • Jarell White
      Jarell White 2 months ago +1

      @The Greek God of Wall Street freak isn’t a great word to describe him. Sure it may have started out as a joke, but then it evolved beyond that. It could be way worse for him, but his peers showed some sort of support by giving him high fives and cheering. In his eyes, I’m sure he likes it and thinks of it as support. Maybe their intentions aren’t right, or maybe they are, but that doesn’t matter if John is having fun.

  • TheNamtip89
    TheNamtip89 Month ago

    Man that’s awesome!

  • Gavin Howard
    Gavin Howard 17 days ago

    More wholesome shit like this plz

  • 《💗zoe cheffy💗》.
    《💗zoe cheffy💗》. 2 months ago +4032

    Why can't my school be this wholesome

    • DBCooper
      DBCooper Month ago

      I love it 💗

    • Love
      Love 2 months ago

      it starts with the man in the mirror

    • Vector
      Vector 2 months ago

      @negus no, there will be court, so he better call saul
      I will prove everyone that they are not normal

    • negus
      negus 2 months ago

      @Vector and what are you gonma do? Sit around?

    • Vector
      Vector 2 months ago

      @negus one of them broke my femur so bad btw, and he and his friends and female friends (I can't call them his girlfriends) think that I Am guilty.

  • Kathleen Lin
    Kathleen Lin 21 day ago

    john, mah good boi!!! I will cheer for him too 😁

  • Lazakian Cash
    Lazakian Cash 10 days ago

    I would definitely join this 😊

  • xPreame
    xPreame 2 months ago +6231

    This is the best thing dealing with schools I’ve heard in years.

    • Kyle Failing
      Kyle Failing 2 months ago +5

      I had a stroke reading this

    • Cosmic9
      Cosmic9 2 months ago

      fr cuz usually people at e shut but this is nice

    • The Eternal
      The Eternal 2 months ago


    • Tyrous
      Tyrous 2 months ago +2

      We can see you did not pay attention during all those years 😂😂

  • Mvp Goat
    Mvp Goat 29 days ago +1

    Bro got that speed

  • Kashvi Garg
    Kashvi Garg 10 days ago

    So beautiful ❤️🥰 these children were raised right and believed in the right thing ❤

  • Christopher McCurry
    Christopher McCurry 2 months ago +4160

    How wholesome. In the school I went to people would probably have bullied him for it. So good to see these kids embracing the eccentricities of others.

    • NXTVIM
      NXTVIM 2 months ago

      @ma boi Gilgamesh yeah, gotta agree. I had a friend with ADHD who would do this and they dogged him. Maybe middle school or elementary; but nah, not in high school.

    • Tinus Pieterse
      Tinus Pieterse 2 months ago

      There was legit a kid from my high school who use to run full speed to every class. He was kind of bullied, one year the seniors tied him to a pole. Kids can be ruthless.

    • Everything Pizza And Knuckles
      Everything Pizza And Knuckles 2 months ago

      Yep. I'm gen Z and my mom always got onto me for needing glasses, braces, bad shoes, messy hair, acne, etc because she was bullied for those things when she was in school for them, but only like 2 people ever made fun of my crooked teeth and that's it.

    • OmegaQ
      OmegaQ 2 months ago

      @Alyssa Lurveyyeah everyone assumes kids are much more mean now but kids are a lot more supportive in school these days, they just know worse words than we did at certain ages and have no filter. Shit in middle school I barely knew any curse words but my little sister would say “Fuck” as a 7 year old. I’m only 7 years older than her.

    • vince
      vince 2 months ago

      I still think somehow they are bullying him.
      at the very least they are giving him attention he did not ask for.

  • 🌱ThatDeerMars🎶
    🌱ThatDeerMars🎶 3 days ago +1

    He a runner he a track star❤️

  • VIC WILL 666
    VIC WILL 666 Month ago

    God bless John ❤🏏 that’s beyond a strong support system

  • JulliaStark
    JulliaStark 2 months ago +6054

    When the school schedules your classes across the fuckin Campus every other period

    • Maniac
      Maniac Month ago

      @Messup7654 i noticed that tho i see that comment everywhere 😭

    • Flying potato
      Flying potato 2 months ago

      @Marla Fowler what?

    • Cookie Lover
      Cookie Lover 2 months ago

      @Marla Fowler its not even the fact I have to walk across the school. It's the fact they only give me 5 minutes to do everything I need to do

    • Marla Fowler
      Marla Fowler 2 months ago +1

      ​@Cookie Lover My mom walked 3.5 miles to & from school, everyday, up & down the holler in Eastern Kentucky. I always made fun when she says that, but then I hear kids like u actually complain about having to walk in a heated, dry, safe school... to his next class. Now I feel bad for making fun of my mom. Life really was soooo much harder just 2 generations ago, you guys just have no idea! Its not your fault, im not saying that. Its just sad & a bit scary is all.

  • Kpop Stan
    Kpop Stan 9 days ago

    We need more people like this in the world

  • Hope Ausbyn
    Hope Ausbyn 9 days ago

    Yes, Dream Kids. Positive and happy. 🤩

  • Feezan Brittain
    Feezan Brittain 2 months ago +4943

    That’s actually sick how one person can make everyone’s day with something so simple. We’re so complex yet so simple

    • Loren
      Loren 2 months ago

      No fr! I want to be his friend 😭

    • Twisted Light
      Twisted Light 2 months ago

      @KALKIN K sounds simple to me

    • Eidy Monteclaro
      Eidy Monteclaro 2 months ago

      He’s serious about his classes & in shape to boot

    • Iconica
      Iconica 2 months ago

      ​@Kieran_t_2010 no shit they laugh at it
      your point is?

    • xqcumber
      xqcumber 2 months ago

      I am supportively too...

  • Scoped Ape Gaming
    Scoped Ape Gaming 4 days ago

    This is refreshing to see. Goes to show there is some good left in the world.

  • Stijn Simons
    Stijn Simons Month ago

    This caught me smiling

  • Matt
    Matt 2 months ago +7096

    I wish all schools are as supportive like this

    • Lol No
      Lol No 2 months ago

      @FICUSULXD189 emo

    • Lol No
      Lol No 2 months ago

      @FICUSULXD189 you're soft af

  • DP Gaming
    DP Gaming 9 days ago

    Johnathan is THE G!!

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama Month ago

    Had 2 kids in my high school do the same thing every single year. They’d only run to the bus together but they lined up at the end of C building and raced to the bus ramp together. Most students knew about it so we would always make way for them when the bell rang.

  • tammypr20
    tammypr20 2 months ago +4925

    I love how he’s just so focused and dedicated on getting to his next class but still makes sure he gives everyone a high five

  • ediEd
    ediEd 28 days ago

    Sheesh bro is an athlete 😳

  • Waldruim Watchnet
    Waldruim Watchnet 12 days ago

    Faith in humanity restored

  • David Pike
    David Pike 2 months ago +1767

    At my high school, all the kids would’ve shamed him to death. Everybody was ruthlessly mean.

    • eraf
      eraf 2 months ago

      @Manny the German Shepherd still the case for most schools including mine

    • Avaze
      Avaze 2 months ago

      @No incomprehensible i think the child is clear here.

    • No incomprehensible
      No incomprehensible 2 months ago

      @Avaze you're a child everything will be ight don't trip kid

    • Avaze
      Avaze 2 months ago

      @No incomprehensible okay, whatever you say. dont say i didnt warn you. have a nice life ❤️