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Bodycam: Councilman Arrested After Allegedly Smoking Crack, Passing Out in Car After Court

  • Published on May 17, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Bodycam footage shows the moments Rhode Island police found Matthew Reilly passed out in the driver’s seat of his car with an alleged crack pipe in his hand on Monday. Authorities said Reilly, a now-former Cranston City council member, was arrested and charged with drug possession after the substance found in his car tested positive for crack cocaine and fentanyl. The 41-year-old politician resigned from the city council and his position as chairman of the Cranston Republican Party Thursday after pressure from the mayor and other council members. The Law&Crime Network’s Angenette Levy has the details.
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  • @LawAndCrime

    WATCH NEXT - Woman Suspected of DUI Shamelessly Flirts with Responders After Crashing into Street Lamp:

  • @kevinsok3011

    Big respect for the cop that said "A month from now you'll be thanking us." He's so real for that, because I was also neck deep in an addiction, and it took getting arrested for me to see how bad things had actually gotten. I hated the cops that day, but that was what kick started my sobriety. 5 years sober since that day.

  • @stephenwhitman871

    This genuinely saddened me to see. This man after fighting an addiction and being clean for 13 yrs relapses and has it exposed in front of the whole world. He’ll be recognized forever as a crackhead and man it’s such a shameful feeling to be labeled as such. My heart goes out to him and his family.

  • @JhonnyGil101

    Not just for him but everyone battling addiction. You got this. We believe in you, so believe in yourself.

  • @princessshazie17
    @princessshazie17 Day ago +45

    This Is heartbreaking.. unfortunately when your an addict if life gets hard we tend to go back to what we know to cope.. I hope and pray he gets the help he needs 🙏

  • @Alexa-pe8ie

    It’s ridiculous how much civility a councilmen gets versus the common person. Cops never treat addicts w/ this lvl of compassion and that’s sad.

  • @TheDubastro
    @TheDubastro 19 hours ago +50

    For those of you defending this guy, just know that this was around the same time that he SA’d a child. This isn’t a sad man, this is a bad man.

  • @KittySkeed

    I can't imagine the shame and embarrassment this poor man was feeling. Drug addiction does not care who you are and relapse sneaks up on you. I wish him all the best.

  • @DaveFerguson-vh5fn

    Love how the officer basically outright says “I’m wearing a bodycam sorry I can’t look the other way on this” THANK GOD we are finally taking steps to actually hold these people accountable for breaking the laws they make us follow!!!

  • @anthonyalexander8546

    It's just real nice to see all of the positive and just real comments for the guy. Especially when he's struggling through hard times, and being a politician a lot of people tend to crack jokes. Hope he gets the help he needs and has good support around him

  • @jackiedunn9404
    @jackiedunn9404 Day ago +13

    It's such a shame that this stuff is ruining so many people's lives and not just the one doing the drug but families

  • @bugcatcher8989

    As someone who’s been clean for almost 10 years I really feel for him, he was forthcoming and honest about everything. I hope he’s able to find his way again.

  • @finbeats
    @finbeats Day ago +16

    Your health and well-being is more important than any career. Wise words. Harsh but a necessary consequence that probably saved his life

  • @Chellineiz

    The kindness and general empathy he received should be extended to all people suffering from an addiction. Not just people with nice/public jobs.

  • @erichilliard2444

    Prior to this arrest, Matthew Reilly was under investigation for child molestation. This incident happened a week after the investigation ensued. So before someone starts feeling sorry for him because he just went through a divorce and living in a borrowed car. Remember that he was also charged with 1st degree child molestation & 2nd degree child endangerment of a person under the age of 16. The wording for those two charges might now be 100% accurate, but there was 2 charges, a 1st & 2nd degree child molestation charge.

  • @dronesmiths

    Love how nice he is to him. If that was a normal citizen he’d be locked up and searched and put in the back of the car. I really am tired of seeing different takes when an officer sees a man that’s on their team.

  • @Jbomb-ep4jr
    @Jbomb-ep4jr 14 days ago +6

    If you’re reading this and struggling with addiction, I’m pulling for you and I love you. You got this.

  • @jacklynapril4399

    What people fail to realize is that almost every single person in power and even policeman themselves have something like this going on down there pain or because they just happened to get addicted it’s terrifying.

  • @datgirltoya5622
    @datgirltoya5622 Day ago +2

    Awe so sad I’m glad they talked to him this is a case of you don’t know what ppl are going through .may god give you strength to fight this addiction

  • @kenyaepps4714

    The cops treated him so respectfully. It's a shame that everyone is not treated the same!!