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The Best Adventure Motorcycle - Ducati DesertX Review

  • Published on Nov 25, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • ff turbo

    The ending is a masterpiece. The academy should give it 100 awards

  • Keith
    Keith  +297

    I actually worked out a amazing deal with my Ducati dealership, I just drive it around inside the dealership and I never have to worry about my bike braking down.

  • lascosasdemimenda

    This is with no doubt one of the best reviews for a motorbike that I have ever seen.

  • Gunnsteinn Jonsson

    Another masterpiece 😊 Nobody comes even close to match what you guys do. This was so entertaining, thanks. Great job 😊

  • Tosa-Ranch
    Tosa-Ranch  +228

    This entire video is why I love watching F9. Amazing video quality, honest and well thought out review…but that ending was, magnifico!!!

  • Andy Bartow

    Best content creator on YT. I don't even ride anymore and still watch every single one of your videos and get depressed when they end knowing I have already seen all the old videos. Please don't change!

  • Strellettes

    The fact this man and his team continually put out better and better content that is already way above the bar for motorcycle review channels is crazy.

  • Joseph Tdi

    The production quality on this is out of this world! Well done chaps

  • Mr. Ed
    Mr. Ed  +21

    This definitely encourages me to stick with my trusty Japanese thumper (DR650)! No driving modes, no logic modules, no expensive mandatory dealer visits; just you and the machine.

  • Arba Guincci

    wish more youtubers made stuff that felt like tv quality like you do, would be cool to see you cover other things in your style

  • Shaddy Bros

    Ryan goes and buys himself a Ducati and we haven't heard from him since 😂

  • Mark Howard

    You guys rock, keep up the amazing work. This is the best moto review video I’ve ever seen! Equal parts entertainment and information. Incredible

  • Dirt Pony
    Dirt Pony  +714

    Hands down THE BEST bike review video of all time! As a duc owner I can wholeheartedly identify with the "getting made" buying experience, the "WTF were they thinking" on the cheap ass components, and the "Holy SHIT, this is the greatest bike in the world" feeling, all in the same moment!

  • tshohankie

    Really brilliant. Technically sound, informative and enormously entertaining. thanks so much Fortnine!

  • Alexandre Dantas

    Was close to that when I bought my Desert Sled 2018, imagine now with de "Dealer X". I did not make to the second Ducati Service and went straight to my local mechanic to do it for a 1/4 of the price. 40,000Km later, Desert Sled still in great shape and no problems at all.

  • SlipstreamVJ

    There are motorcycle reviews on Clip-Share, and then there is RyanF9. Just on another level.

  • Andrei on Bikes

    Just when you think you have seen it all in terms of motorcycle reviews, you top it out again! Amazing edit!

  • caribman10

    It's the best of the Meerkat Motorcycles, allowing petite poseurs an opportunity to stand on the pegs as they weave through traffic, as I saw one doing on the Throgs Neck Bridge a few weeks ago. Hey, it's the kind of "adventure" riding people who really own these machines do in the real world.

  • Alex cronin

    You guys have always been able to put out great videos for years without sponsors, but now that you guys have sponsored videos, I realize how much you were doing with so little. You guys have amazing videos and the quality seems to have gotten better and more entertaining since sponsors came on board. A worthy investment, keep up the great work guys, you'll make me into an ADV rider yet!

  • Peter McLennan

    The fact that you guys are obviously having a blast doing these just makes them all the sweeter.