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How much MONEY did my STEAM/SWITCH game make?

  • Published on Nov 26, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Was my indie game launch a success? Here's how much money it made on Steam and Nintendo Switch!
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Comments • 466

  • Thomas Brush
    Thomas Brush  Year ago +140

    Thanks everyone for always supporting this channel and my work. It really means a ton! It's been a challenging year for all of us, but I've also been insanely blessed with subscribers like you guys.

  • SethEric
    SethEric Year ago +28

    This video was really inspiring, I feel like the majority of the time people talk about indie development they frame it as unsustainable and financially unstable. It's great hearing stories from someone who has made it work!

  • Kevin Batdorf
    Kevin Batdorf Year ago +537

    You're not embarrassing yourself. We value your real life experiences

  • Snuti HQ
    Snuti HQ Year ago +26

    Thanks for the transparency Thomas, so good to learn about expectations and how different each platforms is. 👍

  • Tony Anderson
    Tony Anderson Year ago +17

    Always love how you tell it straight. You not only inspire and teach others, but you do it without the BS pixydust!

  • Andraz Vene
    Andraz Vene Year ago +1

    Thanks for sharing those numbers! I personally expected your Steam numbers to be bigger based on reviews, but I guess you've got an above-average-engaged userbase!

  • Namida Sai
    Namida Sai Year ago +2

    Thanks for sharing, really insightful. Indie dev-ing definitely sounds like serial entrepreneurship, and that’s totally fine. Really impressed by the level of sustainability you’ve achieved.👌

  • Iuliu Popescu
    Iuliu Popescu Year ago +5

    Definitely not embarrassing yourself. We learn so much from your journey and you inspire us constantly. Thank you.

  • Renan Rocha

    Your videos are reminders of the whole process of creating games/game studio. Thanks a lot for all the content! <3

  • CorePlay Entertainment

    I'm a beginner developer and this is VERY inspiring. This is the video I needed ❤️

  • Orbitami Entertainment

    As a fellow indie game dev, congrats and thanks for the tips. While looking on how to better market my company independently, I came across this video. Well done good sir, well done. :D :D :D. People don't realize how much work being an indie dev is, as well as, all of the different avenues we must traverse lol. :D Keep the good videos coming! Full support.

  • Paco Reguenga
    Paco Reguenga Year ago

    I got your point and agree on everything as I've been myself building my personal brand (at least locally here in Mexico) which led me to shoot 4 movies last year (After doing mostly TV commercials for more than 30 years) even though I got sick with Covid in March and had to be put away for two months. I love Neversong and think it's one great little gem! I've also been an avid gamer since the Pong system was introduced and even made a couple very simple C64 games back on the day. You are a really great creator and human being, congratulations! Keep on doing that!

  • ZephrusPrime
    ZephrusPrime Year ago +3

    I'm just so proud that you finished the game and were able to get it on Switch in the first place. Super great achievements!

  • Toasted G1
    Toasted G1 Year ago +17

    I just started unity 3 months ago with no knowledge. This info was a lot of useful information. Thanks for sharing your tips. I wish I could make games as good as you.

  • Gabriel Lima
    Gabriel Lima Year ago +1

    Thank you for your transparency man, it is really great to hear your real life experiences so I can set more accurate expectations for my goals.

  • Hardner
    Hardner Year ago

    Game Dev is fun but so is Entreprenuership, it's awesome to see that not only those 2 are not exclusive, but actually on the contrary! I'm hoping to build my own Indie Studio in the near future, not necessarily solo as I would probably aim to have a group of a few people working with me (I love both working in a team as well as leading a team), and it's awesome to see that it works out so great with my other dreams that involve just... growing your business.

  • Vole
    Vole Year ago +1

    I have to be honest, I’ve never even heard of your game! I’ll definitely check it out now. Really interesting information you’ve given out. In no way is it embarrassing, it sounds like the game has done pretty well, especially when you haven’t told us about Xbox, PlayStation and Apple numbers :)

  • Scilin
    Scilin Year ago

    Definitely some interesting insights, another factor I don't think people take into consideration other than sales cuts and Satan is the total development time, depending on the project you could b spending a couple years work before that plate starts sounning

  • DCAdjust
    DCAdjust Year ago +1

    Thanks for sharing and the advice. You are doing great and supporting your family. I've been making games since 2013 on the side. Made no money to date, but I'm hoping 2021 is the year I start earning at least something. 😊

  • DevDennis 🤓
    DevDennis 🤓 Year ago +2

    Great video Thomas. It's so important to manage your expectations and not believe the first fast game you publish is gonna be a success.